K&C - Do liberals love criminals? And Battle of the Brainless 6 is approaching 7-17-18

Mut & Callahan
Tuesday, July 17th
Hour 4. The guys react to Rich Keefe discussing his trip to WWE Raw with his wife before getting back to serious politics in the wake of the Weymouth shooting. A caller is ticked off at Gerry for declaring liberals sympathetic to criminals. Tomorrow is Mut vs Curtis in Battle of the Brainless 6 and the guys warm up for their classic rock battle revisited.

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Current. What Bradford was spotted you Butler. What I do here. Does not because he would need to be here because Bologna and drill Korean public that might they can't blame you because the you put scheduled Friday it was a false information. All the way if you if you have a problem with me you have my. Number baloney blamed Jews because the schedule was wrong which started the whole chain reaction. The throughout my back but why wouldn't you say the schedules wrong I screwed up this means with current committee ahead. Who do you believe I have president Putin's new Russia and all the dark ages says it's not Russian but I absolutely believe on I will say this I don't see any reason why it would be played like a bet on the national stage you should call this the surrender summit but I really do wanna see. The server that light rain and then going back to time and time again what I say. Kmart when you hear her name Gerry Callahan good price you place for the first time it is not creepy at all to ask what's the local paper here popular ones are most pocket. Noted I was a beer guy. I I what's what's the most popular flavor you're doing great question and there we go I thought. I got the day off doesn't leave you play golf tomorrow cannot. I don't know camera handy and I let it fly. My good friend your camera showed up on Sports Radio. We. You run the finals golf course say that you. Judy fund. Golf tournament presented by Jean Parker per minute Chris Curtis is here. Like these these future counties here when shortly Christian warrior you know the reuse. Your wage before their shows. Almost. Florida half an hour before the show starts right that's yeah yeah that's dedication. You know we're never early. For. Jack today. That's not a sculpture that's medium it looked etc. alleged I'd like it adds that it I was at my shirt collar still from my. Totals because that could watch him teacher noticed golf course is playing golf. After all he's too good freezing us. We go to Louis plant who's like please. Policy or we actually don't we get our way out as much or weights when golf club watching or what you. We just watching the driver or wait this long drive to what the rate is right there isn't it funny to you like or way we've known for you don't. Forever we shortly outside the station we walked in here today which is let's just explain what the I've played golf with a once these. And it was a terrible. Several we all but well I don't miss the art needs the re. I just thought Candace. That never fails to make each vehicle and what went to the fatigue that's so funny ads is a couple of rice got a couple of strokes. Those of the results were singles. They have. Let's not to take three out of four. Just putting it collapsed ditches were slip and so funny. He knows credit he sucked it up and play to the pain I would yeah and a music of those networks that ended orders Celtics. Felt it. It so they're geared that feature lets them a little while and then you know after it got really sure how it works in the afternoon guys point 01 yes that's what has scheduled plea deal wanted what do you know once an hour to get from what he let it hold that little little launch for the show and the we have lunch and watch in the car. We've played what ever way you can you be legal. True how hard course walk past few he's won this picture will lose it takes for most homes will have plenty of daily commute on the way home six examples of that barb from his past that good. We. As best he told his beat thome or. Culture we always at all they told me. I would mention. I see some guys earlier point it troubles me. And politics since we're out there. It's only sport where people are really bad play right field. And it's only sport where if you play well you wanna play again right away that well he won't play true that's Weickel so popular. August what other sport Olympic basketball to release documents please stay true and anything and he is if you're as bad at basketball you were golf you never played. People still played six great it was a sunny handicap. Same with like softball. If you release think you're done. If you'd like only 89 years and is no it's like running or I should there's an exercise element know how on the beach even so you watched the bad guys who play like almost every day and it's sideways through the like thirty handicapped and they just keep crime they think today's Tuesday Obama attacks are from the play golf more. Toward. Well you would if nothing else going on simple very good I always you know used to used to play golf and everything and about. To the next day now and I could do you know three times a week but I could never do wouldn't know what what's average monthly coming. We have some sound. Some or all of the caller one my uncles. Teachers we have. Had built pretty raw edgy. Oh all television she took his wife to seamlessly with four. If you haven't done that you've been all arrives not to in my my six year old five horse. What's worse ticket child rest but he likes that is real reform solo would elect when he particularly see where did you love. Movie theater yes yes well there this stormy Daniels let's play the live action do you think it boots yeah our first for me at those Times Square as the Ford was Times Square they were there was all them all well I used to go with a much fun delta pilots. And curtain back and it's all you put a dollar we went going to draw the way and just go and constitute lol I went on the front Bobby. And