K&C - Evan Drellich tells all on the 2017 David Price blowup; Headlines & Kirk isn't changing 2-21-18

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, February 21st

Hour 2 from Ft. Myers as Kirk & Gerry welcome Evan Drellich back to the show one year after their legendary audio brawl that led to Drellich's hiring at NBC Sports Boston. Drellich finally reveals all the details of his clubhouse battle with David Price last year. Plus, Chris Curtis has Headlines and Kirk puts an end to thoughts that he'll change his ways.


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It's Kirk and Callahan. Which corps command. And Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. I prefer not until you that the competition was meant to be mostly private he stopped right there I'd like Kevin. You know like I'm learning him and I could suitable place Evan what the hell you doing. It's a picture or story in the wall theory that 2000 aren't the only. Talk them talk about Patrick won here before the jobs grandfathers were matters not what you'd ever spoke. And field. Do you wanna do this. If you want I want hunter little stricter for twenty minutes talk about the roster select which it would all. Did you Littlejohn. Because as we look after the battle hard don't they are all my. That's why harder. Right right right and remember yeah it's going. Won't know what a year ago my four year anniversary of the drug in his debut on the show. That the city of fire got jobs got more money. The whole thing because you know. He wanted to talk on the roster schedule pressure reappointment where would you be without a lot more money. But I don't like you can't talk about the roster what leaflet sporting news baseball Jerry's actually asked me about or talks Russia. Britain and like December report it by operating writers what it 300 dollars. We would you be without its you'll region I got from my I already bought curled out. Bullet we email I ought from. From pot podcast guy Kevin Miller after the fight it out your heart is either that I've told you before they told me what they would. Look at and others have told me they oracle hired. And all our regulators addiction. Juggling. But I just thought I just it's a way to June 3 place or area stances body issues although I don't. Okay they forget it we're at this golf course. You mentioned the Jeanne in liked it yeah. Curtis gave a unit lost 115 you'll be using you lost fifty that you Allah god. Anorexia and good management team. It's a supple right. I slept all summer 2000. Richer at our loans which round he's nerves get in an alcoholic and a cigarette smoker I got that good that's good at that you can market. The clear cut at cigarettes. Motorola and mumble like at first my health insurers this man ever right. It took part to fifteen years of life but yeah I looked good I want something else after that so well everything was. It. It's project yeah that's correct that's how you know. Israel OK okay. That mission should. Arts like I can now buy milk on. They were fifteen lately what time do you feel so teacher's job. Nothing back in Antarctica on here. At and what it's 24 hours for you when you know maybe it should early after news that's for me. And now. I read so that's true you guys helped split jetted over you don't you maintain really really confused about us maintain effective way to. Hired right away look at the Gator coverage that's the last little signs recently that. Station made credit. Would you do for a us nothing that. Issue number one show people we're at the shows you've got throughout the hour up and talk. What he does it's what it's like we hear my boring not just to record relic you'd like him which still don't. Average all right I tried. OK so that Mir went on the show he's an ache wrestle me. What muscles do what. I tell these eighty in the capital. Oh rob want rob where's that before our weaknesses he's not he can rocket ever be done. Yes uses banners ads there I suppose that's the person in the media which signal. Sit there and what are its power. He reached three people locked into politics girlfriend. Tareq Al. Dustin Pedroia. But. The ultimate price of its. Clearly everything we've seen this and he wants to go round and round. I would get to backed by warship to some more Red Sox for. Off the other night story told you bought it or shores are and in the nagged at sword Ali says. T he. Doubled Lysol heard it routine skewed too many many many. And I gave her two runs Boston as the toughest and I'm not. Yours it's Tuesday that I should be price. You recuse themselves. Just in case there's any mystery in the air these networks will buy this. Right thing a couple of days ago sent to the weakest parts like ice aired correctly that's our calls and pop stars bursts regret maybe now conjecture movers osment. Despises. The city of Boston is counting the days. Can be put to rest well the story. Does not bet that Eagles on despite all he treaty though. Last year at the end action isn't with the media hot confrontation. We did this week on this all year we had it's bad for one