K&C - Dino returns for his now-annual Ft. Myers appearance with Kirk & Gerry 2-23-18

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, February 23rd

Hour 4. In an apperance that sounds somewhat similar to his sit-down last year in Ft. Myers, old friend Dino joins Kirk and Gerry to awkwardly answer a few quetions and ask a few Sox questions of his own. The guys then wrap up their week at Sox Spring training with some thoughts on the state of affairs regarding the show.


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He skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. Once Sports Radio WEEI. Them let relatives could do you agree there's lots and butch wrote this I'm back I it'll. Well she got everything we won't say it's fine it's. If you're black factories beard right persons. Like. You should be the differently I'm honored yes I mean he'll especially I want. But what it was that was word about that today you're substance. Easy to. We talk a shot us Euro occurs at the mortgage guys that we should agreements. Such honesty wasn't like he told me that they missed what. This well it's a good morning and just Purdue's it's. We did some good. Could cross promotion politics any targets that would be cute and excited for this we did it last year. We get talked to again use a big part of the station December. We heard much from him since then but. This is an annual rite of passage that makes sense to wrap up this before the final hour the fifth and definitely final day year. And jetBlue park is at John debt instrument deal aborting our. Good morning. What's their what's going but this was the second time. In seventeen months that my alarm. At a clock and more. Good morning. Wow it's good to hear from you are excited Jared which. To hire Jerry. I. I'll do that in the cold shoulder she also what sorts what's the job what to judge devastating what's going on down here for seeing this week that we might found the nicer place at a better price. Oh good I hit a good move that to Aventis has a family of any good there yeah you're feeling good healthy things okay. My friend good morning. The disputed. Two you know. Featuring much. That's why. Featuring much. Give me an elephant Odyssey just to bossy that day if you like to say Tomas. After big fight man this guy has money. Now. Classic. That he hated us well good morning John. And why so much confuse the note do you think bill Belichick's got wolf Rob Lowe on no. It's. Quite a few. Just you guys know exhibiting what did you jog jog up and I don't want it I want czar is one of the time that's fair. Old. When do you stop saying Merry Christmas yes it is in a Wii is February put stuff saying here. Stop saying Merry Christmas. Laser oh I understand as a okay. That's vital that absolutely. Most of the questions market inflicted guys there's a real bullpen situation here all right. I looked up some Red Sox question to make market. She what place in how many wins do you think the race. What place I am. It okay what else second place or you. We'd never done qualities where he's not bitch about it I just. I'm just another bird shot I know. Great okay I'll say 887. Get a question what mascots in the ultimately the master of the ride you'd say. You know whatever he wants to disguise the best the dough is job I'd say it's something he's the best ever hosting media around yes it is a John asks. Red Sox question. How does the assimilation of new guys in the clubhouse new guys on the team miss like you'd the United Nations down a couple different languages how does that process work itself out of the courses retreated. It was a lot of new guys that it. You know I don't know that it's something worth discussing what you said. No there. Yes I would say but Iran really knew guys were new legs shut out coached RC yes yes yes like Corzine obviously is violent true. Actress any LC as any other Red Sox give me a name that we are vaguely familiar with now that by the end of this baseball season we'll be if not a household world word. Somebody that we are quite familiar with and making a contribution on the baseball team. Mean it's good question. Should loan is no one knew. Let me get absolutely. I would say Radke. Radically yeah I would say that in television in the world yes dot it's great for the actual. Let's get an excellent guide. Does there have to be some sort of a if any oral watershed moment that everybody in Washington says you know what. What we're doing here is not working we must somehow someway stop saying. You're wrong no your wrong go my way is right on my always right in this this logjam that is all the alternate or I was iPods and apple and Boeing and quite frankly I think there's a fatigue in this country about it. Is there an event that has to happen how does that even from an evolutionary standpoint change where things get back to art let's try to figure this out together. Good question. I don't know the answer do you Kirk bell and I think it's it's a really really