K&C - Dale weighs in on anti-baseball-talk (Kirk); Gerry tries to defend Trump's Putin presser 7-17-18

Mut & Callahan
Tuesday, July 17th
Hour 2. The guys continue from Pinehills in Plymouth, starting with reaction to afternoon host Dale Arnold weighing in on the guys (Kirk) who don't like to talk Red Sox baseball on the radio. Steve in Providence is heard from, and then Headlines features all things Trump - Putin from the previous night's meeting in Helsinki.

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It's Kirk and Callahan. With Kirk man and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. They're the best team in baseball held wouldn't you want to watch but are not and and by the way yeah it if you don't. Yes and you don't like baseball that's fine. But it is hard comedy or did it out of the cold Arctic and they leave us alone if you don't watch don't zealot might bode Michaels the whole point for awhile Lizzy you either love baseball you don't forget about it here you don't like if I'm an if you don't that's fine. Right apparently there's some posts on the station. The stations. Would all like it all at once that's fine I'll let you really like it don't. That's us dale and rich yesterday. Would not it was a really. That's patently false. But he says that's fine it's not line. Why not final details but I'm not on parent it's not fine with Ken lay idle threats to it but guys it bothers them. That you know look this team this case it's not fine tales collaboration personable person or being happy missed mischaracterized here and baseball is is perfectly fine it's well open line. My issue was not that might use recapping became the days after its board the game itself when it's good it's great that over from one awesome that's run offs. The day in day out. Baseball season can Wear you down that's all going on here and state. It talked about you were asked layered yesterday with the press topic is this team 250. For games and there's no problem or we feel. We deal Jean Marie to barrel to me is more action right now. The Red Sox debate as we asked idiot. Eagles and then he didn't hear something that was more right away or reasons. Or that's supposed to go to. You pass on trade deadline what they might meet the bigger picture the heat out or ankle in two. It's boring pick and that that that I that I don't know what it up or there's no drama to your paycheck that I want to have dropped to them it's sport. Picture recapping that silly requirement from back home run derby last night was excellent. That's my point so. You know with what I like him and that's even more in sports on. A light about how can you not love that moment wanna without some of them all. To shock the system for baseball because Parcells want especially in Boston you you'll listen to terrorist party spent four hours of terrorists wanted an eight while the Red Sox and just not. We don't live at that time anymore and now wouldn't you want one on the patriots on Brady on the NFL you can do it doesn't work that way for retailers. Details that it would deal what I would wanna watch that's not no please that's not made against points to my point that's not my point. Might push commodity next eight arm angles. In Rodriguez ankle that is Warren at his old man I don't Dale Arnold Jerry Kelly or we're radio I don't remember you getting in Dale's point is leave me alone. I remember you getting on people who like baseball heck of a simple people. Like based. Options still. I wanna bees and Alex just one simple man as letters connects at the guys simple a simple man but this guy's hit this ball. Yes that drives our credit rating bodies responsible. It's very I didn't earlier this problem that from their home and they distract it clicked go to this regard. Spent two nights is it difficult to play too excited that your Knight picked up early tomorrow drive I would love to you guys check out this well. I it walked out by. That that will put that. I I thought about the massage for a lot about. Some massage and then let it meters eight credit I don't I don't I don't. You know. Seattle and I'm not offended you and I argued about baseball many times with that. You know telling me. Watch and I that's another your red hot it's not a Lebanon watch your ego don't know you're. You you're not doing your job as a host purposely do born things stay away from things that social media might like. Are no argument that that is that's personal life in my but let's listen to launched a real walker diet. Is no doubt will be burden on your. Savior if my breakfast and and you're looking to drop the Red Sox wait for. Three months in C seizure but between now that it and a 10561. Of those between now and then. And I did almost down to what else yes it was not a 105 games. The total bill. Say uttered what I wish it would. Details of that he might. Just some posts at the station that the world one of the most critical although all bought local maybe it's if you will act you know what Tom Karadzic knows. 