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Kirk & Callahan
Monday, October 30th

Houe 3 - Gerry and Kirk both hate baseball.  


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Current and Callahan. The question is up by the worst day over the weekend Travis Benjamin months' supply now circles all the way back was don't go online experience safety. Boy it was not a disaster. Kind of just an end up in prison feet killed a rendering apart from could. Arch but the good kid growing up picked up the students rushing the field as well. Autorad. It's Gerry Callahan who recently said we can't have the inmates running the prison I don't look at that say boy Bob McNair styles. Had a much hate jewelry black people who. Players did not react well that just. And this team pain. Inside response to those common. Don't break black people to games and Kirk man yeah. Deeper at baseball. These guys to focus on the replay for. What's the game was played predominately in teens at a game style that you're comfortable playing. I don't want Sports Radio W. We'll miss that no sympathy for you. Peyton Manning George H. W. Bush. But it's unfortunate for analysis that they get lumped it put Harvey Weinstein I was just like quality assurance that George Bush at the true. I've simply the youngest from anyone who's in the throes of dementia yes I have I've sympathy form who is faculties and not. All there yes so he is having a good is when that happened without once you stores would brighten it's like it's like Bob McNair gets lumped in with. Donald Sterling by our producer and others buddy rice but McNair mean you could say he. Was stupid for saying that dumb cliche about these inmates running the prison. But that doesn't make racist now. When you walk. No one is is that weird story but so we're posting doing by the way don't care if ethnic to a fine. But it is too bad winters like a vicious sell the team for. A billion I'm doing right 213 and a half billion he's too if you hook it was a girl's name. Well he's studio host and I'm calling us the key capture. They were planned and Alia. All of this story a if you missed that the Rose McGowan. Led effort in the net has ensnared another pervert that would be one on network Kevin Spacey a scholarship. His real name Kevin Spacey Fowler then the middle names Spacey just Sweden Finland and as we have much better actor name. But he's. The carcass are predicted house of cards is that coming down like a I don't know like my own house of cards. House of cards and yes he will never work in this town again or any town. Now he's done he's done he's done as an accurate cooked done finished unity doesn't go to prison and he's got a movie coming others on the trail forties playing Jean Paul Getty servers nameless that this book kidnapping the grain caters all right plays he placed in the old man looks stupid. And I didn't release moving now toward usual superb look at it into the battle. By the way I. If there's a Harvey watching super comp look terrible it would of course it is it's. It's not meant to happen they'll tank they got a bad box office history is no doubt about us there's no doubt and it looked bad looks like these movies. Charges came as PR poses PR person I was at the demon last week Mac. What do to a wacky bits and Jimmy Kimmel that doesn't nobody wants to see you do that right now stay away away for a couple months quietly kids. Her go do some you wanna do your kids go play golf is something stay away complete picture funny and with each acute of the picture actors like holes in the though G. You are part of this Weinstein story when you look like you're only Weinstein crime then you are what you like I'm watching it first lieutenant pitcher part of the spam and you're connected. It was creepy perverted eighth hole half X peace in the band. Two you know sexual predators as well. I'll admit I was wrong manner forts the first indictment I thought it would be Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton they'll be next they'll be next on the definitely. Metaphor certainly knows reload to the bodies of buried yes. Your support comes to we both Fox News this morning. I don't see it's I think if anyone's going to be honest or pay attention to the scandal all gonna realize it is a Democrats scandal and the print the former president Barack Obama is he's got to was I able as your president yesterday. All this core Russia and quote talk right now Republicans are making their big push for historic tax cuts reforms is of course natural not. She says this presents not committed video of him walking into the FBI headquarters men like her and it is your teacher on the third parties in this lawsuit and tied at two. But I mean it's still well. I think unfortunately for a period Mueller and from metaphor of fortune from and what we've learned a lot more sense. This. And since this indictment came down or since that Muller decided to indict him we've learned. That. Who paid confusion GPS right that'll be one Barack Hussein Obama. Who paid