K&C - Gerry and Kirk react to the Brady interview; Vin Scully is no longer a fan of the NFL 11-6-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, November 6th

Hour 2: Gerry and Kirk discuss this week's interview with Tom Brady. Vin Scully has promised he will no longer watch NFL games because of the players protesting. 


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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kurt commit ahead. And Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. Physically you come. And those Texas. Belichick in Guerrero given the insight on that you know that's true or not. No huddle I don't have any insights so. Is there I guess it. You know. He's he's he's Guerrero a member of he's not a member of staff correct now not ever has. Is he interfere at all with but the current training staff removal would they do are now. I think they do totally different state via. And as far as you know there's no issue with though checking your I have no idea. I'm not hurt her so proud of itself so we ask that question. Some very tough thank you can't. Timid on the same thing and Gloria definitely and Curtis doesn't talk on the phone for the interview every week. I think. I think Brady in a weird way enjoys the fact that these drive people nuts. This is sensing a from the story. Even though in talk which can talk from all we talk to them. No he responded with an email him don't they send any questions. You know them the longer he performs at a high level and stays healthy the more drugs is many many enemies nuts and not just enemies and to think he could be. If you do the most hated athletes in America into my five might win in my in my. We don't. You know all these guys who beat up their wives and our children we did that sporting news things have a couple of years ago fourth he edged out Aaron Aaron Henry street and road there's. I mean I got fired automatic Curtis has ultimate there's something. It's extremely satisfying that. Odyssey partners some musical way if you're figure if you live in Pittsburgh or Miami or new Yorker how awful lowered gap and did you know as a kid hated the cowboys her room the niners. And and they didn't win nearly the rate or for as long as he did you make that it maintain this level until I was interested too happy to pay the most for Korean magic is hit by an assault which were winning at that but it doesn't yes it doesn't that and that's why also. I mean Brady is now because trop because the flake gate because of ESPN that's why I asked that's why I asked that question. Without ESPN. The image of Brady's is wholly different completely different. Without one without the XP and up to deflate came at the plate area years of the two years he's been pounding on him I was braiding Stacey James. Had first thought about a station and bring to. I think is but here's why I think it happened is cause of the book to promote business always had this story is about the book centers that the deal by the name but they mock him. They definitely markets that's still a dollar a yard play for that. He should not trustee is penal league in the square you'll open overnight and it took lots of people are marking the book and in the take away showroom and we get stories he went there's establishments are just brilliant being dishonest. In the interim it's different than let's say I don't know. We have can't NBC here Peter King or pick your purse where Fox News I would talk about were Brady I know you would do the same is I would say I'm gonna promote my book but not on us into the wind is I'm gonna you know Peter King wants talk about a Amal and let's tell Seth with cash and three or whoever was so we'll talk to those guys are. Honestly and discharge do something good. And I don't know how the book is gone but he's the he was told the truth when he policy agenda very little promotion you would agree with that I'm not going to he did who and all the more yards for a couple things that you have a couple of email questions to be as the end. And other than us and Jim Gray which are gonna. We did they go like just because he likes us to earn a bright and so number to 46 and books during during the bye week. He could have if you go way he could have gone but I just I found winner or artists that in the Bahamas. Or and done satellite yeah. There could have gone Charlie Rose or whatever whenever anybody they would all wanna have legal all the interview and yet it's times like this was body weak and he did knowing that the question was done to other Norah O'Donnell which was I think because Kraft want to do is he and Simon and Schuster which is correct so we did we probably spent an hour with her and that's get that list that he was on when he edged out Hillary one week. And then the next hole Shas whose summer of 45 and Amazon books. Hillary Clinton number 46 she's just 45. Wears on advertisers should promote the hell out of it. It's never end so it worked this Christmas. And have some cuts. Pretty bad for Hillary Clinton in the 45. It's more what might not was 44 to me it's just ahead of pillar and if he manifesto. Sorry just. They would be doing there Turkey troubles 44 but does that mean like Turkey and all they couldn't complete halt food it's a time for terrorist attack here cook my book about Turkish government edging out Hillary Clinton's like for that they've ever ten million rebels they get to Turkey at this point. I don't think so what's half. You can buy a book does it cost like twenty of his own bucks for that book. The