K&C - Gerry can't believe Sports Illustrated put Egyptian soccer star on its cover; Kirk and Gerry are incensed by protesters obstructing traffic 6-13-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, June 13th
Hour 2: Gerry can’t get over an Egyptian soccer player on the cover of SI and callers let the jokes fly at Mut. The guys also tackle yesterday’s  protest in downtown Boston. 

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It's Kirk and Callahan. With Kurt Mann. And Gerry Callahan. A Sports Radio WEEI. I think we think it's my best quarterback. It's possible hopefully you won't. We get we get back is a prominent. Celtic who starring in the motion picture coming I tell you that is the and we get back in our team. Busy patriots quarterback who's in his forties mostly Bruins defenseman. Who's in his forty's let's say who that is the future Michael forgive him good. It's hour two curtain Sports Radio. 850 and 93 point seven W yeah I could see is well on national overdoing them. I wanna go to a movie I app happy be here my name is Kirk and Kirk Seamus McMahon. I was born October 31 1974. Means I was conceived. Probably late slightly February is that your. Now only January this year. Yet although it was a slander not playable my parents for smokers at the time. On smoked the entire pregnancy which may explain some things would go straight explained my. Eventually early death from cancer which I think is gonna happen before the World Cup if I had to take prediction that the jury or else. This will cut. I don't know you know you'll be dead for this album and I lacks a light among nonsmoking during records on the month. Think you've known remote can I hope that's the well. He's so fast McCargo I don't feel going to be around he would say. What is your mother do when you're she should Auburn I was right it was shall smoking crack. I don't think Allen added that aborting mom. But he deftly smoked while she's pregnant when me and my other little small appreciation drag. It rank in those things pressure. Yeah that got in a glass of wine or two late in pregnancies not a big deal. Chris with. It's life that's that you told yourself next. Only matters how much I think a lot of people price smoked during town kids mature content featured Zachary asks mom atomic destroyed she would be there the I'd that would be to the doctor would be their during the via OBU and Obi talked to smoke as well as smoke and ash trees in the deliberate. My memories of kid is ruining my parents or friends over party that Saturday morning good answers to smoke is fissures in the winter break the ash trees play he always hated. But it could always thought it seems so much worse now. It couldn't have been that bad people smoke and cars on high. Airplanes why don't watch a videos from the said it was smoking everywhere I send smoker section a few times because you didn't have a choice. Most people in the smoking section we're smoke and some claims that. Deceit and everyone around you smoker's guide and they're nervous should words you could just on paper this Derosa I don't know it's. And so much better second rest. Two on. The last time you're in restaurant was somebody's smoking. Yes would be in the Ireland somewhere else to do it or Italy and Saint Louis that it -- World Series is that right we got it restaurant area which it was born in Ireland 2007. For a couple we should be there in the restaurants there people it's in I was in California that was a belief that you split among some smoker section right you'd want him to be the same smoker or non apology goes in Woburn you walked in there was of the during his populist right side nonsmoking web sites won't be sitting nearly. Mean curse some smoke it killed. Second it's mauled to rescue some restaurants and bars or kill them when in shirtless I don't know what you're you'll like and I think the 99 to complete it for awhile right. Because you know everyone in the bar and smoke. Restaurant would be nonsmoker the bar of the smoke yet and of what was happening to those who don't. Am sure everybody happy I was a funny guy hated the smell eating this. Isn't even notice it until he became a big deal when you don't you definitely notice when your kid have almost smoke if you care to tell you care if we were told the news sticking your nose in other people's business. There's dozens of cigarettes secondhand smoke eased some umpires are now heroes and now by you know not if I had that sorts it known as vaccines can go to isn't it really gays or aren't told. The 20/20 six World Cup system between either count how many days yet. B eight years and that's what he 500 is puberty you're totally times that point and a point 953 days off and who we're gonna put accountable and here in the United States. Canada Mexico Australia Ireland Venezuela all over all three countries are hosting does that hurt the paid Democrats principles we're gonna we're gonna it is one game crashes craft is on the committee. For the north and our role of the wall in terms of getting