K&C - Gerry responds to Dino's attack; Old callers loved John Dennis 1-2-18

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, January 2nd

Hour 1: Gerry reponded to Dino's unprovoked attacks and the old listeners loved last week on K&C. 


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Hey it is the Portland. Final hour on the fifth and final day of the deal holiday to yes it was one of the first things I thought about my take on pit bulls I think it should be exterminated. I agree on simple yet with into one minimum pit bulls can we do that make me feel better to lose a little weasel deal how about Chihuahua. That's what you I. I don't know what you already little Chihuahua because he marketing marketing marketing marketing its current committee had left to win the coin toss elected to receive was especially important today to play out front early to talk about that our focus here recommended this building. Always beyond what's best for the preacher I focuses on the flyers coach talk about the job Ryan Allen did he had a lot of once inside opinion online now. Halo vehicles period Gerry Callahan your intimate support. Here I'll keep going back to the word disappointment. Patriot. Okay hatred. Completely abandoned me and let this thing deteriorate into a silence of the lamb rubs the lotion audits he immediately went into radio silence on her side and did not speak to me for five months that's right block everybody a closer look at it lesson about the lock on Sports Radio W. What's up that is alone. Which site that is that as we segregate. I looked up. I'm I want like Chris Cook the subsequent second making it requires effort Chris Curtis and I have a third man I don't like this third man in thing anymore and you choose just the two of us. Haven't conversation with the union second if you. Man continued lets somebody finish apply please continue. The show's over today and go for a light run crazy. Have lunch a couple of shows not that I can't want to wait what does it BBC program. And then I'm going to go to bed and I would never think of what the station ever ever ever ever ever never think about it never ever ever. I wish some more calls and waved mainly where words well informed as our Phil and John Dennis. I was ten or as close as an attention to the show to be going like and respect this week yet a mile and ten was benched the Chihuahua was rewarded with a appear in Chihuahua. Yes it's true while to a wawa but days that you allow in went out to our Somalia better and to wrote me and we'll take we will go one at a time. You want us and yes I did the deal right now I think I gotta have it I got to give him credit he's he's put his finger on the pulse he knows what we're doing wrong here and he knows how to fix it certainly it's. Today and if I mean obviously you know this is so much to pick through as the you know thing in and eat any points at the John. When you left you weren't number one you left in the show's number one the ratings have gone out of that ever said to him. I didn't hear. It was edit some yeah you're you're terrified didn't you you you right now while I'm at my age you I don't know how. Like you're you're you're the expert you earned your every day you know the numbers you know who. Kendall the only one was here right who could speak to this would did you point out out. How well yeah but just blow to while partners ankles right can you know he's cans. He's got some rabbit how's it going Emerson College in 55 guys who were being vetted out you said. Though it's yeah yeah. But them did you point that out that the that the formula is work it yes that he. Race this season we're in castle in SE wouldn't double noise here yet it the usual life you know toward the end of our run together three of us. Would come a dual lot but now we're trying to be combative whatever should simply deflect her a lot of that Alex Reid said you know I'm not doing this. And if I brought the ratings Iginla connected that cross whatever he just as though you're doing well I'm doing well it would every welcome to yup everyone's happy of the book that's right blocked it about it close the book I didn't listen just moved on so. Listen I guess my question would be. If he doesn't listen to the show. How can be be critical of all people talking the same time and I understand he said he rushed last week in preparation for his don't don't brush company knew that when he said that a role that he said on the phone Lou England encryption a few months ago. That's true so confused I don't understand he doesn't want to talk politics anymore right. Have been for the last half hour of the program in studio was 45 which was. The worst hour radio I I didn't I never heard like this is Jeff deal I voted for Elizabeth Warren a a series both Warren there's plenty of other Republicans running if you want I can't. Again I can't vote Republican again after Washington all I think about you to vote for the reeling in the guy who's from India who says you know vote for the real and right and I was with Warren's with the with the again I apologize. I mean interrupt. Go ahead colonel that I could to abort the the floors. Toward the end of the sentences of these going on jury think and it's all of you mayor calorie liquid to language I mean what the intimacy Dick yes you know walked out yes yes we performed to get toward the end of the sentence in the jumped to. Yes it was with Warren's. Campaign year or her self went into the astronaut gone for fair play equal players said that she was as the system do you ask was rewarded you're going to do you know yeah okay sounds good it was so bad is such a black mark on on on the run of the program director. To allow. Filling guy and I'm glad John who's in who's going to be auto laps everything I've I'd personally guess that the problems John anymore when the war Woody's posted but it was like let this. Old guy coming in have a playground for a weekend the end the last hour. Was literally people talking Jeff Diehl who was how bad was Jeff deal. Off it was in in I texted about so wide we do expect him back so we'll be good trainee and outs of fight with him. He's he's he's your friend Alex was still sitting here and deal came in studio. Right Alia it was a it was a do larger segment no worse than it was in our it was a bad RKO statements soundly beat being compared hole. If people become citizens if you were in the state in the country for two years. You could. Could apply Tim Anderson and they knew it three years to prove to the judge you had jobs a sponsor. Knew the language by the way all the requirements that trend is not trying to put back in place and DL that's good immigration talks hit it was railing about us. Talking politician plays and you know sound before practice much of more patriots jets not. I have lots of page good about it we'll get to that we have Tom Brady joining us today you know join us today I. I was just gonna some things by sentence. I great as one person I think one of us you know later this other one emotionally the studio so we don't want three people because it just gets confusing you don't know host I have questions for Brady that you or I can get to hear the end of the interview Allison almost all of it. However few couple specific questions for Brady