K&C - Gerry breaks down hockey; The Sox gave out free hot chocolate 4-16-18

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, April 16th

Hour 1: Gerry, Kirk and Mut discussed the big weekend of Boston sports and the wonderful gesture at Fenway by Sox ownership. 


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He'd skirt and Callahan. Who won the Tommy award is an hour. Basketball available got to get tore the boy the team was the study. Twelve ports it out average to move flew low over the years they did you retire. I don't know that a little bit towards Al Horford sacking the haters guy. You're committing half I understand bill runs a tight ship. On the wolf may I only one. Spoken to. He wasn't gonna really come close them any of the other offers and half. Yeah laid the blame for the bombs and it's not easy if you start. Whitewater Maggie and. That's pressure yeah and Gerry Callahan who's in my view us the lucky man what a right. Now we have much won the race and the Hopkinton and maybe we'll do that fans can get free hot chocolate very nice very nice eight he loves this idea of like the third got to go one out bloodied apparently. Are you a member of speeches right you do some editing whether what else don't know what else he most welcome the broadcast. I'm not do an interview body here on Sports Radio telling you. Free hot chocolate. Let's give him credit yes it's a big job whether it really was asking great sports weekend I'll be where this in New England area very lucky Kirk I'd been told. Many times over the weekend on Red Sox her way through sergeant Ortiz I want to Bruins are tied 11 to solve a two down in the series. Bruins are kicking ass Celtics are up one though and on top of at all. Free hot chocolate. For the 101000 people that charters that are gonna do it certainly if and a thousand prisoners. Who were hostages other or are forced to go to Fenway he has been doing they got host if you went to Fenway Sunday. You've got screwed this team took advantage of you took your money. And forced to sit there and on in in inhumane conditions but the if you Chocolat perhaps Shockey. Straight up with the broadcast strategize they ARAMARK just put a big blue Arab my message up on the board that fans can get free hot chocolate. Very nice very nice eight oh yeah most welcome the broadcasters. Your question take advantage Ken your children's charities give you a job that's that and forget and I felt we don't reach. So Larry will. It is just minutes from people aged of this hardwood all the time they play these games in the rain the cold is that what are we supposed to do. Well you're supposed to cancel. My question would be with say its own two feet right and play the game or like ten currency canceled if you get the twenty games over the weekend my potential they figured out later. Don't play the game. We both we're both parents Saturday and it was about twenty degrees warmer and even then steals it was miserable yes on the scene to great public Saturday afternoon it was awful. Terrible at that progress on our way it was over the have been mostly 45. It was windy cold and was awful yesterday was 32. There was an praying for rain and and it is like no criticism. Of the team. Playing this game for taking advantage of their most loyal fans who know location their money makes my chocolate cause that Sam is let's send its list of the I want players to quash an article ideas of cases and released the much less Shockley at every single person should get a ticket to a future game yeah cameras. Very nice very night radar. Every person could just get one hole. All the while doing any of which her a bitch of a particular chart of pro now. At the end of the day I'd be fair and market I talked for a fourteen dollars and regulates a brick was cost knowingly so the F five cash 6566. I think it's the Red Sox I was like thirty cents 35 cents for a domain console code title not yet. There's I I think you could've got one joke content if you went outside and there were to a concession stand they get a free corporate. It. And we get six thick books like charred houses in five. Aren't focusing on the negative as teams role. There's no negative I'm a mean the players would want me Chris Sale essentially said. What are we doing this why we plan and this can under these conditions are less than short sleeves up there and quite an idiot if I wouldn't hurt him Wear sleeves. Did that some of. Hello laughing at Karen Austin. Who can get a laugh again won't Imus was funny offense. A and they say like one of the factors of the team won't be back in the don't have this many off days so what's. Mean it does matter what no excuse how hard it is to reschedule all that matters and every one team that played millions while I don't care why they play today. Please today does anyone did anyone want to be there -- for the crowd now most people the Smart people didn't go these eight tickets spent the money any particulars 101000 I think they didn't we get. Didn't get hot chocolate. It's and these are real you get loaded offense is okay he didn't go to game you know get your future. Receipt that pretty much out there may be too good question every race and we do. So much talk your dissent when some massive line for a job and I don't think to a massive line January throws an agreement pitches you judge outlines of Israel and again we had available certain places are for free. It's nice boy that's nice that was wonderful I'm believes. That team has a heart problem while the heart of gold they do they've read I've I've always felt they've been forgiving bunch in my experience it's going to be along year from a friend Kirk Schmidt pie us man. Hey how long it here if you're gonna be rooting against this team. It's going to be a seal on scene October that your team lose their rotation it has the last time I checked how many wins starting winds that rotation in the post season. Handfuls zero for vice as a starter zero for sales are for Al-Jazeera or solos are correct I'd be zero for the rotation producers right yes but I think it's going they're gonna roll. This rate crises. Did you check in October OK let's watch checking mr. We're still really flip over the Celtics I was at this week's low miss you were guys that loss was that the game on big weekend for you sports guy. These two Acura for him when I did not nobody icicle calls its body yet. Obama but yeah up and his picks you have an iPod everywhere it was great great seats are excellent excellent game. OK with notes we should do now should be the first one of this day. To call Lou Moroni in eighty. And 88. I flew el Al Horford is worth every penny not had such as Irish Republican right there he's worth every single pines are apparently so easily and also the guy we want chest they have good game good game very well. It's worth thirty million hear it one at a place. One around town and and it'll become about you know Lou you've become a pilot's good average now good that's good from right of the question because. No wait till tomorrow. In tune to what's what's this game two is tomorrow yes tomorrow. All that they did yesterday. That's your right is irrelevant hard if they lose they lose you know over is eleven and five does matter. And you get the sense that think they might go to the them a lot and they might pedigree and when it was a struggle to win this year. It was a struggle ugly yes it was ugly it was painful and according to. It is such a shrug Blakely. He was Lyndon struggle and Democrats like heroic right and that's patent Maliki that is tough but there