K&C - Gerry loses his mind over 8-year-olds protesting the national anthem; More Pirated Pete.

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, September 21st

Hour 3 - Gerry loses his mind over eight year old kids in Illinois protesting the National Anthem; Pete Shepard.


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Skirt and Callahan hits September and you haven't eight to nothing lead. Cumulative didn't start it's around. Why the hell loosen back up the I've found stupid milestones. All right we know little subtle problems tonight represented get a in September. People talk is more with Kirk made ahead and your overdrive early tritium leak it oh my god I was go to movies these days I don't want my nephews. Tickets and asking this later. About Roosevelt but I also love baseball I love basketball highlight soccer highlights when I like currently the exact events case number one is the that I so I would assume that the safe space more of the yeah this is your sixth and Gerry Callahan. A tower one was lots of fun we talked sports that's why we're number one guard insufferable fool it's the Kurds can't go ahead sure. Wait you talk about Brady went out of your Airways could be a bit like we're somewhere quite work out why the White Sox Hillary you know trying to guide how. What you do so honored sounding more time to come on your show I'm. I'll do Monday now has enough. The blood Sports Radio W. Garage offering songs to sing a song. I think that's hard to tell whether or did you weapon of money when you open and why he's singing today I liked that answer and. We should perform for people now. Should you know with you on an up and dance when meeting electric lights I could yeah intrepid is my third bottle party. Really how the and body is not to believe everything you off the buying into everything. There's some wisdom in this district is follow water or debris go. Seemed like directly about five feet from the sun and night because summer. The NC eight Emeka now picture on 95 feet from the sun yesterday and I'm exaggerating not a stand on this one where your Brady's hydration talk on. And I do want it did not. I'm amended to move on delegates and that I think it was a genuine fare can be skewed to move in a reaction. It could could goodness well the fact that our I teased it I think a lot of people are looking forward toward discussion because they know that training and I generally disagree on these issues. She is all for pissing all over the American flag she liked call it might mass I've yeah I've city area before through it weird fender of the grounds for eight thank you know at my house and its decisions have started by Dennis and I will put odds we'll watch these 67 and eighteen year old children or talking plane tickets are you of course that's not enough to do that. Of course not six year old for what they do they don't what to do when they're being taught this behavior being dot. To dis respect the flag and the country they're being talked that this is somehow a way to peacefully protest some. In my justice cultural. It isn't totally inappropriate way yes he's element you want peaceful one. You want to they are upset about the verdict in the same who has yet we shoot via the trial by the way it would cut eight year old. Coaching from one bothered eight year old with a score at all because an eight year old if you read the sorority year old asked why arguable you know we have did you believe his fabulous parents are to us. But the eight year old left the white shoes right tackle is going on a city innings attitude yes obviously so he explained the do you think they explain it to them that the guy that shot was heroin dealer and armed for safety dollar probably do you think they left that out not my. Honest to god in these few guys okay if you believe it was I don't want to leave Qaeda in the ball the duels and Harry can almost six year olds and all the Samuels. Out of pocket anybody wanted to take appropriate. Asking are people on taken leave from. Anyone that it's appropriate to use these children as props I agree I go to my current breaks obviously it's insane given much of a world to. Were born in what. 2009. Our our our sub had these ideas their mom and dad and by the way to meet the big take way from the story was. Orlando doc Gooden the coach to the pregame gesture was initiated by its discussion at the young players during a practice last week. Parents in attendance support yet which we've done every paired. It disseminate this due to make sure every single parent is on board. One yeah and of course this jerk doc Gooden blames the kids is one of the kids brought it up and asked what's going on Saint Louis. She really did why they demonstrate my rioting possible the talk show up and it's not easy to coach says he's just an eight year old baby it is asking me. Why they're doing a felt that was a teaching opportunity as a coach an adult that you rolled to protect those. That are weaker