K&C - Dead ticket Mut was wrong again; Kirk rips Ken's scoreboard updates 5-21-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, May 21st
Hour 1: Gerry and Kirk opened the show by mocking Mut's pathetic Preakness picks and Kirk took issue with Ken's scoreboard updates. 

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Kern can. Not how about the luck justifying. Our diamond king. I acting nailed. Cool cool cool good magic loan sales coupled. I'm not spinning. One out of that the racing and what support of the body because. Handicapping podcast not a big. I'm not done with Kirk committed I did who do really give a crap about Paul. Holy crap the royal wedding is faithful to as long as you Kelly. When will. This is actually get back out commemorative Mac wow that's that's that's actually are indeed the quiet here at about like angels thinking about it. It's the Kirk can't go ahead should all Gerry Callahan. Wire to wire domination tonight scares me and its Eastern Conference final. I was down two games to wallpaper was Celtics once in awhile. Everybody takes a beating I think the Celtics take that beating tonight. Need your words were. Commercial reality takers don't want to take your start off ballroom dancing to molecular biology on Sports Radio telling you. It is quicker now I show her and Gerry Callahan and dead picket advance fee alongside as well morning everybody and audio anti built on an afternoon. I think it's time either to me you were wrong Turkey with and he's used to you criticized Mark James. Now you have to admit he's a force of nature. He is no big calling it terrible the radio humorous absolutely jobless thing that he actually nailed game three he told you could ever happen everybody's about let's stop the I just collapsed right. Are you so what do you do cavs Celtics. Didn't get it betacast game 3210 really so you do on your show you art talent yes the against the basket he wanted to already had it been more wrong war zone on this race this weekend. Iowa is. Plus an incredible. Deferred to the written there what's the really justified you play obviously today terrible opinion on diamond mine you did to be fair I'd Tweety can after IT's double leveraging. And that is if you don't and terribly and be ready for an elegant Triple Crown what is and what is what is the web where it is horse finish as he finished yet efforts. Where he waited months was finished caning. The winner but it but he had to go five feet right I don't know what's been asked for the winner Kent. When you give us a super affect your three horses for like fifth sixth or seventh at any horses did not like proviso I really didn't like tenth or you don't provide outside the hotel about missile now. Didn't work out after justified on the court I didn't but I ma am a man marches went all in guarantees. Arabs were from his car and Joseph and Garrity did he guaranteed. That the Celtics play the warriors. They would win a game or even come close and and you saw last night is an Olympic the Celtics are going to. Put a scare to the warriors but nobody thought that before is it nobody you know I hear very generous donor did yesterday only to mark James Love confuse you nobody here ever and articles to order for you early and independents people say in the old serial I remember the most six or seven minutes he says. I've singled signify a that we also did see Brad stevens' thoughts on stealing game marching about guaranteed the Celtics can when he came he said he would run naked down market street. Well Mark James asked for autographs and locker room to gunfire in Atlanta is probably. What you guys are putting stocks you know he's got a gust and the world as they get away from viewers wrestling career. I'm not sure is still dabbling I don't I don't wrestling. I don't ask these questions personally welcome us he doesn't have to off. Because he's obviously he's going to be a star in this medium he's going to be re used was a fifty knees doing weekends and John Tomas if she's fifteen. Every tees again or what you all of these days it's over old he says he is like eight years old. Is any doubt we'll know what the rule is if you change your name for radio the always old knew the truth is most people listen right now don't you talked. And I know the Celtics lose tonight for a fact I was in Vegas for if I would take Cleveland minus six and a half if the sports gambling laws and just passed by the Supreme Court. All this poll on mark mom and mark so far superior court to collect this past as well yes they did allow us outlaw public school millionaires physically fiftieth or is it important tool are not yet does not pass laws but go ahead look like he's useless if he comes into unit in front of what this I will not shop and song thank we're legalized. I would say the Cleveland Cavaliers minus six and a half. Tonight is that I know I go there's no way they're gonna lose this game has a background and the no way I. It was a problem must connection CU you got a movie rental why no wavering no equivocation no doubt all in the Supreme Court passed the law he said yesterday that determines that fourteen year old whose text or Obama what she was also an amount that consumes two centuries Essex County fair true. Yeah I may have Martina Chris Brown narrowed it I think if they'd come play. It was I was really affect terrible it was terrible weekend of NBA basketball period but it was terrible weekend for the Celtics for two reasons and if they've gone up 30. Another. A commanding win there would be people who says they could go six games would with called state not until until they watch last night. I think oil villains that that's wonderful likely. There's no Goldstein is going to win the title easily done in and I was a game well I think I'll Mardy James guaranteed that they would win all four against Los Padres and that's you know older than him. I think is a fait accompli. All of and the but the one thing he had going for you through the Celtics and they can you can beat these caps is may be cards are you know maybe he's got an issue. That he goes goes whatever it and you have car or plane answers pickled Goldstone has announced by I understand when there's a difference you're 566. And would be a moral victory notes yet. I guess an amateur you Angola curry if you saw it differently than one semester it was a terrible gave recovery was. His mind. He's fine he's not hurt he's not in a funk he's not the slump again that their dumb answers as I said commander and ruin the game. Playoffs he did you watch team tonight. One assumes state but there's no a lot of suspense. Would you agree I agree if you'd even threatened weren't there that's what's needed to be allowed to rent or there these these rockets have been going funnels. It may be may be remembered with a terrific human 73 I don't care it's not 73 at the same and rolled the title set the same and and and what's up three games that 1 that I am one of the twelve best players in history. It carried out directorate and added him or added yet yes but Thomas says the best player industry and heck if that three belts because. You have a guy gives you an average fifty points a terrible story though I'll it was a good story