K&C - The ESPY nominations are out; Callers try and figure out what Mayor Walsh was saying 6-20-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, June 20th
Hour 4: Kirk and Gerry shared their thoughts on the ESPY nominations and Danica Patrick hosting the show and callers shared their thoughts on the Mayor's comments yesterday. 

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It's Kirk. Gets good results through the opening of the new facility would I mean it looks like the Taj Mahal the Indian and it hit the community this thing with the made it look kind of the line I long Tiki bar drop so our car. Like this the Taj Mahal career. You know just talk about the shopping street to pick your place. I go there once watched curry committed ahead. Sending babies and other young children old. If you yeah its true at least three full pretty humorous. Lawyers and medical providers. There and picture saarc. That's that's for us tonight we'll see you again tomorrow notice I'm the last word with Lawrence Obama love come to work everyday and Gerry Callahan Tom Brady responded what rent east cinco solid base Kevin Cullen and then the little monkey emote geez see no evil hear no evil speak only on C not to familiar with the work of different a monkey I've WGCs are very good option one. My job for her shoulders I'm that are ahead proved to rush hour I wrote down for the show today Brady fatigued this is two middle finger salute to Belichick on Sports Radio W. That Richard Madison felonious I have over its full year in Kevin Cullen. That's phony here then. My take. Retief. Litigious Rio was genuine results opponent is you cry on the podcast. Plus if you want my mom's anniversaries Friday as the you do one about her. Tomorrow or Friday that you could do it again definitely Kreider mommy crying little K newborn Kate her arms and that's right you worth. Somewhere but really you wouldn't agree ritual manner that is putting on the performance on when you tweet I treated backing you nobody cancer. Would you say then. Hello. Well it's not the graphic that's. Thank you we haven't been up three tender age shelters in south Texas wars and medical providers. To us and the coming up to him this soft after the. Bruce sounds are a little bag this allows neighbors to get medicine that is. That is home that is based solely in the boy it was getting attention is having a moment I have to have my social media who votes tweet about how great I am that's it I however literally I know everything's about team's routine Iran I don't know if that's on Shaun Hannity or technical I'm a mocking them to buy the other is that that I get a perfect example of that is from headlines today. I'm Trevor no we haven't. Yes we get re visit this is revenue or making you know jokes about these poor him all I ask Michael's children all I ask is just imagine for a second. If this for somebody on the other side. Pick pick your pictured republic Laura Ingraham she's been there she's a servant bright she gets all the lightning round picture of Laura Ingraham used this action to talk about the situation. Because these kids have been through enough. No wolves that photo. He did you hear all. So yes on the outside yet on us they'd be out there again. That's unbelievable absolutely no blowback none none of them nothing. Nothing to do a better putter search for a Christian and I haven't seen anything that you don't even bother there will be 00. Blowback. No repercussions whatsoever. Will be Noah activists. In demanding. Advertisers bailed on him nothing he won't have to. No fly to Houston through a week of seminars or sensitivity training. Being a good. Mindless brain analyst liberal means never having to say your salary he will not even have to face one African question. I won't even make fun of him making fun acts six voted trouble. Honest I know we can't we could feel isolated and you know. Are our guy in the global gogel after a split but it's okay would return to know it. Read belligerent about things you write you can do the exact same thing word for word printed out you could read the script with the same accent. You'd be to be fired or be SpinRite that I know. That's I mean you could you go ahead say that you know look at it is on the actions mom you'll be in trouble that's enough that's a tradition rich red Shoney's right you content you can do. In imitate Tony if you do on one station big trouble to another station. Not worked well the first time in the second time also warned that right to read it twice that I was so good that brought back. I'm not a that was our that's why target for a we have we have the SP nominations overdue reforms who's hosting this year. I don't know that's guest hosting expertise in engine. So old who schedules that your. It's going to be someone really brave. Grew very good leaders like this one. Actor very electorate but she's the host of the riveting personality wise. She was named the host of the moment when did you work on anything she's but two dollars and beat him. That's a good hopes to still owes them. Someone. Ray he can handle. Let's start with the big categories as a pitcher just jockey who bullets toughness to part of an answer Willie Shoemaker. Mike Smith capture some pretty. Jose Ortiz did one ad with the wind today the big bomb in the hole and foreigners and two weeks health care pocket breaks. When this guy lives in the case should. Skewed questions. Deceased parents wouldn't that. Lauren Giroux yet to go one or my palladium. Who was shopkeeper. Of the Triple Crown management policies and oh by the way he's a Breeders' Cup winner who. Press male athlete. Jose L Tuesday. James Harden and ovitz and or Jerry's pick on bird. Brady would show up or goes in LA and ago. It. These long past Koreans I know that's an accurate I'll say I'm losing more public. I'm gonna say opulence and want you to