K&C - Get Up is a disaster; Gabe Kapler has a bizarre ice cream habit 5-16-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, May 16th
Hour 4: Gerry and Kirk discussed the brutal ratings for Get Up and Gabe Kapler's disgusting ice cream habit.

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He skirt and Callahan. With Kirk minute and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. These things out these these Palin in there with his calves and seven I'm not totally ready to give up on them yet either although it. Going home and we'll see what happens. We're excited. You're practicing but you're right there that you can industry reached or that need ingredients when he again over here. It's staying healthy these Palin in there with his calves and seven I'm not totally ready to give up on them yet either obviously you're going home and we'll see what happens. By the way the the format. Plus he has a much to the idea of get up. They could not have picked that horse host the green. You guys she's everything is like a simple ways he has no strong opinions so there's no like sense of humor or terrible television just as I could go home EC. Just hope Lance sporting nobody here is and they and they did you spend their upfront yesterday is that right you're sitting and they had kept as the star of the show that led with that all the advertisers for what how and why would you just say some mistake nothing they're doing which is down. Mr. announces he rod for part we think Roy Firestone they're. Who first of all they auditors was himself which is the worst thing interviewer can be. I think. He's done so well as an analyst agrees with every president speaks well he knows you'll just have guys on displeased and Casey Jones act of terrible forget all the may be thinking cross over and get some journalist friends great and be all have on actors and in Brooklyn golf for more clues but if you wanted to get out and you start likes to even name them. It's okay at least we energy means polarizing and in people hate them legal rant and rave and have opinions and I got a sense of disappointment Stephen A agrees that you were me. I thought it was going to be one of those guys that LeBron brought he was great whose right is right. Can we play Steve and again that. LeBron went ballistic in the first quarter but after that disappeared for the most what I don't care about triple double the 4212 and ten. In the second half he wasn't himself you'll plus 260. Pounds. Most of the dudes that are going up against you walk on decide. And cannot hang with you have for some reason he spent the vast majority of the game out the first quarter shooting fall away jump shots that's not going to cut that you need more. Besides zigzags writes I won college etc. it's all jump shots and 28 footers he's right yes which went in in the first quarter of synthetic just keep doing it. And he thinks they're cool you know he thinks I'm not supposed to be able to hit these I'm big I'm athletic and I'm great you know great driver. I'm not supposed to beat Kyle Korver. But he thinks he is and he was the first quarter he wants to keep doing it. But that's not my biggest problem is not that he didn't jive it's that he didn't get back on defense in my ICI a people equal. In the weird thing about LeBron is if they wanted to if we want to. If you pick and switching I'm not you can get enough matchup for bronze posting a bronze posting up Morse. When the boss posting a brown well you can post of anybody I've been saying if begin matchup he lights in the in worst case series double triple he kicks out to be held Nesmith and dictator Juan wants a believable post scored act and then later than in Marchex said that was to ease. And it was because it was in this metal like revert from Michigan Twitter. It is unsettling when the weather takes a sudden turn so dramatic. That people start taking pictures of this guy now there's and so six and a half million. The it's sort of any number of reasons why I agree with everything you said. Don't put the fourteenth highest rated show on ES yen on Monday and a sound good to me and that's amazing. Fourteen shows obvious what else is okay you ready unit. Sports generally tend to pentium additions. NFL YOTO. First reports ports are more than we were always there as well as outside the line NFL live in an ape what is his major Monday as a matter. Outside the lines as better. Outside the lines. First report had 303000 viewers Portland more rating get up at 257000. Point 11. It's unbelievable what else can go point 11 or one point one. Zero point 110. Two gone. Let's see here we've got to. The jump. We have money nowadays the jump 80% of its amended and chemicals at a really good really excellent reminder I'd be remiss in Kansas City sports and mornings in the morning around the horn PTI. And highly questionable moral outrage. She's it's located in Levittown in his old man. A rated 200000. More viewers than that's amazing that because yes you could put that in the latest one Monday could put anything on you could have month plan that trumbull. And would do better than. Yes definitely it's over today you kind of you know. Ugly dude card tricks when you're wrong has been fond but it's been a little sloppy. One and done. An eighth this year lowest that your favorite thing disasters he's he's radio I've always had bad ideas to predict from a mile away right that's true but you know me I know bad radio. It was too except you're wrong Mark James Jesus I have come march I want them all you were wrong. I was amazed Harold he's great he's great apparently had an Asian I'm. I want him on our show apparently doesn't wanna come on there was though they were mark. You were made. I'm just cast and now I mean obesity the second attacks against Indian town of his into the second the last segment they're Lieberman madness with toll bridge toll it is that this was that you know. Week old story about the broad consensus such as experts fresh tour put guys she did once yeah but they did