listen you you're talking about it. The mocking security I don't know if that was an altar Steve Buckley he's become since. Was resolved yet he's always been to Dallas reference right now backed more. Or that was quite excellent column. He says he declares LeBron the best player ever wilt Chamberlain's second and Hank fickle third resentment of leave it right. And them it's kind of what we do all the time about it motor exit of his reason why you've taken over Pepsi Chamberlain. It coup LeBron or Russell. It says quite take over short. He still says late in the game he would take to taser you defer to Jordan take that played you and I edited yet and yet it has been the single stupidest paragraph written into I I think Erica I think when we get it because I think I agree with. There's a singles to Burris there which one. We similar to me although it's a new low. No profit. And this appreciate you said you're gonna have a golf wanna read along with you okay. If you're going to punish LeBron. For going three and 605 got you. Compared to Michael six and oh did you then you'll have to thank you enough to take Joseph Martinez for those who bowl record in the SEC both of the highlighted on whether we're talking about it you criticized China assumes lest we talked about to defeat Tara Sullivan's column but community Gingrich is bullish just waiting country with whatever you're Saturday Sunday whenever level today. He's he is one but it's definitely taking some surgery she ate something on the. On the person on this next to be so what are eagle boosted results front of his car said he yes we saw you want I can say it tightly to try assured despite tight shirts is that it's limitless and it's hard so it's not recklessly and you look at our. The bigger picture you see it upon itself to your picture. Call those try to fit to denial and harsher if you know whether. It's not a tight shirt. And she. Are you for Carter. Accordingly. If you're going to punish LeBron for gold 36 of the finals compared Michael six and no. But you have to take much in his four dose of a record over Tom Brady's five and three if Liz is the only measure. Then Sam Jones with ten is the second best player in NBA history so Michael won six. LeBron won three. And the brain is just like the Brady won 511014. Ellen Ochoa season more ring English. You know he's he's a writer is not really a math guy right. But I could help ma with that fives more than four in aid is more than force well he spent more spend more as one more. He's not been ever take Montana state the patriots always we are at it moves that we argued that freedom Poland's vault to globe and tickled to Google hates look at what we've all the globe is owned by the Red Sox argument why do disagree with it have made some sense China sees makes no sense anywhere. Like obviously nine is greater than six. Suharto. If you count her jump honorable thing comes LeBron last week I think they Duluth writes if so you punch LeBron for going to ninth finals compared with. Jordan six OK so you're obviously going to night finals is a greater accomplishment winning six I agree that our. Releasing up to my team is four over breeze it appears that it's stupid it's always it's duplicate what preaching crazy I would say you don't punish. Obama or Michael mean obviously Michael's six and knows pretty impressive. But LeBron going to lose eight straight. I would say that both have post season achievements that you actually have on but the Brady arguably was when they were easily for a three wood. I mean abroad these 37 finals I'd rather go 60 threes that's a rather go to six with a ball goes and who's right. Which is gonna I would say if they get yes it did what you can't say bronze in post season flop or no that's not good guys partly hold during mourn that's gone that's not a jokers on Britain seasoned guy. And he's gonna if they went nine. These were predicting 2000. Where would say it was here it was that it considers its about the Jimmy's and Joe's not the ex knows. What and that's that's not helping. You've heard that never hurt you we just read the picture months muscles. So excited. We should include. In the back which excludes measurements that's true that you have photo blogs and thank Ken Kenny deal to our avatars to Obama with the arrival it's got to be good for the unit Kaplan as. This is a bit in the jockeys room and the tract four along bill. Another four foot ten and they are strong and muscular and cast doubt yeah you could catch I could have been little too big. I missed Michael. But it is up jockey. What are you taking answers that's for sure is not the edge actors that you got on anything particular pictured on the field and this is not a teacher as a regular ginger I I dress like it's a right to the gym after the show would wanna change shirts now and then what do you do after the the same show them that much of exactly where money cycle can leave after the Sharma get bothered him no no man to talk which you can just leave there's no rush me a lot of he's very appreciated that let him Philip on Monday night he said yeah I really controlled Nancy welcome. So it seemed like a full time in this and do we have is going to be bidding war room we decide he's confront probably full time here. A little this he's nothing more than broads lap we all know who the real coach it is too. Hot ticket to a hot today. Figured it's a presidential these guys this are films of all you at all that it was show us yes it bothers me so let's just assume all your fault as usual. So I mean maybe I should talk to we've played India late night message of the right please answer my questions you on this and every night wasteful time on this we never even put that channel on more we did and hard case McConnell with last time we put ever believe that if we want fifth fifteen minutes of sports this is supposed to be seven you don't like Mark James here. If your hearts and let another one that now Kirk first breaker second preacher says I don't make it to him in the first of an open mind and some of the goes that they can fight. Now. Well as it I think was Johansson as I would edit a fight that John to my season record was that children settings in the politics it was conservative Akron political mind. It goes from the president numbered one bird turn to be here though he says he was gonna fight made big liberal. That's an emergency one where there was abilities and if those. On. April and we came in front of mark james'. Stocking. I think McCain that cyber stuff from the march issues Marcus. That gas it would be at Lowe's is old he's in a new book ends there were some Arctic. If you if you dare change a bulky squares and doesn't let me just as yours that has in this and that there is that he's not in person there. He's never discussed he's never discussed this guy and this team hasn't talked about his personal life at all. Can reach out and do. Is Saddam the girls use the restraining order against the should it near Munich as they can be skewed question or you know. Well system to work it. Which is that ice cream business on ice cream place where if you don't. Friendly's yes. She loves me Martins is near Cuba by with a bouncy house passes the