K&C - Gerry celebrates the life of Bobby Doerr; Reimer defends Kaepernick 11-14-17

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, November 14th

Hour 3:  Gerry pays tribute to the life of Red Sox legend Bobby Doerr.  Reimer argues that Kaepernick is the right choice for GQ's "Citizen of the Year."


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He's currently. Half sack. But what the heck does that mean what is their quarters sex. More on what about there have kept just on him or not idiots you sector no sense what you guys get it down. Well you're giving half percent so that's the same thing to restrict me so what's a solo tackles as opposed to a game that looked at the gate tackles and they give it to everybody at home I would have been aware of that rule with Gerry Callahan I loved people that the media hates. He'll praise were born about one of them or more for forty years if you don't elect anyone who's ever been any thing wrong. That we wouldn't have Barack Obama they. He did okay flat none of this is entirely innocent boy did these liberals fight dirty if Roy Moore committed to fail. That's not good. One day every valley. She'll be salt and Kirk Manhattan on the American bringing happening so we won't know Liza this in the not in. Can bring imagine not amount to be honest question you're a forty disingenuous question it's why you what's happening to you that's what life. No police brutality is a huge thing that needs to be addressed distraction you back and wouldn't be supposed to sit over there even be available at the boy and the other reason is cap Burnett who have hampered the American hero he deserves it after. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah. Six what's that that would 79370. Telephone number to a sportsman of the year for you guys they. They talk to us we it's calls Red Sox need somebody to play. They are. I maybe Bobby you'll. Knowledge yet to be to remember about me to remind you have to be nearly eighty. Having vivid memory of this thing isn't just lady retired 66 years ago I guess you'd have a memory of when you're ten for you to say though before giving to repeat itself the W deserve it is retired guys that is if to form largest lobby door was universally beloved never you know what you are negative word about him. Never I mean just classic with a pretty good life had a good run he was my father's hero even as a kid annual while still. And we'll. I'm number one of the best. Second baseman in Red Sox history tonight closest degree yes not even a remarkable player retired at 33 wood on this spot on dole so yeah targets are right now right now I mean it's just glad he's dead the only one can think she's. But splat and understand what's the over who's really. I. Although he only. Her. And only hall of fame and leave them in 99 ever and the oldest ball player period illness mainly player ever. Yes well I'm declared delays getting to hear a player who was when he was nine and I played against. What is it can't cut costs and dollars less than thought I don't add Dublin Bob there was flying around and I've only got let's of that weekend up the issues that's the game counts are dead retired Bobby you'll see Bobby to retire at 66 years ago. Geez. So you have to be 76 have a memory have they any current Red Sox players who go to his funeral I don't know but Dick from Upton is there process grieving today no no I don't think any of these forward funeral will be an organ in fact few years ago he came and said it was kind of emotional since the last time. Holcomb of moss 200811. That the storm was hit senate. I'm too old indeed he was he says I'm not coming back yeah every sentence that could I know I respect him and any didn't leave. I was home and organ in just like look at his eyes looking his baseball reference page them. Kinda missed the whole year for something and it was an injury not not them you know was he was so protest in his own listeners the your eyes as typical no well I don't know I'm humbled veteran. A world war in your review I got his autograph ones. Of the. Yeah. What the right. I upload it's that nice thing of possibly has ever done for me and I asked. Johnny Pesky. Oh yeah yes I said in and to think it signed some for me it's it was a day before fathers as and that's what father's idol baskets that he walked over took a nice wife Paula the thing right I'll get wears cool. So we signed. But you were signed its fall out the door Bobby door son and these are the two class just guys or door okay all of them adults suffering from CT I love the things I love dribble so Bobby door signed the ball and Johnny announces welcome back to meetings and even Beckham looks over since you want him to. And it was Ted Williams yeah I found the clip from this the other day clean out some stuff I think was 91 right and it was an old timers game. Joseph DiMaggio was there in time than it did not it was it was in the opposite DiMaggio was dressed up be a bawdy guns on Huntington talked to anyone didn't shake hands. Ted Williams was great I mean he could be all his you know grow and talked everybody can tankers he was slight laugh and then. The it was joke when everybody walked in I think Jimmy pierce home was there and had a few. Who who who wouldn't barbs for Jimmy bristled and I can't repeat here. But effective barn storming out. And so he gets Ted Williams brings back in this that you got to us and Johnny Johnny Pesky Ted Williams and Bobby door on the bull. That's a nice less threatening us and all I I I have a couple of things that have been done for me were the nicest things but this was professionals on balconies yes the only about a bus so guys as the body to remember it's come up very industrial similarly I told you I'm in right I was taken right fastest winning Q what's the nicest thing anyone ever done for you what's happening here it's a great question the single nicest yes anybody's ever I think this is a good conversation I agree with. I'll phone calls that's a good question and I'll tell you mine