K&C - Emily Roooney defends Brian McGrory; Kirk and Keefe finally agree on something 5-25-18

Mut & Callahan
Friday, May 25th
Hour 1: Emily Rooney defended Brian McGrory on Beat the Press and Kirk and Keefe came to an agreement on the NFL anthem protests.

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Skirt and Callahan car. There are now. He Q&A right tell you on my grab your crotch and a drug view and that you're reading through all together murdered written all over you did you step in those teams beat you up to jump into the or regardless of where. Skimpy Thong lingerie bottoms as night clothes are too. Here is the one on tacky section. Thank you with Kirk committee have gone out a confident probably right maybe you shouldn't be in the country round them up and maybe put them in the good place event like ship onto it in other countries get them out if you are that are left wing whacko picked up moron moved back Ryan likes America now loves America more than you could ever love anything you know you're not offended which he found. Look like I don't care about politics Gerry Callahan. He went years ago there was a group of male reporters at a Boston Globe that had done a list ranking or else it's called the believability. My spot where you're from they would raped women where they hot read. This sexual harassment scandal that is enveloping the gossip pages of the Boston Globe on Sports Radio WEEI. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Woods won't do the show leave much wanna get out here it's going to be a challenge always said that about Memorial Day Friday in and out 955 to about I literally wearing them which were on the golf course that means some you know. 1011 hours say so I don't I don't I. I want a late tee time bring our on the cart. Sun goes down just have a nice quiet night maybe we'll solve this weekend and who knows Ayers into AB nudge serve advertising. But it is into of those days that when they take that. Straight right left that I can see Joseph Orr and NC it's coming from and keep them from hey what's what's happening what's. We're both Wear those TPS reports Kirk well go from. And I don't know why Joey. I've always been good Joey I rated him as the others in Germany was here ten years ago I thought by far and rank them all the guys from the Jerry the day it would get together and wrote to our list. I'd that Joe's really affable always so that's why you are all that's what you fought to do planet Mikey to as a sister that sold Holland Joanna fish yes that's kind of detected a gem like he's kind of out of it's they what do you think you'll go back of the laboratory that Buick that's fine thank you wearing jeans right now cut them off they cut off jeans. What's what's going on your OS buddy I. What those guys. Voice of the dog Joey goes so obviously the driver gory story he's the editor of the Boston Globe for you off. Obviously that's right now he's and I site through some potential lawsuit against Hillary last night for defamation of course in filed yet. In the view and I've spent some time with some defamation lawyers the past few weeks in my old and and I can tell you that if the gory Suze or he's an open himself up to everything. And I would just ask you you received any information regarding record recent. For many like do you think US open himself up to that. Based. Some text eight text I've seen recently I would say. That's not have a pathway the prime gore long ago I'd say probably if that is one of many others that exists. Yes I would say that there's some things that. He's not gonna want to let other people's. And given that he decline of 2000 out at the parks to Boston Globe on this is so Shockey could choke on the irony of this paper that for years wagged their fingers their once happy go after Ashbrook after you have to go after Mark James. Happy to go Abby and name names of other people won't name themselves to their own private internal investigation. Back in December which we killed correctly so looks worse and worse we'll pick through that today. How we writes about it and Harold they possible some Parker senior Brian glory be to scandal on AJ talked about last thing on the show. And nearly gets into his he writes. This job for the spotlight team. A corrupt corporate culture decades of rampant sexual harassment shaming him legal threats against female victims. Of sanctimonious male superiors cover up of these despicable behavior of powerful male hypocrites how he paid employee under arrest. For allegedly exposing yourself as young female immigrant neighbors that of course is primark quiet who was still there he's UP two areas that are. And then getting the case broom it. These doctor with the Boston Globe of course. The paper puke how he writes in the cross here's as we could primer gory the editor of the floundering. Foundering broad sheet he's accused by a former staffer Hillary sergeant sending inappropriate texts. The data alleged Texas unknown but there's a significant. Difference only power but he shoes he's 56 he's 39. There are supposedly more text how he writes like there there are you Everett supposedly I can tell you there are. But charges are released and yet. Globe learned Wednesday sent sergeant the draft of a civil lawsuit filed against her care what you wish for both tied Bob users' rights. And you say it's. Lover is how they'll never be another Howie Carr this. Actually how he writes I forested. In this alleged bleak ability list compiled by mail reporters at the globe a few years back. It is said to be listing of the papers female interns and co ops in those days weren't allowed to right. The list supposing rated them on their shall we say hi this in their availability. Two older predatory males who piled more board a Morrissey boulevard when they were cashing checks from the trust funds Alyssa zealous. So various names your rights are being mentions being involved security analysts yesterday called the gory. I can tell you I spoke to me sourcing former globe. Male former globe worker dies Hillary sergeant nobody involved. And he confirmed that burglary was in fact part of this list part of put useless together left his list up on the old god computers work yet and was seen by somebody. Some of Gore's was the one who left it out yes on his this year yes wolf postal so he was part of it he's now the editor of the Boston Globe in the middle of the meat to. And trying to bring down Hillary sergeant to doing this and doing them trying to move things around. Went again and culture of me to win the globe wants to get Tom Ashbrook out. While to get marching his office and inappropriate text. Covers their own ass in this terrible. Story mark arsenal are a few months ago I did the general salt and they wouldn't do it. And Macquarie the editor of the globe who was in charge of your putting this together is Heidi is old stuff at the same time it's Fred an unbelievable. What's going on there what do you hate the globe like I do what you love the globe. You have to be fair about this it is a disaster. Right now Morsi boulevard private gore who is gone I mean if they keep him. If we and I know they don't like you when we say their names and the people Jo bros are mono and everyone else. But John Henry's he publisher of the paper. Linda Judy Henry's what do what's your name with the title. Managed to rescue in managing something she's managing director of the Boston Globe. She was happy to put a quote in the in the she was happy to talk in the in the arsenal stores app that frankly the culture. This is short newspaper now you have prime category in charge you wag your finger people for months you've told us about this and that and this and that if you series about this. You'll fire this guy put him on leave it to put Kevin Cullen of leaders believe for a month accidentally. So what are you doing what is going on. The Boston Globe is in shambles where the female writers there surely want hates us the issue written about this she's tweeting left or right she she weighed