it's if you look absolutely fine he would I get a sense of these injured anyway should we just see him. On the tunnel port for 44 minutes and right it was all it took a lot of them out just like what we saw develop in the dangers cyber command no injuries just worn down. Play basketball what do you think has more energy tomorrow night Janice. Or or Horford outage there yeah. Too tough matchup was also exhibit two best players in the series which is unusual council take missed Celtics in the series because. I don't try hard and it's a national you know I saw Simmons of oil but the coaching is such a difference that they're they're gonna win this yours because Stevens. He always say when this when is it really matter they have Stevens in this series but lose the next yours but it was a 76ers were going to finals. But I think they're good they're going to begin we'll begin when this year's. I would I would say they gonna win the series but it will be. He will be long and hard competitive games obviously have a game us on yes they were both teams suck that can turn the ball over offense offensively system is such a mess but you're right they hit some desperation threes as the clock was running cars and a couple they got some calls that was not. A follow on Jones that was a jump ball of that I'll even though it's so it was a make a call now that's if you look at me I'm how many times did Janice traveling call. Billie Jean at least I mean he is I mean I guess that happens every game it does yes I'd agree judge was little box. You're probably right and yet that seems to wait plays or intimacy play. But he's if he's gonna. He's gonna win that battle with Horford. Second laudable idea. And you know in Milwaukee that's not a jump on the Mets jump ball in Milwaukee. It's them they don't get that make a call that a look at that fall. That's sixty follow on non right degree creek troupe of solitude when that game and right at that point or three. Well no no the other or 3 am and who either went to jump ball. The Bucs were OK if Anderson to me to three and yes I'll probably the kind of game I want us probably winning yes I mean you knew I knew him with a preview in regulation. On half a second last but not really naturally and it was a long shot Smart choice and we didn't fall and he's the one guy you don't want the ball. Which is covered like a electoral Simmons who on Twitter said what did you just column no no no no it's five that's the second time they've just built Bill Simmons though who've guy. That's hard to do with unsettled why you don't foul a three point shooter. On a three point shot well when you're when you're up three Walter six carries live feed away they're sick sexual legacy file contents of secure get five you've had some sectors have my second lap my question Bill Simmons wants to know why you didn't follow my question is. Why I don't care for seventy feet away wire to shadow him all over the court or they were in the lawsuit that he might not real evil white guy hate it was definitely out there but I would say he isn't is not yet right there guys on an hourly Sears your own wife Jill Brown's autumn might he played better defense and Eric Bledsoe did on the previous play. Oh you don't hear about that situation. This is amazing you're talking to the final seconds. Of a playoff game in your hour Bledsoe just kind of take the playoff. Just consent he picked me a little bit I'll just wait here. Mean that that he's damned if they don't win a series jazz shoes and he when he played the role of Austin Matthews play Jesus. Did you see the video on the there between them. This would coalesce right near the article was that it was not sock puppet of the past nick like the format for orphans actors it was it was the third. And he makes his move and Austin Matthews just options such as watches. I agree. It's too. Who can isn't them it's a playoff repairs are related questions but yet the Bruins are brewers are in the does that predicted to sweep that series for the Bruins you move on. Excellent good for them happy for them preference ness and happy for dale each week that before and after between a great chemicals called again liquidity I don't know was ignited chemicals column. Just eggs came out this morning right yesterday yesterday about this that I had a real audience as well we'll get there we'll get that want to get. The curtain talent show patriots they we are not the finish for the first time in five an hour earlier on. Imagine running today Cheney's office Christ you run this morning. I didn't notions about later because of the rain harder later an important it's way worse yet more rain in more wins after the cold doesn't matter really doesn't. It's it's when minutes mean if it to three inches of rain heavily on the race. Who it's going to be awful and you don't get nearly as inspired from the crowd because they're not going to be okay no price. Is it was like we knew and my wife to how many years ago was at 33 in the weather was better than us I don't know it was pretty bad as warmer today is immune if there is no Texas fifty I just checked by a 5052. 52 out there and two histories arraignment. Did today's worst it was colder as three years ago according to rein in ahead we'll just a matter rusty really matters when you sit and finish my way into your life terrible view it was a rough day everybody at the worst thing you got to the finish line and are not that is it. It was tough hubris they deserve credit Kennedys the bathroom and high of 52 today that's not every bomb that you want to go to. Don't want to you can enhance. Don't want to in the meat to era is the is is heroic 45 year old man making a Wellesley College coed have much effect on us again tomorrow it's probably surprised some of the globe wrote. It's good point it's reported to educating you don't want somebody's in the globe does not really. Make it. Habit of criticizing we'll circle with a hard spot there it is it's just that's enough right which way but Hillary went you know. I'm well aware Weller so normally when they were not there today were here in normally talk about merit bravery coach mentioned this normally we goto 1015. We ought to do it I don't know what goes out I was refusing any room that you I was gonna leave as our history yeah we're talking about that yesterday. I actually didn't normally when we would stay they would ask us to stay in no way past us as usual and you can't convert always assumed that the will stay until 1020. Yes we assume to stay until I don't know what you've come in early off to a full showing doing well in the coming into fifteen minutes and watch the game. Good question. When we do it when Eddie Baltic reports of next year when Daylon Kiefer on year to a club are what make sure they do. Went down it is in my throat Eddie you know until warn me days to you know I'm refused to stay until 1020 want to you know that's a good policy move right because. Mean you couldn't even discuss it this deal an eighty each and so much. The ADT Dillon to committed supporters like just perfectly dollars a month that it sounds excellent card Manningham would do no question a couple of years got a grew disgusted. That's right an awesome group amid but we did. They'll ten I think we did 1012 which I don't get the just it's just that score I just ask nicely no announced. As you know it never came up never not once they tell you guys. I doubt they said the what did you tell us I just assumed that you business. And we. Did so don't you send a notice. Okay. We'll states if they change their minds and