K&C - Gerry wants Mut to become a sports gambling expert; Jonny Gomes is the future of NESN 5-17-18

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, May 17th

Hour 1: Gerry got angry with Mut for not reading up on sports betting and nobody likes Jonny Gomes on NESN.


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Kern can. Using the ball real artist outs were loud and come loud out. Yes indeed I would say this we genius of Brad Stevens I think he's one of the best coaches in the NBA. Sorry seventy. Everybody else in the league is playing checkers adulterous fling shots but they purposely. With Kirk commit ahead how. How prevalent cap all of your body there or not it's trouble not yet not at all that's all spring and man. You'd rather have Horford Al Horford in the ground and healthy eating yes you heard me correctly. If you don't get to the finals maybe it disappears or you're like I get it I think LeBron for whatever reason just been having I think a lot had to do with him getting hit how we. You can just feel it coming up there and Gerry Callahan whose smooth muscle pain its title and we'll go on the third thing back to back months Friday. Abductions and killings of freak accidents that's a plus for us fans forget accident here pre fatigue. Put Packers 37 the phone of a Mike and it was yet but I. In New York Jeff thank you Mike. If you want all one. There's nothing to do things are inherently. But really we'll come on come on in this. You don't listen Reimer knew he likes. He's probably very cliche. Yeah like me very clean guy but you know I need to be much like an occasional mixer that no one lives there in their model that Oscar I'm saying is I'm just saying. When we're we when he takes trips south of the border viewed as a tunnel time. Truly little do you like south of the border down Mexico way the south of the border. You know our someone would prefer it's a little bit or preacher when in and out the most it was allies why do you shave his chest. Looks good he'll shave your chance we'll liquor like a regular reason leader Harry and related explained it's rooted I know I use one of those though clippers. Clippers that scuds that along with real collect scissors like it's it's just. Don't see clippers is that what would you call that picked numbers when you go to what we have Barbara called the art electric razor used it down oh it's a group. Yes look at that always I share my chest. He's my bare hands from home and you are dead whales ripped right off. You should be chest. There. Like you might find if so how often just regular grade there now I got so it's excellent. I don't have them and upgrade them there we see a mile. Maestro as part yes great and that's OK I just sort of getting great years here and city I don't have any great I don't think there are people right here. Of shot up growths so how often do you shave your chest. Every two months. It tuitions us sort out on Election Day in the summer it's a lot more O'Shea once a month this summer but that is a little more each yes what about like your back should you perhaps lower back yet. Who does that you I don't myself. You shape your lower back to pick the personal already get it down there that tramp stamp or what you legs and I know you're a little skinny legs up Heatley didn't do you have to appreciate your back idea turnaround in the in the bathroom. Doesn't that roll back a little kicker isn't that the theory that's all while I island arsenal as that grows back Kramer said it wasn't does growing. Did upon your hands I think that is. That was unfortunate enough if that is true. I much here it's a what's that Thursday was upset or is it would be out of bigs for not follow you know there was what I was driving in this morning for open around. Yo-Yo it's abracadabra you know the worst on histories of like it was a successful song is don't go breaking my heart. The terrible so that don't Goldman cited a source on but I I use that action with that I have a separate category for zones that are songs that on embryos. Regard the just so bad that it shouldn't be. Counted because nobody likes them right. You know but I was at that would be like me then that he always is supposed to that was number one song wasn't so I was ever could be an average that was number one. And sprigs you have what one number laughter artist you deviate don't know he's done. But here this I think is to have actually was in the hole for example on the bureau that was a hundred years it's horrendous on the one becoming such a moo. Today who's who's who's the who's the brunt of his argued that woman who sings a song. No and no movies it to myself EP Gregorian Myers. Do you. Humans suffered a mental it's another note the Myers is now. She's in charge of a month's new home. He's on the board that the new casino. A perfect that's where mullah cheeks and I be sure she's a big fan TE DT yeah you're close schools like this sort of bad atmosphere there. I don't Jonathan did you know the. It's of pointless conversation Russert if month and a half a brain right he we immerse himself in the casino throughout these days in in in the in the impending professional gambling. Or a sports as well Grambling. The case sports gambling craze for these guys sports what that accounts to honor Earnhardt finished I'm just trying to get his career by only having a hard time getting through this segment we have no. We decide where to start stupid and when you call legalize professional him okay legalized gambling. You know what that is that's gambling that's not a league yes. Looks brighter the food tape on. This does is right Diet Coke at Catholic park so pathetic it's fake radio form he's Islamic veils obviously keep you begin that fake lottery itself a catalyst for a fifth. I. You know we'll have covered the Susan by the way. At various thickness. Was this good good toward a particular person. Right I'd go to that's or was it your great dollar and honestly when you got here you could you place on corrosion and get a chance to catch up with a I never got to cosmological on Twitter waged in what we shivered tall caller textures here during the day at 2 o'clock show right so you just said that out or in these kids are really good this so if I get lights and I don't know I don't know I don't know you never do and I don't do. Q and where that person right right that's for so we all have our areas of expertise. This could be Yuma this could be a whole new. Frontier first Javier like he could peaceful process. A little much his one and a guest this thing happened on my life success right Monday not won since Thursday a month in the last 72 hours how much time you spent reading poems it's probably. That half an hour recounts what I thought that. The united I've been reading on the impact so we know you watched lost the space again because you didn't you miss some part I did results were blowing through this evil genius darkest I've finished. When he's done I was first opposites so I heard. My advice would be highlighted the position yourself as the expert to go to guy because there aren't any guys read my quotes and Alex reverse big story in WE -- tackling an expert Gerri right content is not over yet much has even started out if you would we'll let him that I would like an answer everybody's questions have any questions do you think people who gamble have questions for example what was it I was like when when questioned likely when this gonna happen like I was I was gonna make money for him. Because they need as a value value or that's why it was an easy answer questions that's why did you do headlines when you start if