K&C - Dale takes on Gerry for ripping Beth Mowins; Corey Coleman is heading to the Patriots 9-12-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, September 12th
Hour 1: Dale took on Gerry yesterday for Callahan's critique of Beth Mowins performance on Monday Night Football and the guys discussed the Corey Coleman acquistion by the Patriots. 

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He is Kurt can. Aaron Rodgers had patriots offensive scheme an institutional knowledge institutional dollars. Those cheap and patriot who I've made a big thing here's another cheek papers didn't. Expect and I think that if there's a developing and regulating cutting a check so what they chew. Roger being so much better than it every single category they did not cheap that do. More talented than me with Kirk committee had this is going to be a strong. That's going to get very large one and I will anchor the storm coverage back here they haven't seen anything like what's coming at us in. 2530 years we've heard from board I'm went. It's tremendously big and tremendously wet brighter and better tremendous amounts of water down by the water park. And Gerry Callahan we do we obsess about announcers in this town of dark days indeed we go print about just Mendoza in the cookies down we go crazy about that months plus. When it does then yeah. Heard Callahan this morning just hated bad moments last night's. It's going to be a problem that's all I was keeps it like the idea and the advantage then I don't think she's the worst I've ever heard. Sports Radio W. Leads the worst I've been hurting them I think they'll work them over rail yes yes Adam Hamilton says no second mortgages that. But he's worked for the moment. A much worse much worse might not. With the Issa said the worst is over something my numbers like that just make fun of her. I guess we call her expectation we Gary bush demands at a podium now Jerry never I never mind you know what are we doing it you'll like him year old son never. I've never before but it never accept the contract. My annual some watch the game with me and he said daddy. She sounds like a man. But let's roll some not all caught on an annual gala turns out they only had since I hate gawker actually sounds like a Yorker. That she doesn't fake an ounce of my right they are exactly like only Obama criticized mode on the new. They don't all do but some some of those worse than others. The table other. I'm sorry I got there Taylor anybody else if you if you do Monday Night Football gets what. Criticize and I am and I and and and and she's missed it she just sounds like yuck currencies was the worst ever Chessman donors who works and that's why I wondered why do you think she's the standard assessment as a because he doesn't have a penis that well. That you have to the sources that I have to MarketWatch the vitriol that's been directed towards just Mendoza over the years is because she's a apps like really not vital I just lottery. The chiefs is talking the mile it's not gonna make people are angry you know we heard shelling got replaced by alumna and outlook a lot of course is virtually was really good job and she's. Really bad the job Alex. You're elected US sexist. I saw Alex what are your tail end and and Les Moonves ethnic guys that has just hate excellent softball plan. On the I am not sexist dale is still knows just doses thinks he knows. But he won't say gee what the jets Mendoza Beth clowns have in common Malone's whatever name is. They're both women's which means one thing to dale Fenway you. We will not Chris not a bad that you didn't carry might not to criticize Hillary he's not alone. That's on a focus on daily. Journal that everybody in general now well now if you're gonna get your minority if you get a loan to be criticized and no I don't ever I never get. That's now I'm on the momentum all these draws good liberals never get criticized gay people there Chris John exam Rima you all original rollout schedule I have risen above the yeah everybody's doing for us is that means your your hate filled right now he Demi is really I don't want my own Roemer has made an impact because. First of all he's gay. He's in writer did play a good writer thank you and it ultra liberal and the globe wouldn't touch him now ten foot pole because nobody UK he thinks it was sort of ruled that the Olympic I don't know Pete yeah I have I'm like on an island died no allies that left doesn't like me the right at us like we did you do this scenario the payout will be minimal locker room talk to any bloody. The silicon crystal like you come out and we're we're lukewarm as Kirk and me we've pretty much now now one of mom's gone in debt crisis and he got 11 champion left here I was what was the original schedule Curtis was Dickerson Callahan wouldn't know third man correct correct. Because somebody doesn't like Q and I said I want dreamer you hear Alex right. Janet but he Janet like you know right chase what are you want to chew. And we play racquetball the timing on Iraq and all of that was originally supposed to be in Thursday. So he's got a little war around today and tomorrow who's in tomorrow. Well correct it was posse and Omar. Our Wall Street bridge and get him up from almost you analysis is mother and what to do is do you would month what's searching for a child they're still has also become suddenly there's a redskin you know as the Red Sox broadcast getting on it's not import your arsenal must lives mock the other thing Montrose. April couple more looks at me predicament I tried to block before you there are three to. Wall said you got to. Jim little extra money to pay is big east is to make much money he is excuses he has to put the kids on the boss something that is a bit. So sit kitchen you know from some months ago their babies should what's babysitters you know 101215. An hour. Improve the shelter. What this is in the toilet to improve the show this morning drive and we don't have the guys that we'd like because of three in Toronto he needs to put his child on the boss that's not good enough but I. I do like it when Matt Light tweets like Red Sox updates during the game like this out when he six pitches into the bullpen it's like a whole different world you do this and got a joke. I know I tried it last night it's correct the Red Sox need sale to be sharper in the clubhouse yet but then I disagree I think they're the ones you're certainly got that they wanted to kind of on the rebound. And I want to not only breaking now on Red Sox based partly explain to me about it just now. Now we got baseball as a whole. All terrible. That's right do what that's from that's from the streets of the d.s straight to the guy's been a shot at 2007. Ex championship. I'd dvd aisle you're on it I was on yes yes and now we know the 2003 like we still believe dvd they had all those like collars at the Amman that one. Every Jermaine everything right so they made ai a sequel in 2007. Think quite have as much pop didn't sell as well in straight team of the art in mask outside of that voice sounds deeper there than now and then it's on a smoke or broken is. Well it's a slap once it taxes out easy hits that's I think one on one side. I think generally your your fearless fearless you know you're you know to nervous about making phone market people but. Good day on that regard you're afraid to make fun of her because I was a woman she's not the work cage which one retire lament those simple yeah. Dose is the worst ever course wherever. In the history metal rod many children does not do it yourself moments on. She is our port open it up at odds for what you saw a dog and French I'm not saying. She it's not like Dahmer like overmatched. She's just trying to be I guess it works is when you go to Syracuse. That of course and yuck yuck and they teach them say. But we're working career for ten years for got sick of core leaders meet these is not that bad. There's some guys who just worse than others like the guy in that. On the column with some Chris Carlin. I've got a these cars yeah are you should talk show host easy Yorker. It means he's probably probably ago also prompted some play by play that some people. 