K&C - Danny Amendola ripped Belichick; Trump continues his tweet-storm 4-16-18

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, April 16th

Hour 2: Gerry, Kirk and Mut discussed Amendola's comments about Belichick and Curtis addressed Trump's tweets in Headlines. 


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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kurt Mann and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. That would open. I understand. She. You haven't been known that pays players. You know I I understood that I gave money back to him selected so I could play for him play for my teammates did fulfill my side of the contract. You know at the end of the day I I have had faith that he was getter. He was get you know give me an opportunity to stay. At. You know I've had a free agency or earth you know this case it was beginning in. When I went free agency broke you know it it came. You know realization that he wasn't really come close them any of the other officers had it. That's a real take away from me is that you'll player who's active like you know you guys are there was Belichick before in the past whether it's Welker. To leave or whoever it is you know and he is going all the companies say those players he was far examined all of sank he's he'll he'll steal money from me. Right which is technically not true but it is very windowless thought was that this deal Belichick was and in return the money to him that he's a more when he greeted those deals with the idea yet always just thought he wasn't asking for two months this is a hot here there was a look for sixteen million a year ago what eight guaranteed. Sixty years of my area right he did not seem to break the bank to me and I thought you stand because he seems like he'd be more valuable. To Brady that he would be to Bryant can help or anyone else agree a surprise the with the role he plays is really important New England. Not necessarily other places in only six million guaranteed six million guaranteed that's it but for me it gets really interest in the published. Where he then articulates what what do we all everyone wants aren't yes yes yes he's speaking for. You know Brady all these guys. You know. I had my thoughts about it because you know I was out there you know. Put my blood sweat and tears out on the field that night and one of our best players wasn't on the field. The tape as you I don't know why. I did ask I didn't get any answers. You know I can't make decisions like that so I don't really necessarily worry about it. I don't Malcolm's a great player and he could help to us. For whatever reason he wasn't there so. You know I he's gonna play that he's gonna play more football on his career and it is gonna be a great player for a long time and a. But puts workers gets aid to date they've. Recent massive vote the it would hurt teammates but that's to me sort of articulates the shortened in the backseat of a car yes Reese just on equities. A is and always pin does these things ESPN plus that they're trying to launch plus video with their stories now. Well this is out and won this is a good one because I mean obviously he couches much of what he says and hesitates and you know you get the sense if you listen between the lines he's really pissed that he does understand like ball in play. And that he thinks politic as fact he said. Belichick's enable this no not off the cuff this is not hated company caught becoming a restaurant DMZ this was premeditated and all with Reese and nobody get these questions on an intimate specific way and fear that it adds to this thing advance to zero reacting to being distorted death but this is how players feel and that's pretty articulate my name until he's out there on the field. Putting his blood switch gears on the right again that Butler does not see the field for reasons that remain unknown to him he asked to be curious reached out and asked him who asked but I think he thinks. Belichick was stubborn. And it it was Belichick's. Ego or whatever ability to Belichick let his stubborn is getting in the way of the the team oh what's best for the team. Was says he does know with a personal aspect was that he believes it's a personal thing that's why he bench Butler and for the players still whatever three months later thanking. Why we humans are probably thinking even more slow like quiet and wins in overtime. It doesn't. This makes less sense that makes us cents overtime with a warning after we sat their recent must be a reason but must be smoking gun he'd punch doctors can the meeting or gotten a fighter used rockers are concert. All those things effectively proven not to be the case he benched him because he didn't like you know what I tell you why did it or what he stuck with. In the second half. Same reason. That no James Coleman did everything he did or even Andrew McCain because. They fought. That they were gonna win you know everything Komi does is done you can explain it by saying he thought his girls gonna win. If she won now we all thought was. This ever if she won. Andrew McCabe probably has the apparent now Komi be hero. This case Belichick won. But it would said. Seat Belichick knows restore it to the right thing by Hillary and Hillary was the bad analogy Hillary is ahead the entire time in the polls the Eagles were marching up and down on the field the whole game. He thought in the end ballots and pre he would same as Brady usually does and they would Witten. Or maybe he just reached the point where folic there was no going back again to use them and the two minutes left in the game who said a homeless and want a museum in the third argument Belichick so she never thinks that choice he thinks so what I'll do it anyway. I think. What