it was about I said I want her to have some value syndicates to promote it was a that is when I first started and will feed you want to that and second half of that terrible thing we have a lesser at all yet as I could go on via the app that you don't you don't believe me I was trying to think of ways he's I don't really Hutus. You sound. Every coach Dino and water put together called yak off oh that's right Jack why AK I sat there as well this is my chances he's gone the yet god right in with the last three days if that. Nothing some long list all right we'll probably awards even my radio generally we moved to the new building different ideas you can. Do well we'll read or that email later on today too that's why we got there we have a job to do with Curtis who recently surely you understand like dale is the hockey right he has some value. The smoke glands of hoop and he's a good facilitated it's about. Or you played the pro sort of Lou they value for what your value. What's our what's our valuable from improvement. Minutes with a time and was serving under a very opinion. He has edgy. Yes edgy fearless yeah yes we were controversial right. Yes I come in here get my dean kicked in for four hours today and that's about it I agree with Edmonds hit a lot of I don't know that expertise he used to people put the ball well to be a little Eddie Eddie I haven't Curtis will be in a move early to any kind of cover every match is a gambler and and attract kind of casino kind of revel in the history of the station. Now to some people I mean I tried to focus. That rich chief of some value he has is great eye for the dental history that's true that gets a preacher on its money's gonna turn for we all. We talked about curses values very valuable causes some bill Curtis of revitalization and this month. True I'm confident enough of that although it is not a question of the month yeah expert in Boston who is the expert. Whom he's not really won't know Walter that your results are there isn't any good they crossed against the best of you that's what articulate that's perfect. It's time out stepping in those guys they're generation they're gone. And things are happening in the state. You have to be the voice of this. What if we need you and you're not the choppers slice of front service to help ya I want your being on the defensive important like when there's a big story about gambling the TV stations it was. Let's go to month of actually received and what he's got options let me stop. You don't have that kind of just because. Alex real Merkel yes that's not enough spends the yes it is it is not for right now it is until we get an Internet has now all we can't unfortunately Jerry come here tell your body of the they have they planned for this. They have legislative. Motions already in the works support tax cuts that I know is that writes tax rates with Burnett cut the tax rates. Could use little influx here because I don't know if tax rate is not so much intact until a few days Turkey out of Clausen this beautiful though we don't need in seizing lower tax write it we could use a lower tax perhaps I've heard of forks are. But seriously did you read like all Mike McCain's written have you read. No all night all the stuff David pardon as the guys want UK so you haven't read my advocate not much like McCain should read. Have you read why all the like laurel sweet sweet moment and it's going to be in the afternoons actually went and excuses like I tried I tried a different Mike McIntyre he's he's reached by the guys are right lawyer or do the same thing David part of ruins of me you know are excellent vision back from. Chad Millman from the sports actually and work my wife Norma at a moment's thought why not an expert putts out. Why you hadn't won quite doings. I'm looking up from a little bit please visit here this I don't one in the Q coaching like retail jewelry laurel sweet as a compliment. Because again will be the public through August when you articulate and I get to you what he said you wanted to pretend. Not a whole lot of second in Massachusetts specifically. We have a governor. Who said the other day he's never placed a bet in his life how my going to try to pretend I know that guy is going to he holds the key. Governor tells feel lucky because he's gonna be eight in major regarded as time the government the government can't stop anything I'm leaving a big part. How can stop but. Casinos from open up windows and taking bets because he he can slow down how long this thing takes to get through mass she doesn't do. By letting the thing instead of trying to push it for a government wants something he can push a full he's pretty darn good he's going. If he's he's gonna take us wait and see approach you feel like in the first seven and our signal and I don't think that you didn't wait and see approach. He's not gonna push the sport the way that we want we could have him and he was in the hallways in the men's room but he he obviously has put her and should have talked about it I would how to do not want want what we did we ask. That's up to them on the opposite it's everything's up to you I'm not asking anybody he wanted he's always had out what you're like and can drunk when it's everything's up to be true I'd but I didn't I read an icy exchange if you're the governor won here when can I place a bet on the patriots went community within the within the U within the year. So before he bite us about seventeen other suitable by the students that Jersey on next Monday or something on Memorial Day Monday and go to Monday Rico that's very he's good. More than Monday you can go in their ban on the on the job he just right now being that WBZ whenever guys dirt dirt dirt we spoke to WBI's Mike in ASCII. But the situation he says gambling New Jersey is going to be sooner than you think you Bil to go to the Jersey Shore. That Monmouth park walk next door and then whenever games you want to baseball in Memorial Day you can bet almost immoral lives like a week on to. That's what the Pittsburgh one month extension passed on to Curtis I was I was tourists that's where the betting windows are set up William Hill and I had a guy but he got a guy in Ashland whoever does Obama party better with that but that's that's good that's where that's adding that gonna have to do you guys might be Ganske himself arrested a year ago. And weighs in on governor Baker's wait and see approach. They want the governor want to push the sport he would bodies and take the temperature. Of these state first and it take longer than it should hear mass temperature of the state ones who's against the other jobs for Cheryl do you see your TV your watching the soldiers yelled the team did I disagree with him against review that. It's a right now if you suspect segment those. God I'm here don't lets the other day it was so now with us Max was even after I was after he was getting worse that's something I'm from way back. We know she's just cat scan cutting in and out of the but it was that was terrible. Some offer. Is horrendous I forget it was bad but but what's the other joint top of the I'm going to worry and William hill's that the European event -- they built this sports betting cafe already momma they are ready to go get enough of a mom of people care about us it's like so what's on what's atrocious to move Massachusetts. This is only to be free places you can gamble that the year I target question Jerry. And certain mutt I can't right now to make something up so early in the process. For now will be three places at five girls do that ten years from now when I'm having dinner where Thai restaurant