K&C - Florio's excellent fill-in work; Headlines with Trump's low moment & Fergie's anthem 2-19-18

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, February 19th

Hour 2. Kirk and Gerry continue from Ft. Myers and refelct on Friday's Mike Florio six-hour session to fill in while WEEI was in training. Gerry can't help but wade into the gun-debate waters. Headlines with Curtis features Trump's latest tweets and Fergie's panned national anthem at the NBA All-Star game.


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He'd skirt and Callahan. With the current committee ahead and Gerry Callahan plug Sports Radio WEEI. Six it's the day because it. Debbie in Boston the entire. Programming has been pool for today as all employees engage in mandatory sensitivity training and I note that some of you in Boston aren't used to hearing is show. And I know that your routine has been disrupted. I didn't ask for that I'm just doing my job I didn't say hey let's try to get on WEEI today but those of you who. Don't like the fact that were on in Boston I'm sorry again. Not my choice we're trying to do we can entertain you go and we'll continue to do so is talking about Florida forest on those guys that we Ito that for us okay. He's one of those guys who does show all around the country Terry likes guys that show all over the country it's just boring indefinitely because any feedback. I tweeted out Friday describing so this is really really good. And I got. By 500 common sense but for him it's kinda did I know he's one of these guys yes bank right away right I guess you can say what you want and I notes. It's safe they puck a lot. They've even though when in doubt. They stay between the lines. But it's an. Awful on this boring you in salt listening. It's not true I drove. Up engines and the thing. It is seeking answers because. Well it's our. Legal Peters on he has a secure the Florida. Number. Yes we'll talk very clean. Holes on whether they should British whole draft which it. Picking if you if you fans football all. Of it. Somebody criticized. Florio's two months but good defense guys. Talk football quarterbacks. Column. Totally stupid and that's it that's most. Popular. Sport you're radio is to you that would put. Well he's nationals who understood upstate but if your boss care if my. Views the draft as a matter. Football quarterbacks this post. Was curious if he's a good description to. The Olympics football Olympics. That's post dot. Com. I now. As a dumb lawyers. Support he's boring about it get me that in. It is now they can make it but that they get from guys sort. But no matter doses. For. Actors or. Add your rate for. Him. But he on percent. Michael. Right now cited. Its whose its. Let's ask is in the screw. Jokester. That's exciting that's Europeans tipsy right now to us it's our CU's. Efforts. Still. Yeah. I don't think that's. Alone take a picture Oscars why. To let. Too late. And a weakening economic prize for me to buy and petitioned the company that you do game. Here I think is a good chance there is accurate the new improved Workman like new record how shall give to you yes you straight. But it was well back. Gerri if you'd be surprised to read this site I saw Aaron Jackie. Today loves loves being loves boss Jack you Jackie Bradley well. His grandmother which I didn't know. Also looking at baseball softball. Now and his lovely wife that it great great kids right now due to it's up actual. I guess Red Sox he might happen right now Jerry won 54 you do what you know. Who convention were called straw I was gonna say one you know seventeen money team. Among Cummins has our percentage here is that okay I've lecture in February I didn't four losses we go through the schedule I think there. Did you reflect what's that it's I am going once clinch yes I have winning the first 112 games so I think that pointing it you know say they've ever have some kids. I think. But it uniting union's deals great so it's great that my opinion is doing nothing. Which I think sort of adapt our Albright just pot. I'm Richard W highlights because you don't usually when you come to spring training on the regular public you know you guys are yes there are no new guys to the manager these little different he's great always. All we don't have to do that this Adams the roster I don't meet again memorized. I like peace treaties that are you know. That are tied six months old among workers. It's a stand immediately covered a Marlins. Like. It's not it's. Just check and take all of it is also the eight. All of us a let's go to Greg in a truck a Greg. All right guys great great day of back up I it was unless all. I think if you carts and it was stopped in at a carried a stroke play as well last week what Jerry was gone I just did a great job. As usual but Lee's agent might explain a job Mott. Always full time may be keep over the hot I'm ready for example there's at all. Lori drew I bought Gary tank like a lot Gary I hate but I think. Turning I could tolerate but not all luck. Jet is a mr. Obama a perception that people I. People hate anguish anymore to flick it's over the this sort of likened it to this level real moron yeah I'd say he's. He's he's not a likeable so it can we have month without ever mentioning where he works tonight no. It forget it I know that that's fine others statement something else about. Also since Hugo. Rabies in Westport a Randy. The more on gay guys rotate Darian two. There's so most in the pain and anguish it would mark that's about left. Smoltz yet greater gets at it feels like most like to show and those two Jimmy's. But that the podcasting's issue right. In my without ever mentioning it works and he still promoting his all of us knew and approved. Revenue dump but yes literally ninety seconds to adopt early but lost twenty seconds of the show yes it was gone. I what is