K&C - A flaw in the Cullen investigation; Curtis reads mean tweets to Kirk and Gerry 6-19-18

Mut & Callahan
Tuesday, June 19th
Hour 4: Gerry and Kirk discuss the Globe's investigation into Kevin Cullen and the flaws that have been unearthed.  Curtis reads mean tweets to Getty and Kirk. 

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It's Kirk and Callahan. With Kurt Mann and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. He's great going to attempt to play and that was when. Or is really looking it is like much differently now that he's ready to walk away from the kid that's the story. And we didn't get an answer on that yes what I heard you say I could see the end I was like off all those folks. That is different and that that is that's different that is the he has never said that. Then sat back and I think this is a weasel move it to you know if he had some sort of understanding with a rubber and now all of a sudden easy even if he's just floated out there just for kicks. That's a Dinka move we don't move. Kirk's favorite things fall outrage. Fades. I think you're like I can do that like nineties tonight and I just checked too to a four rows that everything don't I give credit could do it. I couldn't Dinka move there's this thing that office workers spend much time on this port. I must treaties quitting. That is not a big move but Brady's quick thing it's not an issue he was always gonna play until he wasn't good anymore. We think that if you guess that's a year and be done here a look at biggest forties in four years. He's not saying all my kids are getting older I'm gonna quick nobody believes it's a great retired even after this year. Makes a grapple thing it's the other crop of the (%expletive) off the patriots fans you know this couple. We passed. Why. But sadly I do the depression assurances to play a few more UK and it will layup is not good anymore. OK can't put a timetable on that something about it more now than I would you used to. That means 41 of course you think it's stupid I mean. He can't win you'd you'd defend race like every caskets or what so what response to say we don't move or he's a mold this does anyone think Brady's gonna quit before his game slips. Politely questioned that is. Is his definition of that goodness fans that the two good questions on Brady's pass rate futures 98 decision ought among the best anymore quitting the fans consume way he's still better than getting next day I don't think that would ever happen but. Either that's still good 98 still good people Iguodala in the ninth but there were OK when whenever he's gonna quit when he's not good anymore yes how's that weasel movers and let's not. It's for all we will be quick and Bob Kraft has talked to more than any. I'm pretty sure they know that that's his mindset I'm pretty sure Kraft knows he's gonna play Islam he loves it excellent he's really good right. That's okay were me. A motive to scrappy on the lead and sent. Yeah new neighbors say that's. Hanger that's this fake is it gets it and it's paying we're just trying to make some us for sort of predict on show in months it's just who cares it's me it's make believe. He's the older stuff flipped on the weren't talking McCoy Leonard affect you last night you schedule watching insecure or interrupted why god who students is Saul Cohen literal thing. Almost like how we learned. I have is that come the Celtics stupid. Would you trade for many macondo. People in like our audience would know coli Leonard from. I don't know from. Whoever few Leonard Leonard Hamilton's and to me it's ultimately basketball look I know more than you there's certainly are I watch San Antonio what I heard of or hours gesture attend a more than usually do this you can do that it's whatever becomes great he's not coming here it doesn't matter is that put her 36 most people not see them play into it and it's Amaechi played twice a year most. Really nice what color you go to. Cindy you state how many people know that I had no I do. What numbers. He is number double zero no. When numbers two and can't have that she's all the so she can't have he can have that we can with a player award. You know imprisoned in the senator after this guy were ongoing today for three hours struck we're going got a green on excited it's a little bit much that I pain in my face cream. Okay Kurt protect working as a crossover. I. I don't think we're exudes the practice. Just gonna see tends to shoot hoops we've seen of parquet floor. Obviously rim puck through and shuffle and 36 friends of 881012 Britons and backwards. It's like we used to be on the steam room and they have a thing that when you ball goes and who put it it rolls are active shooter back from plaque. Plastic and one of those in my who went home that I got started thinking about. Tinkering in my head it's dumb idea. What sort of play a more basketball I missed. See I don't believe you could you make false