and to enlighten them when UK authorities for both coaches are dummies. We'll discuss it and that's and is it coming cautions that these radical who is warping these four young mine's just leave them out of. How do you feel about people who take their kids you pro life marches with big. How do you feel that you know what Chinese again 80 the last thing child abuse I think that's I that's not saying I think it's not so it did get us all into Canada can't you only has room talks on abortion Tony you'll never it's just I. I think that's me that's the last thing you wanna do is part of abortion and leave them okay. Are just I was just does I feel like I I don't wanna be hypocritical and it makes me cranes. Why you see these pro life rallies you seem like a six year old holding weightlessness and a pretty choice rallies in you have children say they sell orders and actually works there's no need for them to be there as it's our guys feel that way and I have to is saying that. This excuse me that are honest thing with the Obama can use that pork is prop leave the kids out of it. Can understand I know it's honest and so these people talk it speaks of I told the kids to turn around that I didn't coach said. They brought the subject and led the discussion so it is accused of beating a discussion on its. Again he understands the issues of third graders they're leaving his national Hamas he didn't understand the story of the Eagles understood it now of course not. If he's using them and they it the the league or whoever else. Has some oil out there. Who can come out this yanked the stupid part you can tee off acute and you know people want to punch and I grabbed my attitude and deposits if coach these self. Important ink who wants it to be about him and actually has the protest was not forced on the players is all about. You're not make it gives you some repeated want to they were not comfortable doing that the kids are like our victim price don't like it was going and who who decided. That I know in this case as its coach. That the income is about something that happened in the news in two weeks ago or week also isn't Scotty it's not sure it is shirt and a to congress about but that does is it that you exercise a real jurist tied only once on a weekly basis yes I think everybody on perpetuity want to respect the flag or not. That's insane. It's about this country ought he's had some thoughts about. You know that this being the best country in the world the best country in the history of the world she celebrating this great nation and we talk about what happened to those streets of Saint Louis and. We I don't know Michael herb but that things because I haven't yet is that really doesn't advertise and discovered that it then oppression ignoble. Yes the tunnel is our candidate of experience in our country's history are you going to be unit equated to like the confederate flag now that will blow me but do you do you consider carefully to the flag Asians I do like here at bothers me sure it doesn't bother me it's never bother me at all that's a lot lag when they'd burn the flag whenever I do on their clothes I'd that it five to be I love when they burn someone alive I'm learning the I can't ignore that simply doesn't lessen their dope and that's considered don't. Pleasure bothers me yet on the utes obviously no it doesn't I don't doesn't dopey thing yes of course stories. They're not necessarily stupid their misguided. And timely and on like a moron sounds like a out of. I didn't think that. US and without you thank you don't think that I guess I take that video of the player and screen the player who was kneeling. Was standing during the year was standing in paying attention us. Think that it has this side deserves to decide what you think of the flag like on a daily basis widely. Like a more than any injustices they always like there was a guy and spoke Enos who is just not the Obama and he'll tell us yeah. When I don't Selanne just to. Wal-Mart candidate won I think I'll stand my candidate now superdome in new customers to putt and it didn't think enough of customers about game I get all. Snow has to think about flag at all flag is the country to country is the plan only good just the goods yet a thumbs celebration. All of this great country not you can't use it that's a whole thing that has. I don't understand why not do you think which work judgment do you think we should let me do the the anthem it should be about the bad stuff. You think they should include some stuff about like slavery in there accountable and excellence and that's why I don't think we equivalent of about like the war we lost will put that in there why not Smart delicious salad isn't it Jerry potter and the stupid that we saw what. I've played thinkable what you are playing and think yes you think about winning the race but I think this year's yes I do stated as you're about how big round and I. And you being rated and I obviously am Erica I