K&C - Gen. John Kelly delivers personal defense of Trump; Ken and Curtis got promoted 10-20-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, October 20th

Hour 1 - General John F. Kelly defended Trump's call to the widow of a fallen soldier and calls out Frederica Wilson; Ken and Curtis promoted to Senior Producers.


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Woods Hole for Boston sports. He's current. I think the bruins' season is over. It is Wednesday that that's even three digits. And Richard Geist from must we OK yeah sports media roundtable champion of the Boston Globe always always excellent showed up with Gerry Callahan. Have a great way. And it was a ten. It's stuns me that member of congress who listened in on the conversation. Is. You read that they had no truck drivers of what it was for. So we would have the military driving trucks they're not supposed to be driving trucks get started their aptitude some of them didn't really know how to drive trucks but they learn very quickly there's. Mark Kirk man it's better to break your ankle sprain ice for Michael all the time as a parent I weak ankles was 2006. Page. Financial assault or they aren't Chicago and so he had ultra better so I approach appreciate it might write what went on the ground my workflow when -- front of it when they canceled my writing what was behind my back I have two young kids I have a job as night hours. Handcuffed while my ankle to of that blood Sports Radio WEEI. What was having dad probably become as deep water trump. Bradford but the caller great way to project. Who's the dumbest. Were I not some color that it's difficult to that probably did that we leg iron hurts your bad ankle that is due to. Bring up. They're battling the flare up pretty badly you were homeless rate might like does 91011. So they can or my OK okay now or my team. OK I apparently. Young kids I have a job as night hours those are. How was so out of context Curtis I knew we caught exit immediately. That is at play why decked out. I conflict it's have perfect contact I regularly chaotic I have a job as an eyebrow about you have an issue with people take stuff out of context. No not at all it's always had not something to say but the but it at this time job site. Yes it was an opt it was can quite know an hours of the huge government. Six to ten and I do understand him saying. I don't think we young kids I have a job as night all right nor do it has night hours your job owns nine Ers yesterday. I was sitting in this very spot what are we gonna go today and ma was and that's nice there aren't gonna play area the sounded or how about and not make planet this hill hacked again and attack Kurdistan. He won't touch you man nor alive in him that Packers made LIC gets out of packages declared in the dumbest person on earth and he will not say a deal worth a lot of weight about his hero you will not that is computed by this closer to the dumbest or smartest person owner right in the middle a government and X seven and people were way offensively yeah I'd worked over the weekend. I think I'm smarter than you think. Because you deal you don't do you love like really stupid people like if you sit room with. Fred Rica two girls in particular the driver's track. You passed the homeowners and I've heard that liveliness and don't don't simply don't say that don't. On cigarette that bad note truck drivers are what are what they have a lot of trust our report. Right he's just as a person and you know you're thinking okay here Leo he's tuchman talked as he loves football loves loves loves these he says that loves her you knows that but the truck drivers didn't come the work is their house is good destroyed seems fair and the army soldiers. The drive the trucks. He's talking about eighteen wheelers as I'm pretty sure most soldiers could drive once again it has you're all concerned that world via a pick up truck. And if the president. You read that they had no truck drivers and what are what they have a lot of character that we're about many of them lost their houses. So the happy with the families. So we would have the military driving trucks did not supposed to be driving trucks it's not here. It's not even their aptitude some of them it would have direct talks but they learn very quickly this part. It yeah. They fit or let truck driving live commercials for them quickly maybe storm front Ambrose you don't have to have given Israel enough man and a lot and I I. Good point. Three more years three more years of Donald. They even have it right there even if Kelly's not an expert is not going to be the president either cancer pill is going to be why would trump running. He's gonna get sick of the job are asks that Internet ideas and majority and he does enjoy it paused a joke lots of lecture you can enjoy anything about policy any legislation he doesn't like frankly I've SI like Kelly seems a good man them chart for the summit through its. Machine full he wants me to resign yesterday NC this man is decide to politicize it is no I probably don't understand his role as role is to keep trying to on the Travis and not I can't work this man anymore was the right to politicize the but he put -- my son these questions aside until I know you're happy because he criticized the woman you know like. We O'Donnell she was criticizing even those who criticize the as a boss who shamefully put his son a Euro in the middle of the story that's on top. Absolutely not absolutely pocket of what you we get quote and he talked about. How. Obama never contacted Kelly bugs are that was because of right reeker Wilson. I mean and in this case signify for Rickles with an answer in this case you should do because everybody has there was a lot of that would she got a lot of traction. And if you missed it what she did was beneath contempt which it is totally despicable. I would say I cannot believe people vote for this clown. But I live in Massachusetts on parents and should be. If you get fifteen economists monitor is it should be getting like 80% of the vote if you rent anyway but if you missed it globally what had its retreat that is and this cartoon character who is red cowboy hats don't work right at the matter how old are you one. But if you miss that she was in the room where and they when trump called the family of the David Johnson was killed in Niger if you are was in a room she. They were trapped car within a better relationship with the famous writers and I understand. The congressperson and Stan would visit the family or was chosen to do Johnson should he knew him since users since you can't write yes and she was there she heard the conversation. Which was an obviously. Intimate and difficult and then she went to the presence that you wouldn't only would prompt said. You would