K&C - Gerry is all in on the Patriots draft; Kirk mocks hockey cliché's 4-24-18

Mut & Callahan
Tuesday, April 24th
Hour 2: Gerry breaks down all the mock drafts to tell you who the Patriots will not draft in the first round and we hear the dumbest hockey cliché's. 

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He'd skirt and Callahan. With the current committee ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. Create some. It creates a revolt in the locker room for the first time ever. Because they'll check his lead. Faster with his team I just you believe nothing more has been set about this because bill obviously has its five Super Bowl rings. But how do you explain this because it doesn't come across his genius. It comes across the media's sat atop. Hi in our future Callahan live from mr. Perry studios twentieth street and hold station after that that was good well. Twenty years when he uses this nut house yeah I mean he's deserve all the actually geoghan. You bet that it will react that's on the second. I think Roemer about it today wants it. In some fields that. That chapter story does seem strange industry and execution of anyone on here that it anyone else that there isn't really kill. Surely it's just it's just strange I don't know why it was written I think we pointed that out last week that saying. Com. Within two weeks go embrace that hasn't pulled them when I was coming back. And we asked them to Z have to. We have shelters are supposed to be AD I don't really understand this every time a player called in state or just the guys over thirty or thirty right new orders or do it. Two calls him play. Right I mean am I presume you know picker good young players they're not supposed to do and by the way Brady has said publicly. Thousand times the teams play and he confirmed that yesterday's zero fed up with at one point I think it was to market through Jim way. He's sort of less many times is like why is everyone has come over time. He's playing great he loves the game winning why I don't have one month or come with I never thought I never does retiree now he. The end Tom vs time missed him in the ambiguities so I think I can understand that but. I never I never for a second thought Brady was gonna retire did not goes like you've threatened to quit the known takes it seriously. Jeff there's all this early April when he worked at and at the end of the interviews that nature you waged in. Ponce city's. April 4 set they'd they'd like the Treo. As that night. Good point Kenny into open to do it in music and sing music West Point here's what we're supposed to do you like that all the commercial. They betray us. Chris and do we have any musical options right now once I am actors office of wits yes I would Springsteen but I always I don't as well and what I say when you said you said no I said no I did said I don't want a Bruce Springsteen opener shall know them only a wake likes us citizen that's that's make it quite so I got a song for you. And it's another Steve Bruins got a lot of good what you have now when we need to get injured suggests that what you want Tom wait although we have eaten and where have we spent a couple weeks ago. What ideas you have it's opposite Amaechi. I mean yeah Eagles who have the right now review current if you had any other songs replace occurrence on point here I I have no ideas. How is possible. I don't plate things that people will ultimately needs of its obscure that you like music you know me have Joba fox. The producer of the show rack my brain. It's key girl the revolution starts now now everything he sings about his. Left wing I don't care he's great it turned its old white casket that's the rules that this team was I was seven and I love I've not quite but I did think I'm with you don't want no surrender distortion this thing Steve Bruce great. And not a when I was gonna. A wonderful beginning. I don't know degree without the Singh yes that's my point. Reckon this is not much. The very beginning. That's probably touchy issue occurred Callahan did or whatever with that the background here when you get redundant. Well all published on saint. Poignant. So audit practice two days. Right yes it is the patient you know does the Bruins have a game sevens hopes and a plethora talks are Newton. Rolling as sort of lost but think about on Belichick couldn't hold the whole thing up. He's the first gonna QB draft Lamar Jackson trade up for for whoever would even draft Mason brutal for one of these other guys fluke fall. That guy even if he's the third rounder. Everyone's gonna assume outdoor router now yes yes yes how can you tell me out there on Republican papers as successor this to me this to me. Almost Colbert news. Point correct that brings 41 who ever is his back up and amount to much more important young guy rookie who's going to be viewed. Optimistically gonna say let's see how it looks in August. He