K&C - Gerry and Kirk had an awful dinner together; Amendola is heading to the Dolphins 3-14-18

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, March 14th

Hour 1: Gerry and Kirk detailed their brutal dinner at a local hotel last night and Danny Amendola is heading to the Dolphins. 


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He's curt. And Callahan was. And he's been much talk about snowflakes three hours Powell were the roads but tell us about the road if you are driving around tonight if you are doing snow removal I will anchor the storm coverage back here Accuray plow guy or gal should say that if you Laurie Clark guy Eric hi again RE Clarke album everybody be safe tonight Nolan. Quick tour committee had hit us hard and agree with you I. I think everybody I'm governor I monitors through my neck retail I'm not a defeat police say verbatim Dow have finally began last week odd Vijay welcome it didn't care if madam of the snow it was not bad for me it was on the target age would tiger do you agree. And shut up and go along for the rise to be my advice step that we are figured it to me that I disagree in my life will be hell yes all and Gerry Callahan of the it could be seeing. Google team left it on the bench for the entirety achievable if you can be tightened to one cent in the six team what team type scandal another patriots player hitting elsewhere you reportedly set to you do with the dolphins. In the Dolan and his lovely girlfriend Bolivia or who love definitely below courtesy of door Ganassi fiancee now Sports Radio W. My favorite month is an all time really think I'm saying that right yes yes. What does that you know a quick at feet totally butch isn't as I have and then right confident. Well I well. It's. Today's Wednesday isn't yet it's it's all day Kurt you know today is the first day of creates I didn't know that if true. Who else. Wouldn't wouldn't guess they call like yeah Edinburgh area yes I think so. Jerry and hired back in great dinner last night that the idea that that would cost them votes I would say in his Walt I'm bitterly. She's strong may be the most depressing remember back. Minutes of the president's rule attic rooms nights at the hotel the people in in the room was not it was it it in the rest of the restaurant here yet a concern at the restaurant you know suppressing. C media yes it was like you know the in. Eaton on the military when the battlefield. Days is Kansas. Are the initials. And meals ready to lead and I'm not use or something yeah the campus. Right. That that's were felt like yes well we're in a tent. You like to murder those well it was terrible terrifically good about that. And I was depressed rules handed him. The guy few seats away from his shoes off his feet borrowed pool that he he's there. You know what's as they were together for an hour ago with the filming might she was and yes and he says I'm so over his head down there were just sitting there analyst for I went ups that we were in the rest of the bars upstairs and if you want our freedom when I went to the bark as we couldn't get service and the rest and I had to get my fifteen dollar and light our fifteen minutes gentler went up to the bar and every table in the bar was one person like one guy just all the guys and it certainly was flown in 150 will be here. Going kind please community in my jetBlue flight to market through aid through aid. It their bondage that web site canceled tonight I went back to the room after sat there in the room without says those little signal and I can't amok fabulously paired towards one home. Decades ago came home fine as it was so it is it's a two to promote spices just depressed because this company like. 89 dollars and realized about it as a sleep for the great majority of the day so. And it was you know we agree launches which puts like you always likes big daddy's daddy's during that luncheon while what it is that you we'd world. To me it's like eight different places all closed Oakland McDonald's. I've never heard of the polls closed subway called IQB John because you jumps from here in the as a general point is not doing delivers great. We met there in them pulled at towards closure Tex he's the McDonald's across street is closed Jimmy John's close like over there were talking. The manager of the Jimmy John's comes in opens the door. Some weeks we'll win rocket blocking right behind him consumers have a close and close and orders that you told us Europa. A it's depressants and a big day. Big guys yeah I wandered around that target for the three minutes to get these came up big that was for all the pot drivers were in there always people. Stuck. So they fatal lot of people who says that's like these place is Mike you place yet. In an oven that was good. Very good group it was a socialists adds that this dad's team that was one waitress like 300 people and SS people like breakaway that are their blues right couldn't because the service was off was it worse in the service or DC hotel. Woman had been or go on is worse all watched by the disease Utah was tremendous compared yes but tourists who says she comes which is countenance that do you have Bud Light traps and now we don't know. Well whatever the insulin like two other kinds Sam Adams. Agassi the man that was weird cat Sam Adams too if you can when school. And those okay that's going to get about it go to the bar for the bullets as you bullets we do. You said we didn't indicted. As a couple next to us it was fourteen dollars and 91 cents a year receive. For a didn't you. As prime expense he tries. I don't even how to do expenses give it to somebody else you know during the work those couples next with an older couple. What what other disorder couple they weren't as a separate checks that the next us and they get their few minutes after us in the of their whole meal before we get ours they got every and art or did you guys drinks and appetizers that are their bread. I was rated rotator that what is salas got half. A world was not right. Like I was enjoyable. Oh really good seat made Monday afternoon and we just sat there and then there was told me. He sat there and kept up with free agency holds hearing any good to me Nelson might come here full alert yeah. So that was our guys really really depressed and you drove home. Also said it was just sad so we'll all you do is go to bed given court grabbed. Guess it did a dinner and who else that you didn't hear it but you don't like 45 minutes forever at Texas foods you bodies had