K&C - Drellich goes after Mut for his performance last week; Kirk thinks David Price will opt out after the season 7-12-18

Mut & Callahan
Thursday, July 12th
Hour 1: Kirk, Bradford and Drellich discussed Mut's performance last week without Minihane or Gerry.  Kirk predicted that Price would opt out of his contract after the season.

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Skirt and Callahan who owns its. I'm iron and was again was it gets here it's not meet. After ethnic Russians themselves when he threw that my head that's who never like these sock. See there again there is a term he do you give to falsely. Give a multi boost just a united show she's like more quick couple Jessica Red Sox a three out of four. War with Kirk Manhattan back tomorrow would throw a no toilet now on the outlet haven't relic from day one has yankees or Red Sox job you still feel that way I sit in the last year Felger I think it's definitely a good out here that the Yankee girl take the Red Sox I was wrong. Who did it right. They're even doing well until I know host the OIRAI. And Gerry Callahan. I don't know what he's changed where Johnson mossy now has the ability just tell the morning show and I just don't feel like if I don't know if I have the stomach for the show drop passes back. You just talked via the wrong time people who were still doing swiftly and I'm advocating fully now from whose job. A Shiite and here now I configuration is at hand here. Involved right now I know what what age and it sure is good enough. I want whose job with the web should shut down absolute. Sports Radio W we. We have we have. It is lots and lots against. Sign lots and lots of me Thursday can't look at rob this. Let. Where to start for so you look older and small what you're seeing a sudden they think it's your fitness look it's. Like the guy for all your securabit figured it's actually. We'll while anywhere in the stupid. It goes all the radio greats where these stats I think you're worried that somebody's gonna take a picture here here would look at. I think that's why you want yes I I've never had a picture with wood my bald head before we took a bad pitcher to have. On an open it's a big issue. So we have a couple of Bradford dramas I wanna get you fairly early on. We have some Red Sox up again shot as he talked to price. Maybe Musharraf though right I don't know who that is but I guess somebody's talking with trading on the OZ who did they trademark my favorite for. I guess I thought maybe he can hear it okay. This relic issue with where again he turns as we have this issue we talked to rich a year ago and do you recall. Look ice I try to send text he recalled or call OK okay and he goes on some about witches of alive and mrs. White looking to be looking look at what gigahertz as well Iowa I'm I'm a little bit. A live event act against weigh it against our mid show. I believe so time was at 1230 focus was against Glen and Christian and Luke London yesterday who did we did a good show yesterday when against them. And somehow we just doesn't fix some begin with a guy who's on our competitor's radio station. Current and relic from NBC sports often the former Comcast sports nut so you'll join us now. It's not really outside and enjoy what. Felt Purdue. It's embarrassing in his attic and it's I went to relic in modern man though you know and we did visit Kevin's kids or family or anything but I mean does that go for a walk. Affairs of a mistress crappy hard golf you actually look like he'd just come back from long. Was he was red beat Randy will reduce dripping sweat that wasn't the vessel for the shot. Your it was a worth doing. A terrible it's all the money off to make that you don't force an up and once you do it. Because I didn't get a text back architects of Curtis hoped but I have to like it was a stupid answer that that's why would you forget forget. Forget it nobody existed why would you do with the whistle hard we can now. Not a pathological for a walk read the book I took and the music I took a nap from like to write something. Do you do your job it didn't cross your mind that that might not be good idea of it that's why I sent text to bully Kevin Willard when Chris Kurt what you don't get to heaven does that kid out of his mouth on a lot of us he doesn't care. I would say the week we care to notice and care while developers part of the that's the other reasons. Sports Boston so right Kevin Miller is not gonna care but when you don't get attacks back from current radio stations children. 98 by the sports OK I feel like that's a competitor to loss. Animate your morning we'll Boston's number 1 rated morning show 95 the fourth of culture and rap started Dick you know like sports Sunday with a guy like every other week that's television. So what's the difference. That's not a competitor sheet but it's appearance with Michael Felger advocates who you're paying all of bunch. Right it wasn't better than we should have your morning departure chose this stuff through the Felger 95. You're your nerves your view of essential if I don't care it's fine he's great guy wonderful huge down. I don't know why you would do that if they don't respond the white because yes he's the one guy in the market you should be obsessed with decline is the only other guy you could argue is is item to item item OK okay. I don't care what I'm saying is what we need brushing that off of what are my what is that you don't want. King of the market OK you're right I brushes and that's already just what do you put that I consider that statement brushed off those particular market right now you're 2 for game 6 o'clock in the morning. An eyewitness to. Well but why do you take it Curtis non response to be yes I think if you care to a texted me back up credit. But the but you saw you get to. Another systems and in the second don't tax. We showed shall Kurt mark or whatever I I know what should I guess I detection center attacks and ago. Like until Tex and I see detection that can go through all because I sent the from a computer the computer to lease and after day actually Blair at all I don't believe a whole lot after the total. Can. It'll probably what I I'm glad I've used in attacks and you can you fine. That you sent the text never I have an app on my computer and I used to send hack apple on the computer yet mighty acts I and android phone and Apple Computer yet to have that same thing at the same that I detect suggest exactly. Well I love it love it. At my body. He averaged an attack on the computer optical got a computer Ida I've I don't know how to do that shows the tax it to. It's gone on the computer it's it's not there because everything delete text to drop as somebody uses a program that's a lot this is one hours every five minutes of the day linemen husband just finally crumbles and the technical confesses everything. Just logistically it text them. That's where I attacked the statistics are we didn't. They killed eleven people watch that so it's not that they usually meant nothing but it's but it's the idea that you would do it why even do. It's in the last year Felger that the Yankees are okay Red Sox well I I had to say hello Gary mark. I haven't relic here right about the Red Sox in the Boston Herald. Mean these easy you felt Felger and in which he go back and forth via which is set up like like around the horn. Yeah I don't Napa Valley into the post was also beat what's is a show like around more what's -- is a law on top of the song. And you want to get into the three guys videos and -- guys Jermaine -- yes and he loves to get the Sox have experience columnist David prices have slack. It was hectic week how long lag along with. The excitement. I will host an exchange with with and credit to show you that concerns about okay. Imus NetSuite this outrage within cred like the organization yes. Yes with the within and they asked