decide to play ten Red Sox can. And yet they canceled an issue well it's hard to re schedule. It's hard for a bunch of millionaires in a private plane and fly an hour from Baltimore Boston played game that's difficult. Scola played Baltimore who cares fewer rules on how are we look at this they want piggy don't play the game all right that's its only doing it. Cancel. It don't buy it you can do that. The Orioles right now are won there five and eleven Tampa's three and twelve would you be originally bunker there played the Orioles three time Emmy twice from. Three Tyler tries to understand yes aside I don't count Sunday it was a real game OK did that could save those sixteen more games against Baltimore they have. I'm against Tampa fifteen or put twice or that energy and I think this team will win ninety just against Tampa and Baltimore. Forty beat them we are five times each event that Iraq has agreed to raise a good teams out there in cities excellent opens excellent play Chicago. Chicago the price and what's his face tomorrow. Yes almost honey. You know he's he played a little utility I've seen highlights of the inning I see him as the hit two even Jesse you know okay now now it seems like it's interesting thing the Oscar award that. Especially by game what 81010. PM apps all watch the service unbelievable interesting guy. And most of us can't watch for price should be okay. Good question. An awful lot about what he did out when he got forecast. Kohl's seat too cool for I don't know that's guy I went about that you won the gold eagle hole easily gaze rest. But they would have to fly commercial. Yeah what's Duval that's true. You're predicting a record differently just drink carts oxygen plea now know Abraham proposed credit card lifesaving via a fly him out and no well you fly commercial flight go ahead first class some economic if your price. You waited days and you get to play on the charter get to harass the broadcasters threats that tradition you know that it played cards and stuff like that. Of which he said I'm good how much of plant had. Was with the NBC with a gain yesterday in the similar broadcasts there's no way user and cold right Winger Peter. The only pitch is once a week guys you know these guys climb Everest they lose their fingers and toes like after why did you relocate from 35 pitches in the last ought. Well to be tough but I'd love to watch that game so tomorrow it's the Celtics right into that matchup I can watch this now while you could if you didn't sleep that your yeah. Yeah how many people will actually watches. So what and a clocking a hill and about 1130 right. I'm really glad it was a gate for game with a announces for a 32000 the only it's the right guy. On autopilot for gotcha moment eight teachers at eight. I'll why Asia's fastest. Obscene that was more Meyer my response LB uses capital and if you're an adult not the pain idols for chocolate. But they basically have you by the balls sometimes indicated saying I want hot chocolate you re that age fifty when they get what they want to announcement that its. We really deep into the if it was arson Biden's people ordered about two or three of a bitch you wasn't hot. Go look at the chart of a cold than a quarter packed in there chuck but there's a water could that denies there and I thought we are very yanks. Republicans were very nice just if you don't want for you or your wife whatever you're paying 35 dollars on jobless. It's disgusting and it had already dollars in hot chocolate my life eight physical ailment course of thirty years what it's like a monikers like one of the things it does suit your. Let's. Maneuvers from the west can't get to keep the cup it's great to bring the cup. Very nice check nice quote the great man very very lives there and swap outs and why now with a gentleman yeah I will say given that they're waiting out these people he should take. Have you been watching the Bruins it is rules your mom amazingly dominant. And I wanna hear from all my hockey experts like my friend Glen or ways that this school obviously yours you watch trials could T get speed. You're good goaltending that the best coach. Is gold BC it was worth the Babcock factors so I'm gonna hear right he got apparently what might we have another we have another without NHL expert. Who promised it would be series. It's still goodies yours and I'll be OK good I'm gonna assume you have not watched you pick first two games for Toronto six. Votes to feel and I heard I heard another one of these radio market experts Michael grew last night. A TV show said the first game could've gone either way. Since when is it 521 hockey is won one. Now woods wasn't loading the second. It was one that every one what it was it was just a little one and this one competitive here you feel like puck clocks but factors chocolate yes I felt pockets if this has been there's been six periods I'm pretty sure right. Yeah its fears yes was 789. How many appears to games and games six periods have been one competitive period. Ronald the second period to. Don. Wilson courthouse to. Score. I'll finals some three there was score in the second here's why I want to Toronto. It was five to two here. Ask a white Everett and who can forget fighter don't get it right to attack him or way it felt good sock puppet. And that's why he's good enough for recent dollar recently won it really was not accurate attack it was not its focus to be who was not always over the hill for a that's attacking all of these people like Ken Leonard. Who said it's going to be single goal is talking to speed. They're coaching Google they suck it wants Michael he and I watch them be not we want I want you to use a kennel. We certainly are not count on them where she's got Andrea we're thinking we integrate that is that one and other human and it's like impossible at this great coach Owens coach can inspire his best player to play hard it's it's it's embarrassing. Don't you so you'll only and they goes wrong. Toronto stinks he dominated the second half of the the first period in the first part of the game now it was it was with or not the Boston and it's like Fauria again once again knows his hockey 100% right almost or what's wrong because what we're predicted its gold series. It was not going to be serious jeopardy Atlanta we're prediction desperate they're basically sweep you right. We'll get swept equipment and sweet sweet kiss me they stink. They don't even try. You can walk out of that game and it was a terrific game by the way ahead in negativity of the physical and wants it. It was unbelievable physical element to what what guys were you physically air. What are the other elements is a reality check Jerry there you gotta hit check. Fore check is dip in the regular check back Syria feel that series is it's boring it's born in general economic five totally boring on the gas in Toronto. The coming down hard on their Maple Leafs. Yes I asked while they should. It's like out those Al. For what. They're done this year retooled team the portal is Jim Benning going there the former Bruins assistant general manager what a little it would help at the act and to helping him out just don't appear on basketball where Jim Benning all -- with her Bradford is a physical back to Toronto it's such a hard place to play the series is not over well listen I my material was when these series is. Until you win yet but again team's building. Stosur and if picnic backdrop. Always came what was it came to score seven to keep one less audible at the top players on our it was a joke the joke their goalie