K&C - Dale defended Beth Mowins; Belichick's barren coaching tree 9-12-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, September 12th
Hour 3: Dale took on Gerry for his criticism of Beth Mowins and we try and figure out why Belichick's coaching tree has been so unsuccesful. 

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Yeah Dodgers had Patriots offense this scheme an institutional knowledge institutional dollars. Those cheap and patriot who I mean I think there's another cheek and papers didn't. If that they're not that even if that doesn't bumping and everybody putting out so put a shoe. Roger being so much better than in every single category they did not cheat that do. More talented than me with Kirk Manhattan this is going to. BA store that's what you get very large ones and I will anchor the storm coverage back here they haven't seen anything like what's coming at us in. 2530 years we've heard from reporting on what. It's tremendously they had tremendous wet winter and better tremendous amounts of water down by the water well. And Gerry Callahan we do we have sense about announcers in this town dark days indeed we go print about just Mendoza in the cookies down we go crazy about that months plus. Planet as I am yeah. Heard Callahan this morning just hated bad moments last night. An idea from the moment is keeps it like the idea and the advantage there I don't think she's the worst I've ever heard and Sports Radio telling you. Agreed. Through my friend Bill Bennett moans about the worst ever heard I'd say the worst ever heard his. Dale Arnold he's worse you heard he does cool things like him. Not a lot to criticize that's true American sales or sales at that worst ever right. Just been outspoken. Advocate she's much worse to bad moans at bones is fine she's just to Yucca. But yet you wouldn't younger guys only are also trying greasy why I treated street you know why you know why you should really said nothing and a right. Did you listen instead of any chance you turn to must India Osce about voter super tight contest here on my mental mindset tedious. But some tidy and well undermine the bride greasy he was boring. Lifeless. I wasn't sure you know we was at first during the quarter when he hit there why you know why it was there to get the job. But Mo when white man and record is not terrible she's new Yorker I make fun New Yorkers and make fun of whoever is Chris Carlin remember. Whoever doesn't do what do we have to we ought to prove it can't. What we have audio support that of Jerry you know you an example or shutters. Impartial. Stately. That would make fun Yorkers can make fun of people with fake Alex Mullins. In that spot let's go. Spot I love got hold up well you know I wish. That's what we bring our big Joker of Jesus Christians in the big shocker of the mall. A number of people with you know big voice is an empty scales. Kind of a staple on the show I can we make fun of that and most of them male most of the moment. We are supposed to be like dale Arnold and treat women differently is that the new rule. These gorillas and you also ideally yes women broadcasters. Is sports having much tougher than men out. Unbeaten through I don't fault they don't that's not true yes it serves and fired for a woman placed by one but I I got front who's arguably or not the experience and I. How did that she's pretty content to. Make it about what's held his. I would if I had no idea because about ten years from now I beach and does not have that job even I haven't got enough to keep our sidewalk I was good he really the last great job executed no experience citizen period play Dickerson was good at the job that's the point out. There aren't old Julie man what we just says it's harder when women get in the business yes every channel seventeen years old she replaced at a time. Awards he didn't even have a high school degree yet she got the job. So you're wrong you're Enron and dale sexist because I treat women the same as men I respect what he does not he treats them like little. Little figurines humble figure why they're not like Dracula little parties female play an atomic silent how many out there and play by play announcer eastern male sports. How many are currently. I don't plot so do you watch because they also want to do it yeah it holds one virus that are just being frozen analysis. You really named Fareed. There I don't like it or not on I don't know who they are so you think they're just not given a chance Greg was right there are your children cannot I don't know that so why it was soup so women don't wanna be play by play announcers resemblance there just aren't as many I just an incident only like two or three who want to do it in the anti hate to break it if there aren't as many women engineers either aren't as many as more than a little more about Mel Simon reports about that Manning right more than two or three Dow but the percentages are much lower than comedy ugly ones talent but how many agreed males are sideline reporter I don't use the Xerox. So it sounds yeah. Is. And I must that I only short. Only time Aldridge on this time and reporters you know over that bird admiral who's ugly stance hasn't really altered handsome older gentleman music good looking guys. Of her little replica will be better than you that's important facts and wrestle some Lexus so whom we took it to me is meter coming back now anchored substance on that we would love to have been meat