don't know how how radar is littered the medal yeah. Times I do die in your biggest battle and in his person I hurry I think the short on on your you know that's absolutely not true I believe every word and saying well I love America when you do I know you don't obviously I didn't obscene and I embraced for a lot of people burn flags I don't I hate this but you do yes. I hate them. And and pretty and trends on land. Or wait AM best I can honestly I think statement I. I think it's OK to use an eight year old child. I did today did I not say I'm not as big advocates and all that sorry I don't think it's a I keep constantly in order to make some sort of false argument ditch is trying to. Paul for Christ's I can't wait until he's out of pocket. You know mesa spring over me on I could speak urinating deputy flags and much or pay attention the show starring. I am excited about their managed tragedy is why I doubt that darts of forty flights. Let's take what the couple calls answered realistic chemicals and a on the personal attacks here during the try to sell really run the shares of Akamai or at all you know local gonna get to I think after next segment which spent at least. Fifteen minutes talking about the fact that Brady of hundreds of mills the judge wants to heritage of my best buy what a great what a great well well and I read I feel bad for that cool. To Gigi what are they are nice gesture part pyramid scheme and he didn't take tell the world what did. Beating Belichick and that's noble Belichick not admirable no not on. Jason's repeal hi Jason. There was so listen up. I think that it's it should quote. There are no protests. As well as I could bring equality. Process to raise awareness and boring or all of this and understand that he felt better situation as well. And that we should think more. It's you think you think we should understand the situation yet understand the great injustice at the talking about because we'll pay you rules do not. Mr. right and I went into how old energy Jason Jason Jason Howell an oldie. I'll do a page memo when you're eight he was about to talk about his son's let them go on guys. My front nine years old and I think that Arafat elbow that somebody killed for a wrong reason. That he would understand that and I understand what the problem. Would you tell them that the person was killed was that armed heroin dealer would you tell Matt. I think that would at about what the whole bowl of and of Baylor we have a problem with people killing unarmed people what cop killer and our people. And this was an armed person and use Harold in Arizona had a gun so I mean if you Dennis Neil for the anthem for that mean you gonna. Not bad bet that would be on your right this is exactly happens I'll be logged in the first half hour. It was a drug dealer and he was killed with us that's sort of we're talking about and that's that's that's what kids who need the I might not done. Because Robert. Are right back at yourself yet. It was outrageous I agree. From your views are like what we're not Herbert this sort of talk about our lack animal and you don't you're not. Terrorist. I remember the group. Try to use all approved of that sign they cared to saint Lou go the other night that's an F the police. You're on board that right turn. New. Board and I just passed you and your board with that side. Our lives matter mark with a sign roll since NF the police F you to achieve that maybe even. Now either that or not I was stretched description of them black as a doesn't know how he hates the music does red blood the most right plays the anthem insurance work with him and yes critics say every day to get yeah jobless Americans right for our show right place and they tell you and god bless America 54045. Medical Springsteen crap would play Toby Keith have these days. Kevin's and Nene Kevin. Look on its. Eric that you know I'm trying to fight I heard you correctly. You said that. You don't want people don't in the actually at them at all the correct. I didn't say don't stand as they don't pay attention they. Don't pay attention I don't think that's a fact and. I went to a white school all gain. Couple tries to go in the net net income came on people stop being an air ticket. People spot where they where I six year old not that stock of your hat off and stood everybody Taylor and I. What stands irony and I say guys you guys have in ending games this year I will give Colin Kapanen credit and capital group me on this one he has brought attention to it. It is a different dynamic now I was of the game Saturday and 45 kids from my UMass dharma held. Their fists they didn't kneel on nobody knelt and everybody it's almost an act of defiance. Now that look at the flag taken how to pay attention that you have to people who their phones guarantee now a K I was to OK you know Iran they wanted to look every single person every single person nobody ever looked at their phones and secondly at times over the world to their