is going to be the guy in two years yes that'd be agreed he's he's got second rounder. But if you moved up until they took Lamar Jackson to be different to guide are so awesome but second rounder. He may scandal it yes there with the 31. Well it depends he looks awesome a crop always in the pre season and becomes almost the only guy we know I think you'll agree that they're not gonna take is Cole Miller because. And everybody says he's able list of predictions of a mock drafts right. And every match it's almost everyone has the tackle from UCLA. And number 77. As the obvious replacement. For me canceled yet so we know that's not gonna happen right I'd be surprised that. What and and a sort hyper. Pepper and the crew should do this thing where they agree. These picked and they put one got together among defenders animal paper like I like them. I used to Marcum now I like my watch him he's on I watched and I listen to. They haven't taken this cornerback John John Reid. Something from a Louisville. And he looks like you know bad ass tattoos I got Paula Jones return man cocky yup tough yeah. Would make sense but that's not need me compared to attack gonna because it would eight compared to pass rusher compared to front seven guy. Obstacle in my prediction Maurice Hurst campaigners OK to do that prediction no first tropics trail politics can you don't want pick is Pearson. A draft. And we get Algerian. Who don't want what the skirt and Callahan with Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. Plus Sports Radio seven MEI. That's a pretty dramatic change like I like we need you need change you can get cited the public to. He skirt and Callahan. Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan blood Sports Radio WEEI. Understand this. And it made it clear I'm not that's fresh that's new what do I want to do weak right now what is he doing. Instruments and play pretty record. Whose records I don't know so why don't get the people who on the records for quite it would give the guys spinning it. This is his work today cheated on his roommate. Who's playing the music I need your eight. Well I'll echo what that he sees where when insert. It'll plated publisher so who's playing instrument. It's a supreme reportedly by somebody range. Sympathizer like he's like the thing most docs together. Take another song for you. Com and others have on those Steve wrote NYC it's called NYC I cherish as fictional a big is Steve world pick mean whenever congratulations on these I'm Michael for things you know if you like like music cool people like Austin's not true like a two phases of a bill you know get two more for the Smiths will fuel. Now the dead milkman when he won though. Ted Kennedy's you know the other day I heard I heard village. Now it. I hurt my car and Callahan is with Kurt made ahead and Gerry Callahan on Sports Radio. Yeah. Andre is a terrible song files on about. The meat could jays McMurtry. At turtle by with a hard me Johnson will Holler okay you have any suggestions. And in. Kirk and cal. And Gerry Callahan I work force I know we've got to tell you guys to get music. I have zero. Suggests why can't do that. We'll get it but that was that was who's talking to forget sausage or. Whoever's face I think has argued that guy. Proven that he doesn't have any ice and he was that was case Poland's particular figure over there actually but you can registered at yet indoor awesome so gives more suggestions of one I think if the teacher. I picked you. I agree with you VG sound tomorrow going forward I think. I that's gonna work but Paula I like that pops Amir the gloomier than him here. The role. It. It skirt and Callahan with Kirk made ahead and Jerry Kelly plug Sports Radio WEEI. OK good good good very good job and I agree that you might hear. Go ahead. This Oscar stuff and Callahan. Which Kurt admit I had itself and Gerry Callahan who won sports really telling EI not particularly new music. That's a problem. Everything he's got deep catalog. Let's hope with us but he knows there will nobody that's maybe a pizza into your favorite of each song. She wouldn't Decatur and this is so much choice I guess say enough free. Agassi from the beach she won his original out. I was seat. There is no sunshine in the morning like now one. Hard rains in the fall again I like that one and then we are the world. In the world news we movement through it was a great yeah W is a great animal once it gets this guy because I don't know what he does. Can doctor he's like most ordered eight a doctor Beethoven playing in the big titles and had a bunch of musicians have fun. That's what does he puts this guy here in the sky here in the sky here. It is only the people those are there lessons that I actually records. He skirt and Callahan. With Kirk committee and a host and cherry Callahan there on Sports Radio WTI cycle who's cracking up there that's fine it's fine. I