really good question John that's a good question nothing else force. New. You don't question us. Should will middle Brooks be worried about Gary and GT any short term or long term. Good question I guess the answer eighth yes short term and walked do you inaudible on saying it light from the art collection gal who better. Yes through state death. And the ouster if you were king for a day. How would you fix what is wrong with the replay a replay officials and all the bitching and moaning that the Buffalo Bills and the Pittsburgh steeler fans are doing now outward form this that this is not an accent sort Fort Myers I think it's a good question. That's a question for another day and about anything else. And luckily cousin Vinny would say what about the Utah. Or else job. What do you like about this team and what worries the hell out of you about your day you on us. Elect you know in elect the new guys take him to suggest to you like sale. Like John shot just to deal judge you like talking. So I think you would sailed a good back report what you would you like an opportunity to do about it. What is one plus. I don't podcasts that. Anything else. Where does that all go wrong for the team if it does go wrong I would recovered at any else. It was just a toxic environment. Who who admit that I meet bad yourself it's now. A and I agreed it was toxic toxicity it's. Is that last rate that now it won't get on great yeah I think so I mean that a child be pleased with it. Anything else what did you see the didn't feel right before deciding to kick a field goal. Is that on its all about and understand what that even without question you have to do with with that too awkward. We we have thing else would have been doing lately LT looks at so according to a today what's Russert day. Why have lunch first of the club and then hit balls or do I get balls and then have lunch. I smoke and ash didn't do on the back deck like that. Around sundown alt fire up the grill throw a couple of states on for Cappy and me. That will watched designated survivors callers in the navy seal program. Fortunately questions for six what's that set at 79790%. Could ask the you know any you know any I'll ask you this I know. You've been active political means and what's going on there it seemed to Wear won't what's new there. It's weird. What am I doing it. You very it's it's. Passionate about it deals can. Be yes if yes give you a question to you yesterday that right now which US. Oh. Numbers up there have to be some sort of a if any oral watershed moment that everybody in Washington says you know what. What we're doing here isn't working a weasel out somehow subway stop saying that you're lying. Now that's. But job as always I think giving a few notes could be different what do you see it yet absolutely. True when will receive. I would consider field and worked with you guys in the summer. Well we them with us this. Good morning to you is what you my friends good morning. Good good morning English and Chris Curtis W Curtis to talk like that Friday you weren't. New. Loan coastal ice final words for Jerry's that your partner for homes for twenty years and once. Eight for me. That went well I fix this is not as well as last year made. By Joba talked do you ever. Your butt hurt. That's a legitimate questions it's part of the dialogue. It is amazing. If we worked you know we're here but that's what we do because. Relic. So relics and that's what you get through Judy Martinez. Which I agree it's cut interest. Money you know lawyers. And the second story of spring was Butler county to note that he's talking a while ago a series of no light his lawyers right. So not you know wherever shortstop. Some pitching. Borders. That's guys beat guy trying to serve as readers and viewers correct he's talking lawyers also lost to Europe for a long time. Let's put that shares I would be able story to. Some weird some years some strange person on the fringe. But it bulldogs. Club yes. To too weird you know by the way here from Red Sox perspective it's it's a good thing. Yes she wrote this year row controversy none. Not communicated and make it out trying to decide my point to you Tony is not somebody's going to be the only team and I merits he might not be as plate that feels right I mean. Initial problem but nobody he's not playing along these aren't that good soldiers settle the right thing to balance there's bullets complete list these he's not literally. Who's ever Alexa managers that is the wish. It brought barrel back this year to last year that BOB story. True these job outline this new minutes so finally set the likes of its own right ailing them right I mean if they're brought Carol back. Every QB right you make you keep saying or and keeps Adam Warren. It's it's good boring ethnic groups especially initially it should watch that's the same things. You know we're so used to every year at least one format whether it's the ball whose fraud. So what whatever it you know