you did that assume professionally. Anyone that's wanted to ask the other again I'm working on my my wife and I we're going away to it went into a hole. And we are at the airport. And now forgot our left. Passports. And we time we said how we do this with no other way to get the call neighbor to undermine it that you matter. Can. And short she went to my house with six and mourning 267 in the morning. When he and found the past was pro like a maniac to the airport and and and run in the past few tipper. I sent we sent her flowers the next actually got was the nicest terrorist front gets cars and we were away and tore a hole. I was and what was it like 400 I believe a good paying for an ever since I was a true yes yes she Fred is that the one yes have you ever meant to be our nice which nicely and we have been done for you talks. It's summoned paid for my locker at the munch. Classic is an. Twelve bucks fame. Of course there was enough of it matters I would buy a ticket this ticket for model yes I'm going back to munch off the news he's. And Jesus back and do you think you'll survive this time except have my doubts last time when you wrote their. Let's be fair and it's thing you're you know this is 35 years ago you have less than three months you guys thank god there's one there's no we say I got what I deserved if I passed away and the floor. Much about I would say the hardware accelerate got would be this there I'd feel bad you are just felt sympathetic tastefully. The only he can you any murder subsequently. Sex crime sex. I would say how how dark was that was the wrong. Yeah I would be hard because you're scared you know I told you at my for an. Extra protected after he answered the question is concerned. Is that something nice things are them last couple years ago when you're in you know that's I do. I'll give you one more. I made my list of nicest things it's one of those you know yeah. To collect change her. Yes the court to tell the story. You know got cable news once suns at Fenway act on that final in a meet this company's on the field is on duty that was uncovered some of them in the in and in these so this and we talked. Any mention just a small part of some grand files cup Boston yeah. I'm aware though that station ten Rockford with and they don't took him sizzle a look at mop. Calls me a couple weeks later justice. That got some information. Got his whole record is while we only have once some tonight. I bring my father we meet him lunch he hands me expect like this every expert that his record including it was wild mean when he was hired. His arrest strictly an arrest and once executed in order was rested for. Attending a game in the lord's day. That was the charge fine and always have to go to a game on Sunday every time you called in sick in those days into the doctor's notes every time he you know he was sick. His all on his war record is reckoned World War I very everything. So I mean I still have its prized possession it was not on the level you know exposed to do that but the guy did for me this. Good parliament George Wright father took him home he called sisters they'll came over sat read the thing again they would like in tears Laphen was the nicest. One of them we nicest things evident from the question is what's the worst thing about what you think. Articles saying nice things are worse things we'll do you have plans for that to give anything to not not now knows it and reigning its you know actually I guess the issue. They have nice and it means that those things that it is now someone reading glowing features stories I used and people learn how resilient said one perhaps it's it's when these things people don't have got to judge I don't forget that what's tactic announce that you think a sudden someone doesn't have to do it's a surprise you completely yes when they do so he's ever happens here. Exactly right exactly did you know stores ever be used. True when chipper if cupcakes I guess I just know just celebrated my twentieth anniversary and he celebrated his birthday and neither was even acknowledged how. The repair stations that when you like make it the eighth universally they rent out the wing heat your putts and never generating their lights figuratively in tribute stay after they have to to Greenberg denied playbook and it's you guys wouldn't ultimately would pocket have a scalp on your face. But you can do with a sense of humor you could do you know acknowledged some headphones isn't isn't it amazing nu wood and an art and amazing than last that he lasted a long time yes yes and analysts are explosive and John Dennis Gartman. It carcass gonna last as long as I have not at all not right now but that's thing with Glen to Glen has lasted you'll never last line is that are not as Clinton lasting for hire guys let's Mike song exact now. And intent is to we fought like hell to get them thank god he's in the a 68 doing a mid day show with women on the Christian for mean you know which particular lead than. I'd rather be out there where does does investments that will inherit you know millions truly. Fun that's true. Although I do think even if you weren't rich should be the way you're are you addicted to it this is usually this is your new artists and have a better market is sixty years old woody and it at that point I think you can you'd be doings in sixty in ten years now. Right items now I don't know. Iowa. They don't beat down I think you'll you'll run into some trouble as well. And evidence that either in a Montreal bath house and pray more than what you guys when you're gay you that's. He said that's true and protected that's that's exactly why it's right that's a good point ping times of the pendulum swung all that I can against Patrick in a piece last year for voting people please list. He's getting back there are certain rules that apply to him that's right piece for as big talent to a there might Microsemi philosophy shepherd is is. Personnel in the station that is sadly true because of this merger yeah. Yes the