differently as a country yeah I've eczema fond of was here yeah I mean hypothetical theoretical path. But I stupid question what's the game was cold but telecheck. As the little book he's writing things down. I think TB twelve com. About diapers cost but gee the kids yes smoke that some people right that's good question what is Belichick writing down an informal no annual reveal it for the world might pisses me copies of the photographs in the recent yes my yes probably Faxon two is probably you know incredibly dark perverted stuff. By dipping sexual you know requests and everything wild yup so that is that. When when when Brady joins us later in the program which -- to start but I I think it would start and I didn't want us that would that but that is an and I always say that we would be those accusation can play only play like I let me just and Canada hoosiers. Him in his defense those who say it's a lie. If you don't remember. Clear he doesn't remember he doesn't remember why he has memories does not remember the program director telling us I mean the general manager telling us. We couldn't talk politics and conduct one Obama you'll hear from I know that's true. Mean it was pretty obvious sweep rip I was the first follows a meeting with you Jeff Brown Indy we had conversations and he doesn't remember that no. By the way I believe he does remember it too I guess that mean it was but it's hard thing to forget. I continued every detail at a U shouting match and he said. The general mental point of the windows has I don't care if the helicopter lands right there Obama gets on demands to come on the air with you you will not let him on. Well Jim and Jeff Brown's offense that means Jeff you Whitman on Friday that's good point should we would all baggage ever. Me and that's why that's the whole thing the whole idea that he doesn't like the fighting the show and these two rusting. The one thing he did. Well one reason he he had such. A great run there Wheeling me. Is because we fought a pension pot he fought would mean fought with guess you follow up call was interrupted as well. That guy like that guy is suddenly decided that he doesn't want anyone to talk over annual sales. Well she said I think that comes from his wife. Weaver I've heard that from her in the past so you. Where you know she is an issue people interrupting each other average on some outlets such and we can you imagine actually taking your Q from your wife now to talk it once you can hear nothing out there. She's not in our demo it doesn't work that much right that's why I don't really I I. I was entertained by it but late you know is I said John and I ultimately happy philosophical difference I'd like to argue and fight and I guess. He doesn't like to do that anymore I guess I mean I I don't know if that ball does her on Twitter right it's licensed people were file and anyone on Twitter I mean I don't have the the energy the time winner of the desire to go back and forth with some guy. You know I don't care how many falls life's too short to get a hundred he can have a million I don't want to sacrifice of people back fourth of like a joint activities in the world of people like that I've done that but it's a one time I haven't had many I don't remember you know having haven't won a nice that's my don't want and he doesn't. And he doesn't above politics right he does and about. That leaves more about prop. That's something that was so strange to me is that that would would you do with Hamas are gonna look Trump's attacks planned yeah. That's what gets him excited that's almost stuff that'll lead in the Baltic. It just went into politics but any shift peel on for 45 minutes and studio. And and tomatoes on arguable politics that's. I does it bleed is a mass of contradictions I've I've ironically written down. It it never ends and ever and never ever you'd ever end wrote these things that I did yes embassy eroded you Ohio literacy. I. If you wrote them down. I can't that but it never ends and you know ever like this it was fun to have around for a week. But I think is a Texan joy Friday so I think we Edward Kennedy for -- give it the game and you just give me bills. And allow a brief. Why Islip up anyway you want it above me all Leo yeah that first. So Jerry realized that I was no longer going to be a partner and that Kirk what is and that's fine I understand that you've Gerri one another contract or to. What I didn't understand his win is is why when Kirk and I came to blows. Figuratively. Jerry went on his side completely abandoned me and let this thing deteriorate into a silence of the lamb. Five months in this room. As opposed to saying you know what I understand that our work with John for nineteen years let me see if I can at least broker some kind of peace here. And without dumping on John still kiss Kirk's past it so I can be Kurtz Ed McMahon and get another two or three contracts could you. First law have never given anyone in the silent treatment in my life I don't like I don't I don't do that detection you do without pay I would never stopped talking to anyone in my life including my family might never friends just stop talking. You didn't talk to do you know. I can vividly remember one day in Minnesota it's up to you know there was no sound yes over us that oh that begins it was about a month. Most of that about right before via quick left yet. It comes up with is that these months or five months of the silent treatment. And and in fact the last week of shows when he decided he didn't want to another show you we have all kinds of fun we never got to Connecticut one day then we're back here. Curse you were there we left that camp. We all curse for you weren't there. Does it hitters there's there's hospital. You do show a mutt menu did the show with David duke amoeba chilling video it was. Right and pretend that what that's think a nervous so ill prepared he knew he was leaving never had to see you again and we laughed for two days that's I think is when John I talked on Friday I was not gonna yell scream and I didn't think it was made a lot of sense. When I said to him you know that's is moving average to flaxman said to him you know hey why did you leave you'd you'd come with you you can really get sick when I got back yeah. Or is that whole thing she's just. Extradited him to stop them do. Right and and I mean the idea that like I wasn't lawyer who was supposed to do did the shows that when we we we did some good shows. Would you and without you. When you were gone to Ireland you know we have a lot of that was couple weeks Russia and great boom we've gone really great run for years to our laboratories women and better health or the owners and we had excellent numbers we had some good ties to some great fights at the bottom line is it's it's that when it comes enemies that the job that I heard last week. The guy wants to do mount Rushmore the guy who wants to talk about James Harrison laundry you want to talk about this and that. In that big voice in that fakes that's the guy wanted to push out. So yeah I think today after Christmas and we are all the singer Christmas. Is that today we turn the page from one G. The energy that's my Munich I was just what what the geez do Zeller and Guerrero to Guerrero I'll Guerrero to go on