he's thinking about a lot of credit he's thinking about eloquently ESPN's gonna say that after a dozen items taken about when Amma dolls and senators team you know players Posey RB puts Mandela fails that's pace had to sit for that I. Should have been playing Butler is damage dole more he's asked about recess to be sensible decision hurt the patriots. Players to. Yeah I did honestly. I didn't nobody really got an explanation for it. You know he's a brother of ours is a breath of ours a year and you know I I hate to I hate to see a guy. Who worked so hard throughout the season. Not get a chance to play in the biggest game of the years in and and really get no explanation so. That's set I don't know how you know the business aspect. When it went into that decision I don't know how the personal aspect and into that decisions in the bill. You know as a friend. And I would have loved to see him I don't feel that day. Incredible Odyssey that flop it dude that's incredible fight soldier major player would say that right Belichick out here from left are not about Belichick. Three months ago four months ago you said no chance and the entire team on site updates any doubt the way they can move the Brady feels the exact same way workflow and no doubt. Gromit on the economy conversations text phone conversation goes to guys had. About that a tax bodies cattlemen Mick Austin and song of Solomon now Montana hang in last correct that we get our clients we should we could pretend and say well maybe you know what that that cost them super. And pick of the the confluence. The guy saying it. Was let go essentially just let him walk away for six million bucks. Which probably doesn't sit well Brady either pitcher does though he won't express any of this but we you know we have ways. Of leaping to conclude or is this a way very operate Zuma period radio being here today is that players. I'm up right now premiere tomorrow right that's the big wanted to break or Brady Dennis two weeks ago I'm guessing you probably could. With camels yes the whole first day last year to right he was their predictor to be a Jerry's right to be mrs. date two story that becomes a story today dozens to see excuse now does not have to talk to the media I noticed thirteen activity I don't think there's I don't know obligation own numbers so he's he he can leave us hangings welcome a call us toll whenever yeah. Usually does so. Any news desperately before the best buddies thing happens here. I'm but that was a best parties thing in Dubai he didn't speak to the media right now the group like Mike Mike was raised. Or did you get her hosts in with bands and his wife but I'd see the media and military all the military guys saw that but yet and only he's only spoke it's cold front blows off today there was says no big deals one day we'll put to become a big tomorrow -- a big deal ahead of Brady right now because in Calgary Gunes note in that story over the weekend that they talked contract. Finally puts the cards officially it should surprise anybody. This about money Grogan and as great as I think this summer Brady's not talk to those contracts according to retire or wrestle or act. That's all gone so you're right it's a bigger deal with chronic well because it's been an issue all people of songs is not in new contract of this for two months now he's not gonna play quite a culture shock freedom W. It's not what politicians say an awful what traded at a conference a house. It certainly would be ball got by the rest of at all advance I think it can happen generally had their networks first right. I hope four recalls and apologizes I rob Christie Kerr is going to be treated just him just saying earlier Starr report that. So are you breaking notebooks a source as lord and oh yes yes I'm saying I would not be surprised that. Arbitrage report and you know just the whole terminology used his. What we suspected like I bust my ass my blood sweat shop where you say that we asked I asked for an answer didn't get it that's honest that's as honest as an economic. Al-Qaeda that has the power at present the play he stands and who seem to play god write a whole conversation easy. If we have Malcolm we win you know he's played a for those guys have recently plate every single snap of the puzzle leave if they played Malcolm on there they win the super mobile apps and agree that's not a stretch. Why would we think the players felt that of course that would. They they won't say it but they'll think it. Why didn't really deal of space and adolescents and tell. So I guess it that way. You know so it's not easy. To get Morocco's main hall. You know so it's not easy that's Fisher. You know he's. Sometimes. A lot of things I didn't like. About planes forum but I must say things that I didn't like. We're all. In regard to getting the team better and I expected him. So. You know I didn't like tracks in the snow and it ipads in the rain I was gonna make us a better football team. That was gonna make me a better football player. It wasn't easy and he was he'd be the first to admit that at the night. I took the symbols of an election just to greet Reese asked him if he's so ever gonna get back together with Olivia Cole the important question. Or this month calls or Libya to below. I'm an Abacha had anybody could handle a little and his lovely girlfriend a live sure Coppola that we hello yes Kubel a couple of cook also supposed to help low anywhere close to those two kids had done for me to hold. Surprise us all on a bounce back chick in South Beach I think you probably do couple 23 yeah probably as I can do any better I don't think bush is critical because again perfect as I was say may execute that it never was a reason she's saying I work. There is always