K&C - The guys react to the Globe's internal review of Kevin Cullen; Tom Brady addressed his relationship with Bill Belichick with Oprah 6-18-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, June 18th
Hour 2: Gerry, Kirk and Mut discussed the Globe's internal investigation into Kevin Cullen and Oprah's sit down with Tom Brady. 

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It's Kirk and Callahan. With Kurt committee. And Gerry Callahan. And Sports Radio WEEI. My friend fired five short. I looked down to with the RPG and fired at us and that the chopper in front of carrier. Their work to shoot rockets passing just underneath the book was right. That. It's true it. When you look at your hotel room. When you go French Quarter. And float float my face that I'm very old school I consider. The street my office I used to be a firefighter volunteer firefighter and yours was wearing the boots since 1976. I haven't pulled up as waiters and I know a lot of crops you know. An accountant and seven tower ladder seventeen who died accidentally ingested some of the flood water tied. To be slime ball. But the lives like coma telling. The once you feel comfortable lying about people telling them girlfriends her wiser. Friends or something but it was you know the national level of and pretend he's tired basically once you cross that line you know I guess we did easier you know it's like. Guys who were cheat on their waters that you do once. That's what's the big deal would do that can't. Once you cross that line is it hard keeping up all the different lies and shirt at this can't the only time he's been caught us by his personal life of its status as the great man Rick Pitino said. You know tell the truth and it becomes part of your past. Lying in Freedom Party future. Smart guy. We sent out. It never will be now. I mean it's it took fifteen seconds ahead to the point I would realize that you put two minutes that's true. Three left it with call here where we're where we were react. Conclusion at all external reports we're ago they get through it they say you know. They talk about how much port Charles standards are on the truth. All that. They do say you know. Calls cultural watt most happening the bombing. I was a bit tense time for mr. Coleman globe newsroom. That these are times in newsrooms since most tested. In many cases globe journals and he's performed admirably they win a Pulitzer for the yes he did it and he was a part of it okay. Initial hat. I think it was a Pulitzer for fiction. Well let's surprise us I thought it part of this report it said one of the reasons why one of these reports had a Jennifer Peterson they didn't put collins' work up for the pole circus all the stuff they couldn't quite. Get figured out which led me to believe they knew this guy I was lying about stuff I miss that's got more polluted in the Pulitzer. Entries reported. According secluded in the picture number we have that photograph right. He wants to talk agenda either right yes she she widely widely liked just think speculative really hurt. And she thinks call to pull fake. Pull fabricated issues covered for example let Eric love story where he called in and she keep right he forced me to put it but it forced to put your name but he was adamant that he had his right and throughput and 1237. More. So go through they go now become his most troubling episode. What to make of mr. cones long dramatic tail pull form except the intensity of the bombing week to an audience of journalists to journal's editor educators. This is a narrative that deputy fire chief handing mr. Cohn so on the night of the bombing. In urging him tell persuade trouble firefighter on the other end of the phone leaves home and come join him for different. It is clear from interviews with the firefighters and mr. Cohen cited. This episode simply did not happen mr. called in Qatar question about he's not remember telling a story doesn't change affect the did. As C span video test the fact mr. called himself. Did not so secret review W easily found. Raise questions for us about pastors UTC inevitable conclusion. That this story is a complete fabrication. And it's a complete fabrication edit or good I mean you know that was that's that was their you know they did they just don't believe the they didn't pass which is to be unbelievable. They give capacity wasn't trying to pretend he was at the scene with his right. We all that's ridiculous obviously all of the managing editor says she didn't think he was that scene and she didn't think. He was trying to mislead readers corrects to do you believe she believes that's of course not a right you do why that these people to but the bigger point is. They can't actually prove my guess that you can't smell and taste something do when you weren't there portion. And how certain is that the only reason he uses. The smell in the taste is to make you think he was correct spirit if you ask Catholic parent company that I think concede that's true too that they don't believe that they could prove it. They can't however prove these. Why living off talking to O'Brien and up to in theme if he just lied about not you know. Ally is alive that's wanting to live a little thing he lied about Jean Richard flag about Richard running a marathon but mark Richard about what people called mark Richard. About knowing mark Richard it's somebody knew he just lied about every walk in my blog out of fingers wash unless it's funny I still have people like volley on out and we'll call on when their hands and