K&C - Gerry was evacuated from his home; Charlie Weis on the future of Brady and Belichick 9-14-18

Mut & Callahan
Friday, September 14th
Hour 1: Mut and Gerry discussed the wild scene in Merrimack Valley and Charlie Weis joined the show to discuss the Patriots and Jaguars.

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Skirt. And it's good human being he's just mad because he is what the chess match like we're happy court how was the chess match going on special teams. It is good enough. With. Save us from the is supposedly very fearful as. Now I hear the fees. Their government and my being a little Freddie scared him but he thought the cover their run of form and motivates you hear that which. Kurt committee had been gifted Phillips county outside of the old. At 2 o'clock or war and 11868. Calendar as the go get the end zone I don't know like that he he he he didn't grade in six bit as the zone they don't ask. Yes kids and Gerry Callahan. Three check check check. Gum and let's just give all of our fans. If you mention a quiet night in the division the only other game with the Orioles and a's new sport for. She's final one no score reds and Dodgers same situation in San Diego atop one of those score Padres and cardinals are thank you Mike on the East Coast. Reset goal to once Sports Radio telling you. Thank you Mike whereas I. I want to Walter Cronkite south last night is give people updates. And I. Barack valley here they're gays there's somebody on the Yankees radio network who does like a fifteen minute pregame like you exert counterpart Ali and our ballclub loss Swede went birdie birdie I don't know you there not for our post game not forgotten for the entire fifteen minute pregame show but for like. Five minutes let's switch places I'll meet would that be zany ivory nightly yeah broadcast Booth you go over to the six. We'll be there next Tuesday night or trees was this afternoon that afternoon and afternoon to move next Tuesday that's going to be difficult people believing worked just cursed their cards actually going forgot about that at a senate meet to New York for the back and forth they wanna be in the Booth who did you with sterling and Tammy TV titans of industry so clearly he's cute together I know there's been a buzz around baseball. People all on the sport texting me wondering if they can be baldness some satellite there's so Obama army and Joseph hall of Famer generally don't like it is going over to the community. He's going to the dark side but we like it John Sterling who won his famous home run culturally Red Sox player hate him he calls. Baseball games for the enemy. Keats and him can't believe we're allowed him when stations is wrong and I Lola Lola Lola not listening and I smelled next Tuesday will be published in what is it that and out of the third top fourth inning or after the court and not listening to for what any go a model you have to what innings Bradford. He's the top of the L be back for Bradford but I can't listen to the enemies are pretty church itself. Economic if you ask yeah it's like listening very little these days you wars I get to do a scoreboard in that inning with John Sterling thank you John no the games going on today in baseball but later wrong and all those whose idea is this was this meets a great did me wrong I love it it's very exciting wanna to more than enough. Two like a whole game it's a fair question I don't know 100% whose idea was of guessing it was our program directors idea okay it was stupid. As for what in what lining feels like an awful like you do you just set the game and what what's anyone. I think that they the Yankee fans would wanna hear John Sterling. It's something when you're working a 161. Day when it's fun pie yankees Susan and John a part of the fabric Yankee needs and what Jolie's hand in my Al's still part of the fabric Red Sox and don't tell me Susan's going to be on the broadcast with it you know Austin the Susan Susan will be optional broadcaster Joseph. So we'll be Jones whose and Joseph ensues let us work together at some point. He might continue working on you know like Italy and he goes yeah. And shall used on the job but there may be lost terribly in a divider between the two of them make sure Susan bring your pepper spray to get that. She got Jim will be focused in. On a big fourth inning could talk in Red Sox and yankees who decide Tuesday afternoon fourth please be listening VW media so I thought so of course on there isn't who's gonna miss it. I'm just the right people it's been a part of broadcast like to promote it you're not switching places for which Sweeney Murphy we have a. That amok you gotta be on WFAN and got to the scoreboard update the New York slam. I believe I'm going to New York on Tuesday they said they're sending down onto delicate earlier slightly 7 AM out of here not good night everybody if that's it already is studios it's time pars all sorts sampled dual let's basic FAM right you don't do FAA and let's get today only do with sports government they talk about their mid day host to. Was he's back to work it predicted even talked idea was that I don't wait for three months Evan Roberts. But I audio right this does big big giants and jets week what a weekend Sam Donald why howls. Let's let an asterisk forty month mark holy crap -- reels forty years forty monies that's like listen sock puppet Marcos from we get sport is size can working for them. It he's he'll come value morning Ken how are you may go places around player very active Monday and played nothing. According to hear. A little scared little skittish you know shout the title is it the as noted by an let's certain co hosted the show. Where was cap on Monday where it was. Can he was there he sees a lack of puppy when their owner dies Alec. If you see those with a book when a guy dies it in war and he's had a dog had one of those service dogs and they. Sit by the graves had and they don't want to win for the owner of the master to come home Kirk's done here sock puppet is a little. Form on Kirk's not here I would say we need can learn more gentle but he's down he's hurt and I mean look at him in there he needs he needs his master. Back in it's tough but the key wait. Decent health reasons and that's the I'm not disagreeing with that conference equities and help view on the Sao all week on listen to. A DeOssie Dickerson and Reamer Tomas you've been active EB into it. Monday fell like you were not able not not evil. You didn't even listen those shows online did you. And no. That's word of ironically they somebody got a lot of stuff until 830 of the Monte Dickerson Joseph it's all bill all that the radio doctor Sally Borg parts are available on line but there you know we're currently. Little tasks in here though gone gone. That happens. So the weirdo and here we're not in danger of this one not getting posted this one's getting a pitcher started on much of theirs and it's Narnia. First and with Terry in mud on Friday more you ask me Kirk says we would have them and played very