K&C - Gerry and Albert from Rhode Island finally agree; Indeed is the word of the day 5-16-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, May 16th
Hour 3: Gerry and Albert from Rhode Island actually agree on something and Indeed is Gerry's word of the day. 

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Skirt and Callahan is your point that he's not as good as we think he's just he's just always ready and Matt thank you for your work that you do in northeast Ohio. That's ridiculous. I feel sorry for LeBron James tonight market smile. Beyond beyond. A lot of digest very overrated won't recovery modeled loosely over if you do wish that you could have thought something is that Dominique Kirk committee hat talk was on the field but I see the grounds crew start mill around at over at Fenway Park the sun looks brighter it feels. Different with the Red Sox. Nobody's been elected there's nobody works harder and nobody cares the added we're now at a point now. A great point now where the off season for Dave Dombrowski is going to be brought back into the fourth on the tax rates and Gerry Callahan. Jeff being gunned if you have to pick your guys to give effort like on those plays when. Not going good you're hoping against hope. We've got to be tough or cut your heart out UT on a platter there being physical Laguna in the game how soft is Beatty who the Boston Celtics couldn't take it. Want Sports Radio we'll tell you. I our record now and 61777979%. Of you to a sports talk telephone number. X I was up in Maine yesterday to us. Things where you I was those things yes we're Christie golfers from. Prosecutors related or not this is this is the kind of person Tribune. The morning Jeb has an afternoon show it was well. And I heard the first first segment of the show you the guys in the morning who hate us that showed that yet or are we thought there were kind of in on the joke and a nice guys that. May they may be at the joke. So that afternoon show stardom and those guys are. But they did they showed if mark in the Josep Monroe of those guys would be gone in to be here tomorrow and he too long and here's what the first segment hat when you have Red Sox have Celtics did. We should nailed it he's in the game. So I called as Arnold from Brookline. That were not keys to the game and get on I waited 34 minutes yet on its way now. I was at all the things that cable lines to undertake any call so this doesn't just talk to Waltz it's a clever named MJ. Right with the cavs and Chris yet again morning jab and a zillion I can get Japanese patrons like I was like hoops club right kotsay blood. And I don't I was into Arnold from Brookline who was picked up and brought to basketball will be obviously a Brooklyn and I had my you know get off to a quick start. When the rebounding battle I LP GW keys I was not I was not it was not an advocate she's a thug like eighteen keys in the game and he was the music couldn't stop that there's a vigorous kinda show. Do it sort of nice to. To be called you like. You did each one there and what you do it right as is usually thought he says like we let them dishonorable it's offense. So but anyway didn't happen but I was done as a switch 34 minutes of my life waiting talked with. This morning jab at speakerphone wasn't did you like that. It's so I wanna and yeah it's yet. Take a light sabers to push push for sure she'll wish she she. Powell outrage tuck where it should shift which. If you missed at 6 AM Kirkland and star of the show is usually does unfortunately. For me because. We had the exact same heartache it was hot it was smokes it's unfortunate but we have not to screwed up much to this kind of uncomfortable Kurt you know long. We're gonna you're so good about by you Carol this week about the calendar a little time to get to this transgender story was this big. Big deal we disagree and gated compound azalea referendum question is what's been very. Good to divisive upon a time when that your will go to that when we we get the chance but right now we can get back to this like I gophers are reset. I go first this time short as say one thing before a new report none that I knew we would is that it's nothing to do it in the did you think it's fine. I thought LeBron James last night everyone says he waded right in my opinion of IP. At 9 o'clock hour on your side. Well well look I I really thought you'd disagree not to put love that sound you're. There are various fruit vote. We're very astute basketball guy that should be more nuanced I was gonna come on at 603 aides say the Bronson. Mean I'm exaggerating he didn't suck. He he's being. Folate did a lot of ideas the end all but some. Well not Stephen A but a friend John Tomas my friend judge Hamas Syria says it was a performance for the ages or something. An overnight I was on the way and he said he can't play and LeBron he was spectacular. He was knocked it with magnificent about a way that's Jalen brown alleged expert he was not magnificent he has a good line. Good numbers and this line but they'll. Do a Alicia like me and you look beyond the sexy status deep thinker you know he had a triple double. Integrate first quarter he did not have a great game. When his team needed him you know he was doing coasting by sobs coast. I saw law LeBron James last night. Watching guys dunk what you guys follow up a watch while LeBron law LeBron James last three quarters. Dribble dribble dribble pass the ball back dribble attributable jacket 26 footer jogged back to Colorado line because he struggled with the line played