01. Not username. What's the difference project either away with a difference it's the same flight. And I did you know. There'll inferred that I wasn't but he you know. It's that which means it's CN Jennifer I don't care and business he works on Wednesday it's board. My views where or I think a lot on the vet I think Paul thought post game thing was with not. We did the right. Walk off Grand Slam yet I think response is rather like daily drinking who I was sad I was either eight or ten games. Are generally more so watch your focus on the house that was say this busy season it's uneventful as the seasonal drop a note dropped the price that's it. Oh and prices the only guy who's unlikable. Fact the guys that could play the core players that you wouldn't matter like they don't but these oil well a lot likable and boring allows us now expects sales pitch to Martinez unlikable and board. That's like aquariums in game element you peoples and they all you hear talk what that's not true although the board. Annika at the rear roof was. Overthrown balls but there were offered last year. Good there was traffic system what he's the manager. And you look what others to Manning's had on a platter in the first place. Price is actually during your election exploited exploited that limits got excellent and that's that's gone now of the price that's code. Every time price that sums to talk to it and it is all you want to. Map the folks out there really good. Seemed to accuse copious. Melissa Reid was we opt out to stay long courted the rubber bought the thing you'll do yourself. You do that I would it was an eagle outfitters and you are criticizing. Us not and I'm not asking you what do I avoiding after Red Sox Nation 11 o'clock and you can see what I felt like I always we do that what do I have always. No in fact we eat too much of the last we want board which reference. You talk wrote it its completeness to patrol applicable issues that and more. A tour that I would opera fragile a lot of Red Sox shows just don't think so. And you write your jacket Red Sox talk with we do a segment of the Red Sox yes he was no offense and you're gonna do it. I'm saying yes we were before OSHA to more than once. Digital art projects you can court this to anyone whatever. What a couple ways I didn't read the article Kirk all your what is left what is a light bleeding that don't want talk about social media. California later Chris what a close up like he's he's right but the jury can mark. I was being that was reported yesterday I write it why would anyone try and because he wants to be your lawn so what we'll do if he would be here for the secret war is not important point he could yet more money. And stay here long to not. Speak more money he said he likes to hear so much at peace and on the record. But it'll slow the that your Plavix it's. It was yesterday a lot of those mock up it. Virginia are you missing element that an offseason. Seem to think he's going to not that's never gonna happen he gets up prices can opt out in mark. Domestic markets. Are I Fredricka they're they are right or right to I know the right place. I won't put my point is my whole point so boring. So our price there are just like. It's O which are. It's that politics at places. Yesterday so what's your real slow. So last month you know it. Right if you believe. They. So Richard does the let's hope he's a personal qualities that. Oh it's something. That's adkins does not reflect its object. Here's Chris is like it's much grossly. Vehicle parked car or if he can offer. Why you hear which should be. All the stores where. It was or what the court ultimately it Weymouth courthouse. Purdue's was at that today or ordered out. We meet record and she emailed note to the ticket. Prices here. It's nice presidents of something to interpret. Well. There's a rumor has it plates and began last. Week if we cannot difference now set to. Produce X seven that's. When the two reasons if expenses Kircus. And in the ass etiquette and upon courses that are. OK I did that last of them pocket. Expenses cars. Still no sound good at all so whatever it is that's rather just the money is that's why did you. They're doing so. Points exactly this intercom way that ought at you. That it expects when I watch it and it was you know how to do. In reference to bill. And the these sources. 130. That's just too Estrich. Well. Watch. So. Yeah now one. It. Sent. That we elect of the crew as restlessness of side issues what's the point. It's. This last night the group. That never heard that before it elected a little was on the bodies were. Yes. It could actually. Went back to shore after. Portion. These mines. Did you immediately everything. Else I could. Pull off don't you. Let me add you as if it's. I. It was great restaurant so let cord the rest Roberts. We sat next on live fish I saw a lot. Greg and saw promotional should provide us. Often we get sent that could put it Fat Albert what it's all. I had to dish and you know what side so that is why the solitary walks and eight walks. Grab people's posts doctors if you look I'll pick your rise to stick figures nails. All I that you. Order because I know the week wore it to explain and you play call me at one point you say what you want as you claim to be like on. At least now whatever person on earth. Never so you'd get a real asset and sixth question that's not true. Do us a lot of what you're out of through what. What the if you guys after the guys like him real well aside this or is that by what they thought so quite horrific event website it's actually exactly what could be at work is complete I said. For and twelve. All roles at my Fries equity plate. Products