agree that she. Crossbar up no question yes absolutely soaked truck all the way to Walt Kelly did was set the record two idiots to a I was stunned. Why is what more can the word yesterday morning. Amid I know is an idiot for another race understates the press coverage doesn't need to say that right eye contact he spends more mothers and that was done we already well that's good but yes they're asking you want to have always it's the civil ordinances or is part of his story just pressing question of giving me a a freedom of the sport with the traditional way if you look at that President Obama and other presidents the most of them didn't make calls. And and what Kelly has a shot the record straight. And all I mean if you if you can appreciate that employment. Here's what is the problem is the problem is when Kelly speaks he says during every one in the country why can't he be president. I like and we just swap. It impromptu something else could he be you know agricultural secretary of some of you on the tele privately discussed in the Detroit put put this in the middle of the story and to be subjected Kelly now on into the story of course snow away so every. Every go surfing and I hear read books as we keep things we don't talk about me. We we don't politicize it. But xxx to politicize it I was product would response to this thing that first Frederica Wilson. Responses. To responses. This is what I said this is wise sent the response has not I write and talk to many more. I think it was still cold and and over that all Kelly temperature they got after it doesn't matter that are not Kelly still there's a gust of its. All Kelly did the recent Kelly took the stage is coming because of what Frederica Wilson did. It wasn't enough that I do at that point with prompts idiotic comment about. Other presidents. Trumped whole league. Intrepid stoke this fifteenth I'm so don't get but what the reason Kelly took the stage was in response to Wilson and it was brilliant and he's got good radio interview with Fox News re read whole reports to ask general Kelly got a call from Obama. I mean. But I really mean that we'll have to we'll sort. It. Part of the success it is. Does he's defend the only seconds ago which Russia does not relevant to ice and ice that was stupid we've gone over we've gone on the last couple that you received TARP was stupid ritual rarely did. Was. Poems cleaver. Set the record straight about what why Wilson crossed the line oh contemptible this Wilson clown is and by the way the story at the end about what she did. And their dedication was unbelievable and if you haven't seen that I implore you I you can watch the whole press corps it was so it's twelve minutes plus questions. The question and probably piling up a little Alec nothing that you're sitting president would do same exact thing you do in that situation don't be surprised at all. What we've done which he said at the at the event. Yes yes that's a good point properly thought we do the same exact thing right literally this idea that make every month from retirement Frederica Wilson here Obama. I mean it's there. You're right but right thinking do you think Kelly has a press conference without Wilson to which it now now I don't you I didn't mean that a tablet of that Teresa Heller saying this is an obscenity and knowing me I don't know any saying is. I would be mad at some dopey congresswoman and the manager your boss your commander in chief your president. Who played equal and here's the thing OK explain it from start to finish he says that's the only trump federal must at all I gave slightly he did he always light on it and I didn't think that the Jerod would. Would federal Fred Rica will soon to be placed on the trusting. That the heat as a Marco enhance humor hats surged out. Have Max. That isn't congressperson. On was it congress every template we can't play cards we can't. He should be 22 time on the front of him like that now you. Wrong in one regard they don't like the women and elect. The Elizabeth Warren. Was an exception for the most part the congress people in this they've mostly all white men that like that beauty of food all the Richard kneels and Della hunts and Barney franks and congresswoman stood up in the long tradition of and keep Burress is at the that it wouldn't we can play out students have Kelly talked a mean mean I don't know which cut do you have the cuts. Back to explain a set and a cause that the microscope to talks were going to Miami for dedication of the new FBI office that was dedicated to. A couple of appeared firefight dietary. In 86 in a firefight with drug cartel guy's kids or three and four and a parent stable dad died when do we and we went to the dedication and by the wasted combing gave a speech was great Kia. There was a couple shots at trump in his speech that the one about goals for our. Parents summer dragged into the convention and into the Kelly is values for truck I don't I don't understand what he does his job I don't love them because previous hole had a comes from he absolutely here yes it absolutely right but he's he sets this up and says while the sitting there people of this country that much he would come audience from. Knowing now you know he can only let out a truck yes it country hates and break did occur but the knock on the redo the election Anderson it's gonna be president anymore you step aside wants it discuss how you Reynolds now what do you say this has disgraced you keep doing your job yes sure of the chief of staff considered the president quit disgrace and quick you don't you nothing going don't know nothing more patriotic US teenagers they rip trump in quell. Absolutely not so you want to get you all get a patent. They're so anyway says that his dedication of the FBI office that a congressperson. You know in the name names stood up and made it all about her since she get the funding and she did this she did that these a stunning bit of disturbing was replaced a congresswoman with Donald Trump and I quote. And you got wide you have to make everything about trump his vision and values it's about three on Kelly Kelly. Congresswoman trump on the three characters in the story that's right well the one characteristic gingerly with would you agree mark that the troubles but he slight roll in the I would say a slight roll all the trump story the reason trump said what he says it was. Firing back as always do not expect my question he gets back he does withdraw from a place like role as the story plays slide rule not a larger than okay larger what percentage of the plane I physique he's a huge part of this is just trying to be a dink not to issue. Okay. He's meeting. Why you think. Exxon. Questions. Got a rare road and money. He. Is that your mother would finish missed by ED IC at 1001 