3 minutes after 2 o'clock. And I think you have to talk that way welcome so I didn't. Can make fun of him as a man do you know I only I only like men right tale I'd never make fun of Chris Carlin vitriol it's amplified in their women and it just I absolutely. I don't want on the set well. Audience that doesn't London college. He's got that takes more golf. More crap on the show joked ethical or prepped moment just I don't joke that's at war by a Mondale on the banner ads like a week just windows has been a punching takes. It shelf right to read you don't. The longer osu which she got the job we started this idea and notion was I don't follow College Softball sorry Olympic gold medal it's footer and mine and and what was it was the first thing that that brought the flowers and and put it right for a moment in the boot. That was from I would support of a player's socks with a shoulder and as the Manson he's pretty good children. It is terrible he puts the flowers down. As he's like you would dale he sexist and he treats the legally eighty differently she probably convinced that he is definitely tonight. Where you don't demand we can't just. You better be. That. Not a president does that image she's not any worse than 90% of the day how. He's close off the hall and a case issuers and Harold Reynolds viewers that you were the original online now. But she got fired offers and a challenge authority and how does she deserve that job. You know you're just now being deserved it just does not. Anybody else all they want out just like she's is your values Jon Tester for years before and Alex that was about why bush doesn't have to hide why does that the high profile Big Apple job all right. Well one that we view what do you think she's better than you know I just said she worst insuring you said not yes she is worse than just shoot worse than act. Yes she worse than rent to these the pinnacle so it doesn't the best of the batteries and writing about a half an hour on ballot issue worse than I know whatever else is doing the games on fox no. While baseball jobs there should be one of the best people out there she's not one of about. Aaron Boone who sucked too if she were an American initially initially but it it A-Rod as awful as well they're all you want Iran is that you use those snowy snow he is so if she were a man she'd love that term. I think it will. She could be anything. Like you run the honest elected you you're dishonest you hate women it's it's okay this courage and her gender helped her again at Doral off. All lot not oral and things here. Women haven't matured and rod in sports today on the do that's why there are many that there aren't nearly as Doris Burke she just has it's so hard I mean how. How many fat ugly old women are there on TV. And if apple ugly many men many. Now do you like you that you weren't a lot of the public I think of the job and Alex you're you're the outcome of ABBA. Yeah alibi that Jesus did all old like like man like I get a job Balaguer the client to hide my boobs that's why they fired and I always I'm. There are good looking guy I mean let's went on the lineup these old acts like crime that goes works because overlooks. Towards hurt at all those pictures of her looks I thought they arsenal to just goes why you think a lot of women who have jobs in this business had jobs in this business. Because their lines you think they deserve it sounded Greg summed up how they don't on the ball and what's your old women are on sports IE how many. I many I don't know what I have no comment on the funniest guy nearly as nanny. Look around the country there are more now Alex. You could make this argument ten or fifteen years ago they're on one out in the work ten years ago and it is hard. He exclusionary flag at home tweeting listen listen the girl don't see more detailed. Dale wants and why we assess I would use that would while we talk about announces what we talk. About Mendoza or tests to our point we obsess about announce what he's adamantly deny Israel yesterday or do they can trade that McQuay is very important to me. What do the third hour of the fourth or good the rest and I don't know it. I'd go out there second annual audit we'll get a break and analyze the atom equate trinkets that's much better radio. The talking about the announcers of the game we all watched we all heard. I love you know follow people on Twitter but that moment was a bigger issue a bigger topic on Twitter. Brian greasy was worse bribery only worsen I'm going to inject about Brian Griese guided trading on meeting between the union street about Bryce there was that he was about that kimonos it was background noise he was like mumbling in the background. We talked about yesterday show right here. I wasn't sure there were ten runs before broadcasts. Did he get it. He's definitely a lot he's a man he's the only quarterback and I want out Gary out good we all get John thank you white man does yes it's everyday it is what it right increasing due to vehement opponent played the game analyst he doesn't exiting one of their top but colleges he doesn't wanna and yeah it. From both off Sanders to say important words in your arms. I don't want it back but she wasn't and she was on scene and culture and law so I don't at all I don't like the Yorkers. OK okay jobs yes football. Bottom. She always said on Twitter was she talked that way. When the game is so absolutely. Which she's in bed with her man or which he says you know having breakfast for their kids is that a would you like some ice crust and is that how you go to light when you talk like that I want that mountains door expert to do we. With pop eyed Johnny sack. I would hate to do is involved wit and there are doubts. Idiots that criticize Democrats I was about to say some good and it does. She she could get on there and she could sit there and grunt to make fart noises of other hand under our patent it was it is she wondered how she sort of wonderful she put the glass ceiling. It is it is me it is Jerry Kelly and who's honest about it it was dale who's this honest about it she could be the worst in history which by the way as windows is. And he wouldn't say a word about it because he's afraid of the back Edwards and Joseph Morgan I mean who was worse than OK get me Tim McCarver recovers its calls at one point one point tiger is on the air teams like 75 million was good but Potomac but you're right Joseph Morgan was awful for like two decades. I was just all part about it assessed a success with that I'm obsessed with guys who were terrible at their jobs and they never even think. About replacing them you know in every bit about. Joseph Morgan was awful for twenty years awful mean he literally said. Nothing important many you know months have been told me was communal but I thought it would keep between us and at a senate on there. He just didn't even knows role terrible finally woke up. Company that's agreed exhibited Joseph Morgan is not to be awful on the aired tottering multiple pleasing is sixty has no woman would be granted that kind of like just on those. I don't know for years. With regular standard. The guy was a hall of Famer that's why he is in that place for that long time just don't think he was used in as useful no I don't let anybody is when he's just some average schmuck. He was a guy who was halting baseball