promises all the time oh right after you learn to fly a plane as it looked at him go through with it a some figures I played till I was 48 and the blowing the house. I didn't like him all night that certainly he's at least something I didn't do that either I had a bag too and while I was covered I've seen it it's not pretty. Who need them if they don't draw my advice don't do and I've always respected. That you don't do that little things I do love basketball coach up a lot of planes. Knowing you don't play basketball I'd love basketball. You know Clinton I think guys who beat Ted Cruz or Jimmy Huckabee absolutely had to put her to compete either of those two of you like. No blindfolded me wrong right. Hands tied behind a check of public is they're terrible they're playing elections league but you guys that are Wednesday nice guys and they say they should come play we don't nine nines after so what's right I just that the death trap and life can I just do that not take any shots just Hannity set some screens out of the way now. Why I tried to play. They they say don't you complaint on the floor. I conducted her play with some older guys some fatter guys. And they never leave before and they don't get hurt but I don't know how to do that manages a you'll go along women just go to the hoop jump riots basketball. Your instincts take over anyway. I don't it's not necessarily blown that you need that you would get banged up he gave him. Neither did have scratched cornea regularly get a tooth knocked yes some always amid which opened work had been bleeding on the console for a time. No I don't mimic human trait for how we wondered you know. I don't either for one year of how we as we lend it. I don't know why why wondered why Joanna wolf which keeps feeding the beast he keeps mentioning Boston let's try to get right to your critics in conversation but if he has a choice and or doesn't know who's gonna get traded. Put oil temperature to Los Angeles he could he's from San Diego right or Southern California no brainer. He's gonna go to LA if you go to LA capture. He's gonna go west. I would you think he wants to come upon me as odd at least would be. Tonight and outputs that plays to win a title yet and I'd think you'd be fine with that he's won before and whose quick before and yes I don't want it Sawyer a begets again. A big story right and I've sent a tweet out yesterday I think debris. These stories. The Oprah thing is complete file fake outrage beginning to and people saying they're sick of seeing just sell witty if you don't wanna see design ever. It's on top I vulgar talk LeBron James on Tiger Woods it's not like Acura the arm Rogers you're going to see them all the time if you do this for a living. If you don't wanna see Gisele can very easily. She Gisele may be down once every three weeks just I want a ranch was sent it into commercial was astounding to see his own house and she did this was a similar cedar. One as FaceBook live coming about a book coming right to put this ball that's your shares of book which means should be on Good Morning America should be places that for our job. One of the vehicle for one at this disadvantage our job is their very many things we have to regency of the great advantages are there certain things we know we never have to watch talk about. It Gisele is on Good Morning America the Red Sox correct tennis right. Firfer viewed as the Red Sox and if Chris first principles of Giselle from gory American morning America yes to watch it I don't. I don't ponder that repulsive really maybe a repulsive little stadium sexually confused I finer IE. I energy I don't like it you know that. When I see I don't feel the need to vomit you couldn't handle our special election free can also say I'd super G-8 I disagree a mess right this one takes and got sent a pitch count attractive. I don't think she's physically attractive I do too. Well I mean we have issues I think she's got to look and then. And two hour span I'd pay him. Says producer spent no god but this who's who's gonna presents or spend the SP this year but I could see tomorrow it's sunny. This doctor probably bring in Italy Steve place in the dude you know someone who looks up to the desert right right. Euphrates may be about to get to give you warts are hers is rectitude. But put them. She you know that you can see why they love each other that your ball a little weird that both have. You know Tom Brady to present super G to be called super cheap I'd never heard that once in my life that you sits on six and Dino would always mean you're dealing with super chief recall energy and I've never heard anyone say they wanna vomit. They look there really hurts at least in that really by anybody you know you're vomit when you're close sometimes all of auto writer Elizabeth Warren. Every time her FaceBook is screaming I want a ranch a face on that bit double. And make you. Actual note is a market. Let's