in on this issue defendant. Other women have defendant who see this is the other part of meetings on Jason Bateman we'll get to Emily Rooney who was. Who literally Harry didn't water for the Boston Globe last night carrying water for Fred bribery. Is embarrassing is the moment did you ever hear in your life from a journalist her husband Andy Rooney must be rolling over in his grave. He must couple deep to find yourself someone who loves you as much as Emily Rooney loves to defend our and not. So honestly it's a disaster right now market tell you subscribe to globe continue to one. I would just tell you you understand this is what we're talking about right now at the Boston Globe. That is that is the editor of the Boston Globe. Brian McGraw Rory who again threaten a lawsuit against we saw last night and you want about always or tab at the at first Porsche did. But as a human being believes this man is going to sue Hillary sergeant trust me when I tell you. I sure I was sure you unless he's fired feels like Scrooge and nothing else to do. No checks while his that the letter from the lawyer reads exactly like his letter to the news from some pretty clearly he is ball consulting and I'm he's going on the the aggressive and it's always the globe witness we we IC it missed me yesterday talking about it. But the fact that they went as far to send her in the day before. Some sort of notice that they may go after for these text instead of just meeting with her when she's offered for six months till retarded to meet with the globe. That that should've had and some sort of that's have been read like to me at that point that's the way they wanted to play. And we left here with questions yesterday we we had group questionable site alt timeline of all this. There are many more questions to me dollop the globe side of this in the gold resource side of the port twenty hours later. Or whatever it is well I mean you know did Magloire is guilty of it as it is there's no doubt and it's the question is what were they gonna do about in the in the again. I had two other people tell me yesterday that view he wrote. In his letter in the lorries were as well that she had he had nothing to do with her. And higher same boston.com if people Thomas not true at all he was instrumental. And are being hired there and doctor all the time and you communicate back and forth with things apple boss not com he weighed in the glory was the editor of all papers that's not true. These things just aren't these things are true try to covers ass right now that it's the last. The state I don't know what the seating and his role in this is that we've heard nothing from them of course will reach out to them today. Reach out to people the globe today and curious what they think right now they must know. This guy's going to go down missiles yet I. I think the fact that Linda is duty and I'm forgetting is that. My hair from a a Barack who's though you via the about a the fact that they addressed this in that the days after Utley not LB but to their staff. I think that speaks to they know they have a problem on their hands of their date with Kevin Cullen it wasn't as an as aggressive as what they did here. And they sent that letter because they know Kirk you're right about the date they know that they've got to make something happen here not in four weeks the weights up with Colin. It feels good to happen in a matter of days given the lack. 24 hours so it's gonna it's gonna get worse for Gloria was saying that it's going to get worse for him some go through the sold arsenal story it will get back to how we as well. Media including globe box finalize need to meet humans pick through a kinda. You go back to outsource some mail newsroom employees were either glows annual group of cola co ops Paula journals and students eager for work is he dating pool they called. So is that. Is what they would do yours can Slater changed off. Is arsenal talking about that this that the F ability less than a gore was part of their moving to something else is. That is about cleaning up fragility of the editor of the newspaper. What he did before they really that arrogance. I would have that list in my top draw. Mean it's unbelievable obviously Willie monotony in the name and and and and put their chest out there and almost brag about not named in the games why wouldn't change things around. What you Marty suggested that in these two things at one. I'd protect these other people. It's not crazy to think they would you won the queen's I was a real fast and better I was a real. Fighter for truth but the globe claims to be in these stories they've written in the laps to victory laps they take. If find whoever you pick a writer at the globe Abbie I would not be happy with my paper this morning F ability list in the waiting list. Q what sounds better to you you're exposing the old PEO people in your business. What sounds more comfortable now a waiting list wading pools and the date today and in notes and usually on Friday this is when this first or came. The glory note yes well aware of the withhold the identity of the reporter Jamal sultan. Will be accused of a double standard by people in the organizations and not privy to all the facts. I can live with that far more easily and I can live the thought of sacrificing our values the sleek and thirsty at the moment. No way no how is right here without a coma pew. Vote to hide something art paper you can processors bribery Rory. In I mean it's just it's it's unbelievable. Outside it is believable based on the fact you guys head out the jewels on the first place it's very believable welcomed out of that story. Again Ol was that months. Months and are now able to go through in finding another thing other things that were cleaned up or. You know. It's the squabble was changed by that story. It's incredible I don't know what the next steps going to be I don't know what in the presumed you're John Henry you're going to do it's it's it's an unbelievable sort of anyhow we yesterday it's different tomorrow. There was a group of male reporters at a Boston Globe according to a multiple sources. That had done a list. Of women young women. Interns and co ops co ops were the Connolly one level below the interns they weren't allowed to write it that most base cut copy and no fetch coffee in the past. And I think they can right now I don't think I don't think there's much of a distinction now between interns and co ops but back then there was. And so they had to these these global orders males. Had you. List. Of available web. In my again multiple people told us about the list some people say it was actually on the globe computer. Be it the old. At one time one of these were orders was up at City Hall lead to wasn't signed every was in the press room he filed something and he left his computer open. In he had the list up there in a coop found that the next day that. Most Jared powers I think I was talking more glory that's similar to the story I was told I'm just saying it's similar to restore its true or not. That's the same story I was told that's Pittsburgh Rory so front and center he's the guy with a list honesty who's in charge of this now and again. You know you can be can take whichever side you want this fight me I even care about it but I would say that there are more I'd there are more texts and there's more stuff. In the globe continues allow this to happen that's fine because I mean that's what you are on their paper okay. I'd be surprised even given the arrogance of Boston Globe. If they keep this guy Arum I just I don't see the upside for salt and they've been there more layoffs today January. In Iraq another round -- don't say how many Padilla another round of layoffs today heading into the weekend so I mean yeah Colin. Who have layoffs you have me too you know Gore's role that what what will be why's he why does he exist like you how incompetent completely yeah what was and here it's hard. Completely yeah I thought Brian when when they fired you you can start