K&C - Gerry wants to be a part of the Entercom moving committee; Dale loves the Patriots Hall of Fame 5-17-18

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, May 17th

Hour 2:  Gerry is all in on the Entercom moving committee and Kirk does not understand the infatuation with the Patriots Hall of Fame. 


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Skirt and Callahan. The ball real artist outs were allowed to come loud outs indeed. I would say that's the genius of Brad Stevens I think he's on the best coaches in the NBA. Mindset. Everybody else in the league is playing checkers Belichick when chest for that eventually. With Kirk committee ahead how much tablet cap. All of your blog they're not in trouble not yet. Not at all that's all spring and man you rather have Horford Al Horford then LeBron himself he yes you heard me correctly. If you don't get to the finals maybe it disappears or you're like I get it I think LeBron or whatever we suggested to have I think a lot had to do it with him getting hit wow you can just feel it coming up there and Gerry Callahan. Man whose smooth muscle pain its title and we'll go on Thursday back to back months Friday she soon killings of freak accidents that's a plus for us fans forget accident. There may repeat. Packers 37 the bottom of Mike and it was yet but I. In New York Jeff thank you might. Thank you want all one a day one AJ what a day on Sports Radio W. I hours are now 61777979%. Terry here much here and her answer here. For now here on street along. Along. Countdown has begun. A mob put my name happens when you're on the committee wrote an email yesterday from your friend mark and the guys you talk to privately you know man outside the offices every show that. He hates me I understand. So we sent you notes and we are indeed moving from what between October 15 November 1 state of the art studios this great clean roomy area office the arts the little's a notice that means that. Easy to extract a no stress mistress and Everest here. You want in euros nice parking him cafeteria Dottie. Got a period gym and music and it's got out as usual they say how can we make their lives more difficult so that we are moving across street where 95 is now we're taking over those studios which I'm told is. Austria and yes it's in the basement below ground parking is outside don't we drove by sets diagnosis did you go by in the morning you can legal act one ever. Part no blogs from fighting over spaces to and that I have my own spot some Forte right yours says reserved for the general manager asks. There's no cap program in Iraq not just him or is often there's no cafeteria there is no offices I'm looking forward to. Broadcast from the same studio is is the Maynard conditional. That's just. I'm going to be tour going to be an honor. I can make national side as it opens a little the kiosk or sell sandwiches and coffee at all like newspapers and Erica White papers -- four and we used to you go get an advertised could you go to Michael much munchies that you could afford us an idea so you -- so aside does it help if they're having. He'd move moving can media of these communities you'll the first order of us with his old what's the whose job music and that going to be to move that inflatable patriot thing in the hallway or -- yet that that's the opposite and that's. In the minutes of the meeting that's going to be the number one item those crucial move themselves. There's this inflatable. Because it's supposed to be a patriot has a net in the middle pro ball right it's it's worth about four dollar credit for trying to Altria and is backed Iraq. It's been in the hallway for months just sitting in the hall correct. Is that what are what are the latest inflatable football is that where it belongs to throw the ball into right things and yeah I just yet what event would that be that satisfy any for any human being if you take it through five year old birthday party for you if you or if pop like for example week from tale week from tomorrow albeit people and it'll bring that people can come and play catch well right they would as a martyr community service. Stop. They wouldn't do that it's it's I think it's time one of us just puncture through the trash. Just didn't call us you see that Libya we will have me a Sunday. Siemens. Salute. Also concurs with the with Michael that will desert we always hilarious caricature prayer T-Mobile and T-Mobile Brookline the coming out Friday noon to two. Noon to two yes I'll be doing our show intact here do the show show folks from steel or Jim them right over to people. Over the Timonen and people who show up in the middle of a work on Saturday telling stories provided a formal supportive of its. Who show up the T-Mobile mile interstate 25 dollars and it's a 2250s. There's this gives me you could pack the place people want to know your opinion in game guys it's not true. My opinion on the show you two characters which in always about a phone. Remain with T-Mobile sent out of a follow. The the ankle brace sometimes