ball floats Powell who. He had a stellar performance. I told he's sort of force by itself have been too much and must who's in the Wales hoping. He was by himself for the first ten minutes yet it's a lawsuit connection is sides and to their wondered. Recent months in Cleveland only up to a teller what elect accurate rate column on Saturday night that 700 people in the sun X 700 regular and its you're right there's regards to Bedard took himself and 20. B rob. It's Benjamin Robinson Brian rock. Right rob they both went to Cleveland again which this and and as I know I haven't seen Chris price in the dark means one thing. Split pills program. You'll join announcers out of the shower he was going to begging for Tween Brands is pleased. Who is no rule against eaten the food off the plates so outside of the room and time. When they're done with the rules over sometimes you get that almost buildups in the fields under rated side that won him. Don't knock of the time. Keep your regular one and to garbage from this grocery store run by. And I'd be rocks in the there half an honor to have. Its Red Bull. It was game time we get beat the press box I can always viewed herald by the way a dying which today's. Paralympic the worst ever I mean honestly it like you have these and looked through it and read the support for the show good luck is one good thing and allowing nothing. Nothing zero. Absolute crap from the start to the back. Terrible percent to three is that three people there good luck and luck enjoyed being a business you dummies. What a great deal or books and it's under shall the Celtics reality check moment when essence and it's time not to show up. Leadoff force got the gossip Cuomo Bo Brady in Gisele selling that. That apartment that's gone I don't see that four days ago which I mean really owned juvenile vote for us yet we read that story before no we didn't use a different. It's a different compound now audit and knows the one on the a lot of that they bought for thirty million they're keeping that we've taken a bath on this what their movement. And that the day he retires. Did he retires that little Brooklyn in the bungalow that Livan now is on the market index up yeah I just think that's the deal that she said. When you retire we are moving in the action I belong to New York City issuance of B nursery with ex wife Karen. I truly you he would be close to lose all the sun Pavia and kids get up and moved to New York City school system yen plus to be right in the same neighborhood get up and out of a fight I can be. Born kids out of school go to with a strained go to the finest private schools. And yes they'll be rendered get up there in that same neighborhood but for CB Livermore and you have a real idea what that. Will that be gone next week and maybe they'll think that they don't throw that a year I don't think so we've made no progress with marches. None whatsoever it's the incident and effort you call him more you cart so Bob those you know so I hit a roadblock with mark because he said he had earned his WB stripes and note that means says he bought so that means he's just basic crap in the afternoon show goes on there I guess so Irish program director said a Kenyan can help so and he says he's working. Through them in the afternoon is on the book is about to decide on the precipice of the big decision. And we think they're gonna. Are either in the harder Dickerson. Correct ability and I absolutely hear talk to paste one rumors. Or stick side yesterday. Friday right now was yes we Sunday with columns we heard this weekend no it was a scheduled. I know he was on there was a problem play every. Ten minutes I was terrible yes awful problem awful. All them what got you beat U soccer's that we can program your charges sulfur in that hey hey hey hey come on Mark James marching in the night he and his own too weak and partridge in the eighties and who I was. Is part of your job. The weekend program. Part of that part of my job. Guess it's cause of mustard Johnson this shall provide rack on every day very well ratings do what they differ. We are pretty easily gets your show. I think people enjoy it Craig and Larry it was almost a week a weekend program director Chris Curtis who's marked mustard Johnson for years with me. Now is defending him executed better show. There's not many good options so you think that it I'd throw it in who you know you'll Gilani Kilroy a good show. Know what's in the show. So did you take it over but no so far. And throw tomatoes are. He's been with us before these move you come up for the weakens the human church is checks local car makers. Are. Ha. And is not sure where it is illegal to make good decisions with the guys you guys are management that's the real that's the real thing it's new deals with the unique. I have heard less than zero yeah. I. We want to find out these guys are you guys hang around her all day you talk to people. Kirk puts his head down these at 950 and try to do and analysts and on the one gossips with me is they'll tell you in the new gone there and say yep they gossip with me then I'll go on your tail and Susie it Suze the mob that should I think they were closed yours here here in yes and in their clothes and I thought there was some going to be in the heart. Now here in. The caucuses come out on the outside like. And who can opening outside Basel I Nevada site as a point whatever the blame doesn't all last week right I've heard any was there guides him and told. Intelligent Texans on the I could I forget. He's the Pakistani people night. Could have an award when you meet guys in midday host like he had them on everything that comes to school with them because he's allowed they need some of these goodies he gets an a hole he gets he's not you you you say everybody gets sucked into that. What's that happens exit from Mark James what do you call the chamber of sushi and it's. Call it fails to who the poster who she is only fair that bridge be totally fair excellent. What is that can occur when the pussy as someone who has been there madrassas yes sex that's a pretty astonished that's not it it's the Paul obviously you don't wanna get you know crazy you know wanna get to GD we don't you think Dale's definitely Dale's gonna shut. You know fun police is their future. All you the person Dickerson is not able. He can be nice and snow yeah I don't think to radio southern southern Mark James would be the sickest and a hated Mark James also isn't really a -- but that's OK he's it be it's entertaining could be you don't know shared dale government I would never ever ever a time side that hasn't happened on Friday which is why would do it but you write ever sign that does not have to sign. I beliefs on their gonna put somebody in there that. Dale and virtual real yes we've they'll be able to approve it and then that would be another big mistake different. Right that there be another mistake in a long list of mistakes. By the people making decisions around here amid a quote if you heard their close. I talked appropriate or anything at all and I told your. Who do you believe what these guys just said the deal has to sign off. I think it is now would the number one requirement would be the