K&C - Geoffrey "Goose" Goose, 16, Hodgkin lymphoma, Boston 8-21-18

Goose was diagnosed in February 2018 when he could not get rid of a lingering cough. A chest x-ray ordered by pulmonologist revealed a lymphoma tumor. His treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma included six cycles of chemotherapy and he completed treatment in July. In the fall, Goose will be entering the 11th grade at Buckingham Browne & Nichols School in Cambridge. Goose is supported by his mother and father, Jon and Barb, and younger brother, Teddy, 13. In his spare time, he loves to teach skiing, golf, and watch pro sports -- especially the Red Sox and the Celtics.

What he thinks about the Jimmy Fund Clinic - The Jimmy Fund Clinic is so special and amazing because they are good at being the least bad. What I mean by that is under no circumstances will toxic chemicals being pumped into your body be a “enjoyable” experience; yet what makes the Jimmy Fund so special is that they do everything they can, trips to Florida, a positive and helpful team of doctors and nurses, etc., to ensure that this crapshoot is as painless as possible.

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I join us right now. Is Jeffrey. Bruce is that right. It is goes to assist in the bio Jeffries whose nickname is goose that into ghosts of his last name is if that works so well possible adolescent whose nickname not to be good news very. That's the way it's a bit right and how old you. I'm 1616 years old Jerry was a synthesis is interest communities well you did. Physically in this area. Not see the Fenway Lex from his home in itself and then you go to BBN. Conan whatever it is a camera and success on three. Well we like the most three. I hated bucking horse. It. He welcomes that runs. Nichols and so what what it would measure though which restores it to one applied for calm cools. Tell us. Peres and again. Some OnStar was around Thanksgiving. That this really deep persistent talk this last this is the pass this test yet Thanksgiving seventeen non and then. I went missing my primary. Was this maybe sinus infection and could have been. What we talked at all these tests. But kind of for this bacteria infection. Went on two or three antibiotics that kind of thing and then it wasn't until January. That I wanted to see a criminologist. Who. Kind of agree that yep it's bacteria but you know just be safe to do chest X ray look for I don't know and ammonia some like that but. And up seeing what was tumor lodged. Kind of in this area. Middle of my chest. And then kind of right then there when you go from. Oh. Let's get to the docks on an after school because I had this period it goes right away too like. World and that everything goes aside that. Walking over from kind of commonality to oncology that bomb that had surgery. Three incisions on my. Middle my back to get a piece of the tumor that was. Lodged Hobson. Said knowledge test but it collapsed so long to get it and that ends up being states to Huntington home. It's and in which then when the diagnosis. So. It's it's. Like scary as hell stories world is spinning the scary part is that the there's so many thought this nominee what's gonna happen that you can't Cisco Wheeler. That. There's no thinking. What's going on happening around it has kind of gone through things he'd go from one doctor and accidents just kind of blurry it's your confused. But then I land children's and the Jimmy Fund in my. Right away it's actually find the right away at. You have cancer but you're in the right place next week on the Red Sox spring training children conflict. That at all really so. In a weird turn of events you'd go from. This is while it hardest thing human face life in that you're gonna. Six months to the united Yuba. Right away it's the difference in the Jimmy Fund is but we're going to spring training how would you like to meet Chris Allen writes. So that kind of distraction that kind of there's more to this than just your life is over your team but. Some weight. Think about tomorrow who's pitching the sub sank one spring training them. Gonna meet them this he's been so exciting and that being argued and won the best ever but. That just. Distraction that. Meeting other kids with the guys you meet kids in the same boat you know loan. Right and they everyone is just so welcoming and so friendly in that they know exactly what you're down there and that. You know enough can get back from firsthand. Now so. It's really really special. At least it does what all the doctors nurses do for the trip hostages obviously in my life. My doctor. Doctor bill. All the nurses that nine. There's practice Andy. And Annie. At room just now you feel now. Ons it just has gained yesterday. Looking. The tumors and still there but it's just that she element. To my knowledge do their raw. Great loan which you know you look good sound good coming you'd come out of this so far. Pre and pretty that you. Yeah and island schooled her Google ended June year yep com it's Imus. Because I had my treatments in the last month to school so. I'm my physical treatment days which were anywhere from five days a week to three is a week to one. I wouldn't go on this let's go is the slacker. But and with. Different regiment anti nausea drugs. Stuff like that was able to actually go to school on the other guys. Well that's Kelly and you obviously know much more than we wouldn't tell people are filming but that the way it is now it seems in my experiences. If you feel nauseous they have so before you still come off if something else for just the availability of this vs. And you know 1015 years ago was a blow is incredible. Yeah and it's a strange because in the beginning it's kind of like. I thought there was one came out and you play the chemo right get anti nausea. Not that case right yeah and it's little more comprehensive but. Right it's all talent Aaron so. In the beginning there a year experimenting with different because there's so many as you said you're experimenting with different medicines to combat you're not you're tired that's. But. Bright. The dot the team my team at the Jimmy Fund which is so good it okay this isn't working so we'll try this if that's not working perfectly we'll try this because. It's both their job to. Obviously care Meehan but my dated days also very relevant and that was huge I think. You're doing so well I don't think you're gonna bring news for trading mixed sorry to break it to you. What was the highlight of that. Com. I mean obviously it's meaning Red Sox but like as I said earlier just to hang with the kids right right because. There's no other place like that where there's forty other kids that are going at a party and you can I was just two weeks then to have. Then through cloud that's Gary's what's about to happen because my life is over. How do you tell your friends how do you. Go on with life now that your life is just changed dramatically. That is something that is special there and some that. Was the biggest take away of affairs and will we collect doing well yeah the goodness I'm Bruce you sound great to have a little bit yeah good luck with everything have a good junior year. It thank you very much nominal of course that you.