K&C - The greatest singing drummers; The future of Nate Solder 3-14-18

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, March 14th

Hour 4: Kirk, Ken and Gerry debated the greatest singing drummers of all-time and Gerry and Kirk gave their predictions on the future of Nate Solder. 


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He's Kirk and Callahan. With Kurt committee head and Gerry Callahan. Sports Radio WEEI. We are finally at long last I saw something I don't care about either. And I I literally don't view on the part of my brother dies and like opera apparently forgot about it and and I heard emotional and I'll ask him now. The problem Joseph vigil use phone number call right we want on the bus to. The mall. That's what I said moving forward. Jamario about a marvel what I was the overall biggest fear it's good for yeah yeah. Also in your thoughts on. We there for three days preceding famous people in Europe Ron Borges the song. Jim lately. What college football sports books is an awesome experience something a lot of father Jerry. Yes William much bigger. And the final night she would slate. We have a camp night campfire and like whatever you like to read this plot was kind of not leave you alone that was about it. We we missed that much in the cheeseburger as the best parts and you transcribe that recently to survive through to counteract is burgers first time in hamburgers. Taxes. Is Vegas story it's in Vegas though it only appears saying you went you know wherever. Illegals the truth. Yeah that's exactly right. You transcribe that that Poland for anything on its own hand somebody they would have no idea and we say that's a lot but I was not listening I was like analysis so I was so confused I was on the auction. I'm just disappointed you at this point you have not gotten to the bottom line by my ultimately he would rule here now but you wouldn't believe I'd. Move so we'll see admit we know a little more when we don't have at all Richard we sure ward. We shored up and it's a must RTM instinct and it involves. Unnatural acts in the trainers room. It is and I'd mind it. You know right I'm I'm doing a minute and make it and yes it stays involves. No. One of your friends for a true new friends my phone on. A maverick story. He can't be that big secret. And so what's. In an orderly and didn't for you tell orderly or when he tells it whenever they probably did Smart. Ignored violated the out of people or forty foreign policy. Book loot you tell Lou. I'm. No fine. I'm a better things from the camp and actually Bradford he knows stuff. Brought Robbie Robinson down in Fort Myers now. We got there even we ran out of things to talk a Red Sox things. It's a stick or an hour and a half in the body it's no offense the Red Sox we love the ultimate supremacy Christina. I loved them about you Jon and then can't pick and he went on a disease it is a uneventful. Which agree which members of the worst that's a good thing. Appeasement brat yesterday things we need to shore. Where did vessels one should go shored up one name one. While a shot up what that tees and with the creative field infield defense and that's the report. Infield defense we know national infield defense we else we know whose plot to shoot bogey with a little. Denver's snow camp somebody shortcut to easily claim flirty fun goes like you practice. It's a hundred renders today. Bogart's is declining argued that its players and I think you're better spring training. But I divorced real starter at defensive player. Decides he'd be drug court what are they gonna do. But the mission Nunez knee injuries ranges to win it more than you do about that next couple weeks where does need to and from Thursday's opening day. Fifteen members in the best part of the story out of options guys got to figure when gonna do XY out of options DeVon Marie aero you know Brian Johnson and what are they gonna do. I hate. That is what ivory talks soccer that was the energy picks up to announce the start is this patient blood pressure gonna say it's a good thing that is an eventful camp. Pull for them it is a great yes although it's it's really expects what you want your swing is so many teenage kids now coming up to me that come Gephardt talks talks. That you never and it's ninjas ninjas ninjas it's all the Tyler and the girls I know my wife and her friends. In Everett. That's their guy he's like the news of Patrick packed up to ten years ago yes you wiper like gloves that it's easy and you like me dream. We was an. Instance like he should come home but these deaths so uphill quite nicely on last met him he should become local eat a legitimate sex show action. Six inch. To two shot penalty could say that. Check should shut out shambles itself hours fame career for Veronica and if so McSweeney the new. Team's victory we need and particularly on cosmic premier be an effort we like Connery in the music and older sex that's true yeah. So he would be on all Conrad talks like never so it's weird to be Paul Newman yeah he's yet filed backed by crippling blow lowers zero. So be jeweler blue wasn't the cream I think so via well would Bradford. Number movie radio pubic yeah. That's yeah in the radio that. Are. Was to boost the bottom special that Mickey Rooney plate payments the whole idea that you know yes that's. Governments are pretzel. Is George talk much about it a little reason at all and I am writes the only curious. You. Yours on sixty minutes. Accurately. That's right in his wife this is what his widow whose works next door right Hugh Hewitt tomorrow training right yes the degree to. Now on the nameless and yet know like. To mean something in the named after him. And Blackstone. Deal. Bill yes. And in the viewing television bill bill. Does no good dreadful it's important that is there are. Some similarities there yes. Yes. So bit about telling them like my wife came back from dinners and all the other girls are gushing