minute he's he's in this. Tried to be mostly private. As for. Oh. BI but when prices this morning if it were true I. No but. The price we know at this point it is can. To lose it like ninety apartment offered for writing quote I hope I bought Lehman percent historically the national audience. To like this it was dead quiet now just fall out does that not spot and fine. So let's talk fight writes at this point of asphalt prices like that prices is like a player. Now we can go round and round and gas row in the leg of the mind. The first the first. The whole story out about beat Bob story. It's about these bright spot price price I have it priced priced told. What. It means you're going to pot to treated. But what about. Its way east that you ovals quote about one liter picket. He also knows known activity. I don't the best baseball. That it line here. This effort. Obviously going to reflect that change X he's wrong in that front you you'd actually isn't the case. I mean that's. You know educate so I was brought me to get better leader. So easily half the way there. Well you heard what will. There. When asked fans in Boston and fantasies so which she wants she does not. And well liked or does not like he does not want to say election by the fall meet. 88 which by the way. What appeared that it priced. I support him. I played a year if you are giving you or somebody else out there troll if you got them on Twitter every one of the meat. The media really. Really about after I take you write us at eight totally six. Talk with three peso to what's the issue. It's a who's got the Yankees you can go up to date and time is like cash and vehicles off people look at the I. That's privately ethnic. At a to never a marvelous audience ever enemy. So you've bought it here that we think is cool so are. Let you peek at this interview probably needed the week but it won't do that negativity I think he's crazy apart really got me. This is custom New Yorkers this idea that much at. All. They. Mike backer of every one call at 1611. Excuse differences Kirk this couple this post daily news of yet reach the other things that you know about Boston unfortunately. Both personal and it's. That's. There's no yanked. That's if it bought or owned the rights they lost as it is is just. What is not only get worse priced as. To talk. So you tie it all all that's not. Only will we can go laughter. You beat that five of the equities. In the negativity negativity all its logic the logic escapes. He likes to pass this we want our site. I. Covered yeah its abilities and have a but it's it's like we're. It ceases to be kind of news outlets so that you don't have adequate to what's ahead. Speaks at and shields up and injuries. I don't want it all out here. And you don't have a little or not. Leaving that intrigue. He's got. For more news after. An and I on gore really has come you guys. And I believe that so much it's. Let's just see what happens to us our heat he. Lied like Mike Marco. We're right at hero complex. And sick and she says. I'll do what I want interviewed you guys shots yes yes we use our talk has cut off a one on ones. He gave to and it's no prompt him. But he does or overload about negativity. So what what about overload to the negativity this year what's that Jimmy's test the test is whether he still talking about it too by the way he is still tweak. It's. He's not on Twitter anywhere looking all the time let's say he says stuff that just to sit through it and what you called out hi as I have done like one of the things less boring. That a short he saw that never directly address me. Sure saw it was eight came back from his elbows him and easily I don't know what else. I think two million dollars to know what's wrong with the ice to David do you really not know it's wrong it's policy because I've ordered. No there's not a good. I don't like what you line read my lines learn that. There are all. That was because you guys that fight was about. Her. That are out. There was weak about. This insult to all your autumn on this really quick I believe if you're all. Of the art which heavily proper words were outlawed. We'll move on with its hunt down my L oh really bizarre. I tweet tweet out. Went to yesterday. If I don't my right elbow or more are in the rates because or all these guys. Just joke about me the brows ski out. With the medical staff costs and the players felt that it was while the medical volatile outdoor. You don't go after the conflict on it today right no actually gave us when we sit well I agree wit and trying to. Ohio all right in combination with that a day earlier I sort of one rhetoric it's how he probably needs surgery after the season. Which dot how we probably would be out until after the all star which lists but somehow brought from your incredibly protective. A circle around he's never. Go back. Up and it. But he wasn't for whatever its report on it came from. Eric source it was it was accurate on the other pitchers route. Combinations that sweet. A lot. And me. Right it's basically like oh by the way. He used. The people's. Job