George sign blog world and Dale Hall without that censor now they asked about the dump them. Question while to deduct any since I'd I'd be honest talk of reckless pounding. God. Sends in this regular space amyloid. I'm no good morning got underway. I don't that that we were Kirk I got yeah every day you'd be too much that they would let it anyway. When you read that anyway what happened anyway. I want what you thought today was big it was hot today but yet you some more in the past. Yeah I understand that instead of trying to figure stuff out to Wiegert spot order we explore. Labor would Portland Oregon in the morning he had gotten big look at him out of the back of my morning. They get because it won't help it aren't accurate. So Roemer was in the meeting and didn't say much she spoke at one point I didn't hear much from was it uncomfortable for him. So I'll fix it I get that sense. We are we gonna see him again now. Never I mean I've seen it may be my right again but he's done with us on here would you say. Officially. Not officially ends and juror in this climate at a citizen issues. Now. Obviously an amnesty until I don't think you'll be on our Charlotte almost I mean what do you know so we we've we've never done just ten win month. XP that's when nobody else's script to fight on what elements that. Grabbed the flag pole. No more for the children but what will do my emotional development when would we arguing with the we'd love mud everyone loves mocked. We will turn as soon. No targets policies or don't actually worked enough. Worse marched. Off to bring him in the fun of him he has safe. For us against the trouble is the biggest he's the worst reports now in America. Yes and we want full time. The other issue obviously news you know on the fourth line but that's what he's gonna need a driver. Yet. Of course. Absolutely yeah Egyptian. Peter King writes today and Monday morneau went back. This is letter. You know it was ever in my letter. The kudos. To the for trying to clean the place. I appreciate that gave kudos Peter can thank its approach is that what he has to trying to clean the place. I had no idea and I know Peter King knows his good friend killer line and you can all show. I heard it before you today is excellent. When he's on what those guys never ever ever think wise guy who's never prosecuted he could take a lap around this field I was looking very entire field on the a field than on the warning track. I would start here code down the stairs that's the end go around and make my way back for Peter kids into one answer I don't want to answer before you will do it without on the field. Probably not fashion touch that's good porno ones out there yet we guess the ruptured the Red Sox are happy about right yeah then just get your questions yes. You have to sprint. Until that's. Afforded that is always around. Third Obama or Obama really. Or picture track out of that and blogger yes yes yes yes yes and you won't stay there the interest that you just five minutes I think that we have up. We afford to have. Minute Peter writes that I can definitely out this part. Secure habits apple could walk that's not that's not an issue. It's hot out there at poker I know what's or I didn't wanna dates a sequel set up with the Red Sox. I'll start right here make my way out now listeners around the back up time and yes we were still allowed to do appear to challenge the violence and I think that unit Peter TV Putin hates us. Yes yes. As we make them. And he's a big star he's pills for the Phoenix are and you know. We have a meeting in the future it's not about us of state station it's wise Peter king's. He used to be good it's not born now. Oh and he's very he's very preachy and goes on forever it's a conversation. And he's. The retail but it guarantees and they'll vote yes he did rental boat and violence mean need to do something. Peter king's the classic do something. Mean after school shooting you have no endless list of people who say something. Small fraction of them tell you what to do you know I mean. I'm tired at that let's do something short of what that's an equally tired of NGOs and all she's at the same thing equally ours it was spot. On with that. Not supposed to Paris it feels it looks sound so hole. I think most people on the coach's thoughts and questions every times why you're doing that is missing circle. It's not going to be solved we lost a battle old boss well not until it's always up for debate what do you do now there's things there's things that guys like it empty suit slightly Peter King. Never have. Concrete proposal in coming. Peter king's radical lefty I bet you all for gun confiscation. So for a safe to say about it should confiscate guns teacher but he won't record that's bigamist. Well it happened in Australia and if I happen America content type greens and that's always saying do something but if that's what you want say say okay. And if you want to give them a law. Rifles to say yes I would say if you summed it great or awful. You believe that's why else that's so stupid why don't vote for their right OK but I don't think that's the problem really. Do you think people like congressman in Texas. If they can get money from the at a rate would vote. Why did you argued the money because that's there and advocacy group that's what it is stated what's right right lascivious or thought maybe slipped but yeah. It's cause and effect you think that guy in Texas to the old whatever Ted Cruz that you would vote. You know lick for for stricter gun control if you didn't get money from irate oh it's well then why do they keep him that I can't support what Mary just want to at a fast he's due to document Markakis why he supports. Because he supports their. There's stance on things he's at the Kennedy would do that without them. So why would it if you rubble to