phones but no. Kevin you're right people are showing more respect than ever for the hand. They are you got things that they don't. And to me not to. I don't think I don't know any results as. I I doomed I go to Z but the feet of the three college football games go to college football going guys apologies you've been to this year one occasion in the four games until. Yes well it's it's seasons for it in two weeks old girl who is nobody's going to share right now basketball development to a baseball game one OK when you have a that's about right. I've been embedded Brady's foot football game. That's code to. Met my car hey Matt. Doctor it's packed church if he had that as a matter why is that so emotionally touching literally every single. The ruling. Because I would say it's because his right after the marathon bombing how was it like three weeks later or through weeks after that three weeks after that country what are. RKS I would have to these two don't it's obvious. The anthem in the movie stronger is correct that's one of the great mow the flag it's fine so awesome. You're right mats that the guns of the village of bullet that was shown to be patriotic. Not was not at all we pay attention with the ball quite a scene you watch the movie. I didn't your wonderful things I did that was a front room could see Williams. He draws hideous voice chosen Salem my show on. Would that guys listen I'm not at a flag toting patriot by any means but the flag does. And actually it does represent hope in what we strive for as a society doesn't repeat that the history of America. They won't start wanting it all together it doesn't diminish this country and if the other generation. That doesn't have respect. Or what this country stands on its own what do you think is gonna happen I mean we're seeing it now. And. Raising a bunch of radicals who think it's cool to disrespect the flag exactly exactly your father's generation said there's and it's been going on reasons are gonna time start if that's not true this is a whole new federal order Vietnam is a whole new level and watching him watch. And you know that people pick in hand to hand them now but that number word yet he would of course mentally burdened slap and hit them rotate people think they're teenagers were protesting its apparent during the Vietnam War I generated word to the children anthem. What's the difference it's accurate I don't know about I don't already burned a play I was there for flags they burn flags now. So what's the U census new what's the difference the differences. We're talking about a group of eight U rules apply that's meant taking Spain agreed this is one guy who got shot one heroin deal that child back out I agree the say hey that's gonna wanna happy about this let's all disrespect the flight Calgary herald real it's real rates to. And you yeah he didn't at first had this argument is incredible aren't welcome back. What we have next. Red Sox shot tickets shocks tickets should give some of those we welcome back to back this Brady's story. Which is this book which is totally drink water nose at its absolute man who is wrong with Jerry I'm in my honest because orders of problem with everything he says New Jersey to. Which was Sox tickets any such a project right in Norris grasp wherein yes we are in the post season program. It's mornings with Kurt can count on Sports Radio WEEI. Don't marry again. Joy will rain and mud built for someone let's go red dot. It. Rides free ticket to that as you know he's gonna studio right now you see vote. 1230 today Tom Miller 61793109%. Because it comes through us. There are two tickets for the game on Tuesday September 26 against Toronto plus qualified me fifty dollar gift card. The Red Sox team store general contest rules apply for ticket Thursday presented by town fair tire. And also. By your AFC urgent cares for the united color once again it's 6179310937. Right now and win those who was accused of people here at station not being you know fresh cutting edge and adults on for releasing a center field than no joy in mud fill out that this fresh legacy a little parity I think of of the things or not can now. Of course yes it was pre season this camera never you know he's had. AG GAAP. Yes and you guys you have to we were and you like our chances in the post and all that it is wildcard. Thoughts and take a ruin your whole rotation that's short sure hard did you have a problem last night leaving sale in a game. Lighting the you know what I really do need to know it takes a lot of crap but. A he's winning and B is I think is kinds of things like them is things I don't cheered as they welcome thank you so last I think like them. I'll say yeah I think it can get a likes of course it sale. Now let it. I'm so I'm a program of Ferrell dialects so that's my point what he examines Romero telex and now we appreciate some players like firm. So note that there except. The sale like Ferrell in the game. I put months. I want