screw up your room I literally we I had nothing to drink. Why I think it's on the bar there was there was no bartenders. Waitresses the goal behind the bar. And on the computer and on mean. Orders we ordered three hamburgers and ample media the camera or media Jerry it's on it was totally bird it's their last check teller it is an immediate you know my dad outside of the showed up with your regret not I was fine. It's fun it's a burden at all kinds of great stuff on tomato. Make it was great stuff and tomato tomato exports now bacon lettuce and her own not mine and she's no nobody can now. A shopping right and she's now. You cheese out. Not that. You. Usual but what usually one after the break. It was just too big mountains was like two stacked up with a card plus I looked and I wanted to show you a black and so it about a half show a picture of it look. A tit pictures. That's all that out if you're too perjury amber. At how little better manager and I was this coaster as he details what to loses mine we wait for it. No kidding 83035 missile which is the com. She came it you said you guys ray or not there yet. All of them not as good if we do that to my wife and my mother in law only when they. Which is an account with questions ask my kids and I will laugh it's legal. To. About it you know this is that there that I get the size and you do that. This is cool well so it comes on the radio chicken with a woods or Billy boat. Glaser. Next to us please so and I was 65. So I figured separate echoes. For your only questions. That weren't enough and nothing nothing like Dan acrid blues bruised right. Plain white toast man that's right don't you want to have a Butler Ullman plain white those what did you you'll pay. Right now that you yes nap and went to the pressing him at Jim is so sad. It's Sosa whatever it was saying I know by themselves. Ovals look at their fluency with the fly now I was running next to a guy was walking with loafers on the treadmill yesterday yes the casino if you probably know lose the title for the job of that the cranked up like 15820. Degrees so it's like that. Maybe do incorporated. We go back there tonight I am tired of the for the death make. But it precious hours ago and now it's it was it's different this time everything was to shut down city was shut down via. But here's the thing it was a DoubleTree in you know give double frequent for one thing. The warm cookies when you check that I have to give Manning and credit he's puzzled at least on my camera and third. In the enough and on Putin it was perfect. And they gave in the warm kooky rejected. The would you do. In the room. Do you mean woody let's them. Now but it was good you could have prominent name about it right now hotel we both like totally just seemed so depressing. Ones from him and everything's closed the league's canceled. Austin got to couch. What occurred in that appeared probably normally two Eagles probably mark never at a it's. Fifteen dollars this. Take evangelist looking around several agencies true or just sitting there looking at their phone users eating and staring it was like to slip into recession take thrown. Following a night of the counter in a does exist that innate in your life that's why he went exactly right yeah I just felt weird and you don't like to anything just. On the room registered at that I was at I was looking at. Most terrible and drive back was. We regretting it acknowledged as much Bradford of the weather both on the phone. I missed that they keep you updated on free agency ought to be safe tonight and say. The might be safe you words drive home was not safe I want to know that was on 93 only part nine victory. The only one yeah. Couple miles yet nobody was drive this thought people were driving people out and people about this traffic's going to be a problem today because there are big snow banks that you're very worried of additional short oval and going in once nope I'm never worked an article into them I mean make sure they tighten the road so. I was just on a two lane road it's not one mine right. Oh come from that causes traffic picture star or drive when the snow banks and big. It's tightened up and causes traffic yes that's gonna happen today dale. Glaxo the little hope so pale. Today yes it is they do. So is all coming in. Yes I mean it's seven while his comments about ten way just blows this for the three word. Jeffords to communicate with language about big into TV nothing. Why because he's just into a prominent guests maybe to ensure transit gas to Soviet new warm in the coming gases that was played the afternoon radio show and an old so really this big night of free agency I'm sure the room to TV's the opposite radio when its nose that was trapped in home watching TV true. Nobody's in their cars listening to re like gestures it was yesterday crazy power loss like last but not nearly as well not last week right I don't think so Logitech the number of what was up last night while people had a right on TV's I was watching the Bruins on advertisements so what can you do it was there rate. Great public and what she knowing those of time. I was honestly with a house. So's mother what a woman who. As a Kid Rock groupie with they full sleeve of his sleeve for the Kid Rock group the rights to parties yes. He doesn't and the next guy and you decide unless they get their ten to graphics integrated Shia force that that note let's. Neck cope act and so. It seems accomplished a couple process of human X that just means you never drink. A lot of pressure that I would not wanna. That's what if you fall off the wagon. There was some really get rid of this was the Pentagon yet have to drink. Like you did in Indianapolis correct I planted by a shot next their government had to remove it it's. It almost looks like a gain. In almost six swastika is not looking little felt like I said he she it is strange look. If she's on comfortably looks like he should have you'd like you know he's working on the image that the tag board teacher with taps right I mean it was teacher Webb struck. And he had to have them back hats backwards like everything's everything's that I deferred kemba if you've been listening. You have no in the biz radio show with number nine with the implementation of their target later on. The dog died Italy you guys that final tails we text. You would have thought you guys had never met your lie to you think he did a good job. I think he was nervous he felt like you still criticism because well I was boarding