wait there it is what you notice since you support people who agree with you. Well I think it better argument is that's matters seat in net district inaudible which. Anarchist at cruiser for any but the the most dishonest thing I've ever seen was this week and in Newton had on the front page and few other. You know left wing papers and media outlets ran with a the speed the NRA funded this does this mean in this monster funded. Because they paid for who they donated to it junior ROTC. Group discrete organization. These kids that wanna go in the military so they donate to this organization that trains young kids in these kids. And the military team that's well. Couple of these junior RT CK it's saved sixty kids troop in that classroom or one of the classrooms and they said the and a rate paid. To train this monster. That movie didn't hate to train him that gave money to weed junior only he's brought funded program gave money to help junior out. On the program which which which which would just give us all rights widget that's all rated things right and and a couple of mavericks that's saved sixty. Not accurate so you say hello to the headline I mean let's go to an act as hateful picture there of course it's accurate or is it easier on us NRA helped fund the kitchen table. The NRA. Funded group and I think it's sort of junior RO TCS is part of that group divided Gary keep. If you know right give him a gun and shooting yes right now that's when I tell you never done he would run them down with. You want us or anybody else regionals in this region this week on this type showed up five years. We've done a story for 25 I don't have time mud and concrete posts you can bet that guns pink yes I think this little punk. When will would have carried a gun no that's not true good point. The daily news outlet was trained by the Ari school shooter so the marksmanship program sponsored by the picture via. You're accurate that's accurate train you think he was trying out by the NRA spots like OK that's inaccurate that's a lot. Frame rate means that's the front page that's headline yes and and people just dumb people Golan to along to our kids. Couple of the kids who were leading the protest saying well you know it's got a race Paul how minerals to god if you remove the rhetoric just didn't exist. Would dispute his own. Have done this actually yes look at it and where on the subway crash whatever issue with a bounce right you would have done this I mean it's. Just such an easy it's scapegoat is strong and I think my point is I say this crisis I think says dissenting voices don't nothing absolutely nothing changes it feels like this one. Because of the kids' speak so this is different but pretty much out of any real change. Well I mean there's even a bit maybe it's that we massive Marty if I. I think if the M if the FBI or private sector organization do you have any doubt that could be. Hundreds of people fired. Today yes today could be out of levity don't know. Mean because it is just a big bureaucracy. Mean literally. There were there were in in the guy's a great example of the bureaucracy it's too since it's entrenched. There were 39 calls to the local sheriff and the FBI 39 they were called to was house like twenty sometimes. I'll meet at one point. To somebody that you meet two of Ethiopia was tipped off every. Who likes shooting you know obviously the books on ones you know the Fort Hood shooter the pulse nightclub shooting. You know this kid it's it's. At some point easier yeah actually do something. Speaking to do something in the get a call. I guess it's up exe and something it's never. Ever ever ever ever ever ever get that he's he's 1939. Calls warning them. So important in and and some of the warnings were he's going to shoot a school. And nothing happens and something about it Kessler of the Russians that's okay we get to the analysts recent. In my. I say this I this is the stupidest most narcissistic I noticed that got us easy way to do it too and it's easy or cheap way to do you think. Parents some rise mean in any seed they're there they're there commander chief president of the United States. Using this as you know chance that it's it's it's ours it is really it's like I can't disagree somewhat but come. Yeah every Clinton Obama whatever this is on its own so close to things they said he was smiling sentiment comes. That was the daily news and others who dismayed that the tactic trump. That is ridiculous he was done console and victimized by the first responders. Exposed to skull actually I actually think he's pretty good. Yeah that's where it could we some tickets were dead in Texas after what maverick network and our right he's he's good he knows what a lot of but the idea. That you tie in. It's repulse to neglect by the FBI in this case with you're with you on the investigation of U. That moment before the funerals for instance. Trees trees over that tweet and six once at 77793. Separate artist year. Host is really really upon this makes any ethics partnership if would have months what do what do you agree Chris that you worked in the room. It was after they said all the big guys low as it's. Posted I was in it that was. All corporate people said this I think you're better. That you should advertise. Yes as the leader issue of stationed. Four I don't know some not so sure you delete an. Element nuke. Some progression. Yes yes important it's true I headlines of course Kurtz. Each time once again. And for. Headlines. Giant announced today that's what's stormy there could be during in new York at a strip club coming through. Ran out of tremendous. Some equipment that she's engine quit ahead. Perfect and obviously it. To promoting your stories stormy Daniels republic here to new York and I'm a Boston radio show I don't know with the effort goes but what can we try to get