see what's gonna be won what's now an event. Involves about. It's its program originally going to roast definitely think that poor guy talked on the second floor that poor guy had his family ripped out of his hands when he came up to him. Did so everybody works his ass off and affect America's great guy a bottom breakfast Monday. Obama car wants a book. My house at bottom a summer fuel economy also just handed him on three days' old but tide that's why I without a second for this morning. And I took one step in and there was from one that took all the way to the door he brown trail is soft on way. Yes the question you wanted to ask questions like one year and wanna hear you rise or saying you're not on your file can drop was due sets that they need. Are we gonna get to where we've than we've been might have some new tweets for you guys doing here I was entitled as we get back to Gizo. Sarah Spain and bring McHenry and Charl wilder and Ed werder and the whole cast of characters whose Jane McManus they all got involved yesterday it was it was a again we've of the new world to fake outrage in fake out. Outs Roemer. Fake outrage extravaganza yesterday. All ticked off by Charlotte wilder tweet a woman who Gerry Callahan. Proposition several times and you have a you know I want you to the drink in my face I get the message that was it just. Accurate and everybody else the 2 in the morning had to be up in an hour to a optionally myself site you. I was burned the candle bull pens Randy duke it you know show shell while they're they don't call while thinking enough like that we'll do that we get. Morning Joseph and. Charlotte while others staff writer boston.com which covers a wide range of topics from beauty of northern New England. Are becoming media personalities such as fox sports skinny knowing this has always have to come on the show a sweet and innocent piece of I live what really monitor his pew content not adult. Operator. So Charlotte wilder wrote this. Questionable story about all the patriots fans in them. In Lincoln or bailing on the patriots because is trump not questionable was pulled things were true. Enough talk it's snowing outside I was right on in this and the signs are you Obama sign just Comas patent pictured here real narrative style lets it go once a negative I can't knock Rivera cutter and got her job as he senior writer at Sports Illustrated just incredible Allman says in the old days. It'll have a little bit more for track record to get that it chooses. The tibia blogging about you know your neighbor who hates Tom who's its own trumpet. I did I learned man we sure did. I'm but anyway that's a friend and former for an elks rim natural oil and yes Charl wilder retouched or we do about Susan keys and you know it would Dojo was as we were a party woman so Susan he's going to watch the patriots anymore. Sure bolstered how people in the women's Olympic page as a trumpet had one example Susan peace. And attracted people all over the state. Move. State which if you don't like the potential disaster right about those on the proposal she left in my house so serious so La shows Bakken news yesterday Tweety up his job available Sports Illustrated. And the the catch widget to sit next her hop hop so self deprecating. And then issued for a woman has a job than the moment that's off or woman right you know disagree opportunity. Especially if you're a woman trying in the sports should message mediums are open. Ed werder replies. May need not apply other any others know to be wrote. Which went they went back and forth back and forth end of the best part of it is of course diagnosed. And honestly if I had it takes at least side annoyed no use for her I mean I think Edwards and overreact to me it's not spot a ticket were to sign up because it's not that big it. Overreact but then her response to him when he said. I always associate SI with hiring the best regardless of race sex or other factors. Her reply was. Well unfortunately a lot of women and people of color who are the best. Often get passed over during hiring processes. At every publication. So it's important make an extra effort case Charlotte give me an example. Is that is apps that are jump shots there. I want to be accused of being harassed that is one isn't a midnight senator direct it should want 100% to falls they're really worried about it. A regional tour it's usually just a couple of hours ago do you think a lot of publications I mean just think of a couple of on the globe and as I well I think they passover women and people forget all predicted for poor and aged. Best of the protection and anybody if you're to a opportunities in both equally good in today's society. It's a black person in the white person in median by personal with a job a man or woman woman at the trop which is. Listen yeah I gagged gay guy who could black ball but that's that's the way it works right now. Those things that you plus