K&C - Dino made his triumphant return to AM radio; Michele McPhee defends her reporting 6-25-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, June 25th
Hour 2: Kirk, Gerry and Mut hear from John Dennis on Worcester radio and Michele McPhee joined the show to defend her reporting.

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Career. When we hear from the film he's. We have got our favorite reporter here or anywhere Michelle McPhee welcome back to Matty and hopefully if we don't Michelle on the line right now kinda stick with us here through the post game or first person to break this story was Michelle McPhee kind enough to make some time for a pass. Fortunately we have you number one you start on the phone that Michelle McPhee. Kurt committing acts that notable to me that in the glow zone coverage of this it will be crawled. It could there's been no push back and WPI for fair proven journalistic transgression here bomb. It's should smokers who try contract. Be selective and distorted editing the BBC interview that it be era we've been there and Gerry Callahan an honor to have John Dennis join us here. Wanted to get your thoughts about Elizabeth Warren and her stance on immigration well. Sure there is truly. Pages on court one. Hours spent some offense curtsy or human traffic. Sports Radio W. Hide our so where is where where where it was vetoed. WCR. And in Worcester. Good CR they be led the charge right must have been reported smoke big league this. He was on. Yes true yesterday morning yesterday would operate thirty called and a half hour early he's excited removed yes we have deal again deal. I hope so good it was excellent. You think yeah. Law had a call from deals. People want to call it your first. Known code and a missed call from the you know yes which I was wondering what that was about now and I miss that it deals people. Cult and said they thought we would like them month. I had absolutely. What 8 o'clock on Osgood and it it didn't model Veronica. I said. Nothing an answer and return the call but I said you know you told the on this long time ago Scott you know the word economy. I'm gonna base. Foursquare behind you he'll when he runs against Elizabeth wore as it was I'm pretty sure we finish cork will be too mean. We think we're gonna be voting for poke on the snow Sam I mean it was before. I may solid deal guy. I'm actually have my own a whole lot but it and it's got much apparently a whole lot of sentence I heard Latinos now he's not a does they're still so hurdles symphony. Oral watershed moment that everybody in Washington says you know what. What we're doing here is not working weeks must somehow someway stop saying you're wrong no your wrong go my way is right on my wish right in this this logjam that is existing and its constant acrimony is going on the quite far. Frankly we think there's weird flat taxes than that reared its. This is is yes it the same thing off he does so we just lamenting a constant. Acrimony this morning acknowledged he had to deal with no wonder our. Acrimony is good we want acrimony it's it's part of the fight when they're not exist by the way. It's it's always existed and always that was today kept obvious special big big special guest towards in the shoulder was deal right. Duke has any additionally new deal was right on. If it really deal from yesterday. Out of my right John for others it's a all politics is local he's a friend of mine Michael good John we thought we'd like John he's a friend of course I didn't. Dino should to those results from the west from us here. It. You know should run with this Elizabeth Warren is making that. Yes went to the border who said delaying on concrete slabs page he should receive the pictures so we all over the globe and arrows. Let us to see the pictures scored thirty points now hold your wrong Rhonda I have no alliance gonna meet people don't like these are win. Yes it's hot as he opens up a par adults don't know what it would Kevin Garnett saying anything's possible Kurt. We'll. Hear from you know an honor to have John Dennis join us here early on a Sunday morning talk about probably as good morning mister Dulles. I jumped out of eight that I'm great thank you pay real quick I gotta get this in all. Only because. I have golf and my family background do you play golf Donald Trump an attempt. I have partly. Also. On his golf courses but not rebuttal. On my father since retired but my father used to be the general manager of sawgrass country club so about twenty years ago I would all star Donald Trump. That was an interesting afternoon us pretty good people. How much better than I he has much better than mine and announce there's a lot better than they did Donald Driver not necessarily straight cuts and yet he can definitely drive the ball but I figured maybe you with that had the opportunity to do that. No no I'm I'm I'm not all Brady unloaded that there's a a rare applied here you know I get a three handicap. That would be your slight your book in your inability to park. Yeah probably say I wasn't putting my very that's right exactly ideas like what