stinks. Well they they should bring that that. Chicago you get extra help for educators and he's awful its goals in test fights should apply ever in my life I would be given to good yeah yeah ray sees what's out what's awesome if you have. Urgent was the difference between the regular season post holdings shake off the bench is short and again I hawkish remember a post season play. The one line. Perfectly forty minutes and that was Smart works. He's limping around what's what's Austin Matthew's lines so far two games. You play scratched. And Ivins had at least a special agents in cancer Simon weeks ago. Regard now. What or how many points Matthews. How many penalties. I'm hits. I'd like to look at secondary starts to tick. I swear to god wants to buy one don't think it sends him for the Bruins for slides plus six right. Sure that you have fully seal and talk about personal Jesus has this report the program with Kirk ask my wife easier. As a reasonable questions to point his toll is our running one would either. Are on the earth we do when you were doable I had originally planned from Jerusalem two point six miles on the treadmill. To match the marathon Q2 point 62 miles into the car blow yesterday and I'm strategy drag this thing. I'm really stupid and I really what does that mean as I this sometimes dinner. It's sometimes a Monday its people. No parts of a glass of water and your kids that they've got to waters well yes I have some hot chocolate if foreigners. And I saw a need all yesterday the terrible way I wrote I know these guys these guys are cooked they can't cook without drinking a good field yet got a veteran is now we Patrick duels but yesterday they sure Terri. Real. I hear what you. So your time your issue. You got to be decks right now I want to get into one of the show Jerry breaking down hockey in the I think it's terrible it's where what Lisa why it took me like it's my fault and I don't what do you have to offer today. A lot to offer came out running two point six mile Joyce had milk today as a solid thought Jason items for the game as the anti rookie. I think it was playoffs you've. Publishing re thoughts will be written down period by period display answers you can undo it's not just a Shiite tribe and now I try to duplicate Kirk but pull the sock puppet tried to make you when I criticized other media members like Barry. That's when we come August peak was of the drug always knock on that's what you do throw isn't sport Ocala. The two cities that it could go either way. That's that's the city talk did you watch game one. What it because we zoom away. No idea it was a blow. Right Toronto's terrible yes feeling worse as the game performance in game two once it filters into church of open curtains a picture of fire back. Let's get to my. In the US we may very happy we are going to war power as a huge obviously you without you we got here is not a great events. The mineral that's just did I just to hold central terminal one eagle five as a book yes I would love to have told Sharma who why. As we've talked about the brawl we'll have a good look at New York Russell or later and you're going to have always emotional right. I'm not sure why you don't agree I agree with no movie did request was for a New York tabloid guy was told Sherman. And named 34 guys so let's get one of them it would concern me about you and I had really no problem that. Did they just dismiss your requests that's a good that's a deal at the end why because they know would make you angry and they're so afraid of view but that's but that's just my point but you don't get in the meat that's the other issue between Russia not mean I don't like to joke I was iPod I was nodded I thought I was kidding I. I criticize literally never consulted. You know I should criticize can more often for being your servant I agree. You repeat designers are doing pretty. Doesn't your hand it isn't a hugely bad its original Sharon but I was never ever ever told I was gonna see I quarterbacks about I think you and I am. Aren't necessarily. Homers. But I do think there was this wave of homers and after that brawl when such a Kelly the Bruins. No kidding they played the video is your hero standing ovation what was it like Red Sox did the right thing you'll think they did the Red Sox did do the right thing you guys in the mine or Russia with a hot chocolate at the right and that was very nicely throughout that was terrific it was a really nice moment there organize very wow that's nice if they do. Then so what they've put it so you're writers are 101000 people of the game so holy places and meet hot chocolate available to Ottawa just 11. Yes get out there get it on admin and people are so cold so let's go until sometime and get out of the rain and snow sleet it doesn't the winter classic line people on the boards according to a closer to us that winter coats is only its stand that it was available free to just standing there trying to get the last time to walk around us and Todd Warner did it himself than we gave. The Linda did to. That they actually they're cute they're really nice dinner is very very there's really nice people now when I see them have a good sense at all to be prepared of anybody that is regular folks but today. Just a touch of lips yes and they don't care Chris Ray and mr. Emerson and I mean just you know regular people we don't -- games but you know players. And it's about 30% that's always how the White Sox probably get us to neighboring home I had a Deborah read out again they're the team announced 101000 they were than a thousand we have arena that was huge camp meeting in the place that it's possible how can they do they called right now is 700 people the game that would have split. Other tickets seven accounting had it every hand that we had was 974. That's when someone else just over 101000 plenum was originally Friday before we got. For Bradford stole this great idea that it relic was to have mud run during the show me the check in Asia society here right. NB we've got to checking we know we can't run two miles it's true he's been on the weekend he's claiming he's the piracy and running at the days they were a mile and a half of my final trading on Saturday morning I don't have. Almost while they can we'll just ask you know you're can hold Carner five. Five current recess. Well. I've knocked it about Fletcher could do my own house. You don't regard loads are cigarette beat him if he runs the race. More cars like we're memoirs of rights and you're like what's her face the glass Jeannette walls what's her name. Chick from this is us now the right of the one who's. Wouldn't rule out there is that an alcoholic dad. Get somebody else for Wednesday for just a small is going to be and you guys have nothing else just pick on the three days a week and I want you to say traditional tea it's orally for the city and multiple Jason Tony and our people also give us one we don't but also map these Gerri what I tweet about what type detailed what time is Gerry threw a lot we worked media slot act someone passed in the show but I feel like you're a promotional tools now it's a lonely and that it's in a devastated it's it's directly if you loneliness. Big advocate of the kids are gone you all I didn't ask you always saying what's the deal between so much did you want here's how they got Buick is the kids are gone around the house sentinel you know I was doing a lot because the kid was home. That was part way between Utley anyway Philip it's a pick up the slack for you you hot fuses to tweets he's the hobby we should go