Levinson this little sort of media world refuse to revisited between like you know Brittany Kettering cancer Spain. I Regina and is coming in Frederick Anderson this is ridiculous this is stupid words good guy. And Sarah Spain so you're an idiot basically an apartment in recent years of essentially soldier body to get in the business which it and that's enough processors but. Posters who some auction or she can be it via. It is so so bowl a few she would be your days of the year dates. And now she's become her job now is to any single time a woman's question for anything in the media. Is her job to be weak the woman flagged no matter what you've woman's wrong. They wave the flag left and right to that video where people tweet that are urgently and Carl that dom video mute the ringer. Why bring up your own rate in this story. Is that your way firing back at critics who say you can't get any. That's something ha ha keep reminding guided right the guy signature is an actor. I think this shot to Dmitry position Jesse's child actors or talked to earlier this out of the border yet this is an actor. So an actor writing it was some emotion now the sheriff's stations exact rate and written a robot that's you almost horrible thing on terribly sore should go through it. But she wanted this got to come back on the play the role and actors she's acting out she's changed this this hurts so much. Which you read these tweets that you once had now in front of the camera and have someone read them again and act. They're acting and he's an actor she's an actor correct that is what we don't get hit by car. The moment Siewert there's a lot of thing where yeah room. And is done. It's. Think that they didn't didn't mean tweets Ronnie and the run around the one. To on the reached a sick talk radio which we do we get a mean you think we don't hear the C word people don't want only ultimate B visas Siewert a teachable for one day yes it is a problem. And yes. You have to us we do going into this loss mean tweets agreement those who read into a lottery acting here I was reading that you you and I we're gonna act but the while you're doing that. Well if you want. This is Curtis is first serve and into this much Buddhist army we've had all week now isn't it much now lets those two guys who gets the first week. All right Gerri first week for you from Chris Joyce. I couldn't wait it's great for them. They're smarter jumped the gun to put you see the two before an actor sneak one field to what was that again like made. It to. And after being die already. Movements. We've. To Kirk. Yeah yeah he really said Kirk or he doesn't mean he doesn't mean it. There's more he really said that those people really something some pop. And he goes to bed at night. Of future is. Jerry from hero of time. You Warren at being our word. I hope you at being die today. No. Hero or two swimming through one. Hero of time it wants the general Tommy wants X please say don't mean. If you mean that I didn't pick up doing and I guess it Hogan's friend told. And preview shown this is an incredible so far so excited on the topic of this coverage to the I think so too Kirk on the medical cool man oh. All you do is talk about pornography in your stupid. Parents. Do something. The case classy. Real classy by Yemen do exactly that you'd like that would you. I almost full but. Or home. A believable arrived here we go anymore. Elect an analyst Jerry go one for you from daddy's home Tony to. Very nice guys that. Jerry you're an ugly tool plain and simple. Come out and they're beautiful it. I think you're retreat. Some of that Rian I'd swear I agree I swear to US users you today during the break I forgot to say it you look really pretty. You do. It says a man known now to ease the pain no it's okay. But you're you're good friend eleven there are different of these so much period of time. Yeah her skirts too much for me swinging her 47 to move basis of wildness. Shot beat out ought Kirk about your stupid dead parents get cancer. Well. Or mace which you feel better well. Really nice but you know I'll later that we do like it did he do overtime Ireland's second take things. Thanks. Once they're in your opinion how do you animate so of crime pinch yourself a little bit certificate of amendment effectively keep kids dying and shoot the term memory to 42 years shouldn't listen. It's. It. I. Shut the up up above yours do their parents died. About a year ago. It's. 47. Money. Is fun. What are you cancer by Jerry SQ again for two and think about that right now and that it. Those who best Andrea that's wonder what the Kurdistan. This is that if we can be sure that's true that right Tinny Spanish streets to stiffen. I think I got some in my personal account Billick going after budget that really do that that's an appropriate yeah. I hope budget times I make so much both parents died of cancer several weeks apartment moms anniversaries is on Friday. Why