you're not like Utley I didn't even if it's. Set. Action I get many. Expect partners. Likes that it was a one. Because. Restive provinces and killed themselves here. Steve what's happened. They morning next points the united soccer so as soon. Quick note not have a partner by the I got this on purpose and constantly ask you racist. Is not a lot of character. An ankle bracelet which it Brett we're gonna. I don't have one of those these. I. Just went right to racism and they'd like I'll hold my guy eat. A little bit I don't think he breaks anyway glad Steve. It. Only god 98 of a big anniversary think. That the owner what where when you're so that the chaperone notre. Oh. What UST. ER a he's on the pop strikes a court order when the current thanks for its future. Steve goings on Saratoga this weekend with melodies. And it's not a lot of guys were cut throat hurts you eat him or so. Not a lot of guys that left an estate and the Will Smith went on that note again not true picture on record no record no. You don't trust trampled it Cyprus and it is a look at musical instruments. Again not true the Clinton's troubled by itself. It'll. Of honesty and water are certain things and then after couple prisoners are in Mexico are Kirk and nick Clark. Does anyone your family if is another you read these as a script got a body was scripted any would try to talk got to go back to us. Don't want you know you're no one note fell one works well Saturday eight of us make it about him Imus making a game it's not an appropriate. My get a quick question Pluto is it true that when he took her to that your guys. The track this weekend and he said he wrote was on the permanent keep what those are soccer teams. Knows the very good time track meet. Us today it's. Summit almost rupiah it was cute idea here or there and score first you spoke to says. It won't recover some people in the summer of 2000. Order it. It and well. I learned that some parts are more heavily on their backs to sweep it a little while. We're both their goalie he's been nice cold right on the back in. I. Also discusses and discusses. Enabling. Here but that's fine whatever. But it popped again on the crime. That's. The problem to go snags with us and ticket. So engaged it just when you sit this out. I. He's always. It's one oysters natural fault. He would be all saints'. Laps and call you act like at six and I told him I needed to throw. You to a caller on. They. Monies stay the same hotel bill on the reptile house now reveals I'm looking back on it now it what I did it until bag. Like that you know I like that we got back from three to acknowledge it any place that greatly though you actually wanted trouble. If figure all she sees just generally she game. Now. Launch up the box to place and show longshot which has been partners well you know about restaurant. All. That scenic. I. He's he's going MGM ought background but you have GM has a lot of stuff. Rooms playgrounds and senators in the game was. Asked about good businesses it no doubt you go to C. Scarlett the race book ethics mostly it's an excellent stop. And others like them now rightly tackles. The spot he acts. Occasional. It's NG in the sports. I heard they fired up he's he's the best time. YE YE a little less than last night. It was ordered us that she wouldn't doubt it would leave where to draw the headlines. Well you live with the darkness at like Chris Curtis Kirk and Callahan on Twitter. We are back on Sports Radio WEEI. Each time once again for. Headlines. Secure as just mentioned that we've. Successfully concluded the a world football cup speaking on the full boy actually. Mr. present how do you visible to you and other bullets in your court all the more that the United States will host of the World Cup in 20/20 sixth. You very much we do hosted them. We hope we do as good a job that's very nice that we'll go to my son Barron we have no question effect on the NBA yeah. It's time for Curtis Kurt and Callahan ends. Lies. Headlines brought to my doctor Butler document. You airlock because 100. Get here was. Until the former leader for you world. Yesterday standing next to a murderous the axis of evil. And he's saying it that this Americans we're going in the Russian prime symbol exits all this I it's okay trying to stretch they'll. So you struck us I mean. That these evil I do alleys people who you. Open evils us in the entire middle and I don't I don't to movable feast but I would say that. A million dollar from defense. The fences. Are we closer or farther away for away from war today. And I would say. We. Made the same we're not close to it's it's about staying out of war. Real conflict. With Russia. It always. Like he's a nice things about Kim Jong who kept badgering and finally said. Why did you say nice things can go and trying to keep him from I think nuclear war OK so if it but you're OK let me. Does this answer like that. But here's my answer to everything properly use look what does he says he says dumb things he says the wrong thing. But he doesn't this'll actions taken yesterday. That brings us closer to war or cut when he was elected we've heard who's gonna get us into war or cut to we have what would final play first. Well this is the end of the prudent pressed up threes asked who he blames more yes I think this is probably go to. Do you hold Russia at all accountable