credentials that I. I don't know X. I. Think. Overnight against new picture and you and I know you'd guy who I know Roland I don't know the story that's your fault that's right your 100% absolutely on that is all we're asking what's so awesome without going on Amazon. Perfectly reasonable questions. That's if that's. Scheduled for your name into the after the movie can be seen you on the committee. I don't I. Don't want to order a surprise and it will be the president because it is that brought to ask exactly know what we delegate ouster of the movie I don't want to say that every day. Sir again we're talking about moving boxes. I don't wanna be charged or be second in command I don't want to put pressure you're a lot like my pets yes I'm. The committee will be like where you get the boxes you know how many boxes each person gets. Amongst upward charge. Responsible for moving ourselves out of people in this community. Yes it's okay. I want dale to be in charge yes I'll take orders from captain to oh afternoon here and have been moving committing. Looking forward and we're thinking out we have a gavel closer Joseph supposedly Stanford and I guess this perfect perfect I'd be on the move we've committee and so. I guess is in there I wanna stay here. Yes I think so. I would have any effect at all. I think you've been Defense Secretary for us for them for the committee cannot be what do we chain ourselves martz knows what this feels like chain ourselves and to the floor in the studio said we're not moving. Right tire sales by ankle right when you John Weaver was squatters was to judge that but that the fact they're wearing a battery castle just chains and the gas Soledad he's very big cement barrels. And also not moving what would they do with the just go home about us I think and it. A major here it's a great here's our region and the shoot these people and then the next day would be what the Bologna and macho and you building and it's a great model you don't this on the B sane voice new building is great too big too fast with an easy thing. What do this boom guys to cross the street when they need a cup of coffee they have no cafeteria would they do they you send an internal producer to go get cheese I'd like hikes have like the walk downstairs like being away for 56 let me ask you on he never send you and I will ball criminals but we never thought I would never send a letter that we never say go get some crispy bacon we do it ourselves right now I like maybe Chris I've had a guys do it well. I'd like to the muscles as well. It Bradford to remove the committee. He should be innocent she should be in every committees and management that's true yeah maybe he can't do it he has that Condit did it. At the beach about what a topic if this guy and we have number Texas who want. Renfro to have a conversation with Trent I heard Lou request yesterday we did he didn't the 8 o'clock or at a set. I diets beatable. And Iraq each. Other so going always like what he is adamantly is on the race him which is. So it's everything it's much. Yes what do you they've got the oddest relations it's very strange and he was talking trash from the city was. Prince of pot saying I can't say I can tell how much and I know like you get you people McCardell cared about a maybe you. I dread this move so much it's too annoying me so much in the winter widely liked what typically the audience not care it's gonna kinda like it more difficult for you it's making life more difficult for people around you like me and can incurred in Sonoma no no yes yes yes you're so as well you are when you're all played out like don't play applicant we don't want anybody to leave. Now you've which is an ideal. Of course I do but I don't make other people miserable like you do. You don't not to the extent that you said there that day every day today and it goes right for us when you clearly at a high brightness just say. An offensive win impressive when they stop putting obstacles in our way when they walk in. Explain yourself sock puppet that's a moving truck truck. Drop. The news senator who most sensitive strategy. But but I said when they stop put every time Milwaukee. In men's persons walks and they don't say hey guys great news. There's not a lot of league opener of this you know would do deal with somebody weird billboards coming up we get TV commercials. Kirk does that car dealer wants blue Choo hit a brand new rookie. You know great just to do their ads make appearances at church that they want can say. With the you know. Hang dog look so you can lose easily have to say at that point did you is this a case like avocado. Guys purchase if we send them off a firmly worded letter don't go away. For. Moon. There's the issue the called parents can then. Topic if you dumping. I will ruin your life have you ever been a press count on him and I saw the look you guys gave to the dump. If you do that. I will ruin your life. Some good guys have been faring in Connecticut that's where I have a golf term next year. The Jonny Gomes Cole's