player that's why he was there I instantly lived on them like men announcers are just on it's it's like a Supreme Court justice he would like and you know admin you name judge eager to have the job pro life Democrats Morgan mill Sam Dawson is like Ruth Bader Ginsburg she's terrible it should be there for ever realize she's a human. Stay alive and I know you can home you can dream of our BG stays in that Supreme Court seats as the linesman does is announce you know she she will die in Nancy you know that it never retire. Yes nice work team I hope that's not penalize excessive amounts well and irritate you people Kono like a folk heroes idiots out for sushi is the resistance yes she is standing up. He's the worst I ever heard. Where standards prepared who was the worst ever. Apology Harold Reynolds the worst there. And now let's go back. What what what what makes and that's what did nothing to say after. Adjustment goes and does more than always acts more yeah. Think the executive and at least help or has told me in the past. What's coming up next or why why something happened to me one example of insight just windows does provide you yeah can't you can't hi guys that. Clinton fumbled the ball ten cents down. And that would've stayed out of the because they're used tailing meatballs with his glove balls would this be. Let's say the solid I saw you I have to thank shot a jag are listening and home feud not watching on TV. Roemer has got a smirk on his face 'cause he's full of tips not support the takes out. The way it's as a good liberal good like Leslie has the stick up for the child worried about pandering right you are pattern right now as you know Chicago compromise. Marlins moans isn't that bad bank doses is awful but he will admit it and really it really was a perfect equation for Kurt saying it's a curt signed gets fired for his political beliefs and he's replaced by. Our long magnet won't moos digs at her that would perfect storm for all the vitriol and editor email your. She'll it's not an issue anymore she's gone beyond that she's failing on her own now it's in and she's become. An object of derision on her own that shall never lose that job not gonna lose that job when she wants the loser correct because most of the national columnist. All right what you think you re what did you ice Richard Geist who would be the Canada version of Alex remark yes he's pandering fool their Toronto. Wrong on Mendoza. Today's does become more as he moved with Iran I don't know if we don't like c'mon I elected to. A dumb crazy liberals that's why you're here. But I used to being. I used as a brokerage liberal and I grew up that you listen people like Alex and and I cost apple like I don't what is you know like make any money it's what you do and leading to an and that's an eye view from what happened time and unfortunately they come back to us now don't get as Jerry says I was listening yesterday. I was uncomfortable. And motivational desperate where it why because because the moxie. My glasses well we are doing voters session off how horrible to and that we retire from an analyst at. And it was worst than analytic and he said. It's not that big a deal with something he did not pounds and eleven nonviolent but Muslim terrorism in general of his. Okay he's right there. Okay what are you putting your words it's overstated threat. If you look at the stats don't think he kind of casualties is that he was on terrorism pails in comparison to our example. A white men who who you know ocean where it got there just talk about my people sometimes you just redundant and at the statistics mental and a white man I thought I was before all this mentally ill white man we are not a threat we are. Not overly represented an talk shows and end terrorism. But yes. You know your city couple miles from the finish line on marathon I understand that you know that. People listen to you right now who had their limbs well Jerry I inactive but you're not in a poignant and I just put you on today and Muslim terrorism obviously is a huge problem but in terms of which was overrated yes and an actual threat entertainers and to the attention it gets it is an over metres to one guest teacher says she's white men with dot sushi until Pete. But Tuesday area. Alice dirt area there are some people who like two months he's the one who got the it's a threat at all what I find out tonight he's not like Loretta lynch thinks Islam phobia. Is a bigger problem. Then Muslim terror which you said yesterday. Well profiling absolutely yes because as you sit there and I was and not new equipment are meant to gain an engineer is Lama phobia. Is it a bigger problem than Muslim terrorist. And no I don't think so it has a lot as an additional people now and then it does not right so now what's happening go and buddy I'm going to put it statistically your hero to Muncie did. Statistically it's it's just not statistically so you think the people like you know you're people who shot up in the polls nightclub. Their loved ones as they can you know statistically not a big deal. And Jerry. Who say it's not a problem I guess we'll just flat stick to the equity assets total rated people who die in this country from Muslim terrorists verses like I would they got their other forms of I don't know what pails income analyst more he does die from cancer the Muslim terms such as it is overblown more people Apple's die from heart is almost out eight and even sows sows white men with guns have a Blackman with guidance counselor. Much shorter club shore what do you make of these distortions yeah. That's not what we're doing we're prepared for too well we have a month we were and on from our president the United States and got to leave it Qaeda and other Muslim who compared to 7% of Muslims from coming in certain country what a pub and what's the percentage of Muslims in those countries. Percentage of Muslims and those advertisements that we ban I'm not sure what countries what country's event. Somalia yes and I didn't yeah middle and these great countries I ran it people do if I was OK everybody no one ball yes. Yeah T do you really think if you airport got on a plane Somalian. That the vetting system would be satisfactory. I would do very once in my and yes very methodically you'd want your sights if you're stepping on the plane do you think you'd look currency. They have a terrific job of screening everybody and I mean what what's that essay question please don't tell what percentage of planes that come from Somalian like crashed into the oh. Those were talking about bringing them and I'm sure State's insurance or not we're not banning. India or China or Japan look at these countries and our history and 93%. Of problems. I know but I think that it might wanna in the country ought we cannot like close to a 100% we began to me in trouble from majority Muslim countries all seven of them. And so what we most recent those Alex yeah Alex don't those good via. Conference they go to England they don't I think they're anti people in this country at all. And monetary and also a lot of bad people in the front on that trust is written in France and those lines you'll understand that those countries screen people with complaints and and they don't there's you know yet he's edit there's no central government Somali it's chaos. You think they do good enough jobs we should trust you think you can compare the Libyan government to the eagle government to Libya chaos through it's not why would you not want actually I think good people can come from would be a good people against him OK good or not. Allowed to I'll have a loved her too many bad people. For us to trust the people that accents it's it's amazing people like dioxin and Thomas who want to want to catch