great first quarter less Austin's teammates I guess I don't blame going to go second this time zone. While some may make that turn around 27 footer in the first chorus of this is gonna be weirdly that we had waited bad thing for him to take more shots like this it's gonna hurt them. He was passive and when he's past that it bleeds down the Cleveland Cavaliers last thing I told you guys again I'm not I want what is Montel no. Out he's got a dollar and watch out I told you guys last night take the Celtics and number of the number last night a towards the keys it in the pair with the with athletics and if you did better not. I always take your virus could be a day ago. One athletics came and it was too late for me to play. The and nervous over that that family of six from. From Milton and they got hit by lightning at the game last thing they okay well there were couples to survivors is thought to. But if you wanna just economic glass as I told you win game two with a series the cavaliers gave up lessen the couple plays for me to crystallize that. One is definitely in the replay they run I was gonna get to go first there on each point here. I'm a breeder talk passed departure and it's fine on the plus minus uniform numbers to be time that rosier three was her best point three ever. I think so that rosier three crystallized a perfectly and a new effort to call it out at five guys staring at him as easy randomness is right down their throats then Gandy was so right big undersized post game great analyst. Yeah. No question about it. In other words there was a big question about their effort and the brown sets the tone I would say Kevin Love had a good game interest in Thompson is nothing to be ashamed of everywhere else they just don't they give up they quit and he set the tone. There was another play and I don't know the time when was that sock puppet five minutes left. Jalen brown putback challenge brown yet to go one it's got the board I think went back up and go back and look LeBron is just watching him. Take a two footer with a season slipping away this is the season indeed this is his time in Cleveland is almost over. This is I was gonna go. We'd like nit wits San that he had a great game because of us who is this for you to hear what they have a system Texas legacy that doesn't because almost eleven effects likes. You are not well which we do our best but they get swept it was in five games to an outlet for a JR Smith leg right should have to do micron mu. Who in the organization but again. When Larry Bird you know he was the leader of the team Michael from as the leader of the team Magic Johnson leader of the team. When you play hard the rest of the guys Kevin Garnett and it's up which team. Change the way they played particularly hard time. When you do that it matters if LeBron James play hard I think the last record as the game last night I think it's yours to be 11 right and I guess you guys. And his bat he gets a lot of credit for defense you know he's a great offensive player. When he wants to be I think he's a good years. He's an honorable and here's some would you say he's good help defender if he wants to be if he wants he was catch his breath of defensemen last night. Everyone's gonna point out that he was sixteen for 295. Trees all true ten boards twelve assists wonderful wonderful wonderful. His look I go beyond the numbers on the sexy numbers. One block zero steals one offensive rebound and minus nine in the third quarter but the entire third quarter he was minus seven team. He did not hustle back about Hickey he did not help a third quarter was I think the key quarter did not go to them to the room right the third quarter that was a key quarterly games on the for the entire time they got smoked rosier kill them and abroad he stood there and let it. Right the lord make me want it he's not Michael Jordan we're dump that conversations offer. Jordan knowledge that our neighbor but not that we're done I'm done trying to pacify the Twitter crowd. All these people be Smart basketball people but all low I was always a heated LeBron summarize those plays to one went through your wide open three more. Two runs and easy putback exceptional he remembers what we're doing else's benefit that. Don't know and it remembers. What it it indeed I would say this. We over you tuned for news and I'm sorry I don't know where these photos that ninety and he just came out and you think the problem. What's that about and these are you smarter he said. I feel like it's like it indeed it's or does she blended the British talk with oil what kind of missed classes almost a new one is so off putting its. It is it's. That's part of it cannot credibly on putting him before dark days indeed. That's. I don't know where that came from why deeds and sorry it's it's died of or some sore sore story. The story I'm happy for you soared caller he hates he hates LeBron this right. Mark James is right kids always like chains is right LeBron James overrated for the series started he was considered. The best. Or the second best player ever. Not a chance not chance the Michael Jordan Larry Bird. Magic Johnson entered into operating greatest athletes of all time Tom Brady is about traffic that it doesn't. It's not just effort to meet its pride with Tiger Woods that Tiger Woods. Crispin Glover a liberal fight she's the best approach it is the think of there was no fight that team and they know what we know as the season was on the line in this game I mean. Everyone's assuming the Celtics advance I picked them