gonna come any minute and we've moved on to six other things. Exempt on this places so goddamn you just wanna vomit and eat it vomit she really we do meet you said you can do like that brought the Tom Tim Morse she's my hero. A just I guess I draw the line thrown your but if every day every day in the parking spot then every single did you watch her right away yesterday I watched quite a vial of my adult lifetime I'm waiting and I loved ones I was shut up because we have so many good things over here to building we have a cafeteria river Jim. The solutions. It's a park over here and let's walk over here borrowed at our director godless and he's he's he's heart's in the right place I do think he has our eyes are back I did you believe that you and yes it's not his fault right it's not as people. But his idea was. What you can do is you can park in the parking garage we have now and go and pitcher ticket stamped in and walked to the station it's like half mile I've done that and if you wanna cup of coffee can run over here to break. Only half a mile and which can do it may be could double the break you can reclaim interview in the can run over to the dog you my Dottie as far as pitcher Obama only run back pretty unbelievable. That's solution. We're gonna be there and it's everything is and everything is not going to work everything in the states like 07 he barrels a day. Because the first is that the guys the first date in the makeshift studio next door print flat nothing worked at constant wars that your child in this city were the Guinea pigs and he is dear. Broken that we will review our nose in the one next door was here. One extort assembly member that this decade is the whole weekend to do with it but nobody on this who tried the morning ship right patriots Monday. We're here in what was it what did work Jerry was Jerry it's obvious for Jerry might do what's right works pretty low levels of the microphone in my mind misstatements or dirty talking to be going up in my LSU and delicate hammer carrier that's Saturn okay. The listeners could only hearsay. Cutie yeah those are. Cops yeah. And you can't catch sounds good you guys are going to tell him that you don't act yeah that's next you name quarterbacks are tailor year. I was here there was a few gross if ever you're wrong month isn't it who's in here you can fleeting and in like the engineers came in they like working on things important thing about these drills go inside for him. Dumb business. Radio source they have all weekend all we can and to try and goes on shows any overnight and so on overall sock. The committee's losers on the line the goal line always eat its rob balking Dickerson wall sought. But instead at our morning show on their new literally sound like that. The echoes unbelievable luck and accident pretty good. I don't. You have what you Lou regional my shoulder with a certain this is Sally yeah. Ones standards and when you mean I yeah OK yeah it's a the issue. He's that's what's going to be like firstly over there huge and I take out those cameras that to have some way Felger didn't remove on Nicole's normal yes. Fecal smell and that's a right to be there. Viewed as. It that that's. Stands out to find it can sound great we've got a fresh coat of paint in the break room if you. Told them she does that to a very we only got a free you've got your food and there's trigger off for my neighbor refrigerator over the records. And again a 2012 congress of the interview in the magazine's body issue by. Nice watch boxes like a few minutes away in the corner of coffee maker you know date made and left. We have five dollar gift card I hop through mile long can you wanna do it at some lunch. Just can never completely in. Doing this. It's a good question I amassed while we only did they said he Lothian over Israel on the bill but you guys ranked. And it's it's great so you we'd like this place would like new cinema and we love Allison dale great deals closer and Essen but now he's further away from warrior. That's a good practice for social six and one that's a good point before that built this building you can flick look keen that the Bruins practice here's liberty locker room a movie on said he heard this movie committee quote. While white clothes and it's natural thing. Will be formed will begin to meet regularly so we complain and manage all details of the move. The committee also send them updates and our target dates in progress. We gave me for being on the committee because I'm more I'm definitely going to be on. Oh it's a question. In the fine engineers suction there scrambling as well this. Nine career you know that you can farewell tour list is coached them all us now can't I don't know where putts out I don't. Think we'll get. Thousand mass T shirts and him alone is not Nolan I hope I felt would. On some debris on the committee as saying that memo I think usually we mentioned at the other and it is true though few pace I did is he paced 95. Studios over their two warriors it is over 500 yards on guessing Bergeron