K&C - Gerry wants Mut to become the face of Boston betting; Sour Shoes rejoined the show 9-14-18

Mut & Callahan
Friday, September 14th
Hour 4: Gerry wants Mut to monetize his gambling habit and the great Sour Shoes called in.

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Skirt and Callahan has good human being he's just mad because he is the chess match like and happy court how was that chess match going on special teams. It is good enough. If there is supposedly very fears that is. Now I hear the fees. Their number and my being a little Freddie scared him but he got the cover their run of form and motivates you hear that it's. Kurt committee had been gifted film counted out solid gold. At 2 o'clock or 111868. Calendar as the go get the end zone I don't like that it be you know do great in six bit as the asked. Yes and Gerry Callahan. Three check your check. You gum and let's just give all of our fans. As you mentioned a quiet night in the division the only other game with the Orioles and a's new sport for. She's final one no score reds and Dodgers same situation in San Diego topped one of those score Padres and cardinals are thank you Mike on the East Coast. Resettled. To slug Sports Radio telling you. I'll reset my fist in your face. A local little. Just like kids you honey you're gonna Amanda yeah very miss them on every six give you that you don't get me camp known. If you are too by the way on ten. Although it is a very good that was back I think there were on Twitter that Dave brown he and the guys they've probably do react to every so when you do get. You know defensible and it's funny because you change her before you are our I thought. My opinion you like a real straight sort of good patriots supporter but now the report on the patriots drama you just want us now in that that's unreal they don't pay. Are of the mind that. Because it's information that they really don't wanna hear and I don't blame them. It's not really pleasant to think about all the Sundays in all the years you've had for enjoyment coming to an end. But because it's news and information that they really don't wanna hear that it's got to be contract. Which you know yeah I guess I'm learning now that that's how works yes I should've understood that previously. Hey it's coming from Tom currently in sketch pretty good. I've got to believe it now and unimportant oh how do you get you started all our is changed it was on the PST paying which by the way agreement. And now he's got. So nice hot today god is now reaching. We are really easy professionalize. Its that are about to its cash. Professional asking us what prompted that news. Out squarely story I believed in Letterman Tom and Dan Johnson for wreckage of I give this hero who fought with. All the muscle vote re a Guerrero and which were honest to say you've been days that you like them I mean it's not complicated meaty yankees had. Dust ups with the FTC embarrassing ways and if you wanna. We shine a light on that it's really hard to defend and I wouldn't if there's any possible defendant but eventually you know you got to move on what what's interesting news to me you know now for Alex Guerrero side road part. That. Actually going and talking to the quarterbacks quote unquote body coaching confidant. And finding out what the treatment processes. And developing a relationship that's a bad thing that's horrible idea no clothes you admit. Right up front right spoke. Everybody else has the ability you can be in the back left to right just don't disclose it shock as he should do that he shoot you know he's not afraid of anybody you know and he would walk. Don't think he'd go up to Guerrero State. You know. And talked I think that if a non statements elect has tried to convince him that he could absolutely adamant over there and and and have a conversation. You know. I don't know what it said I don't know what it says. Them famous play and yet we're on this last real pot we communicate. So I don't know what it is. Pretty good call. It political. As Greer talked really not that. To make different Kirk and handed over a year and a men's health there was a men's journal that the vitamins journal thing locally and he's not penalties and mature earlier release a statement after Julie's but he's not cost anybody had a QNA either raw. I'll on the air or on TV with you now. For NBC's well I think you know my best in the past with star horrible idea you know prior to all the stuff that's a book. Why don't. You just have us district previous to sixty minute thing you know I was trying to convince team in Brady. I think people are of a mind that this. Places all these crystals and waterfalls and smoke and people arming and it's not it's a free in GM with massage tables. Where it. It's a recap which is why it gently games there okay this play ability it. These days of basketball hoop I mean needs its interest whenever they sell all that stuff on this stuff that's on line is it all there. Gloria they have base all protein they sell that again that these matters the battery operated the role beautiful woman that. It's only 200 bucks or the ordeal what happens to we would matters. It vibrates it walks over like those things and walks over here with tight end vibrating phones