K&C - Drellich has some issues with his family; Callahan and Drellich talk baseball 3-20-18

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, March 20th

Hour 4: Evan Drellich stuck around with Gerry and Kirk and discussed some of his family problems.  Gerry talked some baseball with Evan as well.


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Its current and Callahan. With core committee. And Jerry Kelly. Sports Radio WEEI. In this we just let this keep relatives that no good Evans a grandmother from New York City egg him again. Bit about bullish about and why it's always. Thank you room you talked about deadbeat mom but. I don't think I'm not mad. That they might not wish death. But. You'll. Then get what about this boyfriend that is thought that was going on there. I think you're not talk about that at the white read my aunt can't pick what my age you capital ringed around might have. I leave here I mean I know not kidding me really. Ultimately if I'm the boss was in in the control room you gotta be kidding me I mean really it was nothing there was nothing in that it shouldn't. We felt nothing. Not a single thing my rock most people don't know what that is and really don't know and blew my Seattle watching you turn it Krista Krista says yes or signalled that's where we live right. I've also learned is most familiar and lots of votes on all of attacks why what was bleeped what did they take care. Yeah podcast available here went Friday. This Tuesday I guess the answer to what today would be doing today he's got a ticker via. Corey. I did not note that term. Figured out at Google a typical Sundays it you know urban dictionary ideology ahead in Iraq looks like yes salaries. Music that in fact complicated. I'm quick question Brady before we give back to the rest them for him when Maria would jealous of the way when you're done you know you don't know what it called the home when the chicken with. We'll take care all this on the air. He had a girlfriend in particular to be happier to death for three directors British and that was important. The border conflict would like your mother to bring it to lie to read it there. Eight birdies and your enemies or grammys almost seven years old eight he should be doing you but I thought through that relate to that it's only on him directed this and had a good for every as we always say for the listeners care if you don't care what the list goes through evident and so People Magazine claims an exclusive in the Utah number. I. And you know that talked among his diet and aren't. And you that he avoids sugar and flour in the night shades and dairy. And he cheats occasionally she died nobody cheats he just has less of a good thing he has a cheeseburger. He just has one that you understand what people may as it claims things in its exclusive Brady Brady saying we're talking a moment guys right. Mean Huckabee can explain helps them deal that doesn't seem like pretty enemies never set ground rules just radiates as people. So they say they do break because People Magazine so well they say who the people I boarding a book like aka guy like what's his name in in the big chill. I'm Jeff global chip global and as chill Cisco brings you only can talk but the I guess the book when they'd literally ask. Question I mean they ask about strawberries. I mean other terror was an interesting Gerri first chair the audit the books and usually talk on this board book the Univision board. No quest lady has died this point we're good I'm briefed like I've done I don't want everything everybody went yes. But you People Magazine people click on. It will or People Magazine is supposed to be forged a lifestyle magazine mostly from women I don't think they care about all Malcolm in other words what you're trying to get I would think of something new and original think of ask them I don't know we just said reduced to any recent isn't enough to write opry went and always have nothing left for obtaining Shelton. I don't know western rebel Brady said no but he stopped talking to Brady really understands and talked I understand my point is between you and I animal right now would we ask construct these old format that's not controlled Jerry and everything else right Gerri they said to us here's the beauty north tacos book. The reality is a we have them on because we have to. Indeed we ask terrible questions posed by I would think of or celebrate but also those of three options you do you do you bend the rules might. This tells me you said am I hate strawberry. OK I start page. So why lots of people hate something Kirk it's every. That he trusts and -- -- like anything teams that while also. Thomas to a food using them are not accurate but I'm mid amateur open up part of breathed it deep marveled brave Geithner about it Hamachi -- that's -- you know but if you like People Magazine asked me how People Magazine I would think of some like you know his son lives in two different places that toughness on the in New York and I think I'll tell you there's what they do step in the sentinel -- on People Magazine this celebrity gave you something that can whipping post because she never Tea Party people I would ask them say your good friend Ben Affleck as a massive bird acts I would doubt that they've got that announcement today. You have the sun user leisure. Baxter your old girlfriend this year different eyes were as good question you could maybe sparkle there's no way she's as strict as he has nobody is at some point goes to New York is eat pizza. He comes only Brady's dad is hungrier better you'll be ordered there and get something that was I have saudis. Ten like that unreal the time it's who's ten or eleven years old school lots