K&C- A drunken Affleck is revealed; A bizarre press conference at Fenway 10-12-17

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, October 12th

Hour 1- Gerry, Kirk, and Trenni discuss the 2003 video of Harvey Weinstein friend Ben Affleck groping a TV host, and Dave Dombrowski held a strange press conference in the wake of John Farrell's firing.


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Its current. After some thought processes. That we a lot of different things have become involved with it's those who put it in. I'm not gonna share facts yeah. I mean those are things that I keep to myself now let's go to our I don't think you get in a particular instance I'm not going to get in the articulate situations. I'm not gonna get into anything beyond that I'd rather than a lot of different factors. Thanks for that started Friday with Gerry Callahan who watched Colin peppard neck and I don't it was terrible. What I did was taken out of context and frankly the NFL should have suspended him for one game at a would have never done it again. It's frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they wanna write fake news segment that Curtis pulled out forum. Media is bad there really dishonest people these are very very dishonesty and Kirk Manhattan trainees can be a security drive Bibi victim blaming Callahan tomorrow are we asking hard right again Callahan that there were number of people who couldn't stop this guy you have to ask NB CNBC executives that the details to lay out an affluent yes and then we'll. You were from new. We as women have a long way to go woman suffrage on Sports Radio W. The other couple days I think about it I feel that training. I gotta say that Madonna can to some extent you know let me have given their second third. Ought to mean really it is they did dress awfully for a provocative I mean what's supposed to happen. And guys posted by the way bad math and more I mean all right Kate use that excuse is that girl that woman she's 21. It was a slap that TV host yeah she wanted no part. His assault his is. Is almost three yesterday hands the in the view there and 21 and he was like it was trying to gators showed the puppies and he wouldn't and she wouldn't tour credits was 21 years old. And you know the most damning thing but the conflict it won't play at all we'll play at all. Amid the sea is slime and you know people are digging this on him right now are studied and it is Sunday morning and he is drunk. Oscar right now he's an alcoholic you know this. How could Tom Brady fresh the scab that's good question. At last ready about it Monday. I guess maybe bridge sees as sober Affleck went the wrong. Here this drug keep turns into another one insurer thrill sober on that right yeah. That's what I detonate and have you ever been drunk on Sunday morning. Yes yes. Walk on start to wrong it's forget he's only John from Saturday in May I don't like that I don't believe so I though I do a party all night you never bought you've ever gone to light a Vegas or Miami or some staying up till like 11 in the morning I have I ended. I mean no never never ever do you ever gotten up in the morning trade what time you start drinking. You've got a in the morning and gone to like a college football game. Or something and and started drinking at 8 o'clock in a more now. Never you never not ever live also never could knock on the bed and colleges something's gonna drinking and how I just like your early on each one example at 11 in the morning those amino I had I was in the cocaine you were I don't I. Ever done cocaine and I've seen that I've senators OK tell me what time you start drinking. I mean I don't know how Beckett. Hell I don't kill wit de Jesus she's typical tailgate these games all the time and it's complicated second of all it's 9 or 10 o'clock yeah. Here's what 9 at 10 o'clock at night in and out and you could still drinking and 9 in the morning so twelve hours you don't want us its logs easier dancing in the music dance so what happens at like 4:5 in the morning drinking. You're not at the club at nine known as your hobby I go to the club. Puppets kids at that. I mean maybe like is cocaine my guess I don't know that my my guests on the my head coach I guess that that could explain it but he Sloane yeah listen I wouldn't be. That's him. Products are and that's him that whatever it was 3 o'clock this morning at some estimates. That was night. It citizen you sober time of course it was a sober against my good a friend and I as far as I was corresponding with the other day Bill Simmons have been quite I would say on. Damon at play here is how far this is gonna expand. Because our boys our guys came zone Affleck and Damon are going to. Up to it you like them apples here to their bibles up to their eyeballs Matt Damon we know Affleck the worst enemy act Affleck is absolutely worst pavement part of the cover. Which to me. Is so slime so filthy dirty NBC although I'm Donald Trump revoked the license to an increase. Student now obviously had a great story great story handed to them are and our time and some New York Times. There and be seen there over Ray Anderson has had several different sources. I'm talking about this on the record would have brought the Ferrell should love. And has the story from comes in the I don't know but I can't I'm supremely disappointment. And ship shape and they shouldn't have if you is that you will ask and you know there's somebody and Ira. Are you watching no doubt yes he put the fix an NBC if you miss it via governor they had at least seven victims. On videotape. On record talking about this monster. Reaping assaulting harassing them. And they say it mean now we don't want it's not good enough for us NBC which is at world headquarters of fake news who doesn't care about outsourcing things he doesn't care of facts. They make stuff up. And they passed on this Wednesday NBC you have blood and other things on your hand because he Weinstein. It ran the ethnic and I mean when you read the federal story this may monster has ruined. Women's lives but NBC doesn't care they don't. It was how I did not and now they're they're bringing everybody in its pocket they're talking. Pakistan he ruled that they're talking to Katie turnout again all these things and it's like too little too late. BUHFUMBCU. Or disgrace should lose their license used laugh yeah adolescents about this is and how that works especially not right license. It and it's an ounce of every all decent what's the longest. Great and so one on ones I you understand. Decent people everywhere should turn cause honestly you should not watch NBC if you