them out of the game I don't know what was I I would love to get worked up about this but it's not a big deal. You know when it happened even I'm not a mile and a night it is not a fire and other accounts years. You know he wanted to keep his most important player happy that's partly out it was not a stressful aids and those twelve pitches it was an easy 300 strikeout as a perfect world you'd like sale not to care. Let's have a say you know what. What what are you should. Click outlets I agree with his credit overtime. Heard this pattern is. Excellent call it being a threat to strike the moment that's that's moments there it is its right front. And you Stallone and answer for me is how on this how the managed to win owns and games was NET nine. The eight got to win 89 and she heard it here first Alex. And when like 95 over Yemeni and we made in that I'm. Ultimately vitamins complain about announcing their demand note. The ultimatum means that we wherein we made it while we were on the plane to Cincinnati yes going home and they celebrated on the plane. And to education mr. to a believe. My program director told me that we will be back Tony seats for hair Red Sox roundtable here I heard Purdue we are no worse they don't fewer each time a month ago. And Angolans should did return he sees a tumor that on for you hey I'm Tony c.s with salt competitiveness that you albeit this one. Yes a group that one mile fun I'll. You're on the Scott Walker who might like what went to my new they had. And largest you're going to be on our idea on the beyond I don't want to that discussion with the ultra last week about you being on commissioners are happy no discussions at me you know Lester and I say that I was gonna do know yes I do might be homeless. I think it's with Michael. And I don't avail Christian dale mug on Hutchison. Essar and the year before I a company guy you know who showed much. It's the lines that's the only oil I do last year but while ago there again. How much he wants a drunk. Before we hear that would be good grade YouTube for the station have a couple sure I'll do it the shoulder you probably get front Coughlin won the year. If you like and astronomy picture right absolutely yeah I think so that the farm bill passed 6899%. By him. Let's complex and it's post play anymore and give them what happens himself. But tomorrow it terrorized by tomorrow on shore. I've expression I guess this concert put it out get him as one that's like tuna isn't care it's gonna you know what are they gonna do. But what was much rage. This Lewis he worked there was a lot on Twitter about it too lot of outrage on Twitter vote. And going out to put the eighth against 3-D content out after the only to Italy to yeah I think I guess is before like like like I would be really pursuing bad but certainly can kill fair right he throws 27 purchaser has little pictures from the but he was gonna take a multi media and I'm into his eyes of guys got on base I would think so milestone. And if he took tomorrow. Sales sale would have been noticed and that other people would have been pissed force to promote me and are now for c'mon I don't who would assist sale wanna be other than just tail wouldn't have just got pitch he saw them in. Weakened dugout after the eighth. Then they rallied around him they like him and they should. It was for the team as much as well as the question is who knows policy knows how Christian Vasquez. Was worshipping Satan worshipping sale that was that was for sale apparently it done the same view I mean Carol that the right what Jesus said David Price than you know sale. Everyone tells him a price. Yeah every story every day and I'm hanging up not tell I'm nothing out there are guys who attend he loves price that's why you're thinking buzz in suits and and no struggle of those guys who probably takes care of the young guys maybe buy some things I didn't dinner and guess who knows I'm all right. Would mark Callahan Sports Radio WEEI. Joining us now is Ryan job. SEC country. For the programs are about the gators but what about these that you are excellent markets are you right let's yeah we've gotten past great it was a great win for the whole state by the way average film tries to before was rooting for the gators I think now. Just because what we all went from last week but you're our to DOS I think we've question blood no I was back at practice today how much are you probably maybe saw Meyer or where we're eastern replies. I know Henderson Wilson both play pretty well they're gonna have to step it up at Dawson is going to be questioned what for the games so just take a look at the defensive backfield is probably distract. Of the gators are overall positive how's that looking going to talk to you must never. I. I'm not used I'd love he got that's a few guesses questions all day what a healthy document. How about what all is a question forty pulled it a little 42 place here. Sobbed. Fascinating game I mean I know the kids