book the book about turkeys on each dollars do it on what's went with 43. Huge how how finished. That's kids' book yet those 42 the players and payment of 41 win big lead by its gonna come right so number one. Number one all the about it. It. That's hundred diary of about painted the house failed to what's to what's the next grown up with the wisdom of Oprah Winfrey is number of diseases from what I mean is appropriately red beach. But he had some time problems cutouts and weird yeah I like those evolutionary six Bobby Kennedy Chris Matthews policies Floyd and just six I'm sure that's a simple leave that should only not a result of a four. Donna Brazile is going to be number one in and tried federal death. I want you to read and tell me you know and their hearts. I read an excerpt and get on a shot that terrible writer I know and I know she's had help she didn't have enough help. There's a an excerpt or read in their legs you know run on sentences and he did it's if it's huge uneven anyway in any real way it's six weeks before election you're trying to get Hillary Clinton off the I don't even as to how she could do that does she explain how not to read and I guess you could. Talked to delegates are well and six in the door they're gonna bail on Hillary I don't believe leading in the polls appreciation might have felt like. Because Hillary is so corrupt that they have a better chance for Joseph Biden which is true. Which can't say I could facilitate that in Hillary Clinton was beating all polls mean it was like they were you know that's a note all I mean she might have known that she was up to eyeballs and these scandals of arguments we're gonna let alone six weeks before that's a Clinton that nobody thought she knew nobody thought trump is gonna win although the day before when Zardari today. We had he had picked trumpet like four to know who's running against who wasn't sure it was a really should definitely go at them but agree that Ryan Burr on the retry him on we just we used Luna. Getting back just bloom off the other day sees someone said that's a hint that major is a hint it's being it's the well. Last year it was an NBC exclusive. On Friday that he was no longer able to Jones which makes no sense because he's got stored so I'm trying. And and we just between it is through the boat. Belichick and Brady these three tweeting stuff from our duty today to see that Chris yards there's there's a good day a size of a marathon yesterday. Centric the marathon with that what's her face were she not a canyon winds for the women yesterday I just turned a national. News outlets said. Oregon organs chain and police have redemption. Flanagan Flanagan are just heard from right amber. Believe me I wish. Desperately like to join you it's an NBC hands now I stand by my source 100% it's right at the top of the food chain from palms. Tolerant of the food chain from Tom's hand pro V Guerrero that's. Does no one else its prominence Alex untested is that what's his face rob it's obvious that these. In the top of the food change their Chris watching you tell us access for Tom Brady senior traded him on. It's a marketing and I mean I think. It's working for both of us not Brees take it is also the loyalty is to hero. Mister Kraft. And won't that mean I mean I think he would consider mr. craft a friend who consider Bill Belichick associate a colleague. When you say yes and no I think golf than ever go to the beach and hasn't been on break you know Belichick never hindered others said. Everybody including me wants romanticize sort of dislike father son relationship it's not. And and Iowa coach what he says that that's the answer the way it's those and because it works so well that's why here a short putt. But the light of the coach and player once you know. My guesses. A magic job situation the pat Ryan was different in 86 state and that was an 82 or conduct additional Popovich was different. Twelve years in a mean generally that's the case bridges would say yeah I mean I don't think he probably is different now than it was in 2002. But he says no we estimate probably like 2010. And today are very similar rather I mean I also think he didn't have a lot of great things have a problem although there's I've right about that from the start writing and meaning he has an you know what he said during the break. It was at least know these could end and rappel. Ideally wanted to stay here and play here. He's on a crappy and niners team I've. I can't wait to see him play I think it'll be this week to play and the giants and and CJ Bedford. Stinks. As we saw yesterday. This would be a good time to start if you grow up blow against the giants. But. We won't know will we ever know how good rumpled would have been if we stayed here played here and played for Belichick and play with this team among that same story we get to a bright courting these guys and you want to these guys come once you write with a -- c'mon admit on the other guy I want to know what what what we do these people you we just burned all the bridges and they always come along with me and in a different as a precaution it's viewed as a as. Why do you want them you know they're gonna say enough and they public beat apple I will say great that they did they have made a narrative and they stuck with it may try to make Brady's seem like a quack. Break image Brady seemed like he looks down on his teammates were all injured because they allowed themselves to be injured aegis group that that's kind of the the message out of Brady did a really