was going to be. Q the criticism that makes you feel better is concerned I first time. A more I announce my show I'm aware of these up and you did not help at all no I know you're a little friend but it. You're you're you're you're awake is it's a topic Curtis is world just so bizarre hero wakes socially or awkward I really as competitive what I can you do not want him to succeed yesterday I didn't know you didn't I get that sense either animals as excited as any do with companies that he thought he's not in the show it's kindred. I mean we had you always forested missiles sit idle problem too much I want him to have his what does that have to do what we're talking about tight ends are just talking about both Curtis and tie it the first shots jokers like purses with our post Kurtz voice on the show for five years. And that was supposed to be that funny goofy that was supposed to be better both those guys council. Tai Anderson needed help. Like we had deprived and the word the news about his mother out of him or the fact that he doesn't drink it white wedding she helped with that initiate the way in at all one on the Bruins stale story at all to contaminate the process guys in their exhaustive content minority. There was it was flat at jet flies the right word yet needs your help. Alternate did you know that he hated felker. Yeah so why did you bring that up what did you want it that dean would require that you sort of you know this is best. Actually when you're familiar with people that you you know if I would do I would bring up stuff you talk about it. Off the year puck off the much we have professional show relationship sorting it out rates Agassi onward to break into breaks we traditionally second year we shall. We're trying to get cheers show expand and we knew them in on mom aren't on board you know well toward ninety minutes yet know two hours than an hour less of Bologna and heart of true. It's true self Acela that way that's very vigorous. Rated excellent job that was great thanks I mean really it's just great he gets the reader got at least kill attacked Lou sort Lebanese army you know it's sort of he hoped Lou. If you kind of sort that was afraid to free accounts afraid and now what now what we're not gonna rush back in here that's what happens you don't get them tomorrow and it was a Fred except. Alex. Yeah and liberties union speech he said I'll tell you what he's done at least is the question will be what he's done that you don't like. You mean you go to headlines union but that's the guy doesn't like Donald Trump but I asked him what he's done that he doesn't like me can. That's a pretty simple question if it's difficult now. And he doesn't have an answer you wanna do. That was in the heart I don't read books more he's but Kilroy admit he admits he and wanna do it he doesn't area which is what the Celtics but both those guys have ambition but yet present it is relevant in this I don't know if you missed it we throughout the oh. Often invitation which is a mistake should people be very tight and wait canceled on us weeks and and Kirk who likes span radio ideal. As an appreciation you have of this they should anyone in Boston media wanna come in and these are the only two guys who wanted to come correct did you agree with. To a degree. My three favorite words it would victory. Actually three people agree that the guys from that's an agreed in the city was only kidding yet as you are today with us tomorrow on today and your t.'s. That's a good one them on today in the hearts are people who start free agency. We say that voice you know I know you'll always opposed to what. When Elvis does have a model isn't as good. As opposed to a postal what is great now and it's true but it's it's the these choices are limited is as we learn their very them anyway bowl will be and has plenty of talk about him. Wild day yesterday the patriots lose everybody Lewis has gone mental is gone get a draft pick colleague Brenda wade could pick. Obviously it seems like holder may be gone that will be the blow that will leave a mark I would I would guess I mean. I I I don't understand him little thing maybe Poland can help us I don't understand how. Any Amendola is so it works worthless and Trey Burton it's weird I mean in any mean Damon Dole's. Two years twelve million or eight million guaranteed yes and then you can always have the cost him Watkins who makes sixteen million a year while. All of these other deals. Ayman dole obviously is limited and obviously he's not a great regular season player but he is a pretty reliable. Clutch receiver. And he does what Tom Brady needs him to do correct I know. They believe they'll find some meals does that exact thing yes but Welker bill's been yes but it wouldn't cost too much to keep them well. Now obviously and idol we did not I didn't value because the three times and I let it walk I think what. Ball and wrote about today is my first thought is. Brady's already. Disgruntled with Belichick write them a bit Gray's reaction are close looks at he says in bill's gone swung and states probably aggregate. Ten million a year for three years so like right. The looks the deal sources. It's like he get. Eight million total in guarantees or vote we've talked with us forever like. In the past few discounted Brady's OK with obviously you know Welker left all of these guys they leave. I want to this year he's thinking right I mean it's soldier leaves. The loosely use open with gronkowski. And this is aids all the will be huge this is no you can't say that cat will do that job and there's no obvious replaced was emotional guy out there. This image Dole's specialties. And skill. Is he you'd see them finding someone else replaceable some extent he need to be really tough. Really tough and you need to be Smart Smart enough to go were pretty much ago budget the size of a couple years and years younger nevertheless and there are going to be a white and then beat him up right and beat them up and kick him out that's what they do right. I don't have that big a problem. All the things a bigger for the mean I don't either it's just the money seems so short with him and answering the old days you look at this money whether it's Sam Bradford. Or oats the receiver from Seattle that that. Richardson a poll which was a tight end who has like nine catches trade earlier writing and art I've described it even knows tiger and we've got 32 million. Get. Object to decide its and he's done enough Fred Burton 32 million over four years