to what I was. On the back right that's what happened. What will it. Extort scrabble this got me the only you that you use. Last year very liberal while there's no deals so that I cried through August issue here at all so so it's actually was a quiet on personal god or not. While I. Ironically my celebration. A year later wrote is right at other writers were. Confirming. You go to this site could urge restraint that's that's that works except for you restore a screening at rightly got. Physical. A but over something we now. But he was flight. And you were defending the owner of the because you know for them about. Something. But if you look at job multiple. Let's listen. Example David Price that message out there what were you. And yet there's still. A lot of analysts that you know that you can set our personal god bless our effort Mosul. That's why. There's such. I asked a drought Europe on. Does that bother you when Kirk tax rates. To me. I don't. But it would say here are so what bright lights out there he would drop the diamond price might. I see units it pops heeded that works. When he said. He'd be intimating that I'd lose them now. Putting price then use existing gauge on its unbelievable New Orleans that require. Since this is the are you never. Now this most odd I've ever try and that's it for you gotta do blood. Average relative economic this is the most popular. Lie now. Most prominent being in this place USA today calls toughness by him in baseball. Beat guys and other beat Boston Globe would be to me that it also tax readers who criticized it was priced. I price your plans call to reclaim. What is with. I don't talk there's no communication at. Which it got its price worship. He works it's all the apps let's say that seems extreme price true. Wearing wearing Nike Jordan sneakers and Appleby exceptions. But the here is Abrams. But I bet they should is that. It's. Maybe it's Roy it takes twenty minutes for somebody finally asked about which Otto. And that is right people car yes. What it is out there at the final two questions which I don't actors. It was you or I care to respond to but you don't pay badly you regret it now means that. That it was skewed it was possible the first questions. Probably damage the us I think in New York guys might McDonald's. Names go to the guys and I didn't talk charge guys try to get charged that athletes and players coaches try to get. Little. You know confrontation go. Does that happen here my little. There is there wasn't it looked. None of us were excited to come down I'll speak for myself I was not excite them down that was miserable you're not into going back I kept doing the bulls got sucked. That group sucked I did not like. Going in there and talk to. It is better. And in. This is that yeah. Is that where it may and it's just like I don't ticket to get worse than it was last year the more sense that they used to be able to Red Sox history does that play time. People got mad but for some reason. Like to turn things are right about my diet and but he writes that this should all screaming you idiots and meet David Price correction let's do something else. Well I let me just say also known best selling author Gifford and that's what comes out Amazon that's accountable all the other stuff away. What's it about. I may fifteenth report what I thought there steak I want them while you're wearing. Our jeans and black socks it's really ninety degrees in music your father's house. Accumulate apologies if what if you're far left or something that matter relation to get that book Catholic priest. Who wants that book. Italy and promote your father's still the big fifty all the Red Sox the only thing that's full color and look at the men in moments that made its books the saw. Why hasn't changed a unity just gorgeous book tour. Couples. To not. Get you one. My name in it data priced at the port. Who can afford. You closed on. Script in the bottom. Ice keeps it wouldn't. But so what else I can't buckets Silberman but it still romance element that more but 01. They edited but it's sold it to a more thorough and much to thank you my reasons bucket when do we get our copies. Because it makes it can't wait for it or whoever else and books and happening promoted on Twitter. Tweet. Let me. You still have them up. A bombing in short no problem that isn't excited enough about me you know now the confessional you. You've got out of our level of alert a lot about Meehan what they keep others dark secrets here's Jeff there's some darkness flat hurt other guys in the beats the the beat Agassi who are at idol why why what did you do. Brett wanted to give a minute he's about to title over the melded relic. It's a healthy suggested over the days that they think that maybe some happens in. Real criminals energy effort. Tree for that missed all that description. Yes. I've heard more illegal substances one tonight over that time or at the century now now now. They're not vote for a barrel for all of note no light and no that's not. A drinker. Are still looks. Yet I was wondering if she asked him. All