Harden is it Brady I didn't win. I'm telling this category best international women's soccer player good whom we Martin's you know on lovely. Sarah and her say that via. Am occur in Korea per meal harder. And Jody Taylor. On these chicks all naked in the news unions give all for government has no women no time to coaching it's. Are you on your best. Best male action sports athlete. Why it's best male action sports athlete as a means an extreme sport I guess so and Rick Carlisle Sweden skier. Kelvin who work skateboard. David Wise. Skier. Marcus Cleveland snowboard. When you shall perfume Brady. Okay ago. Cycle is most personal in the about it recently PC sort of you know who's nominated for the courage with the opera last week as when he this year it's actually not the worst choices there giving it all goes step of its machines they creep. As a true origins that was the kid who. In Vegas receive a 25 saying he's not gonna win you can do bolt of such economic. You have a couple of kids in the park you'll nominate you give them toward UK at the Waffle House. I agree but say that's a good potential for nominees none big big big choose of award winners doubtful for now that they have nominees all the trash where they name is Pete names. No but they've four nominees wasn't. Say they have the right Lauren hill was she in on the run up in their decision making props. A good choice of I mean if you towards those girls are absolutely. I like the lawful good racecars you would fine. Olivia that you can offer you sprite that's like. He should know the winless looking reports now non not a big fan them on the kid with a lawful stop the shooter. And he risked his life he tackled the Iowa and shoot people that if I mean that's sports on a commercial Whitmore played again. Administered for us to our business right of the credit pic of a fifty year old boy on your race team format out guys are one of passport. Who Jason Del Monte on car my rhino page. Milky bats who have moved her her columns small wood or yes burst and some. She's a mental illness we goal or friends in our lives and I asked legible. Forget or to order now now. Hundred. Tomorrow 506260. Centimeters. Incredible truly good dozen years. The favorable atmosphere. That's the greatest invention when I was a kid we pulled there was no beer right orchard theories please kings. They figure out my and my mobile Kitna went trouble occasionally that was very. No there was no losers who's now I figured I worked for a little while. It's gone now and chills that now all the bull analogy of booze and food after it's great it's a fun thing to do. We should do this T Alex our team a bit of oil and explore where Hamas. You plant now. Builds ultimately allotted about okay. There's a new I just saw on the news new Paul McCartney music could ask our men and you're a big music fan you're a critic. Quick cash. Yes or no is it going to be Garrett who sat so it'll be off to my prediction I never like McCartney's and is with wings were so sure I would have been better off like. It Robby Krieger is disappearing when his cohort died yes I think so I'm erotic review and disappeared when no. But I know I can I can honestly say I don't think lately single Paul McCartney song post Beatles I could be wrong. Whenever you're forgetting something I don't like jet. No I do not age. About maybe I'm amazed no don't like I have had The Beatles but a zillion Rihanna and economy. Would vote to ebony and ivory tickets. Let's go to Mike in accounts of mud while we work on getting the McCarty musical final whether it's any good what's up Mike. My two little. Mikey. The Fred Couples to give objective of these people Chris are you talking on the phone in my. He's being held hostage. But people figured drama few tweets say hold on this and doing as it. We will think this this offered to go to Tomas he doesn't it. Food we. But I must itself. So is that we have an option I don't I don't like should I do not know who do you like me and they don't like marinara sauce over on the likes of oral and nasal he six like fat like pesticides. You know they have the calories on things now I don't should I really don't. I don't I purposely don't okay to give me McCarty music. It just released today I guess you know so that's on no more lonely nights that's on that's chooses its ports you know. You know every ivories and horrendous song it's one of the worst social Michael Jackson say say say that's a bad about the Christmas song that's the worst Christmas song ever. But the worst song ever. It has become the wonderful Christmas time Jones played I hated don't lie about Silly Love Songs terrible. Was miles from Iran with the that's who you like just fell from the money grab or Bon Jovi to play again tomorrow morning I think the real artists and a group of women Harris. Yes and Ringo in it certainly yes I think so. What are you looking for we have an on it again and doing but I went to listen to it yet so he's he's supposed to be swears in Paul McCartney can be safe. Not a result of the blue Edmund so this was released today. Not actual. Content sounds awful. Thousand to. Is heading. I walked into the hands. It's real I don't know I see I I don't preach that little entity do these are saying now. That's Paul McCartney. It plays the piano but faced a good lie though. Really neighbors and a good show to three hours was a forty songs. Not for inviting him for too long. Is a series of five race he'll play in Finland now triggered two seconds. Against people want serious or beetle. Do you care at all at all with the Brady sort of Sex Pistols just turned 76 is due Carol with a sincere post liberty. No it's nude again I'm with his own with connect talk for thirty seconds on his much sums because of send over and over and over known seems to listen I was I was. He's gonna click was not hurt he thinks it'll