it that's why take a chance to Islam are always in the world I don't like. Jerry but it's different moral. You'll ever want to I don't. And terrorism object caters to a Mogadishu's. Stop and look at Carolina on the 2000 UUN what do what don't the airlines query on Mogadishu's lovely this time here. Are you fly from our year to Adam dating a guy like that and then you stop and do Djibouti eligible media you know yeah I kept my attention booty now matters that right here. Arab WEEI dot com article right acquired at the station okay what company I work out so you put up a hotel for three nights of my eight. I hate him just another one pandering fool on not what I would word it IC is point six different than just tough to keep a little the little woman happy next with a policy you know pandering to be greater won't meet Ngo where my Trump's biggest backers to a stroke began a lot legitimacy is I know all the time he the only tomorrow I don't know yeah mom's basement I'm a document based this was bleeding on your body heat again there's more sex and you never say that about a man. Well that's troubles me and I thought it was that one of the dumber things. He's ever said. So our New Year's Eve her face was bleeding all about the generic pictures music it's totally fine. I didn't understand it wouldn't be it was a boat facelift you faced with something like you understand most of the things he says. Just a guess that tremendously big very good point you know we went very very good point 38 tremendously well. It's tweet us. Seventeen years since 9/11. That's it. Excrement support let's that was the whole tweaked that you left out something. Like W Motley and its supporters and that's about it morally when you end up like mr. I'm desperate to value you you have to have the thoughts and prayers. And then I'll months. Really hadn't. Anomalous. It is amazing dad's been at this pizza played a dead spin that they edit chronology of all the trump stupid comments he's made about 9/11 on 9/11. It is unbelievable the most simple thing to do as a precedent this issue is simple grieving statements on September 11 rate trump that his entire life has been incapable. Of doing that this first reaction that towers came down with that trump tower is now the tallest building and no it was I'd colors they need cases that. And he did. It predicted he said they're coming back that I'm really Smart. They blew up attempted to blow up the towers on in 93. There with a blind sheik in the truck in the and that in the van and the basement of the building. And they did some dams that killed some people and said they're they're not through their come back and they didn't so he was questioned but you're right he was pretty proud of the fact that his toes. Mean what is going on the thousands and others who were cheering in Jersey right yeah I had that's got that off a little that was true and it's not a cure people like Stewart or even against going to like he lied and that he said he had hundreds of friends he died in 9/11 and they asked him can you name one. Name one prediction I don't want no new PP and hundreds of friends who dialed 9/11 I just like one out of every ten was a friend of deeds popping up that you know that he knew people obviously. Had to these these were financial. Guys lots of them. In New York City I'm sure news people bullet. He couldn't names you've euros from the name you know three different department couldn't just a minute if Barack Obama went to 9/11 memorial yesterday and put his hands in the air pumping his fist and greets supporters on 9/11 we would do for hours on no it in right all of us well in front of a bomb making over 200 a lot of talk about anything else you would be Barack Obama would be. You're right now apologizing for you know the causing eleven that's what he did yes yeah they're out Barack Obama's attorney general. Senator the biggest problem the cut to whistle Islam phobia. That's insane. Since these are after she met my man down on the tarmac moment and that was well before well before that before she was fixing the election or attempted terror front. Didn't work that thankfully but that we get to trump trump. It is it and never ceases to amaze me and Alex is the best example of this. Is only talks about his. Things the term we did. Things attempt said things put his arms out and silly things he said it did histrionics. It's never about what he does all of ever what do you do if you want white could crash had a couple of questions too mossy. Tell me one to think he's done that relief such releases the Muslim. The Muslim so we stop planes coming in from will be the issue. And that really upset separating. Except Portland writer and Boston commodities and she's not separating yes we can sort of continued the policy of my children in men whose parents sentenced crimes I would say creating a culture of pay. Yes not a thing furnace a K it was a little visit there and is our policy is that you ask what's it was not a policy team in general. As catering guys you'll listening to this country. You're on and so I'm just not only jail. I'm Thomas he lets us know that's not true creating a show me the bill. You know that separating families and supporters there is once you're out there actually older I think I'm long. What concerns us a line that the tax got a tough talented doesn't complaining about. His eight dollar over an hour I could barely acted very make my tax cuts that put more money in your pocket. Sudanese distracted you make that adjustment I'm out there struggling my mom and now you can't blame amnesty down ample and Donald. Logical FiOS creating an animal feed. This to my house is closed matched. Dickerson as the purple shirt and Red Hat. And you wonder why he's so popular. I'm not announcing he's got all this dash for him with them which the which await you want your money. You're supposed to Wear like you know con toward cause ice Gerri I'm wearing size forty shorts and a short. It didn't affect me six of them he's got one of smokeless tobacco laundry retirements and Richard and she. So it really well he's gay doesn't add them right where local front particularly on the hot middle aged white straight man it's time to go to Hilton's get close if it appeared work that deal Foreman. Yes and McDonald's are going to mean Brad those I don't want looks great to go to our wacky go to amber and we're either gonna TJ Max some get some I don't wanna spend money that's apparent. And after did you get a good deal in the American morning jacket or the united I'd like another one of those deals you're not supposed to be proud of weight. Rob and then to insure some pride look good. Some skin tight. My book shop in my right here's your and it's not as high as it wants what lessons from the that's just your man. And I was a woman oh don't pay double. That's not that's not wrong you know attorney was trying to trying to get more abundant credit meant a lot more than gate and it's not not right and made ten dollars an hour news and Leah employee and a up to the senate below the minimum. Eight exposed as bigots on the exposure success is an. That's up there and out of its yeah that worked it worked OK with him for. What do you look let's take I listen in here you know I listen I knew me you literally hated and you attacked source that gets me look at this bond that we now now know that no good ones we get on great tips like keep that I get Terry's beeping at me at some jog in my neighborhood the other day at my secret admire over here right that's the thing I was at daughter soldiers Hamid detect says John in any guys you just jogging my. Here's appalling he is running with Johnson said Madonna so Harmon's I think its own terms that you stay away from him have at least trouble. And