suppose that's because our show for like Fred I like this for two philippoussis of the show opened. Not bad is that it's pretty I used to great song meant to be terrible. But he. Come again and again others for you guys actually I need to. Other things other music but I don't think it fits like a soldier. My new favorites Chris Knight Zoellick depressing music you would like him that I would always sings about as you know. People. It murdered there what George Smith my new favorite for voice was and Chris nice it's about a woman freezing to death in North Dakota. It's just called North Dakota probably more to great song get elected don't do some adults all right. Illustrates that fits myself delve depressing how about. Played North Dakota Tommy to sports. Not to listen the words of his theme that. He was curtains and Callahan it's Kurt committed. And Sheri cal ahead plus Sports Radio UW yeah. 54321. Of my favorite. Going to go struggling today she's she's off. Unbelievable. I think do we do think it's true when we hired sock puppet we thought it was going to be the music and what kinds of ideas I was he's a much better provision file getting. But in different ways. Oh I think he's crazy like musical choices are. Background music yeah you're you're very good at odds with your awesome is this child experts regard we can get the views of the suggestions of you Jerry knows nothing music it pretty pretty much just years of him is a theme ideas I like Belichick you're not overbearing when it comes to music of one overbearing Asian hub. Iowa or whatever which are we're very glad that the two don't come in here. And demand I mean you don't listen music and more do. They're more podcasts you're pals all of us older music opposite approach and again that's always that are wants which are not looking for anything new not even console don't want in the new I don't suggested some good songs you'd like and you don't care. Like I tell you book QB on wanna read that if he gets on you know interest on unused. And a good coach I like my music Toobin always look on the something new ideals I told that keeps Kirk and Callahan John with. Gerry Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. And just stuff. Howard Robin. Greed that this was the best song to have sex acts. Would you ever think of that is the best song that'll a note to human beings would rein in the agree and want song. And she agrees on a lot of things useless. But then I would never picked that it wouldn't be my top 100. Not. Much abreast. Where Nebraska is my favorite song to slash my respect. But I wouldn't have been replaced by North Dakota yes wrestled Dakota opener. It's a Jesus which conveys might get you were a Christian. Your Mike is alive on the way from the compared to reach an out can scratch. News Shabazz and try to when technology reporters try to move his Mike all the noise burst into anything. As accurately he is not evil doers. Of the role we should have that adjusted. Like a beach in the performance yes he's. Kurt and Callahan. And with Kurt made ahead and Gerry Callahan asked about on Sports Radio WEEI. Most wonderful depressed. Because Soledad well at the mood becomes homeowners like Anderson. To John Mellencamp. It's something mountain doesn't. And snowing and it was North Dakota and can't find a dead wife I gotta tell your eyes in orchard at. Chiefs and the people want put all saw doctor god give movies and you talk during songs and he's ever shot. Jesus. Believe he's a solid talker do you can now play the turtle by you by James McMurtry no lyrics just to music okay. Just tell me this music would work for you. I'm I'm gonna talk until he finds it a mile have to dismiss everything we're not touched pretty good. Evan a book is too depressing me that's what mostly Japan Australia dress and on I am I can hear the song to. Nobody led reproduction NAFTA was for five minutes vehicles on it I was summarize what about the quality of it being open for radio show. Because it might be too depressing priority it's about put you. You and I like to press this what can we haven't caught up to protect the only thing we like depressing music mature artist starts you here. To a reading of ships as it could be cheek hit about his audience yes I don't I think he's trying to sell sabathia 28. Epsilon and at. Did you ever think that was possible out of drinking going to be we notre going crazy in the sixties I felt I got some good friends. How do you treat yourself to death of 28 is still function. Was in travel around the world do NS I think. That getting fortune yes it was an act of your. That's in each of The Who singer who saint sock puppet he's got some vocalist Princeton detracts. What's her name. It it's it and nailed it it's also reached them. A couple calls emissions. Let's go to. Stephen marsh really Steve. Yeah oh no I am because she felt sanctuary great tune. I thought I'm your man