K&C - Gerry still loves Patriots Day; Curtis takes on Mut in a 1k 4-16-18

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, April 16th

Hour 3: Gerry is still defending Patriots Day and Curtis and Mut continue their rivalry on the road. 


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Kurt and Callahan who. When the Tommy Williams and our whole. Good basketball available got to give tore the boy he was the study. Twelve reports the Al average to move flew over the years we've really retire. I don't know that a little bit towards Al Horford sacking the haters guy. You're committing half I understand bill runs a tight ship. On your wolf may I only one. Spoken to. He wasn't ever really come close them any of the other officers that I have. Dan laid the blame to build bombs and it's not easy if you start. I thought magic got. That's pressure to lose and Gerry Callahan who's in my view it's the lucky man right. Now we may have much won the race and the Hopkinton and maybe we'll do that fans can get free hot chocolate very nice very nice little Vietnam he loves this idea of like the third got to go went out bloodied apparently are you a member of UB. Right you do some editing whether what else don't know what else he most welcome. The broadcast. That not about the need to be blood here on Sports Radio telling you. Surprise on solid you're dale whatever. Man. A tweet to people and I happen to us about those saying that you know we're not tougher than other cities I don't. It's probably nothing away from Boston I was even know we admit we are writing New York was pretty tough after nine elevenths. I Oklahoma City was pretty itself right after you know I don't I don't know lick or we could pairings who would even know. There's been makes the guys that I don't listen joy it bush or lack of toughness after two guns have you ought to cancel it can't get our marathon just didn't show up. When you say no when you came in and I was afraid to go to the finish line. I think Boston's resilient I think Boston's tough and all that I think Albert's point and you and I were green. It this is fake. You know. Totally want to tell us Israel that's why the media 2000 chemicals on camera because that's the Boston Globe just told me what during the build up real quick and always keep FC's call since part of Iraq must say part of it I think he's Iowa twelve followers on Twitter but let me play yet but that's always on people played the crowd played the audience. And now it's more prevalent because the audience is there immediate it's on Twitter it's on FaceBook you're getting. You know the Twitter applause but I don't get offended a lot out of say don't want people tweet LA and like the terrible tragedy but with the hockey team few weeks ago on how humble yeah. Like you know people tweet out of this proves that the hockey can I mean how thoughtful pretty goddamn bad for those kids at play hockey. And I that I said that to you said so if you're a parent whose kid plays basketball or just or kids doesn't play anything. I mean they're not affected by 1617. Did and kids and pension exemptions out if your father abroad as well as well as an staked. Me right where is the hockey they also football team guys are basketball team guys like 660 basketball games so I just died in I was I was a football parent and a football player. So the thing that Marshall universe means more to you also means more to me than you write I guess so yeah. They're conjured you do play football most parents averted an engine so you you wouldn't happen you wouldn't believe how much it hurt from the plane went down arena on sale on principle. Mean you know it's just it's O'Donnell might. Just say some basket play Oklahoma State basketball team with around. You play basketball so that hit really closely every not to be said here but let's say high school basketball team is right there from Woburn away from the crash album I'd like I would not. Presume that would carry more than you or you worker puts us right it's fake it's it is fake thing we want to. Did tweets on the outs of people say oh why you care more you know we all that there by affiliates been going on as little Jewish heroes coming here people do without you people do it. Right I don't get it about it I've never understood this you do it makes them feel better at some level to be involved with something or to get the B social media or from people both liked the three tweet of all of us and click you know could get something out of chemical is tune exactly Albert was accusing you know Boston collectively. Similar witnessing a whole lot of from Boston trying to reject yourself in the middle are you on social medium people and we follow different people. Due to such people banned by bashes overheads tonight. No I don't personally I was question I don't I didn't see a lot of that I'm assuming it's more FaceBook. Out now and you know there's some. But this summer and obviously. In office to see the Red Sox are big part of it and they assure ceremonies and they're great thing with. Tip Allman Friday night they do nice job they don't bash over the head with the electorate so it's with great job of embracing. You know the moment to people without being obnoxious. Albert