that's ideal media every day I said I heard that I don't I want to Jewish choir Dennis and I wish. That you were in the studio oaks I know how that upsets we look at each other real always had rolled my eyes and today was brought on by the letter a that kind of thing which you hate don't wanna do it it's generational philosophically I think. And I set up a net it's. It's much I hated John I just hated the way he wanted to do the show so I decided. I sent him a push. Imagine object one beat. Imagine that amount Armon with the boss called me it's that you have to pick your picture you're pick Urquhart picked a DO. As it moon can you give me a minute think and I thought about it that track it was nice moment. Let that happen and did exactly how could that have I think your byline philosophically obsolete and we lose friends and we have right. We we you know we see unfortunately we see too many things the same way we've broadens which is why we don't fight Corey never ever ever ever never disagree about a wearable a couple of rightwing nuts and marble of trump has been no attention all the past nuns are now fighting. I mean I I do think you do you can everybody Kirk I wouldn't bet tool for the break reflective of a direct and but speed as members argue we had a great run with a great time a lot of laughs a lot of good fights and I cannot believe he just suddenly decided that wasn't the way to do radio I won and by with a mossy. I think he could kill them in life as a US troop on the side and be eats cares about that. She cares about Trump's tax bill sort of two you know a couple of times and until John walked out. OK I mean you don't do the basic points at trump this trump that. It didn't seem to me is I said. Any different than we've done we did ten or fifteen times show can be sarcastic I mean by that and so I heard it. It has its of them you know I was I was at Disney world of online ride an awful lot about it oh my god you don't want to this must've been. Madness I've heard that was personal and it wasn't personal it was taken and and by the way it was the easiest argument to mate Tomas he said you know on the the geek tax cuts for the middle class expire. The reason they expire Johns has no Democrats voted for them but do possible between two. Mean John. Tweets about the stuff all the time he could've beaten in my seat to a pulp now on the subway really upset deal I think that look that old regular guy I'd sometimes that their we've heard it. While you're on vacation part and heard the actual walk right he would we have you here that the final thirty seconds. Sure I guess disposable income is in people who want to admit that it was rolling. I I know we are I am gonna talk to you if you don't like it. You can leave Robin I can finish the show what you went out you under a week I'm gonna just show without art six what Lebanese 77 mines and in my right. Tour. I can I can do this we can finish this. All the angles and boos de this is so baffling to me. Rob is right for once it right so committed to go back to a more. Would you didn't really like when he didn't really like was too much is said to me you can leave millions of almighty god. Hum I am which turns my feeling but the visit could he could have fought because I agree and I feel of the posse did nothing wrong nothing except of course you know this news. Railing against tax cuts on the middle class fight poverty was declassified it's easy for the tour killed them he was not brought it erupting. Nothing more nothing out of the ordinary too mossy was 100% right on that he did nothing wrong and and they laughed because it was so bizarre what you think you know walked out what you think this the decision to bring John back. After that. I item I was surprised. But I was completely on board wants. I thought about it tigers I agree you know we talked about this. A month ago last year we did a very poor job at one chorus for the institute. You hear from them right. Well Phil is it just prudent people in it together several matchups terrible shows train meter was ready meter was the worst one I was attending way. They need me as pretty as a BofA wind meter race and and we just had some terrible lifeless shows this and say which one of the united lifeless. P.'s well I don't usually folks. You know when mark was really was rolled it from was and behold they bet like that but would try to make you proud news and eleven horse show the week was the you know Schilling and. For important far by far I deal went on our short Fridays ago when hundreds of people celebrate the accelerating. Kindle 2 weeks and I do think it's set up the calls the caller dawn on back I do think we should play some of them this is without this my point is there's this there's group. And we know we deal with small time I'd like them I get aroused by. These people are over the age of what's I'll be generous and 55. Who have no which is to listen to me meet. Don't like are shown now misty oldies Medina would. A intellectual he's more thoughtful guy right you were talking talking talking pontificate. It was a political discussion god knows in the 20012003. With no job no you guys are here to talk sports that's right it did axle I don't that's I never get criticized for the Rio we talk politics and we've always been sporting guy always has forged a guy that's sort of a new do we have him isolated talking about he wanted it was a thoughtful intelligent intellectual discussion sports conversation. Did. I said this is just in Colombia and Kirk's gonna jump ball. Based mountain to run on the phone a mad anymore. The maddening I let it out about this point. Matt and he obviously between the two of us. I want you to be met with about amending the oil from -- which I don't know what that means loyal to me watch they showed up to work and did my best in the did the best they could look at again the specifics about it pretty horrible time in life he texted you pretty horrible thing. That is true that's the day and had to go and I'd hope that it yet you're better man and a out of read that text by. But you know what he's a memory of sending it so it doesn't matter why got to I guy sure on I noted and and and it's. But you would say island on average toll goes oh I don't remember electric at idex not to my miracle it's some of the stuff you forget it's amazing selective. It's yet but that do we have that Iceland we want to talk intelligent. Whenever. On the short somebody his. It's exploration with Portland and Schilling was five minutes law what you want down wider audience politics explicitly that I guess yet and forums that I and I do apologize to my man. Richard are key for the great talk show host America east three times better board. I'm to drip he stinks. Three times better than the work as a guy who was listening I feel the pride because I wanted to hear more of what you were saying you're in the midst of billable point. About it it was the tax bill yes or whatever and I think this is something US studied up on and I'm going to learn something if I hear him finish the sentence. Nose doesn't have vanished and now it's like. Are at a moment's thought you were lamenting about the tax both gonna help 143 million Americans next year I was trying to explain that eight out of ten people in the middle