easily I don't know for an idea and now. Did you do this is your phone a lot I know it's just read you know the stories in the paper herald the globe but I'm reading online all the TV stations. I was evacuated. But I don't know what the hell happened you got the stuff just started blowing up so you've got the actual you volunteered did evacuated yet though it's not conscious of god no we didn't get the knock resisted and it's a talent exotic nobody aspects she's the go to a hotel know what to load corrosive plan is the time place in the Merrimack Valley with the rest of the you know town. And nice dinner and couple Beers and then went back home I don't know if it was allowed to go back who if you don't it and he had that gas company Columbia gas yes of course who do prosecutors. Yes gas was off at that point at that point the game it was a couple of neighbors are just roamed the streets with wrenches shutting off gas you were good in the city easy it's. Shelter in place if you gas was off. But those got a little nervous as you smell it in a couple of points and number one I don't even know what happened. Don't know because all exploding all white rally. Ago I don't know the you're asking me who I'd Abbott dummy. But the line they keep using is. Over pressurized. Gas case I don't know I don't know Eddie and by the way added multi possible all the reports. They don't always nobody keeps saying it. Just seemed in no I don't. All we sat there the whole neighborhoods like on the street. Didn't want to stay in the house at first I'd be scared Harry you. It's and we sit and look at our phones asked following all the news channels and all the newspapers. And there's video posted the fires. And there are an all you could hear was sirens in all afternoon all evening to sirens and more sirens. He couldn't get anywhere means to the restaurants run around the corner of slows OK get there are good for you yet and but couldn't get anywhere there was massive traffic my wife was three miles away ticker. Like 45 minutes to get home. But no one knew what the hell would normally didn't hopes it was gonna blow up a Cohen host get. You know an overnight bag and you know running around them and it you know new. Posts were blown up north and over in Lawrence or on fire you could sit on forum on video on the pick on nice area that you're gone. I go on public. Look at this look at this that it is this just know that neighborhood and but. We did know was getting closer to us we didn't know what was causing it. It's. What went to bail so right before 5 o'clock is when they realized OK we have a major problem here along we got way ahead texts. Probably on another hour hour and a half. Of standing around the neighborhood trying to figure it would hold on. And then you get the text and he robo calls and you know evacuate but I don't think it's like. Martial law I don't think they go to drag you sustain in the room. Chancellor some places obviously where there were dead the and I close fires right that's true they did didn't they actually went toward toward that area but I don't know what made that area that dangerous in this one wasn't so dangerous losing can't locate and engineered should be no what is it what is going over pressurized gas lines mean. And gas law chemistry. There was ago likens the kid you or because that camera on the wrench into the rooms gasping and he was trying to explain to me but she did you use that information in it as an Al obviously can I just leave us a believe me it was weird is. Didn't wanna be in your house felt fine but your nose cone. My the one that's what sets it off I don't know it's over pressurized gas like what that leads to. The pictures we saw an end in quotes like this I ran down the street and saw the house that couldn't believe it it was like a bomb went off what does woody and I as a low pressure right as we all have. With some sort of natural gas and we don't have looks matter. The first step. Change. I've no idea due to you know sort puppet you know what happened it. You Kurdish out of the cities like kick ass I can ask Curtis to play one of you know seventeen hours of coverage last night name and they don't know ever reporters keep saying. 6100. Explosions. Fires or reports of gas at this wanna say over pressurized and that's it there's no explanations of what and is he knows. Evacuation centers and the local gym there all the whole place she could find him. 01 death and eighteen year old kid was in his car his driveway and the chimney. It was supposed blow up to file an offer whatever yet on land on his car. Talk of that locker room that's and he wasn't in the hosts it was probably planets if a loan account for growing were mixed and the chimney land those car. So your little freaked out that portico what's gonna happen. Next play you know it's not gonna explode so gonna pitch funding did homes it is actually leveled and out again I've had my a issues and the law I don't know a lot about the law. But doesn't it seem like this is just going to be one large lawsuit first Columbia gas that's why I'm sure they'll. Rule by this over pressurized they gaffes and lies and at houses left across the Merrimack Valley the the parent company is huge it's called nine source and a source. With 3.5 million dollar natural gas. Customers run a country so it's a huge company that will try to settle I'm sure hey a letter of the law. With all the victims and targeted bonus pool my arm. This is a good solid and you feel always a little cozy up. I smell them I would add that third period like coach what does that luck lunar rose a little Rosa but the gaps. Against tough place in my dad's health. Had that third beer that was I was afraid to go home at the post might explode. I had a hotel I think guys. That I I think I was on this yesterday of course nobody Bozell we had counted offered to. You know nobody. Nobody nobody said hey if you need a place to stay Albright or busy planning next Tuesday broadcast you very busy units reduction go to Zain. I knew your for your survivor Gerri yeah I don't worry about Kurt Kurt asked to phone supports him he's he's had to be run over a the ship that was in serious about that. I'll be there was like and can tell it can tell because titles yet top leagues in the car currently pimples and absolutely to sit in the car settler roads have put into it was funny people out of the blue text and says. They're doing as they remain in. A friend's casual look people in the know would bring. I'm sure people who know which knocked except. However offered experience out and are just around the Mark. Gordon all you know I would have stayed in the hotel but I didn't own Porsche bicycle across the street I should hear a figure for sure definitely my wife and dog home you bring them where daughters than you are gonna work and watch will on demand movies like you watch you watch soccer. And shut down after its products and that if oldest of course I didn't miss Parker home in time. The Villa and Tucker would Michael about