I'd make this a Twitter cause right to freedom of evil these people are true that means accounts in bringing to me I'm going through the same thing as well. I'm a system with these people if they don't even go through it just checks in the business need to be it in the with a hockey puck home I'll stop McCain here anymore and wanted to get hit with a hockey puck movement in ahead of what this means think in the room considered. Since he opens there because of residents victim holocaust as a Nazi. I'm sorry on behalf of other people everywhere but if you can't if you look at this boost this I know is this puts it at our. Who is that I don't know it's something I'm sorry you had to go through this entire thing of people and honestly tweet things that he doctor Reid is anyone's sorry for Kirk and I just have to go through this procedure it was ugly. No I was cutting Mohammed escape Tuesday Carl. Is boot up the coast news. Next victim. That's kind of and that seems reasonable to. AG say they're trying to say he's eighty years old he's never gonna see you it's stupid it's insane you know they get raped by Bill Cosby. And the guy Tweeter is a loser he's a losers ignored don't watch much like hole. In a nutshell and a ten minute segment. Is a whole problem when their business. Is people think this stuff matters. That are you muck before look at the text line that's I don't care it's not like affecting my life. Affecting her life we know people we don't writers broadcasters. It affects them every day while ID 3793 what are people saying on the tax on on Twitter I would tell if they sing me things they can upset Ochoa Juli to currents are staying the same thing I told they alarm or whoever checked Twitter text all day ignored. You're better person and that's success the business. This person what should be raped their creep they suck ignored them mute the blocking and never deal with them again. OK I didn't let a good laugh to say all right August can move it to Chris I can't make it easy like you she'd attacks right. Over. This is Chancy. Boston's number. They show on Sports Radio WEEI. We're all on teams supposedly do much to do so I would be watching out. Because these other. He's going photo guys now under way of taking down this is no zone where they just embarrassed and exposed. And everybody's got to feed and no matter somebody on your team does something wrong instead of exposing. I it. And you attack the other thing you know being display on reveal it you would have to have what's that the Obama decision I missed them. I feel like Kirk's kind of an open book you don't want to hide them not worried about coming up to you. I probably have. So the movement which makes stuff up. That's that's good points out you know. I tune or get arrested once I did. I kept a level playing wants. I don't remember about it. There have been divorced and them. You know I guess alien place event like drunk driving I don't really go that way of keeping an ago. Other ways to you you sound like played our our friend is done who you sound since you know. Suggest cockiness this today when we imitative that manly guy that does like Alex correct. We sit today I want chicks approach captors. You Brooks kept a lot of demand for Brooks kept it even like return India too good new pair of noise wacky characters and doing you know. Brooks kept good that's a Google because he's not going away he's going to be Iran is going to be in our lives for the next fifteen years must feel like knee deep in some book right now. He's ridden atlas shrugged stern can you play this week is returned this week I mean I think there is there. And of course there's sort of sandy called said it's a great friend doesn't. Great friend very loyal what you see it kept isn't hard for this week about India's most. Is an audience could watch out Richard clubs down then all power goes out the Mosul. Independent bookstores you know all right colleges will be one that's true it probably go to Yale obvious question is to see what's like. Now pizza on top Ariel. And six iron pizza and repeat he and Dustin together seek distance wife. Paulina Gretzky. It happened on eighteen when her husband and a Birdie Putt she thought he won the turn of food and out. And was celebrating with a friend's she's allowed publicist. And just is it different. His thank god so that's that's what I knew you reader where there was right. I'm sure the Ford yeah a new Indy would hooking the big fish or Scott and others Letterman hasn't. Mile accident. Cross over brought you by national government big guys up next to some of the guys afternoon. Jerry's favorite marquee name was dale back all right I'd pixel and although we're all on the same team as a team that tomorrow you do actually. So well hidden over the years old practice facility now that you green on at a mine had been excellent quotes. It they do open up. I was suitable. I'm here you know Kevin Cullen.