may have filed something. So socialize sellers are expected. It's it's there it's good looking in that Republicans celtics' locker room right here yeah it's good for what his face because I'm on the merits unfortunate trip. Patrick your earliest we can look at Horford late at night yet been to this matter. They were. Whenever who cares nobody else cares right. Now I'm a certain listeners should care it's gonna affect your lives as listeners speaker can count don't hurt me oh you guys show up at the show late we have radeon after run out to move because Paul's parking his car. That's not that that's going to be an issue that's that's I think OK when you have the text of producing unit has one more of that tax eighty's through now. I'm Paul general manager's spot Paul's. Kirk's residing here right in 1995. Now he's gonna get out there realize somebody's double parked in front is part of the wave that produced that movie I don't think Abbas we huddled on you with Kirkwood leaflets hey Jason Rossi you might move in your rock hard you need to get out on your taping the wrestling podcast with Doug told Paul Roemer are okay for nearly thirty history from the ship podcast no problem on -- out. Because we get a different game as we get every day obstacles far away Kurtz come up with a solution to leave it an 02 walked out and and be done it. Avoid it. Count two I was in the car 959 guys aren't yet. Yes we will support support. You write your what is that what we sit around and beat any meat covered on tax during the day through what's what are we don't. But I too much and I realized it around them which yogurt just unwinding I would yogurt if we can do that among orbit that doesn't happen here. So why a market shouldn't go down the cafeteria on one part fine by me or that that one of those coaches really is this place is beautiful. I lost lounges while Victoria area the opposite that right into place in the future built on line ready guys getting an office that we're told is that John Snow off the shock jock which I like. What might seem a of people going to be there to how those guys function Bertrand. And and so lack without a cafeteria. Who is if there's an easier by. Of Berkshire. So who coached like they send their produce is the Mickey d.'s. I assume so yes got in 61777. Point 79 cent a good at last congress excellent tips to get ridiculous have got to get to this trump story is the biggest best example of fake news. Ever we'll do it next. On Twitter and Kirk. We are back on Sports Radio WEEI. Each time once again full hour. Headlines. It's. Sounds terrible for mine and here's a little Tinny. The right move and that's from the start you disagree and I respect that means you should make us the highest rated show by far the station in the whole cluster at the Olympics. Do Guinea pigs make noise I think he needs Guinea pigs on the fact you can. That's what we did you hear so it's your student. He's going to hear I don't get. We understand this and when you mean. I yeah okay maybe women so it's time for Curtis Kurt and Calais hands. Lives. Both it's. Been William against who think they fixed that moments ago I had everything fixed by the time what came of that night. It's true writes not a great for me thanks guys and last but by doctor Robert letter document that the media here doctors brides though every need 1800 games there Chris Curtis he's the host of mines mortars. The morning guys Donald Trump is accused. I'm sorry Donald Trump's words were taken out of context yesterday by many on the left after he made these remarks regarding MS thirteen. We have people coming into the country trying to come up with something. But we're taking people out of the country wouldn't you have these people. These are people. These are animals we've taken out of the country level right that's never happened before. And because of the week lows that come in fast. We get them we will release them we get a again you bring them out. Place. Douglass Lois as I said before the dumbest. Laws. On immigration. In the world so what are they here. Andrea Mitchell was a leader in the clubhouse here saying I'll take down by the California governor after Donald Trump calls people trying to get into the country animals not people that really set things going. Charlie pierce spread of the shows that the president just called immigrants animals today. Peter King Peter King the president of the United States said this boating. And other reits and these people or are told everybody. Most times Associated Press CBS Washington Post New York Times everybody. Lied about this paid a lot with Nicholson in recoverable called MS thirteen the questions it was above gang members. Who who kill and rape who torture held their their their motto was rate control love child prostitution. That's their big thing. It is yes and those MS thirteen killing them that we initially put on issues I mean they are inflating the big defined the the term. Animals Greg there just yet it's killers they're murderers. They in this case. Every one of