and vibrating phone world I would draw the line there supposedly vibrating phone roller ball roller nearly 40% offered no coordinated box mill to any way we're OK IR and defend that I've put up an. Immunity and it got him he's too I like. Hasn't he doesn't win and that bothers me a target Kirk to donate them give no one during the month I would love them on buildings feel uneasy Italy Harold Wright but he also had a nightmare ticket they made the errors under rule what if like the water was so I had. What if all of us sunburns and water. The missile redraw the here. On on that expressed conceded yeah buddy associate. One day you know hard. So I have heard your emotions and make it more ball process and I'm an within weeks hold up for more monies get some leverage in this outward needs right now that's. Hold up for Tom card money can have leverage with the outward effort. It's an option and why. We got to spend a lot of time this weekend you probably will on your shows I don't know we will on NFL Sunday. Jalen Ramsey said something really dull about Robert cow ski couple month gap that it was an any completely backed off yesterday didn't unless. Out of not to Gary I'll read it'll do what he's facing a trustee was I didn't read it I mean he didn't tell me that what he said was not rooted in some truth. Well here's additionally. I this fight would Dickerson I know I would have it would Kirk if you were here I think this stuff matters if it didn't matter Smart people like Belichick wouldn't use that Belichick who used this. He loves something like this each and every week you mean you've got to give a speech you got to try to get you guys motivated you need material. And Jalen Ramsey gave it to this stuff. It matters and the fact that there a quarterback points out that tight and has trouble cornerback may have to do three of course they do. Quarterbacks do one thing makeup or so of course are gonna cover ground better. Crock woody goes against the linebacker safety is at tight evidence generally and I was busy covering drunk. Or even if he's Helton doubled Wu he's not going to say that. He's not what is it gonna do if he's not someone else we all. That's why the good corners are always on the correct side of the patriots used to do that they'd have. We'd cover weight right. What's that should be Graham war Antonio aura Tony Gonzales when non themselves. With the falcons even Charles clay pits and Aqib Talib attention so it doesn't. It's not a horrible idea but I mean Brady's gonna go to ground when when of them the other tugs the proposal pro football focus not to get too deep enough. The x.s and o.s he said he'd be literally doubled rock and you rarely see player literally doubled from the snap. They did it about twelve times in Brady's still was going. So this was the jaguars last week so Texans. That's correct two hours lasted a year enough that they do in. Didn't have a lottery and yet they played a lot of zone. About the Ramsey mean Ramsey didn't back off totally yesterday apparently nothing that here here's here's what he said the ESPN the magazine we complain that we can hear you said it at a press conference and when you in the county he backed off what he said and you can say because I I don't think I don't think it's the quote I don't think Roscoe it let me say I don't think raucous as great as people think it's. Art that's fixing it connects to what do you say yesterday. After defensive coordinator if someone's yes. Rob Gradkowski is overrated. What would you say to that person says these aggressive and I could be critical care. Best ever dirtier not you know culinary. It got enough they'll be exposed is good it is. You say this is supposedly bring fears that is. Golf tournament period so it ought to come under a lot of form. What is Albertson's and a good there since he wasn't at its contacts and I shall I went right for via fires he got there. That's probably an ounce of tires see that example up maybe. That's funny. He's in and I know in the nation can't show about that this morning. I'm not joking I'm just saying you know today is house blew up does that sound like you know I think we're not know by now bill's house was affected. We left and a tendency never really had some reviews does that rate in the moment what is windows open. I left my windows open a file was Jerry West when it was our net. Any about it that's a good question. Good question he's in Jackson has congenial and Ramsey questions yes and that's a question quickly back out and visit the question and he June ramseys voice cracked a little bit scared me a scary. It's a weird answered today what would they told until it's a good thing about crime coasted through to understand me Coughlin Monroe you read Karen agrees with Rodney Harrison and he said and he talked about it Smith talked with Freddie Mitchell and he knows that use this stuff. And he said it takes them to a number level of I think he says excitement and it does it's just it's much easier just to put those guys face in the in the turn. Late you know a bit hit and died when they're not that good they're good team. You teach two to free and Anthony Smith the 2007 when you can throw to read you must not double pass for touchdown a lot harder when you're going