what Obama took I got checked off at a if the evidence if it's that it doesn't do you any good thinker knowledge of the Internet alone with no one's watching right so you check with Franklin why you don't check with your boss what do Kevin Miller doesn't renew my contract in bankers have I don't believe presumably he will. Also I've got to keep my options open ultimately to curtail my god number five minutes by the did a year and a half ago they said they wanted. It's free it's three Wiggins is. It. Oh. They cut. The media because it gives stuff away for free. You carry the awards again aired on Oscar he's talking about year. The itself is artists play the rest yet sweet see spikes. And so we'll take that robs 26 sparred for historian baseball players and issues. There he stole my idea so you would get there are lockstep on this one of your politics are I would love up I doubt you never know what's gonna happen like I said you have to cover all your bases. This secular four bosses to go on that. What Saddam but the weird thing is he said he checked with Curtis didn't get a response or checks with paying credit hey I've been credit a word about this I want so I don't think that knock though they aren't going to get to the troublesome no. It's going the very admirably well below the you know us. This percent to twelve and sixteen girls looking up what I I don't know if share. Golf tweet tweet is not you can read everything I said to defend that when when they first reach out right now not a lot. Okay pay the yeah I never know will bother wanna my sense that bosses I evil WE I care that I did something with Felder because Felger kicks. The ago. At Hyundai not five right I think we're fine no one's bothered to get back to me in the differences bliss hop. That's it forget I says in the last year and I'll tell you that you get a dialogue. Okay that I've actually sorry to access your girlfriend. Okay her I've never mentioned fan cred no worries. You're such an idiot no doubt you are probably you know I'm thinking about this day there's no thought. Should your exploits after 24 hours 24 hours from 11 o'clock yesterday is still about five hours away so your Internet I don't ask you heard I have the same program it doesn't delete or Eli Chris who's trapped. We've improvements so sacred no war is just let me know when you can today. A gamble make it quick you be going only five and hit for social media page show. Just wanna make sure they know we're not asking the coast are doing here would be a coffin grew up at people or Evan hey thanks for taking yet should be able to do that let me double check the bosses wouldn't. You need your back with a fascinating back and forth thank you. While I was beyond about how Felger compared to the station with the usual losers. Blow that off on now ago but it is also talked about 10 minutes this morning you know you're stupid hat they encrypt an end ahead. Okay or where we really rolling now if plenty more to get through and get to that you'd like god before viewers. Not. Please be so passion and it would have to I'd I'd love might enhance treatment and if there that's because wells Oscars and those are on us and he's also. Okay. I'll station on apples and they reach out. I Kurt many did reach us. Classy gesture I thought OK I thought about life that was a column on Friday felt bad for my I thought the F I don't know him over last week won that one that show that was on Monday and Tuesday it matter for the Thursday shows apparently did little industry is often greater yes. They're okay and it did acknowledge our unfair trade pitchers Roger and a half minutes and how to take a full five car deflation in the middle of courage entertainment for the final ninety seconds good well I would say what I said then and I was at the mob was pathetic and respond to a month that to his face on Monday. Without you here. I'd I didn't get this I didn't know how Hamas would be I don't know how to I never had that fuels our bond on missile before either but might as well. Just heard or let me just say who's really unfair do we I think. To call you before your big library sent him Europe's other joining us as a line what was during the sharing it. Or dark journey. Do you honestly believe he knew during that. Do you if you believe that he knew Jay you are in the middle aside all the well kindly at the station we have talked so much about my book signing yes I think who I think like everyone else they played near I put it on result I think what is different station interval and Austin that was being discussed fed by the way it was this that that now there's number path. Assign assign all creditors. I told you I was when I saw that pitcher of the best pitcher until can't hear you. To see in the war. Art picture who's the best photo graph of all time during the whole thing 2000 best form. I side by way of learned since that was in that it's about that would look at orbits every day for people have died from old age since that. That they were young people there there was there were there were ever that's the picture there are no young people were no no he said one girl a young girl don't just for women dragged buyer was well it was a a girl who won tonight I thought what do tied father wanted to ask father daughter the fathers are all these questions about the should apparent that that was half the questions like our about the show the other half were about bonding. Nothing but the list of fifty itself a little bit of that yeah that Peter is long fingers came up short did you read from the book long. No exception and they are supposed to do an audit as someone yes absolutely you're there when I did it in Kenya Jeff about it. And once I checked I had an exit doing to prepare reading in the usage you can prepare reading you can simply discuss your parent reading it's not biblical. It is that you have a copy that got different and I'm open to have a copies of the good would it. I believe that would be a bit has been a wonderful man. It's a three from the four. Yet because I was selling books yeah how many. I think it's about a 1014 and if you get one guy bought the machine you have shot a good cellblock a which again we won't you know what you would you sign these contracts you get a box of books so those horror are making good money and that because we really gets what he do with that. C get to sell you sell a book. For the for the U listed price. Yes when you get that all that money from the box of books yes this is part of our I don't know if you think about it OK yes you know not work well you can get the books for Oprah is a new film for for you give you any free books and you did chase cancer and I sold them exactly so we're. Cash cash and an idea yes. Attorneys say yeah it as a rare reader you are yeah yeah yeah I've got one how much is the like I'm in the old days of Palestine I was shave one dollar bail yes how much is that the listing for the book 1695. The cash buyers got a for sixteen B that in them of Nickels for change and they have a water Shrum all the time one. If what president but they're browns always get better each. Of them a nickel. She's just a little loser coach for could've helped or liquor stores throw it to change course when and there's a but it was important. For the lady. That hurts. Carlos. When when he started up what you said Sunday and Emmitt sell these books at its current library. July 5 app you like there was forty people any patent you know they're entirely welcome. Your weapons and it was a present and no one there I don't know that's good for the demographic. I looked upon allegedly uses sort of people just go library Michael I would I think I really think that's an idea of who like del Boca Vista where they have good days and then you sign up yeah this and this is what's happening today. Vibrates right outside the sentence of trustees of the town all