are probably you know they they know about the history you know mark Stoops and talked about yesterday. And it Rezko opposite approach that wildcats talking about. How he takes it personally. I'm sure Steve Johnson can't wait you probably won't want to play the game right now that quarterback of the wildcats. That you know. I'm wondering how map point keeps it all in perspective we can also in the aside from Kentucky. Today's call and say about stay within yourself but in all it does work both ways in this and we got that kind of winnings last losing streak it does work both ways. Yeah I. Some writer from SEC blog covers the gators. It's one of those guys that he's not sure what questions are gonna ask. When he's halfway through the question is still not a yes or for questions men. There's also adjusting her like and verbal iron lob from and this is technique than Euro countries were you launcher with schools percent. Let me ask a question some ugly and mean that's when asked at this point I still haven't thought of what they're gonna ask. It's just pitched it to me about the scheme is that you tactic. Is it in its strength as defensive backfield. Is that true but Pete also getting. You know description for the player is the position he plays and the results shows he has in his grasp of it now that you're. With little reading on the entire hour and an old sports cliche that the U partners well. And he's just the biggest. And I love I'd like it that Monica it was dark and it's not the Miami team the real arcane yes I agree people join us by the way to preview Tampa game and before we five we can for yes he's an expert yeah go on the box. Must beat them experts we also have. Double Sweeney. Oh with you on Boston College as they meet this what time Saturday and 330 ESPN two NUINS. Is on ESPN two and EI FM amicable and mutual meter on the call yes or. All the best it. Maybe it could be used to augment the wrong moment. Posts. A little play ability but. Those of 34. Point favorite we always. Listen to Belichick on the play and the browns are and the colts got the bronze are favored at Indianapolis like crazy. That's how bad the colts that the coast with a rifle there that he not yours years ago. Mean they were the rival and threw to flake out there there are next on underdog to the browns have. Home office anyway we Belichick would agree that the calls were there play from the Americans yeah that's what coaches do. A double thinks the BC Eagles pose a threat communities with the money in all the old is when you get an. We got count this week I mean your BC's order to though I lost a part BC dot net and one question bottom with that brought me but. If they've got some big physical offensive linemen and their old school you know they're running out of both power right at you. And if you don't pick that up right. If you don't have the mindset that you need for a game like that in your secondary it support what they need to you know they'll build Bill Belichick. They'll exposure and hardly. Well the rule. Up to 35 bundled product thirty yards meters sorted Obama. I would take months if thankfully were dead mural on the 35 point under the B 55 that Panthers third play an island city yesterday outlined did you last month Saturday. Early into the third court did you stay for the game to know panel now. I mean it's I would like to see it played this week and lips he climbs and love to see Lamar Jackson the couple weeks but. The home team hasn't proven much of the traction on appeal. Is going to be disaster. Just stand prosperity. And when we would you watch for the quarterbacks are good right. Harry. It's expected or fifteen. By the way I love double I'm rooting for double him or not this week and a Clemson guns shoot video him with a dunce and did. I'm a sucker for those when they get these you know that he's now two of the camera. All the public it is right assembled yeah. Mean someone has cellphone. He walks by slapping hands with some fans and he notices ones that Johnson on the stops turns around. Put his arms are on the kids spends a couple minutes talking all it's a blessing. He's such a cool I'm any such an anti Satan and he's the anti Saban. Maybe I'm just being naive but he's excellent with them Jesus won't with Kevin turner is a Devonshire. Great took care Kevin turns on it seems figured out who knows very could be an Evan oh yeah them so I'm saying I'll let you lock in the green and you see somebody just. That then he says now I wouldn't. Mean I'm always. Very little damage done he's religion but Ellis works is he's a great recruiter over there you can play ball this camera and form when not this week again moved from BC economy to win. Or five points until it happens all I can do this. And doesn't seem to tennis committee will run to score. Thank Chip Kelly will be next coach of BC that's my take two weeks from is from New Hampshire if I don't know what town do you grow up and handled. Just made that up