because I didn't think it would lose a home game. Now they might steal a game on the road to might be over quick and I five games right. So his time in Cleveland's over. This whole crew is gonna be broken up right. Who's gonna get fired yet to get rid of this all on the line. And what they do they walked back on the there was that steel Horford. Stole the ball and went down that's where and Marcus Moore threw her way around his back has backed the Celtics who run their asses. Cavs are jog through turn one I got back was LeBron yeah. He kind of half past and let them fail it was like and I guess I'll go back she's you know the it amazes me. What would would report effort you go with what. Was on the line they knew what was we'll let I think I think it's a classic example of EC that's when teams know they're done they don't deal with each other supposed to be done in the second but they are different in each of the wanna go home bronze Don is will be there in the televised Aerosmith today. I think he doesn't like each Gilbert and he's much he's from Lou anymore I think he's done you want to get out there when he's done your best teams rise. When your best players in a hole and he's done night in which is. Is does just emotionally he's like and it any controls the teams at large that all the time essentially the coach you don't. And any was quite it's like it's like I'm watching him LeBron James I'm better I'm saying he over the days occasionally. It's happened once torturous and sabotage the show yes started with the show what was that when he was on the bench at fourth quarter and they ended. I'm Ben got the and protects or like. Those who on the bench was for outside of the forms of government anything looked gassed his tee shirt on just a look at the scoreboard you go on. You know you see that score with love on the bench and dances each other and I'm thinking what I thought the same thing I said I said this on television which again I said. Why is he indeed a citizen TV Indy a second what do you what is Lou year. Until lifestyle or doesn't the rug when when he won a title and they played they put back to back nights for the play night yet that's a good point of the counties impacted backs. You have like a week five days off. You can go home sleep in your own bed bugs you play one basketball deep in the week and we marvel at his George all of this which is which is of course this is a time where you belong on the floor however you guys you guys agree do you think LeBron play well 61777. Straight this seven that it's ever talked to I think when a great basketball minds in America yesterday rejecting Gandhi is rated better basketball might talk to this time I think so open and excel let's go to a Rhode Island tucked Albert. Albert. Good morning guys unfortunately I agree with you today. Ain't got no. To admit I love you to middle of a degree can we knew. Art yes Smart. Very sorry to get Aaliyah is more he's playing or is instincts are great is more thinker writes if you see you think he's he's not that I planet and sacred. He's gritty part of smarts not Clinton. Look what you're gonna complain or austerity. It medical record music critic I did a Smart you would like markets mark. Lot of mud in and out all or what might as much it will bring the whole thing now for some. Principles his call it yes very true. I now she's out of your your employer cover you really check me neither god. I don't really flock but anyway. You know what I call of rubble that they'll wait last let's quickly get caught in you know what if you're going to. That's all we in the moron. Better when he exports would be in athletics and the F 3510 or whatever what couple double doubles or week that mr. Ethnic people that don't know it yet. Yeah yeah we have a great dinner triple double I I grew to LeBron had a triple double aside about played great game is the ball 90% of the time and if he sees its stature rival right and what he should do these graded drive and he's big he's strong he should have been taken to the rim. You're going to lives out or kick into his teammates a U wanna go line. And beyond these twelve and have never doubles on except for love you so we paid with LeBron there understood. It gave brings all all the time I get them like it's a mails from up some switches in post him up on the that's what it means every matchup is a mismatch trying Eva Braun even mock more us more us he's strong he's tough the bronze. Stronger was just bigger doesn't quicker quicker a semi or not and why did you post up on any match ups of mismanagement mean that he did it took chastened Tatum wants to participate was like a flop just flick the most eligible to deputies acted as it is what would you get 5060 pounds pounds on Jason Day Adam Reese and any different as markets markets Smart holds its ground. About as well as you can log off when you're that overmatched 6177797. Night for several right. What's up it was a good quarterbacks that football team political week it had anything going quarter. Caucasian he has a great if you look like me enough. Why does it matter these wires batteries clocks in education was a matter because book about what about yourself why are politicians better quarterbacks when you. Because like I don't think Gately well I don't take into liver. I would bet that those albums around the city notre activists out there who try to bring us down there we use that. Does that make stuff up when there selected to know make it's on one of us correct. That was out of round. And we do little. And