eaters it's apologies pointed North Carolina today. That's frightens. BC's all BC all the time. I'm going but but honestly if you're being honest opinion not some pander and puke like you I was wearing a completely Terry I'm in anybody in this you can age he's Lebanese. War doubled. What so that and so when we say bad moments moments is new Yorker would do exports. He who hate women. And he's. I wouldn't say that about a man now what Dallas saying that the vitriol directed towards just Mendoza that knowledge and other female announcer is doing men's sport male sports so we can donate half an hour so that's more like Adam because they're high profile job. And because it would be certainly does hearing and he said and I based on a game you have a large percentage of people who don't like that he won in his analyzed despite and that's. That's what is on soccer is you do get large percentage Nazi get out yeah has the same thing. A book tours pork. Yes there's no you don't hear hear polish heritage. You don't you're here on the short or spark she knows her stuff. Just windows is horrible at her job to say it Alexei with she's not protest but Joe's got K not Pakistan can't say that she's not I actually not any worse than Aaron Boone just Johnny worse than her who tell him he's managed to that he was in the cynic who has a shortage of the law Alex service. She doesn't deserve that job she deserves it just doesn't why doesn't everybody. Does it doesn't prices are easy job in his job despite. It's quite an NFL I receive my degree and well you see this is great solve all my Equus ultimate NFL quarterback you know going hell holes are miked at the other way. Brian Griese also was one of the lead announcers McAuliffe football package and by the west like Amazon with the leader not just think it's well. That's not a good defenses there's. Ask you a game trying greasy I'm happy Monday night games Bryant received when this year and he wanted. On Sunday night games is just Mendoza to be all of them. Thank you. Mean if you can't its fixation stinks that job you're not being honest you're just PG states has just as much as 90% of the other car on the ground is almost everybody felt this fictional directed out there is more than it's directed at other people thought it'd your eyes officially call a one in the digital corrected her is nothing compared to the vitriol directed at you. So why oh why is that I'm the victim because. You're a man no not now as you I want I I voted said people are paranoid I. No I did so just upset about me is not about me section on it I think it's great for this it's true we've come strongly twice political beliefs hates you because your voice. Yeah. And particularly elbow. Tocchet who kept them voice and speech Levin a sign here that the department of don't you that you come on they sound like today where. Haven't been out of than we did Alan going to be no money. What should attack the only thing we are Dina will be a point. He's an attitude thing anyway now usually I don't care tank that you've spoken it's hangars and I have not now -- I entangling and on speaking terms I'm not either is he learned any Gary can be taught you the truth because we're putting radioactive for the needs of you've you're out when he got arrested just can't I kinda Mattel and when I get arrested. This was about as Jimmy bought 1012 years ago I got arrested after. Almost went home for me Jimmy Buffett should. Well guess what form and high oil and gas little little not acting going on but that's he gave a predator that not not yet I'm trekking after that night he'd never. Never had another drink after that night that's counting. The Phillies so you know. I knew we didn't drink but I didn't know the jackass is totally lists below show us he looked as blues. Ball dispute while the all the electronics and remember he was and caddies are a little bit but no he was a little bit of everything. Happy drunken angry drowsy like mud with hugs drunk were you hugged people and tell everyone doing my I don't like that I had actually I'm all about the levied an agent stuff you I've got a chance that you drunk he means so much BJ at the lady has brought me in here. Standing up so much what real instructed other film to see the levee Taylor. One month it's funny all these unsolicited shots last week or so you know like waking you wish she was here today did a piece I don't see I don't. I would see new drug currency mossy drunk. I haven't seen him Felix is I'd PA tangling drug. I I didn't think I've ever seen Kyrgyzstan canal are realizing that respondents I don't. We're like three years it was and who trumpet really had asked you that informal poll are you wants to what you have to address like he was gonna fight some money. And got into with and with security at the bar and I'm literally like I. Fantastic electric into. You know there were tied for the shuttle plus seniors wedding in the man's wedding was a item that's an. I don't know what I talked him almost two years but you know and he doesn't care Chris Dickerson can help a model like that's like yes. That's exactly at ten whale wants. Like ten and we but he came to my father's Weytman. It's not my mother's. As it was because I knew that job that's. He's brutally honest area on most of what we tangling India was on his outing tank my body's going to be the permanent all that's on my phone exactly and he says and on now I need an emotional effects and the funny