class amounts are in outs and families in the middle class will benefit from this. Before I got the word eight out of my mouth and never got the ten. I was in erupted but I will say this when you're having this debate was somebody in you know this as soon as they say. It favors just that ripped shirt you know you're dealing with an idiot who doesn't know what they're talking about why did you say that you know once is it to mossy and 88. You don't you're talking about that's why why why not. Why not why would often I would tomorrow I'll see you could kill them on this went to mass in the Woodstock it was a premeditated walk to accuse. Well no I don't I don't know that was not premeditated he was angry you could see his face you could hear his voice and always like that and he's really thinks it's better radio to have important chilling and I agree now and by the way and then good chilling and and they didn't talk politics. I guess not held view wants people in now he's the you know whether tab about half a battle with us. He has let people he disagrees with anyone who wants to go on the note he did with the gas market of the guy who died but has been. Bill Kelly bill Kelly or or or Thornton or Schilling or much. Brees he's not a moron knows that's not good radio is that's boring isn't care and I mean the show ideas that that shows good I would I hope I would hate. For Dino Schilling in Thornton on the station Al pale through their salaries they go against us in in the morning six I told about my pocket happy to do it but they'll finish. Imus say they'll do it to six the British. But and put just hates to mosques right that's what he did she sworn enemy but because of where Hamas he did once upon a couple of have scared and like he's not a do you as a joke around he's a drip on the radios and I like him there GC zero. I missed that match on Suggs and office two guys here cart record for a terrible terrible the whole worst thing that every good magic you would diss. Spirited conversation institution. Ozal it was a grunt block out shows which only one shown to have and that you don't Roemer and he fought a little rushed out yes you really want to do. About Rushmore stuff. Absolutely sassy real characterize them I wrote down. It was before much real estate into my thought that was a few assists if we hit it shows caught I elected taco Tom Brady being in mount Rushmore if he'll ever be knocked off. It was deep that he was comparing Red Sox. Right mount Rushmore candidates Brad welcome back he was and I talked about though. That's our report a couple of aren't excited when you and thoughtful intellectual. Well we're fourteen months and John John when number one admit they show you criticized for dropping just too much in about. While we. And made illusions like whatever slap at the moment. Malone in our show is number one congratulations to them we're gonna take our victory lap later he can guardian guarantee up from the Malone at this number one again. In John Dennis says to me hey Lou what's a truck just cements it okay. Let's finish on John they have that conversation before the ego John you're a feel Ian got your in my world you're my house. You leave your shoes ought to take them off mature in my house now tedium that meeting with the Tomas in and Red Cross is no ideas and on the air yes. John has never like to meet possibly Japan. He said he said we don't want it to rocked. Before the show particular hole MF and somebody said something and then Luke started fighting with Maloney on them with lucrative fighting with Christian. And then Glen Johnson in your three people talking at once I literally could not hear a thing they said I want or understand a thing they said I heard all this cacophony. I had no idea what it. I wonder if I don't sort of doll of six things you and me dvd. Ever not known whose pocket I got shot I I know the difference between the three and I think the listeners to to that responded. Their numbers are huge theater grateful book up I re tweeted some of the stuff that that I read any is look up. Luke nor Gershon Norton line. Retreated a single thing about us being number one Q can you find an edge Olbermann compared metaphorically I I told glad I did retreat between Adams and he better give you credit are you gonna rip is face of I don't think he did I get it right if only losing 40% of our. Regulations it's awesome victory lap time. What below last Lou book that Alicia party government asked Lou about to feature a meeting I'm getting out those guys I'd my New Year's resolution is to be less social. TrueCrypt I. But the show when I guess that's that's a good gold can stick to what I hope to hopes to mine as usual any of the deal thought you guys we'll take we'll gonna get calls on these guys awhile ago and and my favorite calls on the line I just. Well it was just that good the church that was absurd I couldn't believe that he's blaming Jerry for what happened to the show. You know was at a different perspective than you two every day from six to ten Hewitt circus show and in the next three hours and four department to be you guys trying to get into what you. Watch straight decision and John and I said John of the message I was talking to work with you in the room and I decided to move on from. It was easy easier and I thought once I decide to do to push on out. Now is on ads wasn't as easy as you note for tomorrow she always was shocked that he quick that there were calls on not third and it's in John's oh Friday Friday John in the big officers that quit and we said. Why are we said so instead it's over but he had a year ago. He kept announcing that it was only get them to do one more year and in the boss told not to say that that you don't wanna tell people you're quitting in Plano the strength and he kept you and I knew in an older people are gonna like this I knew once John left our audience a little younger our ratings would go up the shall be better and without John without that John John you heard last week. The show was better I mean that's that's there's no question about that the show was significantly better now there's an older group that doesn't like that I don't care about you people that's that's I would say this it doesn't matter to. I about this year Lou congratulated dale hauling keep. Not sent any congratulations to him now or wait did not congratulate anybody on or shorts for sure for rated right. I got to look at the look at gradually did the mid afternoon is there's a quote trees create a Dale Arnold that for the record bill finesse and I silently two I was right there between you and though Lou portrait in sports that was totally not on his show related. None shortly but and I'm glad texted me so he did say I made it takes me I'm friends held a job. He just texted me about that the shows were what did you do. For way you measure you for one of finishing number one we have to get what did you do to make that happen I and may show up every day I'm that I don't know for up. What you did telephone calls heroic mom will boo boos when we do that were found we've published radio join a salute I don't mind you know and I'd I don't want sticky resolution no interaction at all this year right the figure. A woman what do they do. OK so they don't so they'll gradually