we destroy every time we call from either activists out there who are you know of their two rooms because that's all they have to do with their lives and. That's fine to play that game. But so Albert during during the break you tweets on the wall was well over so when. Albert keeps talking when you got to turn points are Ken puts him down and then presents Q so we can hear. Albert's on the background so usually callers just shut up if the realism on the air and wait their turn. Albert doesn't know how to do that so I noticed you can talk sort of solid record Albert talking to himself volume that is how good her real quick double but along here. Sure yeah I don't see what was more important I hugs I'm jealous of him. Since Marcus Mumford. And those laws you can't. So she's once and it says it's wrong. I understand some jurors might do. But it was on the air police units don't you still talking to us before we you gonna come back region are. We need them that's right not an easy up works in the mental hospital there'll yeah. You know what they do they can move broom when they pretend he's payday as stick. Is pay day you went to green Eminem's SK I think I was at a mental hospital and Massachusetts and fortunately there is some of us that that he's a slump justice. Total marketing and constitution here to take the books from the bookshelf and straighten them out twice in game two dollars K. It is it some cracker crowd and feed the pigeons and that's important that's an important job ride lately was it the switches to lower. I work at a metal a little. League of funny things they're looking at. And bottlers that does video that is this is video is from Gaza in and you can't let things happen and Gaza you know what's awhile ago anyway there's this lineup of alleged corpses from the you know victims poor innocent victims who were all know mostly Hamas terrorists. In anyway. It covered you know like. With a clause that would cover corpse and all lined up on the ground and they videotape to make it look like a slaughter like they were just gunned down by the Israelis. And one of the corpses. Scratches is known as she noticed. And under the thing the cover of doing a rich scripts concession it's easy to sit with our. It is hilarious but anyway it's awful I'm not laughing at that terrible tragic situation some say it's. No no can't take context. And we should be redeemed in sports where Gabe Kaplan temperament or or game but. Call Gabe Paul Steele executive that owned the indians' games and sports we've. Real Roman Gabriel. Oscar when I was a Roman gable and secure was a cool thing to have the guts of the McCain rolled out indeed good to to be better record but it was there are many guys they've Roman to cool them all Polanski Roman no wonder it's out it's due to a accusing Roman bumble room table was good. It wasn't that he's not legendary home but that name in some better actress yeah. Let's go to Brock and middle bro I Brock. I don't know. So LeBron LeBron score a lot of points I but he gave that game I think it was halfway through the second quarter where you used 2% and a line in the weight returned nine. And that. Not taking it to the hall YouTube is playing a lot more happen they'll all off and that it has changed and I mean third third quarter side it was at that point where. I mean all their momentum was gone because it is they. I mean I honestly that it's always been abroad do this a lot of times over the years we get oddly passive. I watch these guys are aggressive LeBron wins that game I detail I believe that he's hustling his ass off if he's run back on the if he's blocking shots also means you're obviously going to got to really doing two yesterday he doesn't want to let him down I agree I think I agree with you when you go back and look at this. On TV yes well I think you're gonna say. Kevin Love played hard. And Tristan Thompson why aren't you watch Kevin Love ice like I was so folks on LeBron as you were I want if that's true I was watching them a lot he was at least Reba. He was at least. Anger and only LeBron had ten rebounds. But they only offered supports. Just one. What do to past winners play hardy and escaped and and you know over a reason why this keeps on PB play until Saturday. I have no I don't know the stretchy series opens record as a reason. A guy rich keep making good points and maybe they wouldn't and Ervin will be back he'd heard say that you know they could go Hilton put trivia what would you do with them. It partition plan and birdies in a weird small seats which is unbalanced it. He likes to check you seem overly warm he looks like he's into it okay we're knowing hey we're known send a lot to you defeat clapping use there's a game winner on the Red Sox. With the ninth. The its ninth when they score. It's 700 people missed all seven of them on Google died last game. I'm a few but you know where and when you don't play out exactly only make one trip then for pretzel on what he wants I think the reason they stood on the latest second game of the third and if you and it finals are already set in stone to be in the thirty through so there is true that apple should drag it out to the 31 great. So you're predicting now five games five games. I mean future I am a stick. Melissa ma you cancer six year clues into games confide. My goal on a limb survive okay. But I said seven before so I'll be right where they win the fifth game of the seventh game but I agree they're gonna win it at home. OK I can't imagine. Cleveland winning I really can't and uncle it'll