K&C - The debut of The Planet Monkey show opening; A tearful goodbye to Mike & Mike 11-17-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, November 17th

Hour 2: The new opening for Mut's show is introduced. Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic get a plethora of goodbyes on their final show.


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Skirt and Callahan what the CME group tour championship for the LPGA. That's it brought golf club what a diverse group here this diversity in the background as our Munoz and Decker read the cure or creatures of one stroke back and young partners that not too far back we eat too low pay huge and some not king Juan Michelle we just walked by and that is one on Libya want an autograph from with Gerry Callahan during a shell I would I was kind of co host beautiful. Woman we in Sweden. I'm going to be cliche that you have you thought about trying to leave the world a better place for your kids dinero. I think there are good thing mocks groping her I'm entitled my share happiness. Can you love someone. Who did bad things up so sad because he's my friend and Kirk made it can kind of world this team won thirteen straight game. They put 03 or anybody's cause. He would not be Cleveland. We will not be Toronto here's the rookie Jason Taylor and there's no. Pardon me the game ball and service rules for travel on Sports Radio telling you. I great moment for our ports are via second hour here. What was the injury related to a friend is white and different is Kerry was no selling that's and also don't know I don't know accidentally injures and separate marathon in Chelmsford that this road race problem. The road race I don't know insurance brokers are very nice office or public and we cross he said he was her best friend he's he suggested that yes he's very different Jerry you have any friends or. Officers yes of course and community specifically of some read yes to Africa won a lot of eyes I was probably say that's him there and just. Why do you think about I wouldn't wasn't clipping them out for a second as the falcons meanwhile is trying to get Mike to come to the road race with us and Thanksgiving greetings you want him everywhere yes they do you tell us it's a lot of celebrities there. Like who slivers of Bill Rodgers. John Young will be either John and the great John Young. Rick at that point yes. George Allen equipment and individual but only two almost just Daniel. The McCain he's a runner with a good time for somebody's not run more than myelin Polly five years for five K five Q. That's what you set the old runner would you for our under all the times you've vomit. Thirdly you know thirty Foreman tells the you're kidding what's walking. Twenty that the thirty minutes 37 miles a minute someone that used in good shape who's fit I can do that was not go back legs and analyze generally keep buyers tiny skinny legs. I can Rickie and that's legal arguments put some money and take the reader draw here. Is going to be he really other illnesses policy a right to realize that all I applied and here is the time were times they are. That you can look up left or right where's. It's intricate why do in that race. It's gonna support trick athletics my wife is a teacher in the system there she's here your wife and yet right should we teach in Virginia usage one help Oakmont yes she was. She was in Morgan's not anymore and didn't always happen. Different mr. Robot that marshall's right so she's seen such a tomorrow. Kate the bad news show us the good news is Thornton gave Renee. Lost my job. It. Why my history all the Washburn back all end all of that is what I say and I 45 because it was it would. There's even started is the audio or all of us want to get the most interesting thing yesterday you weren't here in studio was wondering whole team Kirk would keep it together. And not lose weight with the eight white plastic like it was it was I was born I was around much and it is 640 was like old time we could hear it that the that did fairly crackling in new year latitude and and I'm and we did serious who talked a little what like. Garrisons are really nice guy and he's not perfect fit for our show business or show trees find other mediums each is its not we do. Right and and we get do we do we can do basketball that was the energy level is right so as a listeners on the casting couch I get. Aroused the way you guys sometimes do would that radio. I thought it was worse the washboard he might have been. Yeah it was close I like it acted this year Jerry's anger. Frankly is Washburn was he's paying attention wash from as we still wait and here's a break. Now even the lithium like my favorite things you know to some in his pocket breaks Gary and the doctor and the idea checked jacket headphones not to skirt but yeah I don't think I'd. And that's wrong we can take calls out as well 617779797. Doi dot you're listening. Do you think Gary Washburn should be back is open to all or is all we we might have one too many now. Our