showed one woman age were to tell me that she was getting used to be you know. That's next to him rather threadbare as well so all you had to realize. Heavy footprint chases everything. Is that what that's gonna change that I shouldn't have that was that current here's the deal avid. I hear so there will be no no tech's nothing your fine everything's fine the boot the president has an office job much funnier much pathetic he was off with view. Mike took the responsibility for being part of what was it Thursday shows socket parts to find out as. I've done that shows rob does not I've done that show never and we do bad show it happens it and I would have as I told Kevin Chris they can they can tell you tell them why and I talked on the phone after the show Thursday it's a probably should be a third person on Friday. I said if it were me. I would keep drought here because he's a dummy you're the dummy. It was serious guy like current Indian market to put your adorable that's not the war shall all time they have widget that patriots disagreements and underdog. Not sure implying I told you that later that day. You have three you have a third person and for reasons there's a reason you and Jerry and 25 days week just to you value in in the new voice in the mix voice at a wide going to end of the week there wasn't war plan to have that right there when the big hit for the month -- show. The V Allen Hawkins Gil that had a lot of steam heading into Liberia what sometimes it is just a chemistry there was no chemistry and no it was not a cameo. I don't think that's a fair criticism okay we won't we laughed and within days but in the other thing is when my. My this is Buford when he sits over there and we played often and when he's in there will be chaired becomes is different persona. I think is that it's animal with a real one is that what what it was you different then would have been anyway as would turn to be interviewed her off her car was utterly front it was like keep interviewing Brad faced Macias the first minutes. About word would club where Blake's wife art should be means that it was dreadful actually dreadful. I say covered in mud now. Compared the first two hours of the terrible decision would just state what it's ass that's it somewhere that's on and had to pull me out here. Well what you've done so at the you what does it stick around at that point sitting with your assessment of what's what's gonna happen there on the walking or drag me don't want to get you do do what usually happens if you wanna move up in the fights. You disagree that's why mutt will always be. You know in the middle he'll fight back below part of the markets doesn't in my I don't curtain came in during and Maxine Waters thing out here by them for two hours to during the show would have to stop doing it. He can now talk about that I mean in Los from my home and that I eat that Agassi was he seems he's what do you it's. All sojo is hoping as you know only Kirk can be Kirk people keep because that's I don't wanna be equal but I think also to stick with the vibe and the reality of the of the shell yes and I don't think we did that it I think we were about telling you usually wrong about things you're you are right about this I know. We know what would you most upset it gently called you in the milieu book signing that you do not slap in the face of these alligators outlook he made forty dollars a night now the most. Passionate part of his whole thing called Israel the books would you I mean but the the big moments here life is like the program director calling you that during already number that a child out. Red book signing at his birth or another when I was walking up to do the reading your wedding defense followed with a digital outlets exactly anti and when George called me I did not push back OK I have little home I didn't push back. So that means that the sort of decked and well that's on me for not giving it to him right there you know I waited and waited for the radio in the morning which is probably better for us anyway but I did feel bad that I didn't take it to him in the moment. But it took a minute for me with entity or how much I think I was riding a lot of adrenaline of all the it was as for actor. After I get car sick about it like ruined the whole my estranged oddly happy birthdays he dropped by 65. Sixty eights 68. Talked to Steve destroys good track. It was a big night the motel last night and are so there's the shows that. Bubba mutt not following up Jerry plans to meet you said you'd have is that my friendship that. Mutt mutt I didn't realize a lean years you. Will he get off at. A tip the scale out there you go oh well I echoed that emphasize that's nice in the show. He got there early we had out briefly I told him to stay but this was it until he gets his act together. All I don't there's no appreciation for dad for all of the rate it looks very he can light his brother can you picture that you're a lot of emotion flying around it's adrenaline plus with a lot going gaga. I don't think we don't you love. Love him and he said he I think it'll be you love me at least I did I say I Arnold please edit I expect him to get through. Yes celibacy is he an acknowledgment. He's you he's one of the three people book dedicated tomorrow and it was it was you Ian Browne and my father this is whose grandmother right. My mother my grandmother my father in my immediate family and well I have are okay or I guess Jesus. But he Japan style we have heard about. What it was back and give me crap as well. It's Kirkland here. Kirk is not in your identity Smart enough to be able to when somebody snack unless your your dad as. You're dabbling here. I know he certainly not in here that's why he's living I was eyes of which have another vote. What the same old argument. Kirk this and why are you for your book side he's the wise it was a big moment for if it's 7 o'clock outside and we both got there about 615 coincidentally. I'll leave you tell me was coming I knew he would because it suits his chance. Connect with me and I I think what you do that romantic avid must about it if I knew we would do is shop and be nice guy I just knew it like to just say thanks dad. I did I do I I want I. I want to spend time with my phone bill and yes I do we might have when you see and that's when he Molina will be to get some initiative and make some permanent. Focus soldier sister were. Let's talk Christiane without the Steve is incredibly frustrated about 9 o'clock hour will be sent 617779. Seven editors have we've accomplished nothing. I'm with you that someone is Linear. The renewed nonlinear must not socket happy. What night is Pakistan now much by the way classic month school rushing trailer Thursday called me a traditional bitching moaning. All shot yes yeah I know that's that's when talking about why don't want the first nice year. I hear I hear we're walks out on Thursday at their person I knew if you don't say it was totally behind you leaving. I didn't I was completely much like give it my show. I mean you're feeling in your on the show all the time I mean if it is much said. You media guys can disagree. If much adieu to you listen I want relic in tomorrow with card you mystified and you doubles autumn like Joseph he thinks that when your when he's I do believe that he when you guys next year does not think his ownership of why he makes 46000 dollars you know so that's O Andy Abbott today and he also yet Iran. They're different Wednesday by the way justification tuning in Wednesday. He's taking on Curtiss-Wright 8 o'clock that would bring this 460. Breaking news that's jurors admitted he's not working monetary. The issue was there mark next week and then on Wednesday. It's. Don't know why would I have a hard grounded. He's scheduled to the united all the care that was somebody else that I have a teacher made by Wednesday could have