are decent person if you care about young women we care about. He don't trouble turning. I think they did it about right violence as big double a couple dry out pipeline has much more big dollar trouble returning as usual checks much more credit for the opponents on NBC the bright White House I cannot stop. Udall trouble return is residual checks from the practice round these are two good questions and yes I guess now that no one may he thinks NBC took a turn in a picket return. After he left all the editorial hard hard court preservative when did brighten. Williams and network anchor that that's a great where did. Farrell what exactly what day that he walked in the embassy office and say here's what I got right question. Which has some of that into. That. It's remarkable if you have not read The New Yorker story you must it's free just don't have them buy in New York nobody buys and I've as subscriptions grew I do about it we don't you don't actually read you just get out now I don't know I do every night I disagree with that he'll have to guard David Resnick yes and yeah redneck in Russia if you don't bring up. You should you leave and you couple that are primary just for it was in the New York. Which were a wild story from a couple of years ago we're getting older. We'd like to remember you that was Purdue cheek story. Now it's slash art on a rescue John Nance. At the date because that's that's the de LA I didn't think that was last year that's on the epitaph what they don't know we made last year doesn't it and lashing they are skids on one of the biggest stories of the year Donald Trump. They opted not to run arrow story ahead on our own network. And one way to push him into a hole. Oh that's a good point don't they gave that to the Washington Post to post. The an attempt to derail Trump's campaign and it almost worked and is thought it's on a news organization you don't work for news organization training you work. For me political arm you were offered. You work for the media arm of the Democratic Party and that's that you do it is it is and actually I Abbie again it. Google Google it just roll their real story it's long it's how many words like 101000 words and with this picture trendy between. What does this and it's a remark you won't find a giant forever sorry. But as I would pull cures. Post yet ninety. I can look at not. I'm I didn't I'm not a good time for everything it's it's funny what was going on human race where this is fire governments from Pittsburgh. Look at this picture from a home stand by stand by. It's a pulled Q I think it might be out now aides say are in a hurry Weinsteins dream right guys stay. It's a staircase. It is our case what you're doing it why original circus like that I have no idea that's I would flak for thome did I did I did some like weird funky photo shoot. Who aren't like instant I think it is magazine in Pittsburgh and a little better yeah. What's the what's think what is the what is the photographers they knew there and I went in under this that is going on. What's what's on your address this looks like a chain that. Is a little lesson. Well early and I'm not seem to address some lecture geez luckily Montrae. A lot of it was any strays too tough and too powerful and two or should grammar Nazi by the for August rush and I didn't kick in the nuts. He liked his victims vulnerable yes B 20/20 one I was power yeah I was like probably 27 year yeah. Wait tool and you screw. And if you can play that anymore this that audio bothers the hell out of me in office that a lot of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck knew what kind of guy and that was when you do that he knew what Weinstein was up to and Nate. Enabled him that's what they did Matt Damon enable them Matt Damon helped to kill a story there's no there's no shortage of enablers unbelievable. I mean people were your Macs obviously. People like game and people like Affleck like NBC people at the New York Times it's remarkable that the reign of terror this can want for decades no different the people around. Sandusky no different the people that cause be I mean every single time you see the same story every single time right it's not something that powerful Saucony do it in isolation is going to be good people. It is so true there's an art I possibly charge what I mean. Ticket think of the hundreds of girls who haven't spoke up. It's it's so true are you still won't be right every dad Carol north mr. Portugal's you say who argue means collected the twenty year old from Middlebury College she anybody right now that's. And hold she's 2728. Now. If we hear from hers are going to be like and whatever she should somebody who's laughing ruined yes that's exactly and this is a man who got off on the fear he saw and I discussed everything that every Tenet of a picture on grass he's so. I also sold vial and Damon knew it Affleck new is abolishing the appropriates will it's got to watch her plays for good point here but he's he's he is quite simply the ugliest man on the planet earth. Unless your defective. Disfigured by the fire or something was the moment someone who's ugly was yet is gathering now. And this guy we know yeah my friends of ours and our world Tomas. With Bradford. That's scary good question again would you say no. I am trying to think about endless and we know on our world you know knew who are no new improved Robert because Robert Tice yeah is knowing guys fit. Not as nice ICO he says he studies on T view those uses them that many agree guys and part for this. Tango and ugly nations odd looking he's a good. And we definitely like he does believe does who's uglier man like who's not again like a month tucked in my beetlejuice regular guy just don't get that roll over ten way in this movie with Bobby Byrd thank. And after the audition chuckles you know luggage is that once the production that's a good question I think Billie Jean King I always think about missed it's weird it looked exactly choice I was at a tennis. Together. She got. Assaulted by him run a tennis council does seem that anything I'm mileage that's a pretty big name this is probably yes but I try and get it straightened out just assume every actress who's hot. He didn't mess with the ugly ones Meryl Streep is safe. But the hot ones he assault is already back in our data but they're on the same made a push ID 77 weighs slightly cracked wheat titled dear doctor Meryl Streep probably going on and it moves on then but then not now I will say this I've said that before alive if you give credit for something he does like good looking woman right it's not like. I give credit for