agreement has returned and who should we bump and I. I don't think it's even debated and where first important regardless numbers and no no because we like OK yeah. Say it's the fact I would say right now Gary I told you today I love them around his my friendly like and enjoy him but I cannot defend him at this point are ready WEEI summary. John what's going on. They got me I wore a budget that John I think I can read you leave here. You're you're angry. You're isolating you know on your round. You you're not coming to work next week. You know I. It Harden the curtain calls coming up you got back here this holiday. As to some big drink and we answer you know that area wondered. And I know we stripped us straight is much as ever we never even stopped for a acknowledge your trip to Fenway after touch football game the other day. Work came right back the other if I wanna act like I all I heard flag football game in theory it sounds like a fun thing to do that I saw the videos so it's awful it's sad picture of rob rob throw the drive to a guy in rob and rather. It was a three pixie kills you so bad but you all have the same color shirt on and the other was somewhat understand that. Why edit my last walk Richards keeps that would be where. They wouldn't who said you couldn't Wear it where you'll Sochi the Niger were your coast shouldn't. I had to rob raft was robbed agency that I would than the only guy not one of them was brought to get series. I'll announcers on cared to and 121 gallery that. He did it'd he got bragging rights there. But a bunch of nobody's there to know who already talking about our needy people of view. Joes are mono. Geez guys are at work to be done Caron. And person from NASA and sworn personnel Adam Pellerin when he checks. Yes she says Casey MacDonell pulled off fair pace with production people. No case whose production people playing in this was what's the point of this game. The point of the game was to attic promote your call football coaches us they they sponsored the event they're from all right poll what's your call. Yes it say it's. It's a it's you know this sucks and now that's all I'm. And I would tell us about a month or what happened on don't ask your own energy US do you want to answer you want eggs for give my. Picks prize in the and one unveil I think to open. And for tonight's not well last night went on their next on what do you want what you sky just went. A bit much so that Iraq. On Amman Monday in an off the rest of the week. So one normally you schedule is when there's not Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday six to whenever one body swarthy and how long recent. How office keep with you. 67 in the first hour every night every night and then welcome seven nobody seven bucks a soul. And then when when he finished 8 o'clock at the guests on the that you guys are usually I went three for hours a part of the legal punishment for us now what is and Ricky is in as part of our show all yeah sure sure on Monday night. How much does not go with seven drought yesterday you're welcome. How good was he was much nicer and he's use office most hours its second album is okay which you had a marquis was in all of me a couple of before. Here's our hit it's only was that he was started because you are. The line as we had them on nova since your show nobody nobody here by doing this over a occasionally. Occasionally and I do every night for an hour and you know I did not have a schedule like person on every. Yes we do I think it's probably like the third best show on the station. Most of Johnson what for checks the post they're they're. Podcasts that are there if that's on a show that's podcasts and definitely a socialist better. And consulates are excellent it's awful it's real catalyst for callers wrecks like was at one time only for him. I don't know I'm down on candidate and ten candidate candidate can I don't get until all about a Obama is all about I don't want only is on the air canceled and I'll vote until although the pep talk that might even before. An insidious and LAPD brass joining future in the business you that the media do that over the both what was easy or like. Honestly I is that why he passes acute why pitch anything nice you kick it would a real conversation for fear that. You gonna tell it in a tactic Kirk and tell these guys can. All the bags and two older than him on my board would talk about would you want a pet would you say what but it worked like I Japanese. He was his words and encouragement when I do its job display the spot in the future we'll outs all vocal opponent in hull. I. Texas Texas vote from Washburn overrode thing weighs in a landslide really he out of Washington Vermont. Oh yeah for some much battery personnel and much much better Israelis before us now and a lot of tactics like talking hoops now as you thought you were excellent at times race we ask him about Nate Smith's it was cheaper to ask him to get this else's question that was a good was he here here's what we're playing