a terrible call. It's our. Well I think it. Credit didn't lines that play were trump. Go to told them I was job Orioles wanted to be you know we knew we were listening because I told him we said the next table from trump at the room. At the Kraft C universe republic trump on the show to impose on the show. Just once was a more than just wants from me it was great and we probably did that on the pass him out you know he was everywhere in the old days. You have to get you have to get to the point a letter is date you know Wednesday it was at the party. Who Maxine Waters Lanka. Well of course we want set. A getting ready for the fact you get a couple of affect they're going to restaurants in your life you go to witness to leave yes. But I can promise you this it won't be farmed and paid. Aren't always good we get a good we'll get to the editorial today and hotel that was Chris yes it's unbelievable story is a restaurant full of shoes that's what is the waiters and waitresses and the owner the world isn't on the ball should spots world the left let's whenever that's that's one side. You think that chased like. Susan Rice on restaurants. A bit of hypocrisy. Sarah Huckabee at like that that's a good excellent she heard about it and didn't like Michigan Michigan criticized for actually naming the restaurant. It's good to politely. She just said matter of factly and we asked to leave I left it would peaceful and they attacked her I'll show you. Lots of tweets Iowa where waste disposal or you know toxic this restaurant. I'm glad she did this crystal out of business owner. They six months ducks themselves by tweeting up with him in Washington are published by the publicity started with a weaker. The weight on his FaceBook picks and he was supposed started to wait on her table on the way to eat people eat adults. They've walked out the door hunt that's public thousand dollars they said it was given and move one of these these plays a total rip giving homosexuals who work there they said. Given their trains and for the military for bathrooms the homosexuals live there. That worked there kicked out the Press Secretary for the most pro gay president we've ever had. You degree wanted to ask him for most of the time poster anybody out on marriage. Trump the first pro gay marriage kind of legislation passed and bomb was in office. What legislation on the game Obama was hit that when he was elected right he was against gay marriage sure. He was told I was elected. He was. For gay marriage yes as big difference what's he done. For the for for Google and opposite the most you'd be most which it most of the most pro gay guys there with that what's that done for the homosexuals. Actually like it. BTQ. I don't know what he wanted to do quite well the president what's what's what's he done the most for homeless so I just said he's the first America elected right OK all wrong side of the lot of the transitions are what they sent them what it's not gate transistor gate way. Canada nor had this discussion item with the late Alex Kramer put. And on line in some gay waiter. So that gave way to wants Serra he senses could be believed. Because the president. Doesn't want transgender is reclaimed first ideas and he said and I'm OK call ideal scratch from the area the owner come came down and kicked it right. And and by the which offered to pay. Chapter panic you have to be kicked out after you have your little lapse and in Europe had wine and cheese about what he's employed you know that's sponsored table one along and they are there she offered to pay the signal if you are now. Who Sara Sanders. She bought the restaurants are in place right. He said yes she Wolf Blitzer so it was a cheap by definition article it's a fund tables over he's season and I went to one wants view of Benoit don't know heart. I would never betrayed by other people with your wife wants ago I would ballots and my wife's pregnancy was my mother in law's birthday to drag these organic their Jerry's right behind him and what that means it means that you can't swear I don't want them what they just later and the rest are out on the day when I was in was the main you could see the farm. And that's where all the vegetables come from from Paris. How important it means it's fresh we believe it's not fresh sheets from my five miles reform. I'm that they would say they would have a little innocent don't write it I like him there personally I thought petrochemical. There's not reform uncle opened. Pick initial article. It. Part of that is indictment the cocoa beans that made the powder that went into which she Michael's heart or diners who wants the healthy you know of anyway. It. But it's easy for me is it okay you'll assertions he restaurant fine young group of politically fine. Address an owner is OK for guys baking cake saying no for a homosexual couples should freak out right. OK so I don't understand how does that work well two things one. It's religious objection to gay marriage of the game the baker. Objective on religious grounds of constitutional protections which umpire what I'm saying I assume. I