what does it feel passionate. They're go to one of his crazy night clubs do not go do not know I want women in street bars and his wife and obviously there's been some nights in New York are you everything else to get to go to some of us. Coming said that to you gay guys are way to Martha's you guys and don't have. It sounds. Bar and club in this give us this it's really give every poll I've always thought well a lot of because we're not allowed your Bartz. A double what straight I want you now I used to have a saying I don't in the closet in my cued it but yes I am or anything. As remote says when he took syndrome would be auto sector says no I have more fun than any of his mentor and much indeed let's let's be honest for us anyway. I I just told you my problem what to do the sexist is misogynist he's like Reimer he just doesn't. Treat women. Fairly only a little tennis yeah. We can't criticize women only that would keep keeps him that I was literally can it. Sings praises this morning stillwell a stool because. We gonna get sporty here he was 100% right about this new patriot I just I did my homework oratorical moment. Is terrible terrible terrible fit. He's going to be does that help out the bills and browns are bad for reasons make bad personal decisions all the top. Related Brett lots of our health series Britons and one welcome endless and we worked out pretty odd glance this carded rounds of ten bonded out. You just can't Dion Lewis into a ball like I think they brought in court comic is a desperate. Because obviously of course banks we'll get to that because the deal hard knocks on this is great with this guy with a scary it's. Just seems like a terrible thing I'm surprised they even brought him. And I'm ready I'm ready to jump on board the yeah you're the Dez Bryant at Bryant bring him on behind the Stewart ran it. I want place to we have via the the and our pets we get hard knocks cuts from quarry Coleman your newspapers number nineteen I believe. Will play goes I will ask you guys if you think this is gonna were. Looking at a green you have to just shown up ready to go. I got a big by the way in the gates yeah I got so many tech all right after with labor each side of the stadium bottom right in my tenure my rock W. We EI things we'll surroundings is distracted than round one goes of the cruise around and five miles an. This guy is burning right now. Gloria. What has worked. It's a team. Please it's. First couldn't. This let's. Did anybody get me you don't look good going to registration. Okay that's cool we Coleman with hue Jackson. Correct yes but who taught at least the coordinator and he tells talked to Todd because he's on the second team in Cleveland. I'd play the so what teams he gonna be on doing. Second third fourteen he's not going to be featured in 40 why not right he's gonna if he's lucky he's going to be number four wide. If you don't walk in the Belichick's office and and act like that we'll know you know we're not going to like I can't believe he's you know he's. Is it 24 year old borderline diva is player do you think he's got that kind of attitude in Cleveland. And and then they'd album buffalo dumps him. Where you couldn't grasp of the playbook they're willing to take Katrina this start out two assists this is if you were to drop the prototype for a really bad for it the worst fit. In doing other than the money what makes any sense at all for Cory Carr accord Coleman in the when their desperate. They need somebody to watch it what. But what about what risks Gerri what is his you waste time and energy. Tried to integrate him when you know it's out of work but they need receivers right and we need some receivers Corey Coleman was like number fifteen overall pick just two years ago when you take his chance on him instead of you want any type duties at their follow and bring in I think I felt actually better for. Yet out of play and actually any last ever and valley guys and that 9000. Times. Laughed when he but the question is do you think it's gonna work now. But for the show that but as one shot definitely not gonna work boots were. Well why we ought to be wrong Jerry hey never I'm might be wrong so you think it's not gonna work yes for obvious reasons he's he's a diva. He's not a quick learner and I ask you this insisted physically gifted guy who ran a really fast forty. Whose young whose cheap. That you know soccer work I don't know I don't. It's don't think it's not gonna works on the historic Jerry a year or they don't you think what actually does any chance of working. In each act you just heard often changed attitudes. No we like to change your attitude when we come here believe it not that good. I don't judge to have some eye socket too. This year it's actually you've got to compared hue Jackson. Could build ballot yesterday Cole head coaches and neither Rome last Baghdad now not a culture neither of them lost an opening day unlike Mac address. I believe this got about one more game before its fire on a very mutiny in Detroit played it been like the rules are treated as I've ever ever about the writer's head of the players at specific projects on this this stuff coming out of Detroit that you will not believe above Matt Patricia Adams series. He's on the hot seat. It is there the regular golfers how tolerant yes on paper boats are so we all predict it's gonna fail I don't he'll work out. Life more than it brought in because he was a first round pick just two years so what was that many exports he had worked previous mangoes and she hates alienate more rocked happy court Coleman is more populist. And any solo shot with periods Jonathan who brought in that price point Jerry Jerry a lot of well allow me to look contradict myself. A year ago when they brought in doorstep we'll doorstep. We've got to battle with important I don't like so percent and in the back from Miami with a yeah I'm great for him to protest what he's worked out. Not just volumes were up with it was just the first round you'd they bust ever talk to the head coach to record Coleman does not now. Do you think he ever had navy data do you think he ever done all right you know. It is hot today attacked you Jackson that way because they're hard knocks. Only one team is on hard not to yeah you're right so shut up a etc. happens all the time right all the tied gothic OK you know I guess how many I didn't think he did. It's just straight. What's wrong in August he goes in August he goes in the head coach of the fruit and browns. It is which is exactly true it's. Those. Is let's. Didn't I didn't they won't talk to straighten out when you're running a close eye care doesn't say is this excuse me coach can I ask so coach. Just goes on a second team. You know what you Jackson chose it because you're stupid or what that's like you Jack sock. You guys back in his face and get out here I don't just look at just that that's not my confidence back listened to see offensive coordinator. Talking about how our daily he looks what is it looks like he's going five miles an hour this is a super fast guys things we'll surroundings distracted them around long ago was okay is. Run. Five miles an hour usually lingering not distracted particular hole opinion from forget hard knocks sonic will take effect was dumped by Cleveland and buffalo. That he's he's produced no it has produced at all why would have signed a middle a store owners that's a good question two years twelve million. It's. That baffled me more than so older more than Dion Lewis. This is it more valuable position and a guy who came up big in the clutch who was a great third down receiver who knew what he was doing. And it wasn't huge coated. I'm legal and Dusty Baker that time and effort they've spent developing these guys and Corey