them but like Bill Clinton's trying to help Clinton this is a closet and care of the coffee last night here. Bill Cosby he had one standard they had to be passed out cold and his defensive line he did not. He should obstruct and alma did not like women who were were awake. Well now none out and it might she is credited for that gives credit he's got a copy may Bradlee here he bragged to these women that I can't. Heard the audio yet Eddie isn't needed because so large in stature since its stock. Was when it accidentally you know or even good enough other the start NBC Bill Cosby for years and through your light. NBC takes products in some way are you. Winds yeah. And when it's his attitude if you cannot read the story without your skin crawling whether it's the strangest story if I mean cause he's a because these stories we year. But this just physically it's not gonna go away for awhile people keep speaking up speaking up I also think this is gonna have spin offs people look at unless that is it's sort it was a CK was saddened. And that's what I'm wondering RP is it gonna have a domino effect of other people in the industry now come out and say well this executive in this eggs not to this extent I'm right I'm I would guess. But yes I think definitely you what or why did it take this long for that video Affleck. Would that would that when general public. My daughter my guess is that you know most of these women where it's you know you have to you have to have some level of power at least some level of comparability in your life that you feel like you can if I cannot and I say this time bring this to the forefront and I. But you have got who had the video I guess and that to that fact in the story that the move has again you know kind of like this woman to me point out mineral talk about tiara over the her hero. But on the galleries are trying and he's literally rubbing your breasts trying to get her to undo button or shirt you know show or if she'd done that they're go ahead on sky deck and he's trying to. I prefer being booed yeah they look like an evolution topless and stay home the best so that there are important. Come. I'm and I do interview and that's brilliantly you do yeah. Resolutely that he wore won't know similar moves you. Thinking initially I think. No you sure goodnight guys. You don't think he can miss him and we want to put. Well usually show up properly and that's what I know I was very good way to ring him up and I ended lineman you send them. Maybe an hour and hour and you know. They shuffled somewhere where. And Jack shirt. When when my men Mel Gibson's. Braveheart. Is mine was old drunk when it into Semitic rant. He was black holes Ford decade though still black all the guys in hangover. Wouldn't work with him what would not let Charlie Black balled anymore he was for a look at get a hitter right who ordered that and worst and likeable yes it sounds whatever their literally literally Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper would not work with them they were Mike Tyson I was OK but that would work that the it is semite. That was what she's my advisor consistent and don't work and Affleck but you know what those guys that Ben Affleck. We haven't played yet said. He made fun of people with cerebral palsy can play that or is it hopefuls swears. He's used the army our board which which attorney hates making a column but. Honest about it Ben Affleck were. Not a hard court in towards the future export James Woods gets black ball for tweeting. A subject he's also creeped to go. And the he hits here's your left that's all I'm making news a couple of I don't that now our nation don't hurt as well and James you know helping out again gentle eyes also it is gets that he minds open to that level we have the other half except we played and how is Ben Affleck work in this town again mud and yeah I think people with cerebral palsy attempting to get this poor girl don't tenacious illusion of it she's 21. Addicted to the Affleck Brothers together very. Got in trouble a good point Casey Affleck who sexually assaulted women left and right we read that story couple years ago what does he didn't win an Academy Award. On just these accidents real quick before put aside they said it had you working thing covered ones and temperature a bit at the academy. Is now talking mode kick it out aren't all settlement you just you know also set a just says most users on. The academy is talk of a kick him Harvey Weinstein to be the second person in history beat him to be kicked out. Cart voting members include Roman Polanski and you caused what I thought I only person ever kicked out as somebody who was treating apes illegally. You know before there was Oscar screeners they got kicked out of Alex cell menial exit about. Hogan's Heroes Robert crane operate that I'd be yet why don't they also have to kick out Cosby and going. I didn't watch they'll look Polanski had no problem with I can't entirely idiotic idea and I Oscars silverlight in any sort of changed the complexion of how the voting the other guys Arnold remember we did this for a few times departing members disguised even columns. Was that data like seventh heaven he was all these movies member. Hard core. The Fatah couple years ago no big time. Still voting member all the digital. But somebody swapped out the artist for me like seven box I got kicked out Harvey Weinstein is gonna be the second guy I don't like. You know that's screeners are coming the Roman Polanski how to build. Because you can copy stronger watches it every day extra sentence Polanski and I just ship though that and it's amazing that he hotel and said oh we'll go into the Dubai Davis I put Hollywood I heard that. The big story of the corruption of Hollywood you think about it not only. The debt NBC not run the stored at any number of media outlets. And the NYPD. A was bought off in my opinion should say the NYPD the DA Cyrus and his was bought off. When David Boies Weinsteins lawyer questioned 101000 dollars. That investigation which involved that tape right there of him. Forcing himself on the shining necklace that went away. That went away countless times that presents understand that it does help explain why and he's like Ashley Judd these other people didn't speak up and he has aids oh credible if they are full there's no chance may not think. Is it that way that the did you seuss story yesterday about Harvey Weinstein tried to dig into the past I write one of the key garrison and you know basically show like look at look at what I've slut she lies and cheats or deserve this I that's what happens and that's why women don't