the plays we can play -- you know as part of the dinner I'd be able to open the baseball game there yes there too I think I think it's convenience but he gets walking to committees historically spent spotted and he'll write Italian restaurant like kitchen baseball that's not some big leap. Think the more shat tow the chateau like you she checked so that was an aristocrat number one in Burlington woman ever won in 93 to let you know always packed academic spaghetti and meatballs he's should probably right what's the difference I mean that's the thing you pick there's not against the lottery once against this if you don't already get their piece this is what's gonna take on to the Massachusetts ovals that law there's casinos gonna want it. The State's gonna wanna get experts X amount percentage it's like a lottery. It's gonna take a while here in the lotteries in some sort of percentage mass state lotteries to want to get involved and looked at the dream read on page. It's gonna drag this thing out of this should happen dragon now. If you stay by the Super Bowl which is in February with the spotlight right that he's not he's right you know that's that's pretty quick. By our offense a much wrong about the Jersey binding already on the management and New Hampshire is its fifth record call let's go to by John. I'm more than Jaffray hey Dan. Morning guys yeah quick guide you guys who has let me guess sportsman of gorgeous that I always do. Yeah New Jersey legislature just put everything on the old. And I'm on the pocket looking at suing. The NCAA NFL but yeah that look like it's gonna happen anytime soon. So much did you read anything about this I did not endorse freedom officer might put him. A maybe digital what did you read about it because I'm not Preston's good it's as you said isn't it big boon for our first business it is this is that the school has put so much passion it's his passion abilities they'll get an injunction and gentlemen you'll. Yeah well yeah it's so wrong. Thanks Dan thanks a lot wrong we'll get to that. It's Monday mud that's ten days yes the world is and if it when he ten days of your Jersey blue bet on the back down hey glad I'll idol on will be how well they showed your memorial there and just circle and Ford alumni memorial you can do lions megapixels. Or your tout. New York I'm not a time or definite should be taught. Not coyotes make a lot of money to open. No 7900 line movements it picks I didn't go do you think the 100 they'd be advertising here for the casino yet right I don't get right. Call me not that Pakistan and how they are good this casino right here or never is gonna spend. Tens of billions a year. And will probably get I don't know of remarks children and it was all going to the Tony mess are the studio record. He's not around there will be able to do with. Matt mass map much. Would be that he DNC could sponsor much so what will give the pick on studio right ready that would be the capital of what they'll just sit back was it took its a lot William has his shirt and his ass right look at himself in the mirror. And you'll miss this opportunity is shall never you know this the deep golden opportunity thoughts tremendous skill it's awesome celebration that's totally your expertise on horse racing doesn't provide it's over is you might yet here but what's his face on an acoustics. Who all all of its name happier on the deck there's and I have a colon. It depicts listen I got picked for got a call I don't wondering if you get right get a coffee case cracked ethics and wondered I would call you tell that guy one game in the other one and next game 5050 and also when it comes at Florida hey Tom. It does speak hinge on that and good morning I'm. No Mike you're an idiot for all why would race you're cold you. Way of making money in the sport I am racing and let loose and racing for your oldest 1 o'clock this morning. Look at you Gerri is there is energizing a little defense. Now these guys tries to help you and that is why you all week the F third man and they can beat up on me its financial group of fight all we know what you're trying to help. I'm trying to help me at my locker shall we do was agree with each other and no recompense or yeah. What does not work radio bit more than any thought what it would look like bitching about. You're thinking about not like oh my gosh why I don't go out. No different sets nominee Tom Wilson excellent good. It all Petro wobbly and actually security at our own accurate color. How would Campbell who we will not to the games with swords they can't stop but. They say it can't walk. Now it's not it's. It's not seen it's not we don't care what the money makes it a black guy we want mud to tell us who's gonna ban in the game on the obvious by expert who are alleged assailant Exel did any scenario that we are part of that team 21 from our account cards while Vegas heard again. Soft seventeen do. He sought to yourself to the team I'm always had like Alec doing it to get nervous if you can hit too many things now and academic larger hole to me now IC outstanding stands and fans that poker presumably it's a tool uses that doesn't matter the argument is to use it as a matter of trying to better yourself. Now. That would be sponsored by the on the court scene authored by tech calls all day and be Kirk's black checked mitigate it about woodwork seed you would pour yourself into that you'd put some. And effort into mumbled to signal. But that's different month I have no Deborah and I got pretty high levels essentially the same as you can go more to go out of their pinnacle for half an hour and then once you go home and coach what's lost the space what do you do. In losses based could watch that again I can finish up evil genius. To any State's Eddie wide open. It's a new day new Roseanne cold today's a big day we get to the preakness podcast our financial shares at 1030 pro forget all that. Almost president Carter's big kindergarten orientation tonight some very big day you could go they've talked all the other parents yeah but look at the preakness and they'll turn you would say. All your Red Sox evolving series I don't know employer you're here tomorrow. Yes there. No matter where you are its title pen look all eternity Rick as you know let's say it's tax guide series and can't you gonna blow this opportunity who's on the podcast. A map birdie here and victory and America on the what's more body image about me ego would be my regular gas for that podcast. The went is that this weekend podcasts out there Jesus would enable you Mohegan that are now on no beef. Nothing the home field. Beep does. Derail peace. He says they like us and yeah this is a loving home. On the power I would like to be in Baltimore this weekend aren't so we get canceled two kids live like kings things gone. You want my kids with Kenya rather be in Baltimore. Rather be is getting on okay. Just would rather be able to a satellite to be their bad choice of the homeland watching these people the second jewel of the Triple Crown but only gets a fortune the cardinals a hell of a race a couple of days I held in the race for Iowa is setting your addiction. Now that was stuff in the derby that Hillary podcast can just. It was salaries wasn't a winner thirteen of one cloud computing. He got hurt the only way I guess whenever the Kentucky Derby the big one never picks the winner around senses like never chase in the race haunt them. He's never picked configured so we heard you guys hear firsthand that I heard that you had good interaction. Excellent interaction I thought every seven and it's showing all of progress here