suggested that did David Ortiz and am always knows he Houston obnoxious or why not have. Elegant added in the accounting change and if your Red Sox and gets cheered Agassi false narrative those that help the city it through the process managed picnic. Mean I mean you don't like you'd think I'd mark Richards and we really counties okay well I do think if nothing else to help me enough about that moment. But they're always there for them all I know I just embarrassing moment individually soap oil can realize that it's our city it's it's it's not irony just I think the memorable part was obviously and this where they the F bomb the guest is the reason you never forget and sure. And geez he's in the movie was actually he doesn't stay in the movie Mark Wahlberg says it once where and it's a talkative Red Sox uniform oh true. He surprise in all wait to extort. Here's some must have looked at a site again. Here's a damn good movie. What's the director's name again that's Peter Berg Peter Berg does a damn good about it. It is it just Wahlberg is a distraction it's too bad because you're a nice job the best part of the movies as Patrick down suggest cats keep the focus on them which is really nice as part of the movie is the carjacking the scene with that kids great integrates into zoning of actors are great really good that's in there are so good they give you chills it blew it with the wall wasn't on the Mercedes forget his name very excellent while burdening. Wounds and move it if you have got back Kevin Bacon doesn't really good job Goodman is terrible with the awful acts of pretending to be a good listener. He's awful put and whopper just. Shows up one too many times eventually becomes a distraction one to many times he's been comfortable with how the show's over here and why does he have to be everywhere because he's a movie star he produced the movie anyone lucrative superhero that's why the blame is on Walt OK Elaine wallboard mark Auburn lead to bigger star Peter Berger mark Wilbur. Mark Wilbur Wright's or walk totals not walked all of its and the price so nobody can tell him this is a bit too much. Because they do that was gonna look at the camera and color remarks Scorsese directed movie could tell Warburg to go to go there's in the wind Peter Burgess says you know I'm doing this. Oversee what he five million dollars he's producing and I'll tell you what's borderline offensive. In the movies guests have soared again reports are together. You talk this camera. When he when they stressed and emphasized he's sore knee. These episodes knee so sore he lives everywhere when he goes home his wife puts him in a bubble. Because NiSource and go wait a second. The bomb just went on blown off. It will leave early nineteen different people on slicks white's legs. Some loss was also this whole player X. And we're worried about his sword and he and I. I've seen it for dot org but this we have supplement currently compete and can't get anything to sitting on a card as far it's totally out of place it's not the New Guinea killer Sony talking once it's a convict deposits trip which is an advisor player they got that didn't make up the sore knee and so what. And so we're supposed to camp that this car has X or need. In a movie about people getting their legs don't killer works if he says technically a complaint with a sore knee but he should do what he's complaining about it. They're trying to make image you write make him a hero who's everywhere there's lots heroes by the way Nazi year of course you know you know columns or don't know Jeff Bowman. Many many cops in the water town cops or space and would you rate the kid got hijacked. Z hero. The guy when he Oscar for the effort from JK Simmons yes he's an excellent value to great look at America is great La cops you'll be yes. Mark Wahlberg doesn't he biblical. From Boston knowing that I be held accountable personally sat. And a lot of press certainly more geared. Just seeing her readers think they see where he knows we're talking here. I was like did you -- on the scene where is he knows all the cameras and that's what he that was close to the most when he walks into a single mystical they go gold call and he's gonna noting wallet isn't it all they put so in those last place lack delegate get get that they had all of Walgreens opened today in the back and make a survey just released dukes from the congress sheets and those are but it also don't know. We want an answer. He's basically stand. Where would everything wherever the news has Walgreens here the restaurants over the the forms over them go. Really what's on you're hitting the tell you where everything was less equitable resource of three of us analogies as we figured out two seconds. A purge your producers and exactly as you like this is really dog. But wall works are starting one if you want to look like that he's dumb because he thought would work it and they could be too much the superhero thing. Mean and it's it's not meet its nonfiction. It's really. Of course it's it's it's insane and he's acting like it's it's you know Bourne movie beat it but then you can't say it's a great movie it's not I said it was very good movements are great diplomats met easily it's what they're great what