the showed that gave in the massive lead in but they think they showed they buried behind the scenes after. It's obvious that works out that that's what this would happen a son who going back for the jets fan. And so. And I Nazi and who said you know eggs and some are we assess and said you psyche job but never blamed anybody when I sucked in my job objected to you blame which I thought was actually a good line and accurate that is I heard who do. Thousands of times that much. But I miss most amount would do you know it's not you might countenance DO scan just to make you proud obviously much much of that money but lives to please you and oh boy that's a room like that life. We zero I mean put this way much. You told months. Be quiet front radiators. Amassed much questions much one day you get slick the first six. It was excited that's quite smug because trees viking back. Was to ask. Football league's team fan base. Is the most excited right now posed the question again in the gonna due process of illumination can help you get to itemize right. Or maybe disagree what. And base. For which National Football League team that is quite fat are the most excited right now our first ball I think ultimately Dallas and Oakland since I don't question there how I think the giants and browns fans are runs of us who have so many products and about anything I think the Pittsburgh steeler fans and the Buffalo Bill fans are still. Wait too pissed off at New England. To be excited still complaining about officiating exactly. That that I could send two guys are outlets have asked the satellite and a voice right. Or are it is it went out. And that game last night and how much of that data to watch. But election after this and couples is not taken that he is exactly. Did take your body. Of OJ obviously eliminated them. One much is it in their optimal. Well John like John a couple of sets you can track at the embassy yes congratulations by late afternoon guys. Oh then they'll all your favorite show us civilians yes I see them improved we have at them cheese of Simpson's voice. And I am I wrong to be upset about that judge's move guys doesn't matter move on and talk to you win you win right you know this is as we heard over the afternoon show actually get a higher rating in the mid issue correct. I've been so okay gradually should that mean intimidation ocean trying you know not lose our lead and then had occasion to pick them up date. And confirm a report. But of course. Tell us meet him and yet they that you get axle very due to a six rating in the lobby network 61777. Point 793 said. But six of Dino calls arts colony of the old old people as well aware of the old and the job on different you know supporters. Indio critics OK we get back and go 1819. If I don't which in the case. Which fan base he's is is what would Wear this eye on suicide watch most excited most excite. I went well he giggles on the Izzy for and I had a blast that good felony dinner and Tony V. And I'm a more kanell passed the bar this guy he was probably sixty a couple of cocktails. Like to showboat and really missed Dino considered. Big fan John's itself it's good he is I don't like Kevin. And I go it's too bad you almost numb and was trying to like move it to the doors and had note. And basis not only Kevin it's too bad none you know. And that's the problem more ago. Who's captain and his Kevin apart enough please do you know well Kevin yeah he's simply as a and I said. You would have loved to have heard that this guy's out of our demo we got he's old he's kind of pickled and scatter brained. And he doesn't like Kevin and Alex to you know. I almost pleasure myself listening to the older bankable old caller we have direct you will place of the the bankable the old woman the weird guy from the patient ledger who love Dino. In a median age you hate the show now let's get to deal cause I want five full wise I would deal calls right now to have a Dino segment. And enable move vomit you out of 617779790. Threes have what do you think is you know right is his radio the right way is our radio the right way which they can via appearance. The walked out all 6177797937. B Kirk and challenge of the number one show in New England in Boston. Well both those ratings well later on call. Swamped will we not interrupt anymore and say if they request if she turns us one at a time. No interrupting civil. Insightful intelligent conversation minister trucks. Or skirts sports conversation at all Facebook's. I have mustered what for a small went to five or would be on the who'd be that if I think we all I had in my mind. Number about the second tier of the the tonight that I do secretary of the phone call you guys get out slow I yeah I did second tier of mount Rushmore I did. Yeah I did I went boom went they don't porky correct correct a bird. Birds on the second I don't cross across on Russell them. 66 points and Russia to be sporting MacKenzie here. This question is does the illicit for the show that's what that is about the looming question in my. I think it actually doesn't want to begin that he never misses I big boned up nicely into a lot more about the shows this event and it doesn't. I appreciate that shout out to do you know I want all I want people eighteen of people love deep in the colony could reach him but execs want seven. 77793. Cent per gallon pagelets but he Tom Brady join us later this year. I've thought about what I've walked out three times in my life I walked out of true grit. Wouldn't be true grit you know walked out of a bad movie I walked out of true grit the 1971. John Wayne. Which one I think. That's why jock out it was awful. It was brutal it was like the first not like he works it was the first John Wayne movie out where ever went to see in a theater Mendocino on TV in black and white. It was it was John Wayne as rooster cog. And he was a man nature of true grit and it was just one cliche after the other and their whole thing and I purposely do we do it on me. Please please likely talk show host tells sores were going to movies in 971. And by the Republican Arlen Specter case did not that whether it's on windows that if you are best actor by the way the worst movie. Is his they removable from the worst we've ever seen in my life is mimic now it's not a great move have you seen it I am a fan of dust them off from the man it's just sucks so bad it's so. Meandering and pointless an awful. A walkout could go to the theater and movies over the break to see it I saw plain aren't on the planet so a sleepless. Which is this action sleepless Schumer of movement on fox is cells that are as an undercover cop in Vegas was so violent it was all right. You to parity she Jumanji the ones who rocks we saw that it's tremendous Keiko would. Average Tuesday was either a comic on rich keep anymore now know either Jerry sort of follow will Monica. Called don't really I don't know what it will bond view we and then we didn't show we'd made the made racial motive in this illusion that there are good show. In their ratings go up the afternoon showed praised Keith left and right either couple very nice customers in the very nice monologues a Michael hall. And we initiated into say enough nice apartment. You know. You can't on the last hail this new contract and basing that on form over the break and what we will promote the hell out of his new book that is compatible Bruins left and we won't know I'm a country where the good eagle from all wore a park to bulwark to as Chara. Is it look like like a list book that's my understanding like a mad dog Russo relics book right zealot is. It's just a T easy patents and my relatives about a final manuscript for on the Bruins come out. November 1. Could you do you think he could do that dude good afternoon own show and quicktime and to book and a book no question that's not a prophet new TV. And do TV. Folks I know we. You're and I always get as is crappy radio show its customers think more apparent TV boom they're right books with us have a view on announcement. I am writing a novel and 2018. Two this year this year that your I wrote my first page yesterday right aid every single day. Thank you are to have an outline its water diesel. 