K&C - Dave Portnoy: '(Goodell) is a thin-skinned little prick' 7-20-17

Mut & Callahan
Thursday, July 20th
Barstool Sports' Dave Portnoy joins the show off of his Late Night appearance with Seth Myers.

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What might for an overall they're taking so many other right. I think it's funny videos your video that won by being evil pigs are Smart I'd yeah. Alternative public respect got that stick into observation. I'll talk about 10000012. When nothing escapes to have models single click of flies on him. It's free ticket Thursday beat and I've caller right now 6179310937. Win two tickets for the July 28 game against Kansas City. Plus qualified with a fifty dollar gift cards the Red Sox team store general contest rules apply for ticket Thursday. Presented by counter attack also but you buy AFC urgent care so be denied caller again at 617. 9310937. Right now and win we'll get to the calls in the second hang on to join us again in the TTO line. Is our friend and beat them inherent wildly monsoons do you Portnoy fresh off his appearance last night on Seth Meyers how ago. I mean it's so lateral well all right I mean. Look what yeah. At the first instantly think Queen Latifah whose on the broad ask him about. Which you can always beauty queen with people and real art or more people who because you look. We were people probably don't care appear Michel whose other league decrepit quite away a module late march or early this work. And was there any blowback from the T shirt because that's NBC that's Sunday Night Football as an NFL I don't know net. They'll no doubt but debate about it it's what he read future oil that because obviously news but don't W I expect the they don't pro football talk to build out of the well look pretty they're pretty critical could also knows that's. I will run this idea came from a caller a Tweeter. And we debated earlier I think I know we're you gonna come down but the the idea they had was for you to provide 70000. Of those teachers the very distinctive very colorful. For opening day when Goodell was there is they're only gonna do is 170000. Free T shirts. The very third utopian idea. Are who we cracked the number of you know that he felt. That that it. It get fairly expect low if so what the pony up that money will will Claudia. So 400000 that's all you need. Score at the old game of that your teacher being there and it be the biggest story of the country bigger in the game. So openly or our front yard. But oh. We all could you do who could do you could except thousands. What we have what are so people look forward to read both Europe and yeah court. Lower that what we're not bragging about we did have one of our T shirts and sold three T shirts so we're we're kind of re talking. The merger it bought about a year in the thing is what we were trying to pick a collegiate section B of data you need an inside job out. That no it craft whatever you know do what you all only way to do it that's why so many you give it every right. Are that bad though that's horse in early in the game was so I thought and it turns out Kerry was right. So the crash that an issue with if those T shirts were in the state. Yet they battle it out to his. It would dictate it Tucker it. All you writers yet it never leave Obama seat so. Would you consider. Discounting them for that one night maybe you can get in a 3040000. People to pay ten bucks for one. Oh didn't know what it is that we get other I mean we're talking about to want to free it in this scenario. What inter argue that could be. Would excel on our web site Richie. No Selma on the sidewalk outside the stadium. Yeah we get yet we in the back that we were talking about we would give the ball all. That. We buyback cost him about a call but it just be applicable regrets. What do what does that say what is civil Roger Goodell that he still angry that Matt Patricia wore that shirt coming off that plane. I mean because everything we can all he's been in little perk. And in regard bacon what 3040 million dollars a year you belong in the fourth but boy oh or it felt like. I knew I achieve and believe it because the ball well moved march I would secure caucuses or in the featured doctor knew that get put. You know bill contacts so principally. He's supposedly attic oh I believe any government. But he's also been used to stand by the Hitler comparisons always my insulin. It. That being put openly now about pets are mad about that right if you work or don't know honestly maturities are well mark. I hear it yeah I know you're not reflective kind of guy but did last night feel like one of those moments you know where you're pitching yourself and I can't believe I'm sitting there and set my eyes I saw. You prepare for the show I wouldn't I was hoping a play the sound as you've got psyched up for the show but we can't. You basically said FF anybody who crossed you over the last twenty minority including glove award away. I'd beg them close to let beat you doubt as I wanted to do what I and that's it beat out the F or else they are humans that. You'll be good at Lowe's sleep it's not a large also wanted to battered by that they've just been everywhere you looked like you can't do it but no you know go your way. It's been I've met other moments on