interview in India I think for the last three days imitations. You think. The Yankees are the stars are bad parents. I think you're trying to on the station's left there's such as the world's I strategy and yet it's good and. Is it per 36. Who. And the Celtics. I know a stick the breaks through and in a mile to forget camper. Wearing bizarre O world nice to have berg Deepak do you think they should we got more showed them a consumer. I mean and Henry. Who who is that who did you play all I hate his forget loves you. Can't do this would try to behave today is good today. Some book that. I mean new book he's right that's how she and buys as a book on. So anyway. Yes so 25 media markets are down. He's the oil hit a pencil in 91521. Yeah act and back home when I do and a more five more than 5% market I heard this last night when he felicity six TV when I listen hire 61 are all due respect you know I was assured her that. You'll listen I was outfit by. He told me I am this morning. And I saw them I wish I was the rest of the day I was at weekends were normal weekend programming in the people chart all spot back here at the back you're you're listening to us is that we can I. Do some weakens more than I do I usually volume is senator Bradley you. Jaret is one I. I do well that's a cult that's his job. Shall we do what you think I'm embarrassed that I listen always have an hour today isn't what he listened he shows all time yes stupid that's my job. And I want things to I wanted to that's you know that's how work but yesterday I gotta give a compliment and criticism in the mid day and if you heard this in passing. Porter says that CBS. Would would Seguin network hasn't worked for me we met with the but I heard this and focus groups yeah and they said the reason is. Almost entirely. Hampered neck and of course sort weigh in and blows a loose puck and with the Yankees in Columbus about the carrier rig off the dribble. I'm going Whitley follow up I was sick he it that this red carpets out. Get guys and and absurd goes way. Furyk is in new York and network in the tell them the entire reason the ratings are down is hampered right. And usually we just flinging it against the wall which I don't want to say its top professional you have lawyers I did not hear now of sand. So it is true that captain nick has done this two or camper well and and not necessarily true it's there it's there to perform Soledad open later Wright who part of this story Federer hot air I obvious questions on them to bring unity and beating him but when I was so it's faster. He said 80% is I think it's a factor. And distance as you always hear in glow plug record cutting in this got an eight and you would call about a guy watching TV differently. We really adamant that you receive free streams on line and even watching the it was you play games online music sports guy he's what is he sports our sports is it finals on Sunday and gamers sure that was fun and you know and an end is all these other reasons and you know obviously. As a million things going on cable. A ratings are down across the board and yet the idea but according to focus group with CBS the Christian for it was a part not apart of is woods pulled the vote it's all heparin it's all. Neil passage of x.'s I'll peppered I don't carry a cap predicted other Americans have the raw. Deal. Slash. I think it's their right as Americans are up into America's that it would it hit. I think these guys who nearly a pissing on the grave of John killers and that's what life. He can't ever at this. And leaking England betting markets in our needs to figure out how to play. So so let's all look we will get all carry every gives a load. I really gives that the ball has learned how to get it back yes motherly in the game which he took 25 shots nicely and Olympia. I would tell the coach if you don't tell the kid gimme the ball back in the future for. The earth. Encounter we got a little annoyed at the questions. Sophomore David himself and yet that's that's a regional he had soluble going after her effort to hold you probably seek a stick dues or Isaiah Thompson doesn't seem to and say he's the only guy efforts say. He has yet there or else they can say Toms is a better player now he's been pushing that there. And I at two games it had to hurt right as it. And our nation and I think we think we get time to about the rest of the second best player get hurt by minutes and he's sorry anyway dogs went. Ice and car purchase and why. These policies mutt cat he's pretty much captain Paul moment perfectly Brad said Jane browse my office opened. Taylor brown I'll rob so I'm trying to convey that TV pick at that cafeteria bullet in his body is open round had a melt wide open. Why why it was it was a it was a little too this shows a little trash your mouth is open so that was when they woods. A leg broke yes it is not inscribed this in a broad look at Friday at his golf clothes while John was at -- think what did you say all the people turned away because everyone turner when it is part of that there was a woman crying tears your eyes full like solemn Cronkite my voice so was everyone else Kurt can break I don't know you're definitely have a Arlen got on campus are definitely felt hampered yes meet kept the idea that they should write about you wouldn't regret when Bradford an object of every ball and maybe one dollar. I was too emotional and apprehensive all of her brain disease. Does any of that of the I was on the Arabs and dozens choirs are registered as structuring usually. I'm on script when we broke his ankle grant grandiose to grab somebody else's script it's India he gets up early as the states. And by. It just feels as propane and did it as it. I was nuts I ports sidetracked the what we argument Kelly. How about once or malls first we do first I think the other thing that shows won't be covered and important this first segment. The weirdest part of that morning showed negation yesterday who boomer alone he said they went away from because again when things get. Of them alone he says he's not remember one single Halloween for viewers can I just say on the for the record I'm with Lou Zapata. That's possible his I'll explain it to. I'll explain to lab like old the UST from the lighter funnier and shut up. That you're on the Lou remember he said Larry is a bomb ones that's what I did right club with little chance he gets what it says. I think Lou you can't sit there and bomb as a whole bulletin traditional I would I was a whole flow. If you I would say of my youth stutter ghost. Coast yes probably goes I was the simplest thing and archer has put enough thought if I was rich I had I'd never I never happens I'd never had a score baud costume and never have a great weather like this week. You can have my mom's