one I think. The last Senator Biden and roll and you're going please keep going you and I was always all there help must there always always promoting a tale Maliki yes always promote the mid days absolutely favorite mid day show that a great example chosen grated my service issues and the magic dish. Who's on that Amare. You are damaged join the team and is yet who who is. Who's the host what is it it's the story can music can start at six. Right yeah now. Anyway so we. Took it upon ourselves to all they music right belief. Chris holt associates are today excellent to a loved Christmas me too hot ticket and off the ball I don't all those cover Osama trump he's got he has a Christmas song about trump also. Anyway so we we can hold an open obviously you haven't heard this year heaven. The tell us which is that we're trying to help out mocked him. Months you. Whom do you like school. Sit too. Continues. Much you know. Not sure. Oh listen. The monkey. Why did you. On Sports Radio telling. But could it could it even months. Better than dove opens issued mavs open eloquently easy treasonous and your friend or mr. Snyder straight leg of the right. That is. Is he mad. The captain's assistant captain David Cook I don't I think I think it's here and here Romer to them about your overtime on those. You laugh at. But it in his. Much you know. Almost. It monkey show. Catches. That's lousy open house show called a Monday night about it and I tell me. Wanna throw that out to via the jurors the knowledge what he had the open for the show. Huge for the plan monkeys correct yes isn't this is the aren't this is the actual open to replacing it's called Monday night that that's the kitchen we have McKinney. And here. No rush. They can tell him. Absolutely no Russian law. So just mud tonight. They are formidable as of right now that's having Ervin is on another level this. The song get the song and anyway thrown on Mike Mike right now I can't look at the cry among. I think I think he should go that could mean. That's that's a catchy jingle to be called this planet Mikey show it's very original it's it's an original name plan monkey right. If it's perfectly I I think. He would mean we had a solid right now. The song nothing. Options Christ I just say would compare it under one to the older one doesn't rose. Hours. To charge again when his audition. Song. But does he opened the show with a tolerance is this pretty heroic. Whenever your Jesus. I've ripped him. Yeah right. Can't compare that now play the the one we came up with. Let's show you. Yeah he's got no. To. Venus conversation yes we're not. The program to wreck we're not just tell his guns where she didn't mean where is the is literally assuming Matt who. Am speaking on your best friend you should know I his best. I can't see why he would love you is just so nice to talk to Mike and hand over his criticism of months of it and I don't know maybe for what's a guy like we're brokers. They go on in our. Group into the Soviet and I'd Wednesday night and they'll quote about an out of court. Time slot there and work racquet was on and yet the lead at 9 o'clock. And mark got the impression that he had any talks are. And then mark static in real nifty with them and ever since we can't just kick them out of the studio. At the end yeah oh yeah announced that the Paris wondering if you could elaborate on that bloody guts so credit when he was nine and blow you off its data chat about Marco. Now I've really wants it and just. Look out. Did you kick Bradford the studios. Yes he's back the little holding big and would you chimpanzees back and hear why but the ease credit like. I like. You never sort of astute telling us to always have impression and we tweaked out and originally the NC with the people think the people wade aren't you violate the city of your songs affect you at times. Like this for example play this out don't break. People to game we did elevate you got him to call you again Breckenridge we vacation does not mean all black that was Donald Sterling that was not meet at a contact us adults to be here again yes. People to game yes that's doubles Roy's voice for it. That sounds like what you say don't like black people but we read it a lot and lot of grief from the African Americans paid about context wash wasn't happy about it. Out of context and brought knocking off a false. Bluntly this stupid true fly and on Wi-Fi gear to get the ball throwing extra. People pick it flat out outplayed Donald Sterling actual Donald's too you don't. That's something like what what are what mine was that we were you raised what we're talking about not aged early I and he. Well I thank you very much a couple I like minded people sick is that I don't reply to get on here let me hear Donald I mean my first year. People game that's my youngest or that people. Brigades said he was talking about gains in had been steady on the whatever name is video recordings that's that they were taught in it why can't black people games. I can take us