oh man really to ten billion. It will consider and I love the color used to like the cult or food but I think they are kind of the slow exists. There's other better colts. Go to Dan in Brockton hey Dan was you know called. What's up and accept them. I'll walk on the wild side. You reach out to us it's like an old cliche goes on deckers list wasn't you know I was thinking. I looked perfectly able to reach. Should eat Turkey and Callahan is with her commands and Cary Callahan as relevant Sports Radio WEEI. Well as well woke twelve not adult that's true. Old guy like that. In the wild side. Marks in the card mark. Hey ya courage your movie guy whoever Conan the destroyer. I've seen it now remember I'm I was a big Toni and guy. Nobody listened to fifteen song bad visual art music perfect eight and ask. Along that you guys you. Excellent we'll do it. We do it. Bagging it Conan. Car O'Brien Conan the barbarian is sequel climates warm but that we'll chaebol that. This did I know it. Keeps Kirk and I Callahan. Which curling man and Gerry Callahan blood Sports Radio WEEI. All right George Bush theory on doing. Hate that about it. Little unknowing Angel McGregor who has been worse yeah he skirt was the worst Tallahassee bridge supposedly are. I mean the worst song people know that is good lord gave him. Yes that's that would be tied for the bottom but I don't think it's a dark numbers. Idols. I hate like Rosalie and now also it's just so replete it's you know I don't know I I've never liked. Happy like wacky Springsteen ever the day I don't like Rosalie. I don't I like my my father's house elect homebound train I liked about him I don't like a light breeze the pain it's something that night I don't like forget hungry heart. They don't like. Would you equate them sunny and leaker room. Like the the room. Would pay from Iraq or made him Iraq or the river. You can't beat it's okay that's okay I'm guessing like the price you pay a Bobby gene known and I like Palm Beach now on the river snubbed is that depressing like a guy driver of this carping about love that I was little call cars this trooper a state takeover is awesome state troopers six will be a great deal on measure. Sure without a great opener for bush turns his back and his family. Let's Highway Patrol. We're patrol units. Yes state trooper because that's that's one of five best receipt is not a good one it would be a panel about the song people like. And though buyers would be perfect I did six Ibaka more regular garden seeds. Kirk I I Callahan with Kurt command and Gerry Callahan. Amateur Sports Radio WEEI. Lessons registration. About about two amazing race that the benefit of was blind and Alex are you. As the current song. Who wrote. I think it was chemical moan don't observer remarked recently wasn't. Amazing grace at least some recent they've met their reference and something roomier on the component was a really told us. From what was blind and policy a superstar at the defuse what we made some real progress on this as usual. The kickoff tomorrow with that blitzes we used to using much for at least a beach that beat you week what is your. Change their behavior VG ridiculous shall wrote it yeah that's a real battle to an arthritis idea. You don't. On details of how did she did which I wouldn't take a break you get 617777. National. The more pushes back the US relic yet. I need to grow pointing suggestions. On ice suggest it may be should stay home on text them back then that you find at much of Chris Curtis is next east. Time once again for our. Headlines. Keith scourge and Callahan with Kurt committee ahead and Gerry Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. I like gets a good suggestion and because that's a good one. Talk about pressing again and I like riveting Elson Evelyn. All the honor sexy yes you're putting together aiming also worked up house busy breaking down these games have in the old yet ideal. You're 10 yeah it will be one more before we did you get headlines over the course. Saying. He skirt and Callahan with Kirk committed I'm Gerry Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. I was. The leading to be we do this enough attention and time is credible this happened we should to we can agree on this I think it's your. 65 million people voted for Saddam's country's so she had the same. That's Hillary Clinton's serious I you know I did get pulled over in the old protest of post parking lot I wept. But I couldn't remember it wasn't for us. A towards some guy from Sophie tweed on yesterday. They sent me a map of the of the route the call would hesitate to go from there to there is like 26 U turns. The irony you're like. Frank you vote taken. Ethics suggestions from Michael James is Michael Curley two point. They haven't actually taken you know what should the source. Extremists from the pole. I've Chris go ahead before shorts headlines by the way. Brought you