over again if you want and we had high usage and you'll do when you're an intern. We only cholesterol Petit name on tack on who have sex with you you coming here you do your job you'll leave like we do with our interns I don't know. I speak for myself either from a list of intolerance or college kids don't screw. I've never been part of that so sorry not. Not my thing to take your card he gave no have to producers names here and I didn't Arctic when I get traded and nobody has worked under me. Ever is ever guided ad attacks from a year and he missing what are you wearing right now that's when you're writing this are doing mr. I feel confident about that bride so when the globe PO acts like they're better than we are we to sit their beat these deals with them and act like are friends with them. Let's be clear here I am not. I am not I am not at the respect for you have no respect for your paper. None whatsoever he'd come back. It will be some story comes out two months or six months. Did they did says stuff about us it's not true this would be that way to fight back understanding of proactive here they're going to do that at some point. Because they don't like us and they going to fight back. So just be ready for that when they do understand it's nothing about what they're writing about it subprime Rory its own Kevin Cullen it's about all that stuff Jim O'Sullivan. All those things so there at 1000%. Wrong for Bryant. Feel free to apply crystal take your emails right certainly a good start overshoot too late for summer in terms. And the ball ready able and also brought record likes to summon the goods you know. She skirts we bag and Harrell sources say for dollars they. When and the story right we wondered of the globe Britain about the worst eagle so how it went all in that he has he talked to somebody who claims that on the list this F ability list that the globe bad. I was told that I had bedroom eyes one FEMA on the list told how we on Wednesday night so not lazy writing about he talked to somebody. On this list. And this list I compare everything like all the data and what does. They're college girl would work on our show Altman to three years yeah I mean I can even imagine McGee it is it's insane. Audience accomplice excellence in on the show. Who's that. An American girl who went to BC humans and industrial light and he does not always remember or that occurred NA turn Ackerman and it hurt every member with Kuerten today she said at the end but it was the last thing right there we giver segment on the here and she richer Internet that's right. That's correct answer yes Susan actually inter a year big cup let the big deal. And your ethical behavior and turning and you're talking your other your could the other co ops in they're interns. Visiting knowledge but yet we're probably in a list somewhere where these all. Old dudes recchi guy that's how it was that something that out of body and those guys on the prowl like crazy back. No doubt it should be even dating pool sounds like that this predatory or suggesting that it the F ability let's can I complete. In this case like a perfect science and in other still people out there who are. We're gonna fight for the globe and we make fun of her all the time Emily Rooney and here who's got an orderly was on her show last night be so. They'd they'd they did beat the press the other night that show their actions can be depressed because. The holiday weekend is approaching but. Since McCrory. For the lawsuit against Hillary they said let's get together. And we are recent let's defend the globe web only special Internet categories on all the time they've relation to the globe if we can defend defend defend defend. In Cincinnati usually it's on a date Kennedy on Adam Reilly as much about tennis and Malia forget the other ones. Caylee cross believes Caylee Crosslin and for me from my end. This is really picked up toward the end of repeatedly crossing you know wanted to speak her mind I think had legitimate questions by the way so that Riley even for some sort of book. About how great John Henry's even de Kenny Perry critic problem is he knows the climate knows the world rain and knows this is not going to be. A good thing for the global. But this is what so this would like the old days like people defend the Kennedys in the globe blindly like this is and we were he's the last like how was the last generation. So bush on that wall man I can't believe the level to which the dvd I would just say the I don't know what the defense yet but that the word I'm looking for for the way she just blindly defending the globe knowing that she's gonna looks of dom is being on that wall blind loyalty crazy. Amir though we don't know because no one's that. When the relationship began and whether you know that the later it began to be close is that this kid that is after she left her. I think I think seven cents. That's very helpful at a fast tracking. That's not clear he said they were not working together when making it. Ultimately we don't I don't know anyway how many years it intervene between our time and and so I know the ages at that point he is quite they'll say hey that's it I think what part of that got just point out he still hold of them she. Yet but hello I could raise your agent is really about the power that at roughly you know that's what we're going to heed the big boss and no matter what. Well whatever boxing was at that point and she okay it didn't matter because she was Hala that's my point. She was tried as Australia at the moment she got there is an intern and he was in charge of the metro and he's charged the paper. He was always more powerful that she was there do you read this departed superstore arsenal wrote. This what they did and what you did to Jesus Christ will be a more power that they have there right. Sarcastic. But so what practical. I think whatever Obama OK okay hold outs they weren't actually did because he was verified was sending a text that. Do you want to bring her back to Boston com which who's boss Viacom was sending text like that you bastard you journal us. To ask me questions you just say okay rival Goran my friend we go to dinners together of these parties together. I can't believe a man like this would something like that so it's gonna bury my head in the sand. Defend defend defend defend I get around obviously the issue about who was married and she days which took. But like we know embarrassed to be right now. Mike Wall Street journalist worth of nickel. You would do this so blindly going well by the way we really know who's. A lot of stuff I know. She know these things it showed about their doings its its. Like she says uncle and so someone sent you talk to Brian Roberts particularly and Rory you talked to Bryant record or told to directly of the global growth a lot of money in your pocket you you love the globe hate us you taking decides okay. Now we you know down deep and go. This guy is guilty you to do you defend the guy in the age of B two for sexual harassment when he's a part of this paper that's it's harassed. Co Eds and interns for decades. Linda technicalities card on win the year's work was the was how you know loss aren't on the power dynamic so that's the large gonna play to defend them. The wrap up loser and and that's like bargain and Janet let their relationship that we came at a point when it was an equal. I just I just wanna point out that glory contextualize. It from his point here yes I mean here I mean Hillary's heart. Take on this text like owning tweets has been incredible she's had answers she has. And been more forced Diaz she's blaming Hillary sergeant for not being more forthcoming which you suggest for six months she went to the globe and set I would like to tell you she's does she wrote an open letter to the globe that on the record that there is an issue with the globes wanna talk about being forthcoming. Emily Rooney she's done by its name. Gartner an adrenaline and you're now listen I should probably go around and she's she