for anything it. Particular and if so what would you what would you consider them that they are responsible for yes I did and I hope that both countries responsible. I think that the United States has been foolish I think we've all been foolish we should have desire. A long time ago. A long time frankly before I got to office and I think we're all to blame but I do feel that we have. We both made some mistakes. Every US intelligence agencies concluded that the Russians did who do you believe Floyd can do is ask the question not me. People came to me Dan Coats came to me and some others they said they think it's Russia. I have president Putin's. He just said it's not Russian. I will say this I don't see any reason why it would be. I X I X I I. I definitely hates the FB and out but more hits in OT it coats. Now but he doesn't have it and how he just forget only been defend he defend just I don't have those but I. To look at his absence of this works OK and then we'll never talk about him was we'll talk with actions a plug that's thought whenever acts as ever talk quote from right through to you that. Rights to color writing tweeting or whatever or so what goes down or I'll play sound he says dumb things admit yes OK that's all that's all that it was not at any is blinded by hatred for the FB for the state from Mueller okay for security and make his winning the election look suspect right in thinks. And by the way every day. It's more amazing that he won. We think all the forces aligned against a library that he thinks he deserves credit for that. And when you say if he settled he thinks you're minimizing or marginalizing these apps and that drives and not certain things. Drive people nuts well gotta have anything to try and let it different from a different case. But yes I don't understand a what is so any time you implied that the election was not legit. He does not fix. But your point you probably. If it's fine it's fine it's up to me honestly it's not that big deal. But you know I think I think generally the mainstream media group and would be over I just wanted to ask you take one because of Russian meddling but he wanted Israelis and Hillary Clinton correct that yes. He went to Wisconsin she didn't correct those things matter to have a montage of all the in this season CNN's loosen their minds. It was looking minister Selig. And it's just as serious to me as the Cuban missile crisis in terms of an attack. Or the 9/11 attack the president will hold on hold old this was this Jill why in banks shoes of these MSNBC contributor. It's just the series nine we reject her whistled for a doctor as of 9/11 they and I would say that his performance today. Will live in infamy as much as the Pearl Harbor attack or crystal ma. Okay Kristol at the beginning of the Holocaust correct Pearl Harbor attack killed 222300. Servicemen also kicked off right back. Kicked off our involvement World War II yes what did he do it in expletives in a nutshell what to twelve to do it stupid that's pretty. Said we're to blame as well as them is Kirkuk word at face value over III. Miller a religion or I could erotic at the Holocaust let's execs believe deaths I don't think that's an app from yesterday. Could be wrong but I won't look too good to fifty million deaths were all made it their sort of intertwined yeah go ahead. Washington she's Joseph one thing Tuesday attorney and businesswoman in Chicago well contributes to MSNBC and they regulars what's returned to her how to prepare to kristallnacht the start of everybody that title as it has a topic that always open at the third go into it and you can't. This is nobody working just like the potent. He's not like Hitler knows you who's worse. Trump that's true yes all the way to let people have some fun with the slowest I've voted ever Trevor Noah was a swearing in on the president's reform. Look don't get me wrong but there are also expecting trump to cut output into his face but you have to admit it's pretty wild for the president of the United States to defend rush shots against the United States is like seeing your team's cheer lead up pumping up the other side like. All obtained and also the team all things but mostly that's name. Man so I our case that I've done there's a spot there's a spot right now given. The success which they arose. There's a spot if faux or whoever put on a late night right when I'm telling his true there's there. There is right now and whose record have you seen the picture of slick sixty hosts. The old guys the world liberals are all booked seem analysts say yes it was definitely tuxedos and so yes yes and all the exact same political right viewpoint yes and other traffic no I think the wrong right right right now I think. But you'll have several more 103 total ignorance but probably has this event people let me and I wrongly. The middle America would love and hate to go much because these comedians at the greatest the greatest comic gift of all time and he did this in the way. Yes reluctance Miller won the war. And hustled a bigger Arenas is people would die for what lies at the right cut and run ruined the whole thing this stuff. Excuse he's great he's a Twitter industry to phone knows a great Tweeter now he's got he's got less funny which is quite your nose but nobody in. And Donald Trump sound was off when you. Record. I feel