jam in Miami I think he'll he'll have to go for a walk. What about one of the cheerleaders for the dolphins yeah political play really nice sized army wonderful this is really that Curtis just you theater that I encountered unstable picture for I take a back what did you say that that's the greatest picture of Jesus. And that's on that one and SI. She's naked and she's on excellent or with a mop. That's right you didn't win mean when you touch is doing but the picture's gonna do it hastily Q well do you think it's a swimsuit edition you think should be wearing a swimsuit scene which are. I disagree on the big. Crocs I think it traded telecheck recognizes this is not Logan Mankins this is not Deion Branch Richard Seymour guys who did trade. He means to much of the team he's gonna pay Rob Gronkowski I broke out when I'm reporting that Bill Belichick is going to pay. Rod because you'll get a new contract and be here for the next couple years with that new deal and one mutt I agree with you mocked the Mike but Penske. He's going to be back he's gonna get a bump. Your special early rather nearly he's in look at this as a 128 and has announced my life it quotes Don and year. Not a bit would you be surprised a crock. From what we've shut Crocker four games after six games would not be surprised at all now forcing legislators courteous and I think I'm I'm predicting chemical place for games right now that would surprise and get hurt because it always works out that way if Belichick it is shaping up we do this all the time to be really really weird you said to one of the breaks the Bruins are rolling. The Red Sox are rolling. The red Seles won yesterday and so the intrigue all the entries for the patriots all the Palestinian athletes quarterback a week from Friday and it's always talk about for two days of the good draft him in the first round. I don't know guest Celtic and a guy may blown up as we felt like hey I sinker he provides just keeps providing for us in feet. Rafts Lamar Jackson. You know what the the Bruins could win every single game until June when the cup so that's when the entry titled Red Sox could. Go 162. Humanity's biggest story will be back up court of public that he imaginable happen if they. Package the pick to moved up to one of those guys who for the biggest story since you know I would say that would be huge putt. Marchex and the almost as big almost because sold by then it picks move up the so we're here with your personality Hillary Hillary's much on mass distortion no it's not at the stumbling writes a couple years on the line but it could play and I'm as wanted none of the guys active season but he wrote guys and that's the thing you know the guy that would change their offense forty. What do you think if we can do the draft right. Where do you think what number would you see baker may if you will be selected. Top five I would agree answer for just for its were just a top ten. People disagree with you got your LJ imports this weekend and Mr. Bush now refer to himself as the butcher you have a big name it he kept saying that the preacher and a teacher and teachers Dodgers and the butchers and usually that's something Jim bridge columns of the dude trying to get it going a perfect but but. It may be what's of people I don't throats emission theories to LJ. I wanna start the air with fuel because I know how you do feel about the draft and I know you do it and of all mark. I'm dead serious about the school the patriots did you party whip yourself what matters most to you about this but I know you've already what yourself into a frenzy. Who do you want well I don't anymore either heading to we have the three of the question when we're there to bigamy thing I want to evidently. Okay. Is all I want as a Texan about Saturday morning a totally getting respect she. Got. It's but I Texas juice on Saturday morning correct. We call it hurts our system and watch them on the chump with a fresh wanna get back to me he is not about that that's yeah. The question baker mayfield is there are 23 are you taking him. It could be a ground offensive tackle away linebacker all the guy like Connor Connor Williams at the big big stud left tackle I think he's if they don't watch a lot so he went just someone until butchers of coaches would ask Jay Bakker may feel and LJ Shockley says nope I. I want the operative until another Aaron Rodgers situation where drops on the 23. Which is asked that serious question here again question baker mayfield is there are 23 are you taking other answer for Belgium a bigger topic I think it is. I think it snapped him up in a heartbeat migrate our money he will not human unless in the next. Two weeks or next ten days he gets on with the with the with the blog Boyer dead girl yes he's these. He's not going to be their politics is going to be fired a quick check your rookie NFL spins on updated their mock draft a few hours ago number one Cleveland all baker gave us hope. I think he's going number one because he's most ready to place. And is an all gonna play as Portuguese. And I know it's a loss sounds simple but the reason I think he's going number one and probably the most has done a number. He's gonna play right away. All for the we're gonna play next year and so. He's the one that's ready to play yet and so he's older he's played huge games he's been great. In college going to be disaster Cleveland and whoever goes and the idea is total disaster and he wants to go there McDonnell wants to go there Josh Rosen does not but is how I would just frozen slips of Cleveland has taken a one. To you start to wonder why and they skipped that you start to wonder what all the sudden some 23 but split open and slipped past split five or trying to teams try to