Amherst. Amid new coaching you an expert weekly quiz like where his family. No he does have a wife and who's a committed bachelor married to the game of football and for Manchester for us he grew up in Manchester Manchester high school picture and and their coach why I don't can't let him feel more at Dover. But he's not. Complain he's not coaching and I know Tennessee that the clay Travis wants concealed firearm a no other schools look at him but. He could make say three million BC or five million Tennessee reconsider BC execs set in Tennessee. Art form an increase welcome were laid out what you do to seven million Tennessee of well but it but I think Chip Kelly has already has all the money and overspending don't does go to Hawaii. I cannot have a man like this conversational time you know nobody thinks but they think all being beaten being close. 53. Italians it seasonally it's bad job rich it's alarming yet you gotta get your ass kicked me as he sees what magic but he thought he sent. Yeah you notice of its pick of jobs anywhere. Well he already does have missed it from some jobs but maybe he has maybe starts doing main market that's when he's called short of the Canadian whoever he is what's he d.s name again. It was just hired Ari you don't feel that Curtis I knew anything about your alma mater desperate stink. You're giving users who think that article yes of course the already called of course they have worked of course it checked. On Martin's Norman as the new market charming should get on his office last night as. Should trot he got a truck and by the way into my lack of money for people PC right I could afford it. If I would that Ryan would Doug Flutie over knows he has of these guys all wooden they'll be thrilled to see Japan is guys I mean what. Five yen is not by players thirty million. Why not that be enough I mean that would be part I had thirty I'll tell you what if they hired him that he would want Matt Ryan moved quickly and all the good and he's even got him to a half million BQB Chip Kelly six. Or what it's all of pissing away to an he would get paid guys in his private school they compare one of the traditionally giving away to a nationally for about 68 Richard Kelly's good sound don't you sell tickets don't you. So that's good signs and everything else you know showing gain also the PC SK two and if you lose and lose you know 53 to 47. And which is just telling us hires coach a BC you know it happened. But we actually occasionally talk to a PC of an. Once a month segment how bad actor part of another I would love you relevant and and because they have a good scheduling an irrelevant what I can't really beat when did you move here. Five years apiece she's never been in the conversations. That never really used to be good I mean it couldn't. There's so what right. Hi I'm Matt Ryan's team was second in the country of second nine years 2007. Risers and another 35100. Out of it ever been lower than they are right now I'd agree it's clue. Sec running back and played a few years in Anaheim trailer and I love lions I did a story on him that was the most done and be seen my entire Italian premier. Jerry we think about it they have atomic hospital hours he works I have heard from third via a forget he was on my ballot so was Ryan when I was on my ballot was first. But think about it the schedule. Is good I mean there in the ACC actually play. Clumsy and you know play Louisville in the gonna play Notre Dame also a football is yes I market likes football so I think this is. Misconception that this is not college town that's true. When the teams are good when Calipari was Goodman BC basketball was good when he had Matt Ryan people care about I got news for. Every towns a football count everyone for football and you're in good college football they will come this. I take couple calls him before a couple of activity chipped illegals they were gonna do. Many someone probably tell us that whatever you never ever come here but we'll probably dream probably right I'll mikes and priming him I'm like. I don't I don't know why they would pay if you get a body bigger effect out it was surely what cal cup. It is you that's etiquette column probably an epic about Paula most. If you don't reply to hire ship Cali it every year their top fifteen or twenty program in the content in the ACC. For six of seven million dollars a year that's a steal this chats telling you is he said he's not enters interest angle backed the colleges that at all and these guys and I don't think you said and who people close to him he doesn't have went into the TV is referred to on start and have. Apologized to polish. Football analysis political backing FL's coach of the that. Are we were back in form hire Mike Leach. Afterwards do fund which would have an insurer Phillies local has been you know while the success that did you never feel like he wants to be in New England meaning things like he went to Oregon and that's where it became. No famous right. So there is say there is a story about. Few months back in June yet. Said it says which college job is right for chip Kelly's return he's probably coming back to college football and twenty Tina's articles as a ninth as the nation. Boston college's fourteen list I have to vote would be fun to Ole miss tackle tacky Boston College NC state. Arizona or Arizona State Kansas State Georgia Tech not possible would be fun Michigan State Nebraska UCLA Arkansas Texas and am. Auburn Tennessee. And then there are number one possibility was known to adopt Oscar. Americans 46 and 7333. In the packed. 