speak out because the minute you do this are digging in your past and fine you know. If it didn't say by your all of your urgent aspiring actress and that's what they all were he what you download they have some things aren't. He preyed on aspiring I just walked just don't think your life. So he's kind of slide out at at at the and the rest of those pictures. And Puerto. After the judge or use words like our body issued a fight I heard only thing that he'll talk about that talk about the premiere of the good mood today for change let's play out when we African. Using our work doing news you know and we could play to its not like forbidden by the if you just have definitely don't ever nightly. It believed to. No I don't think dump for awhile right at this isn't this isn't this isn't new levels this note this is never. What you're Brady's knees friends this hate where he's she's on his weapons literally trying to get his show her breasts. Right a 21 year old girl Gerri do you think that this doesn't happen like this happens I'll like you'd be surprised at how often men shade things like this to win an and they think it's perfectly okay. Can connect to say it is okay. I've never. Never gone there I've never like I did I can't relate to her answers I can't. As I said the and I appreciate I don't related I can relate to as you know drunks can relate to a people who get in fights. I can relate to people say stupid thing. I can relate to people who cheat on their taxes or whatever I can relate to someone who thinks. You can in a woman doesn't want you you can force it on her or you can what is your psychotic mean to you to sub glacial but not that way. Jeremy just on Sunday had a guy fouled me. We live show at Tony c.s and the guy rocked by music hey honey come back here honey why did you talk to me honey and I kept on walking and I know Ernie Allen made on the stats. He tried talking me again. He tried asking you weary limbs and I wouldn't talk to just kept ignoring her and finally got my head forward and slam his beer. Slammed his beer glass down and Tommy really possibly want to pay. I got to talk to you because you're stumbling drunk and they're just. Stick to that tape Weinstein force in which you probably do every day with a young Nia she Italian earn project is the one in this thing. When they NYPD has won Thabo virtual assists so creepy like. Each is she wants no part of she does everything she can get out of the room he blocks them or. While that fat he accessible obviously our three stock moves at the rove is at the how to massage is honey pot the actors say honey pot when he she goes up when they go up to meet him their other women there. He has. There's more when your day who says that they didn't exist in town to better yeah I mean meeting with twelve people will be sitting in all of a sudden it's now. Give it to you this about you can check out our of sixteen. People he worked with went on the record with. Ronan Farrow said the help him do this and they regret intercourse but Harvey Weinstein and no less than three occasions. After. At 30 Rock joke of the jokes are coming out of there and what's his face and joked Seth MacFarlane for a couple days it was. It was known within the business obviously now to people those specifics like that probably not. But they had ideas they knew. Just people know what caused BP knew about cause they knew he drugged women they knew I remember I talked officer in my body work tonight show. And he said rebel cause he was on the girls would run and hide. Else it is so disgusting and I meant how Weinstein yesterday my favorite story was that he was suicidal and Michael good leaders that again and held softer and there was fear is his daughter called 911 cheapens it was Europe I would I would give my rope can some pills let him help him do his robe and it'll Johannson being his wife for his shoulder right now. His wife is so gorgeous theaters like I know a lot of the stuff I source of each other for a mass of people probably door. Deport kids Jesus. It's got five but none of the young does not young when he got married this yet and you're too young to get to do to you this what you got his wife has only like 46. Change. Great beautiful she's leaving him. She should or should available and she's available would you premiere of he's been with our money. And he's touched her and forced himself on police are telling you probably should surprise she is in now and it and I wonder she will fuel. But the oh we have that we'll play that looks. It doesn't mean there's you know I since they haven't done make me look like they were. I am like stay about and now. He appeared. I don't I looks like that I had that he's in the background. She had a whole thing he used forward that's not forbidden by you know oddly enough the week. He'll have to think. I you don't. I mean I almost feel like each I I hate the word I hate the use or some of course but makes him look worse yet making mortgage assets you make me look like I have cerebral palsy he's drunken guests that's an excuse he's a loser New Jersey can't look rule if he has a total waste of life it's a camera roll and he's got a 21 year old on his all have put on a few bad he's a kid to feel bad for them that dumb white phase and visionary this war be a lot of great data. And they've they're divorced right they actually got to portion of Islamic plays the three kids in her older and has four daughters four daughters I hate that's a card I hate when these guys releasing statements on sale I have a daughter is so why should I meet you shouldn't my daughter Soviet and Cuban mother ever as a mother you shouldn't need a daughter I had to start somebody somebody was really gets announced today and I. I totally new rehab and she's just it's wholly agree. How they think that's the that's the narcissus where it would I Carol when I have a daughter like so what if he didn't have a dog would get a win so viewfinder that are you want to go in rape and women and office should take out and have a daughter object you radar he needed daughter to put that in perspective or one line suffrage. At this fruitless and it will only I got a daughter so the fact that Harvey Weinstein a serial rapists really bothers me. In that if that child was boy. Dividend of accuracy suburban car now and you Matt Damon movies tell sexual or about heart just the heat it's one thing. You you said. Our frequencies psychopath. Is sick please stop please put down to meant to dogs like that should be great an and it the best news yesterday is the is is the trumpet justice department of the trumpet BI is investigating. Got