trade for seven radio he's fallen 23 teams say oh he's still on the board and they put back together. And they trade for the eight it was he might never get past Arizona fifty. Which calls console homer exactly why he's got a butch restored the question of money that is the period and three or. Yes Toby and he he's been in Boston yes Belichick's a storm Logan thought it's taking. Just for the fun that would publish a secret hopes over and we are now operating improbable shot to two. It's true you know that will be interest in its twelfth Iran is not going to be there thousand all bonus how many games can miss. It's look at the bonus to agree one forget so he can miss today can even miss one more day but if you miss is today and tomorrow. Just no excuse just doesn't show up when he lives. Right on the court birdies in a do not make it a point monkeys in Foxboro you think rocks it is we. Felt I. Everything everything we see in the leading up to this that he's not going to be another really talked contract 250000 dollars will be did this why do we know whether we think he's not going to be there tomorrow. Because he's make a play break I mean today. He lied to we think he's not going to be that type tracks statement is that negotiating to root said Eric already reported. That means crime skies leaked. Right but Lester threw Rosen a sleep all citizens there are making a statement that he's not making statements as a progress made the contract with crime while you shop tomorrow. He's good questions this debate is usually make a statement by not going day one especially when you look at shows up and like OK go excellent dance familiar here right. Emotional to watch the media rose counsel which some more and maybe doesn't show up next week at Dez Bryant will be your. After signs they've reached at you and trademark house. As a source that is an adult payoff to battle a busy day don't they sold the but the pay is big money all right headlines coming up in headlines helping distribute ago. I would argue myself one of them. Two or three best supporting performances history of motion picture totally ignored by your friends at the academy wanted to add on Michael came here sisters plus I'm. Plus we had all were gore war soon man. Don't think it's big deal affiliates. Look at that sense. We had one of the dumbest single dumbest athletes storms from our commander to anti yesterday morning which it is and this is Sunday yet yesterday morning he was on fire and it was just one illiterate. Idiotic statement after another we always are silent dumb people are that the duties he's rattled he wants us to use the term mission accomplished he used more news or use associates unplanned use and all the time the public good with that headlines which an excellent. It's time once again for. Headlines. With a storied tradition of honoring the best moments from our commander in chief. Shame. Shame on you. So we can you truly need I don't know more than fifteen sell themselves. But these days it's getting tough where it went before. They judge who is a very. Against police to judge I have given that that Kentucky fried chicken not the worst thing in the world I'm not I'm proud to be understood. We had some bad numbers here. I'm going to be made her name. There's somebody would talk to Sean Hannity who is involved or my dad Brad and became tweeting. Extraordinary in his sight cynical nuclear weapons and other things like glasses. Things are done with you including some bad things here are two days presidentially inspired headlines. Headlines. Brought to by doctor Robin letter document depressed you 1800. Gay hair the hair doctors of Wes Welker again 1800 games there headlines brought you by. Posted by Chris Curtis who the program director some of the day said. I actually think Ken where Rivera host for headlines she's not a fan of Chris I think it I think mug. Kirk Miller has the best obviously graduate on acres courtesy of the different viewpoint with the steals again as those days or 00 really that's those big mama don't. Not to say you know I mean you're you're better. I appreciate that and but I appreciate that letting you know maybe market do while he's here and I don't know what to do something right so I can do it. But if big joy very down on your work posting headlines. That hurts that hurts what I mean what do you think it would you rather it would you Curtis is the public release of its immediate eyes I don't to secure that. After I agree with a 100% diapers for shortstop. But wasn't too which is do what you gonna. Art I thought the president on another very interesting weekend it started yesterday mourners are Friday night with the raid on Syria and yesterday reacted to critics saying the Syrian raid was so perfect we carried out with such precision that the only way that they news media could demean was by my use of the term mission accomplished. I knew they would seize on this but felt that is such a great military term it should be brought back to use office. Use off to between eight and if we she's at work for us every show mission accomplished who's off who's often. Here with the truck under the president Friday night. Americans. A short time ago I ordered the United States armed forces. To launch precision strikes on targets associated. With the chemical weapons capabilities. Of Syrian dictator Bashar publicize. It combined operation. With the armed forces. Of France and the United Kingdom. He's now underway. We thank them both. God bless the united church. Address that they're yes. Anticipates. That a scary that this guy who campaigned on them bring the troops home who tweeted for years. Why are we in Syria what are we doing there what business is that of ours that was is the reason he is