be 45 in my knocked. Mike 41. Or two or three or six. Wired dale and he's got to play too he's not good anymore it's ages of deadlines the promise they'll pick up the show yesterday saying he thinks. This this sounds Oprah sounds Brady's got maybe one year two of the most left much of which are nothing to do with which our report. If your Brady used to really did not thinking from a point two warriors and if you don't if you the issue last year that you last year and Olympics. You know on the play exactly two more years I know thinks he's atop his game maybe won't you know optics of these. Know winning a Super Bowl four for 44500. Yards and a 108 passer rating does anyone think he'll walk away. It does well actually if the age is irrelevant if he's not good he'll quit. I think that's. But yes yeah but fortunately there's no deadlines a promise to craft. Crafts beholden to any deep in on eight he's also having some sort of social media Brady to produce the keys in the 4520. But he would like to a memo at least forty day to be so good record like George Olympic kick if you're 46 a 47 just don't think young for not me but for the rest your life and if you don't drink and you eat right today where he county great to be dad's history could be agent does a lot of things. An actor quite Howard's and that's if you care. Howard's the only says he bowed out before the nets yet. Who knows an idol to the current assessment released yet I like that song you played though that's better than to let us some yes but but but a wonderful Christmas. All right back. Doing its most listened to morning show. Fox Sports Radio WEP guys. After. The lead. Of it and with the song judges' rules in the world regarding today's result actual test better it's tennis for a job. Oh wonderful christmastime you. What the word roots in the in the years that the city. Better than Thomas Austin knows Tomas is Tuscany classic. Should protect the pipes there is get that sort of like he's really singing. Tomorrow's second could coursing. I mean it must again it is. Think of who pulled that off Richie pulled up pretty well people I was wonder this lots shorter version this year you know it's you were saying the great singers that you're Dell's already bettors. How many people can sing like that but never tried. I never. I'm joined the chorus were never went to a lesser level of we're we know him you know you're not a great singer while also wondered I'm not that also won like he's the greatest golf were relive some of you never know golf legend lives never odds are yes. Odds are yes and most were so. Dread and fear of what's. So mean if you work that it may be could be any better but let's say a prayer. Pray for now the aren't alone he's on the sincerity there shoppers. Some of us here. This Christmas. Opening Christmas curse as good play isn't overly nice to be you've created. Bad Christmas time. We led in lives and we've been initiated. Definitely a chorus is a church voice right is all the lies in classical course wants. Winners merits and not not not today you know jail for a pro yeah. Own zone around the where. Chris news. Now who's the worst may. Roemer was a really terrible attack it was shocking yet but really it was like. Regulars remember what we all thought he be good because. He wasn't familiar. Now. Monica. And how it was duet between terrorism pavilion. In will. All the. And T. We can spread some of Jules lying. Through earlier rooms around so well. World actress missed time. Sometimes we know surprise you know it was a bad singer. He doesn't like pride we can just like parades through he doesn't stop they need to know non oh no he's. Well to not. I begged Gandhi's. Check stands and those June. It was terrible did you decide how we do know the song has been in musicals but I have a need those who did this mean you duet. Well personally had we got award went for you alluded to getting did their players tune you know. There are good that's all everyone. Wears off now. As loose found underneath that by earnings are not terrible. So the worst is reworked and oh it's transmitted at. And I had no oh. That's a Dino camp this year more Ted was the star of the whole thing that'll upload your story with us and did you take your job is halfway to Christmas June and July were almost halfway Christmas or six and twelve were halfway there the best of five days from halfway Christmas yeah. Somewhere in the production. Yeah yes absolutely. He never has to go to a this year. Another martyr martyr off. If loves Christmas dad he never makes it you know the advocate every he'd never be takes a couple of you know so yeah he's always like the eighteen years sickness and Steve McKee let's get that early because this evening just in turn and it's up keeps thinking here and being dropped a ring gear. On the roof it is sleeper he sees what he's not nervous. And will be OK we're trying to get amongst it and he's nervous a Christmas she you start of these that you always do just make me up like a guy who runs and what did you defended we used to politicians all time mayors and governors. We. Menino Dukakis of things that all of this we didn't allegedly the one once yeah we mean you know and I think we had turned their deal one you trending one that Hitler first your day do you doses notebook and you noted dude friends from now died like three recently as hard. Funny not play in the city. Yeah that's him was that they possibly more inarticulate. As. You hit other need Bradford will be next that you can't who's the next UQ where do they will be known next mayor money's not very for the rest of our lives. Going no no KGC mayor's speculator run for senator even president Bloomberg her you'll see a lot remarkable fashion no he's not marrying kind. Now he's got married endlessly in these Ray Flynn went to become an ambassador and the Vatican