language of the its sound and hurdles sound former. She called a court already are going to sense anyway. They did that story about the creepy texture yes or changed became. Infamous around here because he was the creepy texture right now we defended them. He didn't break any laws he was not available to the globe was happy the globe is a lump him in Canada together Jerusalem right yes they predict their own people. Who did really. Vile things yes and they threw his name out there and all he did was. Tax them. Right one and part of them but hey that happens Sudanese human heart during that never came and they never asked me unfortunately you'll come on this but we would ask mr. wood and I'm sure I would defend defended. Puts them which grossed two mean. It's not a crime to be kinda creepy now while it can't be if we were Michael. Would be imprisoned that's true known as can more creepy you could be on TV. Right that doesn't make you Kevin Spacey. Gregory out hits theaters this month you're Tom Curran look like you're losing your focus. So we don't support now we've done you know our marching c'mon that's. Which you're wrong I was writing about him when your initial reactions make fun of him open to the bridge so you were wrong to. How much you're talking as a real doubts. Over those on TV and here we meet them. A directed to your reactions shall I just like wood dale and a key. And I felt I guess he's got. And I think he's 100% right and you well enough to know after showing African she began here each and every met him have you know an era. Was that of Springfield a lot of love for western mass in the 403 but she loves fallen trees and line. The college hopeful I wish I lived there atlas god is in Maine what's up Scott I have. That's the plan implement tough but Scott. Agents womanhood and look into the when did you a couple of Torre and my job. That today when his exit you should not this is gonna clue what it's got to TV shows in the site at times but it's still without a new time in the summer. Two guys he has been through mutually convenient to guys who have failed or not trying to be ratings anyway and put them together. And they're protected to protect the classes. So the money's radio show failed to correct that it's done so it is hard to believe ESP arranger and don't care what race for. Yeah disaster no watch it. I know we have a critics assailed greatest how funny it is and and two years now to get rid of it so bushel replacement to nobody's those ratings will go on the say you can just have two guys let's get to her photos to women and one women will would hobble the money after that the poem somewhere else that's what it tells of course is that what they've really club very important is that it's on 12 o'clock I do. High noon. Like that. Last new time show was. Is news. Michael Smith and fundamental right in Europe that was his and hers would get a new and and they moved it to primetime it failed miserably where's Michael Smith now. I have no question she's with the undisputed winner of that is when that's excellent record size this via text says Keith did allude to them. Oh we get to his transgressions. On you know whenever James and wants such thing I don't know. I missed or reach out again it was madness and chaos debate Mark James but what's the policy won't about it because on the police say oh please I wanna please I'm open to having to mossy conversation and open having the ocean here today he thinks. The LeBron James had game for the ages. Yet I can see him back now Tony was doing was right in the second half and so you say negative jump on this column because if you paid attention and I got to admit I don't always do this. I was fascinated by the by the (%expletive) poor effort. But the greatest player in the game or second half deeply because of the stakes yes it's not like it was 11. Abuse he was at the mausoleum probably be good for squirting a couple of flu shots. He was awful after that he's let after level sucked and it cost his team the game he played hard last night. If you played I mean it's the play us. 39. If you play hard and dirty player you've played 43 if he's in found shot to the job series 11 and and you and I. Singled out place I mean that others that the three point about rosier than. Gundy begged and he pointed out to put back by ground below us and a lack of clay plays off when the season was on the lack of effort play is when you have the ball and he said on the 254 that's a lack of effort to sort of basket which it worse is when you sell on the 25 footer after him. Kicking around for relatives twelve same tees and thus were much too soon Hardin did. On Monday. Current partner on Monday night scored 41 and lost by thirteen. Last night. LeBron James scored 42 lost with their Teddy fair and watch enough I mean are watching the first quarter of documents you know the hardest I want our first half but you silenced that. He averaged holding the ball for 122 I just sentencing had something to do much hard enough on defense of his dog and our own but did you know what he does have a reputation like LeBron does know not supposed to be great defender. They usually wants to eat yeah oh definitely you saw that rejection of rosier right yes. That that block. Or block it one book which I think these are difficult was not disclose now is now it was logical thing but it was close night close a book whenever. He had won one bought and recalibrate some moms online you're never you know you Cleveland time Cleveland is over you video of this seriously cut but why don't you play like remaining if you got to the point I don't think abroad he hears them much if you want to get out of there. Thank you for you I digital in northeast Ohio it's very nice I think he's done he's done is exactly context to that. That's a media member and raising his hand. Saying thank you for the work you do in northeast Ohio that you thought for a citizen. Thank you for you or that you do in northeast what did you think I'll hook for the working dozens of around