never it never rains. You say that Stephen Hawking would be the guy that everyone in the world said as live much longer than anyone thought it would. Now he's gone who would own that. One and to LB a residency problem but it. Yeah if riches slam the miners' lives are. Like he walks in the trap when he didn't practice the kind of guy who you know I don't have as many times. Leaves a flight to return his rental car keys misses a flight right this is a flight is an excellent seven hours later. This is he took it with a car keys in Pawtucket last week doubt in my back let the air but there was no rental car company has spared some of it's like it's cynic don't take it ointment make shots you. View. Is it. That was a big part of bill when Nikki Reed today to the airport let's not. Forget that. Say who would you say can't. Move the guy that you were surprised its took it. You can't say Keith Richards hurled still it's taken music. Just the general you see them. Yes it's really gone off the border we just said Keith Richard's story you'd think it's. When you. Isn't ready to the it's incredible W would have on grass courts. Last week rooted for days a week brown Willard Scott was stolen I was stunned to suit as 200 because as you like who calls him weighs a hundred. Who gives Michael Jackson creeps to your question. Yeah that's not my guess I would say LB. If so who will discuss at this morning if someone you know her and we're glad he's still run and how do you think you'll be when you die. And will not be holes in Arkansas and six yet the American on. We don't I don't know why his family illness yes and history your own Bernie unhealthy lifestyle yeah. All of you to be you could pick any age. Sixty. Something that's a lot of depth on the 66 I was has sixty days. How bad run that's not a great Ron told my dad's not a great that's too. Audience that was too young or it that's on sixty it is not that McKnight in the 1422. August but at least. It's like she feels he's in lower students from entering the misery campaign as he pays respect to convenience store. So it really what drew the USA today baseball weekly. Gotta be honest here I'm talking about India. People randomly and it. We base tax of those lobby and we never thought the added police had the most boring publication what bill would tours endlessly that's called an average for at least point 2200 shows a year in their terrible it's the worse short government you went my way or wasn't. Went Connecticut ten years ago it was him Willie Nelson a sponsor and all the songs. But I wanna see Bob Dole who can't seem content as weird stuff you don't know what he sing sing it on arsenic in the middle when he does a tangle of blue you don't know I don't know he's he's changed his voice everything changes. You do that lately the lane. He played it shows desperate it's like he's pitches different. The way to the poems to his voice is totally changed from like the sixties to the eighties and help achieve those voices completely change right. Yeah me we have consistent voice to a life yet she managed to keep that. If the Lisbon Portugal next week and is usually at Barcelona Rome no never stops. How old is in Croatia say he said yeah nozzle you think that's is that 75. On the system is 606. Yeah it's. I'm a welcome return to Curtis comes up from the surprise stimulus dollars are too old guy who is you never thought Tom Sizemore. It's not that's number Zia and policy we were to McCluster I would say I love the guy I love him you know that. Party lines it to me now that's an excellent wanted to surprise the accident six for seismic you kind of waits at most only 56. Orchestra X 65. Yet he's been around forever and he's not aging well now. But like in a cocaine guy. Tradition of telling a place right there yeah girlfriend so my guess is yes but sheen's other obvious example. That's true Charlie sheen's took taken by an immense though he has aids which sent. Tell machine it's at right. Boy every time I looked on Twitter Nazi party tweet apparently good because you do you go away from technologies of our dealings never had a phase we got health is now. He goes and I just been outstanding and you see right. An executive order probably. Lives ignored and I know but I think smoke cigarettes extras I don't know according to a after awhile. What if you're is working women lead after one diamond I heard the stories are read the stories have been sleeping in this in this to inherit. Are anxiously yet. You beyond beaches Alia that you go into that mode yes they were so there on the air and he's shooting a permanently commands should apparently for 35 in the morning. Yes Toyota by 58 we've worked with five minutes people before right would be difficult and you never dare think none of the excel people made early today we we had a producer who is from your hometown and I know I know him you do. And I know I know MPs from and we we took another co workers worked for some guys guys really good night. A custom. Okay he also are what you Austria it's the point okay. And we could hire him and he was funny for like a day and then we come in and I'd go in the men's room to be puke and and actors who began accurately. Front and redirect on the air ten minutes I just I think yes and polls say a couple years before pounds companies known as the good guy but he had issues. Yes which could have been good. I guess it would be that I mean I didn't let it was Artie Lange funny if there's some issues like like clearly like Titus has some issues. Yes slate that could be good he was willing to talk about. But he straight whose image has done these drugs right. And who can give them good trucks and taken over Bob which is not agree. Not. Supposed to reply covers all endorsements super year doubtful though me and it was free and drug use link in the sixties and those guys they'll line. Yeah and yes he still does drugs for Joseph Walsh and I see him teach you still