33 and three eighths. In the six million. In real he's always confronted Belichick wouldn't want to close. Enough supported him down near there that's that could gloat that an open vote pocket and owns bow your salary while Belichick absolutely. It's like this happens we can influence should start in this mad communal to Crist to run outlook Brian's would you donate to your dad don't I don't have to be yes or did you get Jesus points archer I would all the points almost doubled its next car would you give to Chip Kelly. Oakland and loves you she's rise in Amherst Brian. It did a vision Brian lives up. And I was on the run with the works up an ambulance stinks. Think about Chip Kelly one. He's been seen as good as it was back in the day it's still second tier programs now he couldn't bring it up. Why that's a difficult than his ego and second thing is who follows chipped countless when he leaves for whatever reason. Okay here's here's how does that that's that's you can't think like that well I'd say an. You don't listen to death for three or four years right if you hire guys you know who falls in his coordinators just like in Oregon offense and would have a system in place. I receiver Chip Kelly everything is equal to Monday's close to equal. Chara of the give a shot at BC tried turn them around you'll have some power house to continue winning bets that excitement. Although easy intolerance all those jobs not technically a better all the all actual apple learn. About how I mean those jobs every once and a while UC coach leaves those jobs are bigger chapters are other things out. As mothers to live in mansion estimates she's so old and infirm would you make it jealous when it was a bigger challenge when you Auburn winning the peace challenge. Yeah I mean seriously actually. To close and he and his close Auburn is getting it's ass kicked by and I am open to every year's Kiki 08393. Auburn yes sure he you have PC I don't know. Used to be able to design games every year I'd be shocked at critical games Chip Kelly on. Outlook two ultra book him what's popular probable for tomorrow. Our ultimate grim moniker pitch them I don't think he's an adrenaline and you don't see me this new phone system I'll use. He attain an accurate figures on meet you bought 1003 times a week. We don't golf seasons from my form as such anybody tell me this weekend I was chipping balls in my you're went into this. Can you touch a common cell Parnell is up hey Tom Tom. And I. Thought it till you've got a good shot down and metadata try to get it but not a so I am beat the alarm I'm one of the biggest at dodger hitters in the world. And but I have to tell you this team is. Even though they got blown out by Notre Dame did that these are the tenured is that it that ride they got a quarterback who's a freshman about a third game. You watch the Wake Forest. Again another quarterback as a freshman Mendoza stood entries can be. Connecticut and now he's going to be food as I'm. Kelly according to politics and lives in Rye, New Hampshire. It's a great town on the water it's awesome and he wants to move to. Auburn Alabama easy commute just Ole miss with pounds on in Oxford Vietnam no way he wants to be here right nice lovely. We make this happen remake is happy PC fans as we failed to get that Mike Leach even in any view that was the ocean or to get tired. They ought to wait force 34 and that's unbelievable they have 520 right we are honored aim overweight for Jerker by two points of her favorite in the last 304010. Election calendar tomorrow on here Friday football against tomorrow he's had these two were to call for Altria SpinRite yes Hampshire to a radio work. Am on tomorrow morning it's a Florio in the game we talked him into the BC job on I'm on that's going to help us our wants and take the BC the other. Price does Kraft wants to push my agent I'd give to Jamaica. Program. A couple hundred grand I don't know on the one that you'll. At least my doubt we'll fund raiser would do it well given that content is a funny page does it for everything that's true. We're the biggest and I'm here. It's gonna find I know we're getting out to more power for coming ever get back to this brave appeared to touch on a lot of Red Sox well 617. 7797937. And tomorrow we're going to get. Chip Kelly to agree to become the next head football coach at Boston College.