by doctor government document to proceed here doctor Brian Scalabrine at least at 1800. Free minutes good. Ten dead fifteen injured. The team more injured in India terror attack in Toronto yesterday being mayor of Toronto spoke about the incident. I hope that we will as a city remind ourselves of the fact that we are fired around the world for being inclusive and dreams of being accepting and understanding was that dude. And I think Andy has as his sister is literally like two out of second half right anyway maybe less after the murder. The bodies were still lining the street. This moron mayor studs bragging about inclusiveness. Is a serious cassette things stick to the story dummy she's wasn't even there was even a point where anyone accused of being not at all Muslim terrorists it was too early for that. He's already defensive saying. We're very inclusive rate you're in the gold medal event you know we have who or mentally ill people than any major cities and any else Chris Wells. Well we know who's the fifth in line for the throne is Kate Middleton yet hurt your client and thank you we're still waiting on a name. I don't know about the last two minutes and she wore a post baby outfit that honor Princess Diana wearing a red. Dressed in black stiletto. That's a big yes towards blacks vote you yes she's thinking how Kirk and Callahan had to switch every minute and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI believe as babies if the throne. Fifth to the throne. What's wrong. Took the big big king or queen of the newly seated so there's this game this little babies can be taking some day. And we are at your target quicker Jerry is given is he gonna have like flying dragons around the kind of numb and and it around the castle in a remote. We have a rich and warlock work inform you of like kill and spilled some people but neither of you with a guy. And if you go to you have to try to. The game truck to breaching over the moat they've been they've been ugly ugly guy who works in one day. The week there one you'll be handsome and he should be as a fraud accused of fraud and turn to a it's important for us at least ten days. She's complained that point policy forum on time and amenable compensated dating kisser on the lips it's and he will. Thrive in a big pumpkin that we'll turn to Shari at six. So it's easy. He's the only reason he's British idiots play along with it. Now it is American idiots too too by the way I know he's not enforce its release and again the world's biggest welfare recipients through no not ones that work to do in their lives. Then how much can carry over there fund fund a war that have to read Charles. You know he's he's flies rounds private jets. Warning against global warming it's a dumb he has. I much appreciate the kindness all domestic issues. Wright that told me that. Was up well my reply discipline. It was irrelevant that's a substitute for the were allowed to play. Not not confuse oh geez I don't breaking breaking royalty news talk it. My predecessor it is back at W experience that's breaking its time to learn he's cutting into that at all he told me your best. All sorts official notes unofficial official what he said it's time to return to our primary fight that I don't want my show to leave ever did his uncle and at times it's. I will do everything to work. WFAN into an integral part of a project it's time to wiring. To an integral part of the project clothes crap into girls so he's Stabenow entering the back. Yes or not. If they didn't have heard my office and on the job 7:49 this morning the story was written by Daniel best in Tuesday's. And it's time to return to your pain and that's a different set no. That we are not joking you for its site. That's about it is that asserted their groove old. And time could the legs under Sheehan is CME Starr reports and I. Other holy you know time that is what those guys. And want him to walk around today electorate you jacket and Deborah shorts over pants were from Baghdad. 3 minutes after 2 o'clock. Losers had a chance to do afternoon drive in New York. And I waits April friends say they like it used to yearlong retirement beginning middle of April he's back. Eyes as we knew was gonna happen there are charges. December is desperate before Christmas. Agree there sports was. You do that you know built the princesses and everything was anemic at fame and some form I mean I can bring it back at do what we can use in films that's not doing anything afternoon drive and away in heaven do amid did similar work mornings so Americans feeling. The to a podcast with Chris carton could mean Craig carton I mean if program directors there. They have to know if reality show was failing in losing week after week in book after book. You know its employees say you know we're gonna change right. Now to be stupid not to politics so you look at the numbers or chip what else. OK and we have