mean she was already there get get ready for dinner ego of the personal walked in the baker could've gone to the next week I grew up single I'm saying how does an owner of the restaurant. It's been. And we get the whole story owner spends it is the they have. I think that Hispanics were connect to in this gay gay gay people. And they were upset in order to news and placate them. She came down and ask sir arsonist believed talk about opening a pandora's box behind so now any time the waiter waitresses. Who don't like the politic politics one of the patrons and gets older it's gonna kick them out. It's a mutt can't go any place there's a way to see your famously anti game. Anti gay why he's why would you say that. Who said that would you play Atlanta from an anti gay no Bono knows that once that is pulled directly from misquote want to again pull pranks are now. So yes no no I only words exit news approach in Nielsen. Kicked out of Mexico chased out of a Mexican restaurant by press passes now we sincerity and his. It's gonna continue Maxine Waters. That nut job and if Howard Democrat elsewhere run away from I would I would change my affiliation know that that's one of the these leaders of your party that's one of the faces of your living at this lunatic. Will she doesn't and why it's shipments have she lives in seven million dollar home. You know on the other side of the tracks on one of the great frauds of all time she's calling for more people to be chased restaurants. So anywhere tonight somewhere. You know shun him he's gonna go to dinner Laura Ingram or whoever need any mainstream Republican. Well forget me and when the cabinet she suggests anyone and I do try to get forget they help you go not to. They should be do you think there's any restaurants in the Georgetown area that don't have gave way to assemble snowflake you know like now I can go we sounds a little Lou Lou sequel it's a little could make dogs and couldn't go he gonna be chased out of restaurants are actually somewhere else whatever they are a bit but if you want me there I want either either. Well good I don't have a good some are you don't find out to have to address that as after the accident that. The minute they say no work to get up and go not good servers need apply and opinions. Like synagogue called I don't water things backfire like at a unit does on on the part of it takes someone is gonna get hurt. Maybe someone's gonna get hurt I'm not saying the gonna get gunned down that Steve's police was gunned down by a burning below them saying someone will get punched in the face. Someone will get. And knocked to the ground and get hurt. She said anybody who supports. This basic check some ma restaurants rallied again good luck with that gas to Asia where where she was she said. There was an shoes outdoor toilet park on a stage only sooner he California. I'm with its account I don't know I think there was a California until it is over trump anyway you all these crazy. You know pretty like liberal surrounding her chat. Yes but I thought it seems pretty here in the violence here is that while the left doesn't promote violence to try to you know play surrounded by. No good liberals hold up signs and cheering her arm. They're cheering on woman. Want you to attack. People in restaurants and department stores and gasoline stations and you get passes for people. And Chris Cuomo just created this likely fits into a legal protest as long as it's not it in too far by one. There will be. It will be Bernie bedroom obviously Bernie Breaux the birdie broad birdies kind announced he's released that's gonna happen. And I mean soon and predicting Richard Fisher looked like. Wasn't twelve was below rightly overall sales are easy Pickens and she's. Hearts are you third fourth sort for headlines crystal did you first think I'm good to go our departments don't do that yet. Kirk James Callahan on Twitter and Kirk. We've back on Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah ties yeah soon. We know and then Kirk can Callahan and number one wack packer gets called up to the big weeks I'm not he went. You are definitely come I went past the horse racing complex formations of regular. Definitely when there's no shot I'm glad I was final lap tracker whoever won black figure believe Wagner's beats Mike might Netscape all I really hot. He's been here on a weekday in lieu of credit haunts us there are people here on a weekday in the cafeteria. Blue is open now one of America's great studio hopes back Gandy area near her period. And under her chambers on a pregame show much channeling his emotions the right away on all Davies guy. These voters holding is coming at a bar and grill next and thanks for going above my head should be like a little bit. Why do you laugh it's it's not you think it's funny I'm trying to feed my family at home tonight you need not be ninety days now. Understanding. We should talk about sports is it dressed Michelle it's time for a car. And and not much men's. Headlines. What what to put that leaves out the best cuts that's a lot of three that would like to play they were