from Mexico United States will have to go through the door it's about having to not present pence will be my legal. Immediately picked is a much smoke and her coming from Monica and this is not much is actually smoker policy a monkey with a glass of smoking. What it Callahan era I can John mutt. Yesterday. About a picture it's a real picture was taken during my ball during the month amid an like cuts the quote three team it's gonna cloture seven chins tucked arguably the scraps on you'd teasing crafts or monthly Kraft talked bookmark coast of traditional -- who was the Bruins players are true -- IP whole cycle the chance market again today. Ally for. I can say what what is the chance I recycle the ship. And the favorites today I also say this early on as a prominent retired. Red Sox player. Many in the media master data to including at his charity event in front of him or tell your players meet reporters about it. Don't notice. Sorties. Albright offered Roger you've got me hooked and managed. The slots are tired pleased they've must agree if you don't think it makes. Yeah. It was seeing me around Fred Lynn gesture at my house yeah let them. I know you do disagree I mean you'll deal mock me but I believe correct. I believe most by this outburst. And I guess where I'm on your team is good people look for. I'll just say there's a bunch of horrible. Yeah. Have you. There was never I was never in the words it's just completely made. I think we have to be careful rooms so. People just can't come out and say things. This bit about frustrating. Wrong. 49 Fisher house. There's no basis to it gets a lot of disarmament. But just wanna. Go on. Two days are meant to lecturer jewel honors. I can ask that question but that's the Russian. Why we have to be careful. It's fun it's rumors sports of speculation widest Kraft agreed to be care you know that I don't like that why care because in this case it makes craft looked bad the Kraft stepped in and again he's the owner telling Bill Belichick what to do much about 100% right since the day. And he's accused of bringing stopwatch to Tebucky Jones work. Kraft is having real girls with that idea he has and he does not want to bet everybody and he on the page it's entirely but that's why there was a talent he was dispatched to the rumor he would not be set much as you can almost sensible certain things you know you have your part or jumping up and down these podcast out people are jumping up and down the votes. About Kraft in this aircraft killed for the actual hole but he does Carrey doesn't like the because he was dramatic was in fact real. I think most people it's actually democrats'. True but he as a woman accused of meddling in this case was quite specific. Like the deal was on the table Belichick wanna do with Kraft said you know. He doesn't that doesn't wanna be accused of overriding any yeah Belichick does it with drop. Exit the exact same thing remember his defense was to Peter King it was all we got news and we weren't all we heard anybody toll call this told fiction based yes he was and that's from the Nile with the witness was he on eBay says Kennedy were so taken aback by the and a lack of return. That he went to a son Jonathan to talk and commented Jonathan about the return. So he wanted to open that my point is it wasn't like yes and added I think Kraft told Belichick. Tortured and craft to vote for the trade grapple but I don't told them well mass trade and yes yes I don't know what he's at a hospital on radio and I'm not goggles for these two quarterback Brady's our guy figure out of place to go play Jimmy problem that's so that's what counts the same thing but he didn't like the insinuation was part of that hate but it was part I Hewitt. Now this is second player with Brady I had been based OK it is the one guy's got control over now and crawl to. That it makes Belichick look bad of these all these top players that about your craft decides what happens. Yes I'll get my share a doctorate don't. This on charges agree to a the craft probably yeah this is partially perkins' sore between I believe the parts I don't this is outrage craft that's that's. It's outrageous you get him publicly. Saying this it is okay I'm in August. Guess I mean I know why it's a happy because it in his mind it is yes I guess is telling a telling about his talks like it's not a big. Don't talk about you the room and board podcasts you were really upset you. You fight I don't I don't you lash out now not at all compact that Sports Illustrated and then at that was really good. You'll find it all they'll know I know she I don't I don't know I hit song Jesus sucker let's move on keeping on showbiz on race let's move on. Speaking of nice terrible the school Hogan chew up Steve is in Providence they Steve forestry morning. Morning. All of us all of us he once it actually do fine agency because I don't. Maybe there's there's again younger part of the crowd we don't know but it's this Egyptian I know Steve I was involved when not able that was observing when