of Berkeley parties and lots of talk to us about that. And every part the party has pizza. Right correct and if they can chicken fingers. And possibly pick apart every little this. Twitter. It's. Toxic. Lose and I just that you the break I've made you come up with a interest in Red Sox take you ought. To mention its stake. That's good point in one's interest content you'll probably it's not. It's a big outscored its basic human Sammy here. Sure I can bring up if you. Will Google Earth hurt. That ought to do and pressed tightly but honestly it's it's. I would love talks talks with you right now in public favorite things. That. He'll be quicker but it just like. Open on skies and the rest of us taken over woods captured some real and which ones one in him. I'd like rapper had been sworn to secrecy. Press for talking about these days I mean when he's off the talks and Avalon here anymore that that ship itself. We never in my eyes open without Florida majors which bush that's the only reported different state no one else is there are sports shot and we've been basically silence fire bosses that weakness he knows that god was perfect storm of though it has talked. It's the rules. An additional payments for which might in the short. Although it's time for us government Richie earned in the fall out for us it was a fault as a Christmas. Night. That children occupation has undergone fall. Chris let there was in studio with a more shall rot in the third person what did you guys that your favorite things to do as a Red Sox expert television. Radio star in print one that you guys it's me topping off apartments that your account and companies. Will be your baseball guy about ready guys talk I told you I can't think of anything at into global digital Rocco optionally which I've cut a lot of to cut the salary with the composure and that would be ashamed when asked by the new Jimmy Fund captain but eight. Why why keep them in the organization. You want to consult you on the triple. And does he wanna mind crippling the man who wants to control the point in the league option his mind since losing like thirty some yes but that's but the service times matters doesn't follow the option of a dog. COLT stalked him and that is it's different treatment. What's officials that colts remember what's her face of the girls on now which is it as many faults is in our typical. Good ball diet what else about what else is going on let's talk. Judy do not. Help rotations and they sign out corruption that still go out and get some pitches that go work when you're. Well I think. We probably both work. With the same page or to a quicker. That's what's kitty chipped it Egypt. And cutlery or more and grandmother's boyfriend. It's win win numb to obviously cost eggs and there is a legends hall of Famer but he came to forever don't say that when he is a reserves when he's done when he finally walks away in 1520 years walk walk away. This dreadful think he's in line for that gig he would love when I was telling Evan I've talked to Bradford weeks I would second Steve droughts and she was involved on the charismatic event of the year for years it's something else mature without the white reach out to. It's not Baghdad it's not bad but I'm concerned about it. But it some sort of monster he's your show and looking at receiver yeah he's just jealous because you ski news new. That's true to it will not powerful company competition to competition. But does he think he's in line that when it comes up well and Brad Pitt's best case for the job that's free so yeah I think it's good for. Where is that radio where where's the where's the with him it doesn't exist. Failure also it's not your album as the best nickname. The flying dutchman I'm going to speak through. The dog almost like I do I hope to see the fly Dutch IQ how did you meet the flight done yet I'm not hiring activity mix today. We cherish these moments with Jim got. Why does not sound so out there and that's a part of breast cancer because it's a yard new Yorker. Born and raised I think. Hum where you a fan of my Christmas gifts. Were you excited when he replaced by. Three people took three people will I. Had missed something that's the Super Bowl week here so fast and that show I'm fascinated I love that rate my favorite thing I loved I mean my career now approving these dummies wrong demand for dummies in that building map room and that room and that room dummy back there. It was up to them reducing should be did we do lousy ratings and fires so I am right there are wrong we're pulling for three. Well France 1212 and you're from New York quick name eleven on the station's. News is in the on the twelfth overall twelfth almost all the legislation that beat them. In the afternoons Reynolds no correct so my point is Joseph. Now chosen in these have a real promise of talking about cereals are about excuses on this into the classic rock station and yes yes well he's now that counts a B one. The second one. Is quite because people listen. They were first that it would do for twelfth on this special place and a special program with very special people on it but this our garbage format your dad on the here for twelve from the ratings and it will be gone by the and it showed what has gone and but he's nothing he can do about it because of me injure. It's a Manger on almost slipped up their opinion or your part of the show tactically. So's Ken Curtis I guess in a way Jerry if you put one went partly pushed tackling I don't know why you know. Deal he's gonna fight the first hour we the first power play navy was ready to walk out again he knows he adds that he's told me many times he knows that it's fine. He's a essentially you