ninety. The creepy porn lawyer. Who set you see I am I did not see it as high rate it's great because everybody's knocking on your TV you know what he does what most segments with enough now been around look at simple robot show finally comes out of hiding and is credited for going on getting his face chewed out by Tucker but put this where if our boss was in charge of Fox News that would never be on line that that that the trio that would be you'd never see. Who's very testy and mean they were close I thought someone might you know take a swing and that's what Tucker does he brings as it once argue with because. Actually good TV that's good right radio and you fight back it was great TV they like Norm MacDonald Avian Jimmy Fallon would have been good. A couple nights ago I'm sure it was X I'll watch it at some point this morning not not at 640 we are very helpful longest among a wobble at some point in sport. Your guide doubly 73 joining us here in the love we love chose Charlie Weis is gonna get out of bed and what's he some serious at 7 o'clock to Dario you are now there. Home a little tired. There. Charlie's joining basket because let's face it we've talked a lot less for days about former Belichick assistants. Belichick tree guys who just can't seem to. Duplicate what they're meant toward those here. Wherever they go and Patricia is the latest example it's all not named Nixon was and it I don't get content exit because he's so sucked in the pros and I'm come knicks even though you have. Have to count knicks maybe the greatest college football coach generation personal knock all okay Saban Nick Saban has a losing record in the NFL OK and it's like all its core system is organization and gone for Drew Brees is that a Daunte Culpepper you don't think he could still be right there he'd still be right there I mean Nixon they have to stop him you don't it was too long ago he he's considering it was not a state college as coach of all time he's built this amazing college with a homer ever paid every insisting she and every year you know I agree as a Heisman voter you know. How great. The the program is there Alabama. He K I'm aware of case was an assistant under quite because there in Cleveland pretty good part of the racial group Kirk parents also deserve the Fed Belichick's preakness or. Six Sharon college football their dogma. Once of this Rose Bowl and an easy one Brazill is not Rome was rose got a horrible I didn't get demolished by a few teams and a program their. Please how many businesses a patriot assistance succeed the NFL. They have now and very few right now amen succeed coached a lot. Anymore just did Nixon he didn't coach to pay a coaching Cleveland and a coach up this entry star and he's patriot assistance by the way. Belichick was in grade Cleveland so an account with our compatriots as. Like child bill O'Brien succeeded at Penn state bill O'Brien got a job losing record in the benefit okay you said who who and succeed in college. I gave you one immediately move. As he went ahead sings because it Bryant DOB. I took a program that was a disaster. And reset that thing admits that'd be the problem would love that phone call we have some losers explain to Moscow and we're gonna get more phone calls here which next couple minutes here at 617779793. Cents a much or Charlie Weis at 640. Will be able to explain how last Charlie what happened last night and again he went there actually if that happens and I think he actually would have gotten up and gone. I know we have our own and we did have a couple calls of there I need to know this was added to very fairly or lose what. Why what happened last night in Merrimack by what is over pressurized gas lines means Charlie Weis and get an L. Connie Corey is not gonna know somebody in this audience knows this Marty's the smartest radio audience in Boston 61707797937. On the additional worry about it because they've gone check your gas and once a year and I want to ask that. I have I have a pilot light issue with my water heater. And that committees that I electric gas coming out here and it tightens things up really additional worry about it but you don't think about every day. Now think about until explosions like this and Jerry talent on the streets and and I restaurant. On three or four Beers watching BC but something we'll explain it in the smartest audience. The radio saw I am I wasn't sure whether or supposed to go home and we didn't know if you keep going home so you GIE freezing to the fire chief there and I don't have Arthur Powell says some people didn't have power. But I power so I you know. A go home we had palmary gas is off for a year a lot of shelter in place that was the case you did not read that and I heard the term sheltered place this time I mean I heard that I never heard my younger and over north general fire chief they said Shahzad thirty valley's last night we sit in its press conference he said. If you had a power home. And your gas is off. You can sheltered places actually easily could have said I can't work today because it no or an arm in a way my dog's missing them smelling gas -- blown you off that are formed through you could have been put to him and media I don't other gel annoy will and mountain other people would have. Take the opportunity to bail on you but hunkered down and thanks god I know you were never Bellamy did you get this to babysit is lined up next week there was sat out. Amend their office fighting for months trying to get the money sleeping baby sitter which is so ridiculous I have two young kids. On the morning drive show I mean I'll get all it would get a sigh and gas at all what he calls lined up your 6177797937. What's ridiculous. That I don't have that I had like you that I had might do that might kindergarten age Sunday's two hours raised nowhere to go right so what's ridiculous like trying to find some coverage for that and Bali is nothing much you missed the point I was trying to future money he's -- it was ridiculous and he's covered my five and those individuals company doesn't say you do go. They saved a fortune. When they don't know when Dina left from holy left prosecute folks some of that although I did my best bargain in in Boston radio paper a year and a half a year's time for you approach of footnotes alone more I'll say this I like yeah. Lou Lou Lou ravages you LaRue love Regis I as a reward again. Got a call leverage oh that's right I don't spoil anything for next week but I wanna say I love the enter confidently they always step up when you need it. And they're their group that when you need something they get it taken care. So I try to send to come. You much more months of screwed them publicity I think they I think they heard the Osce and Tomas it's at what how much you want auditors have done that's the new. Here's a Saturday show I'm looking forward to so actually it's probably not that was hosting that show who cares gas DeOssie and Tomas he. H there who's quite apparent couple heavyweights. It would be good show but then