that covers the only reason for everything you know they've had like one hockey cover year. He didn't so newsstands you don't sell hockey covers right there were always one of Jordan on Togo tiger on. You know this to stop or those guys move to magazines. Who would ever pick up a magazine with the egyptians get caught very saw him equities along who's on the cover and let him six of them was at salon Mohammed the law. Is it very famous soccer. In America. Yes for a pro football soccer in America so which is on the revolution. It's on the not a minute okay so he's a very famous sort of play in America he plays in Egypt. It was a Liverpool. So it's like England. In his from each yes I was with someone in America wants to read about Liverpool's more popular in the revolution. A death where it. Here a year that's for sure Liverpool is yes that's certainly within their votes out within him. And you would certainly he's a exactly advocate for. But first let's pretend to be soccer terms were squalls Mohammed says I'm an England ice by means someone has spent more time there's talk of corporate suffered its hawkish. God Steve. Or wanted to congratulate her consistently be in order are just college this weekend you those are great sanction on you better totally overshadowed by the fact that yes sir told the police department much indicated the glory hole between sells auto market. What are we advocates you don't let. And make out. Did you win last week she does your question that we did not weigh in now. You lost we lost yes. Nothing on the consent degenerate and below quota set up a point where it certainly somewhat slower pace of is talking about the little great weeks you know. A Third World we are planning any so what Toyota Camry running and a little street. What they have naked man sitting on responsive in the driver's seat again it did not like exactly how went down Steve's. It's a fact knew he was in my facts and all it. Yeah but yeah oh yeah the other day seem very excited about what was storybook outlet to actually keep your thoughts on the articles. What is shocking Slade Steve they're not sleazy jockey come on get right to it and goggles yes. Many frank. If you really wanted to give your children something remember your trips the Saratoga but yeah and change at wal. A stack of unpaid bills from late shackles let me be used for bullets. Have a good ice skating. You which is fine thanks Steve he's the best at night and again. So that you're currently this weekend congratulations off who has goggles Carner. Cart has got a couple couple prison jockeys had to undergo as the kids yet it's lady what are kids do with them. Where is the day Borg they Wear and talking goggles and our track. Sure. Sounds like they sign an autograph books. Bringing in this week so you had you were wrong I talk to you both Tennessee for the racing to leaves nothing Justin when I said he probably you know we talk we slightly adding some. He's a you have to bet against the beast fortified as a gamble he'd have cut as you can imagine overall. War with terrible tragedy play. Black checked curve not sluggers on one now know you can go to casino or not. Lady than you played electricity of that rule you can get a collector public and showing what I saw that the fire Felger signs allies on this for doc. That I made his old. Yes just like this time that I I it was in the middle one of them race previews and all these these two guys are on five year battle get a thought it was YouTube is the sign look exactly the same. But it's two guys from Ireland diehard fans of the show is untouchable Kirk I got as he retired from the big payment they'll keep him through the Senate's as we get back. Unbelievable. The picture that I knew for sure it's no it's not your honor to I'm telling you and your future people gonna stop us in the street Haskins beau Mark James him. He's of force of nature runs it's not taking them to keep keep cell I don't think so I'd move on yet it's usually and move on to and that's that's the reason next rising star after margins. The idea. Which is named from the park by Mike Norman dale those goggles they are problems here. He is handsome guy he has significant. He's everything that lives now so thought my favorites. And I told joins us right now. All that's gonna happen. Departed it right weekly press during the World Cup its front you'll want your kids in horse racing you think it's healthy. Vocation. Most wanna be given to horse racing at WWW. That your your your you'd pay at least he bacon become wearing when they kitty cat is an autograph of David Ortiz who you think he's gonna get in the baseball or Tom Brady whatever. The Jersey Brady's gonna get in football. When you were the Kong goals of the jockey. You assume is gonna giving the public and be fans of the sport yes that would like that prince this wasn't in other words doesn't might buy so you want your sons to be degenerate gamblers know you don't have to be to just reduce my young and it jump in the sport you can deadly event yes