it's funny like yours that a year from now to Europe before hello yes. The gold from those Babbitt made out on the most cringe inducing. What do colonial the week that weird to be in the same places personally visit an excellent job like so it was a joke doesn't want that's the director of what history. Over talks who's director rents out Joseph he's become ethnic group. Dumber he now says director of Red Sox on baseball. In the game's over. Was it writers is the director Red Sox baseball Jews are we get that sounds. All fun so one Kirk two again one someone you know. So who's won two it's something. What's gonna do. Cupertino back shirt a hello yesterday I could. Want to know definitely. No peace mrs. Kurtz Robert about it. That's about it here you know. You know and you're busy one for. Rhetorical points. Urges vacation guys so Alexandria okay Israel Cortez is running of the House of Representatives and queens in New York I felt my girl she was discussing a few more hype it helped us track. She smokes she's very. What will it start a lot of heads up before idol idol even if it's about why he misses so. It would. It doesn't feel like this picture of your favorite edit the world to have a drop and Curtis clunkers helped but it looks. I notice is the political I was so. Notice I was watching yesterday I was like oh it's like watching miss South Carolina so sick classic and yes it's like she looked out and run this loss this class or congressman. If she's anymore. Palace and I'm. Just an increasing. Crisis of humanitarian. And that's to me is just where I hadn't come back on the issue didn't return any occupation. You know what I mean by. Well. And I don't know what I meant is like me the settlements that are increase seen in some of the areas and and places where I am. Or Palestinians are experiencing. Difficulty accepting them at their housing home. And that I believe that I education like such as the South Africa and says that Iraq about his this is the darling of of the left. Yet the next Obama departed it right from president. That she's I think she's ready to we have the power which is reeling I don't really going about I don't know anything. And stick it. I'm an adult. The show's host I think is one of those. Cross over the it was chase on the books. Who's the host she's blond used on fox yes we'll yes she did a good job you and she did I think she was Margaret Hoover the vote hasn't she one of the ones and just around the very nice to her at the end she's like oh this is good your open it admitted you don't know but it's what you raunchy joke about it certainly good. I never knew you witnessed was up. This has. Fire I know that very. Very trusting your body skill and it's it's very honest and when you look at what's Palestine Washington here elected member of congress to have the opportunity that I talked to UConn all night and visit Israel it adds that the level main. Like about a win win what I guess takers like congress like puzzle pieces but I don't know what it was with some that's why like this argument on the defensive trump. All the stuff over the years not that important him. You know what words yesterday not your guys that president should not be would you like that it. For house talking about Syria who she is that he's doing it -- out here stay no wall built for Campbell and I don't pop. Expert art. It would not an expert on politics. And money for you on us. Howard Stern is where it into the New York. But it for a race you live according to exit the knicks know he's praising Governor Cuomo for giving these tracks tax breaks for late night shows staying in Manhattan he thinks it's essential to the city of New York as outlet. Satcher talked a governor accused. Killer people. In using their remains to put a couple potholes. This is that this is always quote New York is the Big Apple people comfort towards them and they like excitement and one of the exciting things coming to Jimmy fell onto the Tonight Show. Or Kobe or do issue stern says is serious accident. You seriously talking with tax breaks for talk show seized. All of this happened he slots. Exhibit they have. Whatever the case like Cortez Cortes the case you know like it would she route 28. While she sent scud alert to win by thirty points she will teach him to Republicans have a when I do not exceed. It they thought those junkets like they always there for your stuff these things congressman what do we. Smoked bacon alive they can right now little jittery about it there's headlines but I. Robert letter document repressed. Hair loss meters 100 it realize the ideals the WB yeah Jimmy Fund often presented by Jean Parker a church. Fair. Or do we get back. You want to. What's the Brad full story can have a Debra was that captain Kirk gets a little I do that. Person riled up and a responsibility we can do that we get what's expected to witness them we'll talk about good. All right can you see in the morning mornings with Kirk and Callahan on sports and college. Your job should be paying paso getting in there and dance and I tell you that is a catcher beyond also when you say that's true that's gonna make some wanna come on the air today. That's his job well you know then why god that is different markets Smart all dog is not you know and I don't fulfill your job your radio division of all jobs are sure to frank