loss Pete. Talk of the companies that can't do it important that we see you now have our answer is coming from Pete shepherd. And I'm answering the worst thing and owns and wouldn't mean yeah have taken chip away from its most ever earlier with. He was gonna come into some hot anyway it was a empowered to. On the talk to the actual people said the peace lecture on eight cents doesn't matter that this is sport we're different company and Flores are going to do film work. He was but he kept idea that he could not. Outweighs and you think where not allowed to play kind of secede from the is it Beasley picked pirated all can still play totti just that he can become our that Pete and do you have to show some are now thirteen Albert and island. At the you know will not crucial do you welcome but he hates you think he likes. He DM and slid into my idioms over the summer that's right to commiserate over cart but he but he has no tolerance no pictures. And only his tolerance for you you know why Tenet liberals difference of a tricky arguing. Like I'm not alone he'd know would Thomas uses and boom he used mostly that's a good about out to nice thing is Herbert Perry came in one day to work mamet's. Show was over I was leaving in unison like if you. My wife payable days last night scope half without it but and I was gonna throw nutritionists and oh wait we don't like it hurt a trash I got some without injured his right they want to take you wonders why I think decoding and I think you know Asia the couple of seventeen years old single I'm really enjoy this bull amazed. The microwave and a while watching TV. It will watch designated survivor tonight. It. I think innings of a doubt you can pick a better. I mean is this is nothing is nice is no athletes are predominantly Johnny Pesky and two that's pure theater companies out of the celtics' streak yet dot com now there's not a lot of interaction and practice well like you know what you work the room now did any good stories. And it goes there's no there's no point and anyone who's doing the job right is uncomfortable Los Angeles post those guys portable but gods were smiling this feeble pats really unite it's not it's up to them. You're not to Indonesia although I will say. The shot two threes absurd. It is jobs he's painting himself as it is conduit this represented fans and shocked is not he sees it but it's not just him it's the media in general of the media you don't need is there really represent the fans in the area there yeah that's what's going on what why do you think they've right. So whatever general is that I don't. That is how they work was like he's jewelry they were writing us toward the gum or doing a report on TV that we're we're presenting its. You aimed it directly yes. Entertain and represent you know two to speak to fans in China should go to these locker rooms just eyes on next season and yet he you know he's jocks for absolutely. But he shows some of the media in general and it's true the media needs to get a window for free one day in case you would rob Pratt. He would depending what we do we write a story that would appear in the Boston Globe just look at it. Now we'll just say I'm seeing you know guys who retired and still go to the bonus you know that guys on vacation they slogans ballpark lately but still going to be that what goes to games as we take temple that's OK but he's and so students who go to do you think he's ghosting and just so we in the locker room to challenge guys it's a series. I've seen average guys who retired going to sit around. I'm sorry guys Workman who's mad then boss made him take vacation. Because baseball writers especially a very territorial and very insecure and they always think if they missed that day that could be on the story. And tribes and it's could be that the only. That's what trials and in securities. He just didn't wanna miss today didn't want to miss one day in and 162 games. Amber a couple of years ago we're going to Fenway whole team member walking in the as one can count got a cab every that's a lot and my they get out of their miserable place if people say oh mobile existence it's knowledge being it's the it's a war I would the worst job in America be obvious Tara and he would you and it's tougher now because it's 24 hours between the client and logging in no no we'll break. There's there's no brake zone deadlines and more relevant because they're they're less relevant with these young total degenerate yes go out right easy and they're made by a single to right it's it's best for a young single guy that's right I'd. Dude per year. I mean you camped out there and you know filed gains realized on the opponents MP from Adidas track entry. William and it is a good experience she a year to see guys have done thirty years. Oddsmakers list the last night cricket IDP aide congrats to Duke Castiglione. Heading home to where. I'll try and yes as a weekend evening anchor and reporter. Our generation have a lot of supporters of six New York that's not it will be at channel five but this wasn't our house expert. I guess great counsel that skips a generation. It's like to be home pressure that's been like in China that's like junior Michael tuna and you can do it on tomorrow weakened the staging parents duke back Duca or auto like it to Frank Sinatra junior it is right. Now that's why I mean that's why change things to do compared to this degree that you always see how many years only thinks he knows it is being an issue. Yeah jobs seem less relevant than weekend sports anchor now click. You're watching the local news boys channel 4 in America 11 o'clock on Saturday night is that when their own local news in general is just so awful. I wanna abolish it I'm not so awful it is important because that was the right at least for the time what's the point of watching all there was a fire in Revere tonight's apparently she hears another which frequently quipped you know once he. How to do is I want to spot and he's not sure to be Washington. No no may seem on Twitter