I thought playful. Skinny you know feel better about myself and Andy's. Taken a liking to our boy mark and they had a conversation you guys on the notice last week brought on all the rules. Threw convention out the window unit you get rid of Tolliver first updates are now. I know what type of first updates on the first hole and there's no scored the first the game gets ignored while. She says what's on last night. Yes and getting much displace a little bubbles exports not only a local conversation pavlik doesn't normally happy couple guys in the sports Jim did you prepped these guys for this or no I did not know I think the result able they made them and he can be done now. That's a good point that they might not be a strong beyond my guys they go right to management of the democratic ticket up would you go right to man's. Why no never it's on the movie committees that yeah. Initially did this. One nick Bennett and telling us the story their world mourns its combat that TV has so far this year now thirteen and 29 to come to town before beginning tomorrow when he got to believe. He Manny Machado trade talk has been really really picked up they can't sign him long term as bad as they are there. That was anymore from what from Italy might hold on to him the rest of the season thirteen point nine. That's what is your reaction if you're never and that's got it is obvious please give me another cup discriminate blah she sounds like a typical you know. Flash are somewhat boys so I've sensed in my eyes about never and I say whether he thinks the trade him or not yet one other thing I would say yes will they trade made the shot. Yeah among I think to get the deal it's going to be huge deal of public yet which of July but they're gonna have one vote yes. Don't think you're right I think good conversations and he's not quite a bit. But since it's marked him yeah can do not center fielder rather antics inside or want. Exactly it's very fair I think Joseph eventually Johnson Joseph has got the Dodgers with purpose here injury but it. Dodgers their diet doctor 500 losing get that right to the Marlins. Partners that way sixteen and 25. To surprise biggest surprise of baseball right now I'd like so. We're very. A lot of people expected more. So my my I think my comment on the shot OK and you would agree they picketed and mark and let all those guys talk yourself staying inside the game I was just an article sparked a fire by missing firing the Dodgers and home from a shot but he's another nine has been watching scenes from Gaza meant there bombs going back as a saint Patrick's ever being in the breakthrough movie theater. OpenId he'd seen continued tenure together on screen for the super glad to chills legitimate soreness let's go out there facing the Dodgers will requirements on I was pleased to say the worst team in baseball worst bold we can does that tie in the machine yet I was shot at getting hurt they might be in the market for them but that so bad that that might mitigate the interest in the player. What is no I don't know what he's got a real conversations are that's like a good job market you guys are pushing for national day or gee maybe he's a more personal. Like for example overly personal but just kind of like does his wife like a mountain better than society. You know get a little more action as a favorite positions here I'm just saying you know I was eating habits let's assume that now. She waving happens here Moret mate Joseph you know what are timid just what you would use and Netflix actually be good TV shows you guys watch and gets usually it's in the BC program is minutes of that. I mean if they why would make every every guy's finger woman listens and watches TV. While they spent two minutes on that turns a very good questions he had this white took notes on a recent there's always at the baby steps baby steps you know totally footnotes in the tour is still have. Sorry to report to jail at Colgate and candidate for 45 the raiders fourteen. ARRIS a powerful paladins but firm on an old story. A nice job excellent work that you. No spark how's it looks hopeless yup and months hopeless reading what you fits in that world. But he found his perfect home with him Ngo. He's placed my guys my team in place to that he's best in actors and the which I guess at which was real problem yeah. Why don't. Months problem has always is pleased to normal he's not you know on and now. Oh he's not hurt you like if you were maniacal we're insane if you were. Whenever you have psychosis and moment. Depression whatever. My would be more driven he would say I am gonna become the gambling guy I'm going to be startled man. Instead of being in you know a gopher for command chills go. Issue of the U boarded a short of what you wanna read newspaper articles was yet she's posted you're about to answer these questions. We've people who want to gamble is that let's rumble was constantly using the public. Listeners customer you'll have welcomed us he always had to gamblers don't already asked for much like yeah money is -- see that because Jerry this is already know with what he should be doing basically she gave Portland should be reality is again was already bad is it just unanimously should be who they really should do you just touched the casinos and touches people's eyes should be chairman agent working journalists listeners are laurel sweet but but that's all should be -- task movies ran up isn't the only chance on she's on my set the first step conversations Monday with Cameron told the couple years ago we said privately said music I'm not that strong reader could use why help. He's not. We'll read your that we worked on it right gotcha thank you got better Harden and like slide down the page that's why you get and mulled the words I know you're busy either tweet back and forth and fight Wilbert Richard new book that you decided to check. He's fit and policemen policemen of twist it got that I had no idea is that cage fight I'll say hey senator Rick Rick Reilly retreat that's all right rhetoric right you've talked about right on the air. Completely held his buddies agree call I read it not knowing you're the first in the series Max comes three weeks those. Back and forth to court clerks texting like oh just one. Some 25 I don't have a moron who might like it and write up I I pushed apple two weeks ago one ratio. Regret restless you have to that was time to move on to in the book you I am. You push one best selling book in America gradually all life fourth Balkman bow wow OK you know what was it novellus and I respect that I'm sure they're great extra large printers and now she. I want to become their outlaws 600 pages with a terrorist wanna become an expert. He made money from me Jesus illustrations 61 cent at some point where it's at which point when dues for the irons in the fire yours and not doing that it's not gonna happen like yourself. Not gonna happen over. A look now from our guy. We don't do news and yes it is we are notes and read it we are dad allies as well sweet GB phone calls figure who's in charge righty with those people that's nicely and as soon guide on. Bright ignored and well Aysu yet that militants who elevation option outside groups and the oh I population officer Don bottle with a casino going Allen wasn't just I don't know additional. All right it's true I don't. The guys refused to do your probation officers I've never introduce you to a probation office whatever I don't stop there. And I'd like I read people believe you. He would you say stuff like that people believe but it's true though it's not so low eighties. Detected by the time the admit it is rumored that verbatim. This guy off can end off for all that guys and Curtis. This I don't think now he's usually pictures if you get people. Relic factory decline she's a trooper was a treacherous make some phone calls. Get some connections that's easier if the driver of surgery he's right that thought make phone calls in the Euro could rival whatever it is no. So well it's open. Because he does not open no not out complaint. That's open there bricks money not 61777. 