a great element if you are general as a movie even rewarded for me me too much you know either ruling from Italy this is a fiction it's a work of fiction. I'd like it. I like. I think it to the cast is great to do a nice cherry on Comcast Nike passing by Nazis like you and I did so organic light vehicle right by him even the main characters mistake I like it may care is too much weight too much. He could have been an eight. Who's proud of those hometown girl insulting it's it's if I'm could've been and it is have to be all over what he does everything but fly. It's amazing it's ridiculous stupid Harrell would have flown the technique was tricky. Are 617779793. Said. The practice Celtics to back the patriots dramas we'll read some good news we have some patriot news as well and we get a we ready go. I'm ready just got my much for a long ago. Money is putting his foot on Yelp a run this race a little mud on boarding in protest of the yard running at a cut you're gonna refuse to run. And you gonna. Cross on this day America month an important day you're not gonna run the race it seems ridiculous the first annual running. Mike and has he Chris hurdles the first two miles spectacular it's the more on their. Mercury moron. Even mapped out two laps one mile English so he could quit after a mile. To get your phones. Unless I younger that you phone on this whether it's that bad if your focus it before and I'll mafia to have fun to have an office in the round if you want to have. Oh yeah. Out of a hat no economic in my head I thought that that was form keep the Fulham. It's important. It's to keep talking over nearly 45 seconds will be fine if definitive ruling will be OK it is. Raining sideways and out right now great hands from the an emotion. On the under the test division oppressed people that want to give that to Mathieu was bringing stuff. Security come here and you issues scenario brought joy bulge actual range there were no act. Just from our time he can happen out surrogates should get your stuff go to trash the racial start we get back. Already few minutes. It's hypocrisy going taxpayers are about to start on what about the way we'll talk to you guys out there in the race starts to miles we have a loop we of the group right here. To beautiful Rodrigo. To see what those folks to just we have a vertical routes are a group of runners ran for an miles from downtown Boston. The root on the GPS spelled out Boston. You know impressed but if the market. I don't access the social media or even that was awesome this. It was a speller Beirut whose skills and a moron demo that we should have the memo added a moron would be that would be cool cool we could do that we probably yeah spawn more could threaten the person now runners inspired through rate Curtis. Has among the runners he ran four miles. That blows me away on the left he's going to be a close anyway that you haven't run years and you could run for Marissa race but we run together joking around this is a Japan are aware and how we are running you're gonna win easily. He can't run fast and the S hikers. Because these these these you carved up all I'm all set article dessert bars dimples are good around Fanny pack that's a amassed contingent you don't want them to take camelback. And it's a tape my nipple and he you do need to your leader and I we all they have enough hair you put that around you safe right. Right at first it went to the pilots perhaps Kansas Clyde dated check when he was on the range you know. That is some. I don't races next. John's loss. Oh. Handcuffed while my ankle two of them or George TSA guys it's bought BC place press release album this. I'm the best at what I do when I'm online fun fun when I'm when I'm on my game. It's Hadley part of her district implement the coldest two towns close. What's in groped her lady part of us in one of your committee and I was just going to get into that (%expletive) can we. Go to your shower. I'm gonna take your bathing suit off I think. And Curtis and in monkeys a hot tub after this run them right turnabout. That's true. Is it really come on down on them because look we have you want it you wanna mutt anchors for the race starts correct right Herzl and get month period your god values are you to bring when he guns the record slowest either way it was for now. That conclusion are we talking here who ISIS'. How's the weather on the hackers. It is not even burning right now what. Talked about. Our. A speculator phones working its so weird but this terrible way our team didn't tell them. So it's comical Fuller as the other stops like I said it in the history commotion. Didn't wanna they spotlight. Who cares only two huge column of talks opposite of what his opinion is about anything he's that's his job as a very busy Monday putting it would turn out well. This is what he worked as we're works right here okay whatever is much do that's gonna ask comical often is now weighing in on what what's gonna work not work. For his purposes he would work okay. Whatever optimal much you're Diego. Cart political backing out and starts while outsider who might you really got yes or no. Yes the radio. I'm ready to go. Already right. So kicked up OK. Okay. By his director we're running a remote. Part. That was meant to look at a bit macro Curtis of these mile per hour. These are you put your whole wall desolate and loss. Got out did you write the directions. Like that so you have no idea really market current government alone can't work. Sounds good sounds Arafat's future but we'll see you guys later the race begins in five wood down the hill on the plight or three. 