like this summer we go out and play golf term should spend the week a couple of days there. Hang around its local close right around where in not. More of great in the as some of us have some pride we stand up when they try to push us around we pushed back I remember what Kirk was like that I think you know fight the fight worth winning though. And I wonder how one. I guess he decided that I don't yes. Best of us care more than others 61777790%. Us are deployed to get users to show for the US open. I would. Pick up this year are important here what's essential for Margarita on the great we probably disasters in history yes it not true you'll come in with me. I was flop Perino whether when we get via an adult belt Watson to have an accident as well known drug house note agreement page it's a phone park. Yes we'll see if the no cardinal Brady tomorrow yes that's that that would be the big story you'll see that as well so how would you so much. Sort bigger all of based acquired him running across the street and ambled seat you can get two minutes two miles two point six miles straight recovered pretty well why not 1551. Yeah seven more on big smile on what time when we went to order at 838 there. Ether that's beautiful there are friends knew about it the GM makes its plug and we do this to slide friendlies they are today says one major roles. Juan it's tough when those guys you're gonna make sure they know we're coming over me and people you know like like I was kidding around like Michael Mallon knows them joking in the show was great we love immigrants that you plot Britain plugs I didn't think you know and asking physically it's okay Scott after traffic around and they rest physically what US defense. And asking physically let's just make sure they know were coming over their to do this doing. I'm sure there are so they don't for argument sake. They shall but he ran in June to start FaceBook lighting some guy in the when you are because of that would be epic do you it's a public event that it knows no he's just looking for ways of plugging that's right that's all of these are doing great they don't need my plugs. Mr. right. Adding a lot. Of those came up we get back are you nervous about 600 visual shape and what why you why this is to Monday's general you guys are looking at needed to give some sort of contributed the other night at some of the shows we are request asked what you guys are huge on match off the year that rattled me for the rest of the should never seen them before and out they were ten minutes in Britain analyst Matthew Mark bought. Mental emotional and I don't think I thought boy that he's so you don't have any thoughts on the rooms. You know with that are boring series of four did dominate for a thought to be fair we always mocking what you are told you what I just said line. You'd just go running a series adjusted upwards as Dominik yes yes OK give me another pot I Austin Matthews wasn't even try looking beyond that is if you're Toronto it was a terrible if you can I thought we don't I don't know that you thought that no I don't I had I did not see. That video many thought it hurt me when the house of dale tweeting about it so I could I believe him if I don't well casual days. I'm casting is better than Babcock houses in what way he's being he's a coach and always have. He's making all the right Michael Michael moves that the beat the Bruins first line is so dominant. At the Toronto he plays the first line that's a great move it's a great line great move this to do what those are my thoughts can be yours I don't have any nobody gets talking about Omar issued one hour. Okay your thought is that you thought that it was a cast he's approaching Babcock because of its first I've been really good yes yes what you thought it. It's 617. 77 when you become what you markets weird world 61777. Which remarks seven OK now when we get back. Let's talk about how dumb ideas and telling us don't want let's the Bruins. The Celtics it's you know let's not do the patriots just forget all that will get the outcome what is the Celtics talk about Carter we want Celtics we did the Red Sox with Jerry that's got us number one when we don't have one by Utah real hockey. We want to double we have we talked all around and use of it I think the Bruins joking around ears yeah I've. We talked about the people who talk about the problems which like the big talk exactly what you would just depend. If if if big that was I thought it did all it said the cast he's a coaching because he's the first guy that market I was kidding dug yourself while you were able a couple of my thought is and was wrong. Always wrong that's a thought the whole world astronaut is that is if we want our hockey we criticize the media people okay when you master it would come back to use. Remember in my views we've got. And it's very showy way for the oval no big deal. A top brand new and brandy love thing I think after that you're never going to be the second one of those people yes you set the ball like criticized the management all bank one of those meetings at the show and you went home like you talk about so we'll come back don't rob. We did show highway Friday great show will do Jerry's way to. Were you know he's mad because were ignored the Celtics Red Sox Bruins top pitchers all four. In the first segments of Jerry showed today he brings us out of breaks in the brakes were good we're home we're done aberrant. And I wanna hear from Wal-Mart hockey experts like my friend Glen or when said. This school obviously yours you watched Rosen good to its lead. You're good goaltender that the best coach you do you hit. Walked out of their game. It was a terrific game by the way and had it negativity of the physical element to it it was unbelievable. Place. You know get you some little ball would you must have like good little it felt good old clothes small ball like swallow it was good. You've had the at the country thing which is gonna keep this going here clinic data to figuring whether he's going to play you had the that high ankle which was phenomenal whereas all the but recapping everything have a world like that before. I was came on a thumbs could recap once upon you went to the bar on the air RCA articles yes yes. On that and then in that hole for her in the car like one hears me talk with parents saw. We do all the time don't really truly sorry what was it everyone it was that you give it sort of original font on the gorgeous little recap giving up in front of him. As you say a ball hard again he swung and hit it in the rain on the basis. You know we had a little caller who didn't know little flair to a chore. Yes real human. I want to get to his prediction where's the Toronto would you back in this of these series cause it's not going to be. And Alex I heard minutes rights can be sweet I think. Yeah permanently game. For five games to play with the pride for a general rule the enroll. They're general the norm for him in the Stanley cup of degree that are there the arts degree in our zone wonderful write the report don't want to blow out. So what's when the championship would be great run Bruins win. So you're predicting us August advance and then lose to Philly Philly wins the NBA title young men. As Cleveland's going down and Google and Google. There are issues that is there are ET patient. Yet it usually goes to him play Houston used to. It's it's Cleveland that's the browns first first round loss in six years. It was a which is amazing smoked. Announce that most of cynically funny they were now he hired me yes we