much here is that. Vice president fine today let's hear it spears yes thanks but it was about for greats before. Income. We will bulls presidency that you were here before either of us some people happy we're here hoops and Europe's few of us knew you were off Monday and I don't know if you wobble with concerns wavelength here nice and early today get ready for the shouldn't have I'd probably this week doctor Robert miner without the obvious we want to write. I don't pump up my Fridays on Milan lie why. That's courtesy as it is fun show before the fourth title here I like your run in the front artisan for a while I was not your friend. CIA asked this is this I don't was a rating I don't know what it's almost but not doing a Friday show ratings and and nearly all right now we feel like they're here. That's why the ratings don't go to what was your what was your reason behind that. We've nobody else's way right now so large that one from a something so yeah not what RG to did you know what are you not did you guys able to see you want Fries with that suggests all alone. And that he'd end up on me and it wasn't what did you moral voice and just waited for don't know which. Goes on with the race. Well what he means a we only one although he's on my we have tried not to lead what is that thirty seconds do we go rescinded something I don't know I don't either find though we get here we were both at the C. When Kirk used to walking in you know Spaniard Tomas heroes to relic was that. Right. You seem like your face let's go to partly symbolic and let's discuss that right right which got the lead let him one if you heard. As an emirate peak for Michigan. That people all know now. Your body from Michigan Paul Paul Paul Paul missing I'd also point what's his face from the big recruiters crime to the way Becker. I can't believe it is still nationally prize element it is decided not to weed out his due to behave or anything blocked by him this Kelly scan ballot. It was definitely all right okay now deadlines brought on by doctor Robert letter doctor Matthew pressed Pierre doctors Wes Welker. It 100 games here who's on between my. Today in front office Turk island and Kirk we should find out poll this week it once was stricken with Paul yeah and we as consumers hit it. Artful. Absolutely do and it possibility yet civil war. Some have. Territory. To vet the leg room temperature ice is as thick you could face seven degree as it's called chocolate milk. Read our old oysters there which is this week and for Charlie bakers on John yeah. He was accused of sexual assault on a jetBlue flight in adult female passenger told state police AJ groped her breast on the low. We mean from that these days. Dockery was sitting it was a short flight to have tickets you know it happens along place for guys drink and or maybe taken during Ambien right and this was waiting to see the Boston is that right Curtis yes sir. That's a short at a short choices that's how he was drunk when he got on our he wasn't drunk at all we groping and it would not stop touching right there were throw those reports throughout the course of the sounds that were found in exhumed escapades and Maryland and not. Octopus on the specifics in there. They don't get into specifics. The director for the baker team says that this is a personal matter for the baker family agent who operate with woods but with any requests from or does he know the woman. It doesn't say it was a return insane. That you slap his hand and say punch him in the program how. Very secure right rested which are right these kids over to do that is bizarre she would choose to stop I can blame. Or going to abuse Michael Rappaport. Says otherwise raise your hand if you believe this. Five finishes in the story. Michael Rappaport allegedly rushed to restrain passenger who tried to open the emergency exit door on an American Airlines want to be fair you rapport and claim your reducing I was just say the exact same thing budget that is guys' defense he was not playing Michael rapper Mac you like wrote twelve backwards and next few what I would jump out like the last time is right. And there. Yeah. That's true and if we haven't had had a month since falling out with. Portal where he's gone silent and he's doesn't exist anymore as a moment I'm over him on this unthinkable glistening stunt. According to some random guy and Twitter. Read more to stop the car or plane from. Opening an emergency door no joke mr. New York jump right up and stop the anticipation thanks Mike Murray this update commitment the president is to we have. The red head restaurant should focus more on cleaning its filthy canopy. Tours and win those. Parentheses badly needs a paint job and Brad the seat rather than refusing to serve a five person lake Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I always had a rule if a restaurant is dirty on the outside he is dirty on the inside exclamation point we. You mentioned the rats and mice dropping Gloria 42 seconds ago as one point seven thousand likes and 560 between now and I I think Republicans will stay away from the red