I if that's true. He looks you know he's been surprisingly normal in that documentary you watching Eagles yes it is going to hate me. Yes was excellent large while the drummer right a lot of ground watch the whole thing. I don't think so well the first part much during the second I watched alike have to. Yet sec reports exceed you gotta go with I came to a three hour document. That document I mean that it is. Interesting did you better than up a group of like hate each other in the seventies it's the best of the best example of her but for the planet and then on don't hate each other so that all matters slice their staffs in but they don't hate each other time double ball once it does. They didn't hate each other when they flourished. Paid and other people I think but they did a good neighborhood ball aged well except for when Freud died right although he was super healthy music helped. And and and that was never drug era yet atlas yeah us. That was an and an obvious crazies those guys they underplayed frying and strategies might. The control digital documentary those two control everything. We've done in the be the best drummer singer. Credential policy this on deaf Olympics social columns and had me is was assessed that you see the should be question for a blues man. The best drummer singer of all time hit the cult's. These better than Don Henley. Really certainly awhile numbers drop. On shortened. But perhaps not a question when you say I eloquently better but the most markets analyst. Phil calls has more hits this eagle Ursula soul artist your mortgage and for sure. Bottles all solo artist who's talking agendas it's warmer that's huge too. I'm home with the award do you think Phil Collins jazz is bigger than the Eagles I bet you fill lost it and hope they'll causes more hits and done. Brew apps of all the policy meeting when he was massive Eagles are bigger band Genesis. But not as that's my point guy group whose tour analyst Ken. The big role as the heat's looks. That's not then then yes Ringo yet. Blitz. That's good because he's Ringo because he's good too don't. Ricky Jones in DC and McCain room if you attorney Mickey Rooney that. To prevent the best ten best singing drummers in rock history one neutral white multiple. Multi. And number nine was Carriker our border it says get the it has and it number Timothy Dalton's. Back and kiss the TV Jones was the singer Roger Taylor sings songs for queen. Sheila yeah. Like honest that's not my house it's hard to do it right can I Henry sir Henry. To a call just to the girls won't. In. What's fish in the band he stagnant until we violence. The bottom and you should've that's that's a good let's agree to Cripple Creek that would you put him ahead of and here all of stiff it's hard to music to screw you up promising and draw. Course and we stopped of course it would mean the mentally it will likely to play guitar I mean daddy play guitar base setting of an OXY Amber's voice. But they now but they but had to stop for years now does that again. He in the doing it. Blame them markets like glass when he's needed to work reaching Max Weinberg concert hire someone else's sofa played two rounds teased the blues members nothing that nothing columns in this book all before you did you yes you won with. The old when we say Keith Richards and you say Dylan does not create vs jagr might talk actor salon is shown on. Surprising. But he's not unhealthy is here he's superdome is he's going to some memory is get some means drinker smoker Ballmer now now Arnold what makes you think he should be. It's just like he's lit with a life fly me to be the good dangerous why character who would be now does actually James Bond I choose to believe. It's about I'll play the number 1 carrier preference good morning. That's true we're gonna cleaned up a mockery when Connery dies 100 guys. But we always we to a James Bond for me you'll always be untouchables always yes it always always one seemingly guests here. Which before he changed. The name changed it. I really such a great season greats. Oscar Garcia is not hold up well leave George Bush to own. Which are real as now was for each cheek she separate I knew it. A degree in Iraq from this guy over at. It's. He's good what you read from the head of I would not. On Henley and thoughts all the critics favorite picture an actual true popularity. You go popularity of ago. Weigh heavily verse cult's top prefer and mean myself me costly to our house aides you don't. Columns thing is now we did this when they do you know he's a Alamo. Oh I don't pediatrician this really and it is his life was devoted to studying the Alamo right. Is that he's been there and understands he reads all about it he's he's he's he is passion. He's British gets from pneumonia and he cares about the pregnant Alamo by around. Mean people in Texas may be Carol L mode. Is it that big deal about should you. A couple free tickets or was he Phil Collins to go no overtime. I was a dose of heavy solo last summer Reitman mama you know about but I was gonna go I tickets. I wouldn't go TML I would I'd. Eagles are good but they're bored. The board. Yet redid the x.s and the says the documentary would be Dave. Bordered on stage they were not there it's like boring its policies or Expedia practiced on the snowy image now but he. The three of its call his worst at one more night movie alone apparently a lover. And you can't hurry up. And oil pack at the three of us now imposes solo soul. But it can't all Genesis against all odds on number wants. For one more night that was second. Now definitely goes for definitely him. Munich dirty laundry boys of summer and the innocence of a great songs yeah but it puts a great Phil Collins. Them something in the air tonight you've ever that's on. That would be the most famous wooden and yet so that was number one. Now what. Were you looking at this where's this from. The United States number one afterwards. I'm