never thought I'd never ever LeBron what LeBron ideas that it was finally everybody else. And he's so open shots over and over again those guys could not. Yet this is about is the windsors. And arrived in Syria say. And it always tests at the households accords its plunging a scary and shuttered republic only the ball in the Indiana Pacers ominous the pick. If it through the tunnel all the did pretty good grip it triggered by brigadier is the blame guilty of it but to put Philly when he beat Miami. Five teams and they're going big nominees. Who the new date. But it played the Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals. Senate semifinals every match so don't get to Boston get from Cleveland first timers and no I didn't even realize that we is between like the first time ever sort of put the sixers playoffs as some people point to the people seems like it's odd but it's one as we arrangement that we write historical courts had him sometimes it happens yes. The report that terrible shock to seek only one would ever talk and Maxwell lazy and able to better city Boston or feel right this animation writers like usually just order that Altman I I vote cheese steaks and mayors and make a bad a coach out. Which I like those columns and what you wanted to geez they torture so don't you like to use technology to his own cheese steak we don't want those things that only really weird people don't like Edward good steak and cheese now. There's opens oh good one on oil could cause he's always I don't know or other don't tackle numbers nine pocketed until house now I love you and I have you know that and that's the odds normative pops us. Yet so anyway that'll happen fairly go to finals to play Houston who use the funds such I think you're pretty good. Through Houston finally faces a man Gomez writing things hard to bomb loser maybe he'll leave you turn out to be right I was not last night that pretty good Melanie burst it is partly around my original Celtics I would I don't care act is I had I hate. Westbrook but not as much as I hate Popovich. He says I think he'd especially looking at other shirt on mr. no get a sure it was fun on the players arsenal today and shot goes like this weirdness on Naples in the Cabela's lockup not dressed up and I don't know a dozen you know I saw it was us it was clothes. Yeah I guess Virginia. Does he win these things again it was one dollar more than 121 outfit per game with you every solid majorities to donors whose charity or whatever. Picture of the next on its us ties aggressive but college but the tire issues of the racist. You know quite rational reason he that's right it's very aren't seen as not a racist he's a wrapped. Like Nash Eddie stop doing it publicly now emails that he gets machine by go to him and people barest of yes but he is supposed to should be legal I do this almost sexually apology not just my high in viral infection and weird smell it thing. Does nothing to him. Its accuracy you really hit red tie it ready when you have a bush launched their passes. Jim Nantz might well they'll handle after you you're treated you're gonna get to you he's demanding be part of it. And I thought I saw these golf psychology I was on the CBS website yesterday she did that. Push its rights yet it yes and he's a CBS it's true natural him. It's sit in the story Diaw obviously he's before but that she was surrounded with her. Tim remembers this FEMA spokesman said that the whole thing was. Right the completely done right you ago sent. That or that that happened like that but sadly it's in every every newspaper every TV station hasn't written the people Boston realize started my partner. Unknown you know but our lives you my pretty soon can't. Yes brings a lineup to write it this whole picture they haven't started in general brands you know people aren't there is a draft by the end zone that sure yet seen budget draft attributed to get a quote. So we knew. Toward the end we said we saw us we mentioned off the possibility seven times yet we started stealing beer goes it's that was not that was not differently program where you said. Who's to say I think Popovich is gone around the band I don't think it is right Ali many people find an acute charming anymore. Besides media that's it. No arms I think even members of the mall and within a fed up yesterday. There was nothing really funny he was just able. Right OK what do you want. So tired this. What went wrong Feagles and what went wrong or this afternoon sorry boss when they played better than we first of all leased line from the start we've just sort sickest he loves these onstage is right look performance he loves to take enough. Mean east's Belichick is difficult. But Popovich is a woman hostile I don't think Belichick gets off as much as part of that amount does appear republic Popovich is he wants it both ways equipment will be nice to these people make you could tell down deep he really likes and shares political full audio for us you can affect us. So he kind of does this week week thing ward but it when he tragedy this seems to pull some what you asked them to you know Syria tax or some particularly in you know right right of you see those two to. They're black guys were kicked out of Starbucks. We think that it would not old GBT movement or woman suffrage and people have to be made to feel uncomfortable. That's plus pot shot a couple of time that black I drove through as a country Specter. And I knocked off immediately call securities support found that what is a landscaper I don't you know was ten hybrid of flowers but let ago but they're about to get swept in the feels like his good run so good work I want him domino. Yes yes I don't even care of signal sweep them right. Yes five games or whatever else so it was only got like a couple more chances to be told Dick. But it warns listening and everyone's watching these of these guys will go away never ago wade was coach coach the next Olympic teams and this week and yeah so is it what's he been your sanity I believe it should shift he stepped away except I think he's almost is what is mid sixties Belichick's ages. A natural check for the military and should respect. Him. Out here Jason do you tell RO Popovich as. I think sixty and 69 you said the Celtics are gonna lose and they might lose his my thought no skin care is Jason Tatum deleted game one. That's all people talk about the entire offseason skid they got one the draft. How good he looked like those guys on any hostage. Everybody you know so they get bounced in the first round took the Celtics fans woods arrived there it was 64 game yet lose and five when people pass each other in the street you can talk with him shake hands up carrier wasn't there a big deal but look how well Jason -- play and Jalen brown a price Terry rosier to an extent they put the bid lastly the paid on. Specifically he showed zero fear for first playoff game. Offensively his game is much better at bottle BAC rookie in the NBA and if he is it a little bit stronger next year. There that's also the fans will care about that all cared to get knocked up and the box here in this first round. Usually first round loss matters and this is so pair out carrier won't hear the they'll care about. Gordon Harry woods ankle. Who care about the guys 33 Jerry can't worries that's all of all of the development of a player you have a and skinny body offense is huge star who's in the only player actually a couple years there's of course and how often watch on the loud and yeah I'm home I don't try to frankly Davis and he'll have a great career