you put that thing and tell the difference come on in real didn't put its gate. And he's there was no I you know I didn't touch where you're doing that you. And the others you know it's is this all credit now now is not bad at others did because it was a it and smelling people's economic all of that yes it felt like looked. We wanna get the calls who wanted to keep coming at you real quick here. But then when I got angry even more surprising was that was key said. It took my wife to ride I. I hate I said let's go sees rustling plastered that you say notion that you don't we're counting under say no other you all of their night honey that's terrific but she's. Oh my Iran guide. Votes sporting event she likes those and Ballard rings and I doubt that's Itron a lot I think that he probably pinpointed exactly what we noticed there and that part in my life in Iraq battle quiet and he did they did not taste the arrival of bubbles in the double points but no should never bad shockingly should never better less than ever before in junior day. Didn't hate it. That it. It was compared to we collector calls don't hear more or bras that's Rossi and his wife went with rich and his wife and oh yeah. The statement. About it that is we have detailed keystone where where the others are on vacation you're written statement. Yes yes. It was I believe that if you don't always connect Dag. Connect to friends and I didn't I never you know ski package you know we're going to be I don't windows were able to collect. We don't know went to San Francisco anywhere but possibly just amazed apartment climb to Mount Washington it was reclaimed the good week and get on what you know that conversation. You know I was an aura and make sure. Well I know you are much different. Politics because you want a smaller Russ want to deal attacking you item likeness. I'm a conference to throw me off before literally let's take people lined up and wanna talk about this what are called passions. A running hot ticket you call Charles Williams is in Lexington Charles Williams Allard. I'm firing at them hello Charles just mourning. And grown already. How much you tell us what's happened to you challenges call for arms. You have you have heard that we can as far as calling it is unless until you've got to do and generally. In speaking to a hundred more people there out there or against. Probably puck toward intelligent supporter raised went to school electric and my whole entire life. Thrived amid the people's side if everybody didn't eat porridge you. They wanted I learned that I don't think you guys do presently is. Every every day by Katie and what I mean by that is exactly interactions. The police and had a chance to meet and then a few times what has happened. Great guided me but I also wanted to guys who unleashing like he just said the agency against people just because there are certain. OK so that's good or bad so that sets like everything else cause I'm like I'll tell you that this group that I've. Policies we got put you in case by case and look at this case individually Charles Wong were talking about. You think it's exit falcons. I'm until you put bread mostly and in that situation. That's the best that's what we are culled from multiple hopefully you know what situation. No win situation so so it so it's easier to your rescue basket with a plaintiff went with a man it's that it's a police officer in the head with a rock and shoots in ten times and asking where the blame us. About the burden that point perspective but what I told you it's what country you is that. It would narrate what I say no win situation right now yup I'm saying no with situations because regardless of the reaction. Of this guard. They're they're dead murdered that we saw yesterday all of them part of the reaction of the police are sort of officially here. Prior to being hit with a rock bearded Goran could be Shearer. Regardless of the direction Coke from what I'm doing what I'm saying it if is that. Public terrible you've seen police officer's file all reports and get what eight maybe you'll sort. It shall be exact opposite of what it. That is that is not many that it but it it has happened I was happy it happened this happened so what will happen I don't know it would Charles thought Charles hold on it. I can. Good. That's okay director of the reason why I say that it because. I come from by a point of view where the most most of my most of my life I've been raised. Our buyers. Are like they're being apart real rate by quite. Right who have. Taking care of me like like like second comment that they'll take. Let's take a child's what if he shot first would it be shoppers would be killed unarmed twenty year old who edit rock. What would Charles Williams from Lexington to stand now. If at least if you are different Humberto or did he would have been armed if there's. Of doing anything he has the right of the senate. Good but it's so Charles Ray tablet we how that we've made some disagreements I guess another shot but on this one it seems that were where. Were a news. Okay exactly it's also my my reported this as recently I emirates recently in the last two years or so there have been a couple of high profile cases. Of all of certain things we'll take you know our. I don't wanna jump what do what he's got to pick Michael played for the efforts of palca a lot of it said the guy was trying to do what we think that a shot and shoot him. And hit back eight. It's disgraceful and guess what Michael played who's going to prison for the rest of his life he might be executed. I mean that's just us that's how it's supposed to work absolutely. You're you're right but but look at what look at. Outrage. And wept saying that form form and law enforcement airport. Which houses the little world and tolerates no matter what's your point earlier said thanks for college reporter earlier if the opposite happened. If if he if he shot Lopes the indignity outrage on the other side you're right you're right now I happen if you'll lose the