this. And essentially paid them to come up with a dirt on trump. So could get a warrant and wiretap trump towers this is a sitting president. Wiretapping spying on a candidate. From the other party in October. That's a bigger scandal and Watergate bonus mom and apple sees it goes on here today by the way Hillary sergeant who battle with the pastor says. We look at globalization will was looking for sexual harassment stories right she said ash tech irony yes. Sausage is a few herself which went back and forth with some social media so I wonder if the global Osama. Some stories to tell. I don't know but hopefully we'll find out hope so we'll see. We have a higher bar than they do. Which you know you know it's only just begun and I think again Rose McGowan just retriever. The latest week as gay equals okay predator equals predator right and Kevin species Kevin's camera Kevin Spacey just missing if you just waking up. It's only 27 us quake I at a baseball game that we may be that storm interrupt just sleepy and went back to sleep in now you're just waking up. You missed just like every other person who works missed one of the great World Series games ever it ended at 1:38 the morning. I guess it was a great game I don't care I'm with curtain and and baseball sucks I hate baseball you're done when baseball welcomed a club. Why you would wanna put to succeed he's kept kept. It was a Los indict the CD seventh inning. He's I was seventh was good and it was eight set you'll problems are forbidden to not really will check in. And nobody nobody nobody nobody not nobody nobody saw this game. Only goes up at 1:38 in the morning and they're in the West Coast I don't care what the West Coast eleven utilized to Kurtz is I don't understand I hope I hope. I hope Kim Jong Woon you know can pick them with a missile meet. We've had has battled mental to secede from understanding get more money at these games a prime time -- -- no they don't I don't believe it I think it's BS course data and of course they do so much money they get in the entire East Coast turns and so why sixty minutes on either by six and it's only 4 o'clock on Sundays during the I'm talking about the climax of about all you know like they Izod shows may be away and they don't need it the climate the old number on the way again this thick of this you'll try to figure this game launcher perspective it was a one on air at 1038 West Coast time so if you're in the West Coast to watch and you have to get out of work. You watch that really would negate it was a great game he'd been vetted and there I certainly wanted to go to that like ten minutes it was a great idea involved it's no Boston's a great game YouTube which is not lost twenty minutes once again it's not show. And a couple of if the people to play yes so that's Seattle and Seattle used the game's attentive audience and last night he backed Utah tobacco habit that's why. Your knows what I'm astonished I I am absolutely. I was watching not true I was watching that much on. Apple wasn't and the bases were loaded and the First Amendment right and we change the channel because it was so tedious and loses ball well. Went back home football game when the bases were loaded isolate boring about it was that I swear to god by McCain made seventeen trips to the mound. It's locked we change the channel there's no way I would watched this game if I didn't have to work today I wouldn't watch would you if you're off tonight now. Which now stand at 113138. In the morning so I don't care what you said a lot of zone can be carrying a lot of for rob Manfred that makes no sense at all until that's in the world so the right. He's quite right at 130 short time watch the ratings you might use the skill because they're. 1112 you can give me the share at 138 the ship was probably seventy the great knowing what you re watching eleven the well was being beings nobody watching so what happened at twelve almost universally this year goes in and of course it goes and does nothing was going against let's go now. This is going gets infomercials at 1:30 in the morning is nothing else on right that's an incredible Sarkozy on. Has changed cordon to go karaoke karaoke are all about it come okay a funny and so great they sing a song or we do agree is that more by doing this by at beacon of the game at 5 o'clock last. Just say I'm not sure there where this it was Sunday that you are scoreless on speculation giving the finger at the next generation that's what you can or my last thing I get that. What what you are having people who do what you want to get if you start one World Series came at 4 o'clock you're losing money. I don't see otherwise but as you knew as we also luck as we watch and reds on there were only two NFL games. Right and there were pretty good one was spectacular. But that's your competition at the end and at the end of the baseball game going this football. It will maybe it would end and that that window between the on game point 4 o'clock last himself great leader and cowboys Redskins