been. With members of the bad lie and it would not nice to meet Wednesday to give it up real quick and dysfunction of the station. Curtis Curtis called me principles on what exactly that Monday argued Monday and says you were talking have you Robin on Tuesday wreck had you in on earth right it's like 11 am herself somewhere that our 12 o'clock a big deal okay. I'm at Fenway no that's no big deal czar bottle of that tells me he was your books and later this is all the Red Sox games are on the colonel's call you during. Our viewers. I'll sweep the Merrimack Valley Bible Jesus. In the post cold froze enrollment there. He's hello yeah. Yeah. Borrow it averaged a birth so glad to be in your beautiful city. Number sixty Marty Barrett Scarborough I. Hello members sent out analysts. Shag Crawford. What he's sick sort of follow her Kansas hello. Bottom emailed me earlier in the day at least don't like they have all go to. Because that nice guys only. All right. Emails me a list of things they did wrong replied email he's that he that and where I end up meeting with with Joey. Outside of the nominated and yeah. Like 6 o'clock. It and you know Robin Albion on Thursday's lately brought you rob Arnot on tomorrow so six hours after Curtis tells me that Robin are coming in the program director who can. No idea so what's the a record not a and that's a big deal is that normal hundreds our show this impact US show its range credentials are bothering him not knowing where the schedule at. It criticized Joey later on the show Robin I at some point but I would say secrets and of course it's more than about say that's. But we Marshall really well I think Joey says you do what you do. But it's cyclical answer to the jury's out there my answer to me. Gerry Callahan slowly would say it was wrong Gerry Callahan and I were scheduled the jurors are scheduled to be and as it was bring him in decent Tuesday said you on the judicial Robert Trout who can split up Robert Johnson's gonna work. So we'll do the show together for hours we every round Wednesday that sort of event. And if you showed you two guys for four hours on Thursday that does make sense the beat me total since he was surprising that white vote and actor did not want to feel sorry care white talk in the white like that or it could care tantamount to doesn't care right that's why you're right Arafat had hired to care what what why you why are you okay why should Joey terrible thing. He should should he not know what the schedule is for the guests on the morning of its other more important things in the course of my books. And don't understand what would she wore a white why are you talking and again why you assess what Joey schedule when you. Cater he emailed me we had a chat and about what. Emailed me about things like to better. Wasn't even the week it was it was it was if the guy's body shell and really all the time about that you can take you can take programming but I tell you on Friday with the city on the phone for an don't listen to Vermont writes an idealistic it's easier said than done. I don't do it and I don't your perk your your big deal your second to Michael Felger I was doing I was doing it but I was working weekends either. I knew our. Why would you do that that's that's all I know we're unaware of the recommended it. When Kirk as our population wildlife when curtains on day on the weekends I was are you really listen to me tonight Kirkwood doing that's why you give pledged to do that wasn't worth is getting huge get it done you go through and wait for your chances right. Does everything gonna be all. With the right there at number change. It already has number authority. It's really a great press conference and retired how's. The rate that was like we do you know it's definitely like an advertising in two and fifty. That's rob rappers nowadays a lot of debt under its better run for mayor so you know you are and why am I think she'll really I. Tan. 617777. That is in play gets to recover all percent for a guy after what we've got a real rough night for human Red Sox fans then intent he did not call and I want to. Violate you guys confirm with several sources of pollutants and he's a bank. I only use it now on on that train actually insidious. What's they're sort of privately was or pulmonary infection that tell. Us. It and on the tax anyone approves a mikes all got it done you did in his basement and also a team cigar cigar. There's bigger. Jeanne easier did the Germany sound salt salt bath and put all our play yesterday we got in fresh sound a soul that race hash tag Brad and we have bud. Jonathan impressive yes your ticket prices just as well sale last night all of us stifled if you recap agreements with the Lexus that just recap of Beijing's view this place to look we're listening yes they said he hates. I don't like to hear that audio quality here that knowing what I he said you're great you're job but he really hates. Well boy down people and that when the big strips whoever lived. Still bashing mafia backer I stopped doing it hurts. But I got a big fight to lose told me on the years and never criticize my. That was the widget that that's an accurate you know I do not think that was a what about when one what's the big deal and brokers asthma now yes it's never instrument. Just just little ones to be behind you like do you have less respect for Mike is needed a week ago today. Yet axle Axl likeable lot hear us on asking yeah let's get sacked yes yes I there's talent I see things for. And I don't much matter YouTube. Now the music he's good that he wouldn't look at you want to offer more us. Series by heard the first half light I didn't believe used piece that together that he was fully behind you know and that's what sort of biases because you and Mike you much luck jointly. But Danica thank you Duane cricket courts. You're just brought. Tell me why do anyway. All right I I don't your wrecked our student on to beat that fight but we lose. Weight. I don't but the problem is how you try to knock it on how you try to OK I get the boy went out of anger wins his demons to come. And we got up repeating not to portray UK about how was that it was the grade I route pages cheating once again correct. I think I do dug into a really strong stance that morning actually thank you for acknowledging. And remembering that exposure to catch right yes it wouldn't say I was listening hold on him that viewed most corrupt dynasty of those in sports history real sports mr. Peter chief David Ortiz this steroids or. Yes and how dares disappointment I had dated to me. Debacle it's typical later than because you know like Kirk says Red Sox no one cares they're a great team that no one cares that. Correct. What are what is the Germans that's. Ambulance under this note spent almost at the yes. Of of of how many NFL players suspended and there's like two or three patriots there's like 200 names. An idea why can't I can't oxymoron he can work just to stroll into the people people blocker Reynolds. Harkin word about Julia and the reputation timed this patriots football players to. I mean you do understand that people look at football players no matter what team on TE these different bizkit is gonna stick with minutes it was gonna look at how dare he can't. Let me just attributes I never heard that what. Look at these look double fault basement experts could drive as a reserve hourlong debate about that's what it is. My point was of people organ take if you were colts Steelers canceled if you're. I leave at any cushion at that was my point. It's true. And I and I delivered the point very well physical remembered the most corrupt rising most current I had. Who says to me as you said while people saying. It's always hated it mattered so so worse right that you really do that went at it. Who loser with you feel it's why you feel the most corrupt dynasty in sports