it's a beautiful mutt who watch this horse race and doesn't that nobody not nobody I know it's there if you can gamble on you would never watch again probably. They're profiting big part of a wave profiteers so obviously some cases profit right it will you don't need somewhat racing and things like Suffolk has no leverage anymore they view yes well one day. On only three weekends in the side. The rest of the time go to. All going July the rest of the time it's just someone has support local racing they don't care what is actually animals that put him on TV like that completely. Think cartoon things and they would still say accountable at all that you they have now is virtual racing I see people betting virtual racing its fate you know pretend it's gonna like virginal re going to cigarettes you see people you've you've done and never done it not. Have a choice to good ideas that means no more paralyzed jockeys. No more horses that break eggs would you find it wanted it virtual vomiting the jockeys in the opposite direction yesterday yeah it was virtual hole yet there virtual cages at this summer or. They dorm rooms racial dormitories. People's. Hymns and can't what's up strategies affect the fault it's. Yeah besides you really got to hold on let me get out of the latest. Dumb dumb I would be achieved a beastie from prominent and that nobody to now as the score between kitchen directly or the nobody calls into a talk with the same jokes every week him oh I didn't really lose gas in Rio yeah yeah they demand it scanned. Are anonymous stuff and it's not funny look like he's Steve is this bonfire couple questions you. What the score a real fight game that achieved that to a. My. Thoughts you fake outs or an idea of fake laughing at him and all our other okay I'll laugh and back story again. I've I've had bothered you give restore the top the top of the first and made me laugh on Google and so I'll do that anymore early in the San Diego topple on a score that's funny again Arnold top of one same situation. Hop won those scores a unfunny I'm feeling is that I'm said yesterday yes. Which I want to say is taken. Here again I say again and again and again patio bottom one no score reds and Dodgers same situation. In San Diego top one. Note at the positive on the Marlins is that India so it's not so that's what did I do that is until five and I got to but he has not but that's summits in my head and he's erupting Tim's. None of doesn't even one person in the wing and she cared about the score in the top of the first conceding there there was there was a it was not a nationally than it was godless American New York I'd Phyllis certain time slot theater go all the way to the end of it in selecting a school that's so once. Curing cancer my my money's on magazines through surgeries to his behind the scenes as dumb up under I've given you get that you're good record. Okay I've had that I've had an advantage for. Nobody's listening could. While driving his cars brings us just how to pitch and. I just to to doing a good idea of virtual racing does not make you a virtual alcohol still lock them and most people. Would consider announcing the scored in between pitches the low point in their careers and yes it's. And the media Oca correct and by the way might I genuinely do love you. I love shell and I predict just atomic but it. Thank him and Tim you're not funny and you can call every weeks ago. Swung. Sometimes. Amidst these as a different level that Taylor went Friday left the station. Tim lost turned his attention to you lost alls just to try to yes. On don't know I have an extraneous I don't know do. I wouldn't get them out that affected main zone we don't know he was talking about it was. Terry just it's like working I don't wanna scream caused upwards. Of oracle taking them. On top and I'm not at Maine and it could be could be the big you know who knows well in Kabul he's probably wants to. His shots that month called actress I was walking dogs welcome to you that this now we're now running late I'm sorry it's your fault that's OK he's had you can do this what in hell headlines coming up next with crisper it's it's it's good to get their records a ton of great stories on the great stories 8 o'clock today. We get the 8 o'clock government tell you why do you the clock oh yes he was scrubbed because servant or 24 hour thing that sounds Khatami since these energy or subtleties what you. Synergy. In 1967. It on the Red Sox player won the Triple Crown. I tell you that player issues. That you can't spell it all of cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo I have some red ball to him as this holds good headlines with Chris Curtis. Is next Kirk and Callahan on Twitter at Kirk. We're back on Sports Radio go. Each time once again for our headlines. Of the drinks got arrested I have yes. Last Sunday Gardner unbelievable just unbelievable and org you know I'm driving home I was not my wife is proud. A new right I know I drove most waited and waited once you wake you are what drive