these people in the Mitchell Charlie pierce APL. New. What he's talking about analyzed the Peter can rely Peter King yes Peter King is. We then veers off in issues like this. He is. He the first got to take someone out of context to make them look I had no issues and posting a video content outside help him in his red curtain that at all. Perfectly I think people are who do this a vial the liars. They know they're liars are you doing it to make they use their their opponent's your enemy look. Immoral right. And they're trying to stake out the moral high ground in your Mitchell is a liar she was caught she should be admonished she won't be broken resume just like nobody knew who the line about trumped and that's okay. Jennifer Rubin to greeted this is disgusting and who's evangelicals are the principal audited under dehumanization of men and women in my follow up to this and she's a liar to Jennifer Rubin she is vial. My fault would be all these people. What do you think of MS thirteen tell us will compare contrast on animals. They're you don't pick their animals do you think there are people that mold you know lineup the stories of them torturing and murdering a fifteen year old girls. LT can do the club don't have to kill someone. He didn't think so yes also very in the child prostitution. CBS news greeted. These are people these are animals put it all it did say that again but we but he was talking if there was no contact no contact regarding what with the help they can someone out of context is worse than just flat line and we. And we obviously now take this personally because or somebody. Who's trying to take our show down. Who takes us out of context and emails all the time in this person says some day after day after day after day correct correct we've seen them day after day after day after day takes its toll out of context that you could do any radio show in America and television Charlie V wants. In an attempt to bring us down a year ago is that this is stupid knows who these people dope and Mitchell and Peter King but not the difference I know what it's like. And when somebody takes that's up out of context I think a lot of people should probably no one talked about. When they do that that is your right Gerri about as low as it gets we should be called out for a perk in a perfect world somebody had your back like you Trump's back right now in those terms and social media. In a perfect world somebody always have your back. But it's not a perfect world but nothing will happen to them I mean it's a slick and those are his words no you took them out of context that's. As bad as lying about the man T think I always intentionally and I read your reaction before actually heard the caught in any here that cut there and he clearly. What he's talking about catching a rush in and out of the question is about soared to the sheriff before that cut even mentions. That the MS thirteen help you know doesn't want. Intimate than any trouble for the us this track because it helps his case like this was so blatant I did as it is perfectly if I was on oppose a hardcore. Right when I would not want them to get in trouble multi perfect example of here they go again. They're doing this this is why you can't trust these people is why it's fake news you can trust me but sometimes. It's debatable sometimes is a gray area although not as you so and representing it's a gray area but there isn't one here and Andrea Mitchell knows it. And you know Tucker Carlson Loring remote caller oh. But no one you know on NBC they'll still play the cut. All day and say he called. Illegal immigrants animals which he did call some animals but the heat begin to be more specific about that you know the answer right and and there's no better way to describe these these murderers these these. These animals. President trump is up this morning started to today by saying congratulations America we are now into the second you're the greatest witch hunt in American history. And there's still no collusion and no obstruction. The only collusion was that byte was that done by Democrats who are unable to win an election despite an informal. Some say it's easy the troubles away. Pull. It was just gonna start to back part two Russian thing because people like I people and wounds when I pull the tabs what I told the T. Was president of BC news now the number what's space in lack he's gone he's gone and you're fired journal thing Angela now I think it'd be to get fired for all the stuff he's so job. I don't think he did Andrew Lack. Who I he does trump. He hates him he's going to Michelin admonish her for that he's the one that had the the Billy bush tape in elect and leaked it. Just before the election in hopes and in this little news guys alleged. We also you know. That goes across fair is that right you're wrong parents that know we're ready Ryan Williams. There's a battle out of it rehired right guys it's guys that time I go right they can I ever gonna get. Now nobody because it beat Republican. He's not using hard core