history and say it's. Yes well. Yeah I guess. I didn't feel that strongly about it and around these kinds of their guerrilla fight you knew there more corrupt than that Connie Mack's Philadelphia a's in 1912. Mean does it mean I think that UBS I would say what boobies an element of what. Love to talk later baseball card rating some mapping answered questions about that a lot of top 55 called the so I think two hours eating right. Up until 430 looking at the YOK it was. Are coming quicker. My brain wins he has to be it has to be exchange. That's dude that was the call came in like scripted that your first and that it. A lot of fellow Alan. And yeah. At all I don't script I don't commit your I want them analysts had relic Bradford and I ask what is back. Under a Telecom observing something. And I and radio personality you our threats and continuing knowledge. And I'm impressed by different on the radio the name of the press now you do not have a great learner you are when I talked you off the year in the in the room and there I'm not you are at the U. You amplify things that's okay it's a big deal if you wish your bad. You're given a script for you you shaky draw any egg shells with that walk in that. Martina or if you're you're you're sort of a performance marching and ironic that seem like you came with a script. Top ten and there's no script and can we were shocked at it would you walk a little office in the morning were Perkins Jerry if you see anything you can say something's wrong just off. You can't it's about one quite like what I wanted to. Kirk the first tee time did the show you had to mortgages in a tense from tee to your chatting with your body loose and George and Derek I mean it's. Always happens is incredibly loose it's most epic former chair of conversation and nothing more I had nothing to offer I agree. You so far yes OK well this are offered something. She's maybe Joseph was right just excellent Sandra six or 77797. I've had so get to that. We'll get to the two looming Bradford issues as well he can set dispersant knows he sink into his chair maybe you should try to give us your quick. It's regular and getting older and older as you Melton shared that all it did and we again played a particular library. That they love it. Obviously the we have to get his response to Jim Murray that Jones has that I have my my Jimmer I understand and the tattoos. And and ultimate goal to my situation which people get will be laughing now and scream at each other guys and in an hour so what's arguably we get back Oscars I would like to play some of this salt and cigarette in the mountains the storage on us okay Altai and I just finally a little I'd wanna hear that he said he didn't want him yet another you'd welcome playing a player. He said. Easily become what it is playing world of plants like Catholic that's what we can on the discussion before going into yeah. What are you talking about that as well. It was just very well there was no like what do we do not shot in mind is it was it will mutt was constantly credit that over revenue does not all voters and I said to Chris. But I already know we're gonna do and it would be to tilt and don't. Well that's hard for. Beat him again that's not easy is it that the iPhone three million times my life is that typical soon talent now and he's not he's done that a million times it happened to deal now. It's easier Moreno hurt me you don't know where you're going is it easier to do this I just don't think so. I think the opposite is more fun it's a loose you wanna avoid can't shoot you lay out a plan that's how you what you wanna do like condensed who. Not over it. And Sports Radio WEEI. I've hit a perfect game you refuse to talk sports are getting everything so bored again though. Put these are sightings that things you decide that are important to you would your life. That's right everything it's I do I love everything everything's a passionate about I'm passionate and keep it up. It's just wild land that while the US you're you're fury it's so organic. They're not predictable at all it's never during just the slow time when you come at us and we just put a clock that we gonna come back at me again what mid February to end of march. When is nothing going Ohno was going to be down the summertime we could do this again deductible predictable and just on wolf organic. Good god. Three weeks. Off. Unbelievable. When the sends. Yesterday we saw that they say yes. Today's as high as far everything he now must but as of later on you can go after him you laughter. Like yesterday morning but nothing real genius. Should at yes I like to. What what did you lectern or lightly mr. bugs like lose a thing or is now is like come whack it get ready tomorrow morning guys a minute of a rant about me it's like we get Lou we have this. We lose their gratitude things fake rants and crossing you know picket lines we. We've got in the best. Very protective of baseball. Lou yeah yeah yeah it's what's the big deal. Nice score this cat he's pick. What's the big deal is the reason were arriving there he looked great race and so a lot of them why I think the loser I would say like. So do you like it you like a lot that this is a guessing it's actually your passion about I appreciate your passion. I'm not passionate and angry Lou imitation and not slide now now routes you run public and ultra model below got to be a lot of us. Plus it's made sense an outstanding. It's an outstanding forty times its aluminum production and I fall asleep to be so boring impersonating you outlined the steps. In this massive amounts of cocaine seem to. About and you should have been secretly yours you it's a secret it's. Beaten him a three. And a touchdown do I I only got the greats like Patrick that's the way. It's like Lou I think I'd like you know whatever spaghetti maybe just like that I would I don't like baseball. People get your your your boss shows our mom says he you have to stop saying that of course won't. What does it matter why does somebody care if I don't think baseball's interest that is is the number one show on the flagship radio station the Austin it's okay if you think it in my obvious ones but I'm a human being my brain is wired. And it brings out why I didn't just like peacefully can you talk a rod that market talked about being a California I would have had a knee but joking by the weight gain by the way. Kelly I like based yes like let's relax relax they state stay focused if I like baseball that was my. And I think the product right now for me is slow as they get older I find more more difficult to hang in every night watch. That's well let's talk about. I don't wanna I wanna waste improve the game I'm not that I Jerry's I figured it not to cut off. Lou gets worked up because. Whose simple guy that's all he cares about his mind is baseball that's right that's the most important thing in his life. Now the reason he's been so soft and Red Sox this year is because he likes core. And he's working behind the scenes and who can't stand people in the back into that radio job we know that everyone knows that's the worst kept secret there is he's trying to get that. Job from an effort to stick Reynolds who's kissing ass for the reds. Gone are the days of Lou going after John Ferro now it is right not left to score that's whose job preferably for him both in let's get Robin. Do you think by next Robin. I don't know 180 injuries capsule when Lou. I mean the federal and out of a hundred point games and you know what you record for but he wouldn't even if he had the chance he wouldn't because he likes. So Lou I think it's defensive because he's lost that angry which now is to go after people. In this like weird thing he's doing or he says the game initiated Matt who is like saying that bad a guy I've been critical of the that he saw a commercial on. Line was Shaughnessy on Monday said that