knees looking for gene Richards like. He lied about all that stuff so people could think he was part of a story that's all that's at the heart of haven't. TT EST. Second it. Mean that's that's you're right that's what it's like I give my talk needs help he does and by the way he claims he was drinking too much. It usually is usually. You know I expect a mistake on my way somewhere for three months to to try out honestly yeah that's what appeared to bring him back to stop drinking most jobs I give him credit most. When somebody is it clear alcohol problem. They say to them to less used to treat you can't do you can't work may be in Red Sox you can't do she can't do that. This is a one of those places either the so worked for very similarly you can go there to maybe he was in the maybe just. Or part of his camera that's the other thing right you're right he's not really a big regular alcohol at a friend's life. There's so bitter and on ID Geddes deathly gullible he stepped on it here myself eating right was drinking too much. Was told lawyers and the guy goes from guys who is from neighborhood from the street I'm. That would UMass Boston is a mess you don't have cars are all these papers are all over the place he's sick cause of a big enough for this job you big enough for your time is sure that he said. And according to cell phone voice apps helpful helpful among them flip phones no good and likely dissipate for ransom note this a so ultimately their conclusion is a Colin just made native toll made about our plate before we get typical response of that's that they go. That is he an hour and a half worth of of their report. Which their conclusions ecologists made stuff up just wide of audio. By the book that didn't seem too concerned about it when asked by these people did there don't know it opens at you know whenever there's only names get kicked every single specific to go back and look in 2013. We have the saudis that you found eleven errors. Yes OK what's along sound. I it is I believe about a minute just about just doberman a chilly here that's all you're at eleven things are true. Shore on the here before you a virtual fun more that's as quick undergoes a lot with curtains go ahead. I discussed. Phone not long ago with gunfire fight one of concern to vote. To do so well right answer is more concerned about how could these guys may not look at the can you be concerned about a fictional character we didn't get up and volleying he wasn't talked to go crying he's not concerned about that so I assists three those are typically aren't. And I particularly Sean. We don't rigor kept. We're just playing. Which had. Young cute. He's a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. Not by way hold up OK all I'm all the all the time and someone who's not real bright enough fight he'll proxies on picture and yet you to listen in on. Refight the Iraq or Afghanistan and so okay good that's as the two were want a five total market all on a hearing for. Two a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He told me what you saw today it was worse than anything sort of war zone. Saw some well you can talk to themselves and that's the or talk to and I think we've talked about didn't happen it its sweet talk to her he didn't talk to a guy. Who didn't fight in Iraq that innocence or could have been worse didn't tellem it was worse is she's or export how could be worse if he wasn't there. I cope with the Vietnam or a mom didn't confuse now I know you guys are at seven WWW. Three gets set guide. And young girl eight. I am whose brother was killed it seemed. Him. I actually do the father just release them yeah and when you finish the races young son eleven. Side or. Because. It without sports history does that thirteen fourteen anyway back into the final thought this father walked on the registers. And the bomb exploded. Route or skilled. His mother was severely injured. And the daughter to grow. A story right yeah even keep up 5550. That's she's just get of the group told him as one minute segment and whatever as long as the men use fifteen links in. Did narrow couldn't perform like that not an out I mean in this crime Jake Gyllenhaal though she proforma net fifteen. He's a performer. Known journalist and actor Heath. It's similar to like places on them for three time. You know he photographed he can write fiction he probably does pretty good to have this pretty good and so. Scott Allen Brandon McCarthy Joseph Conn. On the globe assign these three. To investigate calls call for 20122018. Tickets that are just arranged that and say they like Colin hate us I could be wrong. You could be you know you were. At their job was to have calls back now we criticize the will be here from. Kathy Carroll on top either they did pass for a but. I would say overall they did pretty good job there's our investigation rice came to the only conclusion you can come to sixteen pages for a couple of days worth of stories and sound and did not quality content at the end this is a review of seven years of cones were by the way. But writing for the gold since 1999. What they start with 2000. 