21. In their though they're. BC by nobody else followed over the what are the Glock 99 millimeter I don't know it's Monday when the clock on Monday to this seems like a great face for glad to be funny in my wrong. He torments comical was gonna do it Allison is called I called why wouldn't and identity is supposed to what's his post. Tweeting Mozart willow trees and happy birthday athletes from our shows for it in from the stations were recovered were amateurs should be knows we billion seedless and a problem wouldn't come out great. I'd go away on vacation myself we cinnamon life with that's right. Yes I mean humidity and you know I don't. I disagree with the military's version of picks for us and tries to talk to us this statement it's these big liberal and so let's find out that only if the only news. Apparently some really good at his job as non interest to behind us but that's. Really none of have you heard. Remember our conversation now trying to what time we had patriot news but we also want to know we don't produce is okay can this answer. What time do they officially. Arrive at Foxboro for the work outs. A renal bucked the system. Just to work O led by the strength coach guy Cabrera right he's the one who we think. Agrarian and butting heads without Guerrero or are Belichick. Of course I do with his strength coach yes and Brady and company Corey Clark and others. Sided with the guru correct and with the cycle cells and so they're over that's that was the great divide right. But today Cabrera or for the next. How many weeks two weeks three weeks ago Pereira Cabrera leads the workouts. There are no helmets there are no football's bright he just working out which us is no surprise to me the Brady's not there he does his own thing. Known as always been in the past have a cute it's gotten to the point on all I agree disagree type of pitchers different he's not gonna be there. On cross going to be their and that is a message when people want to believe that are not that is he met always sell it without question no doubt but the message depending on how. Loud they want to miss you to be. Heard is how long they're out. But tomorrow it's locker ice yes is great yes the next day it's a big big deal. And we could get these answers put on produces are all out running in the round is laughing because as we're talking these guys are running to nothing if not being followed his notes its average basic Curtis turned his own ruling up their tortured them K Curtis who recorded himself. National often occurs it's. That's about him I guess I'll give them credit that they can bring their stuff or prepared for this. And once you don't coaches are just lying there was Sarah Burke the bully you know I called and here's a much called him out much what's going on. Kirk and nick admiral. All you're on the inside out take your early targets without it don't sound recorder you know he struck out regularly. 100 yards it says it's the beginning that you settle other broad authority. This might have more I don't. Pakistan is an open. He does something. Good luck yeah. Treasure hunt hard pages that are writing always taking according to last forever. Any chance of just sitting down and on the answer tumbled from the reverend and pretending to be gas milk carton of Curtis is never do that could curse mother would occurs would never do that much fun to look over shortcut. What do you think he wants to Rosie Ruiz it just started because my call me late. 32 there's nobody video and why we run so public genome doctor Jones is one block away all provisions is literally yes and that you know twenty yards from here just. Well maybe some listeners will be out there and every erotic you do sent some pictures region. Are holing a take and run two miles in the in this condition current says is run and six men 199 and nine miles yes appointments point Tony Tony hits 100 years and he runs ten minute mile anybody we do. Now and always skinny and of these on the ski and he's done. As you point out when Brad for in the marathon would you come hell he has one great advantage is a sign that all the elves like you don't think about the pain. I think he's right right Dustin Johnson the going to be great writers can't write. The great runners get over the threshold. Russian McFall forgot. What this is awesome nice carefree in Paris but I think he's a thinker. But I think they're so great that they think good thoughts through slick call for Patrick reads a slot right. Yes you think someone like that would say I'm around these great Athens Dustin Johnson guys right there better than I am. He's so calm he's at the mental part licked a true. Its troops of which where's mutt category months stupid mud stupid birdies. Always think they can Vegas right these negatives in these hates sweating he hates cardiology and Ireland that we're negative runners it's not