into Jacksonville. Against money at policemen but maybe the best quarter in the league. To pay equity cities we've bat bat he's just trying to be a cocky corner. In elect he wants to be that prototype that that guy who's. I'm afraid no man and it doesn't think. Get intimidated by anyone this was last dormant for years ago exactly or even though he owns it somebody else and two or three more yeah exactly and they blew it. In just the wrong. A two months ago he said he wasn't he's not not good he's not as great people think there's any bad sign him kick a series to dislike just performing for us that's old welfare don't live. I guess I hasn't senior. I did they will with you go with the club still do what they always do they able to exit exit it will take you think guilty plea portals and it will take some shots. And children's incredible laws monster does it again and are you guys asking Erica oh really so we was around the ball for home front and the patriots they don't have to honorable Tom 2018. Or throw a threw in a throw to James White and you know how that work is fatal and the jaguars don't know that they might not they know what the match of the patriots would create only teams might appeal the Texans knew his knowledge James White touchdown when there was no more than ten feet and last week you know that the Texans do in a gorilla behind it appeared that that defense was not way in the back and that defense was apparent and you had around Matthew was screaming at the other guy Kevin Johnson it was a miscommunication because when you abroad and cows Kenya Tom Brady all these other guys spread out. And it's tough to cover everybody in James White or Rex Burkhead of egos in this game. I'm not saying running look I'm not saying the patriots are horrible spot and warm and had no prayer of winning but the notion that they just gonna roll it out there and just popped one on. Why would you think that I don't think they're put 28 ISO that that Blake portals gonna put up twenty or -- it's as Petrie did they can handle Paris complement of players they do actually divorced couple off and supporters the patriots going through this game they might not have Leonard for an adult and one and it's just a small that's Hillary I'm not saying and wanting running the smartest acts are overrated they are absolutely running backs and running game is over rated the smartest thing you said your best prediction so far one game into the year. I got some bad ones that really that the patriot defense is. East and he said to be much better than it was a year ago and based on week one there are some signs that they are. Say that he gap but they're going to be me like he was arrested Matthew bent and it was going to be MVP that's you know that I heard you on TV scientific. If you know my Super Bowl. Matchup with Detroit against. We're Texans the Houston against growth and only one week Tom what you have to make my Super Bowl pick as New England Minnesota which Hollywood's Minnesota is. Took an open play at home patriots 49 I was in last problem. Kidneys that was constantly asking them to be true it Kuwait this year he's got is always something in the NFL we say man that didn't see that in and be Patricia bouncing back with a big you know no offensive effort and the big win. You say wait a sort of pop to team gave up and but the quick. Sauce and Arnold terra that defense are pretty sure. Judy grapple. I think this weekend yet but is Seneca what time zones Walter dean on for a five. So it's going against the patriots yet some want the Sunday night game. On its knowledge the giants vs cowboys. Yeah Sox giants how Chicago Seattle and games that I feel like I've seen a thousand times before you know it's one of those things ego can't seem that's like a million times. Not fresh people dead. The ball that why wouldn't they put Jimmy G gets mad men PC's but I think of us Barkley in prime time out. Then I don't care about running backs they do more often to this you know like I can play on the back because those low wage and I realized I do like it or not play good short cars and like I just love shortly to say he's gonna get excited about BC I am good. It's not good we don't care and that's when we don't care when they're good we care you don't why it's why. Didn't anyone really care. When BC was second cut because we all knew they reward Packard are talking on the World Series that 1000 and recruit virtually finished yesterday. And I just prior to the touchdown in Virginia to remove those that is patriots are going that it volleys and has Ellison that runs a choke artists from the you and other way to patriots we're going undefeated I couldn't get enough. There was too much city in the David Greene fumble years against West Virginia when they had prepared. The good man language bully in my I had that good of the quarterback are your feelings quarterbacks that are really good running back when I was like you know like likable like a lot of chugging Duke's. Let's go to Tim in Kenton and what's happened. Gentlemen good morning. Good. Hello I'm want car chill wind sorry but all of that out might actually keep accent what. That I body length view code of to a toy camera time. Setting up all recount cat that swallowed a