and other enough Democrats to make it to make you thrive Willett will this work out well for the red and I don't think so I am not Democrats will go there with a vengeance is gonna work out fine but what Republicans want when you travel five years now. We've got the Israelis hitting it five years that police in Virginia's Collison to Republican or else I. I'm saying is he to liberals find yourself to be that strong feelings now that you know that's a good point that his fiancee is not is no way to say it appears to close. She's Republican she was going. You close the door on the Virginia is not you know crazy liberal. You close the door on what part of the finals they always says that area overwhelmingly voted against him to pretty high and restaurant you know. It's much is upon this little place funny idol judges homage it replaces Emanuel and I would guess it's you do this. Like free course meal right. They bring your own you know the fresh over custody money all Republicans don't know balloon with money. If you wanna get the crowd went while while I do stories Xbox I'll be out of parsley puree is going house farm was charred and Errol and it's one of those restaurants ready to forgive vomit Allah curse wind tunnel let's let's let's we don't even know what half the things our money's guessing there with the hounds is your rating portals Jerry ski resort for. It's okay state. The Huskies it's great when we are like screen it's got a lot of these guys bush yet. Out of the bottom of game games feet but it's just how much is the result to this and therefore there's other comes of not Laura Bush at Doral mushers begin either. Now we can even get spaghetti and on the Sega take a deadly killer on Saturday but it's Bonnie Levin buffalo creek and out and predict. That went down plucked from the spaghetti tree. Potato calmer day. But there's another redhead there's other red and restaurants and they denounced them. That's on that said it's on us because they know what's terrible that is less common and a million little boost short term long term it's about. Here's what's you can be sure of the Yelp reviews the awful. They already are David thousands of people delicate two point force. Yelp review rest of them. Well before trump one after the red hand he went after Jimmy Fallon. I guess who's one of the few that listened to balance podcast where he talked about messing up front there trump says that Jimmy Fallon meets to be a man. He's now referring to all that he did that famous hair show with me where you seriously messed up my hair and that he would now done it would now have done a different. Because he claimed other twenty humanize me is in now is taking heat. After the show be called in said monster ratings to be a man Jimmy Fallon responded by saying. In honor of the president's week I'll be making a donation to races. In his. What is races. I'd guess it's nonprofit group by now he's great throw my comedians and stuff like that he was apologizing for humanizing. President the United States what they do. With and these candidates on right it's kind of yes a couple of them where these people in the dutrow once again what are they going to do that's going to be great I'm open I can that be restaurant that allow me to Texas. They're gonna be like shooting people in the streets he won't be reelected to her because Paul Marmol has some seat call I was really hurt us on the president. This year we should get home on long as good in the future. We have sound from them on CNN yes. I think that the president is watching this interview IPOs that Michael Cohen and I when I leave here. A medical back of the regency with bio caught what it would have protectors look to take consider this and I but it's bad that we get with Bible poet. And the president and Donald Trump about the truck. I've stated that we get hanging out with Michael quote she's been doing Mike Hulbert is I mean I'm here to show it landed dead you've treated you've just respected him. And his family and there's a lot going nuts. So it's integrated VoIP sound like. Someone who's still on drugs I think yes but he sounds like well they usually did whatever he needed it that's from its years of co angler shirts and I believe he did some serious damage to marry Rosie. You know he'd had intercourse were losing two of them today if a kid now I don't believe so make your kids with a guy after I think. She mentioned is the management mechanic or something just a weird weird history right. Michael Cohen respond to that interview by saying they are not spending that we had together they did not discuss tapes and that they do not discussed the president passed it ridiculous. He's a total loans she's any else. That's okay have you could hear you call that weren't there when it was someone that terrible. Box office or a jury were pretty dapper when he read yet. At that time it hurts but it's suggesting if you want more we can your microphone as well you're the co host of had its. Absolutely. Still stuffed suit in one he had a cold again that political peaks. Weeks and Jerry's voice sawgrass. And it