ultimately I say that locker McCain a huge risk Curtis. What she's done is impossible she is put dean Kennedy in the the other side yard. Dick Kenny is like like dude that choice by his perspective that he's doing this like you know he's not telling the truth right like I know that. I can't really say it game can be. Boy he's saying is that you understand this isn't actually the truth. She just doesn't wanna police that it's crazy. Insane the bearded and the plate plates were. Certainly has said that she consider that tax. Inappropriate. Well it's a week we could go implement Bentley also said that you have really talked landed dead dead dead dynamic the other all the time is loosening at a good time it was friendly and maybe they and then she talks and we will hold clip which ducks goalie he wishes for our other personal reasons he would not continued right back and forth suggestion there's a relationship obviously. Douglas marriage sure I'm yes well we've the end of it you know. We have a quick line that was awarded talk about a penny I think I was done I think I checked out but it wasn't really listening in New York. It's very quick look at them. But she wasn't practical when they're retaining. That side. Wrong do we know we're talking McKenna we have the senate passed it bites us somebody would've felt well. There are also hole that's what Adam Wright you gotta go back to them that is Adam Reilly. Suggests that you know it's one thing to do on Twitter but on this webcast. Adam Reilly says if anyone dealt with this type of issue with the glow many woman felt a raster as it feelings about this. They should contact GBH in beat the press. It's that's Emily reason cancer. I also save in the eight to meet two of women the globally between the saudis felt that way of pressure they can contact which we Democrats can talk about the show as well we can have conversations with them. But Shiites feel she feels like he would have come forward at this point one thing I've I've learned from the two errors women never come out from like ten or fifteen years ago or twenty years ago because they felt uncomfortable. This powerful guys of these not threaten him with with you know. Whether you slut shaming as they call it whatever else you want there's not a thrower directly next to the a great story today and how he deals that are well we'll get to that. But this idea that these women like oh sure no problem with the culture is like it's sixteen minutes over the years Amylin. I mean you know you go there review doctor Richard sixty minutes the original people wanna talk about the sexual harassment they fired them and brought and other producers we think it was like there. We think it was like it you know where we've been a place a powerful place. Late in these women for years and years from Paris humiliated. And I again and I think I don't know I think Hillary sarge are few and Soledad I'm sure if release some of those Texans are embarrassing I don't care if you did set the merger receipt of its embarrassing. She's going now wait now. You have people like Emily Rooney who liked to you know he thinks somebody by now we come out and vote no. Now it could take twenty years he can take thirty years it's insane. We got if they're all on hold on hold on hold on were exploited with mrs. this is the end of it to what you're speaking to news Riley talked Riley talked regret. So if there are people out there I think who who experienced something akin to what can we sergeant has been alluding to. Beat the press that it would like it to somebody would've felt like you know I know you never know what professional so god given honorable. So that's amazing artists it's on the need to level first which you just describe the second level is a problem she sounds like she's single probably didn't happening now or she saying like that's exactly what you're saying that's all she's. She's trying to dismiss it. It's already Hillary started anyway by saying I wish I when you have every day you have people from 1015 years eight years ago twenty years ago thirty years ago. I mean it was so semi coma for Cosby yesterday like it's. It's unbelievable that is so dangerous. That says follow. Me. It means Hillary sergeant its outreach means Hillary sergeants likable she believes Phillies are just one lone wolf and it'll pollute who told them. Cole some allegedly sets that you are dealing with now with so people say. You know all the globe's op it to older side this is what people do papers like this and trying to scare these people activity these people. It does anybody any reasonable rational person because Hillary Sargent is the only person to be part of this of course know that from the list itself. From the dating pool from which I mean even partial matches this story it's unbelievable. Unbelievable it's been allowed to happen at the globe for the past thirty years before what's been allowed to happen culture it's been allowed to continue the people power were part of it. From a Mark Russell story December 8 to may its 25. To may 25 Memorial Day weekend for this to happen still is unbelievable I don't care you like the global hatred globe is. Ultimately there's still going on in the guy in charge of the paper is in the middle of it I mean is in the middle of people above him which are too. When the presume the John Henry is now up to you guys this is your paper now. They bought this is sort of a toll. Iron newspaper business a pain I have real things to do. What are you gonna do the responsibility is not a boring anymore he's trying to save his own ass it's up dealers are good relation but it is cheaper to attach the buy the paper fine. Now what you have to do is fighter. If you don't. You'd be in the glory is always going to be the guy who runs the papers and it was sexually harassed it's 617779. Seven that interceptors here for you guys what your goals subscriber what do you think about as you care do you even care. You know have the tweets it is degrees and aircraft. I'm curious as well he do you read the globe. What's your thoughts in the me to stop this enough. Are you are you angry presumed injury and he won answers 617779793. Several keep digging into this Morgan Freeman stuff as well. What else. We got a big game tonight game six for the Celtics that would keep doing that I'm sure a lot of time. I want your real joke to everybody involved here at the globe every one wants somebody on the discussion of some people all of that PBS shows well. Beat the press talk summit music before that Tennessee you got a big political afternoon he did well yes he did that as well so against six once and 7797. Actually if you guys this whole thing. Boston Globe right report right in the middle puck pursuit the meat scandal how we Carr writes the editor of the Boston Globe right in the middle east central. How yesterday all fair questions well you're right at 634 in the Wentz for many in this period is first text of the program director pool you know I wish I'd succeed do you weigh in I was not surprised. So which is doing whatever I want bully them do whatever once they did the blame is on him or anybody else to me if if they if there's still. Feel the need to defend and make a deal with primer Rory. I'll take the right side history in this one banks are indexed program are to be and we root your team medal earning reports and it is going to be you know she teases us. I it to somebody if at all. When it you know exactly what happens people them the minute they get harassed at work their their feel comfortable going right to everyone else until about right away. And soak up last night in you know I saw that this long conversation with boat it's open right arm back who's there was so weird that. It's. These are realities barrage of skirts and heels these days what do you think that basket for tonight to deal with that Greta that Bob match so don't leaders unbelievable arguably as Osama shoes. And just as what it is for a second Jerry violate Jerry so wrong about what you're about to