opposite would be someone deal hates and doesn't want him. Like Katie. Now these are too old amateur marching every day would be an argument where some people yes I'm ready everywhere dale. I don't glassware and palm comes down to a second I be honest I can't listen to and from Mort. 78. The only ones like what makes you laugh a couple times you move your. In the Eastern Conference. Competition into the Golden State lawyers is going from ballroom dancing to molecular biology. And threatened. And are here and pick that same exact line with the Yankees last time we saw what if you go to your. I'm not saying much under no cast aside David Villa and then you. It shows you probably use one or two. An al-Qaeda reference new coat today that it got a New Coke I hate that he's so what are you copies it's terrible it's always in the would be the New Coke thing kind of trial ever understood and I might be answered once when when it was a story you know 25 illegal though Nicole was what he party five at least yeah I would say I was reading was ninety's slid a New Coke essentially tired analogy could stop them. Is it you know alcohol that fueled by those who buy this road but people still use it all the time. You can always a week in five times on Sunday. Your readers weren't exactly when it was duke blue coat was introduced in April of 85. Smell them bunker 33 years ago 33 years ago that's when New Coke was introduced in olive the last. I think too much I think most injuries were alive when New Coke to be honest I disagrees good writers could columnist for bad writers have you read him helping misfired. That's different story don't read them opens the investment guys like Bernie Madoff he's broke. Consumers should always on his head to fail so you got chances Q. The coaches have been Chauncey you know not curtsy not interest not not so good enough interest. That's too bad is that things are becoming cancer. AG's it's. But we thought we had some Kevin Cullen news over the weekend what degree either way I think we still do we get them later I think this week I got we got some I think I know how this does balls and Earl. And again I think Annika announced. You do this and having thought memorial late Friday because of the week taught me these little doll but I know how it works having been suspended and no other stuff for. Here. So some the semi tweets this weekend but picture his tweet tweeting right. He would ever that something you can go over a story about Rosie or something that everybody Juqua jerked over. And if he's doing that he's allowed to tweet in between local stuff. That means a woman you're allowed to tweet like that that means suspension lifted the summit that's been the unless you've been fired and he could we review long queues fired by the globe with his first creepy to. You know remote globe story that's April probably not so my guess is he's back will be BO don't announce it next couple days never missed a paycheck no punishment. There's nothing but that's of his career is over these appease appease people that's no surprise them in the globe you know tolerates. Stuff like this is I'm so they tolerated from Mike Barnicle put twenty years and he got re surprised in any got in the got tolerant of the -- of articles tolerate he was never called like this and so have a column wins awards have a challenge it is to those people that's true tennis is Colin going rogue is still waiting for the globe to give their review of his work on the road is to re tweeting directly or globe yes seats as someone he likes don't some writers regulates the glow like Adam and little health insurers big cat nimble who's going to be in at least every review it and yeah yes there's no way Google cannot punish him for this responses are great Kevin is that you're in the middle evidently on the team that's has spent his whole thing or call could easily played for the Celtics yeah I'm using it and then the easel right in me was it analysis and street on his coach had asked his coaches tubs can your co host comes and asks Bonnie in the backcourt was undersized there was same backcourt you don't ask Bastia very tough yeah I mean those two were scrappy I've covered war I've covered terrorism. Can you imagine. Wanting him back. If you're the globe wanting that phony was a famous story Bob Knight came through recruitment he got night's face is not good coaching at this site I remember that night later in late night was that the time years later said he admired more and he can you record that's it that's good point. You. You wanna go to Texas southern but you know. He wants he knew they were gonna make history he was so good he would ruin that yes although although obviously use. Huge factor and them being part game. Outside the no question I would have been without him that would that would quite right commitment with a team was gonna stay in the hotel only said the black guys down hole on the street. Can't put its foot thousand I don't I don't stay at least we go to get them. Enroll we Rhode we will again and thought it was a huge central figure integration America just like I forgot all massive absolutely you know massive when they were throwing rocks the buses moves on the bus correct he was on the bus people don't know that yet on when he dated that girl that was the biggest story itself from the analyst weeks. It was huge particularly yeah. Right he loved and to let you know happened she does have ever heard one or lose in his office in his arms and I tried revival oncologists in debt. Yes they do that edited yes yes. Com there's talk she just. Federal contract which I remember Tommy John who told him stay away but people around me and of steroids you'll have zero good person Colin. And so I mean it decided this is what's gonna happen no it was the best thing for us a bump please thank you globe are friends of the ball there was never any but he was never getting fired they know he should they know any you know. If they have any standards at all with the Wall Street Journal but you did this to get fired of course her that. You have to herald a perfect votes we want right what sort of fresh Colin column this week yes I'm actually gonna read them. And random is reduced rates or is it is you've been working on actually comes up a publishing report this Thursday. But this little white kids who black and both of cancer oh right now remain yes it is appropriate for us and then the which it does reflect this and other like a white tees and the white family as a missed this on the kind of adopt the black community right and they you know I'm a new bike yes read write a bite correct you know. Materials like I'm giving separate call until a full story of where he was at 9/11 which is you know. Do you alluded to it appears there but it's he doesn't want to think of him now really does bring a tough tough memories you know I hated this week in the railway hated located in no way would be part of that election we're going to although I mean obviously gave Diana for a while in the eighties like behind the scenes they read before yeah yeah foresee this they were really close and he knew mega market mom yell you know she's she's the girl oh she was she -- one bus on the