propelled. Into the to topple this impression we do this fellow Republicans he was gonna bring troops home. And worry about America we do first all the time these guys see that you know who has ever been like him though in terms of venue is gonna do these guys always do they get office if you powerful strong in the fall for the trap but some are all the lights around the generals does he do this again ball because it's an easy win for him that he was be seen as a sympathetic figure that he's helping out I think he's sitting would you know channels and you know in global lists and their columnists and you can make that case for a guy use chemical weapons. Holes problem. And he can look presidential yes he does just because none of excellent play so OK okay beautiful babies. And he's gonna be good reviews even like New York Times Washington Post hailed they love war they want us to intervene. So we'll get good reviews from unlikely places but he's base hates us in Coulter wing of the hates us. They showed me because that's it I hate this it's directly opposite of what we told you gonna do it and he wouldn't be in office. If he said he was gonna go you know like listen Lindsey Graham status like it was all over the world it what's the difference this post and then home. Disappointing I would say very disappointed me energy well. Trump continued yesterday morning ripping James Komi who sat down with George Stephanopoulos saying slippery James call me a man who always ends up badly. And get out of whack. Parentheses is not Smart conferences will go down as the worst FBI director in history by far. Throw those all he can name is all some comments no doubt he's got a brand it's already like nobody's business premises James called me last night with the George. Is Donald Trump unfit to be president. Yes. It strikes me as a person above average intelligence. Who's tracking conversations who knows what's going on I don't think he's medically unfit to be president I think is morally unfit to be president. More awareness than lying leaker Nelson book that's weasel. Questioning someone else's morals. Our economy's gonna win this battle. Well America the sense of the media wants to be a big deal to help the people America cares much about it they're gonna discuss our roots are much fresher and a palpable cord that only bogeys and a the same as it when we same as Michael Wolff and away and just trying to get books the of this publishing truth that probably some stuff that it. It's comb his agenda or cycle we talk about. How is I was four daughters on March that that day you know they'll love Hillary and all that stuff so he's. It's Christian. Right at sleaze being honest I guess but is number everything doesn't says should be taken with that one grain of salt they eat. Wanted Hillary to win any thought that was in the picture and it would all be different what acted like somebody write his actions were though we're from so many thought Hillary Clinton's gonna. And trump later tweeted I never asked call me for personal loyalty he capitalized personal and loyalty I don't know whether they're extra importance that emphasizes that accepts and loves the capital holdings is now just hours Federer or weren't that's true. And the bad news yesterday we hear me now died. The hero of the star of full metal jacket died at 740. What. Puts him a couple of things are amazing book. Are we Ernie was the same age as me now we need former jacket fidgeting he said yeah let's go to reside 86. 87 so you have the same old if if I help TV guys are shareholders with 83 guests on my satellite right I would say you -- we could write them we could take calls on. Imus a top two or three. Supporting performances in the history of and I was I knew he'd win but I thought it was nominated and I figured someone. One word say OK you know I'll hit. He lost to Michael Caine and Hannah and Her Sisters. Everyone knows Michael Cain has been no one's ever seen. Hannah and Her Sisters. On those in the about a boy you know there's I was. This close or Roman Polanski William. Yet that's enough. I know. Okay we're safe we're good you're good its last forty seconds the audience that is why. And people are treating it later about the happened he cut off I don't know what are yours and that's part of the epic you guys that this one feels like a pretty spectacular and in new. I I don't know whether it was surprising or not surprising that he was once a drills on main. It's like he was a great actor Joey goes on yourself and you know the story he was hired to be consult. There for the role and kubert said this we have used him he's too good they probably just to play he's due. So in those two he was in Apocalypse Now but I only remember him yes I don't know that either. He has some other stuff after the Odyssey only remembered for this and his I mean that is Percy. Syria walks in he goes after Joker goes at this noble goes after that does not feel pile he goes right from the start. You know you saw great what are my foot now and you don't know when I news given away from her mother hasn't seen yet. You guys it's like a home team wanted to see if let's say he got to listen a show and you've never watched the movie ever seen the movie I have yes. It is it is fine to serious document. It is five happily when he dies he can just turn movie and you'd be good through its one of them it's like stripes that start when they go warts so. A great half a move right crew out from. Cuomo jacket is a great great great half a movie yes there's Vietnam it's okay it's alright. Okay. No need to watch movies like that those two do matters worse from the go to war this is few movies where you could just draw lines say. It was great to hear that's one for shortly