200 days sort of picture your book an awful I'm sure will be one of the read. Absolutely rated to can be done OK that's been raised yesterday it that you make in the list of resolutions one you're going to be not going to be nearly social correct around the office met Neil the American track of people and my focus on the outside I'm sure you've entered do that anyway but only to enter a bunch of times at Disney and the start to lose her retirement of the dinner now account of black people. Can do that every scene you are you looking forward to over the globe maybe he gives you good with the globe I think so yeah. I think so those are good resolutions are you going to be a no more social than you are right and the like this for doing resolute mind is simple as though it is. Though sodium cheese and that's always worked that I had. That's we will discuss Brady vs girly men later in the broadcast saying it's you who. Lawyers for birdie on the MVP this year. Yeah unbelievable. I read and bowl yesterday period he's going to win the envelope at rocket debris I don't know girl bones just try to early that. Do you really early and over the quarterback which you stupid. Those. A good column tweaking patriot nation Bible and go on what's wrong with Brady. I mean a lot of flaws in the sport but I can credit try Brady is certainly not great but Brady is going to win the MVP is third MVP which quarterback who started the season on the patriots rosters in the best quarterback in the league last month. I'm saying. Me guttural poll yes the great great great great great Wii and the numbers would you over anomalous in my community to victory lap on that it was right about that. And we we should talk about that but you know you wanna turn this in the view. I want to export some have a good conversation about grapple enable looks nice today huh well that's what happened to send still on the line Jim the wrestling your side. I watched. What's on the you don't should have done additional wood duck. You know last week. Costa he showed us. Tony got fourteen days because of school until watchable work closely and the port 112 days. That we've always we've always try to get mustard and here to feel any doesn't want to plywood. At least until I during the week you don't and into the right. Yeah since I'm around February you know. And every other week off side teaches in is all out suspension op got everything law. Get a cat I think is is fairly easily cast removed aside the other days in February. Six Muster what would what what broke he broke his wrist for a toga Shasta heard these. Governments. In those schools. That would be Rehman radio and if so it doors saying why don't you get them back and they are okay basically did you. And have a lot of jobs simply apply it correct. I'm no questions gathered around their idol he might be able. Is that really what we had last week. The wash your daddy out last week if you try to get any in the podcast you guys a lot of conversation that he lasts. Year or maybe year before 16% he doesn't talk to any. And I said you York among the pocket he knew what was which is very nice and we talked a few minutes is very nice. He said you were John data so much of that so yeah ice and I'm not gonna do was show with anybody orchard it is it and they. And I told John I hate us is very 88888. Each job because remember. And although I was I was witness went in and pushed them all want to fight him. Eddie was fearless woman footprints moralists. For its pros compete at 99.9. Percent of people in the world that anyone to fight and a pick a fight former NFL players. See it pretty exit craze going to be open let's go to palm Nashua. Which up to. In particular comical when my favorite doesn't cut out Gmail would be absolute worst so pop and the united back. Just all of little quotes in every clue it was just terrible. Warren radio hate it won't block out loveless and indeed I think it at all. You elect my nephew I buy I appreciate the discourse and happy to have a conversation. I'm happy for the guys in the more the doing really well but also this. And a unit also have launched the one Lone Ranger on the oval. DJs in Ohio hey DJ Halard. Good guys I would agree to reduce their team a source also the time. The special on Friday it would revert right I was rooting for Diego because. Reverse Sox. But deep human IC just made that point of great pride in Tino had fought with Thomas he re more training for that matter you know when they understand that people rooting for you specially Tomas talk politic or whatever. Would Tomas you fight with a there on your side they Ream is one he'd most I would say that if he fought back with Roemer like you said DJ. Now the good but he did the first now than they went away from the rest the show sucked. Could it absolutely killed two Muslim debate about tax. And he could I guess short I think but that's another misconception I think is that. You know we talk politics all the time we actually don't try and he went and she said the forwards that show. At one point she means we talk what the issue of the day whether it's spotlight thing or Adam Jones and we certainly you don't see it because it most maybe because of me. Coaches and having tax bill debate on the show now put more but it puts it my point is the contents. The subject matter in many times as a relevant your angry if you're angry argued debating. Whenever the it's the old you know sharper is an alligator he could do that sounds stupid but if you did it right to do it well you. ID feisty debater who would win the fight shark or an alligator people would listen. Yes I agree would you equivalent elementary. Pete's in Braintree AP Narnia. Gary guys. As a devout Christian I spend a lot of my time praying very hard on Dennis relaxes and died in the toilet at an art that can be down thank you. Thank you you appreciate it god that's our John's been seen asked for 47 months now so I don't you should say that your butt hurt. There will offer it as a white sec auditors. Traditional. Stuff yeah original ones raising the bar right. When we started our showed the he wanted to raise the bar one and and I convinced them on and with the help of Jason Wolfe and others that that wasn't and we wanted everyone was and we want this elitist no intellectual. Appeal right and he was great but this court John's always wanted to win that crowd these ones he thoughtful and intelligent and I think also took orders affect John also exit through the gate you get a couple of great tweets say hey you're not like the show us is great point gadget guy's pocket sports all you arrive that our fights but the Vila had real flights from you know he wanted to fight me. And would leave I wouldn't talk spirits and as well it was real tension in this view it's mostly. Fabricated in 99% of tax exempt 97% I would get back these calls in the second 61777. 