and the big number that is definitely true we'll cycle that is. That'd be heavily in level 1 o'clock game of fox the fox as a contractual obligation with him it felt like it started four and in like this that baseball just baseball memorable baseball people who'll defended the because the tendency to whenever curtains and he's right he's not right. These people watching 138 in the Gerri here's answers closures here or any guy hears the chorus 13 in the more money advertise okay prime line game 30 in the morning I'm not a lot was watching all sorts. Mean the East Coast has more vehicles and physical ones where. Do you think they get more money advertisement prime time gamer for I think it's NATO's answers negligent journalist what did you say I didn't even honestly it's all or some recent you'll give other and why any minute cancellations that. Lancaster volatile hope that I can cancel RD thirty dirty it's going and out. We need some really hard is the sound to announce that happened now anyway just awaken at the greatest game what's whose history in the 138. Nobody saw us World Series and call your friends on the West Coast if you wanna hear about it as. Nobody on the East Coast I TV nobody watches that. I hate that I feel like come like playing in the hands of what you afterwards we'll watch it now it's true though we're not talking about it. You know should we tell people who want. Why because screw based on migrants I I don't think so welcome tell anyone did OK that's fine he Dodgers. Graduate. Of the world. They swept them out there going back to LA yes and Larry King we're the largest central watches. Was there between August and why that's why wasn't camera show which must kill him. He only goes so we can be seen on camera George Bush at his acts. I appreciate grabbed John's Mary Hart's yes and they marched George Bush senior can. The front of the world CO feeble he looks just. It's sad I mean it's it's and it's not appropriate agreed to see George Weinstein chief George Bush. Was was was. Larry King love Houston so wonderful agreement and agree to host of the world's I think I hate executioner answerable weaker did you did nothing for me I don't remember about nothing. I'd like he's into everything about it. I've only needs it's that big a little bit like that. Like this it is Super Bowl was wrong she's big and personal as a person now. Please persons charged CD and on a personality. Does he look at political in the Minneapolis who because yes well yes. You life yeah in February let us one life or legal experts what one analyst with yet. The good golf. Known as the golf in his eyes that it was nice days and the news I sculpting but to do that farmer's almanac has a mild winter I was ready to say that he's gonna. Beat the patriots in the if I'm doing here changed my mind. At the defense. It's so hard so that mortal Pittsburgh is six and two great playoff success over the patriots in the past record at. Eroded wealth is that there's some competition the buffaloes. Bills are asking 20 yeah played Thursday night the be tied with them. Yes that they've reported the machine room. Twice possibly and decide. Five comp division games on the schedule here. It's what we see on it. My it was a concrete. And you go at Denver after the body and then at Oakland which is Mexico City to the extra stadium dampen wanted to play ultra. And then home against Miami at buffalo Miami at Pittsburgh buffalo the jets so. You have 12345. Of the last six is in the division. Which he's good you know you know divisions games can be tough the division still stinks I don't care if I don't concern about it flex those buffalo games of pop was it to. Lex from the one deprived buffaloes would get good to the other get a good it mattered to him inaudible 1 PM Sunday games. Hasn't seen that interest in buffalo has collapsed on the buffaloes never fought through Sunday came true and no chance that's in that if that's being demonized. And Christmas Eve 1 PM. CBS game pills at patriots. Flex it to Christmas Eve nights until it's it's a wonderful life and you know react to a the next day mr. filters and almost Christmas so people mosquitoes and prosperous morning good report that you don't know our greatest expert to. Or was that half of education do as they. You can meet and work with you guys in the summer or over Christmas. And we are strictly football show and now we hate baseball baseball look at socket a host of baseball. You have always picture may know more peaceful history and you will be there a place to your question I'm not evolving numerous. When them with a group not evolving and number. That's a baseball history Bulger Danks junior to dates might might watch it's like texts on the tax pay attention show host. That you it's just that you that you are facing your phone the whole show is might get my Internet site you have here what does how did you keep your focus on the show trying to help the shall pay attention toward these guys don't we I don't you see jacket to and you can't do numbers