continental. I straight acts the horrible but he doesn't like them he's he's and he's always an approach dumb even for you did you apply in this fight their black as likable either word yet he still play yes surprise here. And it's. I think you walk back from a level that Kirk's we had to back up only to that question. Captured pictures yes and I am glad committed to sensitivity training her to do quite well she did very but this. Opened I think we'll help you should think people don't like. It's it's catchy I hate flying have Mikey. I hate Mikey. And I don't want to know what the monkeys on the spot what it is like what if you found just like he didn't like that rectitude to use his song when if it passes tomorrow. I would know to block the hunt with a lets you know he'd like he has blog media and one for office and want to play more now care about him like you hate them I I I yes I do it in my personal care I can get out of commute we have a third option for news despair you'll my mind this was an annual loss. For the Ethiopian either part one. It was kind of boring who wants to have guns and Rosie like you know that's never played so here's the third option. Let's show. Two and then. An office and it and does it look at other isn't it human victims don't throws things he's lane and Muslim let's hope. It don't matter nobody should hope nobody even knows in English well let's get going. And let me ask not that it might at night and the right. Her you know him fellows. But playing her own Callahan monkey is better on target Kurt and Callahan is a real really catching just. Oh it's not rocket. It's a year. It's this. It's all to show it's not a big deal it's much. Yes sports. We have. So who's hands. Slam we have people working on all new logos traditional songs T shirts hats this can be huge moment they can share whole new level or get dues. By Ian and his plan months. Now why not. Which are issue with. Should we might think. Yes I don't know who doesn't use that he's he's not if that's do you hear that don't you you Hugh here might know don't you don't get a mask which actually get a monkey monkey that monkey you know all I gotta go back to Mike cronies and his her etc. yes there are. Six once said it's sort of estimate above my right now what's your calls them but yeah. And I think we got this but we don't like you ought to pull rankings that bill dispute penis of the shale. And we have we have to get to have guns you have to give me in my moment I'm doing okay the downfall of Al Franken yes. Lucy cable duel that played out either Republican reaction force to the Google intelligence over America's western part we've Abacha lines open right now as he is usually do we ask for much action 617779937. The question is what's your. Don't deal there is no question like that question Nissan when the new name for much show will you be more inclined to listen and I am I want those of the people in the African Americans these well the one month and the emotional got to stop with this that's a legitimate means you're Mittal. So what gives us what it should be bring bucket all the games usually. He says you can't right it really is is sensitivity training. Everybody else and work for me. Out right. Each time once again for. Headlines what's going there's still that much further this invincible than not believe it's prejudice I actually believe that. They may not have some of the necessities. Through. Well they've got everything is if they take over coaching like everybody wants to do there's not going to be anything left for the white people. Because like I don't think they mean well I don't think they can deliver. Don't bring black people thinking. That's. Three races so one guy kick out of hell anybody else. So can he was that's different congress as we sell a time racism still exists all the cause big problems east to be but it's out there how many shows can bring in. Articulate. Smart basketball guy happens to be African American one day and then basically the local leader of the Johnson clan the next. I. That's what. But doctor Robert letter edge a pound document he passed the house in Newsweek hairless experts are 100 you don't want a hundred harassment but for. You pass out right yes he ducked the oppressive UConn BC or Fenway Park and get tickets from sales people I did excellent tickets thank you sales. They take care me because talent Medina you know you have a chance in this game you Huskies didn't to cover the 21 maybe not want to want you guys who win. And on TV. Yes club football game I think it's a moment ago. And 97 cent a zone channel that I know and recognize that's different question if that's probably you know he probably and you. Sergio gets to be in the so I misunderstood the pork when you know but I'm ridiculous for income analysts maple get them later Atlantis had brought you by Robin Leonard. Gerry Callahan outlets that while I see the floor issuers my friends were Dorsey I 51 complaint with. The hero. Lee and we can listen in right there in Sweden