K&C - Dr. Laurie H. Glimcher, president and CEO, Dana-Farber 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Dr. Laurie Glimcher is president and CEO of Dana-Farber and the director of the Dana-Farber/Harvard cancer Center and the Richard and Susan Smith Professor of Medicine. Previously, Dr. Glimcher held positions at Weill Cornell Medical College and Harvard Medical School. Dr. Glimcher speaks nationally and internationally about rheumatology, cancer, immunology, skeletal biology and translational medicine. Dr. Glimcher just completed her second Pan Mass Challenge and will be doing the Jimmy Fund Walk in September.


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Well as you know Jerry Kircus often go to talk to the boss were backed up through studio and he's talking the Boston right now because Lori went to the president and CEO. A Dana Farber is here Lori good morning thanks for joining us in new. Let the pretty prestigious job it as the dean at Cornell on last fall to come back here to be the president Dana Farber what brought you back. To Boston major wanna leave a great job come back. Because this is an unbelievable institution Dana Farber on so proud to be held a place like Dana Farber aware. I believe we deliver the best cancer care in the country also doing a lot of research trying to figure out how to treat cancers that can treat. Anyway I'm a native Bostonians. I spent my whole life in Boston. Two of my sons are here. And lived through the Red Sox the devastation. As a victory and then such joy in 2004. Forget run since that pretty darn good round since then and you know my feeling is. If if the Red Sox can wait 86 years to win then Dana Farber can cure some cancers what what makes it. The best in the world why do people come here when you're when you're in there you see people from all over the world to see. People in the Middle East and China Erin and and they they come here because I assume. There's there's no place else that rather be well what's the difference. I think the thing that's most impressed me at Dana Farber is the unbelievable quality of patient care I have a patient who set to me after she was cured of her cancer she said you think I could still come back. And visit again because I have so many friends here it was really team of people who took care of me from. The parking attendant to the janitor to the doctor and I feel like this is my home. And that's kind of quality of care that to me is sacrosanct and I think that's what people come here and I also come here because they know we're doing groundbreaking research. We are coming up with new treatments for cancers. And there are many different kinds of cancers and we're coming up with treatments for them Dana Farber led the way in the drugs that have been approved for cancer of the last five years. It was amazing what you know just being around there and him I moments here for. Six or seven months last year. It is that you eat into your there your amazing how big operation is on me kind of think you're walking into your room meeting that is just three million things going on the same time. If there really are. Well you know everybody Dana Farber. Freaks. Right I said earlier that your sort of cult which analysts say ever wants some nice and sometimes wonder if they can and try to get me like slight slight slight psychology. Sorry after a direct populist cafeteria and everybody's so smiling friendly. It is a team that's really team like the Red Sox team on the patriots their team works together it's very very inspiring. You wake up in the morning and you know you never have to wonder why don't work. And you get there and he got. Doctors researchers and nurses nutritionists their all really devoted to them mission Dana Farber and it sounds sort of pollyannish. Pollyanna ish like but it isn't. It's really for real what's the biggest hurdle right now I'm guessing I know the answer to that for you and for Dana Farber. So we have. Some revolutionary treatments for cancer that we never had before you know cancers not one disease or a lot of different kinds of cancer. And we have been able to treat some cancers that can never be treated before with certain drugs that target certain. Meet patients people's cancer cells. And the latest revelation is something that's near your in my heart as in acknowledges that's awakening your own immune system to kill cancer. But let's remember that immunotherapy. Only works and about 20%. Of patients with cancer. So we got to work really hard in the lab to figure out how can we make more patients' cancers sensitive to immunotherapy. So what's tip of the iceberg with a lot left to do now you're. Predecessor. Was doctor bands correct yes now I love you Wear this sun Wednesday I host a talk show host on the station in connection. You're suns hope that made more than cells can be his side please come on and on radio and go. My eldest son is. No effects in it at us and it was capped in the Marine Corps in force recon and he's back. From. New groups different because when it's it would talk depends. The disappointment and eyes. Christ I mean it was it was awful onetime he's described percent Minnesota in the beginning where it is really has gotten lots. Running against the City Council. Four he's an. Do you make new Newton in Reno is running for city councilman. Would like to go and Marines you can the government in an acceptable. He made you great again as a. And very dedicated to make it. Let him say good excellent thank you so much for joining us I'm sure we'll talk to next you know. Player of updates as we continue to report thanks and thank you all. On the donors to help us short answers thank you so much Hugh Laurie.