say out on the wreck affording sake you are wrong about what we are places story by Shaughnessy today Astro. Yes no case you don't know when do some differ. Aside Obama that it insular they're sick when I say he went outside the box that's exactly to your music indeed. We'll get back to I'll get back to the glory of the globe throughout the shoulder back for a second but. Shaughnessy writes a story in the globe today Shaughnessy is actually in the paper is not a college like a bad behavior was sick of me. You say I'd be very curious your child missing in the same category that's all very of course call very curious on multiple levels. So he writes headline read our back above these Celtics can't you just hear him. It was long past midnight that was a pretty deep sleep when I smoke a cigar smoke. Wafting out of my cluttered office on the second for my house somewhat alarmed and rub my eyes and tiptoed into the dark room. When it's you shady L I have a short bald man sitting right in your brand share the my dad loved. Is that you read passed. It to deceive the darkness passed him. You're damn right it is he said at a comeback until somebody much like this team you know really guys I remember who's still around. Thanks Fred I said I'm honored. We missed having you around but this has been a fun bunch of fans really love them fund could he said I'll do what I like we'll start with Danny. I never believed to become so do his job or Nigel myself except for not smoking is wearing a hey he's always outsmarting those other guys. Just like we have Robert harshly got a one in the draft the first phase Mikhail just like daily to the Philly rusher Tatum I loved it. Just like what Danny is accurate you guys think. We talk about Brad Stevens a much everything about him you'll see it staying on the sidelines I was hitting coach you did that not me. It CB yell and scream over Iran should be game one that's in the victory cigar was all about. Always figure that big baby LeBron. Police over the stop this nonsense the greatest Evers Bill Russell LeBron could build his jock and the story this goes. On in on it's another page and how long after that. This is eight Jerry would be mocking you then nor will I notice that we would not yes he would wrong I like you're used in the Jerry voice rent are back which present an old guy smokes cigars regularly talk like that but still. I don't I don't really like you know it's just it's so it's over reached and it's go away with. Cullen in the glory and photo into the river into just where Hugo. I gotta go get myself because Willie and I played racquetball in the morning that's come out there running his ass on the network of people that are talking would you rate that lets you really works it. He would not like this s.'s les took a white. Eight minutes to write this. Nine and even notre eleven deliberate effort. We give me 50 we are always says those things are outside you know you don't know Peter usually issue however I do it on every day and trying to go Tony go outside stuff like Daniel he says so much. What you're right anyway somebody talked about this game. He's right. But you know this is just I mean like it's his support he says it's awful. Embarrassing. I get a Genevieve you Wetteland your college sports Saturday your paper and suggested that signal to go back to the drawing board that's what to rewrite not not. Not for us today for the global of that the big game six I get a develop the right about game five so we all agree. Organ of the ghost of red are back Jerry would be against this without some piece of garbage. I want to read talk show rounds we do agree details on top Hamas is straight. Old makes me Jesus must you be an adult for Christ's sakes if it was Celtics won he's back in the Celtic bit like ready to go by fell off his feet back and forth the when they lose one gets all emotional and am I you know very emotional fabric of who Celtics and what type of game is what time tonight 84 off tees. No drama no intrigue of cattle by seven dealt with the union at halftime councilman by reportable wrong third quarter LeBron in the fourth one back here Sunday night Memorial Day Sunday for a Celtics again Sunday night same time that's the drop. I expected thirties while the same time. The and a massive number sounded more like it's it's game seven did. Little ownership fourteen or fourteen. It's terrible while the that's true I was a great number as about this yesterday I've no idea I don't know if this had noise of the games played in Boston as opposed to Clinton. And there's 20000 people in the arena people Parcells opposes any impact whatsoever on the rating now. No it's each game in Boston to 4550 that's for football that we said that about a government run WB it's a good question here is an idea of assured that probably does so in six of the World Series in points thirteen. In Austin. And it's bad enough actor. That was NBA finals the Celtics in war rockets were wars team like six or seven it was a lost them in 33 reported on its that he is used to go with a series. God have been more wrong way human life goals that went success in actual so compact and obviously that that much. Why is it on the one get away game for that's. The NBA does not want it used and so on number chronicled they've sold a sold as a bad but yet they want the wars in there rocket Celtics they definitely do. Because after I mean hearted. It's a team nobody knows recently the warriors plea people one of them or hate. I people around here will convince themselves missiles could be the rockets figured you hear talk themselves with game one that's not the wars the 31. Six date next Thursday next Thursday yes okay so in one of the recap. Will be here. I'll be here with Mark James who had Friday with him. Well that's a debate I think my parents and my season you foreign oil mossy. Without Marty coming arrow right sure so much to be here Tuesday they get back. Yes that's the current plan to use. It's weird you so. City with no drama no -- built in and out seems Rossi Tuesday and indeed on Wednesday right that's right and that's what you I was always will be Gary Thursday when I talked to yesterday he he makes and the other two adults and you know your standards the mossy. But I must seize more that would be good to mossy Dino. Somehow some way it's like pretend I'm going to be there maybe I believe in you yet we understand it. Yet you don't really did you walk and it's it's complicated which he did it's a really good idea to help out the eyes and twice and only reasoning had never thought I went liberty is that's why is there a plan like any job that they can be with you. But it would actually what do you call the old big swing like that I do remember John I did a very issues like Dexter this with Andrei you're really really tricky as a lot going on the block ads I do show actors great. On call British act. Did you watch any of that whole freaking terrible it's so bad it's awful Jerry's people fifty with suggestions and so that's not even. I got three year. It's great action get a Google to tiger's book now which was also apple suggests that the current notified of adults Jerry had a car acts as the main. Carson for breaking poll he's fine. And actually hit Vegas. That the text because I was like him Herbert Allred the most of the globe. He says Kenya aren't just about arsenal it's half a down about the exploded some great fell over the car. Open road is a result of the greats. That it wishes hotel we'll go to travelers at the end of June. You'll have the grapes in the first thing we do Urban Meyer before mine as we go let's go out trying to target of a lock to target Arctic Miami grapes. The worst unaware target or selection now with the partners he was the departments for cross street. Scoring sizes experimented would watt. But yeah I'd say how much is Gerri one of his addiction and car I think he's totally fine. That he's looking into cars I think you know we always happy it's now time. It's upgrade yet Asian annual and so yet