really. Well all locked up as I want I want what is doing a lot what is. Why is it a shot at my characteristics. Through what he's secure permanently and easily is that we stand on is a guy. You have some mean to wallow Richard Reid. Beyond you're on you're it was out of some you might need that what's it called on the nose but he called my buddy at the second idea yet again set the title run that. He's you have that's cocaine use your original game. So I don't fix it's yes and remember. Would look to the times story. I've OK when we have McPhee on. OK guys. Yeah at times editors defended the use of the now face times that are time magazine's. Time magazine editor defended the cover. I'm saying that nobody knew that that child had not to anyway Curtis gets awards without having lost its pretty straight shot at nine prove that appeals courts and answers now. And if he 5050 with right after this good. Did you make a mistake by having this Friday on the cover. Look I I think John mores is currently was and will remain. An iconic ones that we chose the photo. Because this little girl. Became the face. This story on. Front pages and home pages and TV screens let in the face he shouldn't have been the face of this story if she wasn't separated from Vermont. Well you know as John just said in his settled along none of us in the media who use the photos knew what had how to look at. Okay good novel are a giant truck next to suspend someone not to swallow us on the street new York and take a picture for it she's cute has a crying kid in Central Park. And make it look like she was separated the border beating trump examine each campaign himself before between. I don't know what he's he's probably not through the red you can feel the game. But but I think he's probably given the rate had it in the short term blues again as well yeah good although in tone. It's not cheap it's if you wanna support. The cause you're gonna go have liquor you know freedom Bellamy and true that's the point these people these bombs almost since he's drifted well assays like it seems to me like fifteen to twenty years ago. This time magazine story would be enormous career and nobody even had time now because it's about trump right. I don't I don't know sentiments people criticize and protect the media. This is why this is fake news and they don't apologize and a retractable. Just. It's you know. Which of the time it was sort of it's a different sort but that course where the same way dateline blip that they track yeah whatever him you know I would nothing Pinto right. But they've but that's such as him says such are the same thing she's ready to lawsuit staged I guess wasn't real what's the difference from this time magazine's didn't know when he know that's true exist I even coastal prince who can't see analysts see a picture of a no one buys in the one reason I guess kind of relevant ideas are that's headlines brought you by doctor Robert mattered and document repressed he'd be here doctors Wes Welker. At 1800 here over. We return with more of Kirk and on Sports Radio. WEEI. I couldn't. Love the city of Boston anymore. I was born about twenty minutes away in Lawrence Massachusetts. Nice area yeah. Curtis gonna find out he's on his way. You find those soft drugs of opera but it was by a couple weeks ago so it was good or it's like yes he's got to do is cooler who's a lounge chairs can. River yes nice summer day good good. OK is packed but in Israel as a person on his way easier to be there by 9 o'clock to the Lawrence court house displaced 53 minutes Alina you you please tell the truth. Let's planet carries and he's a treasure I that's right 53 mines that's right okay. Here's some athletes and our. Paternity suits everybody's heard of Jerry Della ways yesterday he did very excited and so the Google Maps but I'm an example a map quest guys aren't actual physical map and I swear it's where reliable school Colin. By joining us right now. Now. She'd trio Friday afternoon. A kick off the whole thing is Michelle McPhee. She Treo and your Mears. Has some well issues being I didn't connection with an ongoing federal state investigation state to Michelle what's going on. How are good good morning any updates on the last day or two. I know other than the fact that I would point to the story I think that there reporting. Ought to have why is it your reporting accept that we look at that. We're. Worried what I need it and that Terry I can't look all I'm gonna that I ever. What it at that Carey and husband there. I was ask got Michelle Sasha but I serviced by saying that I can never remember reading a story were the defense attorney is not. I have never. Written targeted at guitar is not. I've gone and I also think that you know essentially sort. Are you want to walk our talk or I ever ever indicated that there are what are your start on that issue. I treat it very clear he would act if you aren't going at it I think it will support I'll go back at a you have eight. Acute at Baylor. Part of speaking about it and he got although our end. My experience in the park narcotic doctors narcotic not