for short. Stresses to. But it it. Four project space two movies it's when he's in at least this that's it right. Now first team where he alarming is a whole bunch of scenes like you know happy birthday to Jesus I like that that's a good one under par republic model at that he's his own Matthew mode yet match boobies is you visibly in the virgin Mary. A punch is a movie screens Adam who's. This is probably took silly in his ignorant. But he's got this job cuts as enough rights of pension based on all the leader of the commander of the group were leader we have any sound from. Other thing. Do you all. If so it so great. Unbelievable performance incredible performance I was private joke by the way explains that he's not. Racist racist displays on the second play that line but Exxon's and I'd say it's safe to say that's finally dirty Harry Ellsbury explains that. Harry hates everybody else yes as our leader who is now gone 74 shock at news. What a great movies of all have to move my great performances and the Oscars. I just you guys mentioned this earlier in the show the other gentleman in Brooklyn who burned himself because about global warming. He wrote that. Might death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves in was done an honorable purpose so others can focus on the toads are so high gasoline and lights and so we'll fires a lawyer yeah. Sixty years old to protest global warming. Probably changed a lot I'm sure it's gonna play till it's over today outside the commitment in my humble yeah and she was crazy yeah. A guard or only did Michael Cain beat him. You beat Tom Beringer and wonderful. We'll default from platoon might vote that you would have been for for me. And second larger than the fellow yes I don't know a new unit I've nominated it's not someone we know forget I'll check. Between but lumberjack Olympic to give up the same year that number is this is credible. I'm belief was he a phenomenal basketball. So Michael he hates you Michael K I guess he said. Michael came one year true and an army was in saving of Silberman Ulysses is a very underrated comedy funny as hell in my opinion. And he place similar crazy Carrick but it's all collapse right. And I'm Bob Stevens. You are the nominees for best supporting actor go to your wrong Jerry court ordered peavy was not nominated against Michael Cain was on nominates. No it was on you all know that's a sad thing is not know. He won he was nominated for golden glow all that's a mystery I get no problem the other guy though Dennis Hopper was on the if that's possible moves that's great numbers in his cell and home Elliott for a U room with a view ordeal what is going. Dennis hopper's shooter hoosiers a great form which is really great year that would add some Michael K I'm Dennis Hopper Tom Barrett who will do our earlier and earlier. That's in sync is wrong about illegal if you could easily nominee that year is Vince it's not real. True I mean. To the great performances ever be becomes a mag I'm in your right ashes sent to the Jim began to and he's he became a killer right that's who wanted to drill sergeant. Succeeded. He you've created this Turkey is blob as you said. 300 pounds that you bubble and correct and tournament away killer killer yes and he turns the gun on itself and on the pro sports I hit that. That'll do it for a while I headlines occupied doctor Robert Leonard doctor Matthew pressing how we doing here with the race and we've we have equipment we have where we so I'm I've got my wife but she's gonna drop off some stuff for a show that's. Earlier Axl is a case for why I've come all the way here kudos you. But the show does well you know it's usually the point is look at the commitment he's ready to go he's going I. Who got on you. Yeah I don't remember Jesus agents got on him again he would be hammered out probably not know why he's been he's had more trained and I have. You read twice this week I am very soaring applause and stick. Access flash and skiing this true in the steroid 400 pound and most didn't really drink last. Yet our daily injury all he's fit and your future your better she said none of my dealership. When asked if you drank since he's had not realized what would dinner with her she not guaranteeing a win here. I'm not geared to win no hate being afraid you get editing a waitress yes I've got does that see somebody at least he got to talk cultists you occurs feature again it's something. To beat me it just east side that's headlines were right. There's a ton of politicization around all of this and and anytime you bring up his name. No pun intended it's this he's a political football and he's one of these symbols. They get sort of bounced around left or right to the senator never but he served as there are used forum but I actually just wanted to think about him for a moment. As a back up quarter to take everything else out of your call Catholic as a backup quarterback here in Seattle. Good question man she's finally someone in focus on they see what finally aids. I could get up and enough. Hire him I think what happens talk is he feels like he has to whom you. Praise you would have returned pitcher and that's the best way to patient access reminding people what sock was likes hole was like. And then this is for you to take another bump for running in my account thank you deserve my greatest accomplishment when a great health crisis is no it's the greatest well. Close but it's my idea it's it's it's I agree that. It I I can't disagree here that force in the with the s.'s business lists than just responded fear in his apologists he's also want thoughtful planning surgeons off forget the voice is bad it is just the instinct instincts instincts took a Kaplan a protest as a football