right six what's at 777. That recent. You deputy Tucker it's such street lights and no no question. We'll get back to my anniversary were shooters like that quick pause the five year anniversary of Kirk's. Hiring a lower court for joining us wildly successful show shift and the one year anniversary commitment relics melt. Correct me a few. Yes but John felt repairs it I was. It's ice that's on the best of seers. X sounds O reader. My headlights that that you pretty good at lies we do in the mavericks. The mavericks shepherd. So what do we don't. I've coupled with should run at it a couple of good for the five year anniversary of luck Berkman six wants that it's that it's at seven that he said Atlantic's. Each time once again for. Penn. Lie. Just 3 minutes after 2 o'clock today for the first time my life I met my parents Chris Collins adds it is Thursday radio row and Maggie Grace another slate gray guessed they consummated it would have slid out and within minutes forty armed him the cut art just sit down a course free agent now divide Kennard Doug Flutie Todd Merriman Steve Spagnuolo tray Wayne's factories Sam Arnold. Kyle turley Dan Marino home. It's time for Curtis Kirch and Callahan and some lives. I've beaten him out like I figured cursory your show at odds of course brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard and document your great great. That he does we vote them one game there. Sport or get someone like that it's. Easier loves all of us if you. But he loves the I've worked yeah. Allan. No it everywhere sporty like oh that's right when you go to guy is that people. It is that the sport to sport I. Of course bother you as opposed. We ought to get on adverse art experts forty our kids not surprised that Colin made in the or. Yes yes all of us because start right there like I'm not one with a host of you're going on the future. Never to be it drop you always been that that it meets what is Christopher aims Curtis Chris good morning how you. Good hearted excel from New York Post and WFAN's ratings for the month of January. And no my princess no problem as the week. August off so okay so. Brett Cecil left the end of last year. Correct your second book right correctness so lottery that. If I reach that. We have hard hitting your media your interpretation would be that things are going to walk the ratings. But the not so much like princess and only six point six year war these fault believable at a York's bigger market that's people. Worship princess from month to thirty are thirties again this half fiery. Fiery. In the what might. And that was second in New York this morning show Carlin. Maggie and Bart did a four point four sheer finishing eighth. Some of them and MLB network good feeling you documentary off to a quick start I read it to march quick start yes if it. In the war former yankees beat writer march to start. This. Borrow the hat. In the war. Unbelievable things like OK with the you know he was for editing on people to get rid of princess and it was going to be the next start New York you debate 3.5. She against them so we got. Beat by that he was twelfth. Twelve well that that's the headline is K loses out to new in this addict alcoholic you know literature I've ever Jerry doctor preparations for a friend. But you know we knew both shows do massive. Ratings it's great job outlook as much as look at are at fault though. But but you know so to want it to leverage we finished first and second last year won a 21. They are eight to 128. And twelfth eight at twelve tonight one. At 9 o'clock in Atlanta rules the story of denying these braves. She's boarding drive though with will open even with a little more concern. What did you read it sort of things that. Price of a drug while we provided rough stuff just just just read the works a little ridiculous OK rumor. And you're not entity five share for the month of January. They went from first to seventh. Boo hoo hoo that's my god Arlen cart and in what you might somehow you were point eight New York which stunned that it does this all countries so they were seventh and like it might work well. Get this very sort of an idol. What would bring great discussion about the were first first last year. Or groceries. The size of our radio Rowe who at it was roughly that's besides just like a what is your ass we're ecstatic yet spoken to bite to it right to buy you give or take. Who are Hadley this helpless. Its aids with pledges at New York so that it. If we hit up. New Yorkers have more worldly we've got more to do Morsi got lobsters go fish forward were warm shares or read it has to be a 100%. It's better to go lobster the lobster Massachusetts. What else this. So we're gonna move on to trump junior to Jarrett raced it yet photos yesterday on government that was yesterday you'll need to say so we're gonna move on to skip next week that would you. Week over ratings dollop of yours are good at this what you do. So that's all this I've been in future wager that good the radio and consulted we'll stay with the New Yorkers Donald Trump junior buried. Yesterday