the publisher of the real people a show of including himself we. Yes well what works and you say you're charitable work you work at the wind CA or the boys' club or endorse Hillary of them shouldn't say some kind of work. What are you put the work we've put LeBron and yard work to move a rough idea top ten onward march ageism below walks Oscar Robertson vastly overrated. I would put him behind. Michael behind Larry is there any chance he's a better off from for the better basketball part god Dulles. Well. The fourth spot in the fourth. No one talks about Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Magic. Close I put magic. Was magic to better. About a pastor. For sure runs a pretty damn good that you will Rogers their passion Magic Johnson I don't think anyone's a better president message and so but he's a damn good solid to close games my point true. Other than that. They'll like the same height. And the bronze as athleticism is a six footer for magic of my injury could dunk that he was a great athlete. Now now the better to do the magic docket like. And probably but I don't remember watching trooper folks who for that matter it's fair to America had a magic behind Russell Byrd and the man Michael. I am up a matter bird ever again not to meet my fault that was my Michael. Not or Russ or Russell Tobago muscles don't do us a so's Gerald. You call 61767. In the present or rip. You were right rob. A week and 180 really does work for anyone and we're proof that jet absolutely. I I did not ask for the Defense Secretary. My idea it. Was all curse. It's actually avoid captains rubs but he added I can you pick perverse pleasure as do. True well as Rob Portman critical all of or know don't talk that is so Smart he's no rob knows he can't you. He's the Wii it's by knows he doesn't get back to me was robbed at the game to the analysts say it ended after midnight. Like 700 people stayed for the freedom chart. Its looks lost episode tweets that a couple of celebrated his fiftieth anniversary going to game the ball over they did you have idea of heavily tied to with the love. If you buy under baseball and baseball has to wonder if the ball game seems fair I mean I felt that for parents who is no parent would wanna stay on their own and be kids and we got to stay. We've grown to like Jesus say okay we tried I've flown I just sucks let's go home watch so now like they get Harrier Kate we tickets of the game they said we wanna go and I would not I would not and their clock that is what they're themselves holy people on Twitter that we're just stuck to end up in traffic. It didn't America's game was delayed until 852 shifts and and I love this forget people that. You never hear any would be guys complain about any columnist. A the bitch about for years. If everyone's miserable every fan in every player who wants just to another day. I don't force while they have to wait till 9 o'clock play twelve to mid. I don't know I don't know why. I know I was so important. You can reschedule the game at some point can you really can result of playing Oakland. But it's definitely better. Again all of August. And whatnot and then it'll be nice summer day in people and go enjoy the game. When he want play game no one is a joint what did she mean what did you do today. So what's today. And Tuesday. Regular game accounts have them like you know assess what did that Wednesday night doubleheader today like any news. Because people that go with that a child's mr. perfect was between eighty degrees and into Thursday but can a couple of your right nobody goes money. Without the without a flight tickets. There last night. I already bought the ticket you get a rain check pricey if you're going you know cocoa tobacco doesn't work out we're trying to do the best we can't go Thursday in at least by that. With that we scheduled to be some people than you would joy today McCain began Thursday get us off ago. I Jordan let us I didn't tell him I'm like that's some going on equity yet and the commitment what's that. Your mom or dad didn't. One month ago on one count of doctor Lori on the negotiator in mind I thought a mother of where where where where you don't. And she lives in cover OK you know which had been a year ago 77 you're restored nineteen hundreds of people. Can. Traffic to Miami sweating so much on cares about me you're the big cricket star you always say you know I'm fortunate. I wanna hang when you decide is now. Do Aussie artist or go on. Along an actor you want before why would create long ago he I mean it's not a wealthy but it's great food that for happening now leave. And reasonable. Thank you I'm not a viable and I'm great at the beer which was great aptly jumped that it even was not here. But he was good stuff like he has he was a good ambassador peck at beginning either do that NetSuite they would they would not be good luck to you now. It's pretty going to talk these people on the and so antisocial you know means you are you to act ECB and it's not seeing you can socialize. Kirk is definitely uncomfortable most of its summit if he wants to be uncomfortable but you can do what I need you wanna get out of that you don't want our people the people are right answer. The appeal coming up Q when you wrote that you know puppet you know as for your pop a platter like poplar you know. Bread products that are used to. But the light because I think you do you choose it spits it out in moderation I noted that at the Mexican restaurant that the guacamole technically once I'm not I don't I'm not I don't get paid for weight when eighty Bradford as the greatest advertisement for anything ever. These other story of a kid Kepler in this. He eats those institutes that's so screwed up and he's incredibly fit to have you such a weird though how do you get a pubic we think Biden's roots. Yeah you just wish I don't know as a model if it is are you among those that as a don't get the calories and melts and it is now what like supermodels do. A desperate. While lodged in that. As he wants to lose