right in you and what do you think in the past it's how I can still driver driving home and drink he said no heart stopped there for dinner and I had a couple love yours. With RD delicious Mexican dinner in Gardner Massachusetts like even just a moment after that. Wish you choose yes she because she I think we believe like I do that this is a one time liberal. Say much when you have an some Beers with you're addicted to restrict what you eat drink by yourself plodding. Should read I think seal your wife drive that you are you. Art what happens when it's time for Curtis courage and carnahan's. Lie it's the I think you believe that belt movement that was a mistake OK so it's been. Extra like ten months. Now the answer is no. I lied to that caller like you sweating. My wife's not her. I'm delighted that does try to make myself feel better. Because the way it looked was you know you have you. US couple Beers in you're white you can make you look better by senior while they do look illegal best soldier white blood pressure that drinking and driving. She wasn't. Having one drink and driving is I wouldn't say what I did Lamar we all know was she thinking Rick she's she's doesn't whaling although. She doesn't like you know where nothing to say that there's no way I love that weighs less than you do obviously she sure does yeah less than. More than bed I would say. He wasn't content with the I'm just I was going through the entire experience help two usually stuck with what I don't know why it. It sounds better than he was very strong for them alone and he was stricken with his wife in his mind that more beautiful wife look yes. There creek limiting that and I made in this hour. It's pride yourself so I'm not found myself but I heard and again it's got a little deliberately. I actually do because it's better than saying the burdened by its ultimate stage. Yeah I believe it seems getting craft brewery trick my idol wouldn't I don't headlines crutches for him the way don't care there's no it just wasn't very. At much as the months would you be audience. And the entire time into grow. I've brought you by doctor Robert Leonard and doctor Matthew the press the view their doctors Wes Welker 1800 get here I just feel about being sort character on the show. We don't talk about it's never discussed we have not heed and tell me she knows the carters really character on the show and what is not churches welcome hello. She has no idea captain hung while another brings up to her she knows the you do what a she only two shields who treasurys for a she's come in on trying to before to pay. And she knows your tiny impression she knows that that's reasonable she knows the peoples to Russia never saying her when your with a hammer them now. Now the reference list but I don't know pews and what are they listen to Obama other huge fans of there. There'd there'd. Chris Curtis host. Alaska. Why this act. Morning guys below. After president drops us out with George Stephanopoulos CNB. Benjamin Marjorie joins Sean Hannity last night and discussed his good friend Kim Jung I. And I think he gained respect you know he's a strong guy hates. People were saying what's he like he he's got to him pretty good personality. He's funny and he's very very Smart he's a great negotiator and he's a very strategic kind of a guy. Why why. Just go home belong to any follow up don't say that he's you know like to think George did these for him lunatic. I just have a seventeen set in all I'm guessing Sean did follow up now John thinks he is a great personality. Great perks up a trick or personality. The late night guys and and the people of North Korea a lot of fervor. Only do you all for this problem and Alia a canola in your prison the rats are good. The late night guys have fun Trump's ex senselessly. I'm claims he got North Korea to commit to destroying a major missile almost all the album was before he answered. Imus and ocean nausea is Jimmy and Jimmy Tim Russert OK guys that claims he got North Korea to commit to destroying a major missile testing site but and this is a quote he said we didn't put it in the agreement because we didn't have time. Electronic signs an agreement with a foreigner it's a pre nup and those are. But I was wrong areas of what else we got in Mora late night. We didn't do more late night. Comments and thoughts that you've Larry I don't hints that played enough to see it's not fun. Wilson real affection for we have one rule more bird Kimmel we have in my mocking the summit. It an unprecedented 24 hours for the United States and North Korea as our president Donald Trump. Met this favorite little rocket man Kim Jung. I've pundits think it was a mistake to meet with a unstable dictator but can jot notes that in autumn weather doing. I knew I knew some fresh show fun area whose agency is still. Well the president took some shots Robert Robert De Niro and it's. Robert De Niro a very low IQ individual. As I received. Oh many shots to the head by a real boxers in movies I watch them last night and