denied it. The admin things kind of bug him and get more Verizon in the last paragraph of this in the story can read it points out that all the other. Guerrero guys hightower croc and gentlemen. And middle and Lendl have been hurt him and we don't know do you know how committed they are the ability to Guerrero who don't and I know that we the news story of the crop was going to Guerrero. The loss weight. Do we know and until hightower I was high powered TB twelve going to get in maybe the Guerrero treatment every day at the magnolia BUS the question was can. Which essentially this. Well he's been reading on the plane yes if if Pollard he sprays the same way today it seemed shocked today. Does he get hurt I think he gets hurt but he thinks he can come back quicker and heal fast or the recovery process that are recovering it can't mean you asked about. Gordon Hayward if you Gordon Hayward stack. Just please. Yeah he says you'd obviously know he'd say he'd say noted that he's how much social to the right answer or you release posted on my guesses but of Cuba is he's twelve every day for twenty hours a day for Gordon Hayward. In SC run that same background you can you fault the same what you're telling me. The your record breaker for. I don't know the term of the surrounding tendons being stronger or something I don't know what's the logic is to say it would help. Wouldn't be exactly the same. I think it would be. I think it would be a lot of what Brady does is working for him. He believes and understand but I don't think if you. We're gonna snapped it to be an annual rate. Where the U with Guerrero or not is that you can and the same way our particular job for the clock is not our fault Brady called what time. Right around 700 dollar falls OK we we had a good conversation will replay it again definitely replayed again headlines is next correct it's hard headlines is an actual group continue on this side as terrible shooting in Texas is for him with a tech. And Kevin Spacey update which involves Kevin Spacey by only two time Oscar winner is latest incident involves another. Right that's true there which is the office for industry and just we L Baldwin sound. How Paula said that's an hour on Larry David and semis if you probable. What sober person in news in your experience do you have the most doubts about I would say Allah oh. He claims to be sober for like thirty years ask the question do you B. Which sober allegedly sober person you know that you don't that you. Have our most skeptical. In other words do not sure annoyed I don't believe Al Paul Anderson Mike and Alec Baldwin looks and sounds and acts like a she's with us he's in that series race issues says rage issue and he while we snow later on you get the since he's looking at whether it's between your rants and that really me correct like he did it. In a I got as a group I think at some point in the next few months you know when Armando Lauren Michaels appalled by the MySpace is supposed to be sober Therese. Why aren't our argument not to get headlines and only one man these brave enough for. Excuse you like me to do because I'd say that things are afraid to save her media ideas aren't sure when the red lights off every one can be bull. Our record and look at me no Gerri why would you be Amanda talk back here's some folks just can't take. She's so embarrassed at the toughest guy in town red light on. Here's the feeder and this isn't an Italian yacht are geared to the athletes are many hands and lie. This member of management talked to me that way. Headlines is brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard the hair loss doctor in New England at 1800. Get here our great friend. Doctor Robert on the front of the ship and it's brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard at 1800. Get here. We're gonna start here Gerri it's up to headlines tourist. We got a mama choices. Because we can we can do the shooting anything like that can be can update militias and we'll much copy of the Daily Mail which had some about a half hour ago to see this. We guy went to high school with Kelly said he's it. The first atheist he ever met is a teenager text system as weird strange is that small town Texas. I only went and interviewed a man they have had a witness in you do it wasn't wearing a cowboy hat and a goatee and outs the hero has a cowboy hat a goatee. And day. Big connect Batman series is how well you know good day and I mean good Good Morning America earned. And Jimmy Kimmel analyst. We'll leave alone to think he'll praise for use through somebody else who prays and the state. Me Jimmy Kimmel wanna cry again these what's happened somewhere else with it happens in Las Vegas ironically he will cry again you'll cry again. Because more than me in his Jonny Lang endorse he's won the good guy with the gun that shot Kelly. We don't know whether he shot him to death. Or just. Scare them enough to drop the gun got the truck and as UV drove away they chased them Lang endorphins but he chased him. Which would be great to see if there was somehow. Video crease and he crashed at 95 miles an hour and died. We don't know if he had a bullet in him was like in the movies we gonna worry. As well eating out is he right and oh yeah according to Daily Mail that was a hostage in the history I receive anywhere neither. That meets true obviously I haven't seen worlds now with a motive is to you. Two good mortgages and he's an atheist atheists or just bad people they're terrific people and I'm large atheist I. The idea that