2012 when I don't know. Their entire work it is. Two with a quarter pages printed out and maybe two and a half now. Over six years worth of columns. These two up sixteen pages worth over two days three days. Read this from the glow so just get ready for is that we went through the whole cold stuff obviously call made everything. This is the globe defending Poland ripping us. Reviewed over under comfort by Kevin Cullen contact your primary sources checking facts and when available. Reading other media coverage of the same event. We did find five smaller effect in the 100 calls a name spelled here. Detail wrong ever far more commonly people praised Kevin's accuracy many cases his willingness to call back to confirm details of what it's. Colonia sources information in fact we won the scores of people. Because tech he complained. But the quotes attributed to him. We're not entirely accurate that person VFW administrator in hates crazy idea that explains quotes were cut off apparently purpose of the article. LC a clinical and the post price a price for a pap who rated wrong but he agreed to call was generally accurate. The most significant effect that factual inaccuracies Summitt said name me characters misspelled the record she liked the colony. We did find evidence that an occasion was not with readers about the source of information. Sometimes providing no attribution for scenes and dialogue that we common practice among policy employ Arabs the pool and heard of style again. In bonds unbroken delivered from the ashes now remember this is people who defend. You recounts gripping discussion is over or witnessed the cost primary source for the story to not remember Colombian president. While not necessarily inaccurate caller is David re telling me give readers a false impression that dialogue is exactly true. Rather column repeating some of best recollection of what Apple's part that story Chris Cameron. In another call. Charlie Austin was the nicest guys competitive business. Pollen related personal anecdotes so they become leaders on WB I guess that's what that people can win yes and we'll have that goes crazy all those guys. Whether happen color claim that back when Ronald Reagan was still present a state official. Blocked him from attending an attorney general's press comes to Austin persuade the official to own and when that they talked to pound callable at a press conference in question is 94 point plight is attorney general. Remember the topic and acknowledge he never complained about his mistreated by the aid. Since Charlie offices deceased and call never duties name virtually no way to verify it's OK. That must be true. For criticism if you're right this is all you. For every time that we don't want to admit the stories toll made up. Many many more people who praise him for going above and beyond the call of duty chipping the little guy. With other journalists would now remember this is supposed to be an investigation this is champion is that northern. It's a Darby O'Brien a dual Holyoke. So the bully induce it was suicide of Phoebe Prince was being swept under the rug until Keddric kolbe using tents he was accurate as hell he had huge impact. The case this is the globe. Became a national call to arms against bully is that it has proven that they're give him credit for for doing his and his job to try and reporting. Accurately. Which I never said in the can easily do I know. And occasionally yeah America's historical facts. On other occasions he didn't yes likewise of these Ross at facilities in six Kevin's call 100 bodies one hero father's service. The battle of the bulge racing Tony EC love story. Given peace of mind you not known for years and that he became his birthday party after the call them polished. In the same game macabre death homeless veteran he rode the hearse that the man's fight to the cemetery. Without ever calling attention to the fact he was there how we know that. Who who verifies that. Kevin okay Connie Collins who's the homeless veteran who did in these beat anybody. People we talked to aware they have placed on leave. In the eager to defend him against WBI's attacks attacks of other otherwise I was telling the truth offering other people we could contact her character for instance I. Not. I'm saying how they rode Kevin Collin. L dash O dash O dash owed. Rios. It taught ignored the subject 2000 team called before vigorously excellent in the current talent show for criticizing increase beat Don we return to talking to her and thank you. These guys who come after Kevin regardless of the fact that you're broad place you to read MG psychologist. Was quoted at sixty problems nuns euros and profession with affection Edmonds part. It's as if that's because you become a doctor to rent probably racist I read that nickel he works masked and pastor yeah it sure yeah all races. I believe so is San Jose since it's always start with us and Chris set their said I imagine gore told them although I don't know. Those Magloire is busy but he said to them find. But read Buchanan's calls. And find what's right and what's wrong write about it and they've got six weeks to do it is had to get sidetracked said the collector Russ. By the first page you two examples basically one where we Ryder Regis were brought bonds broke into her from the ashes. Interpret discussion you witness he wasn't there. I want to read that story then you tell us that just goes under the right so we'll get a big deal so clearly this clause in his work at times seven bullet or chemical that's and they quote doctor psychologist. From a Mass. General says. Those guys mean house. Would have gone after Kevin regardless reach out to doctor direct as well please I was beatable these people to have observed that as you're dealing with no errors factual errors. Maybe you know fiction is made up out of thin air. In this case it doesn't matter they come after me anyway he's a college century's wars are concerned