I realized we don't like could chosen run here they would get they would fight we don't want fighting one ever went to war. We're gonna get along today even with current recur presented us of course. Of course let somebody finish a plot. Where did you ask calls here we we get what is. Dick this easier people 61777. I've people 79370s. Or Gerry Callahan people out there. They're working right now they're on 93 listen every day goers here explain to us what that's happened in Lawrence and with him over and let us which turned the gas off can turn the gas off please let's start Mike in Rockland and Mike. You know guys don't know I I looked wherever I didn't I do I taken place Symbian holes this stuff so we get training gas safety. What happens when the pressure goes up all week sliced. Subject you know trail. And walking across Iraq this are static and put them on a light switch or isolate the building at bats out of gas ignites. And that's what type pressure problem that it's a tried to sway to the weakest points and then just all right. Thanks so there was a leak in these houses that are that work are on fire there was a leak. And somebody either lit a match or smoke tourists who would like you said created a spark turned Stoll on. Yes but it doesn't even have to be an actual leak could exist but it is a week's audience somewhere in the gas in my house. And I Prussia Opel true that we are. It's coming up. But the backside a gym and you smell it before you got to that point. Exceed its intends to expand its it depend on how ill I usually doesn't it high pressure. I push it blows really trap. CIA monitor I I heard what was funny thanks as. A lot of these warnings pinned up on Twitter were to sit there looking at my phone look and see what the cops say in the old Apollo mayors and top managers at one point said if you lose your power pleased to not music Handel. And first of course not for them you know your instinct that is oil got no parlor athletic can. I'm not a done that and about it I might not heeded that warning that couple candles out and some late night reading windows and our bone is how to keep the windows schools aren't. Is it cannot or don't know the total new doors and windows opposing opposite it's like I opened my doors generic out. The structure literally literally far left open doors and let the screens on these people are closed but. Opened some doors and windows thought I had eventually when I wanna know does that create and make it easier for what forecast. Really who he Curtis isn't nodding his head the ticket a key note that got you got. 0123. Chuck Grassley you lose your power his family man. And I got it got no power can't you know turn lights on exports to get hurt and boom I grabbed him. It Gloria ounce up. So don't light a candle you've lost power but use a flash were really good at this twelve hours after it was really an issue we're gonna help people out what was it. Somebody explains it's just one guy Manuel derelict is there one guy Columbia gas who what cranked up the president question. Or is it somebody wise to start the Michael lol it's a Michael. I don't so that they ate well theory on why they have these acute pressure outlined. So they could also be some sort of safety regulations that bill that's why. A weather person about the gas everybody. And and also get a colleague said in the house you know if you. Leaks but I think in your mind. Going to your house or even spell out where your getting took then. So the budget high enough that it's gonna go through whatever your belt treated for a guy you're gonna get asked how would you want it not if they if it if those doubts they'll. I'd never heard of this this is new to me LS. You know what happened in some other state they just didn't pay attention have you ever heard something like this now. I think a sponsor of one of the one of the TV reporters he's he's talking had dummies. At eight asked of the governor baker one of the press conferences. Have you seen anything like this before. Know what went into British story about it enabled homes what happened in lick Nebraska I would give an air hasn't happened up here at Rauscher. Bob's in Wooster high above. They guys I don't like it and it I do include. I am so there's two different types of low pressure that we use the supply. Houses of low pressure. Which is about a third of PSI. There is what we call intermediate pressure which is about sixty PSI. As 1008. When there are Dornan how yeah they connected six feet how lie to a low pressure. And who can be trouble you can't do that on any any anyone knows that I've always said so what happens next sound line lab results pressure light on the. See if you can hit the bill Bob. When you have a low pressure. Began at school and allows just the way it is unregulated. And your appliances have a small regulator. There will adjust. That pressure to what it needs what that's sixty I'll live with that high pressure outside your house. Everybody has a regulator that would just that pressured now to what it needs. So if you put high pressure. Into a low pressure. Pulse YX service line it goes into that house unregulated at a very high pressure. So how does how does how a lot. Exactly so. OK so. There's pilot lights so you have a small plane. If you put. That kind of pressure. Against that now that tiny little flames become all to blow torch. And this is she does this one. Gas workers' fault. It probably could be. Several gaps workers' fault C mind you they had planned that in the and the fact they could not identify that as pretty crazy. The decade and I was eight bit 810 last night one of the press conferences and it was the fire chief and who said. He's not he had not yet talked to anybody Columbia gas and they are hiding of you to their Twitter account last night it was all out. Promotional PR that they don't they saw that abouts where were with me do you think your thoughts and prayers to Jerry cans and wedges I leave itself at a later time on DVR I have. An Italian go look like he sees him at the rose it was tough it was rough but what is scary. Italy not Dolan that your Kindle don't operate in that could cause a sport including phone cell phones on who likes appliances flashlight hospitals. Your kids that you island ruled overload I just. I just told everyone views of classless that have a handle. Euro for two so what are you supposed to do to sit there and that arsenal's I don't know I go to the old days yet turn on your digital radio not to some might cause a spark answer is like hurt him right you heard him folks came. Joseph would you like but it's tough the first scoreboard there. Stop the sectors. Objected filling basically outlined here so sweet summer fun going to be tough for the second next week. Four and you're going to be a switch here we are back important huge amount yes network. I'm gonna be on the yes network going to be an FAA and going to be everywhere who in studio leopard to the Yankee Stadium and I don't know if I can I can accept this may call