and I am I can adequately Kmart I just that's it I have grown accustomed that was made who's just goes a bump or you pay two faced take in my particular piece of a chuckle Burkett got on the grill just rub on my face Seneca Mo whatever you remember that this product cost you have memories as it is it is a lose interest cut Acosta was a chuckle but can't in your face UN as a ball. Stores I think a win is a criminal like. With a with a hand on one timer remembered trying to go that its nylon stocking over my head. And and so a couple of could be an awful and its critics enter the oval Portland had. Now it scares people it's good custom. But the old school book customer and ever had was two years ago do you know Lloyd Christmas I was Rocky Balboa I was Luke Skywalker Hans solo and you're such as I was I was Larry King on Larry I'm the goal Australia only rate ghostbusters now that we have got what Wilson took him. I don't remember anyone and my sister was very cheap right now I'm just he had brought it up for. Oh it. I don't remember anyone in my family have on the scoreboard because the more because from the liked the speech and here's the point so we remember. Memories of seconds repressed for some but I don't remember being anything particular I'm with Curtis. Superman every year. Could like the last W what a sixteen to get a chance. The dress up your interest and narrow. I was a fat slob this year if you missed it in the when this Halloween in eleven days. And Alex rooms going to be and he's going to be the evil queen in the audience so it's no way of fuel more light yesterday legal reserve its first was afraid you support wasn't in the wrong thing in you carpet and include your current you can get that close. You address of this talent for Alex and you're more comfortable I don't know you now. To address a whale crow announced on that picture on Twitter account Alex's whale goes out to load. That's a good idea. It's just it's just a lot of work and make up artist and and really do a lot of make up on the Israeli air what they feel it's the Medina literally showed up at 115 I believe that he had it hired to make apartment on NASA now as well scarier it is. But there was an unbelievable costumed and look at guests have excellent short ones. Just to ski area here and have yet scary made a guy. Kept plugging them apart from the report. Do you what was what he called when he was the club with a Eric Eric on yet can tweet that picture folder. Everything he said he was going go to what's her face and what's his face goes to show me. A shot. Trying to find some information go to dollar. Or sorry John I think great kids trick or treatment in the judge him. Tudjman's deeds not words because words are stupid I agree. Did you disagree. Often do we agree that would you be happy if John Kelly were our next president would you be happy no I don't know anything about when I don't know what you read. Pressure cooker he grew up right in this neighborhood right okay would that be cool you know how he feels about every issue. I know what it does seem to orbit or I know always feels about he went on ramp to an integrated americanized. I talked about and I am confident that this was gonna cause a ruckus when he said we used to respect women based on women. And then these talk among Harvey Weinstein so wouldn't do that anymore and look at the latest news president recently is that presents Donald Trump. Stop change and yeah. I think it's a liar. To pump is not a mark I'm significant trump is not in ones too easily Austin that's all you want the president that's all we can ask you don't want about our Weinsteins we don't want rapists and sexual harasser you may be okay. It was that easy monetary impressionist but as a 100% right you're healthy sense he said Kelly is there for the good of this country that he quit the country's worst. That's true I guess you'd rather had to walk off and quick point and stay and help Donald Trump what's he doing help don't try to match thought yesterday he help him get out of what is a scenario where the liberal media is attacking the president can stop. It is it's gonna stop for less than him not get a good job of quieting down so that media yesterday we'll tell CNN went on your two seconds later aged now they did a fine job I know policy and it's also shot I didn't know it. If he's CNN Brian found from CNN said that Kelly's oldies. Incomes audience smells. I don't know dios Milton Acosta we've to a man with a bullet and do we think we've that was unbelievable. Pictures as avatar won the use those circus sideshow. From YouTube regrettable over the next one to the all three guys. You're only as look at the you know. You could report no effort that was two Bob Costa I put it on I my nausea public money cost cap out today we got old school the you know account of John and an area that's been there could be. Culpable for what particularly. Anchor and when you know you're supposed to meet Tony this is that as an anti us military NASA is available. Yet photographer. Something I would never got to be right everything you did nothing and regulatory costs absorbed and I'll pay your body yes marathon again you did nothing is Lloyd Christmas. Did exactly. Which one which when them market to get the keys but you know it. We're at 7% of people on Twitter and enjoyed October 31 2014. Jesus Christ. Where it is time three years ago that's three years ago. Those two years ago well we have an listen to agreement on less than three years. At Toronto last then Nelson. Last transported from a class that's what we did less than that I was thrown at or windows or was. As to our support those women came in that was the same day in the strippers and. Really irritated you know and what are pains since this. Through. There Jerry era Jerusalem enables him here or yeah. We're not cruising to a hunger hosts of its its snobs and actually not god knows that they they were not huge fund used a word traffickers and precise it I don't roller called fearless hammered they were fun. And then good singers. What would you do to make his crew thing special. And. Can't you tell them this is. He was fond of resentment collapse is a good mood at the top of it. Yes that was I think that the good old rules the best Moody's in those last three years is Michael van that that we email and tell you realize that we were looking into the group as he orders outside the capital and slap them if doctor Patrick Harrington yeah another bad day decide I'm done among no doubt I'm done I'm never gonna let him have a nose leave ultimately see minute and again we may see each other across a I'm working like December 24. Yeah will be but it lets guy and he's. Hi John John I hate each other more than maybe any two people each other on earth but even I