yeah. The Vatican and kind of lost. And each has to. Come back. He's not. You don't think he's that Smart enough and that's stupid e.'s Smart enough to know that great gig is guy rob Bradford. Yes he has peaked. But he never given that the bureau worked Alex I got ourselves before 10 o'clock and here Marty thank you the full thing median took his report at a company to our backs that once take pride in what you do. The kind of prior talking about is not marrying kind. It's about caring fetus can only sing area and he's against aryan white supremacists now writings on the area kangaroo our backs on the fact that OPEC's Jewish guy who liked the area probably either Paula television last chance that calls on 61777979%. Thoughtful wise people try and translate. If anybody speaks Marty Walsh there. To what you want more time PP if you listeners and the kind realist what is not marrying kind. What is that that's I want her we have not solved we've not come close all begins with a man tells them airing it's not. Never it's been Everett. On moves on the never done everyone good morning Harry's parents that work and so it and it's the carrying. Don't think it's airing this and the start with it's he hates Americans and Marty Walsh as a good. And people form of the care. This includes net meter if if it was an hamlets in marrying Catholics on marrying kind. An anchor here's Shawn Marion kind. You know. I don't know we're gonna have to wait 10 o'clock to the phone to delay after all it's died instantly shows the point. I don't know sounds we'll play one more time what's your what time. Our -- Liked yeah absolutely. Yeah now I've know what you say knows their losses. But it can goes over there in time got in Baghdad and I. We need of Brett Favre the conversation with the Brooks kept and training. Laporte and I'm a few some look at the thing yesterday it seems everyone gets a chance to shoot a basket except can Laird Charlie Baker left via what's good baker knocks one in. Is Portland Stearns dummies right there bush from our little party. But apologetic to need it yeah screwed that old school jackets a look now coaches look at it. And so we get some people some suggestions shall call a foolish last year mostly come Marty Abbie good to hear from some Mexico it's a Mike. It guys. He's saying it's not then there ratings times like people that talk about race there is Harry and apparatus to talk. He's not like the people accountable to all about it. But the next slide has to with a really care so not exaggerating. Marion. Is not marrying Eric who are you guys make of such a context though is on there at times since. These are not Narragansett. Maybe it's an and that's all we know. Some kind of trying to talking about is not marrying kind that the married and it's a great mystery. What Mel hired Jack again what do we have others and to award which is a very let's go to appalled on the cape puts a poll. Yeah I know exactly what restatement is that the that the stock organ and he's saying the word yet if not end. Arrogant. And he just didn't finish the words. Cookbook put where's where's the airy airy and arrogance he's not marrying kind is that T we slow down we have the capability and how we might show why would you know while we want that. It out. I what do you suspend Bradford said rep for the Baltimore computer equipment and oh with one drug cartels and Hannibal to New York City and these are any humor into overtime sleek has slowed down its ordinary times. What's fastest and it doesn't help us is not marrying kind. No yeah. And and. Lose in the third flat. Better tomorrow tomorrow I don't use of illegal aliens is usually says he and and his office into the four year right don't realize. So recently viewed it until last year it's called we'll take some calls are made we get. It's KE NC occurred in Callahan on Sports Radio yeah. Well patriots start phase three Red Sox a three out of four and if the Celtics. It's never gonna be not fun. As Oakland's pitchers won't. If that is the reds notched a three out of the war. That is far more articulate the mayor can win he knows I think the following. I don't know crossover brought you by our reports that national. He'll take a quick. Mid day I'd have excellent we're confident these people think they have the answer to the big mystery. Or whatnot now worries may say chads in New Hampshire had a chance. Honors Japan's. It animals let's just please don't lose for good you won that as people's down waiting for somebody to cave for so he just asked for congress say they're ready to sort had to pass the puck. I'm good morning. We're going to collapse triggered who's online now. I Jeff was saying to protect this call. I'm just saying it's worse to me like it's now three. And there are. It's not inherently kind next lawyer on your we're good you just asked people to call really we're done I'm done I'm done I'm Muster the votes and really a yes I think the senate that long discussion of current sticking us people who call you the Illinois and it's a caper is Kerry taking the call it without incident as the McConnell any. That was a mistake. Solis click on the one that node node on and let me give no control over OK I don't give all I know all we know we hear you go you know we've we've we've definitely. All right glad to cushion grew up next is on what guys Doug moss in out score of goods Hamas and all fired about this immigration thing that's not talking about rating of battle can't wait run that was without tomorrow. Gerry Callahan and Kirk Johnson and Marty Walsh right in studio briefly lesbian tomorrow cinemanow a true media tomorrow we'll see you an obstacle. I've a friend who's Iranian. I love my president she's not there when they granite state and about time. Pocket that's a tragic death that she it was a call that is that point seven degrees in many the last map.