thing was he actually one of the job and then he didn't. Want to. Jews par for the course of time we spent an uncle there any game in a lot if hard. And he said this TV you'd miss TV things like what's not last night that Bob dossier inference Marla says excellent excellent. That's when that kicked hardware that she writes but he does Israel gets is two hours a day seasons in these these great review and teleprompter he doesn't say anything happened if he doesn't wanna say anything useless argument against the wall and sneezes and a great job oh Olympic is called kites at a great point Tommy's cell plus they Tommy. I don't have to occur and what made you black white whatever you couldn't get our equipment back. Men don't back and went back an outsider like oh well art which is not a jacket with. Probably any of those shocked. I'll suck it ever ask not what we will let you write it ought Wilson on great courses of radiology. Yellow father Jack. Well you went from tailed it to Jack Edwards and I always excellent to. Bob Wilson was great like the on soccer personally. L all right I got into prickly. Triple A just that that beauty or art is the worst. Imagine how much we hate him if you. There we never pick on Jack Edwards do we dale never. And it just so annoying. We treat. That moans and just windows just like we treat the man who do the job you don't dale doesn't US is sexist. Mics in March through them like. We ought regarding Gary tank legacy. He would prefer to let it dry drunk. I don't know what his brother drummer. Let's do you know that is Curtis had an easier recovered. I have an uncle is ill tell you that day in the month in the yeah. I'll tell and a ten ways the most. Outrageous stop just stop anything and he's doesn't appeal if he's ever gonna drink again and he tells you that life though without booze is bad earnings. He's totally penis is comfortable. Elise in the past I know this pick because he loved the camaraderie. Of drinking. And he eased the burden on apple non alcohol this year. We noticed an ice cream sundae is that is that now we are secondary SS Korea. I was really hoping I was dreaming. Of an open test. I've told you that George Kimball stored before we we're you have to give up Raikkonen was stricken them who duels or powder one of those. Assist well how is that this is not bad news I found that if you took like thirty of Italy yeah. Telling us and younger coliseum. He. Technical that test it is true that I didn't drink analytically to do with my friends eagle but you haven't drank it when necessary to do with the growth in the duels like modules I mean I guess we all bonds we all bond with our sins it would be onto together we drink people smoke cigarettes again you know. The follow up and have a family. Is that right. If you grownups here betrayal ticket I'd putt storm of course you and I mean our site and down at the Red Sox game last year that's right mormons but yes. You were rumors that were both like. Hounded them I mean they were telling you now 1012. And water unless ultra writer guy from my body weight I can drink out European. I'm more of but I welcome those of us as we you would probably Bud Light. Symbian overrated talent and he's working remote voice we elect someone has to mature they get the cavern over. I love my neighbors you do get. Yes but I am gonna drive them to you now on and I never dad who died cars are not apartment which is buried. It will take his calls we get back and we'll also get the Patricia because he is getting killed and in Detroit and I need someone explain to me we just talked with the shows that it is an absolute mystery to me. Why no one from the Belichick tree. Can culturally why why he's. Why doesn't translate transfer. I've an answer for your sake I got an outside or wait excellent guy all have answers don't tell each other don't commiserate wanna know. If you have different theaters because I need help on this one it is. Baffling to me. I was removed from my fourth slowest there's no but we have an honor killing you know well I'm yet and Callahan. I had lymphoma when you heard of that now for you could do at 6 o'clock her city knows real well Bob Knight I said was saving for slowed are you shouldn't shouldn't. EI. When you don't have the results. And when they're as bad as they were last night you leave yourself very little leeway as a head coach. Because you're guys are gonna say wait a minute we're being run harder than other teams we've got more rules and other things and we're not getting the results at least in New England they get the results so. Keep an eye on this situation here as it gets deeper into the teeth and if things don't turn around on the field. If what you might be hearing from them better. It is. It's one thing to lose your opener but lose your opener. To the jets with a 21 year old quarterback in and give up 31 points in the third quarter. It was ugly and it's getting uglier. Detroit is not an easy place counsel like here. In Tuscaloosa where everyone's you know on your side rooting for you it's getting nastier they're saying already that it's not working. Detroit Lions coach Matt Patricia is in over his head is ahead line. In the Detroit free press and they point out that the players are ready revolt after one game his last two games. Patricia defensive guru. Has given up 89 points to a packer quarterback Andy when he when you'll quiet you recycle Desormeaux game plan for Monday night's as an owner