yes yes I have six point 62779. Seven knighted for seven lots more to get to hear today mud is you're dead particularly as he steroid and shut up. Did you forget them decked a durable and my. I doctor wants prescribes an easy our debate he's Robinson connote as well look the look of much use. Year's salary for almost the same thing almost was listening to carry the one 617779793. Several break. My friend firefighter shrugged drop. I looked down on the 2000 RPG that have been fired Addison has hit a chopper in front of hours. Carrier. Their work to shoot rockets passing just underneath the helicopter was. It. Actually it. When you look at your hotel room. Window in the French Quarter watching a man float float by faced him I'm very old school. I consider. The street my office I used to be a firefighter volunteer firefighters teachers was wearing boots that I've long since 1976. I haven't pulled up as waiters and I know a lot of clubs this an accountant. And it's seven tower ladder. Seventeen would die accidentally ingested some of the flood waters tie. That's the difference Barnicle in a column. We have so much Colin sound where he's obviously making it up obviously. That's theme song of just joining us ST yeah. The son to college I guess chose to spoke Colin that for the whole season one right now although as Sprint's phone call yet right. And he's going to survive we believe the globe to internal investigation. So they they had the a guy from BUN charger which has been. Think it's Fiedler Alter either so I do it it's over is our feelings you Google search of Fiedler and column by the way of course pictures of them on panels pop up and they know each other is a great relation to the globe does that feed their group. Is it what coach sees him praising prime glory got hired as the editor of the globe great Ireland so he's in bed but the globe. Right right out of course what you thought this was on the lab of course not which is amber gonna rooting for this happened right so he said there's some update now on the phone thing. Yeah our friend mr. Rooney on our show front and rants and reads it updates via listeners about. The status of investment analyst community don't. No wind and the actual report will drop that today at least the end of the third week that it takes a little bit of time to get going for various reasons. So it I don't think it's really been in full swing for the last until last two weeks. We don't know it could be as early as next week that we have no certainty about that so. That's all we Anchorage Alaska and it's quite confident you know they're. You graduation is this weekend vacation staying on if or when people investigating so I would guess before Memorial Day that deal. The Friday before memorial they set them up and all this was blasting me graduation month. Very important Ryan yeah there is set up a chair just you know you graduate programs and charges. I love this investigation has to do is take. The story twenty columns from Portland and read them and tell us do you believe them and you know it's will be of course say read my story and you're done right it's complicated. Analysts that an act. Right I disagree with the guys he's he's going to get some sort of suspension I was I went there waiting for diligently somber tone from the with a route they're definitely there is she she seems a little upset yesterday as much English as a cult and as a penalty coming. The call guy Eric Qaeda guy called Angel but your voice against you sense that she sounds. All the encouragement. From its quite confident you know certain. You graduation is this weekend during his posting on his first serves as the innings he used it would have happened before Memorial Day. Michael she'd have been sitting in this chair everyday and that makes me sad she's an era. Younger days she had pointed and unhappy you are bad news he was the trick now and next thing you know smack once and while cult on no help would have beaten on that guy. She never heard from a caller says of your punishment as you can. Match you know walking and and it costs. The cops broad picture we got it to color it's color echo the capture. Get down call aside. Since Collins did you do this and said no in on you know I didn't do he looks to game. It's his original run after this. Sort of so as soon as she goes and Wales. All the women he's done is protected so unbelievable right the one thing case think that raises. And a woman off units of the call normal low since he's Kevin Kolb can't just settle down with me c'mon c'mon now. We like a little I do placement has been a win in the suburbs to suburbs. It's. Call the only sub sixties I can say this is awesome ice city can say that I consider the street my office. The center there to get fired for saying this is since like that is a good montella sock puppet because those two things. A great just fabricated it's me Brian Williams. A man floated behind him on and which is. Looking back so so obviously had faults and so obviously made up to color talking big saying he talked to people who never spoke writes eventually eventually like to thank you Boston. It is the investigation is really trying to find a way to some way to we go him back and that's correct entered into good standing. Intolerance in our viewers Brian what exit joke. Mike Barnicle is a joke you know why they'll recover because the people who charge of that of the people who were turned him over the years to try to rationalize and like getting away true. How do we not care in trouble I guess we all make mistakes it seems given given the work that you guys did. Kirk it it just seems to. It's he's too black and I find it. Almost impossible to believe that common was deliberately trying to mislead any and. Other waiting to Memorial Day as it was good news they would have done it for everybody and said look we found nothing Kevin's one of our problem and I can't wait until this week they know they can't they'll be some sort of suspension or some sort of punishment that is coming out for the hiding it this week the suspensions over it's over you'll be writing for writes I don't know shrug of the columns on any. The grace of which is you don't need him to survive do not like cold storage and to be some first name the last thing fire fighter for forty years there's you know that by now on on Memorial Day yes sure more hurdles world recognizes this it's got a cult yeah yes yes and he'll he'll probably go to some military. Cemetery in the window. We'll talk to unnamed would've been out too well what first Maryland political and I'll put the flowers and they're right. Yeah he'll help carry the flowers and they know we're wiser now and where that black dress for receive 44 years. 