a. Want this to half dollar troubled not allow women to be harassed right you play a simple the Yankees champion of women's right it's kind of enemy and he is I want them all the normal let's do it I want I want the FBI to knock on Matt Damon's door with every as I add it all at Atlanta they also candidate and president for sure it'll. Actually that's contact will win and we gonna see the connection trumpet once about fine guide investigate the craziest fussy weren't suitable. Pushed or this you have NBC's mark just talk and talked just tell you that site Sharon Matt Damon's mind almost. Expensive property in Brooklyn. Sixteen million dollars the most expensive prep I was kind of Muslim yeah. Or was an applicant can forget what are. Dana I want them to knock on the door that Allison mister Damon we need to speak to you FBI. And and sit down under oath and ask him what he knew and when he knew it and why he made that phone call the spike the story. About Harvey Weinstein proclivities. And his little pimp and it'll. I camera forcing Romeo of the who's next what celebrities and acts as Affleck is that we CK who is going to be he can I don't think Louie CK Hollis and stories for years about him. Years and years as we've got them a few times these comedians field he's. You know that huge engine to biggar Rosen and I was gonna name wrong. I'm mature she she worked with them. She did the whole she's kind of she she she brought us the breast cancer does a show and yeah sure on yet if he's getting it had a jury selection here comedian. Keep her back she didn't episode where she got warned that the sky looks just like Lucy Kate puts things are going to make the movie about Weinstein. Louie CK Carriker our doctor Dorn and master photographer that was that's is move. They say are these people what is how sexually depraved telling pasta heavy legged kid that goes mommy issues plain and simple psychological bring it down mommy issues. But I do think that it's denunciations. In my mommy now you PH of hitters repudiation aren't enough we need jail we need jail for Matt Damon for all of them. I'm sure there'll streak he has met him Ashley Judd that Affleck no -- Jordan on giver pass probation. Skipped. You know we've if you look at yelled at its. No slams that's not Adam and while and I wanted to be indices well analogy of the victims of the medium before longer applicable evicting they're downhill all the now I did not certainly did not and they certainly did that is that also like. How you. He says thrumming racists candidate you are not met a guy yeah that's an act that was fake news I was fake ass after news is that the holy address that that effect he made that up among the I didn't hear from mr. it was a poly cotton in the open edit the value was all cut me open in here. Are there was what was it. It is that wasn't what that's OK you lose my benefits now Molly might be made up so that I like I claimed that the dolphins coach Feyerick is if you study was why anger follows yesterday's. I. It will play again at seven. Pound airplane it don't play. So I didn't get upset wholly made an upset that I said that he would be punished. Because Hollywood fake news in the open Paula talked about trust you know all all all forms when volatile as appalled that our policy not politics knowledge how much yes now I know there are other blocked the door when you watch we take a shower this I would excellent and it should be about CNN photographer I don't show Donnie but our unit trust objects or contrast circus and I mean I believe them to Q do you would you like to watch any kind of traditional for it would affect Harvey Weinstein Ryan Gosling. Phil Perry. Thanks for action figure shower dynamic that like taken the show dislike washes from. I did hear about like I was from I mean I RED eighty carry going in the shower together don't know how to you know she Mexican weird I don't wanna I wanna watch usually I'll shower with other guys are. Guys who like to know. This is like if you is it gets eighty but is getting hey we're dating and read. You aren't they think it is a target soccer Weinsteins thing was you've got to watch somebody I can't double water us. I don't think way to. Now that's an important in many far it's a problem. Us or inside and trapped in that steam a far. I was trying to hold it. So the next guy in the fall the next icon next iPad app fumbles and yes they did the diving is beginning again he's lucky he's a liberal because that sound that tape would ultimately I've chosen not run with that that we're so it was they. On Jimmy Kimmel two nights yes. We look at that stage show key thing with that that's what he does can understand a public point of no light no mention one's going IE I don't fault any Italy and house have mentioned Jon just jump all over but he attributable to the public basically they complain. His pitching that well that was funny now that was seriously do these are fun. It's would want that but but you'll luck they're lucky that the Italy applicants for friends to meet him or he would be savaged after that take him animosity and no quality people with cerebral palsy and Roca was asked house design morning to start with him might 617779. 790%. Of trying to launch site your current Callahan a we get back I guess we'll do a little bit this Dombrowski press conference from history formed some that are. The sorrow bizarre not a good day not exhibit I saw this yesterday and and overs on the air office. Let's he's introducing the next manager what's the point of Pasco the only answer questions I'll I fired but he didn't agent. I didn't own conclusions and held a press conference in refused saying. Really weird right comes across the real dope I think we'll put out of the day from the publicity that sound react that is well 61777979%. Important. We are back with more can't see Kurt can Callahan blood Sports Radio tell you. EEye yeah. I think the eighth inning. Was John Ferrell crazy little. I think that was his Grady Little moment he's got Addison reed beat president of baseball operations brought him in here to be the eighth inning guy John Carroll DiMarco. I think it was at Grady Little moment that you've got a call into question John Farrell's character okay yes if he did what he thought it was right. Then it's fair to say that character questions about not about. It's convenient timing about how to spot the places I was safe Dale Arnold character assassinations lying to or be involved whole dale. Was gonna look worse in three days John Ferrell or Ben Affleck that act like. I know I would that happen here here's the thing I've I've said this all along