but I can and when do you date states are trivial than other cities. Interest in things like two roommates one's last thing I noticed. That would be for everyone knows that one I think it's part of the romance. We're a tough different animal once I was a conversation boss my concern and was just like parents want to Japan again. Eloquence on there great great players shouldn't be hall of fame. Let's one Wes Welker I think it more catches for forty years through a four years every summer in four years concludes what had his whole career that's true and Welker is not considered a hall of Famer Nolan way you cut off. Mean who knowingly put on the go home and houses and it was just overwhelming maybe we're tabs Brady out again. Ninety team where you want. You by 95915. From aren't on the start of our hour and you can't handle the clocks. What's going on with the your your guys now in your increased role and knew he got eating today about what. Weekly meeting nude and it's exciting to donate weekly meeting. I want a factor show Aussie guys stick around here for no reason when it's important meetings discussions program and that stuff who's gonna get education job. Starts to morally okay X almost always one leaving leading contender single Alford next week and good. Therefore why additional dale says but I'm sure dale was like right now enables otherwise. More boring jobs and Paul go nuts if your enemies and I have never. So you are predicting that Boston Globe is the next place falls in this work place yet Asia. Exposed the holes. Is like kind of a willful Wall Street kind of atmosphere that countries like it's one out there right on your cover that story. Other knocked. Who will be after the Harrell against psoriasis. Can get tosses always this tones of truth suggests 617779790%. Of poverty next hour per. There was a conference call this week. That included seventeen owners. Amongst them the cowboys owner Jerry Jones in which they discussed ways that they could holt. Roger Goodell extension and I think it's not just Roger Goodell that these owners are upset about their upset with. The way the league is handled some of these investigations. They're upset with the way the league scandal and an issue. They're upset with a lot of issues that the back I believe to Ray Rice which is to start a ball. Yes it looks like Roger details contract extension may be in some jeopardy a pretty penny dominant they thoughts. No. I'm confused out. Somebody has to walk me through this what about Jerry Jones grandkids how are they gonna give operate in the NFL and in you know the great grandkids are they gonna do this I'm confused. Good question about our boat from guys like Jerry people who for a obviously. You know went to their craft anniversary party people that were compromised. Would save you time and time again Utah little little little Harry craft posing like I had already damaged and I think trap I didn't know she certainly did I did not apps. Did Kirk I did not explain to you. It was difficult sort of spaces. I do want to have a real conversation and real competition but anything you Tom guided him day after I explain to you his. Way of thinking his viewpoint that's what I did to a group that of course I wanted to come up guns blazing obviously false viewpoint. A false courses as you say you Jerry Jones is great in his staff advises it's no I don't know as a result of course probably not I like I think crashes on exactly what Jones when I don't wanna continue. The rhetoric. You're kidding me I kill them as much as you or anyone else you don't think that you think the craftsman of these guys who were trying to get it out. Where I didn't know Tom current tweeted that he is a pro Dell Dell guy that's which I also cannot believe I honestly. I cannot believe that but I guess. Karr knows and I guess he's he's for whatever reason has forgiven myself I'll. Post a possible Odyssey how is that possible. Will the theory was the only thing that made any sense who's the other owners not Jones perhaps what Marron Rooney in the others said sat down and said listen were club we stick together in this case you know good Dell's got a lot more good than harm. Make a lot of money let's get through this to placate thing and they got to crafting craft. Guess. Forgave the Dow embarrassing I would say give I'm what you Joseph I think he should have done exactly what they're tired but in not rich chuckled as yesterday people who say. Or Jones and Karen told affected him yeah no kidding that's that's how to work Jones was on to go outside and play it well great and when Ray Rice not destroy offered up and I was on CBS next one it was cracked defending Goodell that's how it works. And then when she gets screwed. You go you do and you look for a towel coat site and and it's sometimes. You say. He's doing what he has to do say it's you know. With rice or with whatever any tummy punished as a team. In this case if if Kraft thinks the way I think he thinks he thinks the Brady was innocent and yes he thinks that