this place is obviously your pleasure he was at the Nazis established. Stick to beer is gone now I've gone. Barrels on. Ran stories on Santa balls on a big contract controversy right now it's sale but on the Kimbrel the closer controversy whose contract. To write you know wanted to do not want to long term deal. Or does it is a great year it's August and pop off limits. It and and sale. Is that there's been no. Don't cut us our industry he has actually back it won't work John. When do you stop saying Merry Christmas. My. Well I think it's that that's a good question I would say I'm being done. There you have it the wacky neighbor like I do it's those Christmas lights so wacky sleaze. That's a six cents. Floridians would come down. Maybe they can delicate moment was like Belton. Well you know have that I do not now at a C drive routes this got to call or two before. It's called a two day and in New Hampshire it Dan. Hey guys. I personally you know here I. That's well let's check it that is the host a lot featuring much. Yeah ethic that's good. Well so you know I didn't been gone for awhile the central location yup on some of these things. Any comment on if you anything in common with my in terms you're related to the concurrence. Well. I. Yeah. They used to be usefully. That's and hobbies month that's an anymore they'll million nastiness he's a DB and I was out during the break I was actually tuchman Aaron told that he was very pleased really yet Harry's going to be back. I think so I think I. But doing wrestle mania podcast area preview of some we need we need a regular wrestling. Correspondent typically brought jobs and we know we kick it due Meltzer injunction. Was untouchable in Melbourne as the atom chapter of professional wrestling. He CN shift of every do you select the particularly the generically as more aggressive and he's just a short. While it. Report that was EG grazer points out now one of those events via. And brushes fees. That's. Yes so good on the bona. The real newsletters. Bush describes you watch and watch all shows still shows I talked about how that's asks you take the rest from this week absence seven the yard watching world. With you. At. So what would elect point two west or with a yes. Yes. Let cocaine. Well liked you know error fifteenth you'll yes three of them also likes them walking around classic exporting goods and it's it's it's it's huge guns. This feels wrong. But what you use. I creator fifteens are scary there are macho. While people like my friend you met as he has nine of us because people have a fetish. But if there were no way of fifties and today Nicholas crews would go on the Dick's Sporting Goods and lots of bills in politics that he would be killed because of the magazine were small. And those those regulated the damage would news is this is so upset at seventeen kills thirteen. Which is you know which is better right. But still the problem with current medical help with security yes so I mean you can get rid the F fifteens limited raised the age. But people like Nicklaus scrutiny. Victor Cho whatever they missed did you detect nothing happens if any thought that are obviously terrible situation our Cotchery now. That it is all. Davis got the picnic all the lowest 870. Who scripture that means let's make any sense at all did you talk to jog but before you want to. We talked a little bit of the we're on. Page you are jobs yet are. Six or 777790%. To repaired. Trying to deal. That's up to sleep lots dusty relic Harry relic Bradford very eclectic group. Yes we have Colin Scott Peterson the scary go via political pick this up please don't call it call it audience got the other guys that throw this distillers right. Rat and the. Guided the. And relic in training troops in Iraq close friends. Together training from Seoul Korea. You. Yes well bullets flying one now she's in north. Know that you're back but if they get reported positive things Morgan said it enough for its auto one bureau's. Yeah outsized competitiveness well. Absolutely thrilled it was Hillary collections in North Korea snoop. He's not immediately thought of water won't beard she was cute. She was like eight miles from the tendencies she heard gunshots. Amused rage. To you Richard dot tonight's last night partly a sexual I telling total in total and watching our. Every time towards that was C sports channel. Yet hotel and it was always correlate. It's every time was dominant the last as a social it has nothing like watching schemes. You. Now I appreciate they're they're great it's not. You don't difference between the first skier in the thirties there were some great crashes some people out right washers and that's the biggest bust a hole that was that that lady who did the odds of Hungary's. Allegedly from Hungary she was great righteous are there Russian girl I don't. Which opened its auto the men's gold medal hurling match that or tomorrow so I went extra work whatever quotes are. I don't leave until Monday. Those