the BA members Doctor Who said it. Don't go from that great everybody loves this guy he was Obama's talked to him was impeccable reputation. Was perfect well I don't I don't stand for the she would drink on the job and improperly prescribed medicine to a employees at the White House home care issues. I'm not normally I'm I have no problem people to reckon on the job that your doctor. Was this surge in the one pull. And that doesn't mean about being a surgeon but whose approval is that your solidarity looks upon every scene he's in uniform system manage. It currently. What ifs ifs while examining people's calls doctor as he's know so I told. And with one more media note your favorite show Kirk Omani Jones and Pablo this was your only real high inordinate use a June court. The long awaited child and even though this was she shows you Rios TV show yeah. A money pit board they. Both schoolers. 99 on the show will fail miserably a couple of moon bats will come on. Talk about how wonderful Colin can predict is every day when nobody is ever watch or listen to ever never drawn a rating put together and do fail and times it would to call all your game like it or. Am I want to show every day from our zones does not back down. That's a win and that's not a point Isaac headlines but you by doctor Robert Leonard document the president we will be right. And I was at the penalty kill I believe Jack in that first period that was critical of Boston really find their game they got a little chilled bottle that. They got what they need to of the PK the don't put the ice it is just absurd. Absurdity that all the sudden now they can opener they had good offline presence of thick of the opportunities that. Maybe the best what was the market shot that went Eiffel skate pass she knew pick corners they'll they adrenal. It's a war candidate better reward for a couple hours and the joint is jumping into products. And none of us talk. Like he would be so I think that's the connective tissue which. It's you know dale wants a Jack to shock. Can better incident is the I should be doing her job believe you're clown here harassment to sit there. With with for him Barry Petersen Billy Jaffe recaptured dumb play by play calls. Let's I'm so happy it was on NBC sports and doc and jolly thirty IT miserable tortured you know it's I watched. Did it mention. The neutral zone much awed Britain never whenever he wants. Yitzhak. You know I like those guys that just over the top you don't like those. Mean I think check it was a good who cares if he's to guys like frank Phillips. Harris I don't we'll would point out when they're bad guys lots of people care about that. Probably the carcass is good enough for some of those donuts also this check it was probably better got a Mike Milbury I would prefer. You Milbury network broadcasts for the direction that. There that mention us in the broadcast once night deliver my kids you know and me well it that he. I don't know who's your article to be as your agent Michael in his room and now. A doctor can get screwed because he doesn't talk too he's he's very good but like him because everybody says. That's an issue for but you don't post offer either I know all I've had died lump signaled a tie. I did think about the stuff in Toronto to Bruce Arthur wrote of hi altogether he did I can ever write all my effective my idols my three doesn't like for Springsteen. Bruce Arthur Scott clobber those three guys at me. We'll have a tassel. He's getting. All in she's getting there fast she's really she nails. I idolize him as a nineteen year old the Binghamton, New York to be really have to bring this kind today because a year. I think they just moved here. I am very real if you bring her because it annoys you I know I I respect that's all he has to offer a very lake what is Joseph can add to Holland. Just going to be thing for power happen and you'll be our government will present tomorrow. Are you it was a Thursday. It was a Friday marked man but you that's right yeah third that are now. Are still waiting we want people that we wanted to hear Dickerson yesterday as the trial got our answer who would you have any hardware eagle on Friday. On April the most on any part in. Ball is personally think this guy doesn't ever let anyone keep anything Purcell. Remain where you go farther. Oh my wife is on the pounds while the kids on Friday and to see I don't have any reason slick and you I took my wife is going out that's not a good the first mother bought my father that is being honored an event in your wife's going effort that we believe that we have Richard yes the question my mother in law I have kids will she is my mother that's my wife's mother she's beyond event in New York she's going Thursday night my wife should not be here Friday. So the kids get up. Somebody's got in the guess I'm hire someone pulled my parents escaped Perino taking the day higher someone