tickets that were rumor bringing Capra can you said rice had to forget grew into something this size that's focused on backwards pusher percentage what did you but the offense is only up to our Barbara turner segment twelve and a third and three majority. Was up in the second last year some senate could be a lot of you are talking with a chance actionable for special teams it's fascinating to me what does that chess match like. And the greatest example a vessel was was when holy and Belichick we're going at a these substances that can impact quarterbacks if we're quarterback situation media tried to root. These past. Appearance Belichick's ever made by far on the station though it is roughly fifteen years right. And try to rule if you. But the nose pitcher it's okay don't. That says it's all you forget stalks still McKee exists. Though he Seattle Michael Eric yeah skip. These Killen yes ultimately put up big numbers sort of mass rebirth through the show with a guy Brock who Huard. Who whom bullets from the swearing him in training camp with the patriots or would the CO Seahawks. Told for a day and other players to not swear around it who's offended when they swore. As Chris imports Assange saying that to go way ago. Everyone's gonna swear become the icu right that's not always so you get those 200 to finish second is often used to think. That's a good idea imagine hanging around this guy's been a producer in their life with an awful announcing a book and now they dated him as a dark horse to go to one and football Brock Huard who salt going to be good about it though what they always listed them as best -- local talk shows we were number one no country last year. There Brock in salt salt rock whatever than. They have them like in the top you know fifteen coach thank you sorry about the loss yesterday. Course it was was made by guys you know repaid consult station but those were always originated not actually here at bats. Now Jesus who opposed the appointment. I'd like is it fun assault I will say though just for edification state the platoon formerly Jack were different years. But 286 from a Japanese almost eighty seven's guess who was 86 repeats of those were the same that would administer the 87. Also there's that immediate Oscars there's a movie and 87 blustery. Truthful. Delete it you. You don't win deliberately. He got hosed big egos huge economic mixture shock on Iran untouchables I in the pudding your one for almost record and six wintertime when it gets two eternal promise that he was yet grip and I wanted caller for the breaker. Shula if you want to assorted. Alberts in Rhode Island what's up Albert. The morning. Good morning how are you. Don't care how you think you'll hard Buick up in Hollywood can't believe I don't they update Yorker yeah Barrett on Monday and you would directly affected by the tragedy. We were able to take it in today. This is what is this is this is mentioning while number I was I would and I do. Gary and asking you I know you would negatively affected I know we don't want the wrong horse that needed I know you'll like was completely extra apple altered. Five years ago I'm asking you as the considerate human being how we're looking into in the morning I'm. What what Wear out or what we're we're going with this eloquent job and I'm I'm I'm fine I was not there at the finish line I didn't pretend. To be there a year. OK well every year I feel like every year it Barre on Monday approaches and I happened to my social media. I seen it yet who crashed on a new slope into my at some point and try to moderate. In the boards for the when there's to a track it. Entry into something that was larger and thicker and then in the opposite another new aspect is one Boston open. I saw this bias that we what you can't work Kirk what it was about the fact that. Mock won't work if they keep what they won't. I was a battle that was a desire I agree it was a disgrace I better and Babbitt. Why did they agree do you think that some people were not actually affect about it. I think a very small population of people affected I think that much are people. OK now I know direct and no direct emotional patients in their life altered whatsoever. At all. Typical two true modern day that we would fashion or a are after all this city. People also struggling. With the looks. Like common common old. Nashville also alternate remember of course controlled remembered marathon. I guess I don't like I guess my talk about what's on the west at about even when I mean I agree that some people. Like to put themselves in the middle of things they weren't and I agree with you on that I think some people. Stand over dramatize its of people goods feel bad for them I agree. Your play didn't tell their play it right I agree to play people who don't know my point for you is somebody posts on FaceBook or Twitter just look at that it's gone by which we think here like. I've said this at the break Kirk and I were talk about this is this tired old. Rant or wrong big investor Bronx Zoo say they messed with the wrong see John Oliver TD ten of Steven Kobe did it. A number comedians or in the late night guys have set you messed with the wrong CD. I honestly thought that means a mean. I think I think Boston's resilient I think a lot of tough people here but what if they did in New York or did in New York Orman what did Philadelphia or if they did it in Chicago and Houston like people Houston would say oh well I guess we're on here like. I've always fun to be insulting send me to I don't even understand at first of all it's just a way to. Kind of glom on to ingratiate yourself with Boston Legal and let people by and large are good at something horrible happened they rally around I would even argue. In a weird