look at bill in the job you do using Apollo it. They go the week you'll ever was rob and I going and John Tomas who. Which he sent. A sort of taken him that my 40 sleepless night it's an hour's lesson here. And you know I can't all the fat cottage can't help but that is someone that can offer some grudging respect on is still a bit right now. On you you're absolutely indication we were rubbed off right there who else does he know the different. What does that conducting house and not it don't work. In the week. When he talked. He just has helped make it different. Different amid the regular life. It's. Quite on vacation on. The they still has the support that's put knows the publication of lots of with human document in him with the owners. What if Bradford told Muncie tested which ones do yes. Just because these tents yes. It would last. Last. It's a fight it's he's a good fighter he has talents it's got nothing to do if he doesn't want to wake up that's it that it's I talked to whatever last week two weeks ago. That is not into any original once a week is enough ought to disagree told me it's Cruz's body for three jesus' daughter. You know maybe his body needs screw. You think you look at that apple. Maybe be good for that once twice. Though defense go to the website it. To execute scalpel to teach it to tiptoe around it at the school is quite wakes up he wakes everybody was out weeks. Bosco. As expected that tactic crime suspects. Sent. So it's what you. It's a double schools. They write 600 words of mark smarter whatever on Q next is better and that's. And then he goes to please dungeons indirect talks for the next it is neighbors makes meatballs or something sausages hot sausages with the neighbors. So as a predictor. Of how long it would last for its do some more movement. Satisfied with mediocrity. In it to expect that to not mine it's OK. It difficult that's brought to you don't they call it. Yes it's true that Robbins by rob mrs. boss yes that. Happens oh. The two got to admit I guess we could could rated because of the very public also you lock eyes and robbers also. So does that. Close now your best friend now he's not that's it is likely blacks make her case no use for somebody that's my side and in this website apple. Now no problem saying no promotion no more Chris price. Oh so I S autos podcast yes it blows run run. Richard audit trail rent them water and for school. And outs. For run off perfect couldn't let little time. To. Pull thousand podcasts in the first. It was good. And in court it's very critical at no where's. Paris yeah it to a certain occurrences most protective of the issue is property zone cares of this show. It does not and number but right. But if someone attacks Israelis are little people use those two things stapled war that's that's for war I expects one. Just nine times I sculpted to write my. I can be expected to be happy because he always plays golf coupled farms could work per job in and yes popular water habitats that your Christian leaders want to. Podcast yesterday after picture of flights you do. We ask that your his best friend or were passive aggressive as what pisses we have. We can't it's a little confusing today yet to charge him or ignored its New York actress. So I found out just thought it you know she's. I'm fine I got yesterday from Ken that Bradford was ticked off of me over the weekend Marty checking out because he was sitting in game. The water came into work Sunday morning Bradley thought a lot of without you use. I am Crisco and it looks mean you hear so Bradford thinks repertoire to fly to DC united earlier. For the all star reveals no the futures game because because David Ortiz was there. Right and because you thought Cuba's muted Sunday morning because the water was not going to be their delayed said for. And men with very angry. You know if terrorists are brought before it goes your keys lock on the clintons. Right here is that you'll see what a beautiful check out. It's joggers exercises off a couple of pictures restaurant. Is saying it's a big topic. It's not a sell this unfair Moore's favorite tunes if they were in managing. The business world. He managed the world to prosecute a uniform and everything endlessly bullied so I don't play or maybe he's pitching changes Houston playing condition you know us enjoy retired yet. I would say that it. So odds as obsessed with the hotel deals. To 74 6250 give you fifty. And Russ tax properties any huge for GM traveled around Cooper's that's probably 400 dollar it now he's a quarter dollars went to fight you know. Tooth and nail over having a third person. Rob Estes reporter dollars to come for the future we can golf team rules and look at David Ortiz felt really good use of company. It's so this is in the second time last month were I've per second hand of rob flipping out on meet the others but then talking to me and saying everything's fine. There's no issue I never said anything on that Kenneth the most honest person I know. So there's no chance of tennis like about this. And I got fraternal Balkans what I was told. That was the for the first part of the big keeping Robby is telling you what else except for Chris how you address. And then what happened expletives hostage if you can actually you may want to call Radford right and rather that you want to loan. No extra wanna