that he's fines up to me I think was up. Yes there was some younger girl on issues like 120 she said she hit him. The scars on my sub second call they showed he told us six more she texting and driving you know I wish I would have to use you don't like it would just who she wants. He's always talking about that always as the Bob biker and runner right now bolted this biker who says that he got in his car. So he's all right but he was was appoint why bring him up says it's. We were talking about it jittery and he would like to show on us historian yeah. Value of the show's story love love this stupid thing writes every year at Thanksgiving worst shows that it's not. This is done is it that's at Jerry's football college motivational. It's timely this is just I have nothing to write about on the ghost or red are back sitting in my dad's chair smoking a cigar talking to me about wiley and Stevens could just stand up let's go to the sideline. He wasn't out at Cleveland right. I would hope not. I would. August to include your Cleveland like you go to practice time and again I mean I would send him anywhere lately it's away from not to go to practice until our oral like home a good. Tools on here I guess the goal was bigger issue story about the child's closet Kolb still is gonna affect the columnists today. Now this can do oppose is gonna go away no no they can't have an investigation in the curse of the big update from attacks last thing about colon was he sees that he's update is violent towards the exact same one Vietnam War. Go outside you ledgers are fired up he circuit is the same war he says investing a little bit of energy figure out something for Kirk is a Ali no matter what if you say did you read this or you watched it Kirk is always read or watch whatever it is true. Everything Aaron. Yeah iris is somewhat like an example. Anything I went up when that's not true of just a pocket I was an island it's Connecticut and I want to show. I haven't since it happened when anything does it matter pick out there forgery that shot as I guess ever the game Shaughnessy story you've it's our files with what. I noticed it charged into as you reducing troop you've watched or listened to everything you can't suggest something do you not watch it was true. Quite like once I get every Netflix every podcast you are right on watts. That's not allowed we've done. The last thing your recommended to you an example there really Jesus you see your you say it may be your magazine and not just saying basically I'm saying these things even if I had and you're certainly not a social media heart you're sort of like a what's new hard okay public again public example furnish it for him but it helps you are not at some point. I don't art it was argued that do a couple of anything point. Asked what have you seen or watch or read cursor or I saw the crown last. Okay I've never watched them okay now to see you play it but I've never watched the crown and they're gonna say I have something in my back pocket I will next time this comes up and spring and on NC let's do it it's the guardians of the galaxy zoo last week and he swears that he could not see. Did not see either one of the series I I watched webcast yesterday it's called beat the press and Lieberman get washed in Canada that Adam Reilly did watch that I Portland for the show our team prepare once. He really well in a give and I've Nazi and in no example I'd read it I really didn't. Really. Talk to ten where yesterday I. And that he's he's he's hesitant to come back and he thinks it looked back. Is he thinking even to look bad becomes sort of set the bar where he wants to commit only when you're here's the next week you're here all week except for Friday some Jerry's not here's the deal would that. Has fun for a couple hours with the issue. He feels like the way and last time it looks bad because there for a fourth time OK will I'm right. Third it ended because he wasn't good right you guys just not enough for centuries yet but what was he was not too much on the ship. I think I'm in this summer's arrested him a couple of hours in the summer with me every week or so who have more funds it's in the summer. Let's beyond summer as critical or major changes it but Utley morally Friday is a perfect couple hours to tag it proposed a couple hours. Tell some stories talks about its major debt Diaz and his house. An eagle on the weekend that's a penguin spots that so. Well for him for two hours would not be issued the fans want him back a little ghosts that wanna back full time you guys don't wanna back. The Tomas in and indeed a ones those on little cat I get you are walking back. Long conversation shows he had with Robert Clinton's firewalls. And that's a weird dream. Why Shaughnessy. Pop is one of the guys left from the old days a slap in the face double pats people would have backed still around talk to him like went on a terror supplement yeah buried in the SpinRite it's appropriate like like pharmacy. And be perfect we'll get that or he's talked to Stevens. That's selfish threats of selfish goes from Dick like why would he talk to you know try to help the team. It's fun to Danny Ainge. Relation goodnight or read as I walked back to bed only dream right I guess but if you stand in the middle of my home office closure rise in inhaled deeply. You detect a faint whiff. Of Loyola de Monterrey. No way Jerry you know Dan Hartman. I had a dream lesson for the broad street creatures. That's the song was heard from all know regardless she thought it was all jury resolved that John as they regularly covered. There are back. He sings it in part I believe I. There's a new low guy who oversaw the hurtful. It was at candidate. Is a new low open to talk about. I was paper records. Enjoy your loss ever surprise of the leader Gerry Gerry would turn heavy fighting about this column B be defending it. You understand shots easy to it's a different but he won Paris solvent. Because this conversation like ten times on the show bookstores and this this goes beyond Grady outside the box is goes and you love it he would love it great party won a one all of this winter journalist during the origin which in a story. Chills to be honest not sure what they might shale and her what do you think of the story. Heard you say it. Word that Jerry is all I ago. Jesus Christ graduated terrific story Greg. But as awarded Jerry says all the time we play and the guys on a believable. And those fascinating thought about the minutes and cover story fasting no journalists find what story in Newsweek Jerry of the globe which are five Morgan Freeman today's fast. For the tremendous assets eighty years. Order free of it is I think now. The biggest star to be taken down by two outs. Than. I would say we're just I was little yellow resembles a decade ago meet you was useful guide you now have gloated here the globe. Freeman and Weinstein who's going to go to jail today I mean this is now maybe the biggest sort of stretch yet bisons are. And will continue yeah I'm going Hayward goes to goes little waves where it goes away for couple weeks people like Jason Bateman and Sarah Silberman felt comfortable come out of the shell and their right to defend people we Rudy. And enix left to right back in the face unbelievable what it's a free to stuff for short as it's crazy and all solutions and dump them and are used to take that these people you know what it is that you would come forward by and with that bush evening when you can't pick of foreign and suggest that. You harassed by boss or somebody work and get back to the gold seven I've you more news that as well as the game goes on wells we have Christian candy or much else. He for keep all of Yeltsin don't get back don't do that in rage rich leaflets that was good stuff. A capture 6177797937. There was. That Richardson in a kick off was Frazier was real or not real. It's actually good real person and the big closet liberals as the I think it's that it would people trying to it would result brought weasel private