79%. We have a we have actually get you to they're notes I'll find dirt dirt and round for I think mr. moss you sound pretty good about Al Horford LeBron James mr. OK I'm not exactly sure at this group wait six point 7779. U Allred. I can pretend. Which segment. I'll say. We're said you were within a half ago Chad mustard. You mean those return the break is that some stats. He can I don't know if you write especially if tweet fights about it is that sound good. Quarter please elaborate there. Cap. Although what's your body. They're not in trouble. Not yet. Not at all no way no how no way no how do what is that like that before writing obituaries and it's all over I think that there are. Farfel dog Boston had skyway totally different situation. They don't have that guy on that team the Celtics. That would be to god Dubya was labeled raw. Rob Norman yesterday I wonder if. It's if we do all us now assistant stuff is as simple as a social home in Cleveland can win these two games in Cleveland I don't think so. Well I've got news for you they get more home games for Cleveland so their final shape of saying we'd be sitting here like for today owner and held an hours it could happen except. Is the wanting tickets Wednesday's game 4 is Monday morning after a Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday at the bills you were you during the break. With the bath. But the truth is back where it was like during the as a courtesy your grumpy all. I'm annoyed with him right now what we do anything he's he's he's been a deck. Which wasn't a bunch of different levels it will. Criticism on anybody has restarted the forever for you outline the mafia war on the announced he might as well its list that started yesterday suggested it was a frantically texting him. A worried about what time I got to go home the night before making sure we covered because this is not purses ball. In the past people have not had covered when their rain delays vs not rain delays as making sure we're girls. And we suggested I was looking over this conference should say nick got someone at 10 o'clock no no the Euro was launched show. He mocked the idea of memory on again what else that's one like really bad example on the pitcher's weeded out last night about was pretty unfair to five years old. Apply your money where your sleep so much admonishes. That's as good picks a funny picture what about wanting to sleep on its own literature on the fly much sleep on the plane is gritty that's got pretty generic problem that picture really. I looked terrible sees it it's not that it's not jock it's not great for my idea of self esteem that picture well what else. Those those those I mean you won't Wear a funny hat make picks for a show we want to be our tout the gritty thing isn't it. Now Jerry during the break and pixie departure. Just trying to help. Like I I think I did not help either veteran W. And say I totally Mike McCann that's not gonna get him I just asked them I'm pretty well orchestrated an old notre because that is. This is you know he's read up a dozen men who wrote which again we wrote it which are looking you're getting past who wrote I'm asking to read well not it's impossible. The necessity of possible yeah that's that's not possible. Can they get you can get books on tape. Maybe he got to listen those I don't know I do via the arm and could you eight cents from Parker. An adjunct to monsters on the afternoon guys yesterday in. I got a couple of tweets and Tomas Hussein LeBron is better and Al Horford unsigned or respondent LeBron is crazy to be fair to mossy that's release it. It's not what he said and I'm would you like can't disagree just that have Horford to better fit well. On this team. Play cut he's not average Alan K he's been awesome out these playoffs but we're not gonna suggest listeners post on Brian writes from. He's a benefit for this team he's a better fit for this for the Celtics and what they do him LeBron James I would rather have. Al Horford for the next year to than LeBron for five or whatever does not signing LeBron for years now so I think there team that's the whole point and de Edwards and I. A thousand I thought I was talking about this post season but you don't multiply it doesn't matter. Give you one big difference Al Horford plays really really good defense of Ron not so would you want LeBron James two to go down on the court. Dribbled Jack threes and have paid him and ground to stand around watching rosier scenario if you said LeBron James go to all the stuff Al Horford does it be better than Al Horford or getting it wouldn't go guard guys posters on all three out of state if that was the role the real question is. Would Brad Stevens get that. Yes PX the important times although it's home or abroad at this stage is Kirby tough but you'd be in the got a Celtics require a guy on defense who helps out who's back abroad does occasionally and he has done any other use edit in Iraq would would Horford to announce we're Garnett not to a question as well to a search and he's there they note the his teammates know always that they can close out on the on the permanent knowing you're the guy beats him off the dribble Horford will help. The front it's helpful lessons in the mood you know the other night. He did not the united if he was committed to it any had a coach that at this and say give it a chemist committed to these spectacular and we face in the outcome and fitness to mossy theoretical. Brad Stevens is his coach correct yes so he is more likely to get that out Eddie convinced LeBron not automatic champions rescued so I could do the Al Horford and that's why I didn't quite as coach matter you know that was a must win the other day we think you know Kirk's that it lets people started. The winner of that when the sooners this is his last stand completely. Maybe his last stand with a chance when the time who knows definitely classed and we've yet. And he was. Coast curiously low fat I don't know I don't know I think that he's sounds very simplistic to keep given the coach Crennel and Steel City doesn't just doesn't coast lets you Evan Turner is an example Evan Turner showed up here as a guide it was a bust. Absolute blast. Turn into what eighty million dollar player and whatever it was I think and since then he's been Boston again so Brad dean is able to get stuff out of guys that but LeBron play coaches and its different. What they just can't Brooklyn Rogers constitutional duties the coach that's that would change here. He gets sick Stephens a one way or another it's not it's not worth it. Again in this theoretical world. Horford on this team is not attend the player LeBron James is he's a better fit on this team next year you have Irving back if they were back you know brown if Tatum. There was a year maybe. And then you have Horford not LeBron James James would we can't figure out how ruin the night of evidence shots when Gordon Hayward comes back. Tell me you LeBron takes. Which he'd taken the post season 25 shots. Yes took sixteen in game one he made sixteen game two to sixty for 29 believers averaged got to be 2324. Point five shots. I realize