he go to church like yourself I don't care that supposedly an atheist thinks. I think it was a deeper than just a guess yeah I'm gonna guess he's just you know off. Please be by religious people just probably a liberal world. Well he has a business you are you're Muslim you vote for Hillary is closets among I mob over Donald Trump. I hit a book trailers and the worst ever done worse than your life or not the worst that's the top ten point in May two reactor. Was in the view here. You're right it'll all about whose opinion is meltdown on Twitter you see Larry David a its troubles we can and yes I watched it. In I feel like a broken record but this time you know. You're your boy and layered chimed in and many many others. It was one of the worst opens to said that like in history I appointed one with a Jason LT was one of the best right this was. Un believable bad they need to bring an outside consultant if there's such a thing. Because they are living in the bubble on SNL and they think anytime they mocked trump it's great because all the lemon lemon shower shower things when it started off in the whenever willow. Ended up in the shower. It was so on comfortably on funny and eighty cents I was get a big holding nonsensical like you're watching your thinking what we're watching. And does anyone think Kate McCann and his obsessions is funny no certificate accounts for anyone know it was so awful I guess we do this every week it may do you know maybe to some. Group people think it's funny but you deal with the US and around the critics who usually blow them they don't think it sucks now. And do what guess where you guys and like the New York Times tide are right or stomach hurt and it a little bit frigates and the only thing worse. Then the open and Alec Baldwin is was Larry David's monologue I looked like Larry David I know what America is a friend who's on the show who's on the show. Right he invited. Do you line. Don't play golf than to be in his next movie I've Ecko who lost a number happened but it was fun hanging out with. And like not like anyone else Curb Your Enthusiasm is hysterical Steinfeld was great. I hadn't seen him do stand up much Yahoo!. On August sealed but normally soft that it is not good he sucked and I understand the Holocaust joke is designed to shock him it's like that in a Louie CK with that. With the had a file joke it's not designed so let's find Lucy from rattle you a little bit and I didn't think it was offensive it just wasn't funny right. We had I've always. Always been obsessed with women and I've often wondered. Aren't coming up in Poland. When Hitler came to power. And was sent to a concentration camp. Would still be checking out women and attempt. It's no problem at about one of them but I'd say oh my god it's gorgeous up I'm not what I a couple of weeks. I got I didn't think I'd like to go through some tour. Course. The problem is. Doing no good opening lines in the concentration camp. It was terrible although he did Stephanopoulos and knows one thing the world are perverts and documents if it's. They are all too wish. Held the hour ago baldness. Gonna join that club soon there's a great picture to Euro weakness on Rose McGowan who decide to go all Adam Baldwin and she which I understand ball will play at all times second busy. Ball and he documentary. On HBO. Five or six years I forgot about. Where he's at time trying to sell me a movie idea with his best friend James back. If you'd be taken to at least that you're kissing him yes it is but listed depiction assault replaces a breakfast it was pullback ball went in pulling its. It's it's it's it's it's opus art. We are all of us with what PBS CBS news notes the ball leaders talking about about how women are treated Weinstein eventually throws but we have. Right what did you know exactly and then I didn't know anything but I but I know that when you talked about Harvey Weinstein in the business for example for decades. You knew. That he was highly intrusive in the process of making films. Whose nickname was Harvey says her hands and he was very intrusive enough. Path of the directors who worked for and number two. And you knew that he was a very intense guy and very bully guy. Shouting and screaming at people and exhorting them when he did get his way and last but if you heard the rumor that he raped throws out. All of us stop stop time. Whoa like you you you heard a rumor that the guy he range with the C rapists. Was a racist. It's a deal breaker and now I understand what is your find out that he raped her and then paid her off which she did was rapists that. Then he's a rapist and he's hidden in a way in mid greatness maybe not a court of law but certainly in your mind. If I find out on it you had to pay off you know sure Chris Curtis because you rectum there. You'd be rapists right now yes we know have problem with that right use to you swear it's consensual but you're paid him off great wedge and extensively into where talks are great Kobe Bryant is a person. I don't know Garcia it's filled with Imus Roethlisberger the recorder right paid this woman operate right you raped her correct oh no he went to court. He has been but Pedro after. I don't know even symbols authored you know. Under that we're probably gonna after he went to court yet. I never thought Kobe Bryant was. As you guys image changed more now should certainly be reduced these recovers she's recovered nicely he's but I think the next guy the next one caught in the net his ball went. They've had a right. Maybe seven I don't know if you're just like this of Exxon's fourth hit fourth Canada and the number two Americas losing her from a committee's interest Ireland that's it just the page musicals of the pig so he's 61. 