eight million per year eight million per years. A season high 629 yards not last year over the last if you if you throw the path it took poles we know even though we know us know. You know Paul Richardson there's no Kieft knows this but these guys are all cash in hand and I say boy there's money to spend. And then along comes in and Dolan looks like a contract. Out of 2003. Yes let's listen to one million guaranteed forty million total. How many years than five years and went over his what do his number of Richard Burton get guarantee can look up on charges just a sub 32 might expect RT. It's a storage at the sense was sold though I know like between this out. There's always ones where the patrons who come on back to combat before like like McCourt he writes this I would guess. They know what to do in this regard and I'm surprised they haven't signed him already like eleven news they didn't extend him. When the time was right whatever whenever that was but they have to know about you believe is. I think and I think. I would think it's older wanna stay after that human deaths. Given everything give these lives here against Colorado finally that you would think he won a state and he does if it's close that you mentioned the giants. The Texans is one of the rooms the browns the browns are ready money with them like pay a much more than a patent is John I am. You could see if if he goes to the giants' easy. Cities if he has come back here for his son Hudson has to go back to Dana Farber is great gospels and you'll have to it was a few hospitals in New York right. I could see him going there are still in Cleveland and bouncy. Imports and 44 catches last year when he one year before. He's going. Seven touchdowns last season's all got a forty million all I will say forgot sarge cars forgot soldner. You know if the browns offers so much when he reveals he's been there you can I mean somebody at some point you can rationalize it justify you could say I can't. Be taken advantage in the way you know obviously. I would prefer New England. Every man and as limit its gonna say it's gonna say I can I can do this second commute hours I have to yes. But there's some mean Sam Bradford twenty million dollars yesterday it was a cruise of wild thing Trey Burton started five games in his career. Much of the guarantee numbers and addressing these cuts 63 catches in four years Trey Burton. 629. Yards total. And six touchdowns total 200 baht was pressed one seat that's a bad seat is crazy for him in goal. That's a career for Traber when he bought this press conference will be. That's a good queen Charlotte tomorrow that's I was like can't be today on Oprah today so tomorrow testing you tomorrow it yeah that's something they should send in the globe herald news. I kinda not answering but the mental tickets right jerk we got twelve million a year. For Tennessee Peter King writes someone. Inside the patriots which is odd phrase. Told me recently is nothing keeping darkest secret boy happened the Super Bowl. It's simply been playing like crap in practice and Belichick you would he felt he needed to win the game put Butler on the bench. And that sort of is the that's that blew the one the odd careers in Boston history. A guy who didn't play snap in the suitable to script thirty million nose elegantly thinks about you know it's not he's good player got he's gonna be good for him he's a good player maybe was you know there's just too fragile. Yes it's six mines crying in his thinks. They'll screw up in a quarterback who. Screws up in custody game who's the coach at Tennessee Titans that'd be bad Vrabel so guessing I was going to say nothing about Belichick but just to guess seeing nothing about Belichick not in words you see the type who says something off the record we hasn't yet. And Patricia hasn't and does not many other guys who can't opt on to buy anything he does press conference and see you later. That's down. And the Tennessee guys won't care they won't presses not what was it like you know a week from now a month from I won't right. And get a chance took silver plated pay to play patriots this year right then so be stored that we but he would Daniel what things happen to be your love their on going obese all the players and according jumped out Brady talked to a Saudi. You know it's. In an audience it to say the patriots will be five they're always the last the other but this feels that he bad people ask if it was holder yesterday yesterday alone free agency as a start and they lost the on Lewis. I'm dead and a dull Malcolm but all good players it's like guys. Who have done it in the post season done and Super Bowls and their would you matched India's culture yes and a dole and I am heartily thank. And I just always wearing a Celtics always terrible passes opium dole deal and I am if I was running the page it's obvious mental effect but when you look I think I look at a guy like him at all think he's more valuable to Tom Brady that he would you be surprised I Tenet -- he broke down that's no and so that's how. Punt return is make six million a year so witness sightings of punt returner who's the who's and who's the Amador replacement editorial senator. That's not a chemical or policies and titles cyber. It's security's gonna draft some guys yeah they maybe they can get gaga you and I am one of two million a year Blanca. Adam Phelan is he available. I'd pick him because he's black. It's got to be in my buddies a scrappy guy was undrafted right that's good that's a that's the kind of guy is not correct Phelan is not the guy. Okay because Minnesota loves them and he's OK so obviously you write it in Minnesota but. There's got to be another feeling out there and then yes I'm sure they should if three guys target would ever sign one of them and Nicklaus name and bill and picture would it be shocked if you know white. Yes of shock. And he's like Paul. Except he fired it is just what. Over chief advocate for dropped restaurants that I would be shocked and like we agreed to be undrafted guy who beat 58. As these white yes he'll be tough yes and UB. Someone we've never hurt you think the we've we've talked to a breeze it will move on the past these guys whether it's Welker who goes whoever believes he goes beyond a million running backs and receivers. Branch whoever. It feels like this year it's more difficult for him to do to come to grips of that yes I I thinks I mean. Brady needs guys to get open over the middle all right that's the most important thing