watch include rural vacation want to make sure. This is classic breakfast you'll always when it university's medical clockwise route networks took it back. What if it benevolent and decided that the by Anne's daughter I never said anything it was still has resonance. Really particularly popular restaurant and were built this racetrack we can't we had a big podcast it's like that why it's rock. It's obvious going to be Soledad I have it right he's just Wear it then becomes a basis and I guarantee you should just get it all again on that at some sort of perhaps out of notre two or that you could or Schwartz Kirk corporate interest in the news or can say that you know be sure what you're doing reviews coming in the tennis but also had a nice cash collection golf on Thursday rob Bradford can't all the secret life. One golf with cork on Thursday and shall meet its supply I don't know. What's you know of this. Nobody. Here's. A subject re run to rob you rob I know you're good friends and you words and go work on ways. Godfathers. To the idea was revoked that. It's just not compatible now. He's not he can't keep up with new he's different you guys at different ways he's a nice. He's not a Smart is used those means. He loves baseball you hate baseball don't have much carmaker we have we have reports that mr. everyone likes him who hates you. It is it's upsetting provisions of its he just worked there it was burger guy procurement said. Continuing care. Which gave Mitchell too Corky enough that's what one wants Iraq. Notes from it is. The Christian thing. News that meet people mainly like Q despite a lot. To it only go to. The clincher actor went right place sure that your loved this guy hated what he brokers routes. Her. A month cards yet for audio book it was some guys married to her that. As much as he tries rifle can't keep. He can't match his intensity came matches. He's general mean this if you he's but can any closer and closer belliard upper last week robbers and things are different wolf themselves. You're not swear word out. May each while to meet people they say you know him listen our good friends. These sets. Ago. Who says it wants to know them one expert says milk and lots of lots of people's lots of people even ones like. Think but I'm not. I'm not. Wet. Of that berg a cat went went went went one. Off. And that was why that particular activity reps at bat the bat outside again thank you limping picky you. NC where we were friends can agree with what I of the apple classic back. You're. Awesome chore boy that captures much restaurants takes you about last year we had a duty while. Historic and and you put an idea. You were told during class that's great that was not what I'd. You complain a little bit what that's like yours is my favorite zones get past them ask kip. As kind of ridiculous now as a great. That I was what we we face cabinet was greatly multiply very popular. Can't get close off that that's the person about this personally text said he detects with a meal is now adding no. Quietly and there I was gonna try and considerate. Curtis was very happy because he's a food. He's a food that all these exotic foods things. Salmon joke crap they're all veterans that they they the two of them are reduced our whole show opened much that we came to your your future all of these. We talked about exit the station. That don't believe that I was at. It's not early. I say I walked in and I was the front door of the restaurant and hotel and I could hurt. Circle for Covert you guys still wrestling with all that really all loves to dig coal miners first girls actress and I don't about Celtic and chipped it count get Arctic. But I'm laughing have a great time shall we bill which is you can always hear what I would open. You're laughing in the I. The last person I met bill Zachary you've been elect an app once and it fox that I felt. Like minutes to make sure we know it was the guidance of six notion of the year I want to know Michael restrictions or that wasn't totally different outlook it said. When I would talk now. Now the next big thing that I'm retired excellence award element favorites are walking in the actual party CNET crowd there. Audits and that people that Spielberg thinks is slow we told you about it. Which is not a great night Everest over that part of quiet their father personally guys want to fight well I was like that's what it's like to those guys. A little bit of the cabinet would kill us. Yes it's inevitable lull the craziness in the air g.s are out of strict about 617779. Seven actress that we are alive from pine hills couple hours no team off. VW yet Jimmy Fund golf Jean Parker back to back into the story guess they feels yet if we get some updates some lulls we work. And others reporters who work in this story it's gonna get worse or it's OK that's next thing Oscars. I think that's organ haven't. We get back to why why why are you here today. Often what why what what do you do slow moment though what's going you know none of them besides woody what he captured. I've got the stories for you and I prepare the Charlotte due back at the station I just can't run it on the board your remain rolled sound your sort of sound area. Let's do it. We have sent cars don't drive to do something stupid if you're watching the ball on what others post oh it's a golf balls right.