election analysts say it wouldn't be just correct to say I was quick to say let's be justified. Outrage from people who allegedly upset even action. We're definitely feels like a beer ads McCain imagined. This emphasis of this if you'd never sleep again could just run away in the gun and run he runs a lot he runs away from cops all the time. All the it was run away from the cup at new gun. He took fifteen or sixteen shots. And he was maniacal he was. Out of his mind thought there was a witness in your shot or a window. I wish there are you really helpful so we see how long. Michaels has that as I would love to know. Because I guess and it was right system is no camera we've we will never Jonathan is in Florida Jonathan. Very good morning. The morning Wellington I just wanna add on what the gentleman. We're just saying right now OK I'm actually I'm actually a bit disappointed in you guys that you are being. This offices especially jittery and other guys that there months. But that's a lot yep lets me. You'd think that. Well more they political stand in other words. You have I heard very earliest date they. There are rules low criminals and hoping that ought to be yes I think. I think there are they have more sympathy for criminals. They do conservatives they try to think of the poor guy what went wrong they look at the look at the globe they worried about his troubled back with John of let's say is let's say is if you really believe. If you really believe like I Charlie bakers do something about it this is exactly we include politicized issue I mean and I've never understood that you care about it. It's that big a story around right now you're jets trying to make something better. She surrounds her thoughts and prayers that's all I apologize that solves nothing so I. I'm sure if there if there was extreme. Republican judges would let people out of jail out of an ace or service. A prison time. Like it amassed a democratic cities actually it's not the first time. We've been having this receipt of which we're trying to ask Ted Jonathan so here Jonathan why do you think why do you think the judge Jean Marie Carol lowered his bail against. Who wishes of the prosecutors should lowered his bail to 500 box and he went free free too. I agree Jeff Jerry I agree with you think the ultimate. It is the wrong but the larger issue with what would see this as I the absolute rule I didn't with a lot I think good god should be. The criminal Lopes a mockery of your name right yeah I think it should be applied in and and an electric here. I think that the opposition have died. But don't adherents say that it will look criminals that's baloney what we're. Why label that generally panel does Sarah terra unfair players in the state there's an attachment to liberals they're more I guess you want the word sympathy. For criminals I mean this is this is a long and what I'll start a long history of servers are not the same what you know about think. It each individual missile and you've seen her story didn't team or counsel liberal. I'm missing something. Deval Patrick got no message to start searching hard core bleeding heart line and you know she has blood on our hands. Supposed makers is Q and so a lot of people six point seven. 7797. Knives a couple until we get back to that. We should probably treatment and we'll talk. That would bring us sept made a couple. People that is us in the winner goes against accident can use the ring race yes and as you'll Cortez occasional Cortes she's that is when is it Lauro. Killer that's. Greg Hughes KE NC occurred in Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. It's Kirk in Callahan battle of the brain bliss part. Music edition. I. Am Led Zeppelin. Songs I didn't like the cash flow. That is not long night. That is now on it's the currencies analyst at the greatest thing he's now set you up at night. Chris per. Share. That was funny that the greatest home your life that they thoughts of what I would think of things out the cash flow of the wind that's a win and I am I am. Only because juries I would have my bedrooms. Play books like. No way that up but my sleeve of pro these guys you're good at Wimbledon women doesn't work your bullpen won't bore all the balls. What ten the process going here. On a lot of my brain and put on paper today. That no longer an alleged enemy that we're in the hotel later. I said it would Lewin Kirk Kabul radio. There are very critical Curtis you'd like. Income walker and unlike the idea. When I get it he's criticizing your your your thought process and have you ever notice that Kirk. When you pray when he talks Hulu yes he hates him and he likes in the same breath. Wrote the but it also known since. When does hooky. Elaborate. We can. And yesterday what real development with Kirk purses. But you can explain to lose don't say anything about her Whitaker Edmonton. And the work in a couple days. I think you know the execution was poor but yet it was great. And it can. While I am out after about a month forcefully to time I had no confidence no. No we should that I could maybe we should that would lead that's a typical horse power on the comment might not. I now somehow currency that he's getting smarter. And much does other Kurdish question potency that much is getting dumber. Yet again but that's about right I'm saying a person smarter what do you guys think about the occupation of Palestine. Which she said it's a she spoke about it well. Great that's an that is at Walter might land that leaves us we have some time issues now right now scheduled for 8 o'clock tomorrow. Yes OK okay hello can as well confident like to know what's up with the issue here issue radio. He sounds like you're all fired yesterday it was like yesterday is prepped for a brain so parts and what's your job I mean you know as part of the job. Just do the same exact thought we did last night that he's as it went at it what they put less than him but I did it yesterday maybe you can put I want to sergeant played last. Now the obvious to play