don't want him to do that that that that would. Beneath him there and have already I don't ever to play to the flag like I don't I don't need this. At this point we don't think he import it would be good together. No I would consider field and worked out real you guys since summer oral Christmas. Check just like the I would consider film work is a drop that's -- it's like at that site collection I'm. Constantly plays but it's an election you know seeing dinero on no be the print something SS. And it. Some singing Tom Hanks go back to sit coms yes yet Springsteen judging American Idol. Will be like Tom Hanks calling Peter Scolari instincts to you know when the seas of it was a bodies in and Felix brings to the casino in Hampton beach. Which is never gonna happen. Could have the aisles of time. Not 617779790%. I think we covered at all so far which you. And play any John Kelly we can play any Frederica Wilson. Because really dig in the ratings which through that little thing we are gonna dig into the raiders and you've got ripped. We'll post it notes from colts. Don't bother you go on time business and move it or not on Sean is to remain with suction on. Hey you guys know what we're doing. Hey but a vote this don't think real quick yeah sure. There's talk about the rabbit let me tell you about it. All I'm not been admit it would cripple I really light. Hum anyway. I had to do it anyway I think the NFL went downhill I think this Saturday coupling at 08. I think I'll get home made a joke of the lead but one out of radio like this great I only caught me. I think it will disenfranchise that we let women beaters and child to. Leaders all awful like a couple games suspension. That they go that would regulate that I think it would I think for the trouble in Little League and British pop out of the part of that's reflected in their in their ratings and did you spend on. I'm not really all I. I thank you Jeanne you have a good day in Communist calls that you judge Shia via thanks for call. Preach preachy appreciate appreciate it appreciate the call or should enjoy the rest of your Friday. For corporate. That was going to be a quick opening night there was a great open not what's out there explain what an. Twelve cent that's always good even when you and I we. Big ball when we use them. I've gotten what Arnold did good out. Today which watching it didn't work to block at eight tonight explain that but really around. Really don't really look at what did you not see Soledad the bass player now that's what we don't thought they had they had actually gone the Sox don't want to talk to him. Yeah. That's what I got a yeah they. Again I apologize again it's fight with Stephen A Smith I feel really bad about that means journalists he's lethargic guy really wounded we're not to have mom again. He's not gonna come on the station at all the only way I can insured if of our ball Steve Smith their friends that remained friends for life. Even we are reduced goods even as much as slick you know some form of intelligence and not be viewed as you said he'd lost that with that any sort of fight talky I don't love the new year and a half has to defend Lavar ball the usual suspects you know that there's instances those are good marketer and a lot it's. This is this was last night the debut then that's why Stephen Ames in LA. Cover the DB you. While a ball Alonso ball loose on with the lakers. Great day for a while and so three points four assists nine rebounds rebalancing the lakers got crushed by the clippers Patrick Beverley. Roughed up. Lawns though. And then. And then stormed screamed up and walked off the court screaming weak gas MF for. Bring them out on the court with me and knelt there his ass up. Wasn't sure you can say either name about Alonso believes. Talking about the ballclub mom dancing closely so here's what the Bible has done for his son which while it. Who by all accounts is not like his father's not call 800 slums of anarchists. But he's made it sounds like difficult. They're guys like Pat Devlin who are we can up in the morning saying I'm gonna show that guys that's down a militia whose father up in his. Which were Beverly did. He made the it's against every instinct about father he made his child's life it's more difficult he. Beverly quote after the game. I told them after the game this is Beverly viewed all the riff Raff that his dad brings he's gonna get a whole lot of people coming after him. He asked to be ready for that I let them know right after the game and that's clearly says that on the wreck at he has every night for he's gonna have better nights than last night but he's gonna it's every one gun informed trying to shut him down. And and it's not because of him it's because of his. The old man what are clay when he can't follow this station I'm not gonna in and involve myself my son's going to be himself and got things going on the first game. He's there yelling back and Patrick Beverley and going on an exit even write the story more ESPN ran the next three paragraph for paragraph. 123 are all one long. About ball quote right of you know whatever. Urged by the kite surfing the cut census stupid delight. I'm where is he more than mine now so now I mean now knows its impact on us I think I Canadians and our next story because his son is going to have you with this I Jenny Rivera host initially LA like we bring to the showdown be talking about public Steve today they said they wanted to be student lives in new we're crying you big guys were. We have a silent ball brought purposes you be audio today with you guys Jason Williams is bought sold. Father or mother doesn't don't know much for us now but they sensed even seen it live in New York card and makes sense to LA now. To cover this cover hash tag ball main news between yesterday home yet but here's is the other thing you know book but this great dead. This he pulled his other son that obnoxious sixteen year old mellow. Out of school was knuckle high school anymore is being home schooled imagine. This moron is is a teacher and Soledad you know she ths tonight he's gonna play on in AU team to. I put your company's all the players scored 92 points one day didn't play any defense and pass I didn't pass. Dedicated is not going to school anymore. And he might not be eligible for college basketball. I mean I'm pretty sure it this as it stands now you have to do year right yeah. And I guess he could go to Europe or whatever it might be going away Hollywood but it went the lives of these shoes that he's known as part of these low ball the ball brand shoes that cost 400 bucks us up with the ankles. Well they do they do you do. Is by the way did loans aware of them does he Wear them because he was where and everything all different shoes during the pre season and keeping