called out now and Bennie Fowler knew Jordan Matthews and this one and another guy yeah Bradley that they kept for a day I think I mean. All these guys they bring indicated to sign him until now. I don't they have not done. It's not a huge money he's better here than there he is more valuable to you than to anyone else in order means so if you could get a for. Was it two and twelve to until I was a loss to a twelve and and Miami paid him he's he's he would have been better here that he will be there. Plus you know what else can do return parts. Right nice it's do I do it made no sense of no return yes to love to hear a breeze honest opinion or or Crocs honest opinion. That must've been a head scratching for them. What does come on monetary. Well I think he's Diddy that's an honest opinion now a couple weeks go before hung up with Kurt was out the simple question. On the do you think your undermanned at receiver and he could've just said no we're fine be insane that he gave them on security sensor he's asked but Dez Bryant he and did not answer with them to the quarterback economic the personnel decisions but it's quite evident that Tom Brady. Is not pleased at the receiving group on the do you have any. Doubt that that that when he found out that crock was on the block that he did he went. No doubt and I'm he took it to another level injury tire apps on each I don't think I think it's kind of an idle threat I don't think he would retire but he would be a problem. He would be unhappy. And may be would commit to trade and other and in other patriots won Sunday's suit gets glossed over but not attend desert like why would you even consider trading. Rob grant request obviously I'll regret he does item as a Baltic disgruntled guys what it's. To prove that you're in charge disgruntled guys. Generally get treated with good stocks you know stars who want I'll get one this place even guys who are described in congress would never be at a higher value point and that his injury history of the season at last treat -- -- which shot through telecheck shopped them around doesn't shot diminished unseated the point it is just imagine the softens up front in mid may may be would have been lost on and it makes sense when they traded Chandler Jones more or what else obviously warts and put it makes sense in desperate I thought philosophy yes because Ken Jones is going to be free -- the next year they don't typically pay passed measures that kind of money said the chancellor John I don't think I think made more saddening thing removed were withdrawn and Crockett the Czech players ever played is nobody -- guy who could be on the team in 6 months -- o'clock at night. So I went and I pray and just because it's her mom. I would very much a lot to me on with me who changed the team completely without crock is no one of good plays to his job you know kind of have that whoever. Mean who would Dwayne Allen needs literally never covered. He can be double almost anybody really isn't he can tortured and act actually made it into I would say is that guys hanging off bomb went wrong being wrong my role as friends and partners he's going to be. The second greatest patriots ever if he stays healthy for like two from artists are now. I interviewed John Hannah fans out there but. Corey Colmes where Jersey ten years old yet again the leaders never ten of all time on the patriot greatest number ten of all time a Jimmy. Allies that would ticket saying bad. They are quick uniform or not cook with much these days yeah I got it. But I thought someone had nineteen. Switch numbers he's been nineteen ball stops elected he's just have to watch a little bit of all the good. Struggled to go to Jerry. But it's recorded call my own court almost always now the reason is not my boy but you're right he did struggle but you know what every expert who struggles that Belichick put some. Hacks are. Imagine EG. Here's what accents of each year or not or is seeking an X on to bring them back like they go to synagogue next year's failures was three different energy comes back at quarterback this football Diego think's gonna fail in separate the gonna cut him. In three years 147 million dollar contract. It's going to be back under center in New England. In just and just went on the post radio a NASA is a guy from multi saying geez I just sent dumb stuff like that I was stuck in the afternoons. Acted. He will be back with a New England Patriots because Belichick will look at it three years announced it. Back here in our system it will all wars blighted nicely dumb stuff like I don't know regular pigs your days he'll be on the afternoons you you do it it's still you get them. On talk about cute now but when you grow. Don't go it's is described the beat a peek at buffalo Chris Brown. Use up from the buffalo from the bills on web site built on pills dot com while we're picket once were but he writes. I give Coleman four weeks on the page to its roster he's not in visual learner. That's to physically rep things to get Brady Belichick we lose patience. We time it will take it with a time we'll take them to get up to speed not cut out prepay all that's not demanding it's those that got by about two weeks I mean come. But do you think. This. You disagree. I've never seen him play out of knowing Casey no more than you residents Chris Brown. You've seen them at those guys are crisp robbed from Buffalo Bills dot com does it take you to date you know the do you think I am a few weeks but you shocked. You've seen lots of guys come and go here. No more delicate than do. Specially guys who have that kind of attitude the corporate criticized Corey Coleman about moans I can't tell it going to scrape all that after all the guys they can bring inquiry Coleman was number fifteen overall pick is two years to understand why not take a flyer on him get through rubble out there aren't that everybody is take a flyer hot take for their advice on this route in light should bring you Dez Bryant to now that's now I'll criticize the page where is does he want to be wants more money and real pirates and he did very many guys who says. East what are you had a quote today in his article it's. But said he talked to coach in NFC coach who said. Doesn't have the skills and basically please twenty house passes last year to. He's that's awful Ramallah the same receiver that he won and putting is better than Corey Coleman got any. Well yes yes. But up headline writers are obviously. If Dez Bryant knew woody was to him in and he doesn't seem like more on and one quarter Coleman. And wouldn't Brady. Just by. Just I think I've thrown the ball and be better at all if he was him if he wasn't a moron wouldn't be here already. Well no because he wants too much money or not it not been a moron. Well I don't know something I am not panic is someone we'll tell him something you know be more than Belichick wanted to put him that's my guess. You regularly appear yes eventually you now you would have been brought an already. Well no not necessarily because as news they don't wanna white and guaranteed and I don't wanna pay him what he wants to get paid and by week three or four. He's gonna say. When I get paid something Smart enough where what we got enough according Coleman cool sense scale an NFC coach at his skills are gone I thought they. You raucous type crowd the patriots who knows the former receiver right now. And here's the bill Perry's story it was sort crowd I've heard from one NFC coach that Bryant straw bought the drop off in terms of skill set is not to be ignored. Phil Perry talked to an FCC coach that's according to the store. Whose drop off is not to be ignored love. Course he's not he was five years ago whose claim because I don't know I. I believe all but I think