kill means Avian on the but I can't imagine Cleveland winning in Boston which are gonna get his glancing from start to routine went to gain correct pitches. I've traced on you but there's no way to Colombia we got up and I think Glenn is Smart enough to agree with you and me and Stephen always watched the F and disagree with. Hamas he and all the rest of the Talking Heads it is again. He did not have a great game again talent level you take LeBron LeBron is the best producers want to club second fine. On the Celtics you taking before you take with the third best Cleveland player. Marcus Mark Thompson the third it's clean them when someone tweet and it could market Smart. Were. Having a third best I don't care retreats who's a third best Meyer the third best cat who's the best players of service Berkeley. The third best player on Cleveland. The steam room dressed in town pumps okay. We take Tatum before Thompson yes Horford yes brown yes rosiest Smart ass Morse yes. Eating more forward before Thompson a push to five or yes sports they ego means nothing they could use. Cleveland is Marchex is a blessing to make a mislead or you just took my points I mean. If I would say loves the second best player in Cleveland. You write and write. Upon coach too stupid. Make it hasn't coached and along the departure of some guy who left and we left organization became like the most successful history he would like job in lustig gave humans left low impact jobs owns a fig Bob Wright was right get suspended for these fake Christian to a fraud numbers because people don't know yes Barbara Ryan gets suspended yes cents from ESP should. For making fun of a Christian I would never happen now so let's go to jail include a what's up Jay. What does well art let's. I wanted to say I do agree with you that round and played out what I don't think you would have to I just think that he beat on what the jump shot. Defensively to defend at all when you talk at both ends of the floor you gotta be less astute fan. Watch him on the back Candice it was too he was Lou lolly gag him. Laid it laid it. Game yet chase down block got a layup that loves its glory. Says celebrate like it's a great leader Gerry. Jerry was into it defensively absolutely was into it defensively. I don't even think you can put it on the other guys I just think. Chief Omar put the trick or you know and I don't have anything to do with not wanting to go to the line I just think that if you watched the video Marshall put in the gym at 11 AM in the morning. I saw you sure you're sure heart go unanswered question who's the last coach coach LeBron has had. Who would say to him during the course of the game LeBron Richard goddamn head down goes the basket who is that. You're Europe are on the senate now I see a little while he listens. Suppose that it to Miami absolutely dismal thirteen million. Say either you think you expose a patrols Miami would know exposed I'm like well known may be way too could now problems leader of that team he's been like this since he got the lead in with magnificent about a way forty point triple double. And what else should say agency support us. And it's that's ridiculous you magnificent. Author Georgia Pablo who is it sign an order to restaurants. Bob growing up who. Bobby from shelves foods and probably Wheeler. Q1 we will wheels though we overweight he's you know has his issues are prone and along to a healthier guy body. Yes yes he would or today there are all I put as he can go to be Jason to be my two best friends I'd say fine gym in a buddy Jim in Bradford should say which in a month. Tacoma. What hurt us a definite yet we're a meat would you kill me year old learn what's sick gym buddy John from California gym. And it's like what you've had had cancer have received long time ago. Enemy catching a late but I will. Double I would want to do. Live longer like starting now go get older who'll die younger have already decided element of diamond ride my bike in Maine. Texts some twenty year old girl. Maynard she had a history texts or boyfriends and parrots or wait to get rid of funds this time. She's gonna hit me. Among go down into its bleed out she wanted to know the gulf that is fine but this premise is having a comic corpse. A month later bush compound in the flying from rock stuff they're never gonna know I'll be like 58 officials have by the way and help these reports the fight is still. For Barbara Bush again apps have to leave them to the winter. Yes this is especially where order you to speak eyes and I'm assuming you mean if I had a question for your. Upon him though they put into flags at half staff recently I have plans for a staff for some to for the pop in Maine with is still there for the cop with a I don't cycle can about it why do the Celtics have the black. Arm. One of the should for I was trying to think that last night for Margo care. The Celtics sixers pull that black arm bands in this series and I couldn't security don't remember now I didn't so Celtics are usually good this Celtics all looked this up Curtis bulking up the Celtics have a black don't ton this year and on the text here I don't look at the text and nothing. He likes of LeBron you're cheating. Trying to remember. So let's have a black arm band this year all because. One buys its 32 anniversary. Exactly right I don't know if you don't know I didn't look at you know each delight passing but OB. That could be the C one of black number and yes Lovejoy that was retired music rates for sure that if they were every guy this year and in