occasionally they'll be the story. But it used to be in you can watch John Dennis at like eleven or 6618. And the LaBella sixth when he and a lynch six point he wants and what shall free. Recorded because you didn't whose back is. When you don't think don't you think I was on Twitter getting my news of the penalties that reading to Rodgers some this was the old did what he's really just yet this is when you had. Perverts like Gary Studds representing us in congress and the read up on the Democrats this hatred and in my Bob demurred when you've 140 going to Iraq sick as a founder Mary do you. I. Columbia mayor who's still in prison I don't know who he. It goes this doesn't disappoint. It's. I initially he would take African asylum in the nicest thing here is out of prison or I mean did you retired. I really origination for you yeah it most for health reasons but also for me yes he was because and very nice thing that was elation ensure going to be going to the ball innings yet there they get just two weeks ago had he worn that since what's the super eight that we got you. The not to throw stones at best I know he is ironic he's still running in the dark yet you gonna die not now if that's to me that that's giving them out like they need to work hard. I would say you get you do is there of course it's junior running in and our driver. I mean if I have to think time makes it easier for them were competition. Oh you think they're gonna that you on purpose made potentially though few American though huge is because he really got my brother about 4 o'clock in the morning maybe Myra shot may be right again I just earth. He would die if you vote yes if you're dark clothes and some hits on our heels get hit portrait or morning or bright quote everything the guy to what you deserve you complain about it yes you. I would with Indians it's stupid which you're doing is released and it's not children would you run Everett 67 night. Once in awhile and I we are the vast I have one. I don't wanna die. It's striving for clocking one personal way I rise to one or two cars Maxtor and you know what some might be finishing IC OM nine I see him. Among them as close a for the betterment facing you so it's yes I was scared of course when in fact I'm not accurate. But young Americans to see you. It's critical in this homicide work on the road. On the roads that you're gonna die if I think highest ranking church is it's 350 in the mornings and those people go Hartnell and we don't. Round. I've got a really bad. Splashed you know what I'll say you deserved you more on why you're needy. Assessment Felger session and he's the best. You know what's nice is it yet mastered one last days might Miami's. Dad was alive. The nurses got the policy pizzas and renewable diesel suites there you can stay in May they submit the repeatedly said about the things for the kids they did that all of owners of the best the nurses on the best the best doctors and ex general. What's that they shouldn't make such a good nurse practitioners are hurt you don't need doctors we have nurse practitioner true. And their double talk is being Dicks they shouldn't be emotional person on right now right no I agree especially. Cancer doctors Vance part of it can't get caught up in that they can hand it attached true yes that you don't want him crying now. Yes you want to be cold that's nearest you that's part of a lap that we talk topic here. We were abused sidetracked on for a robot on the door died okay that's important people need to know I supporters nines legends. I was easily he's a legend you should read and Bobby to remember the numbers are tied into the hall I found what qualifies as a legend the legend allegedly married bird or robbery. Well he's right there hopped on an index level is Kevin McHale is a two levels can material he now Jon Hamm now ex model now he's a lovable. I think Robert Parish oh he's not like Robin Harris Robert pack shot up a miraculously and wonderfully human being. Robert Parish is now three teammates. Of course Stephen Harper stance they've been out it was thought I think it helps them I like and I'm a competitor subject. Is he an. Incentive. To do you're happy that I negatives that are active I mean am I mean that car crash it into let's Raikkonen by. Something is somebody else's fault as a freak accident when we get back Alex and explain to us why. Call hampered by this once great on can't predict low Hewitt sequels do. Also do missing Mike and Mike. It's not that's I want what's of calls from people who saw Bobby door play that's now. Tells us that it set at 7979. If you set them up alliance filled with people who saw Bobby Orr played a game of baseball when it was a game. Or the blacks are saying but when we liked it when baseball was baseball writer. What you need to do. I believe was 19136. So he was in the league for nine years I mean eleven years before India. I guess first year as a same is the monster's first year. And he played against Lou Gehrig who dared and he played with. Who's the oldest player who play with. Oh like the Red Sox are six out of that he he newspaper by those Cy Young elite players and one. He pointed probably played against Connie Mack. He probably did right some of the plane that came calcium do that too and I love that I think Hillary is next like I emptying out to destroy our com Shaughnessy in Brazil and that's what. Drawer. Desk drawer roar roar right a wrong turn and dropped. All the Bobby door calls on as an hour and a half on Bobby doors legacy on your people who saw play when your people with high school with them. You people older than maybe you played against them they were younger in Portland Alex is also gonna tell you what Holland can happen. Is the citizen of the year I will do that it's mornings with Kurt can count. On Sports Radio WEEI. A Manila. On balance trump might prompt violent. He got ultimately Angela ball out prison. Those still to come around to grab them the in this it was a great trip. The men may to the Far East here's my