body. I'm. I. That's not the town I live at Callahan on a little higher you know my dad's credit I lived there better not. Did anybody currently running on accident natural gas Smyth before they aerial bombs OC or toll 11 o'clock. I don't know the amount. Out of the woods of unfounded briefed on the you can't go oh no I don't think so I can't go home yet you can go in general yes you can go home you know what because I heard your marriage say that joke third place easier passage a big hicks and problem nobody there and don't know that anybody said if it's also a police chief. There's a mayor Lawrence. Owns. This. Solid set out he was trying to get free time away from the Stanley who also opened wrap skirt up and that. That explosions are peaking at more well known now. The warn you tolerate yeah. The person who sits in that seat I just what moderates get into every one you got its. Install deported to Seattle. Rick Eckart. Kirk looking to take the train the 76 strange fates are that it went chest with a minute left the work with my. Just be careful on the U contribute well and that to act thank you can Mott will be on your tail light on the left. And I wrinkle I need Tom or little hours when his numbers lights cars that aren't buying bring in Sunday morning show current and higher tack it I just I think offered a TV job and enough to get our. He's an employee expert a quick yes he said the get their people working already good. All bets are on don't admits coupon you don't ton of people that works to tell you know these re in the not a good the associated with the volunteers. Let's just this could happen is he helped a couple times that the car. You don't check you know to you know I'm a part of Bono to page forty don't get the for art happens and you got to work on this month follow this complete dope like usual public usually. Paulus and make this happen hire an agent. Our web agent though when he's a ways yet website. A website up and a Twitter account down you knew it was close enough not pick on the wrong what might my name and title little cartoon UConn now. With money just fallen out of your pockets yes sure they'll be a a gift of that on what I'm doing here. You went he's got to admit like I was glad you're here. People can't be against this sport and I think what's Boston in the league I'm sorry and BC sports plus NASA and as a big gambling ship can't be against it is legal. The casinos are. Because I don't think you know what happens my when you do the sex machine. We do this segment Tommy casinos wants sponsor I think it any media entity right now has to be poised for the week it was the right of gambling and ready to move. Before it happens on events and a month greens alive that went on again that's why he needs a website. And get on it and get me and our students our website. I'll do that I thank you might thank you Joseph 61777979. Workers obviously it's a trap with is crater nobody that three teacher would your first first big not apps will be about. Teacher lives you know would agree caricature your head would be. We can work on that it will gore and let's go and all of you have that. The aero. X go to operate. He skirt and Kalla. I speculated yesterday that much mother and such wouldn't Perino that's Obama's point smug looks like he's a little who for now right now if Clifford now Boston that he made some appearances in Boston frequently. I'm having a late 70s and English central mast Lennon's there was they're wrestling as item a temporary one time he didn't do this Kirk can Callahan. CE fox Sports Radio WEEI. Outside and high might that Columbia gas is the company either when he if you give Paul the gas in that area. By now most people are evacuated but you wanna be aware of Columbia gas. Sixty explosions and fires according to be more police department just a couple of minutes ago and back here turning the power off across all three cities and over. Nor did over and Lawrence PSA test at the house I don't know if that's going on there so they'll. That in turn policy did they turn the power off across all three. Cities towns and some honored and I didn't lose my Jerry you are Italian restaurants sucking down Beers you were not there and I know what I don't clock wasn't bleeding when they get a little cable the clock was blinking blinking. Had to reset everything think that the coffee to come back yeah. Astronaut the pop Warner read the tweet directly we are turning power off on all three according to really. There's recovered yet thank you for the app I was just looking for a reason thank our and I couldn't come up with because ahead power. I didn't have a lot of it had power. I mean he without a problem. I could've let alone with Tom we'll talk I would of invited to stay home if there was a lot of doubt about it runners at second time this week you bail out it came at six yards and our lap traffic Cam Newton but you had some traffic you could make it six again at the holiday to you and I do a holiday show. We're really not six whole hours I hate. I tuneup before set you hate beef hates the strong we told you Monday exhilarating it was on and and boomer and we that you would be a good fit. I was benched and we thank you might wanna do. Alex understood squirrelly it is it's too