stormy Daniels. Shouldn't try to answer then we'll track. Certainly can't I think have been tried he said certainly I will try yet okay thank you told extra it's time for Curtis courage and tell my hands. Hi this. Headlights rocked by doctor Robert mattered doctor you press. The W I asked for. Call 1800 hair for your free consultation with doctor Robert Leonard doctor pressed. The great guys that are here transplant 100 here for free consultation turned over to Chris Curtis from the more guys. Good morning Christie all mornings I don't feel more professional offices there was some things right back with. Charles. So Donald Trump is in somewhat water district sent on February 17. He said Barry said that the FBI missed all the sick sorry third said the FBI missed all of those many signals sank. So eroded all of the many signals sent out by the Florida school shooter this is not acceptable. They are spending too much time trying to group Russian cougars ago the front campaign there is no pollution get back to the basics and make us all proud. Me read it please Wear it wears you bunker I mean though that she not know. All of my old errors are. It was exactly where there is. John Kelly. Where is Donald Trump junior and it's such it's such fun see till twelve not a choice tweets and complete sentences. You know they're coaching jobs they're not old distort the tight about the man like blocked us out of him with veteran. Which in the skull with tightly. These I mean again FBI definitely screwed approaches that question. You'd think I'd have orders are locked in the investigation. On Russia the pollution. This out of course not it's. Inexcusable I mean that's the definition of analysis and you think everything's view would understand the president alliance about him. And it's not sure to meet presidents aren't. Narcissistic it's on the tour after this is Matt it's just it's just a peek at all about this one this I believe it was the same morning. Yeah crazy mourned Saturday. He says now that shifts and blame Obama for Russian meddling. He's probably doing so it's yet another excuse. That the Democrats led by their fearless leader cricket Hillary lost the election. It wasn't I great candidate. To choke me. It wasn't. It great can't that it was not migrant camp. Is that joke mean I V one XQ right. That's grammatical code it does make sense but wasn't. Great care. What your issue. Gibberish. In the with the to a person and I get evidence is no. Good businessman. He's at now. You vote for my. Less laissez lest they treated just watched very insecure Oprah and I watch summit. Which one point I knew very well interviewer handled people on sixty minutes the questions were biased and slanted the facts are incorrect. Hope roper runs so she can be exposed and defeated just like all the others George Peterson Oprah lashed Corliss. Are you a broom ball. Okay because there's three people were and that removes that he never said yes the room was the Oval Office where in a meeting about immigration. The president also called the open. Am I set up. Eager to fight. But she she was terrible so she she basically had I watched them she had. Some people were trapped supporters of people who were not trump supporters in like a year ago in Franca Franklin was there as well. And he did that sort of hole they had have a conversation or parcel what was. What's it passed so now you know on. Just like the fact is arguing ops fusion punitive and big picture or at the door for us is no argument is nothing she wants us all get along just good if he gets of these guys can ultimately you as much or we agree on in disagreement I know you all hate each other it's okay what did the coach of the year at launch. Yes it's a good idea they should do that that was the whole point really fearful that's that was sort level. He hit that note of now. I'd like to hear from Chris Rock we have it or for that one. For we have perjury so for you last night and you know went on time here Chris Rock that's. Okay. Just my record. Right Twitter users or defer before her. Slow in storage performance of the national the most that appeals to our positive image take over here yet so please if they get tree so if she might hinge. For nationally at the lessons are set the all star game Washington players were laughed was laughing it senior. Note and huge. It was it was an odd. How spectator metres you're supposed to describe this. This will shred the social or public add she adds yeah that's Harlow sorely need us homeowners right it was. Very very strict it's like. See. Zach. Laying. And what's so. 022 minute mark you win at your very few. For it but they. We're kind of players were laughing coaches were laughing it was laughing so you're you're at every race we drive around today. Why were you watching income Ford in the I was a cut it was all over toward an umpire and though it. What extra bodies that's married should not much posted no good job of equipment dropped the ball OK ten seconds about a headline what what what was it or not. And he also does that trump. A little differently shortness I have much much like doctor Robert Lerner 1806. Once said that Simpson. 