question us during the campaign can attack and attack is keeping us there ruining our economy in any goes any specific to them he picks old games. Police that a trade of some things can change. How about this the Bob ball becomes a huge trump I think number one are gonna help Truex is African American nobody ever notice likes it. But what was used they do with the debt and to the world that's been. Each less and what's his name on encompass Felix on the people like him. It's particular real people yet numbers. Exempt entity could write that these are less they like in the like he's done it's gonna help him the truck necessarily unknown but wouldn't it be intertwined Lavar ball starts and we trump sent out I think it's something you know nothing about balls and number and zero I would fiery bridge rather have on for a segment Lavar Boller and Horford. People stable warming in different ways and Al Horford has got this attitude she's the greatest and it's and he's got a little circle of progress cancers and she you know the cardinal no big surprise just live on the choose a big Colin cap predicts gas are tweet like crazy about it her carve out your own life. When we unite a celebrity like Brothers and sisters are creepy. We don't person but what do what do you do what is widget she loves her brother Livan what did you do defending him against whom were alone makes so much money I'm sure you just takes care efforts those that you probably some phony kind of where he's like. Right yeah it was nothing like in my own life like correct I don't know that's what seems it was. He tweets support we support her roots against Al Horford. I bloomer Loney who else I can give us now I want to ask this is like this guy like that at the actor's guild and the answer is actually did did did the podcast will rip them. I'll they don't I'm saying oh we're at shows where it's not Johnston. Probably noticed is that your sister's way and they just will rip an hour of Lou for calling Al Horford. After just straight out of average understand what is homeland we don't like like focus passion but what are you Weis hope. Actionable this thing it is easier as you like the point that you and I discuss all the and the next generation out of generation. It's just full of sick France is nobody. Who views their job as an adversary or that the interest you didn't know how arbitrary and Sunday morning they're talking baseball in the buckets that he was and 96 shows a segment they want to do it now. That's that say to that same ice ice that I should have pulled a circle are not doing it or not. Doing stand segment but in general that their instinct is to have the back of the player right he's got to make a 31 million dollars a year. Last year I would say it could make the Casey under achieved. You know as a guy's offense has got you under chief of the southern Goodyear British Goodyear this year very good very good breaker for a play straight preferably a point. Toyota's light all couples it all the other guy albeit it was an average average in these people flip bottles also says he's not really watching these games you know he's let his guys look to the Boston Globe bullets into all out with his right after the puck past him more than. All out to this in the united. Exploration be little Al right right about right the whole thing you thought it was because the last these that the few games where he threw him right there again I think again we don't know just solicit that that these are allegedly media members so really look at who would hope that if you joyous way when his brother acts and so okay whatever that they're sorry acted as if I -- Maloney a talk show host looks at the box score he should be looked at. When Els the camera I'm getting a lot of relevance to lose more clued us more relief from last year now getting this much like hell and when he said Miguel you can write world. Celtics crisis so territory itself as they know Bruins right is that they know that Lou doesn't have to be. Rooting for the Celtics who else other than it was also being like use kind of missed the easy kept joking is expected. Right we talked about that a lot last year Al orphans numbers that are average right. They were average who he didn't marriage you know and and you know we had a good post season. And which and Lou points at this year was immigrate season this year perfect children what he can do this or Al Horford force I've never if you lose and me too although you know she's kind of crazy I China called owner last year and turn against him as per day at my and I see it easily Twitter announced it was like and she says if you are against Colin can't predict that you're on the wrong side of history that still prior art that. How's percent. Do you agree that because of non operated. In east and I'm I'm not afraid racial injustice also got the delegates. Alex yes what did he do deserve citizen of the panel pointed out the citizen and he is all it is a golf course given a couple days' time magazine hasn't done the man of the year. Yet and he'll get more rewards. Here I don't think anybody who's buying GQ magazine anymore I think this just feeds guests are created a lot of by the last time. A lot of buzz a lot of people who say they wouldn't. I'm amazed by the wing and align their birdcage with that that's what people say it is a left wing rag up an arsonist and and this is proof read it because if you look at the lots of people let's move the GQ's gentleman's quarterly Ellis fashion and you know that I don't have hard you've been horrible and I used to subscribe to it didn't used to be this kind of hit it. It's it's I secreted every intention any politics and not at one point or another I would subscribe to things for a year to stop. Yeah Nancy I missed and they keep yeah you know. They don't I just. As I get baseball digest I'm really yes it's like this does not like eight years old guys and obviously attributed about and I got down and been like cleaning out my my cellar. Basement via. And as. Boxes of