but a and when you hear stuff like he's trying to be Belichick. That's what happened McCain is in Denver you know let's have an image Jeannie. Thought it all and that was my answer to you Jerry. If they all try and be Belichick and that's what Verizon and I'm gonna rain here's what we also not hit him. Be yourself you can take this like appreciate penalty was videotaping although doctors. They tell me that edit an excuse I thought also show would be different navies still will be it's one game. He just really really Smart we know that right we know it's a rocket scientist yes we know smarts who has to know. What works and what doesn't he's not dumb he's not a kid he's been you know here yeah. Engineered aeronautical engineer he was gonna build. Is get to build military planes for the government. But the the gum who's this this I thought amazing. You know which. A guy from the Belichick tree years. Succeeded on the pros Mangini none. None none other Angie had the best you know he's like a body of the success at this point Bill Brown this was. A tweet none of them has a winning record. Now and I've taken by a separate Alley brawler believes account as a Belichick tree gotta go now I'll probably like why only I Omar felt I only count two crew now mean me and gene mcdaniels and O'Brien knows heard Belichick assistant Sunnis with the patriots won you know you the only 10 and I tell you why that's Charlie Weis had college and a in college made a fortune. 41 and 49 Romeo canal check this I think he's a really good coach Smart guy who form in nice kind. 28 and 55. For Romeo Crennel and realize you go to Cleveland gonna have a losing record but that's really bad. They Jeannie 33 of 47. Mcdaniels eleven and seventeen. Billy O'Brien 3134. With a lot of talent by the way in Houston. Well Brian Hill had three years and they went nine and seven had no quarterback Switzerland made the playoffs twice but I mean until this year I was pennies on the front and guru like any coach someone up and I was. He O'Brien could not have looked worse than it was even worse and his mishaps on the field where woody did the media afterwards saying it's not quite up to contact are all that stuff I mean what do you do. On Nick Saban obviously the greatest college coach ever. Put as a pro coach Gil who's America's so even put him on the pile as a Belichick guy who did not succeed in the pros not my job. I mean. None of them and yet someone will throw money in the candles or. You know whoever beat flow will get would get offers it to just keep higher why wouldn't you and then we do when you battle you know we'll give it to another guy who's already failed I would find the next Sean McVeigh that's what I would Charlie Weis has made 65 million dollars or when 41 college yeah that's amazing. Sick he lives in Florida and Alec on the ocean the big house and just. You know so it's. So my question is owned gas he soldiers who joins. I'd choose retirement if things keep getting where extra Patricia and Detroit's win every gonna have more or taking a lot more digging out there. I'm guardians that she's on now now on the rape against. That's good question he would finish after that that come my way they don't need that they have you know players' revolt. He has. It's this guy's name the Detroit Free Press it's Shawn Windsor. Writing in the pieces the lines look confused I'm prepared and disconnected from their coach. Who spent most of the night on the sideline by himself in play very well tonight. It's true that kind of offer on his own dignity of filling it out there it they didn't even want anyone to Jim Bob cooler. The one of the offensive coordinator for the coach and I don't got to fight your emails and some Monday and adopt all of us. You've gone. Racism. So flood of attrition has brought nothing to Detroit here there's a reason that that that. Of the five New England assistant who left for head coaching jobs before Patricia. Only one has found mild success. That's O'Brien Reagan's. We just don't know what the reason is it's possible that Charlie Weis Roman Cornell judgment do Eric Mangini. All took jobs with indeed hidden intractable problems. That prevented them from winning it's more likely that all four were good at implementing Belichick vision while under him. But not once they're out on their own. Avoid these. Twelve wins the evolution of. The little brides made the playoffs but it's a losing record mean. These it just never works and I don't know why you tell us what was it Monday and it. He's all these two issues there wasn't a quarterback and sucked and they just what was thrown just caught all due here is by the way did you hear what the jets defenders at this as we knew what was common yes we knew what was common that that's on the coaches and everybody the lions are just not prepared to play and decry the board. You put out on top that's fine but I'm also watching a quarterback I didn't wasn't one of course your quarterback. And our stock and dimensions out in Detroit is all surely put pressure. Well I read articles about is not Patricia let's 'cause you just got hired exposed the man remembers what our total costs a hundred million dollars he's not supposed to throw check down at twelve linebacker he was awful but the coach did. Remiss right. They weren't prepared they give up 31 points in the third quarter. They give up 48. Sweet kid was 21 years old and their pick six's first ever Bristol and and after that he