Jerry was praising a smarting eyes and smugglers are whatever like any stupid Twitter Smart smog is according to. Smart. Like Donald junior like the pair to re attacking survivors of war to shoot at. The tweets. Once that there was Porter musical Thomas in the video was. In favor of gun control while laughing about laughing at leopard. Is and just how old person. Look. That these weird fingers with a touch. The reinstated from Graham ledger but could it be that the student who's running for cover for his. It. Yeah. I've hit. Both took a moron like you know it's it's quite like this week's sometimes there's like maybe it's bookmark them. Like you were electric rate at which. Gets accused of port stuff yes the this was not very finished assumes that you probably like right now he's a little bit over the street lights. The action to the victims and survivors survivors were crying it went with a built. It he said he's such a huge. It while I was sure that we. It's it's that was wrong get attacked a Twitter that you would agree that. They're being exploited the mainstream meet would you not agree Siemens put these kids on hope in the crime they'll tack. Republicans. Demand whatever it is what would it that's what they believe that all of them but they're December we you know I have no problem that so that the RTC kids shape you know some of these kids' heroes right. They're not. This actually bought somewhere else seemed to be somewhere else in its most news. News wires plugs but that. Last year will mean it's more balanced that's for sure what but I would say no problem with it. After she. You're. Not whether or did you world powers that are opposite easier for. You checked the update role are they using these children. No more than what you anybody else and any not a fish kill nothing Daryn that's different teenagers who have gone through hell you daycare critical error about so when it comes on says. The NRA is much child killers. Do you think that's appropriate for kids I know Robin Anderson that's how they feel. I was in my. How about agree with type I personally and it's and see you think the rate kills you might it generate people's files of course. If I vote violence of course they promote yes I yes yes you know Alec we might generate debate that's violently they'll probably I think. Gun owners you know what the governors are. He hoops they are you RAR cubes yes all got up. And outrage. That. A USA today survey of 843 women in the entertainment industry found that 94%. After spirit through sexual assault or sexual harassment workplace. Only just newspapers. I have elected. Edmonton's surprised if it every time yes 94%. To put people first lawyers are appropriate field by art great look at it with takeaways this creepy old Sandra Melissa McCarthy. 6% but maybe they are but maybe David as well. You get some green. 54 year old that guy that you want to. Get this job that's exactly reports alliance to rest. It's pretty much any. Now well. Taught. I can see a lot of creepy neat what's. What is safe to say if we need a price. He loves patting guys on the shoulder after yesterday would hand it appears they should block and he goes well they'll get. Good job and that's. They teach. Me certain places. To. Backers are audio I want to see this. Yeah the judgment entered. Here sees it what what we've we've got a 120 miles an hour welcome change. She pleaded guilty to President Bush and I thought it was a license. So she was probably nice cardinal. Excuse what does that answers. With his mom was sick for its 120 miles. You don't usually likes you shouldn't. There aren't what miles and now what if it's really nice out of proportion she turned and what about ones on the night she pled guilty. Of them. The driving. Believable. Celek fields August apologize and be ms. mall for thing terrorists are so remote with. Sort. Expert Sally fields the market is nervous on eight. And see them grow some oldest. Doesn't that story he tweeted out and reached out and apologizing. Now as long personable if you look at the week it was at your son to her was embarrassed. But the story. Of course it was a story. We just wiggle. What was she wants to fix her son up with that okay do without social media. We've watched the world without social life to pursue it not hurt everywhere as she hit which swindle Britney to lead out and we expect shot. The throughout the next they had back. So if you looked at him modes you should actually track so he took a screen shot accidentally outs so right now we have Kurt meetings. Irony pro gun control you've lost your numbers what next global warming temperature but I process. Yeah beat here missiles. Cupid guests our shows her rival she. Ole boys out of it yes. Choose high. Great works on so she was the worst of schedule or sculptures principle she is com. Seventy. Dirty play for attractive if you look at an expert. Couples. Have to go out superlative. What exit but. Obama doesn't know in speak few of them like it's what you sicker city seven water. Sounds like. She's 25. Ship later. Yes sporting type. 60. That's a