tabs I don't know if I does that call fourth quarter came Neitzel general and I seal Alonso balsam and helping my charge don't read them well so mellow and the kid might not eligible to play UCLA which was the plan yeah. He's already as we know drive and it was a Lamborghini he sixteenth Rosalynn redeeming. Which is red suits looks like you know Lloyd Christmas right. And he's gonna have these kicker call particular approach for at least three more his right. It's X I borrowers. You were these zone Ryan remixed law until all brand issue last Tuesday actually good for it goes up. What is the is what is the take from Fauria and these guys on on Irving in the ten seconds. He sits on the after the game did he was cast iron game. A vote on what's what was the problem with you shooting practice or we're out there and didn't like it via many. Since some I've figured tried to explain it was not a. Rory wants a compared to David Price that heard what will lead Dunn dean article to this Larry what was that story here should choose. Seven tour. He and I get among. Tell you to show us on the he's got a hold you got a lot of video we don't know and debit. The team that's a reasonable answer would be long detailed answer a lot of nights replaced when he thought why not just sort of anywhere on five it happens you know that your read is gonna get the ball back or Glenn Jarrett then give it up and that I did back. Yeah and he's gonna get triple team and we know Hayward. Right. But. How Lanka as a Thomas had Hayward didn't. No we do enough to not edgy crowd on the guys who couldn't shoot Isiah Thomas had nights free shot seven point five that does happen but he's a better player than carrier accord now. Which seem to now that's on Ollie is engaged to McCauley. Entered and resentment and actual fact we just aches and we have two guys potentially and he has to stick with. You know sticking with even. That's an awesome things stick to boil will be burning through via. Oh fault and they want to join the security check it every day here yeah. Wait. Wait for the next book. We talk to Belichick and Brady and outspoken. Oh. Excuse that's as far as. He's next book title wires that connect books up optional focus on this on what matters most and they show here and yet. No can do this book on the yet he could just jealous and want that midnight that development I'm excited about the same Tom Giles breakdown Bruins freeagent yes absolutely right they should get more shots on Malcolm's who wanted it was last night can you call. Yet property battered around I just huge huge win. We wish our news. Agency. That's gotta hurt I saw you here who I saw Vancouver yanked their goal at like five minutes and sales in the first period power play Eagles in angle. And down one nothing and like that it was 41 yet pulled there's only a white male four days in a row the broad scheme on Saturday. Paul Kirk wants a limousine where it happens upon is out of he went wild why I didn't see what remote remote outpost Alex I don't much stand for the Bruins and that's. Ford pays off. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday the population to injuries basic ends to question him when he actually has to go to Edmonton Calgary it will be the middle of winter I like Alec Calgary DuPont. Like snowy Tuesday in just awaiting the foot that waffle they you walk fortunate myself at the breakfast this that this has the minute sit there were on the the waffle irons not turning on it and how it's not so subtle means Amin appeared to be passed but this is yesterday's USA today. So Kirk's mind works and that's the bruise consensus winners can do that's exactly right but. We got it restores birdie Bjork in martian and I bird whose well first star of the third star. For. Munich like I government enforcement and people walking off I have. Ever amount of points the second tier of the courtroom packed it's fifty feet work has this remote practice and work in these home. When did this hockey night in Canada's. It says here channel 36 this document candidates it's not working keeps pointing I had Bob McCann the room please truly possible. Yeah. There's no soccer so they have some days officer outside home game so I use this card I think and the on the junior making it 5% up at the gym downtown Manhattan. It. From the treadmill. I used three towels after my he's home now but of course always think of Famer that's right they're the bright side soon it'll be really really cold right in Edmonton Calgary and yes girls for the porn. I could renovated when entered yeah. The back there since I agree on the life and Toby right. Yeah and there'll America and we're ready yet to announce the debate promotion for you to officially yet. It was a letter sent out. It's official who do I make a big show announcement that these two got some point when we get back to rummage through and yes please do that I don't usually oversell this but this is. One of the 34 biggest source of comfort it's yeah we discuss one yesterday like documentaries that's true. Did you discuss that as well and I don't know you they said the katyushas keep this idea that till February. Churn out like what what we owe them. We owe them nothing we can absolutely break are comfortable doing. They they were nice guys though do we have a problem with them don't we sat down with the cable network yes is doing in the long. Deep dive into the Aaron Hernandez story much giveaway what network. And they told us some things this is going to be good. Yes and we were about Richmond is well yeah I'm very impressed with those yes and where in the middle of the sport but they are ready to go right after wanna go to break style scandals in sports history that are pretty good job right in the middle we'll discuss that and a massive. Show announcement that I think we'll have ripple effects throughout the station. If not we'll see America that I state my announcement that I'm glad I'm. And so on yesterday's car you know this may derail whole merger could as you probably why were I imagine that's what we book Richard Pipes an extra in good point governor these guys should the country countless. Justice will be right we'll do that more we get. You have to pick the six winning lottery numbers for the statue down to support this thing out the computer picked it most. Would you say what the computer picket welcome to now hall hit Memorial Day Monday game prices pitching I'm listening to you guys of course in at the site and getting real. Those are great idea. We put on to him. It's funny I remember the stress of her since last of picking numbers. What numbers did you pay for 1117151. Oakland gristle and once you're only ones you can do. Like you dropped into the if you like 34 and I think. What was never its ultimate we suspect that