yes and Welker was great attitude. Andelman was is great attitude chronicle obviously doesn't put. Emma dole did it not all the time not the regular season but he did when he had to those who do it now. Eric deckers freeagent. Again why him. He's not a slot guy either is he. Holds Decker Decker for him to strip of slot receiver so some of his threat that it's straight up slot receiver how he's never had a good enough quarterback I guess to show I don't know how old is he now 31. Did you wife come with them on cars to receive whatever name was Jesse Dekker Muslim middle to do with Olivia Tripoli you'll leave. Do you think he supermodels gonna complain a mug on South Beach now and now. I mean they're probably preferred to stay here I think Norway line which. No matter where I played in adult ticket. Did the patriots off from a deal I mean how does pay until it's announced screw it I mean I went and I like. Go in the wherever breathe deeper you know I want it also get paid in the go to my right indeed that deal that that you could make you comfortable forever yes that your wife and kids comfortable for how to get guaranteed. 882. Inbox it's free of lead that fiance or girlfriend Alina sure Angela that buffalo yeah it could polo. Tupelo and a 120 million in his career it's pretty simple ones and it's CU LPO as a typical. She was in the SI. Yes swimsuit issue and she's spectacular. Street. She's even more to protect and Jimmy geez model growth came. Up tying game. Didn't he's leading advocate and write write his fiancee a girlfriend and now I'm not sure if I think this is teetering today not to Belichick here's but I'm a patriot nation. He's teetering today and it all depends on sold. I guess. Yeah yes and solar signs with the Jackson Browne because besides the browns this ordination and it is important no chance but here's my question if you re serve payable one of these guys who's always trying to explain it from the papers exactly what to say jealousy is who's the replacement Belichick is never ordered beverage they wanted me to which is also true that struck before early for like last last year in the past few. But he did say that interstate you know what Peter can rotate the 33 supporters these three well that's great but your point. You can I think you replace him Randall. I know he can replace the summit. You know replaced you're not going to do. There's not a guy I mean as everyone's written us is the best an old left tackle starting left tackle on the market. Which almost makes you believe that he is anywhere else so I yes something of it Belichick or wherever it's told them you can get your best offer we will match. And done and enough. Alienated him in anyway yes you could see that coming together today Tyson Mitchell's law patriots. Free agent news if you do it may offer to somebody if you'd like to hear that we get back excellent resources. Troubling example yes I spoke to source last night they've made an offer to your quarterback somebody every one knows Bryce. Yes yes yes we'll do that we get back 61777790. Three's haven't been able to join us that. 7 o'clock we took a logical since it from mr. positive like the people on the road today maybe not yes people are not wrote quite traffic to a miserable and no one has school again. True no built buses is your wife of school no school no school. There's been like how many snow days today in like ten. In Boston. You're going to the naked eye I don't think I'm serious message an eight or nine. Maybe my memory is on I don't think that tens of these my whole life alive mean it was an event you wait you wait you nailed it more than ten snow days in your life. If you scored 78 now that's true. And engagements for that I don't know not the way to get our delays to ultimate story worked at a gas station. And there was no one alive on the row how we greatest setback and what you were you that. Race. 1617. Austin missed like two or three days I must've mean for the blue outfit that I remember it's one of those things I don't remember I hated snow days. Is ahead at the holder I was shoveled or dad got home right. That was tough a day like this spurred a spotlight. It is lights again so I walked on iPod and I ran did you stumble I'd like. I know it's huge non neither shall not stupid like if you have the shots on the shelf. Stupid. That it should public stupid some people have to show that I said I understand how much is probably right now are such stellar yet of the shuttle with a lucky enough you've been successful enough. Not to have to do why do very loud guy or gal should say that. Was doing thank him a while people classic or Obama I'd. He went do we get that sarcastically it was really doing east side when we get back Kirk Manning had scoops as. He calls you is that that was scoops men and those rules. It rough a thousand a dog and at the orange most Guardsmen and I think that's how he says scope stage. As this group of patriots have interest in a free agent. Quarterback correct dukes and Callahan correct I'll tell you that and more get back big bowl would join us and. I got breaking any real breaking news I got a real breaking news right now let's go come on not kidding let's find out if this is not they break you. This is already. Well. About. Everything's like newly labeled and hands now breaking news the I work with the scope and handed back let's just make sure August improper. Credit to scoop that that thank you very much filth. Strokes. Scoops and Callahan scoop. Of the game. You guys are incapable. Playing breaking news music enough the after hours data sent over producers like a guy like Jason Rossi can picture producers in the anywhere ousted Richard. Curtis working anywhere else. It seemed like bagging groceries and that's true. He break boss. Yes. But since I came and tens of bookends in the public good that he be good and I groceries because he's nervous now is some lady yelled out or something he thinks I he would not he would be very attentive he got hit bad habits are still on the exact it's even very anxious that situation. I would I'd be very nice that like an hour outside lawyers do and high school. I worked at Fenway. What bristled a Diet Coke crack projects to grant Richard Rick and and I sold unlocked senior your work I sold Diet Coke ice cream groupings in the stands if you believe that. A joint worked one summer ice. Yet but I internal protocol. Through the only actual job. And so that radio was it snow and ice cream in the summertime when we're done and