K&C - Governor Charlie Baker joins the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-21-18

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker joins Kirk and Callahan from Fenway Park for the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon and discusses politics in Boston and his experiences with the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber.

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Governor baker joins us so yeah of this couple under the yes a couple of hundred yeah I can handle that. But just first of all I think I've done this or four times that you guys but I've been listening to this telethon for years and and I said Jerry earlier than when you're dooming embarks on this phone which will certainly happen there will be fifty million dollars and Griese started doing this in 2002 witches. An extraordinary accomplishment and and I know I speak for a lot of reports now we appreciate the fact the year to year be Americans again and again and your listeners. And your sponsors and others respond and what cured stuff too often hurt our role as early to put him he's expenses. Therapy. I mean this is making a difference yet the union the whole field of immune therapies. Sort of turns the whole idea of the approach to cancer treatment earlier it had an ego away from just sort of bomb and everything in in my. Which is historically been the way people of and try and use people's own bodies though them. Fight the cancer off and and every time I visit Dana Farber one of the first questions I asked it is though only been here and some and been there for a long time will tell me the difference between now and ten years ago now twenty years ago and and aliases same thing which is that the the progress that they make has taken. You know what was you know guesswork with respect to this or that ten years ago and turned it into being able to say people and they come in with that terrible diagnosis. You know we believe we can solve it and I think that some respects is. The part sometimes he gets missed so people talk about out here especially around here. We talked earlier about how we thought every year we wonder if this is the year the people. Just get tired of this little compassion fatigue and every year they surprised me people come through people come up big and this year obviously doing OK so far and I said earlier. Everyone's work and you know the economy is great this construction everywhere I think people are gonna come through because there all earning. You gave me a number that I can't believe. Five years that right now there 350 what is it you're 50000 more people working in Massachusetts and there were five years ago 350000. I could tell because they're all in in my way when I'm trying to get to drive in the city because traffic sucks but. The good thing is people are going to work notes. 200000 over the course that pastor for years I mean the numbers are really extraordinary and and if you look just at the unemployment rates generally around the commonwealth they're down by over forty or 50% in every county so there's a ton going on Greater Boston but there's also lots going on other places that are there are more people work in the construction now than the work to peak at that that's true and when you talk to. If you talked you know the guys are in the plumbing business of the electricians are almost any of those fields. And you ask them with the most number of people as they've ever had on contractor they've ever been working with almost who have. Across almost every trade this they would never had this been so it's all because of Donald Trump you press. I let my I like to think we get a little bit of the credit for some of the stuff we've done here but there's certainly. We have a booming US economy and and frankly the economy generally around the world does not bad shape either which also helps you present from some good job. I'm one of these guys who basically takes the position that if I think he's that doing so in the works from Massachusetts there's teams don't some words from Massachusetts tomorrow and if I think in I'm and I'll give you two examples of both one is. His original budget proposed a major cut in the national institute now. Which has been a huge boon to places like Dana Farber into the treatment of cancer and discovering disease generally right. We put together big coalition. Of players and those spaces both on the academic medical side as well as. Governors in and federal officials from other states and we fought and we needed and we ended up at the end of the day. With a significant increase in funding for any age so that particular case no. But we also did a groundbreaking for. The Green Line extension which is transit project that runs through Somerville Medford which is among the most congested. Corridors in the in the east these are eastern seaboard and we get a commitment from. From the feds for a billion dollars there here are shares of billions and secretary Elaine Cho showed up with a check for 250 million dollars is sort of a down payment of that case yes. Those dissent that he saw the numbers last week believers are the poll came out to this state has more people who hate talk and any other state. So you obviously don't want them to much of what's wrong. But that didn't work what do you worry that with people like it was the lord and people who you know shrill trump haters. That he will mean it won't say what you want book but he gets back. If you don't like him yet like you write it's I'll tell works keyword that he will I don't know. Take take it out on you taken around us because there's so many people that don't like. Well I mean we spent most of our time doing with his cabinet that's typically the way this stuff works and we have pretty good really working relationships with the people that we we we deal with I will say this you know. Generally speaking voters in Massachusetts at least when I'm out about. When they talk about us so they talk about what we've been out doing what we've done. They gauge and measure us on our work and that's I think as it should be and and that's the way I think it will be do you know why you're the most popular governor in the country. I think because we were pretty hard to focus on the what I would describe as the work and where. Lead the country infighting GOP an epidemic which is a huge problem not just here in Massachusetts but everywhere there was a big story in the New York Times. Earlier this week he talked about the fact that 72000. People died of opium it overdoses in the United States in 2017. And their five states in the country. Where there is actually dropped in death in Massachusetts was one of them we were the only one that was really sort of what I have just not one of them well we were one of the only states that. I would describe as sort of a it's like an urban stated in most of the one that's where there was a drought where. Sort of big plain states. As opposed states like this and they said in the story that one of the reasons why is this Massachusetts has been incredibly aggressive about the approach we've taken a deal that. And I also think we benefit from the fact that we've spent a ton of time. Lieutenant governor and myself out about in the communities in