which which in no way the red sock which ignored Jo he which annoyed with a Red Sox border ports exposed to do to the Texas thinks. Baltimore what is what did you know why the rights attributes that would no matter what I I don't know hours and throws about it but I don't I don't nobody curtains when every once you look at last night it's a full house they're getting good ratings camera people like baseball is a great game has never been better 10 it's wonderful it's been singing sweet Caroline want to lecture because of Fatima budget outline his appointee. Should I went with when Lou Louis again it was a simple. Simple man for generations of simple people all the way back. Did it the big wave back in Italy wherever they were from the civil Malone musical but it's come all the way down the simple blue today and angrily simple. But for Glen this that there be a lot of fun. Actually it's. Because of talking about the immediately getting funds stolen just isn't just eighty year old man is watching baseball at 939. Vote. I you're watching the game for your job cut out you followed at least like Democrat I'm fight back because we've. Passionate you believes he hates me and eight no problem I like who does a good job. Great what he. Relate to go you'd written them. But I think I like Louis to the great job but he does like both trump I'd go to repeat what you like no never get better at that supports to flip flop the way he did from barrel to courtly looted or repeat rob engines to slow and although I love parallel courses. The universe at least double threat that yes that Evan number nine reluctantly I'm not okay is really relevant I just talked about who was and again. Funny that you might show you have a script to this morning I mean really you're going down the strip this spring I think that brought the brought a lot of putts Iraq rival Farrell's grand parents being a mayor and read the hands elder and you tell a story we've these big hand there's a lot of very very got you on the no hands. Don't want them. That there has a lot human story had a job you some of that started that the lovely game and beat him that John Carlo based on what is your. Should if that which are like exits but the big issue around him last couple days effort from everybody. What does it matter if I have some issues of baseball I I'm Kirk with you don't think there's a problem I might as well every night but don't. But the some sensitivity because it's a flagship show your all those are so all of this let's say to. It was sponsors and leave because I don't like watching the Red Sox that much what I was obviously ballot watching it I was every game almost exactly dumped him and Joseph are great with I was them. I was actually defending I was over the other night learn it I knew that makes experiments with family was her name split. Rita but the great sport and it in your community where 85 year old woman from any. A bit but so why can't you do why can't management arm introducing Red Sox and you know what yeah Kirk's got some issues of baseball right now like many like Dan wrote the guy who you know. John John Hendricks is chicken in the Red Sox players' shirts as well. But Lou Malone he's really passionate about Gerry Callahan is boring and passionate about dale horrible sing with everyone's. So let's let Kirk do his thing got Glenn orbit. Well it was it would it would literally crawl the Fenway Park in Lexington he's feet. If if Joe's arm until Medina all of the American League teams in the postseason so hey I'll purchase and other enhanced scrutiny it feels a little differently about it. He thinks the game could improve he thinks is going slowly by the way of boxing and horse racing in America. Was mentally and less and less and less. What police say that about horse racing month we're less that's true less and less and less relevant than it was before they're doing great television ratings this year. Awesome the ratings are as high as they were three years ago you as bizarre about the shots of the should the article really kicked this off right yes it was a good call you notice about baseball diamond shots but I'll let let let's might pull them as does I always bizarre that would everyone's freaking totals in the last two years. Every morning an eagle and peak around you also look at crowned the all star break somewhere on the show are around you all star break this is what happens we have the same conversation every time. And everyone's freaking out about that column okay fine it was a good column. It as has been a discussion we get after the all star break we're gonna get is the demographic of people watch you all star game bright side as going to be 55 years Ole Ole well. Pitch at a pitch clocked it you this do that it's bad I don't know I don't know beyond salvageable. That part it's gone they've lost his young generation where they kept the game number six minutes doesn't matter at all those at the bet that that's not the issue. Thought the issue. I sign a copy to be fifty per young bright eyed Red Sox last year and no or no older in the age of ten was a little more generational solving ball and where one of a similar to Red Sox at us updated watch the games every night if that's. Lost the young generation that overstate yeah. What the NFL concussion while they lost the young generation to everything Al gave navy's effort in whatever the video game priced place to stuff like that. You wanna bring brand new demographic study of the UN I don't even know. The jets or I don't know what the advocate doing what you're that is demographic of the people were buying a book. I can look at clams and on the now. Young pitcher probably reach all ages it was it was a leg was like are. You know he. When I got you're right it is exactly like she seems to ambulance chasing Steinbrenner commons we pick out curt ones might be robbed a mad because it was a compliment for the crash. At the tired and troubled finance. Now he can't it's if that's the big taboo to have some directories where they do you know I don't know what the two people who wrote your view delta. Were to do it to do it under like a burner count that's a big problem the other one wasn't burner count. It wasn't bird college sports editor and Phillips hopes to patents affect adults give off a little detective named ship yeah I left for this for what. It's referred tangent of rock shored up. Wanna brought to Europe to chasing Steinbrenner reviews. Talking about. What are you doing. Focus on your what I have you are locked in Russia with me on this land locked. I think you've there's no not UK Kirk likely are more people it is sure right now I have ever watched the baseball show with Lou drought that literally gets hero's that body -- force that you do not important to note that the law actually you do not report that occurred I think that's a four point 04 Thatcher that's form of a thousand. Point four on in Sunday night at eleven through that now. Point zero or to be any chance that the point four. They are and what you're short on us now you don't have a I don't know I don't know all I do I just know it from Comcast because the crowds like they'll kick your ass too much. I show up I do a great job for NASA in in wherever it goes from there ago offended by I don't understand the attack ads on call for it's not I'm ordered the ball and just makes organic. You could guide you but you don't have him actually saying he hates them when I heard him say he hated them. Search effort in Canada and he loves me he's always trying to be he knows he because he's impressions and does is rants and everything he got that from. Mr. Murray capital and it was just about the Supreme Court at the capital's second. Why do we bother talking sports and to tell anybody any success at all the last four years since we've kind of started the show three years and have fun and it doesn't look will