work or stay fit would rather be a little wind a little more weakness and this is addicted as infamous stories we would sit there and lick ice cream but I'll. And into these screwed up. That can't be satisfied just have one ice cream you know and then in a run next room you know half mile or something. He's he's anorexic or not interact anorexic he's got some medical issue he spit out ice cream you limit the problem. What's hip hoping how much ice from him this summer once a week. Once week that's fair at the most summer up there to try to it I have no problem with frozen yogurt. Or Erlich fat free sugar free that kind of thing like at all positive. Not picky. Let me alone let me have my pizza like custard frozen coasters I had a dividends. Pretty good so it's tough territory nice Freeman notes were slow horse maybe I don't know what is frozen custard. It's just really rich guys like rich yet spirits bigger Wisconsin to filter it just open one habits in Lexington this one right at the street here that's enough gas Oscars very good so there's less incentive there it's big when I was in Wisconsin for awhile there everywhere. It's called cops and as I have that sense I had given night and and they're so good and this whole and healthy. There when he eats them that's why of one Wisconsin's little chunky chicken fried fat boy Tara every day it was a matter if you want it matters. Things relatively fewer. You know ten punter Ken Ken how much where you move away so that's if you on the past 5015. So we can what it's against face. When can yell its nearest I can store stops for a crystals creates equal -- we are as he did you feel like we don't ran a mile he'd be OK whenever he ran five. No you can't beat indulging them once a week. You reach it large or small he hostess. I think it gives kids is a lot yet. It's who he gets a lot Richard I worked for us that's exactly one day. Lifted weights one day and you wouldn't I think nobody nobody in the show too much junk in weakest currency today. Curtis has chocolate chip cookies to launch is the weirdest eatery that raid but the people are again yes sir such lines and have a percent. If a Diet Coke. It's 630 sports skinny as a rail he's doing well what my mother lives on mute horror she says I gone to any dissent within one what do you do with the flash is you get removed I'd know I haven't I haven't done anything with some his company going on the beach. Yeah right near the big matches it'd be going away for a week or so we have a guy lined up to do he's ready he's insured in his studio he's never handle its dual camera will be removed from there though. And number you took a doctor Israel to put a camera on them up we do very remote from their wallet happens get updates from show to get it done at 6 o'clock. Will walked international. You would do I would do it but I don't think the doctor well let's he's told quack crazy dollar fund growth trumps doctor would have. Me do it. You haven't done this summer. I don't you remember past three weeks we can't remember who told us a month. Yes we can't lose it for three weeks back through gays the right field believing them fool you hood who doesn't fight side. On the forget CNET flesh Ellis screwed up and I don't ever take his shirt off in front of us again suggests is OK with. So do. You think he takes his shirt off in bed he seemed assured. Tutsis and hilly. Which was the which you were powered a tank top and shorts. Nice to where Mike Brady put animals you do well Wear them we have separate that it was Schwartz when they've assured only that they are doing this torture its great Richie here. Attention will you miss it's it's not achieve. Fine it's great it's magnetic and I gotta tell yeah they're really comfortable it should give it away it's going and have nots for a it in the short now my notes from a two surest way to big for. If you go to camp Kelly is a man whose finish are those you know and can elect him to bounce. When you're at it. Auctions is a shirt the shirt stood. We're assured on this. Weird that's constructive. Hours on Pitt's character a repair shorts shirt knowing where boxes eyeballs glued silence around all night. All night all those injuries plane when it's Austin which I don't you you hold and that's obviously been. I do urged the wake up the Mets but you wake up still await Colbert and of course the McDonald's breakfast in certain. Did you ever put a postage stamp on them and that's another check his development but the but the Noah that's over the check if you still. You know capable remaining. If you could put a stamp on on where. On your perfect part right understand if you wake up is still there you're in trouble. Overly old if you averaged men get slick spent ten directions over the night right those rebels were deflated yes courses to east remains an up and let's make sense to me I'm Bret. Fight for them. The post things and articulate her I thought you knew I didn't know I know. So wish me my place. Bradford can't Neitzel tonight. K okay I hate this these two men hate always at a news hit it like this on him. That's terrible. Often horrible awful awful that's one thing about it lovable. And liked bad news knows favorite kind of welcomes calmly respond shall. That's true. It but it's it's a cozy like normally that's true that's like you know the replacements. Go out Tom Waits cross over by two binational lumber. Richard was in the meet the guys here next Alex Cora with the afternoon is. We're back tomorrow morning with much quicker for the middays with reported that goes take on this who got a question Lou I assumed power when Al Horford in places that are. Likes fire it's demanding a trade it's about time we should get traded cars and Smith slot talk about their well we get that much. We'll see who's more a month but fanned on Thursday at the back mark Friday. OK very good chance when the week but the truth we like them reflect. I've back tomorrow morning at six that money should listen to via media guys right up here. Indeed I would say this.