Bradford. He's one of these guys I tell Molotov fascinated by mental illness and look at him. And I left that youth is the cashes in on. What is what is what is. I think election by a development the majority probably now I mean don't you. Once you take a drive down you know half and go see your dad wanted to witness who could fill out and online bill got all these places halfway there won't have the polish. Let's go to Clark analyzes what we ever gonna show us talk about bike fine so ask their feet like. Why are you the way you'll have an answer for. I don't know Q I have an idea for the segment that's definitely we could have callers ask Red Sox questions about it. And I go home you and I can go get some breakfast we'll get to calls okay 6177797937. Ask him. Any Red Sox question yeah it's not a Cadbury on Bonnie do it so difficult to argue your way 10-Q whenever I want you to answer Evans questionable as well. While we wait what was your question why you the way you want that's a terrible question I always in this mood. In your life. Are you just outside if we're really green or nine of them popular when you're not in oracle have you always been this temperamental movie jury nosedive came off the air no you worse. I mean yeah trying to get moving on the air and off the terrible war why now he used to do that. He used to walk around head down not talk and now we talked to me. And occasionally can write. Yes Chris Sale of icu like every day you look at additional stock is at the prop actually the so that I don't get an ownership why you you'd be so obvious question you. That's what I think it was that I don't like doing a lousy Charlotte yes they shark got sucked for you who cares right logic on the one reads. You lousy TV show and nobody watched my bad racial mean no one cares for me I take a person. Okay what persecuted too old ritual everyday. Don't know anybody right now knowledge or your can't even if they're so I was gonna hit with a mutt he would obvious excellent and that's what I mean this Jihad in blue okay. You argue that yes we're gonna show. I don't know the best radio personality America we don't that somewhere in the middle I. Why I want understood why do you want not lead to better radio person on the station them in Sunni groups asked why he might dollar amount masking. OK so obviously nobody OK that's very. Obviously temperature target of these Lamar credited him into CN puts up with you or you worked at the guys the afternoon here's the experience yes and what better or worse. For me this is better can wards of what's your problem. Let's show impressive wouldn't dare I just don't understand how Venus at all. I wondered why you want he was born that way but if you're not if if you're not bothered by the show every time polity than what I have it I have depression issues that goes back for a long time and and it reared its head and here these guys have to paramedic your Medicaid I'm on it. Why now it is going to affect our performance on the show. I don't want that's not why did you were medicated before you on the show where I was at times but I wanna be fought like that I feel like I know the show back. You know what why would you least thrice I'm gonna try to pass and went to area look at how many how many things you foment a bit but we've done that you are dedicated not a not an. But the digital polish you know all the greatest time I am I doing I don't I'd no problem with. And it's great for people I choose not to appear to affect our performed on the show if you want me to be like a drip on the shall only be like Patrick gill right. Know so they don't but so what I'd like dedicated a united. And family life and I think that is actually fun. So definitely you can agree. Probably. I think that that part of its instrument is I think fish off personal he wanted to take an Advil is Atticus to take it and what it sure doesn't usually it's. We went and so I guess they didn't seventy position us now with tech weapons issues. You can ask the producers and we can as curt Canada's Harris. Not a huge. Inflation but I don't know solicitor coating and a deal I. They're out that's the difference that's the difference is you don't he's matured a little Hollywood is asked to please everybody else or jurors of this week's show great. No we show stinks I say it stinks being on some listeners know that two Haitian driver on the Carlos and John majority Emmanuel I was shows the should've said during the show. 34 times a week to show stinks. They show that they chose not do it for that their audience laughed until Russia 34 times in the gulf of it it will went every issue until people I've ever copyright states. I don't think it accomplished what. Until you give us some sense of satisfaction sometimes should yes this is what this little flavor Belichick is likely Elaine Johnson talked about we're never going miserable all the time that you're the only number one of the re my and we it was this was so far behind we have to take a breakthrough on the craft called it is Red Sox girls which is just now chime in in good correct. Houses work went on to mentally I asked him last gonna draw the Red Sox question no we wanted to. Here. Over. I feel it. We should be talking a little baseball since we have you here you're on and on Kirkwood like this but I still I'm still curious. His best kiss catcher. Now beyond that we just like how much of the split this little birdie 1640. It's just doesn't go to send Travis make the team. We're known. But you don't just Mitch Moreland play against all right he's the lefties. All handling now being on the DH I think you're yet to play both insulin the first at all. That's that's what it sounds like right really. Was