63 maybe 69. Into the ninety's but fifteen and hard years as a to have another baby yeah. Yeah and you can tell us who want to know this Soros we're now back in the suite executives keep in mind that. Real quick here before we and headlines the son of actor Richard Dreyfuss Hubert Dreyfus thing. Not the only jobs ago I love to compete she cute as that which it and all liberal with the second best movie. Who's gonna Holler opens skills at third and so he space Tikrit a good movie I mean I like America if you. He's not a stock of America Africa Asia and if that's what he's listened to his movie in which he's to stop those accounts of mr. that doesn't count until she. That's a little kids space move them regularly charge us that's true when you see as he post they'd Thor tries IR. I would say second the only jobs look jaws beat them in America he asked what's the second best overall. What about the obvious parent there that's the worst Omar remove or subordinated. That it's pretty it's awful hate what you'd like American graffiti I love Millard group for your presence as the officer kind of move mr. Holland's OPEC had them. You know it is now she's moved soup to know you didn't he's envision the goodbye girl. That's true. Babylon city's. So I think to myself this week in which was excellent and disturbing. That kept me up get out. That's good we'll see it yet it's good movie that good it's for different we nuclear industry. Freaky and does really well done an active lead actress so good Al swings that. Alison Williams is so hot Catherine Keener and that is a mob of of Obama got a good it's good to good scaring the good skater is that a whole removed and kind yet. The same I would best picture. Weird Austria and 99% of the you know it's it's it's it's audacious it before we go into their welcome well you know we have done. Welcome welcome our new friend there. The son of actor Richard Dreyfuss is accused Kevin Spacey sexual misconduct alleging Spacey molested him boss father was in the same room. Harry Dreyfus who's eighteen time may be claims an essay published by bus the bus he kicked topples trees. In the story describes spaces or sexual predator who felt safety abused him they were they were rehearsing for a play species directed practice and play. The son fathered reading lines here and interest someone's side of space sitting next the brakes kid. It's face he moves his hand up the suns eked his way eventually grabs as is shown. The end of it and Richard did notice or didn't know was it that important play you can maybe so I character for the kid to get offensive jump grass. It will be. You know alert alert his father at the time. Richard currencies rather about but the speech that continues to roll roll on as we find it. What happens next with him as a story gastric review as early and knowing when that treatment in the last week that he didn't go to Arizona. Yes and excellent treatment for what do you know rapists. Sexual welcome of the commonwealth Carlos danger he is moving into Kevin's today that it is and dampens. And as I said earlier we have lots of friends in the prison system who listened to follow us. A number 6177797937. And what's text line and stepped out of prison. We are selling items for America if the Bank of America the text one. I've never done that before them to hate the marshals want to tell us how he's doing. Keep us updated our own angry at 793 I picture and be like that guy gets killed the beginning of Russia shaker just can't stop crying again I don't give him relatively well received just to boost its great halves that's true to that spot. Tiger stripes number one movie Shawshank redemption. With you wanted to be a bit like state I don't remember that the community residents it's a good move and remember. We asked if you like I do it eight movies I know they'll talk about while sucks on. But a pompous car that's headlines. But you by doctor Robert and right back I wanna play this instantly sent to get back is this for him anyway I could easily and more than its place as losers sound we have. It's morning's. With Kurt can count on Sports Radio WEEI. Gonna here to Los Angeles. In the baseball itself. How lucky we were back then Brooklyn when the microphone passed into your hand. You're the chosen one skinny red stood on the shoulders of the biggest kid. Allegedly. We'll. Yeah. Service SoundBite ever in history well it shows me credit you have that you hated him before anybody hated him you know like years. And now altered all the usual suspects and jump on board that did spin. Off announcing and they are now don't like him more. No they hate these guys watching games because of other BP will be treated right no he's not watching these people and healing so brutal. Regular Elektra a few of the people who are not watch right answers right Hannity and mark Lippman and James Woods in there all right wing of the people or boycotting where is he the other night weren't you speaking at this is some convention or something the NO LA can now with some good guys. I think it's stupid mammal where once there was a big minute guys always has been. SCI think I I don't like the Mueller's either I think have made that clear he knows what's going on but in the room you know I think he's one of those guys who was probably casual football for it anyway. Alec