because the freak it's candidates we've that opening or dry eye opening drive the new programs at 10 am on NBC's what have we not promote shows at that time of day on Sunday. It was a one show on Sunday's results NFL Sunday on Sunday you're you're under a media guy Hartsfield goes tooth responsibilities and just covering the game in writing afterwards and Q your responsibilities afterwards. Can't can't go. Hall in my ass up 4 in the morning picket the rate we look at you you know obviously much struggled radio until Europe's. A couple runs once and what do you mean it's funny stuff in the locker room history class and very questions otherwise Microsoft said how would things with with my. Since Monday this thing and much assured that it's. And you know. You know please how different is opening day 41 feet was in your twenties you know 1520 years ago and a lot. And XOK Monday Mathieu on the when he Iraq actually quickly let me back in the building Monday you'll wit me yes you can start and redeem yourself. You could. How tough this week to. Now that you're 41 compared to when you're 22 you don't think there's a question there and taught it was not plain Ole Tom was into the game itself you want talk about any of the big picture stuff on Monday to detail. But you'd either have a story there about which soak in how. And ray is that your opening day verses. Like judge Shawn Watson was 22. That disparity that showed him the other great question Miami I'm not the question is terrible heat here back cement. Pre immediate. But there is a good clip there about how he feels Albertson's save the Shaw Watson is if I don't I am. Question like it's that there's somebody somebody pays me money to be on the radio you're gonna go would you. This month in Monday it would mean pay him I hope so Obama would not go the other end soon and emanate from the I have not seen her. And knock on email form from management's angle here the good good good good record ago with the gonna exiled since Charlie's it easier now to be a quarterback in the NFL lot of rookies are starting to act of god bless you know what is your tenacity is month we will love you but that's dumb equally excellent question rules to Charlie that's why don't you just said before about quarterbacks he protected them. It I should've asked with a B young quarterbacks and named a much young quarterbacks. Who is the best shall lose it can't the next number first half all sorts and went back home and to our office oceanfront mansion is old flatulence he doesn't care. Yes yeah actually has an update Belichick and Brady that's all I wanna go from here right he's right I like try just about Patricia hey Charlie you fail to hold assistant what are you guys fail. That's a good crunch brought about that. Is why I focused on the NFL guys for obvious reasons. What you thought as current as he's heard before but always there no Belichick coaching tree one of these guys there is outraged. Think part of that is. Because. Irate and this is this takes a little weak but I think they go into a place wherever it is and they are not look dad as a guy. Who they are immediately. Taken if they think they can they think he's going to be able when he walks in the door. And when he gives one rule two rules which says no more playing out back Gammon in the in the freedom locker room whatever they go. Mixing you know. Gays Baghdad yet we're not until gets too tough yeah reputation but it's none of them has invited us veteran players like Castro said that the great question when he talks about welcome. I think but bill O'Brien is has been different until O'Brien's 3134. Oprah definite big caddies like he lets you just gotta ski it's much more his own guys that he's on the run -- was much more his own guy right. And Mangini was well Patricia will be added Patricia used as he's not. Iraq and coaching material really now. Toobin what's principle coordinator matier eve eve nationalist enemies should have beat her and how to run who have money do either one Monday. Oh look at this part of what a great way to end the week who's who's on the line and mud floored right now the man the one the only sour shoes what's going on sour shoes to. It's. Appointment I don't think they've learned that you buy the other part the prod better pricing every. Jason part of their conflicts with a conceived and all we can wind behind it that's right hander Jake took the job. With only twelve games left at fourteen fewer stars who will take part if eclipsed just got to grab what equipment do you think perhaps putting him in the Cy Young award winner out of our way with the CBS sports and I didn't feel that. It yeah yeah yeah. So assumptions. John Sterling is gonna be on stage yeah it's yankees at the John. Gradually it's even look at gradual never giving away. I. Bet that but it could have let it. Little in the go to England. The blue moon and Julia whose little lady wants you to listen nobody has sold more realization that revives. 