my god baker may feels throwing right now Kurt keeps throwing excite all the NFL scouts are there a patriots cover looses there. Is Josh McDaniels there's a question we don't know we do not only just began to us that don't like take attendance. I'm not sure why you have pointing the patriots being there. Lest they traded up right at I don't get to censor your move up and do it needs no less he really socked. Not gonna be available in 31. Right. They picket the pick three picks in the top 63. Correct yes it'll take a quarterback. But it won't be any of the big four I don't know that I don't know that but yet but they might they didn't go to Kyle Love lenses pro as weird correct that's correct they play a little chance Lola. As dodger minor games via phone network doesn't mean and we need to be there delivers a great job in the need to be. And all these other quarterbacks even the second and third rounds have pro day news or no schools to PC as a recruiter for. Who knows what per hour Landry about it right right he's gonna go for throw. When that when they're putting out a Michael. It's either too what happened Michael board want to. Talk to go brand. Could sit there watch these guys thanks. Yes he'll just what you football guys. March 21 week from today he went. This was actually is only number one US charms are treating UK time and this is an analyst at this north is a movie. Who's moving to riches and James Woods James Woods great James ray was a roar currency rates are gorgeous. It's. Tomorrow purchase goodness. Now you're saying action could not hide in other words when not to do is watching. You'll like this one. Among the ball and make in this case scenario all the elements edit all cash and Max are elements that it. That's like saying. You know that came from camp and said Stephen Hayes looked down in Mexico is toxic elements and is more like you hate to break we get which it was taught in these Maggie tells you there's like you know what. I'm stuck with this whatever assistance to its richest of the show right. And he's making this a skip sales he does he miss the channel although I saw Chris and I both men found between almost always on guard comes skip Bayless three days gonna miss Emma go on third especially at third fourth down shift. Okay every who we know. Give ten year Tom Brady's honest reaction yesterday. To see me we just saw what it was like Cam Cameron is what coach who think like if he was in his kitchen Eaton is launch or any found out too. At that moment probably gonna text correct why I guess is he's been briefed properly until like you view of that went to them they said no you know but the Brady. Does not give them up. He just doesn't. Well I mean much Ricardo Aaron I'm Richard Peyton Manning with the largest with a criminal Dolan for guys they like Brett. Maybe for men yet true and also I've been saying it and the goal is being more big. Catches and anybody in history of the franchise I believe that's true in these post season numbers off giants. And I realizes regular season numbers and not put. They're going the post season next year a miracle on the limb and say I think so. And they will not have any mental meltdown or not them maybe you'd gotten hurt that we be stunned at all an adult for six games is nineteen catches well not me in the dome at the playoff and 11 I get I am with fallen on the big issue of him and dole or Lewis I don't do. Lewis I don't put an adult like to prepare if it straight and shorts money when it Louis skip eleven million. Groupings of the eleven have cared to I want my money toward these are running back and I still running into serious injuries that I everytime we were between the tackles last year I wondered if this was the play although he rambled a couple of those Benito. He was great I never knew who can run between the tackles like that yeah. But you always thought he was gonna come up London. And maybe didn't feel semi about Emma Goldman was taken to when he gets yeah. But next year they need to knock to have that kind of goal over the middle make those big catches. We're not sure who's gonna takes place Albrecht. Yeah. Tell us to stand by and he's drumming on this was listening to the best. Singled feeds. I've raised its looks would tell us what else is on the list. I said that was one purple rain missed it. Going on groups from being fair as the greats Billie Jean rates but she said she's. No he's a great song Oscars. I told you I'd urinal backs where it's fast you youngsters. All I always come up with things that is analogous to. Sticker on the Cadillac rate and now we see like. And you'll see like. Let it be currently currently. Prius for the trump stickers yes everytime I see something like that wanna start I think he should be about guys like reserving against hopper play golf right that that's an idea like this is sort of like out there like we've moved on Alice Cooper playing golf right you've read this is not what this race. Right right very good they'll call does nothing means can't figure out your and nothing. So I grabbed me big guys up next of for the continued dresses crazy few Olson's top two and that entirely your school that agent that they yesterday. Yes patriots it's older it's days. I say goes to the giants who my notes in about noon and Neitzel goes the giants did a Belichick is this crazy but he's not that crazy if I cannot Hoosier left tackle we'll find out okay now back tomorrow morning 6 o'clock. With Mike and Sean McDonough who's who short we government. What's your question they made the offer Yahoo! as of now and McDonough is ready to go right it 1515 confirmed excellence that's all tomorrow morning midday guys Richard listen to them. Afternoon guys in his with them. It in our community are with them and back tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock with a mock the job done. Damage Dolan and his lovely girlfriend Bolivia or hoopla that we're slowly yet.