in the Western Conference and hatred Jalen brown hold on it. The big guy and keep. Would you you would encourage recent favorite thing Davis. I probably would but that was just I'll be the new world pelicans are going to. We it's it's that and you've heard this a million times and I hope not the ten way ticket to victory last that your public you know that's what they were back this year. In urban hopefully back picture please help this team is you would like sixty and it's he could easily threw you off easily with a sixty games to Iraq and with the expectations. It's all kind of free money so I don't even really evening first at bat normally for business outlaws and as far as what would employ some people it will not Celtic fans will shrug it off and then missing passionate players. Doesn't it doesn't matter what you do you think fans care producers know they liked but the serious you know just a great effort greedy Gotti was a great game yeah. You know usually I went to see Milwaukee you know it's from him you feel like it's going to be a boring game and on the parts box. I mean the board game for awhile the Greek fracas is great to watch but it was a boring game you're born teen boring market or CD. But yesterday was spectacular but you're prepared to Cleveland game. The golf tournament the Red Sox game Bruins games Bruins games at the outset last ten minutes of the game in the overtime great. It allowed in July 4 quarter and overtime of good really gets that second and into first and second quarter offensively and a third that's why are you going to turn over after two that's what a solitude loose games of the series you have games an issue you know 30% score Pasha five point better from three point land than that it from. Overall they cost the right to her first round it goes out offensive games the Bucs were six and eighteen in the square for a hundred points the shoes of those ugly games the Celtics will win. In this series which is why it will advance. I'm probably lose but it seems like a team that will be much better home a remote record as the Milwaukee yes the problems at most target shooters picket young guys who who was his coach that it was yapping about yesterday about coach Popovich said who serotonin I've never heard of him in my life yes did you know his name. No idea and I handy guide many dramatic and fired some kid was gone and others placed it well and I was trying to figure out like who was restarted it this. Yes that and zero cents but a I'm then somebody wrote about him. Those Pavlovic got paid his dues. Like you know Brett brown you seemed a little overmatched that gesture and Wi-Fi and sixteen homers and that's great now it's not. It's OK oracle when they overall how many wins they have. They report report thirty some. The men were FR 500 on the road and he was an MVP candidate. Per team won 44 games he missed a bunch of time right towards the end of the year price affected his wife were lost a first team on the play offs negates. Anywhere wants to go on what court you I'd say I would say Al played him to a standoff when you spend. Yes yes yes if yes yes it was amazing losing me the truth out about marriage activists Celtic ever. Who or for these courses are our number right now guys pay Celtic ever right. Sharply could run through games now worth wanna get them Horford debate really because he played well yesterday we know what he's worth every sport and every single penny. Well I mean 11 round if they wanna game box at the box and home. At home in overtime additional you know in the left and right yes yes. Yes obviously it is tough matchup he's but he's a little like that. It's a big it's it's the other teams to the it is hardly clear written he's not worth the money now when he scores be I wish Jeffrey well now or wait it must have actually have one of those games in the series is eight and how he played well he played really well in a thirty points like eighteen rebounds he put it he plays are million free of our success solo for him when he does have a good game like yesterday it's the pylon moved back and Jerry's talking about the average out people. And Celtic fans go crazy when one. So above average game it's that reaction by. And he's been so blind so many other games they play well he played really straight that's kind of what does that posted when he's posted yes yes yes you're supposed to do it later that when there's no Heyward there's no word like this is the series you're supposed to averaged 25 and thirteen I can I tell us what Ted Stevens had the you know he was our guy our go to guy right. Which he's not comfortable in that role I don't think that was not but he has that certainly is not. And it was then they went in the low post 200 times deficient forget his physical and he needs just I want everyone to get it I already free throws me thirteen. I think what's a mean degree freak is amazing but he's not as strong as or for not. You could see when they when they also about muscle united Russia honest was followed purpose is talking to credited as he couldn't stop on file them out which is what they're gonna do tomorrow. Tomorrow morning tomorrow and do the same thing distraught in the low post time again get in the fall troubled kid Horford in a little bit of a groove Africa. And benefit but I don't windsors 767. Gay who supposedly. We shall we move them or don't toward our guard Ramallah to face Courtney Cox. Words we couldn't put we're going yes in that case it was Wii is the Bruins yeah he's ultimately. Yeah you're really Celtics have always been my duty to the Toronto will win the game. I guess the winning game is about the couple that were too tough part of playing. Last change at cart. Yeah chaps Babcock magic at home with the last change yes Terry desperation factor away your rate of desperation to me yeah Cassidy guy who puts their slapcast we have NC Cassie on the road it's yours that's a good point he's comfortable always play. Fred we'll style yes. There wouldn't be of course was still around you wanna close to Iran or because you lived in assessing all the time yeah. The liquor store icy winter storm this with Vermont wouldn't go whenever slim Jim or something going to trigger too manipulative. They want Daley doesn't mean you're a runner for drinking. And drinking during a race yes like now. After the race not at all do little nip at somebody and somebody in the stands for several supporting his you know these guys train all winter. It's when Tyler is in the little excerpt. The news of the day they're losing four. And it's the wanted to postpone effort. It's good questions tomorrow this front tomorrow what's the difference tomorrow is supposed to be nice people work today and then 50s50s. Clear up a lousy week where are. 47 and raining on Thursday 44 degrees and so are crazy Lou lawyer activist set himself on fire. To protest global warming over the weekend yeah that burned himself to staff wrote a note to us. Because of fossil fuels. Because of global warming. Mentioned being that upset about global warming could be that passion about anything. I was in global order restricting their car up this morning and now I'm Marathon Monday April freaking what is that sixteenth sixteenth. Texas tomorrow. I'm curious to hold this would look at US to generated 60. Get more than refund six straight years my payment from. No longer any kind of British saying it now what do you don't see are good come get. So I say you could guns right to barricade yourself in the house got okay so a guy sixty guns also on the gunmen seem fair. Yes I think I think we are pulling the plug on the will come back if I counseled the report applaud much. My sense of a lot of positives for Obama right. What is it what's the funny part of what I don't indoors so we get execs want separate sessions on imports 790% and that's about it right. Both go in there. 