way. Actually it was easier to happen in Boston because the state actors are likely a lot of these dumps ardea students whether we're here to thrive and prosper today by the we hear price that this was these rats were here because we did -- cheese you know. That no food stated the full pulls up. Housing alone section eight housing correct food stamps I mean we just gave them everything. And this is another pay us the lake Alberta I guess I I guess Sanders senior point to some extent but I did bill level why even care. Although I I can't because that way operate in unfortunately. In this region and I wanted. Would be all the comic vision in the not. Not to do I don't know if you if you read cannot get already have a columns I hope that my. Talking about icing of me what you Pickett actually any other city court how those that in the country you'd think yeah we're looking at anywhere routes all. And born yet and yet all recruit well or. I saw I saw people I saw people I saw people in New York seventy years ago now we're never. Act like Mike Piazza was she had attendance at the loss of life was far far far greater. But if you're the -- that Bruins did right after the marathon bombing in you cry at that game like he is you're not you know a lot of the of that project you're allowed in the world and lots of people that thought the marathon would never be run again I don't remember that one member we always said that's it that I could do because saw this cure however we did shows we recently shows right after I said. Polity in the duke pictures deputy military presence from start to finish and doesn't that now have risen only hit the the people thought that would cancel the 'cause it's not you can't protect that you came to camp unlike a closed things Super Bowl right you can't. Security can't say yes if someone wants to blow to America again I'd take ten years record Albert to some extent to some extent when they read stories from people. Interject themselves in the middle of this when they weren't the middle of it vacuum that it would seem that he's not talking Kevin wall work in on the globe today yes she has that acute that I find. Among these were offensive because we can do what he wants but it just seems wrong I know that different people on social media wanting to you know say we work. Be invited to that I think we have our ally and a certain way I think what Colbert host the best example of what he just said he wants me involved and everything right of collier's life. The Richards line for an. Smell of them you know firemen I'll ask that was asked did you know he did the editor of that call every single person Colin claims she spoke to talk one open. It was a desire to finish my goodness I don't since since he was very effective. Finally someone who was right at the finish line right touch smell and taste in. The united I don't know I mean what's your point motion. A he's talking about the fans who are are trying to pay fans but residents of Boston we're trying to point out that the of their lives were changed a gonna back down how is that. Make him upset the people on social media. Do want to I don't get it policies are angry put Boston's city of Boston tougher than the cities Seattle. No to yes that is salt as a cost Seattle today tougher than tougher than them whatever insights into response resilient people and Goldman with season and the echo the race you're the footage of right now there they your resilience that's you know so the Tacoma ten K let's say there's a bombing there and eat people die in the next year people is fewer people go to him a gold Boston. Prom I'd. Those avatars and wanna probably not be disputed were tougher because we didn't it's I think it's always been a false narrative it's other people wanna be true because it makes it seem that the tougher the arc. And the mess and you watched the cobra or rent we could play all of them. Or all over Iraq a wonderful thing yeah. And it's is still this is trying to grace all you mess with the city of these are people who whatever. Who fought the revolution in his room. That went 36 years were Red Sox and the like who we're so I think most people that when that happens you wanna you wanna defender city and fight back and do with the do we get people are doing that's I'm not sure who Albert is is critical. A critical David are hypocritical only if they haven't Collins who you know want to know inject themselves and say. Who is above me and how much do whatever post retirement towing his retreat peoples him grace he wants people say he's great thoughtful people are gay or who doesn't care about what he says doesn't stationed. But instead we're told right supplicant a wonderful thoughtful well what's the what's the what's the real story what's the truth I don't. I don't. And out the truth once and that through you know Martin Richards that was on in the race right he was on that that Longoria Sandra who's in the middle of an all of that on one of he was the number was he there when it happened look at the sense US I don't ice won't really is called today you have to sit right he writes it in perspective that point emphasis LL boils and strike. And again now whose editors I've no idea it was it was poorly constructed it's now. Yes I would agree. Our three cups 617777937. I'm ready go. I sit eat dirt okay. The guys agreement which ready. Curtis looked ready as I was the rain coming down the board. Rough on the weather rough route to Charlotte with yes. To mine engineer Greg your trials tumor has you ready Curtis can't wait to curb future hat pretty shrewd media. It's Korea. Sure they've free tea and others have them if they're cousy federal. And get back to all the stuff this weekend and more out of streaker guy.