the central to that probably felt or he could I don't know about these amendments are gonna run flat out all. Oh except ours what we need it or open. Well it it it did it or are. So which which kind of which one of those guys drives you the most the the doubters haters wouldn't be or way. Well because he's such as Iran right. And I have to go back down now let's change it more reason or order a long time ago. Slow slow. The needy. You know put the it is all a Twitter to rational about what we do we'll continue query without Sports Illustrated blow dried up but I. And had a few little things can be achieved orbit about now without a doubt. You or your own local Jesus wants you would tweak U Barack. Is Belichick's I have weird they figure it's that. Well look I'll put this public this idiot from dead space and you hate to roar about us the of Famer same. San percent. Yeah eighties the world right armies and average them like a hundred times by federal law. I saw that our quality of all the reader is such a boot all you do trust everybody that Clinton. Yes ever wasn't but it was it was it be one thing was fun even as terribly written. Well you are on our thing is if oh wait he's getting there is talk to track somebody for no reason because you bought or leave marker for anybody but the legal trouble treat it who want to write for me. Graduate you can rajat and now all of trash it what will like clockwork want. Every six months we'll look at perhaps these people are people talk about what. Get attention by being mean to get an urgent but being funny do something it's but he never. If war were at exit all of their moral. Ethical question of Univision on this. Pedestal and Google and it got so little bit will be quote terrible. We we were asked that earlier maybe you can help us sell what happened today it's been was at the cocker cases that would would ruined. He once great that's been. All or what that meant a great. Well maybe we is that they will legion there the warrior rhetoric there turf wise. But yeah would be O a local campaign. They went bankrupt America and sold the Univision all the all their good writer or writers of people ought almost sort of left. The most memorable way while cute when you talk pledge to keep or not known as. On that list you had Davies Dell are all on that list actors critical of your heights he took a shot union fired back when I bought Nantucket a couple weeks ago. Yeah well it. Dale Arnold does it make less he put it he would have been you know people like it he thought one of the other guys all over you all out of network Errol you know our outlook is there a horrible as well I think they. Phil Arnold ball well. And I belong members of the spot but he piled on pretty heavily during. All pretty big thing tactics work such as part of file form around our outlook residence and clarity route eight. Or you work mark cherry he says your real surprise the are very that if you hate me all your. And of course. It's terrible way to go through life in Bogota and I'm person never operate. So what's next order somewhere in that regard for her pretty correct so what's next what's next for a bar stool we've got any big. You know those little orange or use some he eats up all their sons now it's the Bible. All we probably certainly come out basically throughout our what it also says. We're try and or who will hopefully get a couple deals that envelope you Richard mortar radar radio guys and what it would. Withdrawal then that'll be good. Socially that's that's. Yeah I don't know where they came from our red that are or are as part of an on winning them can we talk to him at all in the general basically should know I don't know where excuse. I was also wonder in this OJ Simpson's gonna get paroled today's going to be out in October it's a different world. Is it any ideas being batted around the Abbas to offices on maybe get OJ you know like you approach and talked to him get them on camera. And that. You mean just what dividend. Yeah just sit down talk to him you know to seems someone is going tomorrow. I mean what legacy. Our first well geez you chart that away from murderers but. Yeah but look at it on camera stroke on Caroline won't. I don't because. He's. I don't know what he's gonna do was into autograph shows wouldn't what is the future hold for no Orenthal James Simpson podcast DMZ podcast. I don't know I haven't even in the slot. You know. It in Owings. And beyond Seth Meyers who to he'll take anybody for. That we we received as you went back green conscious state I was hurt and all the people whose whose girls. I don't policy it's such a weird world the human and remove excess which by the way but Judith Miller will be. And somebody wanted to introduce a funeral or more of a new book called normally do you not. You know operating outlook. Vomit. Alison miners. I didn't like about. I. That we're Rivera. 81. Of them trump towers. About models are a little walk to the show also what I mean out of on it I have like an apple watcher. We'll talk to see what do you embossed thing time sooner I'll. Most of to a fourth of July but I'm not blindsided. Night next time around it will get you back in some going leftists in the eyes to the spartans knocked at that point about. How we'll talk to. For instance I did Portnoy.