friends Jessica donation it sucks. Do that. You're going over to the dark side you're gonna be reality in any tennis tour yep I'm gonna do a bottom or I don't even know you were on my Red Sox gear to make sure don't they doll and a Red Sox good I'm not electing dirty yankees we hate I don't like it appeared they stake. We buy it that rob rob rob rob rob rob rob is always think do you understand nicer. Artsy to understand what happened some yes yeah guesswork screwed up a knicks time out let me go to places sixty pump pressure hoses gas talk a month. So there's there's a high pressure line. But it's low pressure and homes and Sony put the high pressure line. You crank it up in the low pressure and has nowhere to go and that's exactly start why don't like I would you do homes are level what did he do that whoever did well. Foods. And like a kinetic actual broadcast nationally who were able. To. Annoyed me about that generally make an enemy no no no mention to your mind it's. Should occupy Portland on the rules now known unknowns envoy said you should not combine work and alcohol so hopefully that was not the the issue. And I'm sure there was no no one ever drinks at work no I never heard of any American network actually not. No and I mean right now are to meet drunk or so raptor Red Sox game. In the callers are drunk or sober. It's it's this is a tough task tough job for reporters group. Print reporters TV guys they're there had them all paired in the area we hear those calls how to explain that I get TV now there's a so so take thank you Joseph yet is a high pressure low pressure line and here's what happened to exploit anyone know how Sony lightest and challenged. All over the place was in such as one home because they sent out the high pressure from. The I'd like. Hunter jumper going. A more calls we'll get to break Charlie Weis coming a place to feel as an expert on natural gas yes he's a gas expert and bobs in New Hampshire had gone. This decks Alba. So once he had the onset. Use debt are you missed it all out and all that talk about. That at this that there are expected back do it he got ousted it all up. And I'm going to be major repairs you. Beat all the gaps about net gas go into it is didn't is. All met at apple write or pressure species do it. I don't person now allied and armed air. I imagine some sort of a well regulated they'll drop downs oval. It beat out an expert Pete and all met at. Natural gas items in the water. And pressure on. Oh. There are six to be a week and a half two weeks to get back to normal you're in that area have been it would Bob's talking about is checking all these homes are making sure that. Police are the big question is will be able to take much this weekend. Now. Notion you can't be aghast you know. Now you're gas going to be off for week in new political Kirk's house show org. All right that sounds awful thank you amenable Paul going to be at a hotel week for tomorrow. In the hotel across the street from don't know. Up I hope Greg Cote he's okay down there on the Olympic journey loves loves it on nice area and your beautiful. But still that's. It's guy Greg coached askew got to the holy cross from you and you let her ass to us their thoughts and I area but the but the great cores Greg coding or doesn't that news is a policy of we know keynote he knew we'd go Charlie Weis does he's got joins coming up at 617779. 7937. Tommy colonel joins the studio for a couple of hours what else to makers don't do not I don't wanna hear it. And a major deal in a BC don't care yeah there's no way do your body with Curry's guys are a moron with Kurtz that you don't keep nobody cares but great quarterback they have the best running back in the country Curtis is right we care. Nice win. Huge impact. In the city is going to be November she's going to be undefeated against Clemson that's true around the table is going to be top ten match him. Senegal. Plane Clemson is going to be huge back and workers are and the more people who were also watching the game would mean the word in the stands for a they read what they're so general if there was if I'm not sure the people who felt it was appropriate to play game as the storm was. Bearing down nothing stops three CC football now nothing's stop so playing you know we sure BC got home anyway that you're okay encoders to agree very sound from leaders call a lot of calls from its all on bananas allow some decent as we musical what else we have Michael and audio Tucker Carlson last lives go to that right there is no end we have. A lot previewed here this big papers are towards him and just not give a lot of game thoughts off the off here months said you really wanna dive deep dive in the bullpen. He says I think today's a day where you can't remember asking you an average OK okay after that disaster last that's coming up Charlie Weis joins us. I give it's much is so much debt debt up to his eyeballs and Callahan. A big credit because as he had a four point nine. I quit my. There's times club minimal minimal and Obama fifty of right now three grand a one car got a lot WEEI. And I mean you know look we're just trying to moderate and keep better track student at its. Teens and it starts at noon. Once again it's. Locals who work hard and try to do the right things to try to coaching through regularly try to run to right way of trying to excuse rightly denounced do contribute to. Of course this is matched the guy that's all it does not the host we do always these really Patricia the bill O'Brien and kind of sort I heard a little bit of weapon yet doesn't map Patricia had a rough rough for the first week it's eight. Off football Friday here Kirk and Callahan are patriots Friday football gets brought you by. The plant ski insurers insurance and early on this Friday is Charlie Weis or Pat's assistant joining us early Boston Charlie good morning how are you. Armed Gregory you're here. Hour to an excellent. Were a lot of people get into some of the coaching stuff but I am I we talk about this every single time we talked to Charlie Weis. And that is the guiding you coach Tom Brady he reiterated again before the season. He wants to play till 45 are you buying into your guy telling thousands of authority is Tommy play at a 45 Charlie's that really gonna happen. He's gonna play of laws that flight left. The hold it hold it no different than anybody else now that the you know armed security at this stage in our schools and Coke acquired cup level obviously. So it annually quarterbacks are protected now knowing you actually can last longer than he used to. Equity market in the physical because of course anytime somebody you know blow my nose around and all that we are. You know also complain and instill quite got there and a couple of times. Where he's not in the I don't think he's gonna quit because he's on the downside is Carter gone I think in the quick because you know like this can't decide who's on the stop. You see him playing elsewhere ever immediacy and a lot of great line guys. I think our