Massachusetts and working with them now them. Improve their housing situations or economic development circumstances or downtown to their economies and their schools and people like that. He got a big audience right now in the big microphone that critical view I happens pastor has to like it you just say you know thankfully Jean Marie Carroll should be getting more. Touchy feeling yeah I mean what's what's what's what well what's what's in the way to say that right now. I think the biggest issue we faced with the judiciary right now is. We do not have. The kind of laws okay the different issues decision a judgment but we don't have the kind of laws we should have with respect to dangerousness. There's a very limited number of circumstances in which the district attorney. In coffer dangerousness hearing in Massachusetts. The old days the way people used to deal with dangerousness without that type of capability was just that bill really high into this person today injuries that are really bill. Courts basically said. Previously that you can't set a bill that somebody can't make because bail is only supposed to be. To ensure that somebody shows up back in court when they're supposed to show up. You lose that ability to do that and you have to change the way you deal with dangerousness we're gonna fight we've been talking of the DA's have been talking a law enforcement we've been talking of the court's order a final bill. In September to deal with distinct while this largest ever face him and and he didn't have been there that advocate interviews and every time. Why's why's that Carroll who let's look local 500 dollar bail. You know and it in baton and by the way he misses doesn't show up and still was hope they're in the streets much when police officer another woman. Meet wiser or did you read each. And coach OK directs the army judges a great example that's a perfect but the reason we changed the dangers to statuette for domestic violence cases in Massachusetts with the Rooney case good that was the classic example of you should learn from the front the fact that we have real problems of our largest. No but the problem now with the long OK now we got to deal with the life is sometime. You know you can change but yeah it's particularly after the checkered they haven't penalized nothing at this site or America digital negatives is a judge makes and something happens the judge. That the laws still bad a great problem you're gonna have is gonna happen again and again and again. So the thing people need to focus on here is the law and we filed a changer since statute in September. I hope you guys come off hard for sure because this is the kind of thing where. You know you can make it about one person if you want to but the problem is clear that is not about one for more than one problem here. Is about the stature and Q oh what I would like for example when a judge. Faces and trop well. And these mistakes activity dipped a bit these mistakes. Eugene Carroll did the job market if there working within the framework of law. You can do your job you think she did it job. If they're working within the framework of a lot of the problem is so Apple's judge's that judge and judges really fault you think fealty work within the framework of the law when he released a heroin dealer because he was an illegal I had huge issues with everything associated liquids easily port is handled and I said that quick to impeach him support there if the house of pursuit and a what is. There's a term for that tonight it but there's some other term sport I guess at least four different pursued them would have been had I guess my question but I question that was once you just forget the obviously. What that person view out. Why did govern the state because. First of I can't do that that have to start with the court with the legislature to begin with secondly I raised huge issues with respect to the Feeley issue when it came up I at first when we started talking about it. But that you guys need to understand. That a problem like the one we face now. It's odd she skated to make it about the personalities we have a problem with the vote law and that's where the focus really on billions one. And I look forward to your support relish your film violent I'm Amal fourth. Why why would you want death penalty for cop killers but not for all killers when you think about it. The wind. What was the woman's name in Weymouth. He has patents is Peter Adams beer Adams she had killed two it's that you only one excuse because of the cup but not because he killed there and Arctic. I think that theory with my view on this one is law enforcement officers walked into. What are in many cases the most difficult and challenging situations and circumstances in Massachusetts and they deserve an extra level of protection and in my mind and at some level of protection. Is to put in place that statement by society. That if you deliberately killed when these people. And you deserve. Two that's the way. And you know. You look at all of a miniature desserts that he killed there Adams 77 year old woman just minding your own business and that in that particular case. In that particular case that guy. Based on what I know happened in those particular circumstances he. Killed I mean that's that. Right okay. Well what billion Tucker the Jimmy Fund or even sure what politics when we talk about it but it won't single digit forgery well. Mean every year. I get my head suit to raise money for doing right or not she and you've got a little help and I get a number one and number one I heard crickets that any. But what you might sound Mohawk and once you get them all that would be felt good though the interest thing. You know what I'll look I look tough and look I looked I looked awful enough with the how many dollars an hour and I don't know why an amateur I'd look at them all look exactly this pickle I just I just appreciate the fact that it keeps growing back so I have this opportunity to do it over and over and over yes and Erica and when is speaking Brady he was sitting next to me when that's right that's right let people assume with them like to have Tom Brady's next deal and I it's like being invisible. I could've been sitting there in my underwear and nobody would notice is that what those guys that happens in the spring it's usually in April or march. I'm just pleased that most of the things have grown back excellence so in the spring we'll talk to instance of that legislation comes we will definitely have your goods. And by the way. Again thank you for what you guys doing this and and the and you're over fifty million I think that's a tremendous. Statement about. The commitment over time the union listeners of it is I can't think probably bigger better one to be part of. He's going to Springfield tomorrow the opening of the beat Indian casinos had a month on modeled. On a unit because when they started sports gambling in Delaware governor. Please the first that no penalty he walked in and I bet on the game. You can bet on so you can play the slots would do tomorrow with the aids just. And little black Jack I think that things will likely be about it and there but who wouldn't put up quite a funnel that you lose your I. So my allowance. Governor but it your guys.