44 of us he died in the non patent known. It took and Emory fires in college could have easily by the way fourth of those flat fee could have easily been the right now he's gone so that's on the L one lots of this thing or wonders who took his place off the deck I survived by. Or with the wall that was a great call out those thoughts on what people are well it's a stranger to what you do when a situation like this. Yes I mean he is really this is the suspension he needs some time for a tube was there was people yes. Secondhand Sonos actually it was almost like. Second hand PTS I just was sealed with so many people talking about it I just changes exercise with the eating enough tricky track if you much record too much. You might have in the last couple weeks got back Ireland obviously of course publishers obviously. This visit for death warrant on him ghost that's their right not afraid he went upstairs and talked irate captain captain. Yeah it's that's happened in every negotiated the Boston in the intense negotiation you from Boston that's that was into the troubles in Lebanon Adam Cole has the story I should find where. A pork busters go he's written this a fight at some point somebody sent me. He's in Ireland they pour bus goes stops and pulls old because. They think he's a a famous. That irate strike legitimately and oh yes you wrote that but I look at his face away what they got out of the bus cease. And he said knobs the guy from Boston this faces map of Ireland right that's what they thought is that Pakistan to act yeah. What we backpack across Europe this isn't actually that we're now retired from Colin. Fake stories the culture of just real real fake or fake true fate until hell natural object that should be viewed your game. These are called story remaking the odds should that would take much to much creativity troop columnist backpacking through Ireland people saw that some bars and guys that indeed he booklet you know when you ask his grandsons and yet be human that that's doing the lane together as a -- -- through it's yes we have yes I remember harassed on things you wrote right this is endless if things that narrows. It that was a different one this is doses but he won some award for everybody and asked them right of violence was Buick paragraph long distance and obviously it could have the parent. Of how we were practically old saw laden looked oppose and we roots and Almeida. Best I mean obviously this summer's here today great romance that Irish lass he still thinks about all the time right he wanted to bring her back the Dorchester she wanted to keep him on the land. Right. And he thought of it. With the farms as the truth so. He deftly snuck out in the morning definitely out with good thing about the size of the city city needs me please see these sites like for brain he would always told the truth though he wasn't on the Brady did her best understand. Right. He made that. That was him. People who saw writer Nashville. Behind a with cash Kristofferson winner and he was could have easily I said that's outside out there was a rode his front of the road -- his college is newspaper. Ads you know when you think a newspaper because Breslin the commencement and you pick Jimmy cannon did the couple they go to the city's been like the last three weeks without. If we fall apart and two is that the right it's avoid there's a hole man it's as a whole our hearts it's obvious that it nativity colony they get announced much right you'd more than we can at some point. You know you we will be suspended the save suspended without pay and that's it to be back writing. Maybe moreover it was Roddick or PM yeah. Book in this room. They're also critics. The sun hitting tennis experts it's better. This week. If it worse is his brandy was one that I really Nieminen Eileen she's in marrow. Choose to take all Arab public Mel. Yes yes yes yes and he'd sing the song change from from bread to Eileen. Yes yes I was Elvis Wagner who runs amusement in immigrated because it easily senate record but he would do it doing it. You're gonna give up the call to capitulate to know management deal now. So not he knew they were trying to take advantage of right then you don't want 1%. You don't take a magical arts lesson number one. 617779790. Three's and so. Jerry's happy eve of this how. Howard writes Paul Wellstone plane from Jonas. You roller incident at the rooms of the group. Smokes and we were willing that time on the bus managed to knock the program off. But it's the battle stuff in depression MP PS. Second. My second. Snow and experts say second is worse than first Boston yeah oh yeah right sure scores on god. What's he doing I made the podcast of Bob Ryan second thank you for questions. And after I. You're beyond a simple all right Bruce Chandler your oversight Tibetans and Jerry's way that you pretty good I thought Patrick couple contemporaries Daschle is pretty good. Legends of Boston or here it is Colin. Boston Irish honors 2070. Exemplary. Boston Irish journalists gathered column. When Boston Irish reporter. That publisher Ed for approach column about accepting the Boston Irish on his word for street journal's personal column is allergic towards hates. Don't exist. You are using no we're lift the trophy animals compared I don't do. You every couple months probably in the very awful side. Just told I didn't jot down a few words of few words fault and I pages with. What flavor of student Trinity College hitchhiked out to a where's what's that on marrow one thing. Went to a pub somewhere around summit's host somewhere around something you know outcome Amara. It was a middle of the day annually people outside the public the bartender a couple of old times' foreign the bar I sat down the middle now one seems pushy. I got talked into the bartender over pint she of course I rarely came up that's that I prepared you for the area. Or their names or whether from the bartender Ashley told them. He walked down the old timers and spoke tonight mr. Richard he did this baubles is you'll folks in the draft for them. The bartender came back it's at this Fella you go for. Talked over shook their hands I could say hello Irish nation one of them one supposing you're my grandfather asked my name. The port of Irish follows a disciple me shrugged and sorry. But I don't have Irish on back down the might pint eventually got the bartenders attention. What is your man separate told him speak Irish script of his face an odd nothing Noah said that really don't know. Bartender shrugged and said usage of bleeping useless. If it's. He's got you know the history of his family is is maternal grandmother. She came to America and worked. And as a domestic rights for family and Beacon Hill you know well. It's peaking duo blew blew us commoners or the yes and you know she worked her ass off to get her kids a better life cult who. Gotham showers much you want to know we can scrub them from the blue colors I was gonna but he still walks upon Beacon Hill sometimes and just shakes it disgust some people thought. Why people would like servants. Look at me now so my uncles from Boston cops and firefighters quote I thought of a ticket to Boston played finals and my uncle Bozo flyer. Urged me to go to college did he exam later. I played soccer UMass is actually recruited to play. And it never ends. Of course calls it isn't a dissident named the bar in Ireland like he's of course if it's just it's again to the TV show. Ozal clarity was on engine 39 and both since it. Can boast a credit you know. He elliptical and in what. You better off. Writing it you gotta gift around that time we graduate college experience with social site is called third generation returns to