it will tell you that experts say at an engine that say that right. Now over the globe said it up in. Can't heir apparent that exactly. What I care. The globe that it it was a balk at each driver accused the other at black extract. In your merits exactly what I. So I ink. I do believe. At more than that but it and I stand by it at that if you aren't they act by acute drug dealer I think that would be an indication. Thank you mark it on our investigation. And I you know I mean there's an attorney. I don't near. Anybody I add we had a well you are at it all out. And and any says the box belongs to you in the box contains. Fend Nall so I would I would guess the next question would be no I always had there mirrors involved I mean it's it's only a lot. But they don't the F it's not. I applaud what better better in the back it. Might explain some demean Michelle is a veteran police reporter. The globe does not name the dealer the alleged dealer who. Was arrested correct. What are they not name arrested charged. Drug dealers. I all right I think that the impact there about it BP actually appear. Well since when does the newspaper care but at a reporter's gonna say on the record and name the guy was arrested with 400 grams of fat and all. Because he might get roughed up in prison when a reporter have a concern himself with well I'll also say this if he was if you lose you know indicted for this it would take. Very long to find out who these anyway I mean it's like they're fifty people who got busted with forty grams of this. While they weren't there isn't very big eight on our right out you know and and Becky it's that it era that amber at our. And again I reiterate I don't want that. Acute the subject of investigation is active in that it wouldn't about the rate at La Torre back at the search app. Advised that that's this morning I mean based in between the globe essentially you know endorser tweet. That is just I would just say it's it's cute it's curious reported by the globe when I read the story I read the first time. And it has made reservations as did the second and third times which is the really strange read but you know the friend's name correct. You know and Jerry ital partner that we can't act on or read that right it report. That. What about and I think that our reporting act. Now I have I mean attribute as it went 88 or Libya amber I'd ever and it. That you are actor Kirk is what I ever. Because we won't record the court at. All yet a lark the eight there. What I expect. And it is a target at age. Eight and adult. We think will happen today correctly have been named today now. Out. So the globe kept secret for one birdie data about the night the data about themselves twelve hours doesn't protect the can tweet last night at 6 o'clock wish. He said with cannot find an anger in the station near your timeline had the arrest happening and late may the globe said happened in April any clarification on the the timeline of the actual arrest that led to this facetime call. Out. Here at what I will might I add aren't particulate that. And that it I went to act attic I get a look at the actual floor Lou quite yet. Q it is all about all of are at the ball aren't. I'm Ellie. You're not act like it although her eye and what it all while lot. Or actual traffic cop you whip Eric Wright operates. And I'd. And that is turning back at me. And my man Obama multiple. Plus I know what obviously with the it's hiding other Red Sox fans were responding to will that they know before the release that they know. We're back in April the way the globe spins it is that it happened at. You know much earlier than before he got released through designated for assignment that's the way they position today. Why I'm I'm gonna become clear again and they know I I can't stay on the they review that sort of record I have I have. I'm not so or. Other direct votes on the record at Torrey. Are they quote an affidavit many edits over and over again they quote though lawyer they close sources in the quote the affidavit right now I don't see a police report an outstanding LTQ represent affidavit. We're happy to get critical that the one I would say expert search warrant or I. He yelled out at eight at all. I do you think your guy I think it's gonna play out. I think it's your plan we think we're gonna learn at 9 o'clock. Well. I don't know that they -- warrant that your record and we're not answer but certainly it upon its architect that it as well. It repeated at all that it right now under indictment and you're yet to tackle war and that's like reporting. What I leading edge he connected to a obviously connected to get our dollar in federal at it. In an interview that you know I bet you don't do it at eight at pomp at the box. And their merit. All which saw Lorena how far the stopped traffic stop in the face time. Call our big news you know pay their marry his nose and alleged. Big time fan no dealer dealer or that he called them right after a pop called. Me he's got his number he's. They act. It's it's it's Eric let it lark what not there's traffic. I'm shall we apple will we'll