be president and it was a greens. I've figured out which is good money talk of corporate camp and the hold the whole time you could do that is its leases it didn't you know. Disease. It's just to be debatable brick campus conservative credentials if you get rich TV to be ripped president trumps your tells immigration policy which we can do all of this sort of thing but I'm trying to say that's that's about that's about reader's story. Him all right yes the deterrent. I'm just defending who's criticizing. You mean trying to do the best thinking he's he's the heaviest weight the station that he would you agree to me Lou. Find him largely irrelevant to be honest in the mid day host I'm down in distraction. To midday host neither of television's in the home watches. Point for me what do on the and more importantly. Number I'm not she'll lose the power and action or are you saying that one or number two when I should operate the powers station right now are going to be about me one me too. Does earlier today. I don't meet one I guess up a Gerri to just just for the sake. I would go Gerri to. I don't Fauria. Dale rich. And Chris. Gill Ryan. You'll royalty juror I would say the woman does the millions. It's immoral. Fans still I think has an impact but winds salt Doug lane. Lose. I don't Mason Maloney. We think I'd go there replacement player who stabbed in the back. And then it's so that all eyes on you yet the president for and we. Minor offenses in week it's this. Old they have been here for you 61777979. Through several over. He would see in the morning mornings with Kurt can Callahan watch Sports Radio W. EI. Warm and soft and we'll. Often everywhere. So you know my hands thing when you can't do much. Something no. Bob always had to battle and whether it's fresh cut grass your pets here. I'm almost dogs but still very cold and in some very difficult to get a mild case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and want an opportunity for us and that's. As the video game generation piper. Forgot to detail because if it comes to issues meant to be mostly private but piling on a price has been accessible. Let's I think Nick Price bashing is also now feel super forced empires like everyone's lined up we all know we stand. I'm so bored by him on some. It's the same thing over and over right over it will where's the new stores and this isn't getting killed that he would use a thousand Wendy's the article yesterday came shine through about price different apartment prize Meehan is not annoy you want to talk. I wasn't there yesterday on Washington was hurt I am tired or draw a questionable why I know he's very upset that I tried driven issue there with the beat writers at that point. People are scared to talk to price besides I'm but isn't sure. Was less than he did it I did I don't much care if I'm not scared I didn't find out what else any other. The senate are comfortable you it's about comfortable to matter of anything I do with price you know is going to be with that little bit for Marshall ice on people so that I. I don't think you ignored at. And who I think you're over think these things so well like you're someone. Is about how he is about how he feels about me how people think. I'm a treat him but he did overstating your importance in this entire draw I would agree and I talked human tax of about the allergy thing with the big deal. I talked to a home that's the last time you talk tomorrow. Why do they need to talk to him other than other days he's kind of a focal point. Sure after he stinks in in New York so why we all talk why did you go up to the DC. I did did there was nothing to say don't that day. So what's interviews worked the reporter has otherwise why did you do which unseeded that's a fair question when he would be ordered to amusement to Ben -- decency Yankee star. Volatile so the royal starts right right that's a touch that's why when one and I have you absolutely should. Apple I don't I mean but my boy what it was what it was getting too. Was. When you saw that article good for Shaughnessy for doing it yeah but I had the same reaction I think you do it tour which is on my tennis you know. Price enough you this is we gather he denies that he's adds that he's advantage of nicotine doesn't care he hates us obviously heats Boston need to protect its investment Boston although aides that. He's going opt out after the season I'm convinced that now and he is rationalized in his head. You take less money to go somewhere else doing it sounds like you saw the morose he comments to lose it and now we changed its right well a little bit. A little bit by what he said there's a chance eyes abbreviated it reeked of the ice that college coach I prefer to go back two days Cochran cabbage and everyone wanted to know fortunately I always have been right into that what collide with the line but I have no intention of Lee right you're the exact same but the path. He said that he would not and now he's saying you know on the opposite your Sid 0% that means he's going to leave. He's gonna take less money to go somewhere else please would you take it usually kind of guy Kirk who would take forty million dollars less to me that seems like something I'm trying to chase happens here. Yeah I would say that you don't want I I don't make it priced money. But if I if I was making money and making now and somebody offered 20% less than to deal with manager Ernie Els and his walk away and you would get paid 20% less than probably. We soon shall. I think July I think and he managed that you need so look just like I need. Bradford idiocy to rile me up that it entertainment of Europe will will focus on Unita had managed folks and yes against Vonage from folks on price for 41 more. What was you know things that oh it's more about Sean is she likes price I don't know what it is may be respects the fact he's a fellow bankers something. He writes. After the back and forth. Is an element of piling on the come surprised that she said before upon on prices excessive. He's nine and six to a 44 ER race was not having that that sees it well not a crisis of access so what's that line jumped out he makes thirty million that would be similar ice Hitler picture for the money you cannot ignore them on course not if he's also David he's. This is. The four point 44 ERA when he came before it came manufactured Lucy is getting his killing pricey right and as hated my friend who Maloney said you know these people say oh. He pitched 230 though is you are now he's been eight disaster forget all the other stuff he's numbers. Are you know we knew what you expected for price but we're hearing. I don't think users disaster up until this yankees are Hugh Hewitt last year's disaster little sea ports of it right so how is that it's disaster from a from a Dave Dombrowski John Henry we decided to sign this guy with a huge risk. Perspectives on disaster from. David Price failed to draw is our numbers are as easy 3.2 nine ERA with a Red Sox it is for three point 99 it's it's not been good. When you can't be that way you can be that way if you're Steven Wright if you are even if you drew upon you can't be that way you make a million dollars a year and that's just about that is important stop beating up the pitcher who is just. I think I loses control. He hits three people and an inning when he's healthy. What changes that changed the author dynamic refineries really hurt but they get here isn't what do you think he's almost healed after last year but that's the point is that when a penalties can opt out. What happens when the team goes and says the huge MRI yet what is different coupon for use 11 that's different that's different but if he's healthy he's back healthy. And woody woody if he's healthy you write off a good I'm all right do you think if your team you say he shot his MRI today yeah absolutely we're gonna commit to you for