progressive. Side. All right we have a statement from the UKMS. Matthew Markel I've heard this I am I and I am I I do not and I'm so down and make a mark right now like her. I'm on team where rivers growth was it like mark from the Kensington Palace. Stationary here sadly sorry excuse me. Sadly my fault will not be attending are waiting. I've always scared for my father who beat can be given the spacing needs to focus on his cell I would like to thank everyone who's offered generous messages of support. We know how much does she was eulogized the female pact agreed to fuse like what you Kilby for days and I thought her father had a heart to heart attack is. I saw them faking it if she is one she's impaired it's because he's just focused on. What she's gonna have other family members there was who heard yet there. Her sister her mom roaring and cleanest and doing some in this this family dysfunction wise those long knock on the full but the dad the Motley divorce lines on my mom's like in nursery doctors and I think she likes the monitoring the Tibetans trash Markel stats sister was injured in a car crash. After every case and paparazzi. A hiker I don't liquor all a lover was supposed returner Patrick read. She and her parents and mothers find whether agreed to keep this kind of my father. My father invited he had. Had not invited to the way he is not you believe deckers. I believe he is not invite notices an opinion poll convenient move but among the worst you know you he has that look numerous ones with the debt yeah. Well I mean are you using. Seas of yeah she she's corps officer second class I'm I'm pretty sure there are some members of the royal family who were as goofy look in his Megan's. If they're but they're considered royalty. Do you think it bothers them that moments. An African American. Screw I don't know that I I don't think it bothers him it was the queen and oppose the younger generation. Is she younger generation that's going to listen in the coupons Charles is easy ultimately it's. I'm I think Charles likes to think these that you tell people that bright red I think there's that part. Well we're gonna go to Canada for some royalties. A video was released yesterday from important and it's my favorite video 2000 I can't watch it I'm so you have to water to wash if I lost its way out the love this woman she's great she's wonderful lubbers was that you've heard of this rough. Coffee was cold something that's applicable forms and that doesn't does not. Didn't the motor Diana honey dipped or someone would just throw out there is no known motive at this point they were still gonna go back to. Home that was probably ten feet away mrs. Davis. My guess is they think you can't use the I was like oh man not as records. It doesn't have to run deep one of those guys Starbucks to. Q coach them up so you haven't seen the video woman walks into a importance she gets in an argument the person behind the power. Proceeds to drop of Ansar. Group. Easy lead right against that that was little stage dad that tip easy like it did you know I I preference on. Who's the most instrumental Roseanne and bench shots bat at the people behind the counter wiser hands are aux. Running like they had to stop in the woods I don't try to a couple of years ago right main head into the woods was the worst he's my underwear is toilet today I am the worst. Can ruin and conserve and really good run a hall. It was the worst. In a moment you realized oh god there's. The double dose Gosling is nothing anywhere you look around his body toilet to BC ball two miles either way you have to walk walking some pencils again and I did at that time but it didn't it was it was almost point for Jesus. Past the only driving home that you think might make it off I'd think they arrest her. Keep your pants. They're still looking for tips about her so we don't have our identity we don't have her identity we don't have actually want these things because VNA care. I'm sure they could in the courtroom when we're gonna have nightmares. Things he's these commitments sitting around having a copy almost there to stun Bible finger just sitting there nice or should it. I would react I would genuinely knowing wouldn't chase should show our chase someone people educated Allen had a big a burden they would. A little now. Owned unevenly and ironically Danny Thomas and vote for me is that is that a category on his fifth that is definitely we have vacation we don't wanna hear anymore that who weapons. We heard the 911 call yesterday from its global white Crist of huge importance to you initially blamed it on the modern model and a. I had one when I can't I can think I'm an attack that murdered her. Okay. Yeah now back there and your locker room and the lack. Yeah. We're. Yeah yeah. And I hit people over or curl. And keep my good man and didn't. Fit into the and off since. Just a couple of little bubble there. So they went on and basically he told golf the number one operator that his wife is insane and that the reason that the phone calls made