I get ready Geithner it's gonna start but. There's not an appetite for from the Red Sox but nobody everybody wanted to verify I'm not to say that regular people like OK don't. It's amazing he won three division 1005 years on World Series just one night was you know. And no one is sorry to see him go unless Jess has reached out to you nobody's. It's actually probably glad he's gonna get a front office job Colorado. And oil and paper actually get paid no settled analyst led below on this tear and Charles. Or maybe they'll flip and make money itself. But I just don't maybe she's beautiful thing about that's how he wasn't. Like I surprise that they bought at least now because yells at the house and Kate. So I don't think that caught fire. It's disorder that fire there may have heard stories about but I I didn't hear that I turn dug around Mac and but I think he recently went to thinking about matching that happened to them with the heat and the truth to vote will clearly continued my buddies before the playoffs is because he's already got a contract extension. Nobody's artists in go in the he was like. Really nasty guy like John Mack matter one of those types are. Or not. Pleasant from us I mean that you saw him in front of the camera you see them really exist but you could see the stuff you with us smiled and stuff with rich. A Keefe. Even deal with trying to you know you could see like if it sees as sense that the wars this I mean he wasn't like Ron Paul say just being an area I've no idea or dogma. And amid all of auto picture I mean. Who knows why he feels about battlefield onto these repulsive and nobody is just hours ago would dissent remarkable remarkable little support he has even you don't Sigourney espionage and be boring talking head now and idolized not he's been hacked personality to be tired trips left and right mean because sector like an idiot for a year cross check. Right I did help me dangers I had Al I don't see. I think it's now he's big public projects this image that was not real I mean the club posts did crumbled around him but I do and I do feel bad. They talked about it Dustin Pedroia didn't like him because you know. He wasn't creek which partner Equus Hedo right if that was the guys turning out to be the biggest fraud false Dustin Pedroia well past time that he does like fraud of all that's and it lasted just doesn't doesn't like him for the Jeff. Why because used registering and. That CA he is that that that. That that when that happened. That had larger ramifications of nightclub dust and who won the division Dodgers general does. Dustin love Francona Francona so that issue so so so Droid is like anybody's screws around. I can't satisfy himself a candidate that the economy was strewn around it was screw around with a reporter it was at I I just know that he didn't do a lot of us. Walsh used on staff and it changed and it's been it's been discussed at blank that he did not like the way that I had H trickled out for a fact into the clubhouse. I heard things though that. The former wife of John Ferro when everything was going on before they'd be were divorced. Made some phone calls to some why caves and that ruffled some feathers at me revealed that she acts. And Jess was never accepted by wives and girlfriends or wives or she's not she's never sat next to sit like geez he Glenn Close and the national what I understand she sits quietly for a personal live what threats. Share from what I understand she sits in his personal seat like John has pictures of him this down but this is an over socket a matter barrels on the when this is of what we learned some things like you just alluded to. That stuff so they're can't utilize our mayor and might not be concerted us and I'm just an act. Now it might be organized chaos hanging on barrels Eric out but. But you know on the globe. The go it on. He digs is at work right now with Red Sox front office people they are you know. It worked together right it was shockingly critical Dombrowski issued a press conference what role of those who is can only Eagles row he got hit more I was just careful across the prosecutors fired a site it I don't know what it was bizarre I I understand the terrible performance it was so stupid you don't have to protest comes up is Alicia you're ready to send to answer some questions you tell us like why can't you tell us that your interest and say. Outscored Ron Gardner actually gonna hire Mike agencies say that I thought I. Say you're saying I mean what what's what's. It's been Ellis scores BZ prepared a front yard sales on us say that. Say I don't know or whatever I can't. Usually. I think very often though general managers come out and say hades of the guys are interested in today. Now that's he could get a more concrete explanation as to why you didn't think that a guy and did it. We 93 games to win the division if you're a lot of your. Alberta guide press covered say those are facts and amok and give you any facts. Mean usually it's a give you facts and a speculation amok and it didn't dignify the rumors. But he literally said. I'm not gonna give any fact about replaces card Alec do much to write a mature Red Sox fan and you watch a 140 or fifty games a year. You know five or six times you going with him impala dumb money you called a racist. Do you spend all this money in the Red Sox you're going to that you deserve some level of explanation why they fired his gun yes and don't you and I understand it. Do I understand the brusque he's told votes but. It's his genius track record either don't have to explain YouTube don't have a press conferences. Press release these Fatah. And we'll talk to find somebody and get the specifics of some answers from his daughter what he said it like a dozen times within a matter of fact that it. Well I really I think in those situations I'm not gonna share facts I mean those are things that I keep to myself. Are our baseball officials about. But again you weigh a bunch of different things are basically everything which way and making a decision like this it's it's a major decision. Those are things that. You keep yourself. But. I don't think you get in a particular instance I'm not going to get in the particulars which particular please in my pocket I don't like giving you two point nine million fans here. Respect and and I hear someone hear what happened. This season last year while in here in very happy not returning to seventy. So what exactly happened in 2017. Argument it's changed. But let's say that's really something on the beat myself. Quiet. It was it was a great question led by royal brick house today two great job that