K&C - Dr. Barrett Rollins, chief scientific medical officer, Dana-Farber 8-15-17

Dr. Rollins manages the scientific, technological and research operations of Dana-Farber. Dr. Rollins can speak about the importance of basic cancer research and its role in developing clinical advances.


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Kate cancer due to your Q2 two with a 25 dollar donation for people call liberty Jersey 877731234. Joining us. First as he always does is back doctor bear Ross achieved scientific medical officer Dana Farber this morning. And hit the shift is enormously the pneumonia and since slaves lead off hitter. Here. Is an instant this immediate bills it's early don't you views in jeans on and last year. Just the stories we hear the people we meet in builds this. Or so who's you know what it is something yeah I've built every year. We get really excited that's eight stars closer and closer to the great weight yours stories and celebrate. The things we've been able to do talk to people donate money and thank them thank you guys in particular yes mostly. I think ultimately it's start to finish. But that's told him. So tell us. This like unless I'm so we have seen in a year. One of them security. There are things that are really you know we've talked about what it means Huber. We want people to live as long as they possibly can it's on little crude for our world. It's a success when somebody does something else right now but what you're gonna hear about this year I think over and over this new era in human fear that. Talk about what's going on here that's going to be important listeners to know how much effect they have on there. So if you get an infection are flu virus you get rid of and the reason you get rid of it is because your immune system recognize the virus as foreign. Systems design it that things that are you perform there. We've known for a long time. That your immune system gets revved up and gets this flu bug it's got a quiet down again that doesn't quite an inflammation it's. And there are specific molecules specific signals there quite. Remember that. And we've known for many many years that cancers. We talked before here cancers arise from mutations alterations in genes. That creates structures cancer cells that look for. And people want to know for for decades why does the immune system recognize these forms cells get rid of the cancer. Turns out we discovered that the cancer takes those signals that ordinarily shut down immune system. And use those to make the immune system ignore the cancer. The main signal does that was discovered by these scientists that are. There are now drugs that block the effects of a blocker so it turns on the new system. We're seeing these incredible responses. In patients who've been treated for yours yours with drugs failed other drugs they get this immune system later. And it treats their cancers cancers shrink they live longer. Almost 30% of cancer patients respond to this particular drug. But it's a whole new pathway on more and more but the point that I wanna make or the listeners. Is that this was discovered through basic research that was supported by the kind of people who send him money pledged money to this race. You know Jerry talked to the start can you define how different uses verses you see musical fifteen years ago changes when did you start. Well I'm very young man yet to open and so you please prize the note in doing this for. Forty years. And I'd began cancer was just the black box we have Nolan. On and we're just throwing everything cancers for which. He says. Spot although the treatments I cannot tell you different things are it's all because we understand the mechanism and understand how things work. You understand and make them and that's just it's totally different. It most of your career witness. Here at the far 28 years you've been your most though not that Gatorade bottle almost thirty years. Here it Dana Farber and what makes Dana Farber a special little one state for thirty years. I first want to do that or they are in 1983. I've had lots of opportunities to go elsewhere I don't wanna go whirls I've vote with the I've never been in place. Travel the world ice caps senators all of the world I've never seen a place that it has devoted to our mission. Farmers with everybody here from the parking attendant to our new president is devoted to making. Cancer something. So eventually eliminate all the suffering cancer and so. Why would not one. Wells that what what's the most prosperous. In your thirty or forty years. You cannot crack yeah. That. Honestly the most frustrating thing is not having enough resources to pursue the great ideas are signs. There is so much potential. In all of the great faculty members staff scientists. Other scientists are where everybody has these great news. You can't execute on those views without resource I'm talking about space but all's talking about money. And the biggest frustration has been the great ideas discussed talked about. But we've been unable to execute. We choose the ones that we can execute on we do really well I want us he has pursue every. After these ideas all result something great for. Our doctors are wrong thanks so much for joining us will you keep trying to raise money you know for you talk you again next year at this time you bet all right we thank doctor thank you. You could team up with WEEI NASA and the Boston Red Sox in our ballot insurance foundation to strike Al can't you call 877731234. Right now to give. And help us reach our goal. Up 850. Donors by the end of the show that's a gold output on this show Oreo and it is our goal our goal 850 donors by the old. To show what and we about Tom Brady Jerry joining us and and minutes excellent first times talked to him since this industry all right. Yes and they keep it relate like like united and us absolutely has hit home yes things changed his world. When his mom. Six he knows. With this result a better than ever I assume we see people right now answer all the phones it's good busy 3777381234. That's your boat for pork he cancer. You can text that the 20222. 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