K&C - Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer joins the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon to talk President Trump and his own personal experience with cancer 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
Lost his father Michael to pancreatic cancer in December 2016

Diagnosed in 2015

Treated at Miriam Hospital in Providence

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Join us right now we're good to go I think. The former white house Press Secretary met last year Gerri the gas right if the Mr. Bush. Yeah for a White House in his office or those moves off the Sean Spicer Sean good morning how are you. Good morning that it's that great Hewitt you what are they treat you guys have. How much are you so far that's great. And thanks in your joining us from Italy is that right. I'm in Rome this morning has in Dublin yesterday and with a round so I'm. China and a little bit European hunt. This is the book tour of the book tours gone global. What kind of the book tour winter to pick out one. And it sent back to Bjork Ireland it talk about the yet Leonid polls predict that the Irish edition of the book came out to recover and we need to be other complex world become my L. It's in the event every year article over at. I'd decent partial plate but. I got a call upon. Actual book and double. Do you get recognized over there or do you go recognized everywhere you go and are you worried that you will be like. So many others who worked for trump like your your successor sheriffs and as we get chased out of restaurants. Both double rump of a major Dublin and take it because in my background as anti Americanism. It there's a lot of notoriety but also sort of a lot of I think for folks in Ireland there'll be ship with someone whether Republican or Democrat. Does well and so I I've had a lot of well wishers over there. I've been around for a few hours and obviously didn't notice actually ironically. By more people on balked. Anything out pretty typical American Idol we are where you from office and like literally I mean for people like four hours so I think they're more bought notoriety just happens Ian world. A sip ice I guess you're probably not but even seems to me is as much as you were. Divisive figure how people you know dislike you are on on one side certainly. It feels like it's quadrupled now with senator Sanders or just overall with trumpeter in the last couple months if it feels like it's it's ripped up to this. State that's that's you know. Well I think what it it's. It's deathly device needing it for the first six months. Or seven months without their right to edit a lot of implies. People recognize that there was and an initial phase of it I eat out more light to battle lines are crawl on. Meeting that you know people who are an into the entry ending it. We look at trust approval rating you recognize that wow there's a good chunk of America that are. You know our Google in approval and obviously the face that are presented there are huge. And they're there's another side of the bad quarter things could we forget is. For a lot of folks. Not you guys in particular but I think in the media into big urban areas where there ought to New York Washington geek chic. That the board majority people on the beach. Urban areas are are necessarily art art trumps fans are conservative. Well when you collapsed apartment technique throughout the book or at that aspect about it briefly. I've actually you go to these places where you hardcore from country and people are. Thank you of your service appreciative that the president to my ankle the result he's getting. But the country currently leaked I don't want insider people who don't like it but on the other side there's a maximum out there are hugely supportive so. It just kind of I completely depends on where you walk. We were where from Boston obviously we're in the billions of these most days but we were Western Pennsylvania over the weekend which is trump country it's a whole different feel. You don't have to be ashamed or embarrassed to say that you support the president it's a weird did it and and dynamic. But but I have to askew obviously the big news today is Cohen it's metaphor. It and obviously the view. Which shut the Mueller which not just gonna try to get anybody can trump circle they they don't have anything on Russia so they gonna just squeeze every one. In his in his in his world do you worry that you're on that list somewhere John. No okay Italian architects. I have I have it all my parking tickets that night you know and were you looking at a particular need to count that he got found guilty of all of you attack on the can't you know I. Thank god I take my activists. I added that leaping legal Eric. And I think it's that you know I I don't entirely understand that Conan dad all the travel. Glad seagate patents and I'm looking at what we don't mind saying that the people hooked on thinks they've paid their taxes they. It abated certain things that incumbents such a in October Szczerbiak. Ethnic government now earlier military gallery most well liked to have luckily at a at a the. We we most people were we speak to these couple days have been touched most people period have been touched by cancer you were hit hard. Just a couple years ago correct you lost your your debt to pancreatic cancer. I did and obviously that was the closest. That sudden having to deal with it but obviously we all know other friends and can't remember is true meek. That really brought it home that duties in particular so challenging. I was so a week Brinkley just looser electorate as well. Pancreatic cancer you know this there's a few in the category as well but strike so quickly and you know I'm convince them effort that you guys are helping treat life or they didn't we can't quite hear I. She did not a quote having had to deal with that that I know that if we can continue to be diligent with our support of great we urge. In care that we can't find it here and so. For so many people to spread the Stanley you know Brenda I can't remember colleague. I've. Played you know when you see up close and you see a destructive cancer can be. Somebody lied note that they you know look at. Hopefully strengthen our resolve to make sure that we you certainly can't. Support Greek or other. Measures that. Well I'll find a cure and can help those in need. I lost my mom Sean last year to pancreatic cancer it's in its with a one disease and they just have yet to make any real real progress on the part of the problem is by the time you're diagnosed. Far it's it's it's too late you know. Almost every time. Right edit the symptoms Nat. Themselves right day so that when you go into medical attention they kind of sick and we'll post on the issue with the best on the tape and by the time. Right and by the time it that. They finally tagged as they usually manifest itself this way that it. Yet it seeks should far along in the process so you know I was lucky to get a couple of years out of a mark on her acting is diagnosis. Actually excellent care Miriam hospital around. And and the work that they're doing now there's just fantastic but the beautiful thing about. The New England area weather here impossible data are initial money. Excellent position institutions. That are still get it to me party here at a talented researchers and doctors are. So I execute we keep active. I'm convinced from some of the things I got seats. Pick that there where at where we're not that far away I've got to. I know there's somebody really by working on us and the brick and technology. Present to pick you know I know that that I strengthened my resolve to. Do what I can't help support so many people who've given their lives behind appear. We'll Sean thanks so much usual in the central we'll talk it on the line. Thanks again. Aren't that good luck and thank him let you for everything you're doing. Sports Jimmy Fund all the great work that it supports I'll talk to some basic Spicer I joining us.