school can write these laws are actually able Saint Paul who rich border. Just like me hey you exactly watch what eat he claims not to be admitted mere occurs. He pretends he's correct it very angry yes it was I happen to put that keeps our call yesterday. It there again about the confidence probably right. You know we right now and he's so that was right so you're a figure of a player takes a knee or let's say how about that you've been to a game where someone's hockey game tonight where their patterns on the on the cellphone. Maybe like. Round them up. And maybe put them in the second place admin like ship onto it another country without the due to good start. Noted what did you sense of what do you what do you think they should do. Should. It be so what do you think should happen to the players that they if they do take it name. War. It. Yeah and these guys that they're. Their pro they're choosing to protest. I'll let today it didn't do it isn't that how would you guys out in Oregon where we're talking what was the warm up model does this got I don't know this guy analyst asking comparatively. Concentration camp for the economy trains and some of the places that we've since he's doing what all the. Liberal weenie he's did yesterday and social media suggesting that the president wants to deport the players that what did we argue about this I know that's exactly what you say for saying that both but he said it and he stupid if I agree I agree or not save somebody's got to reset agrees not going to do that but that is what he's saying you know what this country to ask you believe your player or not quite electric and says yes he went through six and always hear the Amir Mir trump one more time from yesterday and I'm here much. Trying to say it's not exactly what focusing again. Why not I'm not saying I am not saying we trumpet never do this but you listen to the words in order you have to agree that's what he's saying. Well I think that's good I don't think people should be staying in locker rooms but still I think it's good you have to stand proudly. For the national. We shouldn't be playing you should be there may be should be in the country you have to standard. You have probably done that's it that's it I agrees not to an actor that's what he said no question. So when this Keith get to make tackles a Petit gets more worked up yeah actually it was it was color suit that was. Going to add about some political issues so it is a little rattled and call it three was Bryant here OK it's your Brian's on the cell phone Brian. You guys away auspreys listen to all day okay. She's you know Georgia bureau that we definitely left wing. Well skull. It's on virtually self insurance so wall if they wanna I wanna protests. That in the ILS settlements there's a time doesn't have it be that you. Let me ask you something New York WEEI you have rules or regulations that you thought you abide by is correct on yeah talk when. When you're on the yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah that's not productive off but certainly is that correct. I don't know you listens though though all the shelves. I was in there every shell it out of this Asian all day yeah so let's compare our our show to Vienna film that's a good start wasn't. Well ruled out by some more -- yet know where pants I have to update the rules these rules yet so why wasn't the rule although Brian right it wasn't the rule but look at this. Venue chipmaker protest against let me ask you once they do it wins it they'd go out. Once they got Brian military was I in the military. No I was not. You know what you have fought for our country hobbled and what veterans that have no legs no arms that brought you could be on a year Brian. Guess what we've also talked to a lot of members of the military. Who are okay were protesting because that's what makes America so I'm sorry that it protest on your time into it the way that you wanted to do it. But that he's not happy he's sorry haters what he's a dope I mis you know not talented guys worked out but I agree with them museum madness some pointers and it. Human sacrifice. I hope it's not human sacrifice I would stop watching football if a player murdered another human being right before the game during the at them out stop otherwise right now Basra I hope you all I wouldn't. Listen let's watch multi millionaires are. I'm gonna have a and you have a solid they shouldn't be worried about social issues because they make money then your point. I'm listening I'm listening to you the whole time all right let me let me talk then OK great you've done a great job so far yes they thought I. Yes they do it at all is because. Less people seeing what they do that everyone's watching and hope off so that's why they're doing it these these these protests behind closed doors apparently. Right I say he's at at least do some of these show soul but he's a 1000% right he 1000% right in this again. Is why the NFL screwed this up rich Keefe is right say that he's right he's terrific. He's once a generation talent and was right I was wrong he's a 1000% right about the state of watched it again this congratulations rich. 1000% right good job I keep there he's exactly right yeah these guys call these rightly. So if you didn't fight the military you know by the weigh in on this and on the numbers that argument. I did you thought the military you have no. More or less right to care about the flag or this topic it's a needed I don't agree with that got a lot of an opinion on shore but I did it in this case I don't think that every one and return about this not he's opinions wrong. But he's right that we've had multiple calls military members who don't care what you do of course and our vital multiple military members who do care and that's great as well they should be passion. If they're passionate about the passion the other way they should be. I don't understand like I I don't understand the callers point and take some calls like that. I don't get it I'll never understand it makes no sense and Almonte it is Ed do you ought to hire the people I see that is something different series a rifle moment by the country pride and it is going down as his respect you understand it and every hour they said we're going to do the NBA is done enact the policy. We go out. And you you salute where the hell you want blog go out there and if you don't you find it's different. They've allowed ambiguity and riches like rich is right. It's in the locker rooms reform protests last match after the game that's why they did it's a big Steelers have a chance to talk about it then or they can Gordon protests turn their back to take you need he made this big story themselves and continue to make the story big. And you know in them in the present United States goes on to use these 23 year old kids as pawns this poker game they don't wanna fight back to. So place Ford football was a place where for Donald Trump talk about whether player kneels and effort into them wiped out if they hold. Underneath they like to respond to heat it then it will respond to what you said it's going to be more protests than ever next year. I like I said depended on what trump does I think guys are going to take this opportunity and use different platforms as they should play trumpets at the Friday before we wanna be too that their message whenever they said that it started. It got lost all kneeling in front Mattel had before week two the players should be deported if they Neil. Do you think that to be big story again he suggests they also shouldn't play right there which we don't it's not really saying that how do you know that. OK see you believe the president thinks. When this they shouldn't play the ball did not gonna salute asked them what that Atlanta I think he's stupid so yeah thanks and I I think he is playing to his base and icky suggesting okay what many subtlety agrees using your moderator all forget so some blacked torture of black history can interpret using a musical upon correct. At some level