thought of the loot and elsewhere. It would have been last year go on back home in San Francisco that's what I thought. No luck you know once temperatures cool Cooper quarterback could hand that would give me. You know battlefield could vote going on and can't separate Cisco but I think that her anywhere you know it could grew up. So weird die hard you know forty niner fan of the at the 1 January wouldn't want to go home run record 49ers. Well you know he looks you know and one that's a homeless in general you know he's been there for a long time unit prepared you know your home you know. So I look at you didn't appear. Up and up and down the lead anywhere football Oscar. You mention the rules of football Charlie is it easier now to be a quarterback in the NFL lot of rookies are starting unit to the offensive rules are sort of geared to them. It is it easier or harder knowing that the waiting game is set up for these guys. Well. Of the game is harder and harder only because the collective bargaining agreement the way create euros. You know most quarterbacks don't care how who he would different players for a long time. You live in the short cardinal certain Contra sharp on their own somewhat more money. I mean it's sad but true that the way things are now it's very difficult when you were critical of course it will gather together. For more a couple of years. In about twelve each time so thankful because. No matter who poignantly of you know it seems like those guys played better than me then. Their career dictator of their ability picked duke because he makes everyone around them better. I we we've been talking all this week about Matt Patricia. And it is disastrous debut in Detroit and I don't understand that Charlie was a really good defensive coordinator well know is a really Smart guys a rocket scientist. He sounds like he knows. How to do this how to do his job and he learned from the best Bill Belichick Y does it not transfer why does not translate why can't guys like Patricia. Go to somewhere else and make it work the way it works in the way. You know. Personal there's only one gold culture. And to to compare terms. Or should sure. He's here you know uncle Leo car and Romney you know who wants so you know saying you're Belcher. That's not true what the patriots do. Does give you an opportunity work you do really well. You're gonna get an opportunity to hear your work. So egos and their children. The biggest problem are constantly. Let's talk mentioned not being number on the football. Unfortunately if you watched sacking him. It didn't look pretty much my commute much headway on that and then defensively where perhaps has expertise. Here hired we call them. Not because he's a rocket site could put the qualities he very very. Very good defensive coordinator over apology years. I think that's probably your biggest disappointment. Obviously disappointed coming up and play it. But I think in particular to warm clothes you know their defense well almost non competitive. And you couldn't. I hit it might get worse or get better. Well that's gonna get better. Because he's there. And bought Clinton's. And you know people try to add nearly characteristics of the picture when he. And at the end of the day you know you and a movement or direct long. That you don't panic and call the pool blue creek. Why can't they duplicate you guys will do what it would Belichick does I do think guys try to beat. Belichick and tried not as opposed to being themselves that was always the rap on McCain has when he went to Denver. Well the each guy on me he kind has had their own set of issues you include many. And one from pros and college. Am I know players first couple years could be very competitive. Well you know I have made decisions. On. Our way there I was gonna I was gonna do it to right Larry. Even if they took more time I was gonna do it right away. The problem and had and the NFL hall. Well it didn't work out for me because just when you think you got a straight you know you're not there anymore you have law. And the and the pro you don't have that aren't. You know you'll you'll get five years. You know you don't the couple went contract to see how it plays out so no. At the end of the first year the honeymoon is over. And then be in this second year and seven's star turn in the right direction. You know they're here in Europe Nazis. And by the in the current year you don't have a right then. Your packet and summary also that your tenure in gear shoot. Let the and so it's important thing is you haven't tried the stay the course and do things that you learn you know successful. But that the same time. There's a time frame that you're allowed to get that would have had their own lines you seriously if you. In just one just what they're number probably the worst thing that happens and the Denver which started off sick at all. Note to restore all everything's going great everywhere now and you sort incumbent. The woman's tinged one and all are all so you know earlier or could you couldn't get. Well it's who we hero Belichick and Parcells specifically when they built their their teams Charlie you around these teams they brought in veterans that. Sort of bought into the system their a lot of former giants they came up here played for bill. When he restarted the thing that you wing and it is that an important part of this you're trying to put a system in to have a couple of veterans that. Are willing adjusted to sell the system to the other guys on the team and can you win without that trying to put bill system. He knows you're here you're hitting on most important characteristic of people don't talk how he handles saying that the curtains here. But the most important characteristic as chemistry. Mean in all and people are real and well that all people that are pictures. All the chemistry. And it wasn't just that would required field and off all the good strips. They go the chemistry that. Either in Britain Eagles are when they're in the NFL. You gonna check very elected to order that you now work together and they can. Mean when Gwendolyn on our top one left. They'll hardly header handle and the problems because the clerk would have a little boy you've got to. Now he's secretary receive certain or in the canisters and you know and Tommy's year he had to go to work at the international long book won't go have a handle it. Post after although it and I think they're and one program. Chemistry and the key ingredient. One of the reasons why we elected Minnesota Vikings are a couple guys on the Minnesota Vikings. But they had that same chemistry within a quarter. And not far and that earns number who could obviously who's or felt that cycle. On Zimmer got a chance here because. He's open some type of environment and the locker room were when this issue won't look forward to Nebraska deal that you know the political result with the. How much launcher a much longer will there. Poulter captured it earlier that got her own and almost law will little build dude you're