K&C - Former Patriot Nate Solder and wife Lexi join the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-21-18

Kirk and Callahan are joined by Nate and Lexi Solder, who update the guys on their son Hudson's progress, life in New York, and their experience at Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund.

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Joining us right now I think he's up with you talked to my Christmas and obese and those and we've had gone before Jerry is a neat sold or nay how are you doing. Hey man and a we got Lisa with those who have a say hello paying a late might geared up to it. Aren't here at the past I should there. Did you ever go to the this summer festival detonate in Lexington let's go to summer festival. Yeah. Yet at the carpet and talk them just please and the people there like a special place but she's. Oh election on wall Alexa good morning how are you doing. I am doing gray area it. Good every whatsoever what's curious you. When you were trying to decide where to play and where to live on and there on your career to date we've people wondered could he leave this place could leave them. You know people likely sick you left but I thanks and didn't really lead you're still. Still part of you appear. Yeah oh yeah and luckily we don't have total of these I mean it's not that far away too weren't built and or appointments out there every eight weeks or so and chemical that more than that lately but. You know like you never like that you never leave immediately got me charged early Glover so much and and other one there's just been made register people you know. There are people. I came in and outs Hudson doing. Com he's doing really well. It is it's game last Tuesday. And everything looked excellent. There he doesn't care kidney tumors but they're not grown and they're not. They're not hurt them right now so. Hopefully come in off chemo for a few weeks now and hopefully we can stay up there for oil. Let's he could you talk about what what. Dana Farber meant to you guys and Jimmy Fund during this whole process a couple years. Yeah absolutely. And they'll mean. Or at least they'll patient there like nick and will be coming back import. 011 factor and I deciding to come to New York with the film into Atlantic. It's been absolutely amazing. Lee. Couldn't say. A great thing about that played on the Jimmy Fund at least all of our doctors and nurses and the entire crew is. Clearly likely thing antley. You know we've. We've and they'll be this story get a date but we've had a couple claimants not revered that he Sloan Kettering. Which it aptly neat thing you know obviously highly recommend that hospital and everything as well. But a police that when he came back device that I had you know it's just not the same it does not. View it is not. Partner in this does not families if not for millionaire. And it's just not the Jimmy Owens but. You know we absolutely love it there. And we couldn't and anybody China and the bad part is I don't we all know somebody that has yet certain that we all know. You know everybody at this point knows somebody hit hard pressed I'm from an apartment and and you know everybody that we hear of that I doubt that you know. Hit Britain diagnosed that person diagnosed adult. Kids whatever we literally and then right to figure our where. You have to go out Italy color but he had to go there no matter where you live in the country you have to there. And they surprise you that you had no idea those who bought tickets of government ethics now had no right and I had no idea. There is. Pretty amazing. Actually I think they kind and generates even though it was cold Minnesota no one else wanted to. Yeah all out. Out of appreciation going meter free that a that the. We loved it loved every second so tell us Nate now to go on after giant no longer patriot why didn't Malcom loved simple yes that's always want. I didn't think it would depend birdman that and there and what what do you tell all those who don't don't people. But let's Rex knew what he tells people ask me but a well I think in another domain and a non ball and I could do it happened I'm staying out of it if the. Okay if he's what's the biggest influence in a giant obviously Europe patriot that's the only place I ever knew. Belichick's the only coach pretty easily quarterback revenue what's the biggest change when released slap in the face when you went to New York. Well really is more the personal stuff like a move in the family and and find a new home in and you know miss you friend and Andy routine that's been a harder thing. On the football football and in the organization here that coaches players and all that ultimately been. Easy transition that way. But yet won a personal that the more the vocal. Well Nate in like you were glad to hear that I Hudson's you well for we'll talk to you guys against him good luck with everything. I think I today can lead and that she's.