790%. Chance to weigh in idea your seat couple lines of we'll do that. We'll get to the patriots Jerry cycle of college football game last night which I watched the the league now the calls football game yesterday afternoon right there went into last night game of the year who moved. I mean I was rooting for baker mayfield and Oklahoma but let's be honest I don't deserve it they wouldn't it wouldn't be Alabama if they'd won. As that but what an awesome awesome to eat in or breaking. But Brian you say what do you feel sorry for people who don't want sports as you know sports can be so great was one of those days you do if you don't want to call football if you can watch all also almost South Korea against that was because Georgia. If you watch Oklahoma Georgia. You miss great round and detaining what was it six hours long. And imposed. Eight to 106 hours of sports washing I can remember yes is what I did yesterday about it wants to put those away came home the New Year's Eve night. And then yesterday I watched the patrons into your itinerary which you all day. Now I what's the patriots game followed by Oklahoma he balls Georgia. Think of that. The and you said it before wants to use spoil the former U said the papers here is the most boring game or whose work towards was painfully it was so awful. And I give everyone credit bundled up went down I don't use to produce. It's regularly go to let's say Jesus what a terrible boring TV or almost sucked nobody was instantly that right romo's I wanna Roman say well why are we here at this point I physicist I'm on the number one team I'm with Jim Nance. And we're watching the scrimmage. Is awful awful game and then follow that up by Oklahoma. A Georgia when the great games I've ever seen in my life size 617779793. Said the patriots Monday Tom Brady will join us later on the ship. Johnston and John I you're on a Beckett so much for coming back I really appreciate it very quick victory in your backyard that's cements detected. I ended OPEC is a treat the Patricia. I'm Patricia I lipid rich while my son will be affected. Only you know I'm listening to WTI did it I thought when you left that you EI. Publicized them as they bullet Chagall. Let's talk to Richard and stick to Richard. Yes I. Well yeah. Can't yes I went to the patriot ledger sports Batman and I would that at the time when you were. The what anger and channel seven. And it was like lynch and that was bottle bill and you and those guys are great you know. What they did particularly the most enterprising guy. I'm. Plenty. And here at the times and then that at 1120 commodity say well I that. I should historians. I think. It is this. Guy that right now. And do Richardson. It's cool it's better than Reggie love the gotta love it. The gloom. Well. You got giggles to. His name. Like you haven't it is no good all your mind is not likely factor you know. You swear on the air behind Belcher and airports in and eating the lord's name in vain and did that interrupt occasional human to rock via and from John's career. He yes well looking to that I was laughing now he's back in flora and easy that power I don't know Z tomorrow like that your. I want go with them. You yeah breed the opportunity was shortly a couple of years ago five point six below zero did my house five point six below 00 yeah the north of little sure I understand. Painfully called why I ran the last couple days outside you're sick in the gonna do it again after the show and that's your mental case it's not normal he's not healthy two days ago it was on believe yes it was bad for us it was that bad it is bad because it was fun when I took my hand out championship was. Two days ago I'd gone to two with a ski goggles years ago two days ago it might be knowing they're against it's it's incurable runs out here is amazing isn't it amazing guy to the picture quality audio and you want to get Shaq comments there. With the old is that there. How then would you would you go after that charity for a lot of unity has right which everybody ski and you let your color call the boss if I can still choose it's too late to pick I want change my mind surprising that it could be said to me after he said Kirk amid again at least two contracts something to do it right I portraits of other. I wish I had a contract. I don't know I thought I was in the midst of them long term deal yeah yeah yeah ultimately affect at all well good for you fantastic thanks. I any plans for helping me get him back on her later on the show in the pro active duty final few thoughts from you to her much and you guys. I was very surprised he stick to simultaneously chastised for his you lie and called re carpet for at least Soweto what do you want. You also cited here. If you guessed it holes with what he sort talk down to mark about you know did you learn from this mistake he asked him if he drinks every weekend and months and know first of all that's a lie and secondly. Secondly what's wrong would reap drinking on the weekend. I think. Like that's that's his attitude like get Drake every week and Europe's problems Jones thought if you did you lie and not be alcohol by now might have to be all the progress finally via satellite on a roll like I think he's a social directory we went out with them easy draw as they show we all went out nobody drank. We had a good time that's true there letting my mr. Ford always he would like that occurs with the gin with a bath like six times. I did notice but that you're right he did he'd he'd talk look down on him because in my housing John drove drunken. Probably a lot in he admits it right well it's also much you didn't ever rank. Outside of rare exception on what he called school should remember that before a lie about that now he just feels it's weird here in the said the meeting he was never drunken here believe that he was on overplayed Brad I only used to everybody listen although one time we were down and -- Myers he's the foxwoods or more the boat and he and meet and went out hard went on the night before and I think they were still little -- where a lot of fun real laughs we have never we never said John as you know while the rich sauces you know. But when you were stumbling drunk for a couple years on the show you told us in Fort Myers you let us down right and what does that is that tougher. I'm not sure when I was supposed to do that port. Now wouldn't it. How how do you show loyalty and his that's his word and so loyal and what was not as he's shown loyalty showing up into a good show doing the best show he can do even known your partner says. You know he's struggling in Houston he's not. Holding up his which is fine. Do you go way get better and that's not an issue but it but you know. My thing is they've stopped the drinking was