four years a hundred million dollar only get in the open market to pitch rest of the year and how to compete well RA for your. Pitched in this stark. We again you can't without the MRI without the Obama turnout that's off shore. Still make money and still make oriented class warrior the glass right. Yes it's a million what he's oh yeah I'm a little Finland they have the money betting money I think I actually it again I'd you're right the MR but if you could you do that get out of your aides that he's not leaving happens counter and I think he will I think I sixty million dollars that he will not tomorrow. It's really well I think I think he's a cart got a point where before he always said. Than I am not enough not opt in now this is the first time in both these just say the general thought on Shaughnessy. That he apps like you left the door open even Kelso pretend he's you know what the newspapers are here and I don't read whatever papers are there I don't with an error does all. Everything ever in the narrative leading up to that was when this opt out was always hey you know what I am not opting out I'm here for the long haul and once it is that I am not it would close the quote he said is that I'm not saying that. Not saying that that I haven't thought about I'm not saying that he could be possible but right now that's not what I'm focused. Also hurts price every five is on sale pitches and pitches like this it's a mix well again because I said again I just things Yankee Stadium when you juxtapose what he did compared to price a sale the day before not only. Does doesn't dominate the Yankees but he's what looking at the stands as he's walking up he's basically doing what everyone wants him to do. As the Red Sox days and I'm sorry you make thirty million dollars you have to be in any stripe. Yet but but you're you putting stock into what price's mistake is one thing he's proven over and over and over is that he does contradict themselves. And I think that's part of treatment at this site but I can't let out shut out of the best. That's fine Evan that's fine he's contradicting himself. He may contradict himself again until he bus load well we can take what he said much like when he says I'm just being I'm just kidding around or whatever. You you're doing it you're still saying it and you're saying it to this crowd that we can do with it whatever we want that's what we do know. Would he need you to do with the wood well what he says when he leaves the door open for the opt out what are resources that no no no no no. Don't let you know that's realistic to think more you know you don't you know am I don't hate to hear. It will put. If he's already is a miserable guy hillsides of this idea of a small market electing more miserable their team was yelling at the median 25 team in the wrong he's a negative easing negative guy that's the Leonid sure that's what they look at whatever image I would liberty is. It's an easygoing next place and it's not gonna work out there either. It's gonna happen. He seemed okay to. Why would white black art house and they pass it well. Again I think with social media got bigger bigger he got more more sensitive as you. He got more more sense this is the most sense for the people of social media in the world if he's pick this is why model and I was working I was Marta was much particular trophies and can't turn the break he's like. What are the crap I'm looking at the texture what is it that much it was a little much less we want very slighted and everything all you talked about during breaks and knowing. Mean why you wouldn't hear some cultures and totally negative that you wouldn't care. That's why don't talk in the break room there's no winning with two people and talking. No doubt I I've never and I've never say you've not talked enough that break trust I don't need to talk more with the break what is your office in the in the wrong whatever you enjoy the congress and other generated 30 I am a third and I could break her. Now it's going to be born years so boring he he sent if he's healthy he's got it. That's a whole thing about that's why he tried to send you a magazine. Because it went right excuse breaking news was he healthy but he's become a key institutions helping us help these persons in the euphoria are. What he flamed out of its. Every new what you may play well guess alienating people claim delegates are gonna think why don't we could go back to that first year what was the first thing we're talking about his mechanics as it's always something and that's the problem whether it's health whether it's mechanics whether it's not throwing your change up enough. There's always something for guys who is once again make thirty million dollars a year and for guy who has been pitching this long you would expect something our second. What's the point of that conversation go away from left the picture to the people who brought the picture here that's what this is their choice that's all aside I had a feeling it right now that's always should be de de de John Henry they right now have simultaneously the best and worst free agent signings for the franchise from team. Martinez and and price action had been interest and I would. You'll lose 2012 Europe my goodness all who believe it's hard fight ahead Colin at outstretched right of the forgot site at big prices worsen Crawford. Yes one. Well number one derivative Ritter Crawford number two the money so much more. With a reasonable and yes money way more. And wait and see the most money and put a sign and five fives a half times as much. Yeah sharper but you but you can't say that price hasn't given you anything it's given I can't he's given enough nuts natural. Actually give them when you only get you evicted the best player in the playoffs last bullpen. So why Indian market toward only 230 million dollars for guys of these key. I never got to open OK great I say yes I agree but her money but I graciously and what it in the contract in baseball Red Sox history it is. Now you can say Ortiz is bad Martina has found a Ortiz is not they stumbled. Mean Martinez I'm talking real free agents. Of of that right and a major anybody think David Ortiz is David Cameron signed them up for interim G unplugged and Greg Kolb yet it was not it was not grapple bar yes he can do this all day today but I fear the Steinbrenner after three right. Exactly. Exactly. Jesus. Amen you sign up for. Well I think it's gonna get a more personally I'd be curious that you and your friends it's much so I think I'm defied you to both things that you've got over the past columns market. Probably the best Communist or mark columnists well he Thomas do. We we all should be at least sleep now sit on here he'll be up and boats 67 hours of good articles of two of them has worked the afternoon show yes and not the morning show. Where he's first it's up to two days later and take Papa. Why are you so often they why did you go to south for his kids European yet de miners will be more. And my wife. Is time for rob Bradford faced the music on to boom my good friend Jamar. No and that's why all all the greats where we've had with in the credit whether it. The bull attack on disarray it. I'm on the host of the baseball insiders rob Bradford not the of the it is it fair to say did you marry you one guy Kirk has sponsored the rate is the one guy IU. Was radio but I like him purse I'll. Yes I like him as a person that's why people. And I bet Jimmer I think we're good friends now and and I support everything I have very different not relevant to a talk of Sylvester Carrie its so myself involved always thought her purse hates you so much. You attribute to most of all people were that's what we want to date. She won the your guitar as a girl. I don't have a girl and one Brea yelled by who you know everyone all of you everyone in this room missile alt again I'm prepared.