slots and going and would you want to a problem take its quarterly attitude and probably not to -- him amnesty irrespective of what makes you give -- the respect his teammates eating on Heatley got exactly yours is criticized for taking mash ups that that's we've got to pass to the other an opportune I have quarter after the break for our worries the way to it was too extreme and logic threes he takes too many 27 footers by you does that now I'd love to do that on this team but I would still see my argument is that that's why why he -- the player he can be better than corporal Horford a slightly more than you're talking about playing in the post was obviously better Horford. Lusaka to. But if if they said they more effort into the L corporate stuff he'd be better Al Horford here's what Horford does better than anyone I've ever seen. He doesn't do dumb things he doesn't take for you doesn't force shots. It doesn't make dumb moves like he isn't trying to make a move when he can likely be the guy off the dribble LeBron has logged on things so do. That's that you took some dumb shots the other night he has to because the guys around could count on your hand the number of dumb shots or has taken this whole season. You could die I can't you can't I just think if LeBron James with that cast the characters. He'd be just as you know Smart stupid I'd as a normal anyway what's coming up he's you know he Micah. I don't wears on extra tickets either. Phil Hughes to her LA. Yes those whose attendance obviously if I was used to host he's don't go near him. No thanks to have to with his buddies want him he wants the so there is an arena and shot of a point guard there you two guards he's gonna have the ball with time we'll fill you always fail completely out of the play off the ball do you believe that yes and you usually don't just in the way if it when he believes will do whatever is asked if it means is that the carrier team and he might get Tony's Kuznetsova who would ever asks he's carried that she liked it is already teams entirely he's so which is the best part in the world. He's gonna stand there in the James Harden appalled understaffed and the way we -- project if these are not not part of the best audience not yet DNA into a fairly easy and take the ball from Simmons yes he's goes as young and Simmons coming on the wing to mistake I don't think that would work it's a mistake but what if it's more likely to to acquiesce James Harden Robinson cancel the ghost LA he's more like an actress best actor like smartest and we don't you know Lieberman's. I assume that was a rhetorical question who's legal and musical interlude that dynamic right. That some each was gonna do is go to one of these teams has nobody plays like LA. And Billy Reynolds Philly I would rather TJ McConnell and then have a question McCullough that have been project and usually. But if they admitted they go to LA and he picks to his friends were ever does is garbage that's that's that's the most likely to me which I'm which in no way exporters and engineers and when Paul George M yeah. Although they have a point cartoon with Alonso true medical grumbled you know that's that's that's what's gonna. Be a mistake but it the fun to watch on memories not raise you guys don't you need to firm. Quite a bit on those two Olympic teams that won gold medal look at opera and I didn't have to be to god and politics like unsafe on he's not but that was a superstar a relative has got jostled so why couldn't do the same thing with Chris Paul and James Harden he started to big shots for for Cleveland against ballistic missile brought team. I mean the thing that easy game that Czechoslovakia is asking Ron's team without him to cats and 3000 dogs three point guards because the Houston doesn't work that he's he's apparently done is they don't have been bad -- it think about this a good chance he won't win another title mean if he goes somewhere like LA with his. Buddies and gold states still intact and used and so intact. Is a good chance he does not win another title so the other night could have been his last best chance right. And he didn't give a 100% which in this amazing if he does leave he goes out west the Celtics wrote in the finals and just gives you don't quit the last abruptly when you're not cold Lisa probably yeah history is history I don't I don't want the next big game Claritin but I admit I didn't focus on the other manage it like every time down the court. I was amazed how little we helped a Little League at the boards. A little rarely closed down it was not. Motivated for some reason. Not and that's on defense offensively Kirk said he did takes over at skis you settle for long jump shots and in shock and talk more jump shots and other act and orphans taken on here. All the way part of this team partisan anger teams is giving up they like each other anymore individually gone it was excellent lot of the Pulitzer Smith payments well again like LeBron James either because a lot of that stuff going on with a bring any suit in the lead role when he putts that yes I was married rentals are reports companies right from the get the sense they're done so that your team and that's why the room with a with a series of missing five years would Cleveland comeback. We're happy Wednesday yes here game for the Monday game five finish them off in the finals we'll start whenever it's what's the spread so much we've in my what. That's his job book is the frugal life for. Between those restaurants is not yet operative Chad Millman would have an answer he would he would just isn't as you claim to be how you clear them by six and a half. Six. Off of themselves were favored a playoff went through your favorite no different entity favorite game to you. By all the work they weren't didn't open in favor the money went their way. It's a good observation and joke Padilla. We picking McCain and Mike I just a month and let's hear odd noted in three topic accounts. Only the sixth you can give six and half yes I'll take the Celtics their whole back. You suspect your content products shirt on and it's doing you get legal that we can to wanna wait to see if plus Scott Foster check equipment for check with the governor. He was okay with them easily see approach you and take the temperature in us. On factory. You write those down the image of dumping. Think it's it's it's one looks contrived Sports Radio. Throw away by Tamar she wasn't bad and I don't eat debate makes a good point the way this team plays you don't want to project answers dumb as that sounds like this LeBron James well and we saw a political projects and we say how well urban and they were gonna fit with these young guys he's up a good. With Tatum and brown hold on I get it. I think it's issued Soledad we go to them this globe LeBron James in for Al Horford. They win the chat feature price. Took a pass and that's I don't know what they wind I don't know when they beat the warriors or. Rockets is brown is good he's paid his then why would they be is rosier you don't it would seem LeBron make guys around him because you know it's like is and you I don't get caught up in who's who who's who's LeBron making better right now on Cleveland. Maybe Korver. Sensation Kevin Love seven love is a first team second on the declared forgot there he's had some issues that is off the court does if I don't achieve them Tate Bowman and brown would be like you Ron Kirk you'd be walking on eggshells to be afraid to. Keep it. The look the eye roll from their man and I don't think it will be better on its beef it's who you know rookie coming in there with a lazy breeze Lewis