column that he should should be spending some time. What does that matter you know like so what if we. Don't like him or disagree politically we're dealing with facts we thought we were right out of the fact they say not go by and large utilized. I once I know but by and large it gets a credible so it's it's really give it to the whole thing you know. But how we criticized because quality people were not identified out. What 2060. Kevin leaned on and anger or first name only sources tell important parts of the stored the sources may be entirely accurate but. Readers have no way note the sources fair reliable in no one is publicly accountable. Padilla information. For example. In with MS thirteen history's repeating itself out extensively quotes in east possible date operator need Alvarado and providing his first name. It sure it may be accurate. But it's hard for anyone to judge reliability of the information at Oakland mavericks scored find him gee I don't know maybe you can do that they figured out at. Mavericks squares in Boston. As the Boston Globe mean they have three people working on our fine you know it's the first thing we've newly approved ensure that may be right may be wrong Boris posted. She loved and you mavericks where finally this guy wasteful digs to the good paper reports. This. Yeah are. Going to like it to work. Chris plaudits by the five and I'm not a regular in the bush diggers and a maverick square but I guess it could be more than. Three or how about this just say hey we tried we could find. You walking all friends is overrated or else you know I think probably the general public happens and an independent and and he said there's no no red Oak Hill find him. So when it works out for that when it has to rank dire this. I don't know lobs and have only a nice peaceable people like that dispute at. They say did a great job what is supposed to say. If it's like your son or daughter in Rota. They say that even if you made stuff up there and be honest and look that first time trees die and we those I know somebody we've talked about that. On New Year's one on your off the working. But it's great in when it comes out to. Court job. Like why did you Google map that CO farm mavericks queries from Burma from the globe article now. Financial district yeah. I'd say lose you know. Five miles not even dew point. A likewise it's right on par to relate to sort of captured who was raised by nuns and degrading circumstances or providing her last name. A person quoted by name McCollum who knew captains original wonderful Levys publicly so Kemp was protecting your privacy called does not explain why is awfully identifier. Leaving the reader to wander. You've also identified three homes which is difficult to determine the source of Kevin's. In new name. Same mine and the bureaucracy Kevin described writing a story many years before but issue the old call he projects Waltz stabbing in the Orchard Park projects. Zero point two days later located equal peace going back to 1980. With a called violent attack and magical call you're shooting. Open in 1980 servicer for murder suspect and call described. It's Orchard Park housing parts also mentioned the passing an unrelated stabbing it's plausible but I clear that's who's referring to if I could. A it. Well at least this is tried to protect it as best they can't take us down in and try to protect him. If for five examples of things that are that are at best shape question at worst they don't write it. If it continues its as they do likewise it's just narrative style in the pulp or at all. Kevin includes a short anecdote which is central character of the woman might only powerfully helps a woman out. But since he's dead in the woman is I mean it's possible to know who told Kevin Vienna for being with us teams felt. However he doesn't look quotes from other firefighters. As proposal firsthand observations about mulling. Its. Based. All paid pilots at saint. You know they want me on the theatre scholar and I'll write it is nicely Spock got Allen and McCarthy general column they you know they. It's like. They sent me of rugby difference of view you asking is basically asking me just that you had to little wait till tonight good morning to the globe listening you know. I am waiting to the first day is that right natural called an end and have the two or three symbols of which I know that's. So yeah I saw you tweet that you can prove it correct approach yes I to a Kevin on the right side of the story this year so you know I know have knows. I know color that told him and Google knows I'm sure we we were you when you told them. My theory pump. I thought that our people on the strike you can hire you mile for mile too much majority of the lag yeah yeah appetite and yet. You know I mean you know now goes first of all impulses on time I mean you know there are lane five and half a I mean you know please take a month and a gimme a break into the brightly guys had reported the bus please make good next. I'll make it next time please please make it to the books please. And you don't land on wanted to rent I didn't have actually not that not that comes comes I need a Needham. And right Ian. The whole hand economic surge comes on you know he did he made the call medical drew applause you know any rate steady bagel ran a check and help yell about they call it what went to school and technical matters okay. They could to commute aboard days right. Working on novel to make good a advocate this what do you make of please one panel. On