the other stuff wasn't I didn't like him that much personally was that he wanted new different show than I wanted to do so I decide to try and get an out. And it mad inventor would meet be kicked off the showdown in the fight but I said I'm not gonna do the show anymore we do letters. At the alphabet to do these long monologues on the show we talk about the Red Sox iced. I hit I didn't wanna do it I decided I'm not going to do this anymore if that means job was the war and I get kicked off the show and I go do something else I go to. You know you have done you're done for another year you'd done you get you get well. Oh jobs done if he stuck to the end of his contract on the ecological area octave vocal in the afternoons for doing build initial round meaning afternoons for awhile I would open to act like a guy. Yeah I don't think you'd have like that you would have waited him out here a year ago we told me Riley did you take hostages abide by tragedy I would Nolan to write those days you thought you could control. Yes I did you talked about going there and know you'll do no such thing than you talk to quitting right I said no I don't have considered that upgrade my novel now and I can see you're you're here now because I talked according. We want. It would move to like me hopefully she'll what you have to do at that point you acknowledge the truth and what's the truth the truth is I chose I chose John. Alan duke showed jobs going for bridge before. Wonder I want it every letter loyal. I think it starts. Write a Detroit fan base right now is not there waiting for duke. And we welcome to get it when I'm able to podcast someday but what you put into it afterwards he did to me like to talk I would never ever feel any loyalty to that Purcell what is. You know me I would say it was prohibiting you from because it's it's it's a long story a long story of three outs no one has a conflict Hasselbeck what Brady how that played in Peoria. Should. I won and I lined it into walls and it's on for now also missed that so bad so I had one. Right now it is Bill Belichick and oh he really was fond du grapple as a person and a player yet you feel like an idiot to ever have regrets that he ever. Look back and say what the hell was I doing that was a move. Me in anger that move I believe was meaning that that would be held the story of someone to get that story of Tom our digital effort against that storage it could actually it's I will say this is good reason is an effect to trade this stud the star. Who appears to be good enough to be like the number one pick in the draft. You just knew coming out I don't know if you've got to be picked 41 before I do not think you'd be picked 41 42 whatever it is you mean what I said in the top six or seven quarterbacks in the league right now I'll stand by. I would a need to go to on the list but yes top ten without a doubt and when you consider his age. And his upside. Yes without it and see guys like our current writing that their people Foxworth who wish they'd decide to stick but he also wrote now disorder. Brady Belichick relation there's something going on that that's something through the air but beyond that. Why do you not get your first round pick this guy how do you not get it will pick in the draft on tenth pick in the draft couple weeks ago is what they covet teams covet this is lots of these children's coaches getting fired. Most that the reason most to lose their jobs because they don't have this guy they don't have Jimmy grappling don't have a guy so it's about egg franchise quarterback John fox and and grapple and as far as we know. That wasn't he wasn't thrown out there. For all the teams to hear that lead to recede it was I believe the Kraft said to Belichick sorry that's the one guy we're not messing round with. You have to go Trajan grappling with it Edwards and Belichick said okay fine stock to his office picked up the phone and meet the first few recruited guy. That seems absurd but what else I mean can't come up with a better exploit is obviously be taken around the block the new use this to. Or really mean we all knew we we someplace he's really go and get in Spanish after knew what he's talking mostly would train for 41 round picks. So that guy he wouldn't trade for war first Olympics was traded to use a 12. Belichick is fuming right now Tom Brady's struggled but right now. Is about her 41. Any franchise quarterback for the next ten years walked out the door it is shipped to school he's going to Amy Bishop Cisco. Might be the class lecture I do. They trick they traded for in the off season tickets as well before the trade was discussed with Cleveland as competing vying for the number one pick in the draft correct right. There are they now have a better record in the Denver Broncos and they were better record than Tampa Bay which I thought was a contending team. And this season. There's. Obviously the year's over but there's six in ten feet he just ran out of touch you know they had Adam did you know the and everything else you know everybody franchise quarterback. Who was 25 years old right at this time in the offseason soccer franchise and a site. He's gonna look so happy that he will be open to that. And possibly signing long term deal he'll pick you want to take a little less to be Brady's backup expert and host. All those conversations edit each piece I think Belichick would have chose for apple acted this year even when pre walk. Trying to get rid of a cap grapple I believe and we need Tom cardinal levered Mike Reese served Jeff powers. 01 of these guys price for pollution down to get. Who we got to get to that we're that's a good tease her parents are vertical tees. And the the most bizarre. In the most incredible the most unbelievable. Story about an interaction with a player in the media member I have ever heard. And I heard it last night on the on this show with the idea with a hole on Sunday here and Rob Ninkovich intent. One on the show together NG already told the story confirmations. He Jerry told the store without naming names and MG James Harrison. Handed lotion to immediate member and asked him to rub it on his back or entities as well because we give you an answer like I said the guy's name. Which rouge rule in the hole no I did not his chair correct you don't know whether he did it Terri knows what to get my whole thing about how you're for laundry players and just walked two K do you guys know if he didn't predicted the the media member election question. You guys you know whether or not the media member actually did. I don't. You know I don't I don't win and we are we're gonna find a review that I don't know. More on that it halt all your sources Chris we need that this is important yet to get this to rappel rumor. Forget we don't forget Brady yesterday Belichick keynote and Dolly and Brad well what did it on rice and Robert. Did a media member rip actually rub lotion on a football player in the locker room for the bother me in front of other people from yes with an answer to. And I and I liked a guy I've known use of this media member got an open book through could be the most embarrassing thing in the history. Of sports media right Brett was in and year. Approach fifty that are an hour to his next robbery would join us later on which.