a lot of people look at that Dez Bryant think of it is such a pig and absolutely. I reckon that's like him. He comes again nine passes last year from dot press Scott who's off all we saw that Sunday in this cowboys' offense that's a throwback to 1980 I mean at least and that's a good running back and I mean savers is still cut almost seventy balls last any of these fighter he fight Ellen symbolized by. He might appeal to run and jump Wiki but he fights for the ball I like that I will take more court culminating tonight but OK as a strategy there. Court going to be gone and what a week now on B two different countries with other little one don't catch on for the whole best known to keep him and the best night Tina that's easy. That's your answer you'd what's sport and abroad. Bruno Gracia both John McKenzie on its easy. Greatest Celtic great Celtic number one team now know it's Don Nelson and he doesn't count he spews the most overrated Celtic ever. It's red sock that's easy prevalent back it. Numbers you liberals don't unitas as the best at its greatest BC eagle. Direct influence on mute and there's a ninety dollar ninety I don't know what you've been known to us evil players numbers. I don't beatle years ago I don't I don't even though like the number of include general anyone's numbers gold gloves and BP's it's scary time I don't know what you are right Augusta you guys. We see no idea. And a did you hear Dick since I was a nose up of these things that ever drove it doesn't know who did know Steve DeOssie was short Greg Dickerson. He does know you are was going to work with at least part of a new way to have this right. Part of the past by again like my picture have been taken out on a part of the past bite my past has been scrubbed at NBC sports Boston but I kiosk he's. Does he was a giant for twelve or free get annoyed DOE was and his son's been to China for twelve years. And Gorelick who lived in New York grew up in New York there's no doubt it will notice relic. It's a sport that's not baseball chair that's what's true relatives I'll pay attention any shine despite these big deal about it you had a DeOssie into mossy. I was glad I parties lined them up with the senators show this is what it should have been originally we get ready now. She and Tomas you hear this impractical they greet. There were fighting like dogs yesterday and I said I mean you have to be here to let those two heavyweights go matter. That's going to be the new senators showed him how he wants the comedian artists out of chaos seed Tomas you know you think Hamas conflict are questions tomorrow and that he lets us it's easier as one works senators had two bad. A little work on next Turks out on the new program director. The two guys who don't work out that Saturday too bad I mean he protected his salary sign that was the only. There's no markings I'm fine until today and slot opposite the first thought this up the shot the paycheck he couldn't. What you did Martinez in the on going on right he's no way Jose apparently. According to my sources I'm the only one who wants to work with them or or weeks where we want to get him learn how important. Known more for them. Really yes that's why simple yes normal appreciate Allah Akbar source right there and we I think we want an easy to get him in here in the morning you want to sign it anyway he has changed his you know these changes to Kurt Birkins ran you guys have to step drop from art it's like in an eight months in when they say no engines and instruments and anyone Roemer bicker but I. It that I know and love doesn't give people second chances and you're invited and you say now that's what I only had three no boxes Sonoma last and always comment yet Kirk I have. I've not figured out not by choice colonel. Paris. Crazy Eddie House in these hard headed. But he always gives isn't always what you guys backing him don't I was in here bites but it wasn't my choice to be Smart teams his choice to be that's not what he says but he always says ball season in which is changed to. Before he said well I can work plated nine I don't want it properly now flexible society I think he would do if Kirk's done here Welker isn't it it's goers. But he won't it won't he won't not to. Then is not going is slow it's where he's not our. Right in the same dance for months so you guys on last month you're close pals were the big you can get an expert. Are you as a western mass got picked it up their show on the ropes. Well we know unfortunately we'll agree would take this final recorded since according Coleman's record colemans who last played. Three days here before you storms in the Belichick's office it's a wanna start I immediately. Or wants to straight. Belichick is get lost. That passion and energy thinking about the bowls to do that about what he would say excuse me coach and all your ticket you are. Not the guy Greg he's had on the coach. When you walk in the head coach's office in urine nobody. Knocked in these excuse me coach I've watched him a hard knocks for years that I see this happen every year. You know god is generally show some respect for that I'd probably ask you this journey a pass when we get up stop. The noise in the room more going and got a phone number forgot 6617779797. Give us call. Tell us who is more annoying Roemer or tickets this. Russia faced in the mud yesterday by chance for Comcast want to hang with elders and Callahan. He paid for that we are the biggest punch yourself. Rayburn you know I think there's definitely a good solid here Alex is gone he's gone from like WEEI. I'm out their hair out flat and early part in the dad dad sitting at Red Sox are scarce and the other again and then. Have the Red Sox he smiled or at least it. We don't you do not know I'm I'm really not the I'm doing not. But you're not asking them not all John. Sports talk. Drinking that Red Sox baseball and explain it but it yourself. Now we've written down baseball classic whole lot you think it would and we oh in actuality it's just one of 162. The only. This house. That's unfair. All you played was at twelve year old free publicity nationally as the phenom wasn't nearly as annoying as solid as interviewing Johnny Damon in their Red Sox take anything nice to meet the Fina. Thanks media AT&T yeah he's had some guy to run and like come on back and now you know sort of item shorter I think Vickerson is making his move most people would say Roemer initially is more annoying but I'd say Dixon's. Celibacy yelling at Susan you you wouldn't James get along good. All of our idea is erratic exit IDs immediate but you know we go on course of course but Europe gonna do something like every user wrinkle we viewed as of now there you want on every Saturday or something in Israel Saturday tradition Tucker that we can put their drug program good morning what time on Saturdays is taken james' its very is eleven to three year old page and out of their oh it's always 11:11 am good over it with a couple of twelve we got a couple I think that's a twelve somewhere you'd you'd pick up Austin Johnson tells you eleven election year on project. But is it called taken James is that the new James Pickens and that was my idea I like it is kind of rolls off Tom. And it's come messed up the yachts mossy show them on not that yes let's mossy sort of busting his arm. Looking degree completely off weakens so does brooding very hard for the big engine should be success are high I think you should stick him on some Saturdays just to. Assist mossy liberal anti union here it's a real audio C. I heard a sound that they were going at that they Wear at the Osce in the follow them last night he ate together and you opens that you know it was ugly is I lost arguments guy anyways and Hamas guy I was when he is in