magazines Esquire GQ's insurer Atlantic in that looks a little one of the local knowing when Yankee Yankee magazine he magazine mr. right for that injury illness it is. Boston magazine and Maynard lost the right of I'd root for Boston magazine a lot yeah. Then they then I became an evil I don't remember when things change. I'm encouraged right from Boston anyway to capture capture all magazines and Beckham left wing rags right there you have anyway. Epic there is absolutely no case that they talked to all of these you know mainstream us. Loudly because I'm sore Harry Belafonte is that this is an hour. Radicals I mean these hard Democrats are about her belt and on its own anti American rant team yes he has outlived it lends a sense or that that knocked him that was. Grocery along. He's or she's pro proposition and one inoculation this brochure realized yeah a lot of sense to us out yet try to keep things try to just do logic in that of an outspoken woman is approach a real law yes. Access and Glamour Magazine honors like one of the women that the North Korea. Like here and somebody asked that the chairman nice compliment from Brian yes good unconscious reluctant to open up inside anyway yeah I mean you just attach yourself to this guy you won't allow yourself to eat it pointed gave up his career Murray couples which he which EDT what's the idea. Socialist justice OK how's that work they know we explain as a ghost as a successful movies out. Yes he's that chain of talking he's donated almost a million dollars to community organization what is happening to your rights camps and other young kids up and went to communicate with police he's doing its part one man cannot change our I can't stand alone and in Tyler and you know you think it's tedious and in the news it's so it's one of the causes he donated to was a group. Devoted. To eight cop killer a woman. I joined chosen mark who murdered a cop in cold blood on Zach and I tennis idol and escaped occasionally there's machine he is there is not mortars that caused just to support this woman who's killed police correct and people who only want to pop. Why. Because they hate cause Sheikh Al classic it may be remiss if you more than eight hotspots this one day cops aren't out right now to even it was stupid errors and write any any tweeted the cops are no different than guys who hunted down. Runaway slave historically and historically think that's true. Not the worst comparison not I would freeze the low side comparison yes and so do you support this organization devoted cop killer and about this organ is due to a legend cut to the economy he'll donate to charity what charity. I have a right here Coalition for the Homeless immigrant youth organizations in black female empowerment groups immigrant whenever that one in residence is that's dedicated to illegal immigrants helping them wild beat the positives you came here at their parents. Should we gonna congress now we're not doing a capitalistic you've got a cap predict that he's not talking he's not talking while he's acting instead of talking with. I think it was not I think he's thrown enough to charities during Q is there is what you wanted to do wing community groups would that mean he's hosting the community groups. Know your rights can't beat it last year in the area. He's is amazing to me you have. You have JJ one raced 37 million dollar McHenry who cares she's US. God answers when she Houston's the real idea why it is thinking of you and I Wednesday if this guy hates America he hates you know I love how they do stuff but he didn't have or not I can't stand people like. Like my man Alex over in just. Reflexively. A support refi because he because he's eleven GGQ named JJ watt him in the year nobody would talk about it it wouldn't happen in order to date with the panel we're still talking about two days later yesterday. I was one last year. I don't I don't re one and 25 nobody talked about his front or to talk. Have a public every basic. I never from the Brady and when he fifteen Egypt Lebanon for publicly works for levee paces tax -- project is he loves America it's I can't understand Gabbert is sacrificing himself his career he's in the time his career pattern out of town actually you know why it's political bullet that's more and practicing mean that's some. Real stuff. On like property. Nice island new York and yeah TriBeCa he's being led around by his girlfriend you know I put Bobby Torre quit early in the cult that's true. Exactly like you're a mean sports has thrown out before the war what's the difference on whether that's true. All the wonderful people write both Koreans controlled my dorm hall look at you the second surprise in store calls from surprised that we'll get to business guide. 61777. And 797. If you ever saw Bobby during play. Don't remember the discussion and what's not to say. Nothing pricing and he's playing at eight and she's she's she's not only was she ends adult -- your chocolate for the courier which group called we are very under par is on fire all. I didn't and it's undergone he decides to push its way she's old place committee where she was only his decade or she's going to be going to be sexually harassed in some opposite box usually actually. What did you make 32 million you look at for a career move should go Nolan no formal. Here's a bigger headline at one headline should not the headline of GQ story Colin can happen it will not be silenced. Oh silence and he's too stupid to come out and speak for himself again like he if he was speaking you stupid because I do we have four point oh GPA is going well. Who said that a vote that about a million let me see that that he trance and elements is not boycott of the last year's grandstanding in speaking and speaking agents you'd yell obscenely high BTU. One reason this I want you to speak on more than his words exactly hear positives in life from GQ which is just so what's happening USA today four point oh GPA in college I don't believe that OK okay W four point oh GPA preachers