technical I guess I'm wrong that I find that we more credible than the other one it's in its inmates but it was their job these three were very. And there'll even though we're. They tried their best each technical review is. You know. Sit tropical it's these casino radiates rightward at a surprise. Yes I'm an arrogance surprised I'm not someone monuments that I can't be here even hide their anger towards you guys buy including all of these little anti WE yeah I doubt it's any review edit Allen's work. Can't hide it for its ultra professional and happy tax. So I was gonna tactical. Expo an idea I obviously atypical night take pleasure when it when this happens then. But it should be thanking us and we made a better paper true. I mean really it's it's. Amazing that this guy again occupied them like particles blocked Christmas spot. What you would think they would be like we can't make that mistake again I mean Marty can't have a I mean Marty Blake and he primer glory wise remarkably. Mature adults like that draft that's right we now rain. Because he'd think. John's been the for a surprise he hasn't I'm right and a real before technicals one more time for example. Mystical defending pollen in trying to bring us down. In with MS thirteen history repeating itself have been extensively quotes an East Boston bode operator and Alvarado. About providing his last name. Everything attribute Al rather me be accurate but it's hard for anyone to judge relied believe the information without. Going to maverick square to find him is that square Tunisia. The average score Australia Austin okay East Boston. We found partners and from the global offices to maverick square I was call some articles that he stops away move. Six minutes and eco. The exit tunnel into driving a vehicle that globes and directly like shut up saga that's described alcoholic. Brian is a prime unity it's it's following Boston it. What what he wanted to do you check cousin worked Michael and I actually find out how many bodega user in whenever square camping one. Go to like it shouldn't take so often. Brian how does that work Michael apparently cast the first thing aim and saves us a little the first thing they asked if you're gonna go to a boat to get. Globe X. That a lot East Boston is it that said. Chi shot in the you know Cambridge this bill. Does breed the city of America does not operate there Michael revealed that there is called the future. She's going she's she's she's she's she's individually wrapped and so I assure you might feel like I want is my cheeseburger. Let's go to Ryan and large it's a Brian. They would have good morning guys can do. Our employees they can't. Hmmm I gotta say I would if I go hang out in the open. Let me see this guy hang out in the Bay Area when the how many young people can vote for that well. But I that's all right we'll mum. I can't believe. What do you got to do exactly. I mean this essential methodical well planned well carried out. The exception of I won't say customers can I don't know anybody who buys the globe. Put out of the real risk we when he couldn't get fired from this place and I cannot believe. The links this guy went to end of quote you have to go back and look at this guy's career I mean. But all the people Adelaide. That like most newspapers it's struggling. And all the people and laid off from the global from boston.com. New Delhi Steve Silva was running toward the ball was an error at the scene. And it was part of the coverage of the actual bombing try to push away from when it pollster who had the video Jennifer Peter we'll happily accept the polls assures them that they eat issues that are in laws house she's had equal talks yours but that's okay what he did. She was I don't part of it later cheese jumped aboard her but again nobody was there. It was a surprise that their core I don't blame me for not being right. But nobody would know so and so you don't have to be part of that Kevin now now a but it media but he insists I figure record Wong was the one before that. Honorably and drew years to present mauled and Andrew. Hey guys I just can't imagine it going into doing good. I've built a body this would be this would be chemicals home to mold the ones who doubts this. Well I'd like to take it everywhere Kevin don't count he really just. Inclusive a city but up I just read a culture where OK to replicate what you are doing highlight what they eat right. It's not like I think it's these guys are crazy that's great point is that absolutely nuts we say okay all right I would catch every one of bill caught the lemonade Chechnya for somebody at the. The point here or there are a lot of women he literally. Doesn't courses I don't want to leave the game critics rightly. We spoke we spoke to whenever Jennifer it was a PA on ice by a great moment the women OJ did kill. It involves. I think really every we never get many credits what's the Miramax's secretary once you just rubber like that was. And paper is is a list of put things get freeze that is it for C Fortier now for all of Somalia a country of war is sound. It's sixteen minutes away you have the global losses this weekend many high low zealotry Marjorie yes did you know okay market no course okay thanks Ross you know what. I think when I give these guys enough credit. I think you're right they did go to mavericks grit they did go to all three bode well for what Vegas. And one of Israel they spend more time this is an agent and friend a perfectly their jobless a final call and did wrong or seep into an instead. The