it's because she was the it's my big takeaways that of that as a voice of a man who's had to explain to family and friends for a long time that this wiping his is out affirm he's not the first time he's had to say. My wife is on the north Michigan famous just as capable she's she's just based not be twice she is the wife of a news channels on the air this. My life. I'm over that one of these times she wants to look at your ugly things but it gets thrown around kids once you've faced with the kids two of them work. Well it is as usual you being here wasn't much of who hasn't heard your dad an ad in the betterment. I'm so I feel we're Lucas Glover I wish it was somewhat eroded those who've had agreed to taco night again if the she's got this list her ticket Tucker and Christian please list Lucas and his wife 15710. Wait. That's why there's a double standard she was won only five to 10 wait she's us. She looks a little we can hear you on your stupid. It was like. A lot breaking news alone the baseline Monica we had days you said there were never there was never any good news say. I was just in time for us to make the move in November Parker the Parker chipped in fine after two weeks right. We'll visit is that these things standard black told you people don't get admonished me to his remark that he really feels and but boy when they're. One irony pound woman hits 200 pound guy. It's not so I think the talent should be the same legal I don't I do actually and his life is not threatened. If you do that if you do that I think even campers are busy people do with other people who kids pleasant I say I think you're going to be right you're not right yet it's it's gonna go away because we had to be approved or rejected. She had to be drunk or on some kind of drug. That's plus you have blamed his mom to constant life as I figured as hell yeah and now he's unless they come all the pressures and where he plays golf. He's he's trying to make a cut. And then double because of the screws up. His wife smack yeah walking on the fairway and look at them it's a bad tee shot of guys that can. To get the cameras in the me here in the two other call you just look at her you know he's probably nice guy you don't it would it was a dumb I'm back when guys and a whole life so it was nice from the wife's name all the guys always nice is that Reuters I organized right exactly. You're watching your great guy that's an advantage and not a good exited a great partner that it so we another hour that's good points. Outs but satellite I headlines but by doctor Robert matter doctor Matthew pressed you 1800. Children. This is Katie and seen. Boston's number. In morning show on Sports Radio WEEI. And what's the biggest upset of the day turned in by Matt liked Matt Light. Defeated Mike Vrabel and Richard seen. To be voted in the patriots all the things you can by the way all three of those guys are very ballot candidates for the patriots hall of fame this is not a common ground and take it lightly you know those three guys. Mike Vrabel Richard Seymour Matt life a week ago two weeks militants which one's going to be all. Are always going into personal personal and is he asking me. He pitches game two weeks and you give you 67 months two weeks not have time that's it that's all I am just glad our medical that he wasn't knocked a victim myself often and you can ask questions like that you'd say Maggette year year and a half she stuck to their views and talk to. Liked the result book by its name of that book if the walls could talk. How balls talk. It's like it's I guess that's an original host house seats that's not original but it's always accurate but the crippled. But he said houses seats in the whoa. Boy I smelly simmering feud here. Everyone went well he talked about that accepted. Mike you did and he's offering it opens up oxygen to zero point here it's odd that they are you've never had a zero point joining you know life. Well what is this rejoinder ratings that's. Everybody be safe tonight and say it's everybody. And hate the patriots all of its stupid stump it's stupid it I don't know who might otherwise they're fully eligible to apply shirts until until our houses in Jerry I don't recognize the patriots. That's how. That's the dale Matt lays it hugely popular figures with the surprising that he was a little popularity contest which Seymour left. Made a trade traded. A country like. Like it was didn't seem more forces planned attack album double breaker wanna be with those pressing more was a better player but like it was a better patriot as a. I make sense now we know we're. Now you know what you're you know you don't know what I was average consumer be format like what you think of that he's better as you're already what it's just moron. And essentially stuck with a bowl the before braves my buddy. I would go see more one. Late to now we want to get started on the Parcells conversation I I've seen wanna get upset it is an outraged he's on him so and by the way again all three are bound up candidates have played