the NFL. And took had a lot of concussions. Absolutely walked all over you know it was pretty ugly yesterday teacher yes no nausea and help universities. To us he likes to fight and he's got elected it was fun. Buffy doesn't apparently does. 8 hours of 8 o'clock or Tomas he's not good to guess who spent two I was taken in France and he was born doesn't like football so we're talking mostly football he doesn't watch football. But then he got he got engaged with when he you know we got engaged Sid Muslim terrorism not a big deal and not an island's overrated and then we went. Tomas seated to my asking me which is an excellent though that awesome lots of integrity what he's just agree on nothing nothing in just a couple moon bats. I think you learn from him don't choose you kind of yes look up to him ideal I'd like to expire tonight the united Don Tomas yes yes although. You have to gain about 200 pounds of Motorola. Expands. It's create and edit other Spiegel beacon program is spot is. And on the outs once the puck and paste it in a phone and takes the Buck Henry series to be weakened state and occupied tests. That we don't want two weeks ago did you what's it to you. I you have. As I say running out of gay athletes I'm working on an interview with the first openly gay athlete in China. Really existing rights toward action on line with the Bruins. One it's the Bruins are charter and yes exact ass yet there's the local time delays there and gentlemen if there without them without chemically. My favorite favorite pro whenever we should talk. My fears turn out McQueen moment. As much favored 54 believes that before the goal he scored against the united doubles correct encouraging. Going to remember it fondly about. The crazy in the fight in the playoffs and and here. You're what's his face McGwire McGwire. So that is one on that's right that's a minute I wanna dig up these tapes of two Couric indium breaking down the Bruins see their team come to understand where are the state you understand need that I'll move forward. To a mr. Kirk is the idea. I know how the alt current front holding parents found her in general oil whereas this I was. The largest slice of analysts as we wind our way into the Stanley Cup Playoffs in fact the one analyst we really wanted to talk want to come artworks goaltending great their bank prior good morning how are you Jerry and John in Boston. Tapers off the ball and I love that we're in Boston. Thank you Dan you wouldn't care if you play that I don't care but Kirk said no more sock puppet. So again of course does whatever like Oregon Neal hot still showing just doing I'll be terribly charity apparently GE did a few shows in general other pretty good pretty funny but he won't allow them on the air sly was is raising his self conscious of how. But Democrats across the sports but nobody ever got most things he has yes but he said you should see when there were rated players who should know suck up and none of that and it's unveil a new series on our website every week we had vintage Kirk forty care and be great after I. There's all kinds of older stuff that we just. Lost in the hopes motive in the move just fall off that like they're Rangers but the Canadians in this series. We get it right we did it in it was a good one where. Rangers are Canadians. We called via an afternoon show of the global trek fan club and it was like based on the side night live skit where you know the dictated that it. And we include all the big show guys especially. And probably just kiss Belichick's ass it was pretty good for which we played no one knows where it is just gone was like. In six years ago we can't play poster placed up from forty years there are in at least in the big move from here across of course apple model only lose the good stuff on audio begun if you wanna hear you know reforms that will be an abuser preserved. If you wanna hear anything funny courage year. How Fergie do lunch on yes. Daryn it's our understanding. He could just so sudden honestly put that in Yellowstone. Perched on one day and he still will not recognize he's out indefinitely and oh yeah important time. Mean that's about respect and out so sick of Packard among its can is afraid to place them now because he might face the wrath are going. Money might know me know you know my dictionary held back her questions this guy's made. Don't exist and are about Kirk mature and grow the two of them to us that showed going that it. I wanna get that would be fun I want district ranks he pierce as her like a minute of them like something your exit gives an old co host he lives yes yes that the show were CP was is Cole's injury is actual audio of this I got us of course Basra. I've ever probably shows why it was riveting Google vehicles talking about the Broncos have an acting as if leapt to currents can replace Curtis is not a serious illness to drive in over the cliff with old audio yes exactly. Exactly are we want to show that can pick them to bet that you know children valid and I want Kirk. Perks come back which is gonna and we look forward to report. Wasn't loud and housing and so he did the show with me the day he tried to commit suicide in the day he decided to announce his indefinite leave I was on the shows that day as they unload responsible and now. And if we job I hurt I would be listening this morning and probably not well when we checked keys so you. He's not tweet about it they'll be it was texting mark the other day left and right. But as well as blown out of every forty kitten he can't get away from and unfortunately its roots you know one of those trigger alert I think the highlight Berman a lot I think for Kirk but missed time away in the months questions of Brady were the top the list for this summer. Ultimately comes back could be like three years from now is does it get that first question but asked pregnant. Is mud in Monday like next Monday I will be so yes he's got it from a year ago. Good so we'll do Brady again what month and he'll get to redeem himself but. It went well the breaking thing went well a room was happening right. Yeah we're very boring we were very say it's important to not annoy you did a good job Dick advocate one course US was really really dumb but if you get rid. Only one. There was it was but not as benign dumb and then nine I items that should be the new model of WE Sports Radio dumb and benign doesn't want harmless. We spelled an odd question about harmless and then and them. And then. I can be the new theme for the day conjecture sat next match like between. You and Romeo Crennel I heal chance of astronauts are less than a plane chestnut Kadaziz right there by guys you know I like you do exist you know we're friends. That is in my Exel question and life. And on Q it's like it one NASA and Michael got that chess match going us. Tons Escude out god that is cool concepts and brutal force since Conan fat. You're UST Mike's whole question. In I didn't even know they even realize that and that night that night. Scratchy Jim Gray asked about Guerrero couldn't believe who's. Stunned but. Radio chess match like between Walsh. It can't let plays for me I had met a little still can't land registers like that once unlocking a goal off. I thank you Kirk's not here hopefully good backs and we have I and other. Middle aged. Wait I would mental problems Greg Dickerson and without whose job woman. And we have the perfectly normal reasonable level headed saying a gay guy. Right now I am the Samsung to share her sincerity if you count hands here. You're here 617779. 79%. When those calls the wanted to. Both of these two idiots and which ones feel more noise I was where's what's on the could still get the dollar and Helio we'll get to them enough or number two activists.