felt comfortable. After that they just steam rolled you. They then this is a defensive guy Jewish. There's one thing I expected would be better defense well yeah. Don't go out and said that the patriots defense and Patricia had to draw readers here regularly came on the second half after after the Super Bowl was terrible on one defense has worked fine and and but they weren't ready standout would you leave with these or his defense is the defense is were pretty good will it. A lack of talent on the bandit and so we we find it somewhat mysterious. Confusing and perplexing why none. Of these Smart assistant coaches can go elsewhere and succeed look at the child as he said dale try to be ballots without the president how what if you try to be Belichick with the x.s and those with the preparation. If he was trying to be Belichick what Indians team prepare for chess match like between you and Romeo Arnold. Ironically and I find it could trigger and I and and on top of it is these meltdown that bill O'Brien the end of the first half Billy O'Brien not called timeout. Mean he's a play conservatively down fourteen points in the record your hunting punting in your punting into a crowd and our guys from behind to be my only child and for. We'll get to Romo but first let's. Talk to the real some real brains here it can explain real slog onshore. Albert is in a run what's up were. The goal guy lifting we may go local basketball all the time but definitely due back and I know I feel support when you'll be pleased. Not just not you're still there were people right or wrong commercial thinking did yesterday but Gerri what do complete moron insult like. Why did not want to go musical. What don't they get called a what you. If you. Are. Genius. The slot at a live in recent lighten up at the white eagle. No coat it out because everything you don't under the supervision in Portland within Belgrade. Skull and then at street all. Okay stupid let me ask a question we got shot. We got you do you think Patricia is a Smart human being mapped or. But again dean coaching. And public Jerry. OK so so he's he's he's a really Smart guy he'd learned under Belichick. Explain it to me just explain to me why that doesn't transfer. I operate correct he was charged. Of the defense here did a good job he watched the master chart. Cannot just. They can. Explain it. And explain to me why he can't dual military equipment now he says he wasn't in charge of the defense let me spell check is in charge of the defense on super bull right out right. I. OK okay that's good. Because now don't political beat but now he. Don't ever want a little. Albert Belichick was in charge of the defense according to you when the Super Bowl so that's Belichick's fault right. Or submit only. Think it would all of a perfect activity that statement. I think he graded out. So great why why or why it's so great al-Qaeda and not quite. It felt like a white lie. Why he's so great and why can't someone else who's really Smart. Hard working like it they do he goes. Because it's not just get to be able to reach play at. Or Cuba but aren't because that would keep it at both the media productive help the. Why can't map pitchers throw Billy O'Brien reached players. On nick Nick Saban is the greatest college coach ever I think he's done OK why they Gregg Popovich whose. One of the greatest basketball coaches of all time has a great coaching tree. Why why is it Geist he's had as assistance win championships. Albert's up. You hung up on Albert I didn't. They hang up in my answer I was young adults are as it Dino is weighing in on this morning show off to a good side to side yet I can't see it because a block yes so don't read it now on the other side. Good course good the question when we read on the illicit deals where he's going to show us that we attacked against a keynote just just some people can set the stage here. Run on he hate tweets the cell I'm not talented I had no information I have an expectation which he puts mark ups. And many is on here for four hours to reach out and doesn't take any thoughts what does he do he talks about distances like too much you don't like inter property and the traffic remember last. How that I'd. Somewhere Kirk a smile because I'm going to dale Alex is going to Dino started all of this kicker since ripping that featured as usual because he's doesn't like women. Jeff Mullen savage winds we'll get back we'll find it would do you know I disable and Alex today. And let Alex knew finishes counteroffensive. Right after this. The skirt and Callahan and you don't think it took God's forgotten according to say no I'm not happy that trump gusts up not playing payable on American Callahan. Nancy fox Sports Radio W. You know as they played in the big skills afraid of me what's going on I'm right there a reason why does your training and we're talking in the series going off to cough cough to call Roemer I understand what you're coming into this morning trying to advance you hurt your career do you think this is your opportunity. To do what Hamas he did. And try to get under my skin and somehow make a name for yourself with so far you've been at gently. Failed at 225. Economic fixture on morning drive here I'm on I'm on all the time I write for the web site they couldn't just buy something getting a little shallow breathing your little upset. I just don't like thing and object I'm an object I am not abject failure in your fourteen months