in your estimation chose. Syria and one. Yeah ingredient. And although in the fact that he's crowd that he's got some special now that it's good while walk away some you know. There's there's there's just two guys nondescript name culture you know what I'm saying. The screen and there are lines there you know how much fun it is to go on to work. And the only cure yours here can you respond you know turn to anyone wishing him. Which some action that. I would like cared for me it's like you're stealing time in life. I mean every day you're going to work there's there's two periods you know their two U two's three years. Where you know that you get to spend your time where it's almost switched into would you walk away from them out you know crushing watcher or collapse. Great point. Charlie last one for me mention the chemistry you've been around here you've been doing some TV or on the radio. How much of that the drama last year that was reported by your Tommy current and others about this team did you. By and she was an a factor in this off season the lingering attention on this thread so this patriots team in the off season. Our actual I read nothing into it and here's a reason why. A 21 has the euros. Does talent and he's serious long couldn't win yet it is open originally went yeah. Describe the personal and yet Scott someone who cares. If but the important point that you wouldn't you would be when and almost into. What you walk through their tour office are true courage and good protection one difference on the open. Currently inside the goldmans just about whether. OK you know in music he got to put everything else on the backs are. When you're outside the viewership your title all of your own mind. You know post overall competitive when push that's what they are and winners have their egos. And when you have a peculiar or how to suppress it probably heard greens and I learned on herbal console and a specific culture. There's no matter how big theory you would you have wanted to check history book or just create doubt he. Out before let you go for the big game this week era at Jacksonville paid to check totally gonna grow jags have a great defense. Patriots have grown give us you've quick. You're you're guess on how they will stop how they will cover. Rock. I think I think that there won't be a hardcore game and. Come on I wanted to double 87 double 87. You know law onion. You know if you want to walk rockets against a guy that can hang. On the inlet there are scheme last year when her very hung with them. When it happened doubled on every shingles I I think there. I think that Jackson will release all on defense and we'll do good. Not just given a most people pay out here but you know there's there's other guys acceptable such ground. You know blocker Caracas I was going to some characters. Seem to be interviewed Tom Brady and it appears purchased. Brought an open guy you don't throw it certainly just wore the ground. OK you don't need to do their clothes he got a quarter Becker knows how to read coverage as we get the ball or restricted. Oh. Charlie appreciate get up early talking now patriots in the NFL enjoy your weekend we'll talk to soon. It's no problem look at pictures and no one just push everyone knew him very well ohm relax. You know it you'll soon you'll see them play an employer or else what you're doing the other year. Charlie Charlie Weis joining us here are patriots Friday gets brought to you by complaints the insurance. It's pretty good some good job by you trying to circle back to I was for a one that it can you play former suck up and got what it got to deal and today public servant double us. Or are they want you script written personal on yeah. Yes he's got to scoop it was an 864 in the morning good broadly shared at all or. Someone Asia and so. Of that. I love that Dublin is now when everyone does doubles that he said no when not this week. To no avail Ramsey on a bunch guide coach Weis got that right now in Dublin Gillibrand is going to be more don't want lock them down yes on multiple Q I was paid real money so it just all going and you're going to tune Ramsey history here. Or jet jet jet jet to watch as old crop I read they did that about about about. That's your wallet Tony Romo. Tire game here you're all about definitely not a football god but you know I like reasons he knows. Football can. Not a foot like he knows it's tough intelligent emotional and I go go get current football guy and an internal leader and want to score. New York with the bet with the other that other sports guy Jerry wants radio beneficiary I want him on my team you Google the dark side now. It's as clear record. Charlie was good though he actually told me things he does that is what I've ice and I let it did it shock to be better started to play Fisher had shuts down Jimmy gee this week as Shelby floored you know easily shocked that it is getting worse before getting better. That's true yes but that he you know he's kind of whatever it is five year deal he's not going anywhere. You figured you get fired after week to. That'd Detroit Lions veterans are against them they're out there rather reports and that's what I said he's ever had the party bails on yet. Yeah yet. If you're Charlie again at 915 and not unlocked the way how much money. He was paid 65 million dollars to 41 college football sees the five. Million dollar it's up to spot to do it here boot you get a goal I've heard him and other spots talk about how Notre Dame screwed him but yet he had that two good years you'd be what Brady Quinn. And the other Reggie Bush and he got knowingly you what after its first three games some ligament tenure extension and he and he never gave reasons could guide a how to reform remarkably moments ago could still do that NBC sports also suffers he no longer doing the patriots I don't know but noted in item one million to do nothing Olympic screwed by an order not at all he would but he and I didn't say did but he would explain the shore. How Notre Dame did never let him really build his team out from there will come back we'll react to a huge Charlie Weis spot Tommy Corey in the 8 o'clock hour headlines 7 o'clock hour. I'm Kirk in Cali. Gas again problem. Retirement dollars your age now recording only free stuff if it and cal ahead I'm getting sensitive to baseball my friend rounds. Which must undergo three yeah want to visit on written radio rules feedback WEEI. Rules of football Charlie is it easier now to be a quarterback in the NFL a lot of rookies are starting unit the offense of rules that sort of geared to them it is it easier or harder knowing that the way the game is set up and. Let's play the best question that we answered any pro choice spot but Angela. We ran for Kirk we would tell him hell and which questions we asked if we're good in the whole time who's looking for a really someone from U. That's just cruel so I was between two questions get asked question why young quarterbacks who waited this has played or. Also these young