the biggest catch yet was it politely. Took place on guessing it was funny when you find more about that don't know did. So before shores guys you big announcements ultimately tweeted out some people Rawls in their cars looks at work waiting you know whether this I do yes would you agree this is huge. It's huge for a lot of reasons yes and it actually affects me if you think about I think affects Wall Street and it's gonna affect the start of partnered 67000. And go ahead. Person I have both been elevated to senior producers here at W yet. So you have the same here at the same level Chris Curtis. Is that it's troubling that he is that slant left in the old executive producers station. I don't look titles strictly an kitchen is departing Arnold beat you decided I mean we have to fight on who are once again chased a good person around. Aside that is not true. Sweden's. He has other this is it took them youngster apps and that's a very cool stuff that's salt batsman call multiple times it's comedy or joke that this I take goods is that what that's about it's it's about someone kind of in a get in the ring with you and you love that and he didn't nights that I don't pleasure you virginal Lincoln and run towards that that why why why. Because he likes the that's what her parents I would agree with that but this one I was actually. You know like it offered to god but you know we enough and that job. You call me personally slips that you covered in the morning show that's we called him and said hey whatever. So you two are the essentially the executive producer of the station. Second in line Joes are. So Joseph so diet as they get facilities as TV's Goss was boring until. You two were taking over the station as co program directors yes. And you're the pro what does that mean what does that mean what extra duties he would tell you what it's it is gonna take you joke weekend shows it's gonna take you way you'd on this it's already cost us a couple relocated c.'s this week tunnel ropes no podcast today even will do it today we had yesterday it would finish. Mr. I'm looking net plus and at that network equate both Christians for the year saying that your you do senior producer job is now expecting to show. Our audience without a part of this shows that even now that works this is. What does this because it is helping 48 poorest part of this document to India is June 20 people. Often but that was suppose all of us but he played for the patriots make sense. Annual book and that's a good job while house. See that's my concern is these guys are any. Energy's takes toward that the station stuff away from us I agree. With you were not consulted about this at all. Supply extra add to that you're comfortable you know doing less for the show. No water tonight is your produce your first priority is the station show. It is that would send its I would say that that your charities he did get a raise Sweden uterine let's get. Both of you know who makes more now. Steady. You know that for a fact yes we negotiators. Wouldn't. That's bargain they've paid a small fortune that negotiate how do you do you let that show so you make for the month now. With other one doubt that they did before us who who was the lead voice had to be tan when you're talking Joseph right. Note to Phil. Curtis to really what was your goal here went back at what point. You guys take credit for the success of the show. No go. It's an experience what you should buy the notion that that's it today they are now we are looking corporate right there just under there right right it is now from the McCain and know we're right here this is now this is now we're going to be in meetings at the show and they'll be getting knocks the ghost and you talk pivotal weekend just an opposite the hockey show Indian would you be meeting for shall fighting partial is always have these guys here don't pretend to fight with the right will leave no go slowly and Phil and salespeople say. But it was up to us right that that get ready for right and will be looking for good can occur we can share control of its on the phone is on call on the form rear Atmel right now ton of books Sunday's game from. And trying to see what Ty Andersen. Shouldn't get amount to be a W literally Monday morning we missed these college of card on the phone saying you Robert Bradford eleven at three keys to eleven different. Emailing LLC a liberal the booking weakens what else to you or what your voice valued duties when when you have taps situations happen except when asked this title. And we've in the afternoon show in solar and be part of a process of finding a replacement for him who better. About that stuff weakened scheduling to podcasts imaging. TV part of these imaging so these terrible Promos we never come for you guys are I mean I'm just assisting who's ever charge. Help in their vision and stay in charge I think you I think vision. Thanks who's so who's in charge of that. Manatees are and director are volatile I'd and is on the loss cracked idol. Iowa State that's in terms it is a giant you're loses his job poster on number of Alaska picks. These guys don't you know that. Senior producers executive producers of the station. What is the job you think is officially now you've done this it's on the people's side it's done. When it's sunny days though a sheet of paper to desert them I'm would be guessing I'm kidding I'm not like these guys are now this is going to happen we have you have allusions guy's ball there's mind. You again I've always said there's a line in the sand picket what's up with a lovely that's unclear. I don't care about that sings in line in the sand you're either with us here with corporate band of US army notes and notes on anymore no it's not it's called law and what it's true. My raw. Know I'm Jewish yeah devote 110 and I won't anymore to this that's OK I understand in my mind I can't have a forward that. Right we can't afford to have your compromised. Wolves either take this offer leave old you were why do you why I was where we got to early on leverage you have. You letters you keep repeating questions what leverage you have even go where. Great voice you said yourself on vinegar envoy to pocket where would you gone and zombie killing more wary and ago. Well slot today Terry tank lately and Michael Meehan and just let everything square and Chris I didn't haven't. Pressure. At its. Good he's honest opponents so core. How things are finally shall we find today and tomorrow but one day whether it's three Thursdays from now or fourth Tuesdays from now will be sitting in some god and meeting with these people. Who are enemy. And you sit there you know on them and what the meeting and the person coming back lead they said that. Can make that they're built right alcohol into the you're