yes. She's she's. A victim here a feel bad for her I can't imagine a traumatic it was seen that picture known as creep who stuck his tongue down your throat. Was on when you when you're sleep. Why didn't she saved the picture how great would it be today that you know that smarmy it's a good point. It's a Franken would deny everything. If not for the picture but he let let it simmer for a day have Franken in all the surrogate in the media. Defending him just going to you know say he said she said that bank going out assays of striking new leaders photograph of he knew existed. But the you know she had a hand probably deservedly got one right that was the thing I guess so what sector you know what seconds so he knows she's got that might be the best person we had that he had his brother at these pictures. And they knew it things. End up for the camera. And it's somehow he thought that was okay somehow this change being a woman is liberal lion this piece of garbage but that was a funny guy. I mean he could be the biggest moron in the world could be you know battle of the brain this material and you know. Shouldn't be funneling some sleeping woman's breast size now I'm Sharma Moya you know most if not all heard the story. So they were new USO toward gathered eleven years ago 2006. Between the talks about on the show and writes about is what should an excellent job. In Al risky for them together and she uses its romantics say a word to rehearse I want to make our third escape in he knew he felt like this need to be rehearsed her claim that she kissed and she turned uttered something. And Franken basically grabbed her by the back of her head and forces on wrote yes it's got upset so don't ever do that against right into the bathroom to wash out there puke. So proud of vomit and I there. Later on wave action is she's asleep bush pretty tired trip. She's a Coleman Franken is another guy by the witnesses in the best sleep next. Yeah yeah yeah all the exhaust that it is because our friend our hands on her boobs or whatever and smiling like wacky look at the Kennedy did more when the cameras there we go grab groups club and our truck is actually right you're Tommy took one picture there's one mark McCord I doubt it not trumpet and tweet last night the tweeted that Al Frankenstein. Spelled wrong. And then says he wants to see the rest of the pictures of the great pleasure trouble thanks god she hasn't got that. Thank god she had a photo cut us lions scumbag. Would have denied everything he's also not going anywhere he's he's gonna fight this to gonna do the ethics committee thing he's not gonna add that's well not totally meet a new study did not even out walking away as I'm assuming he's the only story. What's he ops I am surprised is nice second story I know you'll holding Morgan's story I'm not considering a story so you grass threes that date we know that. But I surprise a nice second stories I'd now like what he's always on all the browns are he's going about traveling when this happened. I thought his initially serve a gift set and I thought okay. House can respond to be goes on MSNBC. And CNN Hollywood it is David ware that a fight that's where they won't that's the problem weighs what they did they give you credit for apologizing. This at all he owned up to elect Roy Moore apologized he had to she had a photograph right if you can have a photograph he never would have apologized he would denied. Everything we're there to start here with the defense I'm on the mature we have we degrees are undeclared border you know her. She of course most famous liberal is or defensive alpha yesterday. I don't doubt his remorse at all. And he admitted he. Did what he did there was a picture of red and he didn't remember the messy yes but what ever look at this a night. Look at frank and and I'm sure he's remorseful and I'm sure he's. Beating himself up over it. Lunch hour now if Roy Moore callers are Roy don't take source think he it is such a hard blow to the left to the liberals and I don't even now SNL is gonna deal with this this is devastating. For The Who how we Hamptons. The so Lorne Michaels you know this Harris of what they're devastated by this one of the heroes are real mind. You know because I. I lovely. You absolutely and she says. Frank as a dear friends. All the friends of treason puke me again he beat it's just and by the way. Special and sister on twelve urged students no special resistor tells the story Lucy came master reading thirty. If you're thirty coated ice. So some assume it cease centrists leaves them and she knew all upon this new course and Elvis and and she worked with them and supported him. So on his praises. For years and years and years. Knew what kind of creepy ones again real champion of women if unit knew about it we knew that's it's pretty simple meant something complicated Yuen was the the CNN one. Paul begala and bono's of BMBC girl the oh Casey hunted we have asked. Just if the dollar of your ago. We just heard. This was wrong this was an