he was punished because of arrogance and obstruction of justice I didn't actually commit a crime cracked you know instead it was the cover up right. And because the patriots did the whole whatever well will's reporting context because they fought back in Goodell doesn't like that which is you want you to submit right as we've said that algae was Jerry Jones doing now the world's porn context not fighting back. Trying to stop this project section that's fighting back. Right and I wish. I'm gonna guess Jonathan Kraft was probably approve that but Bob was not too good and yes okay. But I'm what you should have done exactly the jars looks terrible ones Jones for years is also publicly supported Democrats accused nine if he does that. Prominent. Patriots fans the news 62 when miserable yesterday beloved guy patriots fans will be pissed now if you don't hate is different lessons and won the Super Bowl. All that I understand but if craft comes up publicly defend you bill. A lot of kids will not Long Will will never forgive him I am I mean we've gone over this before jones' that is to being not a renegade the making some. Some bull moose firing Tom Landry firing Jimmy Johnson's being ranked. It is not really I guess some backing because you've dealt keeps screwing things up in your number is Adele seventeen owners than to Dell's done. He's done and these statements is exact same thing wants the ball gets rolling it's over. And if our craft is not one of those seventeen then then you've got an argument then you have to ask the hospital with. Mean if I didn't craft and it is so you Brady. You think Brady ever has thinks of could Ellen doesn't have just content as he hates it just says I hope this'll help us house burns down horse. And his dog guy goes out you're really change the worst on Goodell if you Brady right this house craft different priest is guy Briggs is franchise. And and Cadel sullied the man with the million dollars title first round pick I mean this is I took away a million bucks. Record a first round pick these past that to stop you from getting back this room all night and it'll of that I don't know. I don't know you you're forgiven kind of guy trying to be. You would you know look past that at all I know I am right now share after no revenge and not a guy freer be China's huge weapon kind of guy six and called. Oh boardrooms on what is it. Let's talk to Kelly down the KP Kelly. Hey good morning. Good morning Howard how are you. I don't RA Harry good use a caller for any reason. I'm crime no dog bite whose voice Jerry's. Yeah OK yeah Tom chicks dig Muslims it's always in the with a number of Irish are back. Seeing again was that there. Are Croatia are are very sensitive probation officer. Oh does he. You guys friends you'd think you you are in violation of said pro you're okay. And I'm not wrong when you sound supposed to drink on parole I think so yeah. Now did you drink at all did you go to page skating yesterday yeah did you have any stretch of the game. And I drank all right yes which how much did you break. Saying. During. I agree I think these you have enough did you have a good time was rained. Out whoa where did did you tailgate. Now did you stay up for the baseball. Yeah I certainly remember all of morning. YYYE. Could you make it to 1:38 in the morning Pete rankled them. Or. What drugs what did you go to jail for Kelly. So does not mean I'm definitely yet. I beg your pardon it's true I apologize for. Yeah yeah. Yeah you hit an elderly person. What I've I got hit them with your car with you fist was an up and Amir Marlins. Your fist you once was a woman or man a man. Punched an elderly man. To do to deserve that. Today I'll mountain air partner Larry how Halloween because I was living hole ZED. Are all that's that's how you can hold his younger than the originally meant well what's it you thirty what. Or are you married. Any kids. Yeah I'm OK you know job. You have. So who who took the patriots. I don't mind me. Or you would be by yourself. And now. To go. Well I didn't. Olympian and in my brother is clear alternative news. Work. You drive to. I don't try and now look like usual license seem like a cat I'm not I don't know I have kind in lending act Mallard and. We used you do don't trust us and had a job. I want to order company now you want to look because you money. But presumably. I in our. Social Security at 340. Yeah I've had you're one homelessness did you manage to pull that off. I had it can't. Two cancers two which ones we have. At a Milan and I ran on either drinking and urged them curiosity. Outbound not at all okay eases the pain and what's the other one. And I have and state treasurer at its closest since the chuckle. America. So you get Social Security when you. It's a roasts and Franzen Michelle stepped. I don't really have one who I was born of the commercial ever and a notepad and check back. So you decided the best thing to zoo restaurant to excess. Silicon nice nice person despite your abuse of the elderly years can be tricky once