view. LA times what's swords. Four point oh GP four straight year it's what the setting and a black eyed look at about it of Britain. And it ice equity four point one GP. Are they just say like five point though. Well he says GQ rights as is public identity has begun to shift from football star to embattled activist. He has grown why these two the power of silence. Now you really got to make this. Seem likely in the strategy. Is gonna remain silent because it's so powerful right. This half or more on couldn't step before a microphone and articulate his cause it's not true at all Q how much so honestly that I just retrieve this week. Source system the perpetually condones the killing of people without consequences. Does he replies that needs to be this man right. What does that mean I lots of police have killed unarmed black people now actually not feasting not exactly does it not face the consequences and but that's the system. That's the system what's that what's system is that the judicial system. What's these pulled weeds these people off when he stops judicial system lets he's pops off yes. That's just you think that judicial system judges to go through a veteran judges and juries get a nuisance no I don't but he says immediately dismantle what's the system. This was a new system. Well you that you need to find maybe Jerry's that are more diverse. No more diverse journey reversed sure he did. What do you mean. What do you think would you think there are two sides of case right that's right 41 side is trying to hit it right Gerri try and put them correct but there's something wrong with the over again it's not easy solution that it's that he's taught you know he's and it's it's just it should be dismantled Heidi. Ordonez a 104 dollar a pill if I could more if they feel it and by with the cameras following them around he and he's trying to get them if they said. Colin could you explain to us how we could. Dismantle the system. He could handle that this guy credit for you know Nevada point 11 with a long process that I mean the fact Alabi Ana. I get time we at times where you're all our what's what's Hologic to speak to the system systemic racism or an outdoor cat buddies mental. You work through cheat you won't change. Education change education immediately and it duplication and just paper it looked standings yes do you mean does that mean. Discussions started a discussion started because the government itself a public. It's regular pac 617 rules that determine 97937. Hectic right. Only gets calls we'll see guys lineup as he deacon Upton. I Seattle what's with the kind of my bud bud. Part of Connecticut therefore provides a Dekker who's got a got left is an old friend after Maryland yes it is for governor apparently. So should there. It's a good point. Well and some people might agree without disagree doubts about called and you give Alex like the Atlanta this break to come up with a plan is dismantling this as it was a good so far look at things differently. Right and what you have more diverse cure people are quietly what racist you know that's that's why you got a husband and a glass of water you can relax and traffic and it is too many. There's too many solutions to name all of the public about a couple when your calls well six point 7779. 7937. Per gallon without a few years ago came and said it was kind of emotionalism of the last. Time and tools they need anyone's he says I'm not coming back typical you know hum hum humble veteran. I got his autograph hounds. That includes the nice thing about Austin has ever done for me and I asked. Johnny Pesky. Listen in into the could sign some for me it's it was a day before father's business and that's what father's idol this case. He walked over to commence work on thing I'll get waste. Cool who signed but you were saying it's four on the door lobby door son he's into class. Makes you strong Scott Stewart it's that he's had a lot of the likeness somebody I'm sure talk today. But I personalize them to vote for Bobby you're my father. Did it for music which your father's hero. Bill Russell. Should pretending. It's just showed up at eleven chick features yeah. As fair as it probably my semis is heights and helped each player now you'd like. If he would. It's as such it mostly social activism that elect yet out is that more that part of a parish like him. I think back then he's been known better you know. Over the balls on the white right there. Baseball's my some light when they Simpson new ball was a little ball you know all things new ball sure understand that you're still haven't. Right Bobby Orr Bob d'or. The republic who's nicer to world war. Then that's why don't and really no door drug humans are going to be seeing their credit doesn't own them. Yeah or even take the times and I. Know pass their army now. If you didn't happen at all as it was so I maintain I could still says that ever asked for an autograph in the locker room our levels like. He didn't form and she did say one it's time. You know but I didn't ask of a result of his autograph make fun and I'm. Designed to be fair is that. I understand whose name is also Jerry should be it's a wonder. Where I want to etc. I have it now I inherited it Visio. But he goes to Bobby dork you just checked two ended up passed away at the age of nine have been talking about Bobby Doyle morning taking calls from people memories memories together by our. Felder went on fan response. I thought respect for the count earlier Barbie Dora war hero died the age of 99 peacefully and short in his home in this is Michael Felger odds and Craig. He's reaction to block toward. You're dead with two kids moron. I mean that's got no sympathy for you guys. Over the rest contents we know I can't do much public and asked only these east to capitalize. At this time. This time was clapping because door batters he clapping. As a result it is something cleaned I mean I'll ask it is people are asterisk clapping. That sound you hear there what you were doing is wiping hands clean