crystal and I don't you could go back right. Like let's not let us not let us please phrase it more than I don't think is Mike Vrabel really that belt now know why. I don't know what it's all too because all things are fed up later caught the touch which it often does it play should go in the picture placed by assured its way to kill fifteen minutes of rain outs yeah right it's a talker you so movement summit talker on autopilot not your patriot fan notes toward new talk to you when you are. Yet who. Is Andy Johnson all of them could should be. This is not a knock on anybody when I say this. I now don't knock Kennedy Townsend Bell know who. It's like what foods he's just he died yesterday at 65 years old after a long illness now he was a great patriot in the seventies as Tom carport and a record breaking running attack. But he was a multifaceted. Back you can catch passes as you fear back in the picture expectant room that was a Sam band yeah. I love Mike McEnroe until we get busted yet and those drug guys San Cunningham the page so often must be no I'm not sure after the I would say yes. I would say yes they all exactly. Much does fifty people taking pot pats offseason wide Bill Parcells is in the pages hall of fame and based on that door just the one we need to have priced it out assault of Arabia to root zone read it right at 1130 at night was seriously that's segment is that possible 1130 and I always sad tweet that is that is said we know what they're so I have to be here to ask that. That's sad we just happen out writer Richard you're 1130 that guides have been denied please advice pretty pumped and purity to go that night you treat it like that they might want that's my one a big take the Bill Parcells not those three years instill those same way we don't know Vinnie Johnson had. CT I don't know just have long illness and assume assuming that. Then the big we don't know was LS her boy I don't I don't I don't mention made more physical sport I Reynolds stories and and again people who don't know. He was a running back. Number 32. And every picture and how to protect most pictures C. Of the running the ball number seven threes lead the way Deutsche that was you know kind of the defining image of the patriots. In those days we set the three teams. 73 the patriots John you know it's nothing escapes you a picture itself as a true. In 2011 much rooted out truthful and restoring them from. Government I'm against what you 2000 a look at included Mike Milbury is showing I don't. Let's go Mike Milbury on Bruins any shots layout but let's John left you know outta. VIP on column. Or giving away. Look at that millions wasted that day 82 threes. Given the problems get that he probably I was I was thinking it through your area is draft party. The first month for mono for. Which is Sam bam all of them anything and ultimately is it definitely is not the other single retreat at a single sign once a brightly and doesn't follow them. Lets you was what's his let's go. Let's don't always get this baby start a Melbourne park. And patriots hall of fame talk with Chris W it's stupid Jesus VIP pass or NFL draft party. It's always argued for a part is is possible signal is the only controversy with panel from and Hernandez. And his was in but to promote values though it was put put him it got Taylor no problem well what happens on the right Peter this is football parents are sharper sharper. Like far. Jesus Christ he's wired. He's taken on the it wrote my first choice wouldn't Seymour. Yeah. It's like as. If he's just gonna pay the bills and my second choice operate. Its. I'd I object to get a bolstering those three which is a vision of the ball as players are patriots should do I'm a moment the about this my third choice might have been Matt. What I'm going to say. He was better play your B you do the better pitcher is a drop. And that's a good Republican. Any be ready to Madison trumka so I Matt Light. Meat on this here right now you know with the balls to say Seymour one. Like to Vrabel three. Poll whether it's all right guys are Azeri you know that candidate in this you know disrespect him rhetoric it was an odd balls and equipment they were not disrespect is arguable basis rates Yahoo! its arsenal should be of 500 coach. We might broadcasted live from all patriot is ultimately Nancy children that we had to Croatia and ultra Drew Bledsoe Audrey and Barry Melrose. Plus she was surprised he Bruce if you ask Chris. Christ returns showed suggesting Darren pang should be of guess ocean up Kristi and thought this was before November 4 I was there. And he used to coach ships so much that there. Other hundreds of its pocket. It was good it was a very columns talking to him at the calls we get exits and I'll always deadly callers thought we cannot we don't Wear it out before Allen's statement what not to he has fond memories and Johnson does. Keep up with the couple lines open I've Ron Wayne is one he's raging pages tall and six once so why isn't Parcells that seven 6177797937. Hours three years that.