appropriate this easier before the senate ethics of nine with no witnesses but some of this is because Al Franken did the right thing confessed. He admitted it. While he did admit that you did admit thickest part he said he considered it he said he remembers it differently is that American League but he apologized and he says he's gonna turn over to the ethics committee. Originally put. The owner of the photos frank yeah only beaten and didn't look at. This statement it is a state of remorse and contrition as opposed forward. I here's Laurence Silberman check mark finally Sarah Silverman sister dated Louie CK before he's famous in dumped him because of compulsive masturbation. If Serena broke up what should we also it's shocking in Durban to mention publicly to 25 usually acute care backlash happened to me. I can open and now we're script it's my experience right now the victims should be believe that's her sister. Next. Official says she loves him she loves us and and he's gonna work a victims of the gonna be at least he case masturbation. Dozens how do you force five right innocent people that would wants to once coached think you're gonna get in trouble. Yes so this is what happens when you're good liberal in your in with the right people and and you have how we can't who's on your side you have. Sarah Silberman you have the power and all these are guys that bill of rights same couple sides not true prompted a bill Riley didn't ails the people the power diesel fuel power and in front of one woman thirty times I was a he's he's. Actually like in saint he's he's a sexual predators should be in jail. If knowledge automation come back Kevin should he is actually castrate him because they it is truly means net not for something that should be castrated cannot be fixed I'm fine with that. You know he's not racist if. Potentially not actually groping button lock groping her how she's sleeps. Among moderate Arab world and LT and by the way I'll grow apologist is the picture he also called her a liar in directly said he doesn't remember. The story the same way out is not the same I was was to believe women the women were supposed to be believed while Al Franken says don't believe another one she sure Rob Schneider supporting I've known Al Franken for over 27 years I disagree with him on a lot of stuff. But he's not and has never been a sexual harasser. Outbreak of and replaced a lot of things you DC with Al frank of that season I'd say at some point. It's like ESPN and believe those he's been stores will come back. Somebody will do a book on NASA on the actually talk about what went on behind the scenes that's now been Miller do you guys album yet we were talking sexual harassment but it was a book was cooperation on war which your prediction percent and eyes are definitely live tomorrow night. What personality Ashton is under the reduces the American this passive. Are so hard hard to do that now that whole country's war is gonna watch that because I mean Al Franken is Scioscia with us and that's we unions and they have an imitator already of him don't write one of those cast members him. How easy would it be haven't Louie CK you Al Franken and you could include Roy Moore. But they'll come on now stupid Jeff Sessions imitation. Of a prompt people. A lot of lot of feet feedback and where a lot of feedback on this marks on a lot yes and most of that Ivins under siege by Los subtle Obama's promised in the control room he said the QW one. He wants at any arm again Rosie actually open your permanent part of much show. Dots. Featured all we need is so Mikey ends approval on this right he has to give us we have Mikey call and maybe talking about buzz here and there. Let's take a call him before you sound like let's go to Brian at Exeter New Hampshire and Brian. Brian Bryant. If you went bad from my. And but really what you'd like to welcome what could put the other song don't let your but I knew what he didn't like it. But how what the problem by via via. Quote chandelier. At the perfect song. I don't know honestly I wanna live audio were on talking about. Well let that the the court between from a chandelier. Well. About a month peak. Yeah now about the monkeys monkeys the zone with a Monta and muttered how among ET right there. We can do policy things that are races. Occur in both the ideology. Yeah we're hurdles he's got yeah my live together. Me we just love. Because finds skills talents singing and playing. We are young generation and we got some us. The daily news. Much you know. The monkey. On Sports Radio telling me. We'll be thinking musical provocative acts hey he's just to show his true colors to speak himself. My car which destroyed the might prove to be the only Mike and Mike. Unbelievable they just had Bill Clinton saying about he he's a he's a lawyer article I shouldn't. Get dated Peter can he Peter King looks good but I do quite as hell about. Washington play all that's don't know what he's our threes and 617. Three extra. We don't attack now Michael's