yes that's ultimately wrong 'cause it was Larry Hughes front guys you'd be nervous and only the moment it's not going to be projects pitches him out of twelve games into the year that you deal and it Aaron Brown Brad Stevens -- here Brad Stevens wouldn't allow the bitching out that happens if you brits should be out role impressive is that really the -- a star they orbit to start like LeBron I'm talking. Why there's no really players coaches are born Edward. Court here which not LeBron jeans and college yes a spot where he went to calm if you went to Butler that there was no stock was. Star when he cornea you're stuck she's hotels like the coaching from Brad Stevens in Lebanon Duff field stands at 161777793. Several Ellsbury. We have a Jonny Gomes had a pretty good. We haven't done of Combs I figured I am Sosa he's NATO to talk days. He's funny he's funny he's I don't know Bryant we'll do we get back at you when you're five people Bryant questions it was and is it intentional or not I can't figure out I think he's it will will do well when do we get back. Short I was the only hip. A Sports Radio WEEI. I'm 56 backing. This situation right here right. Sorry seventy. I honestly do not know. I do not know Allman and ask you guys you guys. Months do you ever watch you just when you're getting them never to ice cream do you get a chance to look at the TV at all I'll look at it yes listens to a no no that's something you Kirk Q do catalysts that Jonny Gomes yeah. Easy in on the joke now an odd he thinks he's he thinks because it he thinks she's the players and other one. He thinks everyone else is of players that stupid that you know he'd no one thinks people are so stupid they don't know what a free I don't know what is I don't think that you he's Smart. I don't think so but I'm not sure we heard went over the side effect of the run out of one Bradford podcast that the side that went. And I reference podcasting with a that was pretty concise and clear that what he attacked by a wolf. It will will be Wolff story about why yes story it's that it's this. I don't know what you talked about but I do wanna know. Does he realize how. Crazy stunts. Well again I think this is and that's an issue were in big never talk that was my fault to single them Dave O'Brien should say at some point the broadcast it's he Johnny. You know we're not all stupid. But we maybe they think it's funny. That is sometimes and had a sense UIT find it not funny at all ever I don't play so I'd entertained sometimes I don't the last that I laughed outline. Do do we have bowers said that's allowed out. He's been real close to doing somewhat he was hit the ball real artists shouts were loud and come loud out. Nice line drive earlier on in the game into the barrels barrels of big board there. I don't even know why things that he thinks is still battling that out and it was very loud and columns or people who just moved here from Mongolia. We're not teaching Red Sox fans anything that's. Run differential. That would be. How many runs he went out first how many runs score. What is pricing late no kidding well that's why I wonder if he's in the Joseph this way you don't get O'Brien no. I've got help people dealt with nest and we don't mess and ever. They've notes okay then why then did you ask the question of former players and they don't criticize Obama not none is a critical you'd think that he doesn't wanna get better. Now seems like a decent guy may be one for Godot just so use the afterwards beset tents that help me out Dave more giddy about their memories does that though. They would say you don't have to explain everything NASA has been filled for years of former athletes who paid to pollute and other people they don't. Everything if you do you. They have two great Kellerman a walls in in in Remi Remi deckers at all yet Omnia and whatever and Ingraham is great. Yeah act is great yes but their but they don't do that they're naturally good. Well not smarter than go Gomes is naturally conversational and actually kind of go now I don't I don't know what music and all goofy estuary of the conversational part not the luckiest but he's explaining basically you are trying to conversational in the game I don't I think. Could be job BC that circle changeup right there come an 86 miles an hour Trevor Cano with the to change it. Fishing nets and knock you for twelve last night. As. Table and I don't need Dave O'Brien he's given a place like that actually John donors and also talks so slow in the key thinks he's tough he's talking he thinks is a dumb person. Trying to talk down the people which is a weird happened but he doesn't that would make him a bad guys and I really think you exposed you on TV. Well you write that nobody's talking to nobody's helping me read this and you too. Do you know. Because they have and he's right on this new rule would give Davis thought they never they never talk to me no coach except they said what to do as many players somebody actually Iran erotica preference podcast they kids nasty brawl who used to work and that's his job until Brett was right down all the negative things we said about this and while he's working in this give Europe and it opens other active section ten jobs now what could be it was basically me sick and they did not claim to be two pages worth. Real good at it which assures true that your ratings have gone up in the mornings that they tell us Alex I do latter commercials and do it. That's I mean this doesn't like in the opinion show on an operative. They don't care about what shall be good record on the year. Well it works for them don't they care about Johnny B and bad money marked yet I think eight out of your druthers Akerson auto auto loans and charge a criminal prosecution cases at least I don't think it's Henry's Warner is atop the chain over there but I don't know who's directly above the words yeah. Is in charge of like that dating show one lesson he's charged that jealousy mortars fired him last night they just had a war award winning whenever right. Right that's contests this stuff I'd and that's just stupid doctors so that's what's so he's everything that comes is good but I think they think he's a players likened criticized him yes on them for I don't think it is affordable Jerry Rubin had in their Lenny DiNardo might get the New England. But they've also had economic right and earlier Graham's lions not bad and they want those guys to do more I think Packers Lee has told them I'm not traveling to stop asking me. And Randy object if reliable help him write his liver. Now is in California right so they like him. They must really did the game last that strange to homes yours electrons out of line I literally checking that's weird what the devil like I was but it lines of questions but I'll say this was legal lines lines fines for release called him. Such rollout column saying I'm saying it was you know the people out there. I didn't usually last night I again like I don't I don't I don't it is unlikable for salaries are doing right now I don't like a number of that and I'm probably wrong I don't like let's be honest everyone's a likable that you true. True. It's. But it is an open lines of his disease does accuses lapin is his girlfriend I don't know whose work forms. It does all the pre thinks don't want lines of doing gains. I believe this is his final year on line or you I think. I think he's going to be an exhibit of off games altogether when he was you who splitting with ant with a rented none of which are watching games you know. Watch the games have you on those two games. If he's so good you know this wouldn't because