the course of the season did you know this yes yeah yes yes and every guy dies gets black number every guy and that in the rafters to them for 200 permanent but don't bet that was sixers. And callable Jones. I don't think so yeah bondage club agents who deficit at now. Who else why here why they've missed because of election in the front office for an owner's BO whites are kind of an owner's votes camped just public executive of the gaels held every television. Was Al reared Eldred yeah stick. I didn't cheat or anything acronym recruit the check what you got a long time. I think Jim. I think he'd know that the true. I don't know you're music during still going well and truly she's got all. Yes who's Jim Crow champs. And it was a Croce we should did you do defected Jami Gertz owns a hawk to pucks in the for uses somebody from the eighties and he knows you know lottery last thing. None of the actors Jamie Gertz but I and in addition to part of the auction was to represent us well really it was weird. I was half watching all the outpouring I was watching the Celtics were you all start like. Marquee teams were gonna get the top pick and there's no great topic there's there's I regret back. I talked about yet so yeah. Joining us for her final winter games this I'm calling her the queen of curl the very. They debriefed ownership. After the Korean demilitarized zone and more you can actually hear the gunfire in the background it's freeze he really does matter. Guys aren't. Really exciting yeah. Is paperwork they destroy any sadness that is just mention a book. I can't think of anybody maybe you can who wrote. Fiction book is because his offer and these nonfiction book whose whose rights are these the best he's. The one guy that I feel like. Overruled and I didn't mind the pulled that off for the right stuff as one might. Five I don't remember us ever it's great. Remember the only great but. Bond funds and he's the greatest novel almost died eighties where he said and so that is indeed. I'm a bit of a bit to bury him burying him in a white suit against them that was evicted the character's favorite part but I mean it's. These non fiction stuff has meg red radical chic. I mean in my among the fleck and choose what your favorite expressions. We deal with. Love you mama hours. Reflect catches through. We get that among a mauling situation in our lives right now pictured who were not the flak catchers but friends or coworkers are oh we ourselves. Well when on the front average great one on one with reformist leaders in the bought frontman he's the best book best novel of Everett. Ever read. And the worst movie ever world personal movies do from the start you Tom Hanks. And slows and we'll pass to it was the style that is weird rightly figured it Qaeda in the world if it went on to unique figure when Wallace who's calling Tony issues. Tony issues yes analyst Brian DePalma a good director and figure out what I remember buying when I had no money buying month are than these in hardcover yet and it was a big decision for me it was taken that chance right. Instantly after what are some Eagles great and those efforts with some of the best money ever spent didn't want to end anyways so Tom Wolfe to additional Felix Sturm McCord. But he hit a lepers and no men when you get you know when the game yes of course mobs commands to yes we feel it right now and sometimes some days we'd put you you know some people fight back some don't I've elected. If any. So that was from the from earlier she was on yesterday got a couple of tweets right away a couple people it would mean rightward fringe zone Marjorie Jim. As having a business at the main action here. The first couple but it turns up on politics. Couldn't find it and it's I literally just to fuel the flip flip flip flip but had no idea where it is not some noise it is. It's a she said this and I don't think she's telling the truth about this story. I have I have some I have no I know. At least I of people that didn't make any year. I had investing in the reason why is murder and likely should. She acoustic operations chinook and she's okay well orgasm and laughing and giggling issued a happy person okay just a case that was featured cut. Investing and reason in your mind and reason under the what is. I probably down payment down anyway. But she said that she and she gets well that's to say it would when your forty lonely. Single just five he aides have friends and they become tired of what it was just ask you do we just five friends you know I don't to buy friends. No chance. But she has one good French because I sort screen movement that's what she's so happy. Michelle stale that is in town associate yeah that's what the take the Celtics I was seeger and create other picture. Wells forever on the radio again like taco program once I think. Yes set up good retirement plans particularly good lunch place or maybe courses more where museum the other two well I got to act. After the call for a last childhood as a bad strategy session. Odd that the camp that says that if McCain gets sick yet they have that. They got to watch it. And they take up hood that pan am I had I had got Don Imus asked. Time violate Geneva as like the Cape Cod. Run along the Charles then it's grim picture of the sunrise service that dammit I'm so even though like I'm not from half on the tank units keep them from him by keeps saying how great city it is a whack that. Yes it is I hate tennis anti plastic out and that and I've iMac. Listen to mossy why you play like do you get the way