that was boarded just right what changed. They say number get infected 111 more. This year. And we know you know like come one why not just you know I don't like the way he handled the clubhouse things seem to spiral out of control Ernie. Ain't talking to players you'll say that though because visas expire on control makes him. We're visiting him as something that you keep everybody right isn't it true I mean price on the war. But try about a thorough about it I mean it's true that's the only life goes. But right now David Price was sort of terrible sign where else are in Dombrowski didn't want this guy from the start but he was right you stock price now all I am definitely. So he gets his first year here Amer I mean if it does is encrypt this first year here is his first year after. An offbeat humor and cracked I think the bush years when Ferraro that's. Yes it was higher write and write or work out a bit on my season yet yes I bring you up at the same time you could fire I you couldn't fire because you read it I just sit down and you win the division you win the division again and he still. Bald that I mean physically said that if they won the series in the series. It. Do you believe that. Analysts analysts. Now it's just that this that it didn't matter ultimately the rough is empty suits and I don't know what he says I believe that he. One of the game by instant gun fired. But if he won the world theory. If you want anything they acidity on the heavy Houston isn't always lose it moves through Scotland I ever or the Yankees and in for five games I think you did know doesn't quite easy six yet it yet. And all and prosecute what he had an answer on speculation. The brush your job. No not yet I mean I mean it's target the it is hard to gauge right. It's it's only been two years and there is some of his moves and agree on is moves have been flops. I mean this is David Price would move is not now and a terrible move subsites are not an eight. In Denver as he defines how you'd sign David Price is you know it's our society is. I need to answer is easy it is I knew him to let you order a year before which I agree with Leno why don't sign pitchers were thirty years. The long term conference simple but elegant but lesser. Yeah he's doing pretty good up until he lost last comedy doesn't last contract of them that's the logic behind letting Lester go was we don't want guys in their thirties you know for success and you deals. Mr. Wright could ultimately sent prize. Let's just half the price and a I mean there's a lot of people look like you can blame the owners for not you know. I'm not going after last urban and that led to him almost feel like they had to go after David Price you had to go after big name pitcher is pitching pitching needed. And then your second you know between a rock and a hard place but let's wait with Ferrell woody unity of two choices you firework stand him. Because he had one year left you can't bring a guy ends and have an aunt and but then it's usually all that season. Organization feels a little bit messy right now yes it was done little message you know why is more shoes to drop we've got to find them more in the next couple days. Hopefully you know embarked in an arrow guys are working on it will find out what the Red Sox one other example I think he'd be missing got a Larry Lucchino to that to some extent you know we have production can just nice guy he stood at the press conference yesterday said. No I'm nobody respects why didn't somebody say to know about business and I don't let him know one I know I was sort of sense of who was there looking over to rusty shall now why didn't to browse the why didn't he someone talent they've you don't need to have a Pasco to America answer the question don't do this. The order do you have the time you clearly knew on Monday you were firing miss pyrite in you maybe two maybe it did maybe you're pretty good idea I'm guessing for a while you're gonna fire this guy you don't have time to sit down. With your PR people and your staff and say this is how we're going passenger asked why is this how we're gonna answer. Discussions at this stuff I'm not gonna share facts why. He says over and over again why not just say his press whose bullets you know we hire new. And then you put it any you automate this is Alex her aura right elicits corps can't they do it tomorrow. I mean maybe they can even do tomorrow to talk about score. And sure why not. He's busy with the masters all yardage from Kia. That's true Tom other than hesitant Cleveland's point yet of ironies of the guys almost missed nick or Fata flat out says its hospitals. We watched that this morning he knows things. Sometimes mystery to do tag right trying to. So they didn't have to do yesterday's press on you could just who you read about posthumous at all he sounds like he's apparently some good good looking dummy. That's what he's honest all the read he'd better educated are great fantastic. But so what I mean it seems that the exact same thing the Red Sox right now to be seen lost antsy. 617779793. Several direct. Can see him cap. Sports Radio WEEI. Swung on and hit in the right field. That I'm better. Yeah sin. Thank you reinstall. All the game over American League division series over the Yankees win. My. Yankee news. Four and. I like Johnson owner can help. Every week makes you so mean we like those old or don't know bush blocking ash heap he. No the announcers can't do that but can. He said DD and on the DD one what is the Gregorian some catch phrase here overtime grew glorious mix and furious. Yeah on it and reiterated. That I'm better. And he has sin. Not at all like that in the deciding game five TDs hit two home runs and a role did he grow glorious makes Yankee fans. You fire him. You euphoria study meant Cleveland fans with fury should say that. Yankee fans the euphoria snack or go Aureus that's the thing that stands monthly orient point one means better than seeing guys named three times is that. They're lucky kicker hey I can see this thing that's just showing his I think my pin greatest broadcaster American history. Yeah. Again it again and I said that a lot this year all you guys Derek Jeter. I'd just get carried away. And I don't. I like him you know what you're that would no I don't I do I like I don't like him. What's real name and we whose business. It isn't like that shoots or something should patients which is on its. And I like L zero several trees here yes repay bomb by Iran John's loss. So low as a little I was that's a bonus and a number of that is not isolate. Sterling names notes law's mood than this many times check