gone. We have time next hour but he thirty Al Michaels on good issue that's on the West Coast we don't not headlines brought you by doctor Robert Leonard and 100 get here we'll be right back with more Kirk and Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. Actually it might seem like they're terrific eighteen year run well green Golan. Congratulations on eighteen years in my thoughts why why you guys have been around for fifteen years. All right so this is it for Mike and Mike good it's kind of hard to believe might find. You're leaving a few separating your divorcing Michael might know us very prominent job. Don't like three us. Oh yeah. You've got to the club pinch hit Gretzky and messier the ticket will be excellent. This show and I was out of this the and they've built Carolina. Even more guests and listeners of hot that would triple and they're not going away and everyone know what these days on the show oh. He gets a different in those forty partner and the other one can just jealous because you know again amazingly high profile show the I would show is a lot of money title studio that is just it when a celebrity in my twenties university and IP I was hoping Bill Curry would call and congratulate the bill's friend advocate and President Clinton call. And when did shipments to question President Bush gets them. The accusation against former President Bush yesterday. The world's top roper in chief east's. Who's next Turkey. A hundred Al Franken I must say that. Among occurred on the stick of my prediction. Balls double. It's like one of the circle around somebody who he didn't. Grope women he definitely abused them verbally we go to social in the in the gonna someone's gonna say. He did something to cross the line because you're probably right on on Tom Arnold as my next to go into crazy how my parents. My I don't ever move could Christian man never and always go to dinner with them that now that she's definitely. That we don't do this up to reach it is is. Is that the team is that Marv Albert and Brent Barry are that their actual I was wonder and Brent Barry does games on a regular basis are filling in for somebody somebody sit close Chris Webber was one of their go to go Reggie Miller Chris Chris Roberts good time and what Brent Barry boy he neither a liquor double espresso company. We'll see the setup here headline read quick dribble. War what's position their for their own stimulus. And as solid a pre season game there is no big huge fields who again are you thinking myself with a it was a steel eyed boy I'll deal with anybody's grabbed the dogs senator Max welcome to support the target is our back. But he was in the she can wherever wherever and Garnett doesn't show from. There is only one we series 21 Atlanta there's in life. That's in the studio that's where the Jewish. So Garnett was with crypto like incarnate to the game and it's not great yet that's great abilities better than Brad parish. He's with a playoff team last year was Albert and number and there's that word you got it that's fan thinks was ripped that versatility seatbelt or. Because they can see it's one shot. You hear that hold you mechanized exciteathome. Idea that's actually seconds like I kept things filling in from what Marc or won't want to Freeman who Africans know he knows his hoop outdoors or she's acting in the past bath my at my own even better. While I'm. At Molly's but the female team never has terrible at that emotional moments she's younger woman's different oh. But it's about what. She's talents she's awful easy Yorker she's each unique vision really good it's fake it's great judge job noodles she does the whole back and rural. Reverend on the first football game this year yeah. She's the editor game after Everett and after the surgery do you think. Bob and one. Block balls. So that's a guy we destroy life. And ridicule and yes. Highs should. No bull and a wedge. About a big obstacles this of journals. I doubt and Rex Ryan's sucked the next. We understand. It changed. Yes you graphic to be happy and black people boo. I watch a basketball game. People to game two we find out how Minnesota to bring black people are gonna serious question and yours you Brown's performance was spectacular. Under these circumstances the best friend died. Did any talk whose best friend's mother she said you should play he thought about not playing. Bret Stephens in the option he could have not played you played how the key guy. I don't know do you know much. Advice like JK a mass like dot com suggesting. It was suicide it's a must say kids and how did you friend dying I did not yet most days at the so he doesn't know where you would. So he could have its leaders know what what. Shocked that or think it shocked and and I don't know I know I didn't mean it sounds pretty. What a dramatic I guess yeah it died yesterday. In one place when I'm play last night played with the best player on the floor. For the night but he was a part was responsible for us and busts his ass on the defensive