depending on with the lowest Omnia I was most the totem poles I don't know if that. Were you drunk would you do this dog was underneath them and now we fact yeah I actually lost weight doing your hustler at that I'd Fred's my advice would you can you beat me Stults announces service Sunday as well that's right that's right yeah okay yes and this was one someone. Once summarized one summer called refugees back a lot of money doing. Not really my dad giving money retains every time I just couldn't keep that money every target like an extra sixty tonight that's for thousand dollars for the right pitch expected. For a change the next item change I worked did you throw things you know like come on guys like first night I fell down the stairs similar fields there and whole thing of going to check out the steps are all different sizes have been doing the picture like like. Hillary Clinton someone on all sides album announced its left field stands the left field. Granted it's. By the right before you get to the monster I guess that's what all over the hold when all summer camp ought to be a ticket sixers fell whistled it's everywhere. But I doubt. Again if you can there was a worker. She went on a bit of surprise what was your favorite. Mown grass as well are Moammar grass or equity John Deere tractor perfect ten's more aggressive acts. Boren is lower scores does is add on perfectly innocent citizens yes they ego out anyway we we do have the breaking news music and did disqualified it was all labeled was all they've done wrong like Chase Utley will we why is it difficult for us please your new drive time show find that though I think Rossi was in the chair he's used low thirty year period as a bright and territorial a joke. Well output of spike Lee's story. So other patriots have made a contract offer up. Two free agent quarterback AJ McCarron who I don't know if it's an assignment or not sure we'll start somewhere but the dogs -- gets his start here I think so options are limited for him right now the right to all those opportunities have dried up yeah here's Peter King this morning. Options silent buffalo trade begin the bridge starting quarterback job the bills are definitely a quarterback this year and you think yes that Ciba Jacksonville hope board rules are struggles signed with Cleveland beat out Taylor signed with Cincinnati back just attacked the united adult which they can do. So the patriots in this Belichick moved guys know where to go. I'm sure they like him he has some minor similarities to a Tom Brady some not a lot obviously a hot wife. But it's what we want to play caller we start refund an expert we mentioned him once yes and we always I expect them to be starter somewhere by now yeah obvious he's had a lot of issues in this contract to god he's a free agent almost went to Cleveland. So you know we'll see it made an offer whether size or if he signs here. And it becomes a distinct terms of from a drop zone in perspective right for the patriots start. This year of saying read draft perspective ultimate parent was 17. So I mean it may be that you say he really likes it sewn two years slipped when he nine David there there are you 128 to September they really like him. While they go. And what it exactly that's what I asked what. I mean on all Alabama guys work out see what's his name the corner who's still around by the way you Cyrus Jerricho Cyrus Jonas. But. He trusts Saban yeah correct yes. And I'm sure Saban loves the skewed. I would think. And it's one of those patriot moves it won't cost that much correct. It won't threaten Brady not at all no pre be happy and then Katherine rep comes with yeah. Guess she is now. When your quarterback at Alabama and see that. She does go off what would defect but she also this hour and then take it. And right there on the ride is DB owner. That's a case while I tell you quarterbacks you get all look good look at it's a lot of beautiful love these guys who will. Nothing wrong with what only years ago was sent into apologize freezing before what is form side about five right now what fighters he did today go to jail. Even back then you scores have been out yet you did apologize digit percentage use hot which is you know it's really I look at captor would never crossed my mind. And that's what he thirteen BCS that she's wasn't really. This audience. Yes I five years ago yes yes focus point to right but he's not going to be happy though wasn't hoping to start lot of yes jobs out there and I just feel absolutely. Jets Arizona buffalo. Bases in the in a weird way for him if he'd take his starting job so remedial science hammered today but you know but again these stories can be obvious definitive starter anywhere. If he goes to buffalo began attracting American to be so mean there'd there'd be you know this might this outbreak because he loves lawyer whose power that's true. And be ordered got a lock that's true but you know Brady is 41 and football it's actually plays a B 41 comes up what you and a breeze and like the ship of the next. And we've narrowed down the search for Damian Dole's replace them the only guy on this list and it's a criteria I have a list of free agent receivers ahead of us is somewhere off the mark now Robinson. Is number one Sammy Watkins number two Paul Richardson number four yup in the gold number seven on this list on number nine Eric Decker Curtis is right. He's the only guy who fits I've liked twenty fridge why notes. He's the only way Kyra and but here's why doesn't fit though because I know these these aren't your mileage of these two famous everyone knows and being a guy who meet nick he's 31 they can do is blow through destroying kick a couple right he's too old he's 31 ready to make a lot of money and well known turns 32 tomorrow boom that sets in Dole's age that's over the hill so we size of the package tomorrow means that they'll make them those to be Gaza in the cake. And hit him once he plunged imagine that if they get McCarron and Decker. Mention that the political wags wives who golfers or something yes pledge in the wags its wives and girlfriends and wives and girlfriends this. Take it you have her body wise and golf is those golfers wives she wags now it's an empathy that's going to be wives of golfers. I don't know. It wives and girlfriends the wags like yes. It's hard to wag various that I can do better deck his wife girlfriend yeah. We Karen's life yes although we would lose you lose one with a low that's a tough trade col below list is on she's off