talk to see without the stuff I'm sure I think you know about how one little thing every. I have to wife's neck yeah. You know that I I don't into the secret gallery are. On IIIR. Bob. Outlet getting let her get it. Back. Out flash if you're all expect that I haven't. To. Yet I think I had to do the globe is going after you because of this I'll I don't think that aren't at all like the picnic or some. They're. At at because. The low burner story got back whatever what. What did you what's the just thing I understand how to see the connection with Hillary was a connector Miller. And action are. DC and this is what I want your idol and I'm amazing what do you mean. Why it will occur latter part of it. We'll talk behind the shall not doing. Well. She's talked. That you have let you do it it's not a good little story that backs up reports on what that about it it been different if Hillary god that he was pivoting to the Hillary's charges story with old sexual lives I thought but I don't. And we were suggesting that the globe's own investigation of their sexual. And nobody need. I thought she was pivoting to had a whole different subject. Yet but it's by put a move you we suffer for doing. I'll tell you change your mind again lazy she did you know you said it now we're on time we don't we'll don't know the time I guess yes and really I mean but which says that when you're Nash reaction VE topical for the ticker now. Yeah right but there was a connection but I don't think shaman like solar write this to make aboard the headline read the story to make her look like Hillary anyway. And that's about so. She isn't anything new since last couple days until to a final night clock maker I guess we hope weapon that was Curtis is on his way to zone or courthouse we think he's gonna pull the records we have the details I assume. The police report we'll have more details will certainly have names dates times and Curtis has his little side dishes in Lawrence Wright is girl. Is she should be making her apartment at one hand shoots her apartment was in that top this place here. He paced file that's some places uses dad's or toaster that's girl he barks and left. When he's done he leaves a couple of C notes on the right night table I don't Becky doesn't look like kiss kiss on the forehead right he's on his way that's whey doesn't yes. The term it would face time as well I'm Nicole wanted the united somehow. In my whatever he's seen with a proud you upon how he learned futures Cotto and skin nice and you are 199 fruit in there can you leadership you leave his shirt on now. I know there are referenced as of Friday or Saturday it was for the girlfriend's good files for for whoever it is that's occurrences crew doesn't Lawrence has bugs in it's all we learned there. Amounts to zero but yeah it retirements a lecture no. Are you know okay. We're in no more this is all on record but I like to -- out of his arrest is not that important but the Red Sox the brits out part of it for me is that if that's the the push back on from Red Sox and the social media has been she got a timeline on Christmas stories a hair he's gone I don't tell Gerri what do you like completing my journey was here. We want us. Well I just being over Fenway this week it's all some people appear McCue I can't do it like who people connected to that around the team. When I finalized the roster should robs him and not the players are talking about this Haley and all others that's on the girl just who is Clement I managed let's show shut down what he really independent and he's in the Lena. But at all not in any way positive negative in silence like nobody's address shouldn't talk about once again like I think that's the that's hanging around the fentanyl dealer of course talking about it. And any. There would ever talk about this at the senses. There's something beyond just the players know more about that deals. Who told you this. I can't reveal it cannot it's off the record chatter what's your good students Bradford. It to be like like however when news everyone knew summit features blink once if nothing else reported that this guy that was stopped. Facetime and their manners he is a big time I should be between the other drug dealer that and we should sue her for slander so what did you reported. Her tweet is accurate. Right basement globe story today yes. Yes accurate and interesting and newsworthy. Our outrage coming up we are 51 minutes away from Christopher's breaking some serious news. You'll feel confident now pretty big. He can get is me lines person do that it's not fair value of the courtroom and exited that's going to be Cambridge US assistant. Did bananas Thomas warn you verio I think he needs to make a total price performance in which was great who's been dry hurt us like her to do well. I want to succeed today yeah today but Friday month well you sure I was bedlam on the gulf war the third markers for him again for 22. McKenna last shot Curtis never makes a show him his life is always gonna miss that show courts there rob went drivable. To put clarity threw for their own right our threes.