one of the subject but last season. A parody don't stop on the commodities as an obvious one we have quite a finalist last time we'll we'll. Now that was too easy now. On the one line one for one. At a place in time the extra. But that really could prod them. So so. Eight despair this assault favorite thing all the band has rocked the song Tom Sawyer. Play hard when can we do who. Wow what a normal second thoughts while Curtis has no idea was to six while we saw during got you got the assignment first round to those folks here and I know classic like I did that that he was hired axle. Go ahead. Card stock stock stock isn't easy. No but. What do you wild. Quote. Says well. No I'd like to back. He's giving it all today goes to pretend to be done weight loss of about another 101. More. That is well faculties that will. Comfortable. That it that it. A. Boston. No. Close. Aerosmith next. Obama camp. What is going understand this well filled with Casey can instantly put multiple. Are the things that mr. secrets of music a stroke and become like they get Smart is regarding regard restarted but the I don't understand is scheduled for four is a plant now is not a plasma I don't know what's going duck now Ronald Ramon and understand this. We get it some would what would that much weaknesses noticeably as the real thing. Usually a good husband and father and that would be the talk show host. We thought we put out. Who. But remembers it you know you'll you remember who say Elton John goodness. Yeah voice of the fuel cells for a jolt. My skin it is the movement now they change a moment at one. If it's a mud rock pop ballad that stuck on the road you won't handle pressure not sure yeah you'll hit the President Obama I don't either that. I Cyrus but New Year's Eve. Didn't walk this way last time we understand sometimes united sometimes you practice with it. Oh sure we get rattled yeah no progress at all. A little less than Buick breakfast over case sequester them some in itself it wouldn't it to local occasionally with reference. What did you get yourself to get served meals if you influence. And we were at a bench that you eat or drink. No actually no they offer on your therefore. Two and a half hours three hours. I was in prison once for. Fourteen hours and they give us don't. The couple coughing. It's not so bad with. There's too nervous tight job origami won't orbit is now actually concerns is network which would be. Devastating has come up with so little obscure his own talk about the secret until August. You know not it's true it's obscure you won't right. It's an important part I don't want to cast a source fuel that one of the car Noble's board yes. Oh no no wait if asked I. Thought it was loves La Costa. It's not like the very beginning not the right back at square one play love those little oxygen or it's obvious that girl you know. Let's not go to California and your little right you're right it's Ireland or incredibly says the hotel California not a techno it's right bill that's true to the singer or the singer died recently. Very very veterans. Note guests yes of postings. Figure out of already know. People for the good guys. The song is called it season compared to jump by. I've noticed that I don't mom. Split was in a hundred watt it's a singer. He gets in excess. You speak ridiculous sort of zing you can't get it queens just in excess queen. I just not a as a good guest I got recently sent us these changes. Remains subject to change it says that yeah the passing of the block all of those who would miss out did aboard the deposed him through. I think we are exited David bow yes it is just doesn't cut it. I said I got it because the state existed would move to change people change. Will be our kids in place we played that last night who gulp them. You're belted out Scott adds he's. Part was this. This is what to them about the attempted an actress told the that the now the man man man. That's 8 o'clock tomorrow and upsets and pending certainty. To what goes to show. That is don't know what's you know. Just because I've ever saw in my life. Six or 77797. It's that's about 8 o'clock hours to be busy. See will be right back. Who wins most listened to morning GO. Sports Radio WEP guys. I'll come off. We'll see exists. This deal closes like what was his job before he wanted to rock and roll the baseball player since. The office this at all. But tonight anybody yet except definitely. So nice pull over things. Any money correct song hi. He even got everybody's song. For money for anybody's. A wanna go back. And do it all over but it can't go back. And walk us. I don't I don't like Eddie money's more honor guard knows this now who Lana. Chatter and the Mexicans go to. He beat me that I know. No two tickets to the third place there. The racing. Very subtle role would go about a half. The wall. It was a sobering up. They show host of our guys. We talked to you. I can for four hours. Of the day he's thinking about golf because in the race around. Everywhere you to golf shoes for them. The clubs would have certainly court you're morally right or else you right now carrier you wore your golf Houston this is really. Like I watched your stolen car buyer. They liked and see you don't know here's the issue it's that it's music's now putting in game I do not want to lose this. That this blow over that one way or little fat all right now we're back dummy well Arafat Thomas still bombing. Right equipped now. Can't wait all right well they got X. Glad to Christian who's yours watch a dog let guys. Jerry a fun. Thanks to us Dublin based on like yours Curtis on the PBI and tired thanks for the spot. Nero you're vulnerable if you. 4450. And the crowd next time that tropical at all. Ever want to talk about it now. Let a Christian what next daylight just a daily chat you be rich well play the play golf. It we're backed off that would bring us know what else. I don't know you never know you'll vital substance of the big broad field. See you tomorrow morning at six. Good bet that.