you stop drinking I'm I'm. I'm serious Kelly I stopped drinking if you feel like I would talked UN help you through the process if you like. Sure you know or would you like you have to want to. It cleans you wanna give up everything for one thing and one thing for everything Kelly that's for the comes back. Brett Larry Obama did not operating. Yeah. Luxury. My guy. I'm just curious always fascinates me telling it's 9 in the morning. Not even 900 drunk now did you sleep. I can't won't then went home. Now let me write ends. He's trying to sleep you're not that articulate do you enjoy working more dale and Holley with mud on Sundays which is better for you. Right exactly who saw it was a did you get up in the morning have a drink your your boyfriend with you right now I just heard him. Is important is sleep. I am certainly glad my. 1 morning. Now I had at Oakmont right. You do church flick element also urge seat in how many drinks this morning. Now a good give a hang over this. Now OK. What what what what did you call. The other radio and the round and I heard the number over and over rather late. That number is bothering me and when McCullough. I really call any time yes we have a we have what's known as the wack pack of the senate majority come into the show one day indeed be a guest. Oh yeah okay ways hang on with Chris Curtis our producer's cell Paulson alcohol. I'm probably. You are quite the song love like Chris curtains you. Appealed I won't be you don't Asia right out all right and will will would stay on line we'll talk to percent to ten. I would say I enjoy doing zoo beast because I know what. What I mean to reassure work. Give anybody less articulate the Kelley could speak to here. But I probably I think now in nickname for Kelly. Achilles like I don't want and we need to at least we're trying to push through life and you had picked advantage tactic Caroline. You controlled and archer yeah I'll just talk to cellular phone number he brawn and you forget it's okay it's okay that's wrote about sort of let's go to the someone even dumber. Alvin and the let's help out. I hope that Brooke not gonna take my spot on the show in this season was better than you. You're working good you don't like like you got. Three point yesterday asserted its. Three genius where he indicated by the and it goat track original football team. Let's talk about the real genius idea the track as Benjamin ball park at the nine person court order that would. Own and. Really go to block looked like. Also sorting through the end of the first half Melvin Gordon. What is 82 talks salt one rim like literally part one like I don't know wildcat to get the Bill Belichick called the great. Ever in the wildcat yesterday and it's you know what I cannot it's a good thing though covered pilgrims. High society mother on the gold release of the right. Haven't noticed yet my nipple on the go to the local and then there's a lot of trouble all tight rope on him not only take. Not only you I don't look at that. One recent cost out. Well the public Albert up W missed a field goal in the first drive to one yards and a quick quick quick guide. Are set and god I'd seen it on reports. Working in its own only are working. For the state America chooses the play site keep it right everyday people like take a look at every day and they are coal in the NFL knew. We pay outs now. We're working on things and it will. He could not and that's the dumbest that's the dumbest team you know they have some talent they have some speed on the rise of the sixers play makers. They got a couple of good ask questions following a dump him injured boy. Jumping off sides or both subjects in the early retirement immigrant. That's something that and be aggressive you're there be an aggressive but a cold and again that's what you won last week and they try hard in your. You're playing better or not. Staggered in the red zone you also had physical assets and act for. Each but it. The six into Albert they're there in for a stance. I don't hear music into somebody. At a football and it took Iraq one I agree with that one you'll expect to be another time there when I am a team that could. While I was on a single that Verizon was left them what's your would you like to I have a like a lunch date with Kelly. Kelly. I don't know a couple of brilliant but we are all fans storm opponent before the break shipment telescope one more call Kelly's on the kid they Kelly. Oh hi how are you good morning. There are more and Iran that the guys now it's up. Nothing rallying and then you go the pitcher's game as. Yes I don't know man Hadi and you know what when they don't violate hardly. Yeah exactly you eat drink or go. Yeah I've opened like you are you a heavy drinker. Yeah he makes you drink of choice. And not to mix it with something. Well. I'm yeah I'm. Not due to keep. You guys can do this. And you know boyfriend. I AM impunity out there if you want sleeping right next to you right. No it won't you aren't at all. That's nice is this is your daughter is