that at and I was here for just this cart's ask. Wouldn't be on the right well that's what you do that's how you think they're not today on the works out this apps I go back and forth them all the time on you know I don't think so I think I think he's. I'm yeah real Giuliani case scenario through appearance on this. I don't know why real tension there that that's not fakes that's and that's what they had great lineup when he came back like two weeks ago Schiavo would you or tomorrow because. Wanna do that he might wanna to a real seriously into prompting the Allegheny want to sit there and say the same old stuff we get to eighteen and went erupting like Christmas like. The traffic in dealing tight it's a good company takes effect straight he's you know these guys who knew and had. Did he know what they're even yelling for it that's a fresh team that he goes on between you what it between there is you can read from the site unblocked people. Curtis blocked. A lot of blocks are all star following him and all. That we we've got to Uga there is nobody on the radio less talented more annoying in outlets unlistenable as hot out tumor one. And it's not even close I've no idea why not Joe Zee WEEI. As lying low and bold Reimer with this force over the topple expectation. To destroy what Kirk men's single handedly built look Kirk is a blank shot that is shot that was well apparent appeal this so now you what you think about that Jerry. Hurts it hurts me deep. Just you know Tino at this deal right now tweets into the past nobody cares what Jeff deal nobody cares poke honest. Any of this that the only time Dino ever gets reaction anymore is when he tweets about Meade so that's quite a while as many as an opportunity two weeks ago coming in you're doing it shall we did a whole segment on the morning before me in mutt and what does he do. Nothing doesn't respond to act always above that. Told him I'll get off his lawn for four hours bought you that that he doesn't need to absolutely. That eight at that she meets again by John hello girl and Motorola saw. He's a rule saw I had just I mean honestly guys sitting there in his home a's and dinners in Florida. Christie taking pictures of you know Google images of boys know here I am honored management update. That's tweeting and Sally singer blown aids at the time you know level but at the grilled smoked enough tuners and I knew that I mean honest to you god. This guy. Oh clouds seem though to eat. And so don't go I. Man I just. I was here two weeks ago had four hours a blank canvas. What does he do talks what interrupting for ours the traffic doesn't attrition saying like. Honestly. Honestly what do you CJ should be just as a bent on her I am calmer saying nick Kirk filters they don't value built the show up single handedly built this we all know was mere. Kirk were you know Kirk admits that he tried to get him off the show you know that he ran right here bright and India but wasn't Urquhart you still be here you're still art are or where he would retire at this point he's counting down to secure our immediate. It is great radio that we are all enjoying every single day when Steen every time honestly this is good point Jerry Kurt is a when he chased him out here. This ticket kissing her ex athlete nobody else little strain it's put me on Booker who. They're texting I mean and their text ads that I will let them up and I'm afraid in my you know you'll want wanna run media here. So could be Dino when cars. There's no good reason that as the only losers tweet you know you're. Right John you brought a class to occur no sensitive relative you or I what I. Anybody else fire you up like I've ever doubt it lets people who tweet tweet I've tweaked the show in the coming here. Have an opportunity to actually respond on the air are opposed to meet all work any time but now than not to go there seeing speaks is into afternoon shows what's possible what's in bill that would generate the right and what's the difference between tweeting at you into saying something to you. When you're not even here on the idiotic chance actually he's an audition with the outbreak at them look like and that that's different relevant question about available on the halftime I'll work with anybody I'm who Alec. Primary and move we've got to go light by John that a summary required to his tweet saying singlehandedly pretty good shot at Jerry right there in John Dennis like that tweet over what went out this hurts Ali and I other cities that he's not listening to that's its only happens to his life how does that all month. Says I was only responded to multiple tweets on Twitter writes we've now equipment on the theory Turkey Italian Twitter reactions. No clouds genome to eat whole thing calendars feel proud of your corporate event host keynote speaker. This bars based entertainment. HTTP. Colon slash slash yeah. Dennis radio why. Is dot com. Accurate. You have to better response of this. I know you've done fine with a woman who says yes he should have debated you should go on with you notice I said the show. The show was boring payment of forty and off the policy there. He wanted to erupted wanna fight. Let somebody finish a plot the idea that he doesn't want to eruptions is so bizarre to me we interrupt each other for twenty or whatever eighteen years. Every segment of every show. We fought all the time and then one day at this Patrice and we've succeeded. Widely. And even though it worked