a -- every steps misery right I've I don't enjoy and I liked I'd like the pain when it's over. Right you like being done and I enjoy the pain can you imagine today I mean you're she days there's still sit there for an hour and half right now the standing out outside like told our fund John Young yesterday was just amazing. A dwarf and he has dwarf is in the news. Running his forget how many number of Boston's please run on two dozen or so. Right I don't Boston based on our men trapped forms he's incredible it's gonna marathon among this year I say enjoy the pain he said. Pain. It is inevitable suffering is the choice. If you wanna take the pain and suffer. The situation Mick. That's choice time I suffer when Enron chairman baby I'm idea I am I choose to suffer. There's even a marathon of oh be miserable the whole time the whole time I get off on the pain scaring him. If a proforma run. Consider this so well this is real pay too much talking now. His record. With that. Did you leave it did you lead the dust. Or are thought ought or running. Are there aren't a. Curtis doesn't talk. Chris. Goes well that are you winning. It was at the at this occurs is running with notes of our new and four minutes you know it. Pot it's not clear yet excellent though. Current us. Oh yeah I don't. Kirk ordered. A whole. Lot worse. Our earlier okay to give us and we take a break calls we get back I murdered by. Hang in we've been promising patriot news we got it who's review we're gonna have retired analyst James Harris and James Harris a retired out. Which is good one less than domestic abuser. On the pick this is nothing in his opinion enough for all talk culprits RD works out how he worked Monday more agent regular GM gets spent her time with his kids. Which is bad news is the couple's other two to pretend yeah once people see the kid hopefully James will be available dog awful proud of James Harrison has gone big disappointment. And we should talk more about this chemical called me did earlier we should part return of the visits that they probably hit on something to say it I agree with some. What Albert's had not all some of us will get there as well and we'll give you an update here on the up. On the more on two mile whatever first annual which is going bust gone off on each scored really laws I thought it would Suze my own entertainment Curtis. The much right now in much the lead. According to Curtis yet we are building a truck behind nobody fault who should have some in the truck at the numbers of trained her true do you at least every year he did right truck yes he did so it's up. Somebody's out there give us up to get to that and more we get. Hold on hold. There's no way you had to coach non U zero. None of vehicles close to the mile and even to close to a model. That was two laps through them left in my mind you would you always running. And I was listening to miles. Brawler on multiple. So they were a mile of the grown men reduced the road as it was just so the point was run as a MySpace is yes. Did you come over to root it said one mile on the set. Pay these post who twice we did we should they did it twice there was not two models. In his absence wouldn't idiotic idea is stupid idea. And they wouldn't allow FaceBook life. That's our all of mumbling mumbling in the mud muck to get work and then one mile or is he going. Yours growing opera Peyton throwing off Jesus was really into cart came to say hello. Received what do what is he doing. He acts like that was put them like like a lot of work a lot of effort I was wearing basically the whole time and what. What did we see what what is he what is he doing this is African what is he doing down the weird outing. Understand what was he act like after. Abuse legitimately doubled over backwards or. Throwing a wild I have a video where is he right now. These look what is suing them and all he's got this real tight shirt on his flexing. He thinks he's you know a bodybuilder. Averages Superman shirt this government sure in the head and Richard Quick hits of his view that you visited to avoid the five this actually when you race isn't just run in the finish and say I was read the number of people who wanna be running groups in Ramallah god why do one run with another person. 'cause you wanna talk about the music complain music in my ear talk show podcast. I wanna talk that people aren't talking to tip if you're really running it's so funny wanna be with someone else I think some people there are some people who were late you and I I don't think you know we talk for a living. Our talkers. I mean there are people who just gap they like and yet here this on their own voices so you wanna yeah happily running to see all the time I see weekends all the time I'm running BC group of 1012 guys who have walked from the other wing thinking that looks like hell. Mike you see let people ride bikes you can talk we run that's different that's different. And so rather be alone into that goes what what what we're gonna be okay what was going on here. Expert at last whatever for whatever. Type of a milder illness hundred yards why you acting like he just went through hell I didn't. He's ram I sprinted the last I told you I would have told you vomit I spit at it. And