opposed term is money. But it yes so you don't lie to them might recoil of the closing ceremonies thing. It was time had little trouble could be could be. So Johnny Weir Tara Lipinski cohost that yes NBC isn't such terrible spot that it had. Lester holt will be watching that she made an issue was. The Olympics as a disaster that stuck with that mean that there next which are right or epidemics are excellent and additional equipment. The biggest sovereign of the scared and excel clock tonight and I and her first ever opening. I mean you know you talk about exports that are habits that are that are being out. Hubble for Winter Olympics were able to watch notes just goofy games these crazy. Look at Q school ski jumps. Whatever new. Speed skis six. Eating it circles. Doing what pisses me off balance the need for there to its cute. This goes on known. How would you. I've watched a little more than that but for the most part didn't care vote one laws. Don't break other Americans are awesome music somebody NBC paid seven point 75 billion off. But he Olympic Games from now until 2032. That's. Insane about what's your eighteen to 222633. More which are yes. Oh. Where artists. I mean the more appealing I have here I would get to that third two Olympics yet conservative talk about the Boston expires at year's. Right and the baseball on the ratings for these I do not or you know are always a US equate Hitler's idea. The club as a race too good. I think that is excellent. But too many people 2032. X. It's going to be in the states in the next couple it's much more the Boston bench I think I'll. In addition coming toilet official portrait for those that right. The next Olympics or point two in Beijing China. These in China yet. Summer winter. It is what it is cold out there the bill the bill that's will mountains you'll the world ocean that's true that change the weather. And Beijing Summer Olympics that changed the web right correct yes no rain just happy if some shifts. That just. 2000. IOC is calm patient's full of the second time it was only. That's fourteen years apart suburb which are so. She's civic promised no shoes right they promise that they will be built on top people die built so. They promise to weather will be good scores will be cold whatever they want that'll be happy smiling. So try to go to Beijing a couple of years. And in the wanna bet you it means that point 16. Winter games there will be in Switzerland Japan and Sweden can. The eighties so weak we're hanging out and hurled it for the record the game Danks makes. It was pitched. Today for the Red Sox the last start for the rest of us what's an act of Alaska's yet unpublished. Article that I'll. Call them a comedy it she. He started today who's out who's opposing him. Which Jerusalem. Big week for his caddies are you ready for Sunday skates on not yet feel threatened in directorate general you know. I'm much slower it was close to Mitch in this well we you know and you we we take chances I'd go. We think. Alex Roemer will be. Posting. A statement podcast podcast and blog posts by solitary toward put up are still friends over partial towards him Aleks reinstatement. Sure what that means but he may be right back noise but he's finally going to have a chance to. Apple news yes so plays later today react to yes read. Unless somebody justices yesterday he's back at this summit. For us and you said nope you made him isolated but until that would suck at work. I think relic was good so now that's a talent that. I'm when the world is looking for a college or wheels yeah. Attorneys and in North Korean prison trays my god knows he's probably smother prisons a question like this. Wait anyway may white person. Have a we're always looking yes I mean you know we gave him a chance it was terrible you never know what would it work we never go to move into the building. Our place and bought four. Whatever it was it was cute penguins not the main popular out and say the plant and feet so who knows. But Ochoa did fine in I didn't remember the combination of fact we have Brady audited. And the idea that you know. Remembers those guys that literally don't think those in this day. Oden made it goes unspoken fact he's homosexuals also. Back out it should we you and I read. A couple of weeks it was a it was a few weeks ago in Philadelphia two weeks ago two weeks ago of exchange though nothing I read that. Stay at that point that's that's that's not play well off your decision. It wasn't the wasn't what I written right. So I talked about that the key to this had to be smarter about this that he put correspondent podcasts. That's the word I go again personally I know nothing. Desert on top of it is silly and that he's gonna get a lobotomy and these guns room. You vegetable refusal testicles electrocuted be attractive women. That things could change its yes what's that thing now I wonder wouldn't be like to get. Envision a scenario was on the race. Yes or absolutely put us. He said