540 weight. It's. Like we've probably. I just you know it was kind of funny idea in theory but that McAfee stole it really and then it's over right now. Right that's almost front side and the bad weather to get the runners some idea of what's. That would make it more stories after the show. Hollering at two point 62. Things you can too. Today huddles again addressed addressed to run inside my wife Mary who wonder about how funny about angels. And I don't know Gerry Dick. What did you bring this up earlier. I was in the loop on this what did you baseball gas yes marathon run boy that you brazen yourself he says there's nothing funny here. Exile to try to make it's gonna try to make it gives them ideas I have ideas yes like Iran us what. The running off a little grass it's the radio. Well that's all Israel. The thing that I run to open is video. The new face will blend in addition it on the radio we don't you know FaceBook I was in the first priority. OK so I will be the same thing on the treadmill running outside not so rich it's my he had elements of the runners. William on some hills some puddles. Or some traffic I don't know run outside whatever yes but Germany running G issues who's gonna fall and then he's alive I guess Curtis is Iran to have miles yeah well I've got to go running run her body reform is this. We did Curtis he ran four miles region twice veterans all of the same time without stopping that's real darkness which beat export miles down from. Wow do you believe now neither amused I ran it's always nice intimate indoor arises you lied us but it's a authorities and I'm impressed you who. Thinks neither without its did you run I Cornell you're building up to. I started on Thursday decided to get back running ran six miles an hour thirty minutes I was I was entered a six point on the first time you running years you did thirty minutes six miles an hour yes it was it was a failure before. Two months ago. I had. But before that have been used in that but I used to run six miles per six miles an hour thirty minutes I didn't agree at least now we have some of race for the challenge while. There is no way really sort of the first words out of that. First annual. Patriots a real race mutt first Curtis what went mile and a half. Outside meal it's two point six. All the graduates available to teams are able you know OK so currents could do to my house but the thing to miles outside with the elements of the of the race you guys. I'm wearing shoes but you still can win. It's a way but I didn't and run to him. Into a that you go breed of rich if we asked right now people knew bounce we'll give you should. Awesome before the race starts nothing better right new shoes at the past now I recommend a batch one that's comity might and some example we've cars. You beat him and her mom doesn't sign. You lose to Chris Curtis I was a great person shall I prepared mentally for treadmills are different the different preparation. I did you go to fire it up for it was a generous separation it's for Kurdish studio limited. Currents that much you're on ten bucks and marks and miles outside who's who's gonna how we judge this news and watch this. Our internal audits and ice storm in New Hampshire smarter than me and okay we're going to be yet I think we should do and another day. Give them chances in the women's sneakers and I'd rather not do and that's what. We'll have the weather's gonna suck froehlich the next month. OK while they want an end interns here you can prepare for Curtis is dressed he said he sort that he ran for I'd just aggravated were you born and minor children are funded with him because of the water reduced scandal that's committed. I it's just is no sneakers. Sneakers of yours about people sneakers much ability there. We'll do two mile race diseases has a track on the right. There's a running track and on the quarter which shall run there. It from the track are gonna you know map out two mile somewhere yes that's that's too easy to do you ever run outside your life now. Just to run like map my run I did you can run you would you bumper stickers and it appeared at the X. That's easy money. To run a mile and then turn welcome back everyone doesn't world it's. And I'm trying to get there are part endorsed her in the eye say run on stone what do you it's a good idea and now we're going to close the public good climbed down the hill jumped down on the fence around the pike to a mile I'll back on. Be good race yes my contract but it was not alone and he needs to. Because of the pike yes I would watch. We could that be good to you know people can look it's the bruins' practice he's he's really slumped to the Celtics practiced on the bike rentals once these two morons run good excellent. And that it honking their horns cheer them on but again how is this good three to seize on what the radio aspects of each of tedious running in the notes is it just and just to appease you in Europe are sick. Local supporters right now is much funnier than running on the treadmill and it's fun when you like in the wars have in mind until about one component I agree it was a mistake owning my mistake not a grenade at him and it was your idea what sort out their source who I don't think I would Christmas. It was yeah. It's fine for slight roll but I would say that at 832 of them. Should no reason knows what I'm saying do it okay it'll be terrible brought so parents and half past the move what do we do yes. Active month. Now I've nothing now. But you Haitian puny hat will be chat and it's an enemy remained like rain jacket. No jury but it keeps saying no I've not like I arrived a short of psychic sleeved shirt I've nipple tape by ambassador you've launched from an artery disease him up right. You could run an alpha right now but it's shorts. Two models much pants are going to have jeans and shoes. Two miles that wants to run mall into my jeans are new sneakers that's what's stupid about I'd rather it's funny how edition that's it it better but the real competition. From Europe for the for competition's sake yes I worried about the about via. The purity of the race so can you FaceBook live and run the same time highly unlikely why not what we call you saw it came out of the phone in the rangers'. That's it Hershey. He called both catch enough alone we're gonna we're gonna check in during the race there's times over the 4 o'clock Verizon forty arrivals of the two. There 561777790%. That's at 83 set that up Curtis get the call which issues could track stuff. We come back where do we always do which is rip off with GAAP as of right now. Is the initial Robert house not and patriots offseason program Brady's not there is no riding camels you so I think Campbell's is just as the indoor. You shoot pool with house now in the hotel is and I hit the water slide is how's it. I Danny Amendola I think state went off on Bill Belichick he did he did not surprised and very weird Greece. Yes to any Amendola went as far as you ever see an apple or patriot and an active player in vitro right. Yes that is you know will get her on the weak one it's a work week won applause ACL. These things always work for wonder right now it's hard to wondered where via witnesses I'll go shall play that's now react as well our team coming up per.