today now I'll say it was endlessly before now it was it was a younger hunters what's the last year note. That was before they hadn't Ngo human teams. Even though I don't even though the ideas they sign him. Then it's Lou David. Marking its excellent nobody in Boston hitters as partisan as any player of the Pentagon that would have. It looked golf right now tigers brought everybody back Stan. What do you two at least I don't know it was everything terrible the Red Sox much use to but it besides Sam. Let's say march may be better stand the stand would have brought more bugs but I give him credit front chasing. Those goals to. Tiger eventually is not gonna be so how do you get so unsettled economic and punt in my mind but how do you create the bugs you don't. Apples to phenomena that's what have you just happening in a mall in even if football right now where we urge the the happy football hall doesn't need football also and a proposal to peaked there aren't very slow dissension. So outside of the NBA I don't see star power anyway. May hot again. Let me tiger defines stub popular lately I do immediately is looking past you figure out if Tom Brady play Aaron Rodgers mr. Bolger hiring that they didn't. Guess quarterbacks who sold to an option Tom Brady yes fun football warning about stars is going to be great libraries which it agreed to be bigger. There's about four new quarterbacks that are going to be from a post out of a movie start actually OK so maybe the people who don't want majestic but the. Maybe you'll find out on BO their name is seen him be but the differences I used to be like tiger there's nobody liked it what does that mean. What that means is the America America doesn't care what Justin Thomas Jordan speaking Dustin Johnson golf world does a outside that no one does. America cares what Tiger Woods' personal because he was angry that they do have good young stock was nobody picked out there but David crossed over they'd write it on crossover I don't just atop the auto industry nobody would care if it's my point about baseball some degrees well they had good young stars Mike Trout with the paper resonating with tigers all those high tigers also flawed he's also been through a lot. He's been down and up and down and out publicly more than any athlete ever. There's never there's no other tiger is known you can compare to the knowing like okay. It's part of our government or they go through modeling days are over but more up and down more than happy ever had to say that the well look and feel I I don't know this analysis I hated him I think he's terribly human form and I still reform. Because he's paid a price he's paid a real big price. Most guys they don't have to be humiliated for. You know the better part of the decade many people are trying to chase but what's tiger wins again it won't be crazy to be a little bit people seemed wins the two major he gets in that. Pursuit I'll say what's he wins it then it's such exciting as chased people are going to change part two I mean there was nothing I've seen on TV more fascinating than his drive on the par five that when it'll be two weeks have been great news Macon hunter whose views on a roll and banging drives the ball. In somebody's you know great flower garden before no star baseball it's it's concerning that you have to live in the past these guys tiger is and it's ultimately a thing of the past it's. The only thing with strong people but in the you know what's concerning the results you by the way if he's healthy can also be really good golf for next six or seven years for your skull. He's 42. And and at Nicholson's forty saturation now in the masters right in the masters and to each of his favorite yes the top Fred Couples is fifty years old. He's gonna be put in on the leader Nelson is in Burleson. And tiger tigers to these guys were fiftieth and saying Carlyle is two tests and Arnold in our morals yes audience up some humbug but you know what your problem is in your sport value of your sports problem evidence you have stars. And they still don't resonated like you make. Mike Turner is one all time greats is making. And yet he could walk down you know Newbury Street today Miller no issue he's drinking problem. That would candidate giving rookie bets we know just as every graphic walked on the street in Kansas City no issue. Gadhafi would not be right nobody maybe you don't but you know I'm if Aaron Rodgers wanted to history if Rob Gronkowski lockdown street holder for DeLia going to Scott was more famous nationally who we recognized more. We'll keep bets or Bob Kraft. Not even close and public order patriot yes yes yes. Yes not come close how to coach the patriots. Yes you yes no question I don't close Lester I don't Josh McDaniels or move to start on campus I'm sure you always know Bryce are cozy way. Way more people see absolutely right Bryce hopper or you know you name like partners the closest. We'll cry clunkers tightened up more than on rock artists superstar Kevin McCourt is a bigger face nationally and and keep it's sort of all the ports actually. I'm sure there's I mean it's it's crazy monkey that's great player but it's just the way it is a fun player and he should be but he's just open but not Joseph knows he deals and he's purposely Boren. And that's it article if it's just who used device but it'll be born on that he'll he'll not because of personality trumps pouring off. Personal personal whatever it is not manifested itself for a yes yes and I've not seen what it stands it's 58 in New York for the Yankees that he would be standing judge and that's stating what it is it's forty here a second ago. But I think they'll go hang him we as strike me know what will