spent time talking people say how much they love Kevin because there. I look and don't like talking Norton you think they order their quotas I LO OO VE. So did it dispelling his with with 30 that's how much they love and hate us. She received around within reach out to Tommy Horton Steve to rent yes I have good he rig you have out front wheel behind armored you know are we do that we get. Kurt can Callahan on Twitter and Kirk. We are back on Sports Radio WEEI. Each time once again for. Headlines that he's any explicit that there is limited action alleys and really nice guy who worked slopes to your liking this back and so it's really. Listen even if you make a mistake I don't ever like to see someone like. Probably adding to his heart's in the right place but who generally makes the right decisions I don't like to see someone named. And that they knew it I mean it's time for courage and tell my hands. Eyes. Adding another way of pregnant for the month I mean just you most of the time she also she was of that with Al McCarthy's post time because did you write to us most veteran with a 200 stores and find five or six we think it's wholly made up and I don't like three male actors who were harassed by Kevin Spacey very well that's the MITRE is world outside its closure on that side right now yeah world. It's fickle world or you can help recruiters to Rico or whoever it's fine but and that she gets all worked up right. Who knows the headlines right by doctor Robert Leonard document depressed he beat her doctors at 1800 get here before you talk to Kurt should reach I should mention. Reached out to Linda is who yesterday. After Cilic who joined us today issues very polite she text me back last night with snappy phone as. Very nice. Wish me happy Father's Day instead. Should it isn't much further say especially given pending arbitration goes for answers to unionize has his back but she's very polite and nice job mr. back in response to that before work. Appreciate that but you know. But very soon. In an additional worries Boston ends. That's good I guess maybe I should go off our church Toobin Whitfield right yes that's right on the street right. To drive the public about one all the time a team Brian McCullough tried obvious you know historical and the to a so where's. His old high school from work and the globe and yeah well that's right trying to getters quit. He has a wasn't right she was she was hooked up yet she did right he grabbed her sleeves rolled up so the tracks and firm up with a guy with a guy that guy that they guy was emotional that this man given a lot of money one who more that's right. And he ran that motel in the episode that was with that. You don't stop shop all its upbeat upbeat punch him in the stomach was lucky the hotel workers or friends right mail yet that's now I lost my mind you know he did he hurt his hand focusing on the right and that hand in Boca and so we mountains. The book in the gold gloves have been that's right and I broken gallons in these punks I don't wanna see you in that place again. Stay away from the stand. I find another place owes for headlines Chris Curtis good morning Chris good morning guys all set for Altria was returned to a bit excited except politics socialists have you been at least. Or commitment about them and I'm not well if you. Yeah a cycle and not well okay you will be here tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock newbie on here go ahead OK so yesterday Tom Brady spoke with Oprah speaking of zone time there is there. To reverberating no no not OK guys don't like integrity so I'm helping. Think these are poverty was asked by over about his relationship with pulled. It is something going on within telecheck. No I mean I'd love I'm and I love him we won't know I love her that he's it's incredible. You know coach mentor for me. And he's pushing waterways. And I'm like everything we don't agree are absolutely everything else that's what relationships. That's relationship yeah. Yet no. Lot of bother us that she told it was no problem among I just don't find him in or around where did they take turns at recent work it out into the ticket but now I mean. I love I'm and I love him. It's shocking for Brady you knew he knew that question was coming I don't think so I don't think he knew. Mean you know I think Yancy why didn't you ask me every legislative wheels there either Tom Brady went on there every single question now did I mean he has generally yes he gets Oprah gave a list yes oh of course yes basic note an outline. Guide and then another partisan our partners and was the whole uproar about poverty kissing and saw him was brought up by Oprah actual stranger ask I didn't picturesque route that nobody it was a big attachment ask one accuse I would make it real request I would also haven't got Brady. I would say a prolonged kiss on the lips with some meat we debated at the suitable I just our analysts. But you of who I got an biggest lift yesterday for published. Part drawn to that and the question. Should I think this a little yeah when he you know stop kissing her on the lips. Part 4045. You want to Jack up the hope god would break your neck. And I don't remember ever Kessler forgives younger no you must weird non. We don't sexual attached but it's just way but you should daughter analysts. No which usually I suppose so why that's. Because you're older talking about the massage I mean the upside down. And saying. Guys are Harriet beat anybody about the quickest Olympics Marjorie don't want it