like Anthony Wright is what I meant and what I I think he's got a clear and cut. And as does not their images so that's unbelievable Bobby sort of a great life. Great player war hero great guy mr. says Michael Feldman goes on this incredibly. And they are off I think that there is no constituency either body doing an old like I mean you really offending. He's got on the body to a very good point four euros now at a worse probably dual retired 66. Years ago I'm done beat myself up over this. 66 years and yet he retired or whose only like six. Eagles fifteen. Felt like. Would put public order was about doors wife that was tracked by yes I know is dom DiMaggio this week's. It's who's a beautiful woman teachers are now. I'm but but most people don't have any memory at all book it now will be one either you as a player correct. But just as a person I'd stories Kirk I heard scorcher Anderson. Agree he was the best second baseman Red Sox history auditors I would say that's not debatable number one now and heating. No not yet maybe PD could surpass some right if you disagree don't call him that that's a couple number one up on the I've I've I've about it over the break one way to fix the criminal justice I'll realize. Well a lot of these. Poor poorer African Americans are poor anybody not just a race issue it was a gap in the public defenders nature and are often overworked and a million cases but I went on to that would be one way to fix the system and what analysts. Holiday how to plus way have I invest more racist again and right I invest more money. And public defense trail okay. To redirect their tax dollars that absolutely what that's a that's a real solution I have great faith they'll be done it's it's the it's no there's no winning with us is this is typical liberal just throw money at it and fix it once I've read direct as opposed to work in the refusal to search and that was at the first stories on this there is a personal host. That's a pretty good reason it was like that and that could read it's go to a Scott cell Mexico. Could you guys a great show I. I heard this topic had to call in because it kinda. I guess they were out in the social activism people. It's it's ridiculous you say you want all the systems are configured. Are you here is that specific ideas because. You know the quality in yourself and regulatory personally. Right after the election I you know. Birdies here and there have been going on CPR on NBC at saint. So deterioration oh. No we've got to hold on a console was worded it about what we are all in all the east. That is the least racist at least. Discriminatory generation. And a and a history of mankind and we capitalized on the success with that. I agree with aren't. I think great product and teenagers right. They eagles' big look at people they are color line OK Mike has a lot when you're with those sectors all the so I'll call it's that big left. She was in here piece of mom just wants you to know I'm gay and she moves she was horrified. Because you're afraid of and I door into the most excellent internal discipline one's physical here and art and we are. So the world is so much better Rossi have. Middle class would let myself I'd I'd work sixty hours a week. I can't say any you know you keep telling me you will or won't pick what specialist to. What's your point which are what your point get to it we're joined socialist stepping down and whenever boxes. How you gonna. Keep out and make you feel like I'm don't want to get the job only hours we work. Art where artworks you know with the idea of his sister now. Anyway. Yeah all right. And it it's it is point did I get your points he doesn't like Roemer they want to prepare to court system the sound I guess just a bit. Like what happened in Charlottesville because people are young squad this march is what they Wear. Ultimately he did you read it anywhere represented the people in America. Darren and yes 01% of liked what percentage what do you mean. Percent of people have that ideal obvious and people voted for Trout. Do you think. Is a big problem society today. America. Yes where's that Minneapolis itself the White House. Look. You might help us real everybody you know why why why I am now convinced trump as a Klansman could only Klansman would fight to get three African American kids out a Chinese prison. An apple she insists it. Those sites are a racist don't mind black after my seat races as different forms you guys it's it's just narrow definition of racism I don't white people are secured a black people or this idea to me the more nuanced approach please. Well the more nuanced approach to racism is these white nationalist policies have been acted by Jeff Sessions and these anti immigrant policies that's a form of a white nationalism a pre sell a white and national immigrant policy. I'm the Muslim and it and trying to get through I would say in the bird everybody. Was bored everybody herb voter ID laws as well. And what identification for voters. On I want identification everybody hats because it is a right to vote to not everybody has a driver's license is he's zone you you don't want IDs at the only place you go when IDs and everybody hats out of curiosity people who struggled a couple of identification. Which were they more likely to vote. Not 100 presents Democrat Tata armies or another so so so for all of us either I don't know do you think everybody who votes for trump. It is racist that it is it if you are racist and you okay but these people you don't know. It's got tons of poor people voted for trump what you what you think Al Sharpton report. Hillary Rodham Clinton okay then east and all races both pro Al Sharpton and that's how racist ways and means out yet. I mean Jesse Jackson. What meaning wheezing anti semite to its original four probably Hillary Rodham Clinton reform. We have Jesse Jackson some of Omar the other night he thinks all players in national health and everybody that's a good solution as Brady and everybody to hate the country ride our four coming up.