good can't get along well the dollar. And sure enough. Listen I mean months and most people Monday means back to work longer hours days and what's what's your mind. I'm Monday mean. I need and in game. Nothing. That I am going to be productive and minority currently. I don't know how it affects you that in a zillion and so are people I've capitalized. Banks in society and yeah. What do you do that would you with the wife Kelli Watson won round one went on. What's. Wrong split police slam okay what's the F for lunch today. I have not mom I stand when you have lunch today in how. Why I have I am glad I didn't know prior and area though all my healthy it is true that the. What's your take on the map or some kind of help. What is your T like mental or Donald Trump do you like our president and how why didn't. Yeah. His brother his brother Fred was handsome man that he drank what you did and then all of the death ruined his liver I'm sure you sound like a very attractive woman you should be doing that yourself. It's against not drinking. And when I commend you and I think one of them offer me is to come on the yeah tickets two tickets announcing huge in my case you're going to be. Eric I am beautiful well. Did you send us some pictures so we can promote your parents. You know how to do that on your phone you must have some. Send us a picture of you at the patriots game do you Wear like a Jersey Brady Jersey or anything. I get that cash that seem like that was inevitable Kelly hang on jurors not to hang up Kristi do you handle that we'll talk to Kelly. You know now Carol Ronald market put Arnold and Kelly qualities as a lot of adults say Kelly we will talk to you soon. I like reading a nickname for Caylee and that pick of the that we like Mountain Dew and vodka unit shivering Kelly's studio. Shore. New have been orphaned and now she'll be better I'm sure she is 04 hours. What do you know now in Iran. And we dated were Kevin homeless guy comes in for an hour she got through McDoogle from Bevilacqua tactics don't hardship he has sixty bullies it doesn't hurt us she's about she's talking about. Curtis. Is Curtis suffered or parole officer. Issued just two and Kelly had 64 year old man with jail for. A lot going on here. Richard what's the side of his brain action we know we're just elaborate welcome back and talk and now we want to work on paper. And of baseball he plays well that's fear anything but baseball. I don't know don't. Rooting for a friend Lucy because I've done sometimes. Which do we we come back after that said we have no Kelly coming out ahead I just talked to Curtis or froze. We decided team decision it was my fault why but what I got now now it's too late. Last. I want Kelly DB when the judges for mr. Ramos on Friday at that one reaching out there that's a start that's the term due to educate your one he's been through your parents. I have not. You want you that you got the naked. I'm going builds a puppet of the plan was Sachs Andy white shirt asylum is is militants attacked opera at short rapid builds a beautiful and too so I guess you need on his what I require that they have very colorful on the way in the one of the colorful passage there yeah. You don't want to spy satellite. How is the poster to New York this weekend. Was great went to India and Ireland museum that was interesting. I first morning I walk walk on the left and attacked that was interest in design of the weirdest thing I elect in midtown Manhattan rents are high. And is that where was the party twenty it was a tea place called a Buenos ironies what's the name of the restaurant. And select Spanish Irish reserved Argentinian State Council wasn't too bad a bottle actually Buenos Aires the CD right but from England. Plan on words okay yeah I'll put the the worst part was the Saturday morning I wake up early as you usually do O'Donnell lobby. And there's a door entering fourteenth street. It's all clear clear windows and towards. I'm walking straight I slammed headfirst into a glass story but it in the NC. My head is swollen. And people lobbies staring him in Paris and that was the downside was the week and so the parties on your sister turned forty correct. Yes my sister turn an Angel famines that you can just like cousins my parents started in America. And so the missed the party and our friends aegis system in New York yes friends are married or single. Single lines like you she it's. She's not looking Sheen on the market he's got aboard a good few nice guy and a he's great he liked America respond well enjoy it he's fine with toy and item twice I have been together for. It's an odd situation I don't know years saw what is this. Or music or to play in salaries music. As well. So you walked in the glass door yes but it doesn't bother voting early is pretty funny but Kurt Kurt wasn't listening and purchased or playing these phones as usual excellent that work with anguish retreating on the Kelly people across the curse of hitting his head of something that's generally would find that quite humorous