the Miami I think sort of like this Q2 years oh yes she's Q we like her little looser that we you know. The tenth tee on lewis'. Or could blow that you Saturday could pick the so that we Sosa also could well be spelt ME. See all hope to people away like. Right he says coop below Francis Ford Opel yes privacy Coppola. Only shore flow that also CEO PL. So far from being right. I don't think he's fully literate. Now. See I mean like monkeys and they're close to him right quite there they are communicate they can hug and affectionate these trees actor friends and yes that it is that it it's smokes cigarettes than it is on. Those people more outraged by that and if they'd if they'd like. Murdered the and for it's. Whose organs. And audacity. Norah. Osce saint not quite put off or you're not you don't think you're done a fine line and think of senator wonderful confidence that I would say only shore Coppola. Of course when that happens when he's here among you know developing the disease like OK let's get right here comes Obama and Al game pitched much of a small cigarette in my. The port eight it's like trapped in a cage his whole life and obviously to much. No well of them actually do yes it's fair where I was at zoo some foreign country Indonesia. Who caters to users who did this new. I sire everyone smokes cigarettes aren't marred last night this is with Brad for a late. Closer to nine they probably talking about how he doesn't want to be sure it's our show he's the whole thing practice trying to question about the mobs hopefully. You know much I don't believe I don't either but I don't mind wants to be with them I don't blame it's easy gig. Yeah he's the only advantage to this it is good to see your kids a how's he care. Delegates would package you get to sleep in. That does laser wandered all day Rick UK he may get a life and things like that movie premier would you be surprised if if he flipped his wife among left his family together like apartments went right at all. Right right basketball drank right went to superhero movie and most movies I could see he would grant life job as a night hours. The temple late you know that makes it says sounding correct you right between two of them. They get a one bedroom apartment here for a big advocate for 700 bucks a month it behind it be great life the guys last simple guys grow old together yes. If you did two to six. At six every night to do you go to game goes on the dinner and a goat that view those contests to stock absolutely. I don't have a couple dozen Beers what do you do at every. You're did model keep obviously for another four hours. He's a wake up at 1045. To great lines I mean to seize a hotel let's us by awfully fast. I'm jealous. Well first they are gonna go this mutt he's gonna of the two to six show. I can tell you Mason conversations I've had I yup I'm fine work when those guys that there's startle interest from I think their point in the points are terrible this is. As of this does very little interest but what does that mean. Terrible what's it is pronouncing nation of. Virtually I think ideas and conversations I've had yeah I'm fine work when those guys. That there's startle interest for. Barrel interest is barrel it is outselling VE RI TAL and I wish him marital and I. I've been doing well across scores lately and there's Garland I should know this word modest operatives that are possible. Only shore Coppola Betsy he's doing right I don't know he's doing the he's an MR I this is. Okay he's doing the spin right now sort of began I want that it says and I talked to while it's good that I'd rather and you galaxy ace no one is we've had an O Keefe. Barrels a character in world war cry yell that's it that's who lets a wink not that I'm close to pass code right. Yes of breakfast trying again but he's not he's not playing Mike I've been told that there's definite interest. They should benefit if they like him he's good waddle labs personal mr. Daly is fertile will compared to whom. Who do you think they'll jock. Jock. And literally talking to play toy. We would want to commendable and smell were saying that there are who's a jock as choices in the hard job to mossy what's the four. It's really so I hear the rumors. For those that. We to hear that. Yours yet so that's that's did you hear about your you know all the room right now but I know I know dale wants guide today he wants done. Russia joins from saudis said he did not we gonna we rate at a fun topic areas seem accuse like it was four hours early. Are you fascinated the hotel. If I puritanical or your report he wants the morning acquitted we didn't drop induces right in front of you reading newspapers and watch. Maybe so maybe these hotels is depressing is yours. I guess but don't want to get out would present off as our hours before I never got your 2 in the morning before you know now now under four hours or. Did he made a permit things to do show prep did you follow. Bruins. He didn't hole one when she due for office he was on TV right unless those Comcast slacker his dale was actually on TV only game. So what. It showed do agree I understand what we want to fund of ten which actually made the drive him or easily I'm sure those canceled. Wait before they thought that before in the weather arrest additional couple years ago it was snowing ice again this shows. Really on the coaching canceling some women do in the show now. The beach that is because it's no one makes dose we don't cancel the show unless you need sensitive country. That's true but the only reason they often as error or such that would be rated lower who or proof married couple seems unbelievable Florio. Six once said it's the word is AJ McCarron is. Kirkland has Orix schools remains report offers AJ McCarron has received an offer her from the in the papers to be Tom Brady's backup or some of the guess he's still gonna look around see anyone give me a chance to stuff. Seven he wants to start in the beat writers now it's a good McCarron is. Great he's going to be something besides a great move and drop below the reason you draft a quarterback now brilliant move by boat and on the east lefties for a quarterback. Where if you think McCarron again. I don't know how to connect which have to draft a quarterback who want that have to be young yes I do that's different and I'm having a court. I want them to draft pornographic quarterbacks what with it really like McCarron the process. True but you need three quarters of did you. Why in the seventh round. It