truly believe he may be punch drunk. I. I went to prove once that. You bald look at what it clip on Fox News they want to signal that watches everything about him I'm like yes. People look by senators who doesn't realize the economy's doing so well we've got plenty. Punchy punchy to your. It used to be friends only a dozen of them both and York forever and your guys realistic guys are tropics because of raging bull these other movies he's actually been hit and had to punch the had to do that movie with Stallone's the loan is horrendous. Got checkers from from now the comeback with a broad match grudge match a moment ago it was a bad. That was pathetic. Well we have big news for other famous actors Kevin Spacey is returning to the big screen is crazy you as playing it gay con man who receives a group of young man. Sure excellent documentary. Why it's happening it's the movie is billionaire boys' club how to how is that how you do that. He's he's in a new movie yes on. He's gonna what's next Bill Clinton's gonna make a comeback. Let's control the second billing in the movie so it's not a small role of all and it's nine months after he was accused of underage rape and sexual. Wells is in the movie as. Harvey Weinstein produced in Iowa. This film the 2016. Correct yes it was don't sit every filming it they just kept him as the number that easy Oakland yesterday trying to dance around this meet two things you know we're told he had it was a was basically you know. I'm now we did it's different now are different now yes big breakthroughs to be a bit censure would certainly think you get away with back then you take it away with anymore it's a good thing but you're right. It's you can say that if she's accused of them complementing a woman's dress like you voted things change all of this man's wife Hillary were Christmas with a bit. I'm pretty sure Rick was always frowned upon I've I have always been new movie that's an against ray. But you voted to get this rapists back in the went yes yes getting else. Yes we do so mirrors the World Cup coming to the United States and 226. Brought to the story of good par which is hosting and one point two. There is the expectation that 4000. People will die in building the stadium there's already been over 12100 deaths according to the Washington Post. And here is what you get to know about the watch it won't be that I'm boycotting won't do it among the oil rich country is paying. Migrant workers 57 cents an hour of Alabama doesn't or forced to live in squalor swank and drink salt water. But the updates scores and games do it. They do not know is that right horses are circles cut that degrading or speaking of mud he's already pretty seriously in debt. And I've been forced to drink salt water future will confuse. What's that. The slaves are forced to Drexel water like the one thing. One of the youth workers in Qatar told The Daily Mirror in the UK were treated like slaves in art deaths Archie. In this hasn't surely guilty aluminum can and millions of homes slipped from Russia France six trend you'll do decide reporting that two seconds she'd she'd crawl there was that does Charlie periods from the pigs we have in Kenya. Go ahead. Well a lot I think he's going to be able to afford this justified is now just 75 million dollars to purchase if you wanna get on and on. Wonderful gene the Triple Crown or the doesn't viewpoints and I bought some proof the horse is selling for 75 million according to work via 75 million according to sociologist. At some serious semen that I need to know him and he got the check. It'll tested shall first get there testament either works. What's that. There's a line from Pope Greensboro yes and exactly when it gets out of actually score yeah. Or god it's working I'm fluids down there is Rudy Giuliani he's been in the town and a guy who don't want or don't we should lose down there he has will be again I guess we should do we should do your favorite mayor for get Rudy. Mayor Marty mix fly until we get back on its its amazed also we get back that's headlines by two by doctor Robert Leonard documented personal rights such a stickler for the club or wanna get to 8 o'clock and celebrate the 24 hours our first 8 o'clock. He didn't obviously you can't decide if I can't choose your in the Atlantic no contract because fuel. This Marty Walsh moron Marty when the three dumbest people on earth on discuss it we get the word two. I'm month. And who's the dumbest person you know them worksheets. I don't know him. That's true mud is my own loss to me about the month the spurs monitor Oz comes you want he's seen pretends to but he got. Then. Rob stone. Now people can me Robin brutal crime for example. Let's take years. Doctor Robert Leonard documentary oppressed he brought you head lines. Eulogies Marty washed up we get back. Still trying to figure that I was personally know good question signal that yes this Marty's this thing drives to store drives me nuts we'll do that we get. Sports Radio go. USC walk faster on easy all stopped. She