begin to strongly identified through and your foreign born grandparents. Your paragraphs down from that and get there for your lip and Dublin changed my life completely fell in love and Ireland its people and its culture hits like the ones coming back then. Especially because the buses were on strike all the time I brought my article there he did you exert new cars. Corresponding to do it save your yard sergeant farmer who wore. That. I'd love. Among turns out with the legendary microphone but. No that guy you feel you must be really slow reader. This is a lot of the school has a lot of prayer is as alive than right you favorite putter that overtime. Whose brother that got what you pilot complete. I brought my guitar player. And in their nearly dessert upon his public do. Saying you were young songs they farmer who were wet leaves in pretty mean tin whistle turns out it was Michael Russell who knew. Ameen and whistle. I. But you know when he went to them. UMass you know as recruit you know first he went that just soccer right into party rate to these girls as broad streak but they get. Pretty well beaten by the journalism plug. On one of the turning points in my life myself where I rolled the Irish history class. Taught by a professor Joseph Kernen Joseph has students read a lot of Irish literature. He says a begin reading Joyce Yates seemed GO KC and they had. But at the same time. My roommate Mike power yeah who hailed from a big ham in mission hill. Turn me on Irish folk music. First Tommy making of the Clinton Brothers then plant in the image among others so he was in there. Irish writing and Irish folk music the same time while UMass I believe they got the bug. Humbly reflect back at. Syndicates that will quickly gets The Herald. You won the theory Mickey Levy deviant. Right just like arrow she's just. Charlie O'Brien image aired Harold remember him. No hand them a letter on this first day saying this is the reason you were hired it was a letter cruelly crudely written in broken English. From Haitian woman from Dorchester. Who wrote a letter addressed simply to the Boston held thanked them for the play young man became her house and who told the truth. Meaning him for whatever reason I was the only reporter knocking that woman's door strange course. Well yes what's the woman's then. Let me see I'm not there now they're known as weird through. In the gulf hired him and gets into that gets it that it is time Ireland's. Belfast the Belfast. This is freedom unbelievable. That is the greatest has fallen one singing Neil Young songs. And this is they asked for a couple words for bio. This is what five page I'm past. And is somewhere in this book something that's true but you know people are fighting a witness in the Good Friday agreement. And all that leading up to with the Philly the end of history all the goodness some of the violence right before half was terrific I talked little priest. Not long after you prayed over two friends one Catholic the other Protestant was shot to death by loyalist gunmen trying to derail the police talks peace talks. I cried while ran up more front right of the murder of queen brother's little boys burned to death by loyalists fired. Little girl their neighbor. Again. Full measure one of the boys trapped the second floor. Young his feet were burning I was not walking around to the rump of the IRA you refuse to accept piece of the car bomb killed 29 people. After filing my story I went to give blood if he's in his excellent. It's no this is Jack columnist I love this guy Collins cannot read this and let's get blow when you know had a few pints well and I think that was right now. The Chief Justice. We'll season to us as we do right now he's include Colin lot of flashbacks we're going back north starts Obama sees that the Red Cross is land back and blood he does that a lot of people get the blood these templates face it's always been a hole in Ireland now we know that so there's a lot of irony that footage which I mean I can't smoke here. What you mean. And you know it is it puts the cigarette packets. This is it this is incredible. Incredible I wanted to give both but I love this is 61777579. Through said Wilbert. Held a lot. Yeah and a 1000% at. And we want them are there is no. You young sons as guitar legendary Michael. I would ask fielder was named Tom Fiedler of the guy can be used to in the near investigation. Did you read this but it was just five pitchers this story out Chris I did yesterday did a client page no pure fiction. This is a good as though it's bird I mean. Issue except should step down should resign with dignity and Jews who wouldn't really wants to do write fiction that's Stephen Glass of affectionate applause. This is what this with the should be as you gotta go on morning Joseph notes have been pretty confident for a wind up next. Unbelievable so get back to call later for even more people definitely do that. Owners are there. NC to Edmonton what's funny you can't pick the color pictures of the month pictures that's that let's close this closely should that be a band together much they show likens it yet they should I'll play the drums and ensure that this -- mud -- is a pretty good following there are so yes so curry at 35 points like ten minutes last night towards a 210 win that series. Game fourteen night Celtics cavaliers 830 tip is that right again before. Right for it there it is if they give us whatever there's definitely obvious and offensive lend about what Tomlin and the 11111015. About it. And if the Celtics win and you can we can can revisit Mark James guarantees. True. Ortiz is looking for something. That he could do if he's wrong he's with a colony said I guarantee this whole show. Yes I could stop listening to kids listen got to work you were Jerry James and Jerry capsule a license just almost to a researcher who we've some post don't take no time off. I don't until I die I don't I don't I don't see a marked change from within the grief I know some markets ward five and other newspapers are in cold blood will talk radio sports hypocrite in my bullet critique. I can't turn enough credit trust that little quote tweet this. Colin Irish times I mean in the hot with the say it's you know he we didn't do a good job of explaining not highlighted section of a Tweeter not a patriot a lighter now like ramble. You know a shorty. I can't just turn off a moment John Rambo or just under snow called a double and they're all part of a team you right that's true yeah I'd colonel. Trauma trauma yet current crop Tom said he was the best one of the best the best yet. They they drew first blood in them. And I'm very. The street my office and hospital. Yeah it's it's just an area. Time in the massage or vice usually found Atlanta. I wrote. Twelve columns in eleven days. At this point he can play Coleman anything different scene that's the secret performance products don't shoot of one. Everything I've ever seen Rambo every awards huge huge demand you should not versed in Paris the whole event seeing now are threatening to me now with the whole thing it's not it's a seven hours she said I'm you don't watch it or not. C'mon really. Israel is listening to signal of rambled and and a