48. Two game baseball. The Yankees have four and certain you know there's a problem with the Yankees is that we you know the way do we view is gone. Two wild card. Load or format. Would go to music based based forward to the India dated the NHL. We're ignoring where it came to meaningless. And what that does is. And you know you like George. Seats and up until the wild card format of 1994. August and September and that's something. But now with the way the Yankees and Red Sox are playing a slightly different nineteen nor are you going to. These games in meaningless these regular season to me that it's a foregone conclusion that it seems like the start. Talk topping it off or go to the post season so it allegedly associated you know you're right. Oh blew the Mets through a divorce in the condolences and I go ahead call that's going to be update mails stopped in grand. Definitely around busy drinking can be or the other. Priority is connected to what everybody does religion being commercial look like regular day. I didn't play that. I'm trying to crawl and they don't talk about it. It's Chris Chris and Chris. Rock. And again I don't want to feel threatened by them against climate. Although social looks a little look doable fossil fuels us I wouldn't. You'll probably. Quack quack. Well bulls look travelers. Got an excellent job does but that become an American citizen of Reno that awful job. As momentum. Into and the spirit of McCain I don't we hope and I cannot withstand any do you don't ever do what she didn't want to politics and the mixed. People are content can keep it what include at least 10% to triumphant in Iowa and across the country and I got. I don't know about it and I have no sympathy and you know it's definitely I really don't. I think probably. That nobody in the building was he can't does he can't focus in on this the ratings of that. I'm at and human let benevolent. Mike how is the outgoing my people wanna know what's going all of the apnea are people and unlike like India. It's more than Knapp fears it. These people's sleep. As world. Thank you. Wouldn't want to be mismanaged this group groundbreaking stuff with little colder as well but it was we we saw it on so that morning Kodak. You'll watch me. It was my who was might eat a football and if so he eating habits of eligible and televisions all of it yet the following almost say. Not only get more Kennedy's book app also meet that goal off the Holloway into my house what I eat and watch football although I definitely television look at. And then it follows me when they have a supplement which is the bullet nasal. Mr. Levy but. A little bit and I don't. The link up in the morning. This another example of that or league along with me. I was monologue all of them vacation mode so presidential. Inform them of what and it's and local paper OPEC. I think. This this democratic polity that is as a joke what's the how they're trying to topple capitalism great outlook capitals of great sprinkles after he will get denominations. I questioned it myself a lot of that that I was how the. So you do the questioning might edit realize that night. I had little warning of questions live. Ask them about. Into without the New England Patriots okay. In the little of that agreed to walk okay in the blamed district courts and in 2000. I was silent. And could see Matt Cassel get in the game you know people to get in 2000 going Matt Cassel engineered little blood genes that. For offensive purposes should definitely was eighty knowing when the Broncos in the Lebanon vital that. So we don't know that. Almost full we it's a little bit about the explosive rounds of the battles. This hurricane assists and almost. And my parents and we appreciate it might. My it's my Christmas. Songs she likes to call what salary gotta get up here to Boston at. This hour. You couldn't couldn't do that but yeah definitely the but. I think it's. Thanks thanks our best moves on issues yet. When you as a mentally it's too annoyed when a wartime with him. I agree and has already about Ortiz norm McDonald right weakness and that I guarantee could do no Mercado there do next we got to get to the Rick welcome back we have to do a crossover until I know woods found I have to stay. You're out here and see them Tommy guarded Al will come back and SA abide by it all at the same time. The skirt and Callahan I think that he found Christ priestly that's all that's what you guys write. Just leave her second title back comfortably as the lone gunmen had us on this American Callahan. C fox Sports Radio WEEI. Why have we done across per aluminum time warm Pavia capability front as well. Albeit deftly are apple. Would have been brought you by show national lumber that's national lumber will do cross next week by Tom I'm ready Monday let's come back Monday. Yes respect what do you gonna ask the first principle question would have to tune in Monday and find out. Monday we'll have boomer will have Brady in my last first question he wound we deem themselves. On Monday and a lot of thoughts while popular I'll watch the games on there were talks of Tom and boomer about it Monday. I'm good. Only if you promise Wilson and felt something I would not have and I am I was listening everything you do Italy Curtis tweets out Miley for the unified on what he's done for days Sunday morning well. 12 nine to twelve when you go Red Sox faced Axl made big guys are next we'll talk to you then it's the how different is opening day 41 Q that it was. In your twenties you know 1520 years ago.