would take guys when you open they're going to write papers that we've seen I got all these chemicals stores in front of me all the usual suspects in Boland and can't agree GM and have you seen any names of chemicals replacement I've because Andelman and grunt. Of the guys write to the top two targets yes. Don't think one or ball we'll spend some time in on this show. Mean yes we know nothing about crop what the hell's going out him so yah and guess who's playing but he's gonna get hurt but as you get money. And I'm good question I think he's playing he's he's a player you know is a planners contract no way. Wolf find out why has fallen about that and I do think you know element will be back to be good. He's not know he's gonna get hurt you see your effort to 617777937. But goal join us. Season and you you know me as Bret masters so I have important interests there. I have to read and I was miss Alabama USA 2012. Well I think. Stay aggressive. My boyfriend is at quarterback for the University of Alabama during the national championship earlier this year I was singled out by Brett nice compared. So like what would you hold it we talked with actual all the time you know was in the woods really into what would Louis unison like bush felt awful radler lord that pushed over diving borders that the reality it's either short yes. And capital visage a terrible laugh you know if she really build on TV somewhere. She's doing something right and she told the local currencies and chooses to burlap as awful yeah. Michael was deal breaking right. Obviously we are to host the I'd be an issue for me telling me yes but is great is Israelis are great and that's does a lot of energy there a little too much energy from. Which is well yes there's a lot of stuff going yes you know like an ax and unity in any access to be honest it is to a guy like things sort of muted and in my line again and again I don't do women. Quiet. You know you don't don't talk about it. I'd shore national lighting candles before the Super Bowl is an earthy crunchy yes so. I'm tendencies Battery Park ray's spiritual raising kids or no helped or difficulties it does yeah. On the work was. We did daddy. And she which called garage goes maybe some money on honey honey number three calls. Well that's right technicals made it to kick says the biggest story today in the NFL so there yet so older. I asked you to breakers and what will Ford nations say when so if sold leaps and he spent in euros Mike Reese and Ryan Hannibal and the team. They too but the message they want but pregnancy just starlet but you can't come up with a guy who I know that it has that been integrated due to his job we gonna do that are ready when they say he's he slip and charges Fred Thorne yeah expected to look at is good that's exactly do but I just read thorns reaction to him until assign. Is basically this stinks but this slate patriots fan of the start marks the style works every year right but he didn't name a guy who's gonna do what M and a little bit now and we'd try to come up with it is the next you know guys would as would handle it. And we can't the only Google 11 wide receiver on the free agent right yes Jordy Nelson that be true yup. The Jordy Nelson onslaught at least 33 guys can it be ski he's got mileage now there's a lot of them just makes sense lot of mileage and torn ACL and lots hits and a Dole's playoff run last year. Eleven it's on its twelve yards against titans. Of all rights carry the pages two touchdowns in the NFC champ ship went had won the great catches every game checks though. And the Super Bowl 08 catches for 152 yards and if he got forty million assess understand. He's 32 weeks old bagged up he's beaten up that's why in signing day but he cut six million dollar check is for eight million dollar check from the school of the year to read suggests that by about him and a lot of these cousins that sentiment that's obvious. Receivers are all are thirty or older of I could be wrong page what else does make sense for. Now I don't picks on Decker does he. Just these stories all say he has interest and that is to be some guy with thirteen catches for the Texans or whatever missed seven games when even know right we gonna bring in an address some guy in the fifth round table below but I don't see it and I certainly don't see the guy who plays left tackle outsold released Thursday. I guess I got a question I would ask the listeners what to ask you supports its older and the patriots are on good terms. He's not far right or he's not once got so she determined to get my Mickey and go my guess doing to say staying. But British units sold and you think they've taken advantage of view troopers you know you want to stay out of the agreement is. Take a walk around the combat to a support us different like with McCord McCord yes and take a walk if he does that he's gonna come back to them with a huge T. Now if you said during the break as well. You know. 99.9. 9% of GM's or whoever we feel he took. After grapple right after Butler letting Louis Butler image dole. May be. Soldiers leaving as well. Pages fans I felt that listen we took calls for days accessible through Belichick for not playing ball one I want probably feel today where they so conditioned. The doing nothing earlier on his free agency it doesn't matter you know we always say Brady. We'll get old some point who's not there yet but some point. Is there some point where they're breaking point where you say. Belichick screwed that one up I mean it doesn't make him a bad GM obviously but. Do you think is very chance these mean screwing this up by letting guests annual walk Lewis walked so I think. It's it is. It's these guys are gonna get hurt -- 32 year old right so when he's in Miami and he goes over the middle would have seen twice a year who say more than that he's gonna take some hits you know say bats. Well Belichick is afraid of dealer Louis is going to get hurt yes I understandable understandable those moves I do. So I won't understand but there's little. Neither of which Iraq had received a guy I think his play that he tripped on what they're gonna you gonna get these people the chads in the world in the Reese's. You start saying well you know it was as good as he was three minutes ago that's that's gonna happen but will they say the next time globally Adrian waddle is going is. In review who's trying something that which you can guess as a dale says today at 230 yes that's exactly. 617779790. Three's have a bad bowl join us next.