some stupid I agree it's it's it's maybe. It's it's a scoop good break for gave him that's quicktime it affects all of us know. But you know he's got ambitions that in schools. Now let's say he can't be on the rate announcing. What do you mean what about a week these at first yes. We talked about and even though he says that yes but you know it's. Do you think if it can analysts and they skate would be we're listening to. Yes much hurt. Yes I would. Yes it's an active at all so it's four via a UAU. Don't go ahead tees again this Sunday and this other agents I didn't like re relate to you like rumors out there. Gregory Alito curse. I'm fired up about a move past that he didn't you know he made a statement this epic. Spit it pretty well for a writers say he didn't really low down to everything that Chris but it isn't nearly as well let me. And we did it on told might. The whole world when labels get away for ball I was that was dirty pool or reveal the X prize I was wrong and that was you forget that it now. You'll never know bigger than that. A hard time getting past that's that's one of those things it's difficult to back this so gonna wrap it up here for much of Sunday. Sunday skate Sunday morning. Yes Monday back in Boston back in Boston ma will be shown. Tell us on the show yes but day's most on Sunday morning with Ken. The tightest course. Of course. If you ever listen to them or given a chance to go well. It said the rockets one hour two hours just one belonged Arctic reckon on the trades assume right yet beat Toronto in Saturday will be on the coast of zero pucks give it. Current yes we must act. Sure. Could this which is good. Dale nailed it did you know entry are or right back to Iraq for example Michael guess we've had this week. Live from jetBlue park you could make a list of the farewell Austria and the weak U boats. Here at jetBlue park live will wrap things up god. Never. Mind she's anyone. I'll wrap the week it's made a lot of friends very happy to. Here for Myers jetBlue park. For a comeback here Hampshire. Which are anticipating that busy week here we survived. Jerry's to you know these early flights in my life so if for couple. Commitment date guys next to jail all he had with some nights it. We have mud in tonight's six to ten with quite like Chris a lot of commitment they go big weekend schedule. As well. Technical or else you can go I think really good. Back Monday. Much is alongside Monday in my tank weighed in this week coming up next actions exit. My a couple of days Gary couple days if you figure out reconfigured and try to attack of the stochastic coaches know we know Tomas to go for. We know we've been going forward I guess that we know training going forward. It would be much in Gary for now cultural expert but the collective joke around casting couch and dramatically different. Different going forward. As maybe show itself beat some more fashionable sports with us this media continues Griese turned it is. Kurt and how hand and show Perry and and that's been tested as we see Chris. Relic Bradford. For anybody else we want to thank Joel Hanrahan. When there yet Ryan got Burnett for. Obscene to reject. No I think got a book covers. Assailant and he had on selectivity from the sides Bradford and throw it in studio record for a student yes it's it. We had a truck here Bradford here. We Yeltsin at all. Dear price ultimately though come on the public doesn't Pedroia who won't come on I have let it stand out score on me it was just one that monitor each and every way. This offseason podcast. On. 22 from each Christmas thing use Bradford but at times hot stove show's podcast. Solidly this guy's. Really that. That that you project. A month. That others to browse catalogs which now he's sane thing you know anything I. The only woman with a federal student marches but it was never official right we ask for me to him yes for we ask for the owners' right now then all of them declined to come on. Just being fair here you know they. They want more gas we asked them come on they declined. They decide not to come on the station on a show that's apps by superlative. We asked as we do every year every year John Henry says no we presume he says now. Ownership says though Thomas we ask werder I don't we just it's. Sore back Monday with must live from Boston I think for new ways for them travel between this bull in this that it will settle down here to the show. Monday going forty year on the court challenge are much towards my day goes by so what's weekly. Mix because mud Monday Thursday Friday thing we've Tuesday Wednesday and Tuesday and what to figure out especially coaches. Exactly going four years we finished the week. Or Callahan live from Japan parks saying all the Cassell said let's forget yet they sent us into the weekend. And as always to hear her back Monday morning. At six. That there is. That was a good man again. Thank you. Teases her that's what's trending well on WEEI WEEI dot com. Could we can.