for him for years. So now he has won and went to erupt now because boring radio says this is that this is better this waited to Icrc said the suns right it it's the Twitter people to people to be out of new class that should be brought to. The sports nods to the show come back to right that's that. He has no hustler is baloney we bought about everything we we've we've talked about everything we didn't. I don't think we were overly sporty and we definitely more classy. Don't like him as a listener doesn't really let you are here to bat and so on Albert with lots of phone calls. On Patricia and coaches and Belichick. Who takes some knowledge is like January married five apple phone lines on Matt Richardson unidentified people can ones on UND you know but there's no. Dole tomorrow and we'll get through all these people are going to guess fouls in the people wanna call. And different Reamer Horton and Dino would take sides are stoked the flames Obama note about Mike's in Rhode Island in my calories. They got it on the dollar today. Thank you thanks to an I want to say it's funny that out for someone and Donald Lawrence said he never listen to show. I'm in Japan are awful lot of attention and we wish you the easier and that's. Know what I initially called about attrition the return of these coaches doing well and Obama and operate. So we're. But that is Mike no question no question bill O'Brien. You know I thought it pretty we're gonna leave or grapple for that matter they don't O'Brien could use them mis. Until the show wants it came along he had no QB your radio match but he had Brian Hoyer a bunch of stiffs. Put you saw Monday night that you know and Stafford socked. But the cable 48 points to a 21 year old quarterback that's. Defense that's the 2000 special bushels on punt returner his accent or more different way what they moved the football down the field on offense. Oh with a offense that nobody. I agree that was a terrible job of coaching. Oh absolutely but I'm an overall look at a coaching retreat from Belichick Y not a moment. Succeeded but it's a common denominator and on and had a quarterback was pretty. That's true Brady is the most important guy in this franchise history. But still I can't imagine. What happened of Patricia Monday night helping to Belichick and coach as it is. He he wouldn't do that lousy job no matter who the QB is I mean they weren't prepared. The other team knew what we're gonna run. It's just happening Belcher. Nobody picked that up had a Stafford yeah hundred million to our quarterback now watch them as Jim buzz Patricia potato rocket and rocket ride yeah I figure unbeatable and Belichick I would never be in the silence with a hat backwards that's just the bad and I think that's why. And the other thing is much different people bitch about a ballot check. Please don't hate him. Players players already hate. Because you're so right I say this all the time ex patriots even guys who left a really bad terms of always known you listen to. Anybody for a day or whoever. Ex patriots did she Rome I arms sales Ty Law. Balls in his praise there all adore him cry because you want not here but until we also was not a here and and not. Right now our playbook obviously got built up again government never get paid never got what he should and the admissible there hug and kiss and I love you coach in the red. I mean they just really look up to him meanwhile these guys can in the one game and Patricia the regular people. Mike is an and overcame my a lawyer. I'm good solid pretty pretty apple. The the other thing these other guys. Don't have been mixed trying to be Belichick not work as OPEC's rep. Right the three biggest things the three big things go effect has gone for news on his taxes and those genius but about the small. The other fingers here got the greatest quarterback or early obviously. But the third thing is that the players all know those first beauty and things and then a 100% I had. And if you're Matt appreciation you can walk in Detroit and new dissenting Belichick. And say don't bite him out of it's gonna work. Why don't they buy him. It's my last week at the at all of the reports that the tourniquet was too hard. Which is amazing in the stands and think there was really any training camps who were too hard. Others well apparently sent shares of says he's cute little hitting right there's the off season reports about pushes past have any impact that it might might not have the credibility in Auckland music players signal against and to go about that and Nazis he's going to be there for very long that he doesn't not that I got real quickly and I think what went right that. That thing the whole thing with the of the girl in college it's remembered went away real quickly that. Yeah well I'm in connection. To get this pleased that the patriots in two week problem is that in Iraq. I think he's got a couple of victory beyond four. Lou it's ugly now imagine that all four. And I can and defensive coordinator for the patriots by week eight. Officials started right and we've been telling him that Karen op on their shoulder lots of calls 6177797. Now and he threw seven no calls on Roemer VD you know yeah it was there waiting for what's all the delay and gets a storm we had some lines open up more tweed jacked and problems objecting to agree with we will take your calls and we will. Oh wait the next Dino tweaked. Lot of attacking Roemer we will have a 41 wicket that.