yes sir he's doing that exactly so would you think if you're him OK great I'm the fight back. Do your best way to fight back to the sick you know law permit me is not the best way to fight back is to find out your causes and don't get it modeled in the kneeling before the Anthony got confusing to a point where you don't have these players were pro testing for. This actually give them the opportunity to gold oddity different way and not put the teams in a position. We're getting calls and tweets from fans who are upset about their pregame ceremony gives them a chance to. Had their ceremony. And they're able to release -- I don't early player on the player blastoff would have troubled social media that team altar calls and in reaction among other whatnot and the at the not as much as the they turned their back on the offender in the game yes I thought I disagree and Indy you think that's not a sign of disrespect review of what else as you see you know obviously courtside at turning our back it's a sack artists like I say this yesterday of it and and the players will when I say was well let's that was sent to sweep got you excited you you you asked if it was you ask myself I didn't know what letter of the language a way to NFL as as a we went out all the way to Dallas I don't want elbow SEC and we also you'll see when I turned it back on the okay with one artisan think it is 100 us. Then what we've now left yourself in the position where from team to team Greg they get to decide. But you still introduce a move that this was a good decision by the bell have worked reviewed and given the other options yes I think it's good decision. Michael it's your chances work choices were leave it as it ones which I would have been a huge mistake not address or have it be a hard line like Kirk wants. Where the players are basically told. Neil or get the bleep out yes this was they ain't the best of both worlds. For the situation to wireless business that I think kept it in act intact. Because as with it would have been we wouldn't mocking the NFL this week want somebody kneels down again it's the story all over we'd say the NFL than address the league addressing you Della the entire offseason to address it. And he never did the year some and the one guy gets a week while we mocking NFL yes we do it because we're becoming national story again and you would be on your second in national. Anyway your your show easterly national story anyway so we get if he didn't do anything you do let it play an edge here did you get just the way he put rules in place working on the field and what the rules are on the field ever it is like behind I don't know what they are at least make it simple OK on the field you're standing not to suspect in the flack now it was a great airports is respects disrespect I understand but but the the the unity of the fine a player the league can fine a player they've now put that the rule book if they didn't and they left it up it's gray area Curtis where you go to next year. And we want the same stuff is happening you'll be all over to dale I would suffered having not changed the ribbons on the set we spend 12 point and he'll be one. They care about you guys still doing error if there was nobody cared it was over they were doing this. They were doing was less a story peoples they were doing this throw meets to comparing it to other important organs of all when the sit tight you're right it was at an avid flow would. People still care and trumped here's what really. There is no such thing I don't I think she's I think he's used this as a platform to get his base price should be in the country I had I made that drive. Hey. Are all those without watchful while load their band aid and do what they're friendly. All of those guys that you know play in they've gone that money on them and those extreme heat to one that don't sit there and enjoy the game that everyone out. Then my question Atlanta right now I'm approach that they can chill formal vote technical that we sit at the problem. Well Edison with a gonna tell Edison they ever tell you is it's it doesn't matter whether right or wrong time as its football field to gain your employees shot up. Go in and doing your own time and by the way he charges agree with that is just the NFL is. As is botched this and bungled this from the start I think even you admit that. From the start date yet why is she kidding yes yes matchup of the band do a bullet wound and it's not going to what's the best that is available to them. It's not the best page it is best and it gobbled them is to bring him. Now see that see you that or according you according to Atlanta hold on hold on court and you try to appease the fan base if you did that you would appease. And owners in its final piece fan base or as well okay not boast owners do without starters agreed out front on this idea ending the players. I think most stores group trump owns most I don't think so. Oh like I think it's a rocket or fifty knew it and you're seeing the outspoken ones already Carolina in New York I I think I guess I don't take care of there are players should they get by buddy in his life. Friend someone who is good to me are very down time and I'll never forget the. In this that was weird because he's friends with them and I'm not sure agrees I think in this photo ID IV's highly I theories and a 1000% but he doesn't want to see I I I well. I have a pretty good idea agrees and 1000%. And he doesn't want to do because as we look bad players so I think I think craft will say. Not like the president talked to him but on this while we disagree and he will pay the fines for these guys if they do opening pages into an open. But if they if they if they do graphically the funds that's my prediction or whatever the fine is it's a fine. And on that's an unknown if bud team by teams different odd Matt what's up. This post you put on the Martha Stewart Living it should be writing you'd be answered because monkeys. I understand our language okay now why go head to go that now lie level on this issue mental disease just go and compete. Add another layer two or you wouldn't peacock was. Also not honest eyes that were much buckets from what I do you are not looking inside you guys are looking at from installing outlook here's a mile away it is already next year second or third layer does get a mighty good things to be mean but you do get a concede your eyes obviously. You get will confuse what it's at all or later you understand. How this economic idea thousands screw this up I'd you know knowing your II Roger I am now aren't enough to I has gotten off to finalize those fifteen and lousy segments and Idaho w.s and now a short app that was back in. In this case because he he got it right you guys are ignoring the the the idea. That if you got to next year and players kneeled again Matt Gloucester and cartman handle these callers will be rip dealt Irving not put anything in place and you know what he didn't. He took a stance that the FDA took essentially write the NBA said here's the rules going forward and so what at Dell is done. Eight he has done the exact same thing but people like is they don't like it on the NFL that's the issue. That's the issue right now it's omelet look at from a mile away guys looking at at that instant reaction to in the hot cakes yeah that must let the NBA. He looked at the teams that discipline is okay that's terrible and it's like candidates are talking before that you literally doesn't understand what story we may but you don't it's okay you don't understand the story. Would players kneeled attacker can't and yet and move on in my area it's a compromise doesn't it doesn't work. Our our two covered up 6177797. That is so I guess we'll continue on this is welcome back to the globe stuff. It's a Weinstein get the free even if the Celtics get the bright Johnson must not have any doctoral before the show. Lots of stuff to get to our two with Kirk and mutt in my you do a really good job. Dealing is bad flag good reunion wells.