again Wikipedia is not wrong. I but Tintin quite this much and yeah. Kill a certain broadcaster have no life no manager Marcus any specifics. That these arguments can and I like. You don't want to terrible announcer but sordid extra foot. Even if it's a line drive like like he just goes over the ocean side as far also occasions upon these short off home run that does happen. I'll tell you what if they have watching not watching it is pleased twittered and correct sides and you know should be Giles because you're busts like Bogart's in these guys those young stars on the yankees' young stars for the Yankees. Why are not going to winning more games and in the world yet you and Chris Curtis Xavier but it takes over now to not happen and that's not happening he's an excellent manager extension and the Yankees have done a good job organizational Smart patient and treat these guys. For a you know for talent like you know Dombrowski our friend Chris Sale than just saying it it's giving it paid off. Chris Sale. Ms. your is still no. I didn't tell Travis not challenging the Yankees missed the by the Yankees him were just pretty well it's work the pretty Red Sox right now. It as such I'd rather run fourth best team the American. At best record was a better team and on the Yankees the Yankees who's better team a raid against Astros has had such a clear the baseball team. The Cleveland baseball team correct so the best the forecast at best which is you know not terrible. It's not like 200 million dollar payroll. About one ready for James. We basically don't yes OK Kenya Mali. It's tucked a Joseph Needham I mean denim clothes and joke act. They told good morning lewd jokes. Baseball when he got. Well let's say wanna leave bread out west regional at the same he'd get this entire record charts are. We need somebody. And other kind of lean towards getting a minority manager needs I was is that there's a whole budget I'm out there right now whole bunch of now. Also do a fact that vehicle that gets them some decent experience. Plot has been a winning record. John Ferrell was 50451. And in his first two years or Toronto. Okay what you would go with mutual group of minority managers who would you like. Our I don't have any outcome ahead right out and drive it and but. You're not driving your better and better picking a minority managers the the act of driving me going out of the organizers your beer bash up and the Joseph says once who experience. And stuff is that in general manager to Puerto Rican national teams well iron. Niger Google search you yes Google the search unemployed. Baseball manager right now and you'll likely increase. On manages right now. You'll find who you asked of the minority doesn't she's saying radio now registered unemployed baseball man and I right now. I think he later be the head right the last season so much so. So in light of this may and made up racist instantly Adam Jones you think the next manager needs to have. Needs to be in my and are having the best candidate for the job husky and Sam Kennedy and Werner and Henry altering the very best candidate for the job by far is a man whose skin is white. They should I not do that hire somebody who's a minority yes because so. I'm not an act under yeah this is exactly. What I'm saying that this is a target of opportunity for us to change the pace the Red Sox. Turning Yankee. A first round two years or road division team. In 280 World Series team. Quality. You know that Boston is a racist state. I wanted to audit bosses are racist statement green. Brad boss Brad Ausmus is and and again the curve follow kfar Blum said flat out on this and he's the guy. You know. Harold Moskowitz bottlers that matters Harry Moscow that's that's agree name Johnston. Moscow which cost them the marrow Moskowitz for years we that's not sterling general maintenance one Q and he completely rolled it changed the entire image on sterling was a real name you know I like John hospital. Right. But our patents and Brad auspices career Moskowitz of the pool name yeah. I've got baseball adults John's loss. Brad allison's mother wearing a didn't change his name he was born in Connecticut great all went to Dartmouth we know that he's with 48 he's dropped it gorges of homicide. Nice teeth than size you think he's handsome isn't and I hired on I would not fall much assures it will not what all that traffic now that it's true you don't want them to make the same state of Brad Ausmus look like Chris Kurds would he be managing a baseball problems catch of the you know I'd catches. You know but but they like I super trade this sort of in this even like a guy Girardi or or ostracize fairly think looks tough big guys to know the best examples Mike Metheny Mike is so handsome and he wrote what is the catcher Craig often against it. Nothing catches on resonate better management and pitch his house his auspices career Harden. 2014 won ninety games your mom that. Won the division where you're. Fourteen. And yes I'm looking at this correctly he eat fat manifested. In a sweat. And then once 74 in the money 86 and then won 64. This year he went 64 and ninety amnesty eat fast as best. It. And I. I think that's the conduit between Harry minute and Jesus Christ correct if you yeah that's obvious explanation if you die he's gonna step in the void in the and of Sheppard your son at that site. 00 this season just ended. The analyst who has won 64 games a tire was pregnant jerseys or doesn't have to be unemployed for a little while I'm old now and I understand Francona struggled into the job. Does having some sort of inspirational higher mean anything for another terrible it's over there's no hire is no higher position grip on the list that's the problem I agree. There's not a mean Cora might meet good talker. He talked. Good you know he's yeah he's gone he's born and he's grown brought podcasts is when he's born again as seamlessly no no don't accuse me on that list and list is long amend our tax analyst for a there's nobody on the list with a charisma when Gary. I don't have alassane as Brian Gardner Ron guard hire is actually one of the best managers and are covered my career. Great guy he's funny I backwards MLB network we Minnesota was good my first year and that was with Camelot. And you as a manager he's funny he's like a blue collar guy brings to station behind Dan. He's just he's he's he's yacht did not grant not blank he's not handsome looks like the pitcher Politico Willis he is but he's funny and players like them player players have always really liked fine form LLC are osu 6177797937. Our team coming up court challenge for any alongside.