it's anyone. Target adjusted talked to him about his experience what he's been so much money you know who Matthew the nieces are now you have to kill six. Lester threw coworkers. Place. That's more on Marty Walsh. Comes to join us on occasions that provides me. I don't mounds and you must remain in custody although for him like he acted pick up a telephone speaking into it is war Wednesday aides think that what's his. People who assist taught you say geez a couple of months using illegal car to us but this is so maddening to me and is what happened. He's a bunch of crazy left wing lunatics. On sat down traffic. In Boston on Monday rush hour yes for four hours correct jammed up everything pro people were just off on traffic these are people. That put these are people who don't work just as though. Whereabouts and honorable. Whatever correct obviously I heard you. And and the news obstructing people trying to get to work or get home from work yes or traffic's already. But the problem. In this totally mismanaged city would agree now and I disagree old and it's terrific but traffic is a nightmare already for people. We're trying to get home to her family's source the country's worst in the country which heavily so these idiots these whatever and T for these these anarchist to lay down and traffic right. They say they do to help the pork. Well what they did was a bomb us. I think inconvenience. Plenty of poor people and middle class people. And people wanna dock which appointment only doctors and uncalled excellent white collar people people trying to kick places. And I understand you gonna get some lunatic like dome the globe guy Adrian walker thought it was a wonderful thing. And you're gonna get another usual suspects you think is a wonderful thing because anything you're training puppies and was terrific. I sand. Because they were doing it to him is he's it was it was organized by poor people's campaign of Massachusetts at fan and I got Patrick wants. One of the guys organized at the reverend Vernon walker said. We were raucous we were vibrant Agile and energetic and happy to be out there because of the social inequity. It exists on so many levels we were happy to stand up for a 140. Million residents. Who live in poverty Marty want political and include three million met at two point nine in Massachusetts. That would be half the state. And half the country. Can or the rightward biz five of us right here okay base what they make for living tuition on poverty trio. Three in poverty yes by when they made them. All of these guys work. So among those scores from the person operation restore happens in the elites don't Marty watches them easy it's like everybody else likes him Kennedy at the globe are all these people do with their lives. He's a hand during tumbling more that's all he goes decide. That's the easiest to do he goes the siren goes on these social media trouble he jumps on be put the people who marched in parades he doesn't care about. He goes of people doesn't care about right but he acts because he knows it's a game about is about another race entry does that he devoted to happy to hand themselves other races so again another raise again. Because an easy. You got to get strip around everywhere he's a dope he's probably rhetoric Z is I physical let it. And he goes round and it's terrible climate change your general. And did it to gates fooled everybody but it but the people who we're getting inconveniencing the people pay taxes who pays SanDisk terrible at them they're who people who think you know that. They keep this city running. The bums laying down on the street. Our our our living off these other folks that the people actually don't your article calls them are illegal drugs at our party won't even criticize the ones were breaking the law by the way the should be arrested they should be hampered a permit should be restaurant no permit. And I'm pretty sure laying down the street. Is against the law anyway as my girls should. I don't think so when it yourself the the average none she does that I loved her vote was new burgers I hugs there in the fevered. Bloomberg that's true. Who doesn't. Could you defend these idiots if you march. Off the sidewalk with a sign are you want or whatever not self have a rally on the common goal for. You're way of getting attention is to lay down the street. And just screw people strongest that was my affiliate room on this people I would actually outlaws are aussies tell them I mean right Oprah is an awful I'm a little bit. Broken leg of the fund just another piece usually waiting there for hours and forever anyway I write to say he shot and and the EC that. That's the reason why would you get in trouble let's say you did wick you sadistic a driver should screwed us. I had the right away on the driver rescue with him in trouble for widget in Betty if they're politically capital usually saw somebody hit them with their car at some somebody whose voting closes so that's if you track. Somebody sitting in the road disrupting