she's. NC so gonna say he's hurt you while wide buildings could legitimately have seen him in the studio right he's he's like average on those guys OK that's good. By your standard that's good why you call someone average like he's not great he's been nice to Emmys I've bumped off. That's being that's important yeah I'd be honest it's important and he's not dumb. He's not no no no strikes me is no. We think several of them yeah it was more dumb lines ago so that's not a that's not a contest go. Set. This is indicted people Brian Powell writes I was on the earth Matsui Johnny everyone knows that 57 news higher than fifty we don't know maybe he does have a fear. What he does it's a way it's not resonate out of the use the deed DV O'Brien's been critical Gomes off beer I think Davis tried to help. John DCIS edit my conclusion is that I start I just wanted to go to my conclusion is they have to like him and think he's funny. Or they would tie on the stock. Right I guess over the such use it they think its charm. Yes I don't they do it right what is it flying across the world was in the California now on the let's get vitamin put them up right. And they must think this is funny this thing where he explains it was impossible he's next in line like if you moved back here when rabies. Why can't they would bring us to do what can Lou do. If you were for Comcast. So what is it a better job to do gains on these these contracts. What did you go work for ZLX you can just do a better job Q what was it that was a better job that I went to my contract's up and go it will lose probably citizens were asleep shoes my guess is they would handle all the clinic in more Comcast they would make over the that's probably just my guess right you can get on the radio because Israel to go to critical the Red Sox do. And you never messages that Gomes is never gonna who is member critical. It's too critical to critically like last night Lou Lou would have gone back and forth would Dave on Karstens and my guess is I didn't hear puck I guess it won't hold up and I guess the last couple years lose destroying demand to more. But the last couple years you destroy the manager all day long from ten to. He's a go do David nest in the night no chance on the chance in hell but that would be good TV Gary and I know Vanessa doesn't realize that I don't understand the logic and once someone really borne illnesses to. The challenges and criticized watch as a brand New Year's you know what is the logic is they want there was only one safe. I was yes I held nothing back and that day whoever scores the most runs and win them all. That's what it Brad that Democrats are trying to say pressure that's correct. Have to think that's fine on it and I think it's funny that we also think it is no. But I would say after loss hurts a broadcast that we get H yeah I would agree gets teach girls going to face it if somebody NASA does a Twitter search during league Gomes game and this is not scientific. He gets a lot of crap he did are there are a lot of people who just in say this publicly. They don't want from Gomes and there's a lot of old women like. Audio based on one electorates you'll watch out here who's. Well you'd think they just didn't care I Dark Knight averaged 98 what I talk about time Pegasus the tweets. As gospel yes there are people who are listening to different ways of listening to the game was won by that logic white gloves on T in the Booth I always wanted to get that doctors say people don't won here a bad broadcasters they beat us they go yeah I hear Tim and Joseph yes and target third efforts perfect who's doing that tonight. Is much much wider loss of one point auto and whose permanent. That you care from two to jump to Q spot when you were here I was candidate. -- bodies YouTube account to be doing it ever come out there Cannes got buried announcement of that politics will Patton head from for months and that's agrees so great metal score it's a little coaching me and the show is so good so did the job now. Updating the score there. He's at plus Q do taught in the first scores like my. And never never we didn't ask it of course is better luck records is much. Bryce Harper you know from all right Smith I've never said putts from wall I doubt thing is to say Ding and as doubts that that the key for announcing. Voicestream Mystic Seaport won't have from Hugh Williams seeker right now for the Mariners the seventh release over the jays back to you in the brawls you could sit there. And Catholic golf that's a peek at all. An F bombs and C words in the world would know no one listens to my ansari and listen when you go on the lead is that it's like a commercial. It's ignored buried they sponsored sex. Yes its OK perfect it's wonderful really. I'm always wondered scores a second analyst. Or last night's it was Portland that he didn't follow at least baseball all the games were done it on the Red Sox played slightly caught up all the rest of the division last ice yes it's true right frolic three home runs including six from just smoked while one over and over them and as to whether. A lot of happiness off one no score reds and Dodgers same situation. In San Diego's top want to see the people tell how great I think I've taken the cup OJ need to tell you know our style of art for Hotmail accounts of what we did the last pitch and I know that league he's another constantly pulled out. I don't and accurately these people Carmen CJ crop tied for twelfth in America legal ones that tent yesterday rays past the way I approached crow crow. TJ crone. But the disease she's crow on. That much who's a sixth. One of those who got to go right now because no shot widens the notion of who by all accounts they like them. They flew home across the country. It doesn't wanna do and was famously toned tuna packets either make no little marching me. O'Brien. No notion players and Colmes in the Booth were being called on pitcher Jon and he loves and he loves you nice to him and Warner was guys. They met that pony up the money and convince accuracy of its money's not going to do that actually by the ways old. He speaks out as he sounds I don't think it's best Miami hasn't wanted to 160 games and a lot of I don't life she's not insane. You have to be insane one to every yourself to think it's a point with hire somebody in their forties actually renewable and sixties. And I can't I catch a good question I can't think of nobody beat think that we I would I'd say again Lou what it is not a fluke kid do what Lou is on the Buick who else. When one is Arnold doesn't matter who wants to do the radio Derek uploaded some games last year was able to get these are guys who are not in the do this full time and let me start. It can't be guy who made a lot of money there out. Did you might awful my question rice to just might just for us I would love. There wasn't a 112 million dollars a 112 miles and around it isn't games last year then coupled yeah just six games a year four games a year. 162. Games was viewed. A hundred both smoke from the third minute Jonny Gomes. I cannot come up with a wow this is a bad job he does it every night who we forget call the guy in a tough call give us some suggest it's excellent set of symbols 797. That follow. It. At all. And doesn't play as well about the Tinny echo that Robert court that's ger. Walk. We need he wouldn't explain the free to come with that means what's the question. Enough to come at the council for you to. Let you know don't let me know what the mbah a bit. It. One more ball. And he goes to first base and that's exactly does that strike. He sits down that would be.