and or for was excellent to she's a also multiple federal let's say he lost his best and it was suicide and he confirmed it but there's. Any reaction counseled me to think. Of Carla could not so I am not agree yes by computer without the best player you know them. Marcus Smart. Obviously personal five best personally. I'm mark my obviously struggled on better hardens better west where director editor and battle for 71. Point. He was a plus 50 Marcus Martin even though he can't shoot he can't score it is yes it took two points off the board for zone team with that ridiculous palace hotel it was a weird play that why would he try to get the ball out of the basket is on teen Anderson some measure dirtier up there happens men are rich key safety Duncan in game one time when he fires like that right. I understand but you know it's that was as we earlier seen them before I've not none. That's terrific all have literally been on ever bit of these music is going to open punches that pays you back other teams do which cutting their map but again sinking very strange these offers. Office and a possibly much has a big win for us it was a very panicked and into the capital's enix another NBA expert Lakeland made. And I'm a manners count him Washburn says flat out that was just like Jeremy NBA finals which solace that he's here in November was emotional to jump to conclusions. He won at the pump the brakes Turkey for a bit it got difficult plus he takes. He won fourteen games or road it's the warriors while Essex lobbed balls to say that yes and and and Gordon heading out on the floor. You know what their second best player with signaled there with a boo does footman. Room. And of snapped it the other segment Boyer that if you an idea is out of bed they have more brown William is right now he was an Indy right now is famous player can he started significant Western Conference also to correct. Beliefs that's pretty Western Conference is good musically and as a starter he's talking check that it was just. He's on Yahoo!'s of the Ulster whose Western Conference all star yes. That's pretty good Wisconsin's pretty good. He's a pretty good player ever 21 half points in the second best player now. Right not belong on the fourth best player merits I agree but for now that second best player who's a reserve and it's become Anglo Indian and no. The Eagles are jazz forward and offered him tees will be for encroachment. Yes I'm Chris mandatory so medics have the balls while we have this guy everything he thinks the either towards or on funds. He thinks the warriors in the south the Celtics are fourteen to arugula fine. Yes. I would disagree right now a lot of young. Leo in the seventh at tables came seventh game here consults to the best record yes probably will lose can be agreed to regularly Brent burial at the assignment and I opened a classic like last night in Canada for seven those Billick can find some innuendo and domino Duracell and defense. As well -- in the fifties and sixties and I like when you know seats which is WI physics geek like Mike Riley was there was always the defense that they shut down last night said like 360 final there's a great job showing in the pick and roll you'd appreciate quoted as difference we mean you they did it antiquated based on. Did he plays on board cannot the closed out last night that it did download excellent up to be defensively aware you have to be aware defensively that's ready to action sports yeah the extra pass it on the off they did volume and the two would believe us. As well as is what your friends are right now for the fun and games we have. Cry me a French ran a good friend trying who's still in Oklahoma City or about what I saw her last photograph that was you did I that is a it's not absolutely lying curled a shot at feces why did we get us any sound. We have a motion wearing weird sound of recovering well and Gupta is Leo I'd trust socks as Oklahoma covered curling and the job at Omaha and and that's optional while on to introduce you to talk to us to BZ Cullen but not too busy we're good friends like him like every game. And Marjorie you're brilliant manager to hear from some of that and we'll hear from the voice of the el Al Michael Jordan is present tense promise you that we will talk about some different things with the Al Michaels will. Has about OJ his former good but it just heard. Lastly Howard Stern asked about my way we asked club is as we criticize called for a lot we asked those questions Michaels well. If Orwell should ask we will last this boat just from knowing we really weren't that we may remain mild ask those questions yet if you have any balls are I would say this states saying it. Here's my deal is that here's a here's the deal. If you're not a racist you'll ask Michael questions and fair. That's a good boy is it fair if if you ask what you are. You're telling your basic rate ask your question you are reckless yes so we'll find out Nia. Mike racist challenger Al Michaels this. Months you. And it monkey.