watchful both tell me vulnerable you know of him when he John Randle went to Vietnam and came back and he was. Had some issues at the that's like the first words spoken home move right there pretty much. Indian movie wanted you know Brian Price and he's got for art form hope I'm yes request he had so well the other guard. Has more harm when he. Kills or given away there's one more helicopter at all to EE UC alone these guys rate the whip them and yes it was shower right that are fire hose and spray them David Kirsch. That's a you know what the best movie makes is when you make sure to grab the knife when he leaves the police station right. He doesn't leave without his knife to move they yanked it off tomorrow cycles color immigrants follow on one camera always bring a knife because. It'll eat. It was always there to eat things that make a normal person puke. Right exactly that's who called police to Mark James Garrett with the market is way out team for forces Weller just entry. To give us a pleasure for the whole series yet but he said Paul inserted and she uses. The science is it minus. Maybe some rare disease. It's a real real weird weekend inside huge. The older generation I called his mind museum 52. And a fifteen month old usually aren't there. That's some cultural thing it's bright rooms there she is built player you look at you know you'll faculty housing for the TV watching it fifty bottles I can remember and the strangest that there ought to play. That's how that worked this girl play. And say they'll race Saturday yeah Saturday afternoons for two months does take moved track. But the thought he was later he was debating or whatever discussing with the caller they so what can I do. If my guarantee doesn't always latter you like yes well he wanted to bet us optics we need to come over some Mark James can do. If the warriors lose a single game he said he will do X being able those you're talking about now but I'm sure it. Why is on the weekends from lots of them on your time we're used to call you start there should get. Then they're they're. New listeners every day care or we should introduce yes. Mark James. Dynamo he's a force of nature so I don't think they're trying to get generic this week yes who's apparently on nests and although I don't they have seen him in. Addition. Under the last night and children to games sometimes they cut that indentation in the fifth innings over his or whatever it ending of these dumb I'll run illegally Mike McCann blared yesterday was opting scores in the first inning Poland where. Only is a segued to that fact. So he needed segue to wait a second dropped his first top of the first and now. One inning update there were no scores around here what is we have it. Should I take a toll at it. See he sat here listen you guys greatly over this and then when gave for a big differences are what did seventh inning and l.'s first score well here yeah. Until May or may be made you're luckier than criticize or praise either way. Do you do you think the Celtics will win a game in the in the finals now actually gets files either. Who is opens in five. With him a check ups and may lose a series Cleveland okay yeah game three change everything I'm a bulk. And we shouldn't be panic it's just scared for a Ramos your it was because Mark James was an hour scares me she had incidences LeBron scares them and scared them scared of a lot but he's not scared to put his neck in line guaranteed. Celtics would not win a single game in the finals. I think he's right and they may not be there. Handsome guy and a writes in there for typical me a Coke put. That the lump Mike Lombardi is that second that is owned. So compelling that this and I don't know oh both strikers and produce such a friend that loves to read the sound of your camp. Activity dot com Dustin Pedroia bought the starting lineup today for the second originally was scheduled DH but what conditions in Rochester to the point. Stations. There's a line drive up the village to center field a pay Seattle was taking a lot of joke. And I could have been waiting for allegedly not with nobody out 333 leading any chances silencing. Respect him. We VA's under way at Rogers Centre schools in the first Oakland winning five of their last six and 30. And fight in the east yesterday at a comeback win yankees finishing up today kids Siegel at the Texas for 3 to 15 start eastern time at Kauffman Stadium Sonny gray at the moment. Which eastern eastern Hume you're mocking the Mark James you your rug Mark James. We can performance went I think he's Perelman is enjoyable to that's that's just hideous and it's it was almost. There's no war what what's the what's the entertainment. Centers in the car at the score update or those scores on give the GA's perspective like say eastern time. Kansas idiots you political views. Last yankees are playing those kids don't even listen for just ignored is you say you could say Zimbabwe time. Nobody didn't like he just under the update or correct Joseph their at a scored none of you can eat these days is a policy you do the updated it was as Johnson oval teen. Extra SL extending on as carrots. Absolutely. To give the score you figure the Toronto awesome I mentioned we think it's about what helps publicly underway uncle says the US policy and power arms. Imminently school's first I thought I slept. I will propel a saved months ago. Love expect to watch for these great Oakland votes longtime client to what are some might to custom Dustin Pedroia Blake as the field was wet. The field was where fasteners were always understand the dirt part he'll play less over the field like Manningham played softball game feel was way we manage to get through it. Risking injury hit stated up shortly they take care of fields in Tripoli are pretty nice now in the improvement of dirt X. That nobody says that's just a tablet was about a news this season at least lead off the ending is batting average record one for three. OK it's great that if Pedroia DH two when we were touched the grass. So running out. Running where running on the field was four years all part of it needs a graduate of grassy infield. And to run on the territory if you could be muddy it's so. So what return I don't need on the mud. And he freaks than he should be should be tighter in their epic deal this honestly they they put him and what they want anyway bubble wrap at this point he's the second game he's missed because I agree it's sorted it's silly to do it. But they can all call because he's part of that Red Sox world Lee right won't be and how stupid thing they need him back is the point I am not. With what they're doing here what you and a mock them for trying to get their best player restaurant with better they have a they have struck without fear they're not struggled until he's dead on the web modernize the second he shows up they want to get him back to the ticket that type back this week. She's usually don't should do when it comes back place on the field we think that's my dear now why not why life is good athlete he's quick and they've Grasso there you can. The rates since I was I missed and that that's. That's true gonna keep my off the grass fire power to come up 617777937. Over.