that make you question artists are powerless and I go I don't know the big stars need to be have a little bit of control like hurts you need need a little bit addictions to me your wife Mandy had that he's had that at times new bit that is Judy Martinez is hot sister going to be like high profile have enhancements is asking should that's all people care about right should be bigger stone and Horford. Olympic superstar Angie Martinez. And get his defense. If she gets like in his program account you star should be bigger stars she's probably got married with kids that picture we see is a good way to be assortment season will be talking about Martina says about dual phone right about what actress and she's very derivative sister what's the big deal and like apparently could she she brought up here is not a word when they think if you clubhouse it's toward I would if they think -- -- like I do it. So you go Springsteen tonight tomorrow tomorrow night problem brawl. Yes backstage pass the moon moon. He went and what you say yes ha so that your electorate it's. Our director at exactly I did notice. Didn't and we don't you're dealing with this note is understood our ratings war that is in the sort of idea that there are more curtains she jealous of you. All right I am I'd like to go to hell he would like he's gonna you'd like to be struggling it's exciting he's always wanted to snoopy that's stood and we're just with a stupid. Who was well there were you great yourself as a Springsteen fan one being you know my son Harry pending PD to me were to be eaten Fenton. Location was shifting. Okay. 78 promises and how much did you pay for these tickets. These were 850 face it to its cheese but the front page argument that I would pay that makes the thing off well I know but you've got you. He works for Comcast to want to promote talent 1520 years myself touted as a kid you would have worn actually expressed not gonna hurt anything that's a good point to inherit the lakers follows suit case they get the steamer trunk and the highest. And he gonna go like party done a unit gone after them make him ignited it. Some parents to say. What you look forward to the most efficient. Well I think I don't know if it's been set they're not US I that you purposely avoided. A vital likens his mama a big fan of this pristine storytelling part. You a lot of that he would be you wouldn't it I know I don't under review have been great. That uninstall all acoustic is no band I like you know the cool a bit ago amid about it prices have dropped not surprised he might sweat on you during one of them on the road plus a with the points for girls gone a while ago we might bring you to a stage you know Courtney Cox dual thing that is all right yeah it's true to go tomorrow your friend. It will fun you know for an email for and one of the five black perspective and huge on. A really huge. There I never met one of them but he died I want is that I want your racing in the streets of India when you're DB nine regular version urged him and guitar I mean that is a part of the senseless. Along as shallow 12 hours to twenty ethic it's off course senator late July. Really it's not ending and blogs ago our votes up he's making for killing off to. It's this was all about money money money funds that are volatile and Huntsville Auburn nine to take them. Would there of their daughters all found alive listed them that the markets a boost the man rages on for one. For poor for a shift for tickets for tomorrow too so you try to decide what is sold in had they gone for O sports president would you ask him. And many counts on 3000 Sudanese that's whistle first here. I didn't think it would sell side business now which I bet I think yeah tennis itself and but it just so happy that somebody ought to me it's not elaborate. Pass the no. What is the big time. I suspect concern for the Pentagon. So you can just say mad dog radio Sirius XM gambler depart news column as a big deal. That's the most transparent thing you've ever seen night you know and Levittown drops it on the one of his buddies already this website that he's -- story wherever it was an image his ratings once I'm telling them to know one time right they mentioned that his show with his father beats like couple shows and I don't know if they did Newman. Still can make the point that he can have freedom. Freedom if you went to satellite cheese freedom what is that load the freedom to just that these boring. You know lifeless sports shows you his 43 last between Boston students for a third it was a really. That's probably right I whose I would be a big guys are next to some of the guys in the afternoon Troy Brown will be in control provides an excellent deal good all excited. Drought is always see next week probably thought well till good luck tomorrow industries and I do agree that this version racing history is better. We have on the moral the one and only Gary Tang -- god Jesus in the when he moves again on national Mariano and the mood all week. You rock I am among all anybody telecast of questions like why would resume Putin's eye dispersion what's the he won no wonder always in the mood I met her own mystery out this version yes better effort to best element made. Yeah rejoice showing full report and not to me give a report some video there so we'll see tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock with anguish that right. I guess so it's supposed to snow though. All right cool it shoe later that data to be the same day so yes he made it might have been yes if you leave early problems. I'll see tomorrow morning at six a lot to discuss with NCAA tournament. I we will talk about that was Steve blacklist later in the program.