is. Get on the Lexington mommy's OK I get home. Again. So much I cared my kids and take days off so it upon us sailor absolutely guy in the boat in the middle of nowhere when I take it day outs as my kids. Molecule to pretend sales tripled under. We went away last year before Florida trip and you get to deprive action. It was a vacation. But he did that was from my wife's birthday correction my wife is going away and assumptions that either for the kids imitate get ready for school off they go my dazed on the clutch bunker. Try to push irregular. I care about right. Because I want you I'm not gonna be here. Some Oscar but she let us know one of them right obviously people who like like the show's much their request specific focus of the show. Two other time I you know radical when your own home not to advertise kids at school right yet. We do when their school or go for a run and that's who won the British don't know when you don't want to run what are you gonna do a ball master bait. A take a shower or you're asking a question and then almost rich that's right and fifteen minutes. On a take my time search the whole house myself hoping my surgeon pristine. Just to take 345 you take the iPad in this how. You the phone up I'll put Pia. It's almost such kind of psychotic folks up put the finger. Just. Boom boom look for stuff like a lunatic KO. Told them that. And then you know it'll be Korea town be lunchtime and that's a peg into the dubious and everywhere on the state and texting us. The texting me at blue moon and mud and no shows I like them out analysts think that's why I do were officially bam this truly listened that podcast yet. Yeah hammered for the showed that. It's going to be big we're emissions some stuff can happen Thursday and I hope Brady gets trader orchestrated non English note if you commit well that's the case I would drop once the kids are gonna come in the last hour if they get themselves ready. Once 1116. Is it too rowdy class has a history of the generals can handle it that's true but she's a little different lights. If she's very Smart very independent charity I thought or SARS has and he drew anymore and finally able congratulations coach man picked to win last night season opener for softball the scrimmage and big rock artist did you coach from what I coach them up effectiveness of it's a team to win can win the communique. At the group are on the table which will pressures on when doing an endeavor that came seven yes. And no courts had nothing but given you infant publicly as usual when we get to a these are in the restated over skirt that actual art I wells throats here comfortably gags keep talking and eventually be 10 o'clock and we just looked right to think about nine point animal called a bad eyes Jeffrey BC's good ago. 9950. Okay and he he was just so you guys know. He was part of the panel the colas and the PC on Saturday. We chemical blamed this on basically we think he right wing conspiracy right yes good point yes you're just one of those right wing nuts. Try to bring him down because you disagree of them politically or owns a good moon bat which is why. Ironically is freckles was saying. The reason he's being defended the recent sausage shop the reason he thought he could get away with telling. This long series of lies. Is because he's a good laugh when I tell you other than the fact I know we were too the globe. Having never really rate him I'll have no idea how liberal he is not because you don't hurt him since about saying that but Jesse two years he that I would. And I assume he's the book is works for the quote I correct no. EU looks a safe assumption but I don't know Holler right I'll comedian he's crazy like whoever's the moderate. I know I wouldn't care I mean you would have to read and of course if you read them and I read them we might have known. He's saying fiction writer years ago I almost wanna do reading of that. 2007 Christmas Eve story really intent to this story. We get to that I like I like that story we get to that that is that is rational reading of haven't relics story of apparel analyst Reza Nazi officer and relic has been more ways stories toughest and worst of more relevant than ever in this market I mean nobody cares. All right so he's gonna be until nine is that the deal. 830. Announcers who does he need to be cleared their interview and one of the port thing in ruins it. I mean do you that's a concern now but he he he will not ruin it. He'll say just enough it's dumb stuff to keep you address we have Ronald lap around the building to have happy black key obstacle what's next this guy from BC which would be good. I think particularly contentious weird calls and I Franco also is via your calls in a frank Phillips and Joanna Weiss to yesterday Marjorie in gym and all the folks at the globe. And Colin trainees they're good personal insults on them culturally are our three neutral.