quarterbacks Carson went pat homes. Well who who is the best of the ones and it is only Arnold same piece but mosques. It's he's subject here but unless it's hard. Little tip you know I love you were friends. People want to hear what the patriots want your vote to other ways to take on young court look at what's on the interview football Charlie is easier now like Jerry Jerry I don't see that here when it's like great interviewer Charlie Weis and the people want messy year two they want early 83 seasons so why you'll stay local I'll eventually being national talk show host next without it probably next week. Because you don't understand the sports fan in Boston they want a little bit of the outside stuff they want a little bit Charlie Weis. Two and a national take on quarterbacks and I checked out a letter to wedding. I didn't say just mess match Dickerson did salt and go check test match Jerry did. Jerry's had doubled chess match between Jim Ramsey in England on Sunday or did. You know what I was too I just wanted to hear it doubly so that's all it was an iPod itself doesn't self aware Charlie Weis was good interview but I think he was not gonna give us the hill and sex we have to these football gets every Friday at six I think six or is that it Charlie. Much as possible like Charlie. We can sum for the left no room in 65 voted show or anything what does he care. Osama Boston altered before we get back to trial when asked questions like that so get a high level. The Bengals win last night that he did beat the whole lot of people who went elevating if they had a new coach of Barbara moves that finally. And put out of his misery and and replaced. They're too well right now with an and you name any young coach good young coach Lane Kiffin were coach and right now wouldn't you wouldn't everyone be mine and yes and buying it anyway. Can really divisions not very good healthy the first not buying wherever I can't poverty levels can make a people are pie run in on Cincinnati on the loose has been there I believe it's 37 years news yet he's never won a playoff game. Told several wanna play a game you think people behind and I do yes because these seeds tonight shiny toy did to LD beat a team that won what 41 to three. Last week I get a read this do you get there we too. You getting read stories. That the debate on the second best team in the games now ones credible that's got that would in Greenwich Marvin Lewis get ready I'm broad form though because she's can Dre Kirkpatrick to see that he went viral he says in. He went and visited nursing. Which is such a cool thing to do. And he was dancing with the old ladies the nursing on the play music and he was too is that he made their day so I'm a big Dre Kirkpatrick fan and for all know can be. And guys and drug Billy Joseph Nixon. A particular mix it back because I don't know what is what's in his past but this video of this this the scene of him the nursing home was just so awesome. And I've I've not seen yet I'll check it out before we go to break Colgate headlines salary I Twitter got a picture couple minutes Roger for naturally voice on. At mutt and UTW week. Is the picture of Gerry Callahan and Glen or wait and I I need some back story here I know some of the back story but. To me it's my favorite picture ever taken glut true grit of this. Can Clinton looks so young and vibrant and you'll always look at do you might have on us as a smug you don't age is a weird thing where you're not AJ I'm not sure we're doing. Glenn tells us is that asleep somewhat thousand I was only there that looks in this picture the hair is flowing in the Zone Diet and there's no color is a great. He's got the chip sunglasses on is that the sweet mustache. What where a couple guys hang out with one insurance Jerry that Alex and Jimmy concert. At Fenway. It was open net I don't in the know what's called talent the room Budweiser. Go down as Sam Adams Sam Adams in resilience it was Budweiser wants what time. So we held a party there it was a fund raiser believe for the Red Sox foundation. Because Lucchino was where this guy come out yesterday Panama and Clinton so Lucchino and Dino and me we were the hosts. Tito didn't show. Husband hates Jimmy Buffett and he said on my company didn't you know I thought it would be didn't and Glenn came instead. And we too we hung out with people who paid money due to seat buffet and it was just hands kiss the results charity that's what we are Hawaiian shirts. As we wrote and was good because it offended go and why couldn't we have the burglary pavilion for ourselves. Integrate it if you don't like that followed I thought yeah I'm best buddies. Upon what the follow in the Glenn looked that we heard he. Wives who wanted to external help me out curtains are liking and I explained that's I don't know there's just something about the look at what sort of commitment goes across history almost. Two columns. You think well Glen is a little tremor now. Looks great now everything you picture it should be so polite freight that's the most action. That eggs never. Know like a kicked. Billy Bob or where government exit and just what you've already learned there certainty what the couple Friday Night Lights actress Pamela parents got a sideline coaches. Yeah Allen at the coach. I love that picture of him so great I don't you know I just tweeted out the picture and the video Joseph breaker Patrick. Dancing with the ladies nursing home to its new drugs. They are dancing to Snoop Dogg and it's actually it's likely. Angles tailgate parties especially tailgate party at a nursing home for the game that's pretty cool. So anyway he actually had to look for his own book order went it's a nurse at a nursing home before tonight's game he hosted it before tonight as a yesterday. This lady stole the show and the woman's in my new favorite player. He hasn't like beat them as well suffering has not. I don't think so and he played for Iran but he played her Nick Saban bill Belichick's element in all this Vicky did. 61777979837. The phone number at some point today I wanna spend a couple of minutes. Just mean can you guys can go take a couple baseball guys could you put. Let's talk about Joseph Kelly's meltdown in the eight inning in the status Fred thoughtful and will get the headlines in this hour's well Tommy cards can swing it. They say the show couple weeks when he came in from eight to ten. Hung out would be recent relic home draw was it as academics and he he told the daily key that the if Brady's plan after 2009 team he will be somewhere else Charlie Weis disputes act which otherwise find other ways nailed it Melancon to mean. These families a factor but I was gonna play this love playing until he's not good. He's in the style of play and we come back we will hit on what I think is the best sports media column written in this town. Since Jim Baker was writing over the Boston Herald it's done by guy actually works here to people know. What's going on you'll get to that in your phone calls coming up is Kirk in count.