laughing but I'm not kidding. You go to a meeting with these people in stab us in the back I've seen this 50000 times to recover you're not wrong. You know it's and that's fine I mean you guys are underside of the show now but now is from now want. We signed that paper is now different that's that's. My raw. I would say in sign the in the world signing it on the old world no way Alex Roemer returns to the station the show and there's not a potion podcasts after that he's the first excellent point there's other stuff going on without you know upset about I'm of I'm shocked we recorded apart killing upset about it. You know it's not done you'll see sent today. About the podcast listened to last three minutes it was. I've got to be directed at no pockets are your body directed yeah I guess get the idea podcast carrot or show let's tied to your show don't vote your show. Might my bigger issues there now corporate patsy bigger issue to me. That's a bigger shoot and yeah I know you love the podcast support you in it but it's not that important. You think I was our success that they would look for ways to improve to help push it right it'll say that taking things away anyway. Seeking ways part of our it's unbelievable energy in the effort of our producers is now going to other things and that shows on the weekend whatever and never crossed their mind to say geez do you think that that that may be the case I understand it a few more bucks that's great good and make a few more bucks anyway but yes that's what I said and then bump them up to senior producers and give them a bigger role within producing natural shelves because operating agent rating bonus now yes. Yeah great La. So for our work you guys could get close and we're invested. So yeah. Everybody else to fill their work you got bush or I do not does that seem fair to you to get a boost your ratings we've moved from. And that's direct that's that's built in yes yeah could you should twelve was wrong. Zealous. After what if you just waking up. Good news there's indict John yet slightly patriots are half game back of the Janata supply and leave and bishop you're better and hurt her first got on the phone make you feel better. Why should stick around for a today has no interest docket. I'm only can assets that they are sorry I Tony marinara yes I would guess a lot of talk Monday morning I get is it any NFL rating socks that's all. They show you don't like him not necessarily. About studio time is certainly these doesn't care anymore couple days ago we teased this is going to return of thought into the question Kirk. It's true we do on for the way no Promos note tweets no nothing social onboard however were forgot about not the way it works now. Where it works here right this is finally can be before this these guys for a top apparently this is the new world now it's gone on who can happen to do is above all while we do know what I can do to execution onto your freaking job. As producer of the show on short. He did an awesome job. Making sure there about you Chris fault line and he is comedian on Sunday. We're trying to figure Sunday's tricky is who's got to tell everybody I'm David talks Sunday morning Heidi it's hardly pass for a July Honda for the offense I felt I thought up after the break no idea what you'll be original Q this is not quite frank I've just two days and not gonna be on November Xia find somebody else to do that spread I don't think to be on talk regularly the guys had a lot of energy to spare you would do a good job your devoted to the show how do you think he can not. Dedicate time and energy to something else big show this job I'm not kidding this is not mean they are saying to the little more money which Crist doesn't need. Allen will more money came in by doing that I agree. That grass for. The why does hurt them now so I know I would say I haven't I would say they might by signing that you're signing a blood so you're saying. I'm for 2500 dollars a year guessing. You are saying I don't care about the curtain Callahan show anymore as much is like here before signs if you're comfortable doing that that's okay. No problem. I don't think that's the case I decided that I am going to make your life in your life now he's leading. Hell. L you entered hell it is a blood pact you made with don't think I don't think Ken has done nearly enough for you that's that's that's all pass Otis worker. Well we should do because he's because he's in the tens and feasting on the aeration and be fine with just scared that you actually mocked the ever dealt with meat. Nice to him he's gonna do you mean so there's all these guys. I'm glad there's that that isn't perfect metaphor that I guess there's there's either I was trying to thinkable a moment where they would be a compromise that would be completed devoted to shore may be all right did you guys think that we were gonna do it's the question Kirk. I think that was solidified now. And I can tell you ask I can tell you for a fact I wanna bring this up for a fact. There's something going on partial right now. But these guys have taken different line on privately and they have taught us about I know that for a fact. Stuff we met about this week these guys told management different things and we told them a and I know that for a fact 1000%. So we can really get into here not yet and I tip our power to his next six will we get to that who boys 617. 7797937. I want full lines for people who want to produce. This show occur out. I'm not getting to laugh I not want these guys aren't they can be senior producers helped consult. Imaging and for again not marked what is face. Martin out Anthony mark no the guy came to talk basketball. Brigade fills in for re GNU Brad Felicia podcast that he marked up ArQule ArQule. You had your Q Patrick you write them booked him on Saturday 1 o'clock. Outlets that's creative like what what about community great think outside the boss always going to be called to analysts not near the box I agree 617779. 7937. I want calls for people up there young people Smart people creative people who weren't vested. Kirk in Cali and show if you wanna produce the show. It's your chance to do it correct Gerri yes he's 617779. And I may not be up yet. Seven shot up Jeffrey. 6177. Good night and I don't know mobs not talking debate once I got there is thought I I can't put. Eager to see. Is one step away from. The doctor. Off the one rung below the program director one incorrect swipe to the right by Joey goes up and knows that the PSC more. He is dead in these two idiots are running the station to produce the cork county shall we can make that happen I will fire these guys today. The fire from a good ambitious bright bright producer and you better technicals are sort of some of the 61777979%. Wilbur.