traffic won't get out of the way would you do it. Despite some article it docks appointed run like it was sick and yet appointment yes I would do a particular these people don't care for sick kids that don't care of people who actually have lives these these are just. Nobody's who really the gains some kind of I don't self esteem and Smart thoughtful article all his work is just I think I Barney or won't even condemned them he cares more about you know make your check for latest from the body and these people that didn't like a business and good business the people lack of people could work for the right it would get jobs or in their revenue to pay property taxes people go to every day and spend money at lunch get my news is if you think any of these are going to be a sport that's that's. I mean these idiots who later in the you to think any of more like. Working from any act that environment as property to. In the culture. Well you don't going to do his work in the mayor sides and wonders thousands of people paid actors were sitting for three hours and it just doesn't they can't trying to get home after the recession have dinner with their families just the other party doesn't care about that I mean these people go there people driving around who. It's like mark logic. People driving a jobs they're contribute it was like a commodity here he's already have jobs they pay taxes three dollars or so the people sitting down I would like Jerry at Marty on the weekend is you. Don't spoil the relationship knowing me. You need to Gerry pointed. Yes and Matthew meaningless. Matt Matheny I've known him. He's two you know you're part of what were your daughters aren't Mardy lost it will be when the c'mon you bet they have rain mostly full. There may go owns a charity that we lost their cellphones and excited and and megaphones. And they had no permit that is it crime why they console ordered to handcuffed and put him in the wagon kicked in the shootout. Notes smack him with the. I know it's so Washington's operates a K a huge race. A 109216000. And again as always I don't know how people live elements are against people that would give him credit for that. But I I think it's because of arrays that that should be a actually voted on by that by the by the taxpayers shouldn't all of us I mean this knots. Yes it's insane it's working being getting QBs operates Axel are counts city councilors pays a 103000 dollars in additional work at all though they do nothing. Initial 200 over a visit our he's agency and Georgia you just don't do what what what do they. Do the people's business I don't know how they vote on OK whatever zoning were enemies wants every other week it could do with a work at all or five hours a week. The 100000 dollars 2000 and they take payoffs and sticking their Bronson you know yes. Which are turn into the hole and the yet to ordered 141000. Dollars as a Maximus she's director of technology it's just for the city for the city. Where you're paying for. If you're reviewed driver gets more vacation time scientists are paying for this does dole Marty Walsh are paying his salary your taxes. He's around he's only been ordered Abraham bombs in his ideas. Most tumor in his mad old it is imagine unsold until whom liberal women who drive. You know creases and Subaru McGinley earlier in the world but just job at least right sort. It's so well she's on the public that's the point to a paper that pope's it was down. How dumb can you era weaving them when you get troubling that the shoes that nice offices and we do party Walsh who last I musica and picks them up. Has house and drive tomorrow. I saw Marty offering initially highlanders and bought us in short he took a knife fork and try to eat. Is not one of the great quality great minds and history he's strong and powerful country just and is now because even as it assess it. Forgot what your Padilla did yea their kids' menu that degrade edited yet yet. Anybody crowns collar Marty Marty Marty open up here we go pay you know OK if you Judy Judy Judy Chu Chu. Mayor's office and locked the pace it. And got me. I may go boom boom mayor I would like to hear if there is mr. mega -- okay semi clean up please what is your what is your logic behind this mayor of these people are lawbreakers. And what they're doing is inconveniencing the taxpayers. Why don't you. Condemned them at least do that at least come out. And strongly condemn our picture OK time for everything I like every once you jump out the window and fly back here house there's a better chance of that happening ever condemning any of these people you see first my card support and close and imposed a fine. Now we're now at the 24 hour anniversary of knocking on the air from 8 o'clock 9 o'clock yesterday. On the tell you exactly why that happened we get back in full detail I would. Please implore you. Implore you. The stick around for that and it's. Is it Red Sox reliever closer was actually contract situation. First name's Craig. Mattel who got pictures as well and our three which.