post office. I actually gets it that's three jumpers at what brought you by doctor Robert letter doctor Matthew first what 800 games here. Again what second. That plus our supply you Nike. It's my look at first hour all we have this phone calls love me love me let me draw comes in the Red Sox want it that's fine. A practice celebrations up yours. Which means as a way to be otter draws really at the university of one year anniversary. Sometimes virtue email should have written something I mean that we. No we don't write or read write or something and he's the writer. These two TB. You overeat that your rights and sometimes when we. Pertains to me this vehicle early show was up late so why aren't yet a rare like that and Rocco. Which is why robot which one artist. Yeah the hotel room here in the cost might be about it yet but you reelection are in your mind. Bought it I was because I explain really. Until the real story yesterday. It was X six what's efforts that we have to that the mavericks. 790% as the fifth surgery or. On the morning show first hour was a celebration well wait a second I was Warsaw. Welcome back in the third hour in either really finish what two solid hours so you guys are welcome. That's I would put my Jewish Obama's six or 777. Point 79% average story or Red Sox up my anniversary drought anniversary. Jerry's anniversaries may. Seven was in September yeah that was a big day there's no. View. Which I think it says a lot of you're. Older. Or sign up and less than thirty seconds on line. It provides energy dot com there's just no reason not to lose some restrictions apply offers substitute teacher cancellation. This mess eight dot com slash HE bay for full details start saving with replies energy today. Each time. Time to join the millions of people that need happy we zoom video conferencing. Zoom gives you flawless video crystal clear audio gain instant sharing across any mobile tablet. We're desktop device but the best thing about soon pitches works to teach the distractions join the movement and neither happy we zoom video conferencing. The easy zoom dot US to send your freaked out today that zoom dot US zoom video conferencing. Star market. Sports Radio WEEI. I got his autograph. I don't go to the nice thing about Nelson has ever done for me. I asked them. Johnny Pesky. It's you know and didn't you sign something minutes it was a day before father's this and that's my father's a little baskets and walked over proponents like all other thing. I'll get is cool. And so it came up while you were saying stuff came up with. Like that's like Jesus Christ so it's so a couple of hours ago as a progress we should be temperatures to point in numbers like that. With like a happy anniversary jury couple putts quit on the back nine tenths in one of the month. Since futures. So late date is that on atomic eighty cents note that some are trying to do. You say I'd say lobby doors could make it sounds like ought to know what you thought what did you what they say. I I. How difficult. It was an artist. What did you guys that you played. Want some some old sounding Jerry's and we all saw hoosiers I mean we view we have a month I was view. It's my fifth spot on the star at this stage. It's my fifth anniversary but not more per year which given the odds trust me isn't possible with all due respect to marsh team we we've actually done well. It is nothing. Let me let's say sixteen bit to take all war did not. From me my 20 Gerri I am more important but by USV. Last fight yes it's more press juice tea lasted twenty businesses Chris. About now now but it's just some which did congratulate me I have been the problem. These morons to anything but is it about Jeremy but at the same time they're doing for me. Number 20. Zilch still not yet all the old and was. It next to push it push it occurs an hour ago. You know Jerry will be monitored as yours how to point. Let's make funny Gerri will stay at toy anniversary how bad hosting element that whatever I got some dumb stuff. It will get is that meandering things. That was pretty creepy it was to just let it play outraged and they can this mean. I guess I like you guys they're able to other guys. That works that what we got our businesses the deal later. He's awful he's checked that meant that so scared right now it's that that was a lot with. It ain't so why Jerry slow to ever say why why the middle of why why it's a prudent. The making so much about shipments start but it's well Alex is about all. Mean really somebody asked I still want to play action we do that and it was shot better than you know again everyone else the station. Every one else at the station has decided to say you know what. Uncle. About. I'm not doing I'm not too are their problems at the station yes or are a lot of problems because of me to none of them. And a lot of problems because of Jerry yes they yes are most of the problems. We've dealt with lightly because the afternoon show. Us what's that. We need to take its just to show night was somebody hosting the show. It looked at some point right you get to do