a lot of people who are boycotting NFL were big fans anyway you so if you there's a handful of guys dealing right disrespect the flag. A handful. Who yesterday we have a number. Eric Reid and source of solace is based and giants game kneeled. You don't selfless annual yield note that was at the Pasadena civic auditorium OK okay that's what that we've moved on. They're the number groups. Other than when trumpet this surface and all the sons bitches Marty Smith with other matters. Yeah there's only a handful coming in of those 2000 players dislike. Pete Peterson Neil and so because of them a couple of punks. Like Kaplan wannabes. He's gonna stop watching the game that you used to I don't believe anybody and he says I don't need a single person that's your crowd the chapel the reason that he would dummies. I believe any of them and say I shot he shot and if you love football and watch football I don't O'Hair he's watching college football no switched his allegiance certainties. If you really terrible football you watch it if you're casual whenever things don't really care that much it's a great way to look like you're great and and and just do what I do root against the gases and you give yourself the root for or against Ivan football players Egypt 49ers for a solid five in the whole league record we associate of L nine reserve was Bennett that Google has surfaced during the giants player. Olivia burning yet right. And then it's still doing anything else that's was viewing during the military thing as well salukis are yet and ratings are down massively. It. So was not a good week and for trump because he's an effort no fear and sometimes better than others that's true. Not only V. Tell Japan the start making cars in the US respect that he said the reason the stock market's kind of surprised me he didn't say we did say our administration sent I get a fair me I get a fair vice president I would use recently donated a total eighteen players yes that's a record it's tough for more than five have the don't like a whole bunch in niners it was capacities or shut up once we get paid for clarification. It's now believed in Scully or on Hannity or anybody born on us with. To stop watching the NFL because of a couple of brats of course energy chance it's a chance to make it you know making it can you say yes you're right it's a chance though for like. If you you feel you're more American system you would say it's. I wouldn't boycott the NFL I love the night that the violence when you like America yes I think there are part of more I like see guys who Neil I'm against high it. I want I want to I'm sure but he packed. He does anyone who watches football that it's not I don't know if I think that what you think you're gonna put skirts announced Joseph Flacco Thomas. Fitness is six CJ bets on how Stella got they gave missile to soften Hillary. That's just a stupid has never been more violent more dangerous kind of a problem and everybody's getting hurt that was number eighty yes everybody and and Bedford. Is probably hurt so good luck grapple with whom. I'll chance it might not play the rest of the year he's in this week of the doubts did you play in Europe that you can sit out. A thought he might text and title in the place where he gives an of the plays he's been just another stinker. Civic Cisco to be grapples debut the giants and yes temperatures go home and to Jackson to go that's when you wanna debut against the giants team that some virtually give we're midway through the season your local place telling him we get back against the we're deploying it. No place on the no I was in event where was she didn't but it's got one yet on a re doing all I patriots Seahawks and suitable sticking. Oh that I and I'll speak out OK I agree on effected anyway measles but zucker said the good at that realistically you're a Christian I like white giants patriots giants that we had. We'll Jerry Eagles cheats at least. Didn't he did this article I think cherry had. I did 49ers brown to start doing some analysts say he'll take my words and Brandeis. What is Brown's embarrassing so we are. Your patriots countless. He's got a stick and when I'm sick and what is he you know it is pretty quick and go but yes Toby. Playing the playoffs and are to be true winners and I'm Tonya patriots. Road it's easy it's Denver spread right now. Denver Sunday night pitches before the half seven and hold crap 77. Half on the tomorrow Davis. Yeah he stinks but toss why would be possible as as Tom Brady. Kicked off I was getting of the Rottweiler. And Brady said they have the best defense them well. That's true well that's actors that's a true enough but the pages of trouble there too air's thin do you think it. Helps or hurts the pay too that the guns and like ten days on the right track so we there yet now you're going to be in Mexico is that a bonding experience or is that going to be that's fine and he's back. It. Some teams might you know and as ago party's problem this curfew on an issue no issue the biggest wrote in Denver since 1980s she's really. Mexico is the future. Yeah rams by the way eleven point favorites homer for Houston now want to get her there you be watching that game yes was on the senate felt that for Billy O'Brien of Watson and get hurt anyone by when he thought that changed these states. It's an artist died it was over Watson and game one of the the talk about a devastating injury that team was going to be. In upcoming megawatts and there are. 35 or five and one of them on the lead our our threes.