K&C - Greg Syrek, 26, acute myelogenous leukemia (AML – a blood cancer), Boston, with his mom, Anne Falvey, Woodstock, CT

Greg was diagnosed in April 2015. He had several months of nerve pain in his legs and knew something wasn't right. He was first diagnosed with pneumonia and when there was no improvement he went to see the doctors again. Initially the nurses in the ER did not think Greg had cancer, but Greg’s mom urged them to look into it more considering his father had leukemia. Greg’s father, Dan, had passed away in May 1992 from AML. Doctors first thought it was acute promyelocytic leukemia and not genetic. But after more testing, doctors determined it was AML caused by a defective chromosome that his father also had and the only way to cure would be a bone marrow transplant. After the bone marrow transplant and a long hospital stay, Greg is doing well. His only treatment (other than a couple of drugs taken as a preventive measure and for minor chronic GVHD) was in July/August 2015. He currently works in investor services at Brown Brothers Harriman and is also working towards his CFA designation.


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Guys critics are joining us here it's RBC's meet here in studio he is a 26 years old. I grew up in the cozy corner of Connecticut with stock. And a couple of years ago Greg you can tell your story. Things were not feeling good for you and it lets you went to. The hospital great to see you you look great now what happened a couple years ago. Thank you very much at peace you have me on there. April Swanee fifteen little over two years ago. I was diagnosed with he mileage leukemia. Probably for about two months prior to that. Some kind of onset symptoms. Some late mean. And so that he'd. Which boiled into. About a week prior to being diagnosed came down with pneumonia and justice really is not feeling great. Who led me to donate to doctors. And now after getting some blood test on. I came back about 45 minutes later. On my mom but we got the phone call. I'm Lamar picked out and died at cited as a panic phase out of expect. You really don't know what was going on. But a few words in blood for most relies. Nine diagnostics and utility knew this is the and we disease yes it is and who wins he was on the phone with the doctors and mentioned the fact that. My dad to cancer and that's what really set me. And you know yeah it's it's genetic. Component. That. Really no one really knew for. Large that I was younger there was no reason for the doctors to being. That note this is a victimize citizens to look out for. I'm probably the last ten years or so this is something that's been one more I'm forefront. But this then. It's something that. That the darkness recently dining out so assuming you're dead you're dead pass from this how old were you in the senate I was. Just one when the sentences back in 1992. He had and yes. Miles this classic symptom for a few years. Blew out there rapidly into. And now and he was. For us to have a program transplant at this time. You know back then the prognosis or don't do that was not nearly as hopefully it is. Now assays brits you're sort of example how much things can change over 25 years absolute yet when. Twenty plus years. Absolutely no Lhasa have to see. How this progress desert. One time leaders to another blow my mom who's the end of highlight how that has happened ways he had seen my dad and all of them. When the six years later when refiners later I was and athletes successful. Story Jerusalem born on saarc agenda that in the barber. So that's your first. And get there. Yes exactly so once legacy mine ducks in round. Well there's like two days after the diagnosis my mom's they yet have yet. You know diagnosis and have read by it's genetic he's we need to. So merits. Here. That's the first victims the team you wanna be. The port where the best people and that is a bomb. Thought. Who again after it went over there and looked up associates that doctrine that pat when he was barter. What I'd museum. I was still there and here it's so. He just went on long shots out of email. Late that night and 56 hours later that next morning. Please email back bonds thing we love that you had the same uncles and gave his name. Doctor Joseph and it's. Hungry he's via head of the the stem cell transplant unit fibers. I feel today was I read into that fantastic site and back in the city. My pregnancy. Been that great years now and I do agree to a strong better. He's been party to any. Fantastic oh great thanks so much for joining us and that's great thanks for telling the story. And now we're glad to do well actually they very much appreciate very much.