that. But right now it is time to rise up this restricts he says it's time to rise up get off your asses. And fight. Little bit. Okay. The summit that you've made some mistakes Kerry did. Christian did booted collected dale did Michael's been approached the guilty parties all stepped up by the office and I don't think wrought I would have to god knows. Sit around anymore I'm. Asked it earlier today if we can do with. My hands. Into homer wrote. Haven't. Eight. Is that barbaric invasion Terrance Copper the Bruins have to be active in the that well. Could do that we get wrestling mat dust that's all anybody got to say this but this. Mark Russell asked not just meat. That's not now if you're better look at it and which is the show. Jerry Allen and not Chris Curtis Martin and Laird a drug use and Eric. But Gary thank player might be accurate throw up reverend as a Vietnamese I promising you right now I am not tapping out I'm not going anywhere. It's not their place I am not go quietly for the title that probably well. A quiet. At their mistakes made the station gaffes or mistakes and every station yes I import no not at all. Last night he reached out holds around. It makes it. Within their greatest. Should agree that's like that's what might have skills and I reported yes. I mean jeez. It's spelled H like we need to. Reach you know your every each. What goes round and yes you don't agree I'm currently everybody well it. Uruguay. If my if I got it psychiatry imagine you have as well it just start your car right now yes. And my father never told you. And I'm not once thought maybe I wasn't an object without stop chasing that. You look at Jerry's father figures and it's a little older my older brother. A father Basil he says he's proud of you you don't get that Everest without ever argue. You really are now desperate yes you less than five years the over under was like we can offer her the first couple tablets and you're right it's a product of a toxic. You know culture now I have an idea down right now I got to wonder you know. It'll be funny Kirk in Libya producer. Station could get some sound from you. First week second week third week when you're playing along right which would interview and you know and it animal tests when air conditioning here that you would you know I would get along with nine cents to agree that would be pretty good as of now I wish and our policy. Like other shows like star he's the stuff. It's Altman wipe out on its a lot of it is I think ultimately mean. McDonald's in different spots outs in the first so it gross out from Kirk the first day I looked in the archives of this charts mean it is everybody that we are the facts. I got Janet you're eating this I didn't know about them off the air. Our old Bobby I want now. About a god damn boat 67077. Night 790%. I want five full lives of residents but did show up not. I picked off. Right back we'd better shot a pop idol judges that it is. Okay but it it did you know rid. Once pork or you know how it Everett or blue book's Berry has IPO to not understand. Certainly the you have just a matter it sort of people on here. Can we re not. Old Kirk that true. Jesus. Futuristic stuff all the behind the scenes. You know love and you let her in the meetings almost unbelievable less than five years ago we had not meant to people know me knows that it's. 06. This. Six what's that it's it's. Circuit any it's not literally has south of importance. But that is. Yes how does that work. Produce that are initiated vertical well that's what happened partner hello. It's an important this. That's why don't touch it sort of you know Iggy he's a part of my shirt to our board of Amber's pick it ought to remember. I urge that it let net sales person that shot by my estimate edgy and that maybe that's about you guys are pathetic it's. Today the fifth anniversary first ever at a pace so anniversaries worship that is built. And worshipped at the universe responds to Netflix argued too that we did some well all. May gloss off write my producers nothing nothing. Sandwich I like chocolate not so we can't play celebrated case like Kirk with and have them. At first they are now a good person great debt it's fascinating. I've got to meet his boot doesn't suit and it is boot them that's got caught in history start from one. Usually am station and like white as an ultrasound. A possible. Which are good reasons we're going to urge you put a long Odyssey are our producers and they can't. Wartime people rat that. It literally is like at least Eric was Sunday skate it's literally like this these liquid that Europe was at that jumps out. Right here he is gone he's lost world. Where you'll look at it five years to arm the universe a little what you particular angle shot. What's that. But she okay we have calls but relic to a good it was little dispersed at Charlotte site like I say five Y. Asked implement 6777. Nights haven't gotten that they don't get five lines I'm leaving it to be to rotate the talented. Football equivalent. You know. All right we get back what 777 point seven net present our.