I guess to be funny to see. You do it against I could see it yeah hello thanks to a similar thing about the that museum now now guys what. Really depressing it's incredibly depressing but I was I can actually had eight part of the display on the 9/11 true. With the people who have a little there should be no they should they be released in August I'll give you just assume it. I'm new to restore what was Alex owns part of who I don't know it was a popular category about the 9/11 myths about that the argument on eleven minutes they have any. Recognition of walls tore while and very prominent gun ban was great. Could that BC game was awesome where Friday night. I don't know why it's just fun to see who Florida State lose yet he's he's seen a room with the red bandanna is on the field and in the stands and they just kicked the crap out of Florida State. Do you ever think you'd see the day the PCs would roll. Take Florida State over its the and war oh what a week with a with a three reached for three straight on almost all firstly I'm Gregory. Or just kill everybody in the and we know they a role. We're a ripple clip NC state after abide NC state is just wants and ordered him play Clemson next week I'm so BC's coming sausage got. NC state app then all of them they have Souter was it was enough to do with them we're when when it comes into this kissed and made us the play Clemson OK before they play DC BC FO I QB it's easier be tired yes and ladies and not tired yes beaten up to be beaten up they're going to be so they can't 07 and four. Big big V8 408 before they went single 84 and will play well boy I like it used able duplicate Capital One Bowl oh Micah. On me personally like to lose and watch now they are role in the defense that just plant and our. Crazed dog race there kick into your ascension on the ulyetza does is going nowhere boy sign or one point oh my god that Florida wants permission to talk it. I'm sure that it. That's occurred as weekend update which I don't understand. He hit his head in the door to a wealthy need guns and his cousins were some restaurant is whoa understand. So cursed myself for those who was with now so poli bites should not go dog she was here pudge. But what attract you you're going John Wooden cabinets and hassle bring camera New York. Much user who homo ring around the door pretty mean what were its eggs stay in the hotel. And higher orders to stay when you go to four. My parents. Their house. Your parents were never aggregates. I think they will hold yourself that's apologies for autism might just registered this she's definitely is forty when they have the fortieth birthday. Your mom over forty appreciate you know. Execs to reputable. That's awful Kelley's work in though he had a number or address or. You get the picture yet she said you cynics picture everybody's waiting to find the interns on terrorism on center we need photos and what a bunch of white. It's really cared vigorous. Her future I can I get more frustrated just treat cancers who can't exclude some roses come out the way assault. When Howard believes she's guzzling vodka in Mountain Dew and she's getting disability as a relive it livid about a water and here's judge. Yes you do yes you vomit all over the place that won't be good we need securities in any other pearls she say her action if we decide to do this she's actually gets here but to give her right here. True well you know an old brother wanted to drive other boyfriend who sleep and that's probably funds run out sleeping next current. He's just a little while her boyfriend have been surprised. I I feel better about money. My frustration with baseball cause everybody shares at this time usually a feel like put your into us but right now everybody in here promising from and reading is and how ridiculous it is that this. Andre gamble monumental moment take place at 1:38 on Monday morning conspicuous map shortsighted policy stupid. Is that if his they were 4 o'clock when all the talk about great baseball is. I think baseball Sox hater collect soccer I would just like football where you have things that lately is that. I definitely Russia is between you know. A pastor surgeons are trying to save bear tight ends acknowledged late actress' career her morning sort questionable for Sunday's game a doubtful dolphin being log out downgraded to doubtful Belichick says Zach Miller might lose his leg. That's it adds to the pill that is such a dangerous game you can't take your eyes off again Sammy gets a little extreme and yes that's one reason it's so. So appealing in our Tom Brady Brady next. Twos or better desperate here Kelly Brady because we're gonna ask him when it was first car was with a McCain he's given out and we are breaking new rules it has just gotten out of view of mr. Taylor asked tough questions we asked the tough questions and we are gonna break some news. If you stay tuned you're gonna find out what. Brady is dressing as tomorrow night for Halloween and you're not gonna believe it is really really weird.