one where his daughters and why we assume no matter what do for you on the area really. We have the video and Putin after the it's not hugely not you figured out you can the most you can monkeys are built for sprinting. It's a wonder why this wasn't an element I'd and all wireless of his client. Did I not call back before start the Ronnie said why are we started is awaiting the FaceBook while you're actually what we do so so even letter and I asked I asked got to come down why can come down at least in the first lap. Tools will do in the first too busy playing easy are unhappy at largely about some soccer Ava rob stupid column a loss in the Red Sox it is seeing who was released the first Latin could get more reaction whatever crap they're doing today lousy god website to be honest. Well we're seeing is not player or if you wanna do outside nor did he was in my breath was ready to fight means that wants. Well you know dimples of army of becoming a became rob Williams street right now would be sitting outside the dream arranged just tolerance and to be honest readers your presidency the job two years ago and debris in the mall and now boom it's gone it's good guy picket picket easy would you take it easy. I. Look at you with the head and such a tight shirt to you wanna get out there dude again become more on field people and does it. With which you're going to get that. Won the US ski team had been LB eight nice almost as is not article announcers it looks like he's been wearing a little area or is it. If you look at every harder with a five K that was functionally fit yes you get it is I make people laugh once in awhile hop wants unhappiness on video and Albert how we sold us out and no kidding presented for the party of today you're and one mile. It's it was more than a mile and no one. I don't wasn't because you get like ten minutes it was more than a month. You're mr. miles now. Talking about it a mile Chris how it's difficult but how you know if you look it's he's he's been given to it is even much like one model you keyed into a two mile race he said to GPS lies at you know Madison GPS. Just I did I was doing was two miles a big point one points. There's no way now that's. Yes it'll one K did you rely on 4000 steps in that runs of outs out aura that's a little saying on our minds and how many miles and I was first run houses gate as a stride brutal is bad yeah shouting UST here is trying to say always cease. Six cancel up like a missing person right now and it is seeking to run them all we are a court. Thanks take your parents obviously. Here's the missing the Kurdish stand up there are projects that. Sees it that's it that Miley and that's how he runs it the legs Ross has often like supposed to be upright he's due east around well of course Arnold but I do occasionally to return that you do this from from treated treat them give you big advantage and go to the White House right. I kept waiting for like I thought Curtis was letting me get ahead and I think about him it. I thought it was going to be happy or get a car something decent and funny but people call really ruin my area light my son your struggle might run there. I was leading mark by about the yards and call and talk to remember when. Now memorable one day that's it should be everyone your mom you won today to show us every day on one month 3000 steps about a mile through. All right interim. Wasn't wholesale foreign went perfect system dumped three miles today prompted the big insane volume weighted down. Should be given in my little watched my neck and garment very nice are in addition we could get jobs are gone and I'd love song and I nice. We're not quite as you know magnanimous is Red Sox not who gave hot chocolate to these people that were forced to sit downs. It showed HBO's morons shows no ports down because if you're a father knew the kid you bought your tickets to you gotta go yeah. What's suffer through it if you believe the iPhone health thing. I think we ran a little drama that's. About it of course it's exactly right that's that's pretty accurate the other thing is I couldn't believe the price of a normal like chocolate anyways nine dollars fifty boy fifty wheelchair behind at all cents. In the Red Sox and ARAMARK just put a big. Message up on the board that fans can get free hot chocolate. Very nice very nice eight. Job for life. Job very nicely done pretty hot chocolate which was probably. When the game's over and go on the road because saver for the next game is dumping on bush autos and it brings home. It this there's no way. This game should have been played the whole of charts old school baseball guy Lou and Glen to secret what you just go race organizers say that they shouldn't deployed right it should be put it. To me please tell me who enjoyed. No enjoyed all of you know 8000 fans you're 25 players coaches on each who thought it was a good idea of play. All the guys are gonna gonna talk a lot of hot chocolate to your only way to account and the money but you can do schedule to. They night doubleheader starting at nice weather even make more money anyway but long idea that a loan of 200 schedules. He's another. Don't play it just cancel what's necessary right in October correct where the