to pollute my. Why. I admit I did get why is my address and that that you guys. That how ridiculous that. NASA way to Santa we had guys out noted that have happened and that's I say that. And the. To him more that. Because I've never heard Liza Brad May got back. Anyway more of training with whom you much. Reason under the butting is designed economic. Down payments on and everything it's really expensive and it's so humiliating make. And humiliating have to pull back the you know 5000 dollars worth of CBD yeah hard is it you bothers me to sign and bitterness and. So it's it's about the battered us. A mystery book calls it a few minutes you're 61777. That 7937. If anyone you know anyone anyone forget that. Bigger arena somebody we got a message for somebody that mattered blessed in the year. But does anybody know more than one person who was married for us the now five. And five now she doesn't have five friends like we put a most people have five friends friends or she singles where more friends qualify as a friend. Well if you married your your wife she gets her friend your husband's. No not new to them. Democrats approved this court is cursed borderline because really pace kind of like come attempt occurred he talked to Gerri when he when you have a job here. I'll defer reference my hero writes in a series of recent events at port isn't on our friends at a campus fight in surgery for an. OK I consider you a friend I consider old way of friends. It's just yeah good theater or right now we are friends with or where you have to talk to and now he's. Yes it is her and India could do the crossover thing that he has to be on the air circling last couple minutes it's perfect meters different chairs and pocket or on another note once on the other day we've been talking the talk. Was critical view of island losing wasn't an as a list. I've never critical of him document on Twitter you should he was. Largely as a friend. Touches a friend dean knows how to find the front he's a fragile life and I wouldn't say. Best friends for. And still no return once knowing anybody was accused of things to do it to stage and a lot of friends I agree mr. Mathieu accurately kids that's true right. We you talk to more people why do you post gossip. Girls you know the gossip girls you would mud and dreadful right on subtext I'd be up on the other station I don't talk to rob much in jail. Did yesterday detected I thought that god yet today. He's really mad. Not bad not bad bad bad era. Yeah absolutely. Was it the game close until the end. Well and was either can't you talked and talked to. Ridiculous should I was up at the end of the game. The way things that go who knows it's a city you're asleep then there was it was Tim's. All was more of a job gets beat the whole thing every everything thank right of course for every day here Yasser. So never never gets talked in the ninth. Did you beeps. Six and now all we capture the Rangers are only talk Dan rivers. Is your and your own problem I'm hoping so maybe let's go to Adam in New Hampshire I am. There's very that a friend of mine that was only net about. He catcher doing something. Yet he one night he was just. Your phone with a blown off and lol oh. Yeah and they are ready and it. So we went through with the wedding anyway. Well not he should receive and they got every. And now a month after the credit and hot and check in and the it or some. That's pretty bad why don't you imagine cheap and commutes cheating on him a month into the matter and should do it's having before the marriage than. Has put one conform to match it's because they traced to get the fact that there's that they're dragged affected there. To try these exhaust and she's I mean I should say the impression Austen yes. It's been clarified to go to Joseph in west have to clarify that's all they Joan. Hey guys I had to confront that last one yet uttered by high school products that translate as they were as who we always. While they lived together for seven years ago at a high school and a fact that they got married. And then bought a house had to document. The last. She's spoken. I mean you know you say all the time it's true no guy wants to. Right in the crisis hit guys I know wedding there's no you maritime industry by congress are pigs they would love to be like. Animals and to score on them. Don't jump on anything that could picker from women are the reason there are marriages. Or otherwise a game. It's a big wanna participate in the institution. That's fair art Rosie and has got Ronaldo was the other one. Check out with a little work during the service denied that got married lord it and it he got back one. Somebody else what we're gonna. There's always someone like polls here has to be someone else. Zoellick is good bordering Russia and bush are drawn courier you know slapped with your trunk can last longer than a month of Q that's true that's probably true there's always someone else might just be someone like on your mind yet and you're imagining being someone else and that mix shoe string. And they gave again Chauncey. A recent it's massive. That's not being the favorites and I away. Yeah. I have to do aunt pat and I walk around at midnight and suddenly I have my aunts and. Who's. That was fun I was sitting here and you on the phone tango and so uncomfortable. They used to make them really uncomfortable and did they deliver record now. Until you tough to really doors I was open until we do that or is always supposedly an eye out for coming up 61777. Point 79 for several protect.