7937. Plays out against him anymore. It is huge over my friends that work orders and we checked in our annual live appearance. Along the only she yeah morning or it it's weird to see you guys they go W. Well I was actually appeared. Police who loses. Are you active my dad in the press box and mistress goes on to that's. But here. I thought I'd just double edged up. Deficits and I don't want to have Dan on its budget by 45 more questions we'll joke. Oh yeah jobless that would ban on the kids of friends from the mortgage it's their 13. Boots who's them. And the sound like a spirited conversation yeah I think they definitely would be if they want to do in the short. In the nation. And he waved and it's you rate back if this is the fact yes I seek and today I will definitely a conversation there's no question that things at the marine. What. Here tomorrow description I have a sense it's gonna happen this distinction here which is fine. Now. You know me up at some notes of conversational doing some Friday patent and no assurance beard comes we'll talk or sent the workers Reese. That you don't wanna among them on the air fortunately. On the night music. He has won purely you know he's useful. Ended an agent. I would simulate some suitable. Harsh. A real. Change is good stuff. Kind of impact does that have do you think on the younger players who have been hurt or you're the day. Where news he would stay a few of these players have to be told who they were are and their accomplishments and how significant they were to write books. Well we know that it knows who tennis a Godzilla that's mr. I. Goalie. That. Amenable to which we we were drafting this year. And just glad we're getting to the book the harassment and talked NG dot com. It's majors. Expert and records whips it. As well but she is this just came votes yes as far as I'm now all that is for us the truth according tool right. Combo all. Yours. We all knew it was starting all week was secret guys. Like efficient. 8% please. At least that for him character what industries such as far as I'm out there 01. Thing. So guys started ninth and started every play in the next game. Doesn't start doesn't play well and he doesn't think that's usual rotating him at fault question would be okay. So we didn't start. To stardom once I usually move. You play singles now defensively Paul Weiss. I mean it's just sort of you know. Short version. But he said it asked him suffering he said of course. But what effort however falls the last one news that were part of bombs. Problems. Wasn't much we opened huge after. But I mean you know it's now been ma right now almost. Three weeks it is and you know it seems. Like now there's something. Guys were talking yes and I'm shocked that has to relieve him I guess it's great while it like to coach at which means. That. I think if he plays they win. So you're saying I'll catch Boston's latest global immediately snap. If you played in Maine who plays. Would have won the Super Bowl because Belichick is stubborn. And X two. I right now at the should leave a mark mean that she lost by people. To fight herbal that's. Adding that rifle fire I would say for normal mortal coach yes as I say Belichick's immortal but I would say even freer. Coach at the the year Harbaugh. That's a fire. I would say out of every different but I mean that my party that that are. It was the fourth. Shot to be right that he's not. I'm melody rubble and it Butler and I would have Super Bowl. You'd parade rained at the championship. Stewart is operating. You will never ever day heavyweight as a way you buy products vote yes it full comic Rick great team. You re great teammate is saying it was nothing else going yeah yeah it was advocates for the game. Yes he would've been set yet you don't it's no chance but what he's saying there is your great teammate. You know yeah this apps you think Brady and Belichick should be. And politics. Of course. Of course but I think. In the you know lost those that lost really knows that. Say that nick privately Belichick you know a play golf you sir but who's going to say something. Though publicly or anonymously like Matt Patricia spent three weeks what about Malcolm blow what signs elsewhere maybe. It was awfully quiet secret post does. I Belichick coaches. I technical side somewhere else accuracy of this. Great great great decision. But if you look at the game again watch like 112 times yes and that it watched I watched them. There's so when it plays music academic place commitments because of this state doesn't place a mix. Real or place they mean the super. Belichick knows. He's got that that's what you do. I don't know I I don't and it's like stubborn it'll be your way with its article applicant Morse. So does this guy through the Bergen record. A quarter and one was benched. No but there isn't it there's a quote from close benched we all knew one. I think this went currents are widely said that he was outweighed those weeks there early you know career route Butler says you can't do that becoming you can count daughter's third Apple's latest welcome Butler was late to meetings as a rookie early in his career. Which is why they probably reported the week that ball's information that was what he must have been late must've done something. Must've done something you must have that he houses it's like according to ONG dot com right. But I think given how big this story was. People were talking much around so BP capital we definitely know although it will decides to beat it by now if possible they would write possible. So if you're Belichick and we shouldn't leaks and you'd better you look at credit. Processes that. Will receive those vacation photos with us significant others. On the beat some should be action. Yes of course. Somewhere in the Caribbean yes. There. It's amazing because it looked that you just said good coach Harbaugh would be fired. I don't disagree. And I think if he plays Butler does his job he win suitable 6%. And roll with. True that could've been even you know it could have been theoretically could have been there before. It's good and that's actually an equal indefensible equally if that's according to Sasha miracle whatever it is it's. GM of the former GM of the browns they would get in the fourth which agreed to equally defense. Yes it does note we've we've got it from its effects on its negligence it is our our streak of six Watson sat at seven actress. Just an update on station. With shows like he has going for what you liked park for march 4 career.