weather will be 42 degrees but it won't be as bad as yesterday called out that's a worse baseball weather possible and and you just treat you French customs like suckers. When you play that game and so yeah. With the Red Sox while we complain these awful good why are you doing this to this team knows that you just folks from a policy in this role do you think coral on the play we got the wind didn't Chris every morning and play manager might wanna play yesterday to be your last one guy you're not thinking of quitting your pocket one out west he knows a planet bad apple won't let that get heard Chris Allen around Christian I'll probably has. Tingling fingers and go now know just like short priced at a bad as the use and price by the way it was a good pitch today for played. It would then go to California. It's warm his fingers one dingle had occurred at a sale make it through the start yesterday boosting the fingers to her question and we're sure lenders. Uniform no heated as it was like Russell Westbrook right through us I mean I think you know price support pitched fine tomorrow. The price pitches poorly again tomorrow than that that that becomes sort of leads to all of you to keep well I overcome outlook people like me wanna find negatives about this team and become good how become I don't I don't envy Kirk you're rooting it's his team. You look at the negatives. There are graduation he beat Tampa and Baltimore yankees awesome PP here's here's why going to keep it up. Tell me who's like over perform. Who's performing above and beyond a in the Red Sox now on the tee ball and Red Sox. Go ahead I'm always it's always going crazy now. Nobody I guess what's going to currencies hurt Bogart was the guy he now has hurting and they're still winning the boom wing. So when the shortstop who Whalen was away land he's over Foreman is over for very very good defense and others who went land. Who was performing above the deal and others don't know I agree no one's going nuts so. On the site and when you're used to the right two years ago as a best particularly welcome back to earth agrees that this year but yeah I mean don't you are no one's going knots. But that's why I think there and keep up of this pace nova 13020 as we know overtaken what I predicted 96. That's about. You'll be tackling Albert you predicted 78 have been rooting against them I don't like him. The Olympic in my heart when and so like. Alec the organization. The two can't dislike like. Zander Bogut and one is against the law. Well do you gonna tell me one when you've displays and allowed doubling on the whole fisheries. It's fair and every game. Is that reasonable that's very good and other on the view himself as likable enough team only if price and that was it price is a Danish Detroit. As well as the Dickens unemployment and now. That'll be an issue. That did that vicious compass but beyond that there aren't a lot of pinks and you keep brought all the lineup attacking it he's great theater player wonders if you're something. Well he eats up front salaries and when all these games and you say they can't lead off the pace they can't ticket to play. These all the more Tampa can also want to toggle to fourteens all done there done. We're teams Baltimore typically get thirty more games against them. Thirty did you Wyndham twice for those gains or 25 of those games inside greeting and a lot of games they only have to play. Sarah and my heart I'm Margaret and play seven games over 500 the rest of the way to win ninety. They're probably gonna do that it's easy yes well we'll see who this gonna be some who's open make you nervous scared scared scared fusion and are scared. Out west what six games I was headed over six stroke rule at my prediction forensic. Come back thirteen and eight re so losers all sealed envelope dissension there will be interest missile with the Israeli vehicle Billy Beane has put together good team is beat after the match that Kevin Gregg pick up is going to be good or that'll be that'll be good six in ten right now Erica that's an ounce as the attendants. Good pretty solid yet you out of it is 30000 needs are for a week to what time is first pitch tomorrow to watch some of this game this. I'm watching inning seal of tiny looks in the first inning and Ortiz in the lineup that night as well he's hitting into them. He never hits when he pitched just isn't it the day before after me is that going to be the way it goes on here at the National League where they keep split its 400 now ridiculously and he's written you know thirty bumps you know I have three pitches. That's the day after that exhausting like him mentally exhausting form losing Japan that it had pitched. Did he played yet so who do you think is the best. Combination of hitter patrol I think it's Bieber have a different a different economists say. Jon Lester 200. Who wants them Madison on. Ticket to play as much as big group did deposits sixty by either runs it. Orleans significant news. Uprooted Brady new mileage rule Rodgers right now we're a big breaking news we get back how do we get back 617779. 7937. To say this a prominent. Global patriot announces retirement here and be a big Tom Brady threw to connect it may be could be we'll do that we get.