there. Okay what about when he's twelve. Andy when he wins I thought BA when he's not a problem with it will be gone and so you're gonna force them. Slug is Paula zone until he went like this yeah. It's force than ever thought it was a breeze it's. You even aware that I'm just wondering for somebody who who is as private as you are when the Internet pulling up it had. And each of these key it like than it and I should be election which Lehman voice and a fattening that was on that and I think what I thought was more for him I was one or maybe the kids at the school say something yeah they watched and yeah. I think that's a hard part with. That's probably more what I thought about is he not gonna have to deal with yeah kids come out tendencies in him and it's hard for kids and they don't. There was a boy that came it's my son Bennie the other dances on his friends do you does Tom Brady. That's hard I mean he said that dates and but you know he's his eight years old then what can he. Part for less than you know I thought I don't care if I myself would my thinking now with me because I absolutely did you have a talk about it I did and it says it should be President Bush. It's just kids eight and see things like that yes it's not a problem because it burial. Detail because he's accused of course. Is there on your grades at your dad as an and that's the right. And there. Oprah Winfrey parenting expert. Can I hated separated sweaters an oath that. Right now what is it not agree to a hybrid a whole thing is we that's in his. That cared Corretja. Don't like I was opera house was yes. All right you agrees on how she was again correct read yesterday's sell hold her back to sell would vote was in her yard correct zealot who showed up up just tells here's Jim popped in your grade because creek there is so awfully big stages ulcer and usage and courageous and that these headphones with in dismay of the Bradie James greatness was weird that as well that's how old you going to be when they stop are they impressed. Your bad guy does and I had headlines Friday by doctor Robert Weiner document to proceed heat air lost leaders have 1800 they're right back Kim Don Dick donny's wife. Which unseated dejudder preaching tweet she didn't even that's in more yeah expediency. Current. And Callahan Sports Radio. Guy. Soy did go let's hear what all by myself on replica. Tuesday afternoon right before Christmas. To the to Buffalo's downtown repression common and you know it was just. It was one of those movies he would first thoughts that. There was so much real stuff I didn't understand why they had to create. A composite character and have Mark Wahlberg to everything you did it it would not have it would not have heard the movie and I think it would have made a lot more authentic. If they just told that as idiots. Mobile mobile mobile that's ultimately you'll give in the last several hours that's what I heard the winter and we're why not have that right. That's from the riots that and that's the answer yet criticizing Mark Wahlberg make and stuff which is better they've been really is so much great stuff its site. Psychologically. You know it's almost like he's confessing. That I just saying I listen you know this much crazy stuff. Why did you lie at all about this when you at the combined aside so what if you were signaling them. That's for most people war right. When it happened at 'cause on right as it was like the Coleman because Wahlberg has all the security spots right all almost mystery watcher through. And I was over there over there over there we should check two days after was he Watertown. Cole who knows it we begin to go through some of these older stores I mean mrs. Incredible some easy you can see it he says that he knows he knows. That he was physically. That speaks to again his mental illness the suggesting he may have these just convinced himself he doesn't pointless we're Ryan how many years is that Fides are fact he should pop right for them the facts still. And management figures on the controversial story I mean. He went to the movies sat back on Tuesday afternoon by himself at the lows against you to absorb it all by himself last. Tears streaming all in this week's meeting. Who want to the packaging he walked out he lives talisman bomb project on you want that is right into each other. It's one of these stores and five anniversary of the donny's a bug news we find that you. I remember reading. Dick our view was it was you know almost got shot this letter out during the shoot only original out of them yeah I mean you know very easily could have died I being identical to try my best friends so this guy but yes it's weird. Dixie as I thought I fathers the issue was great such as the government's between Dick. Any opting Sean O'Brien play golf all day which Reagan that we do every year so this is the tradition pals else's house restaurant happy Father's Day guys yet and he's been you know a lot of ways to expend my house well it's been really he's been there. None of that that's about it got shot and almost died in ways almost a month like the car because of what you don't know that might be the most offensive for its thank you guys for that change happen here BC's good luck charm he's Alice and so creepy. But it will be honesty what a creep. It is he's a great guy don't get me wrong Tawny whatever changes are awesome the stripper yes that's another real burst out. I'd say the stripper. Because we've talked kimonos from friends to perform the Goldman had a party in my house. Did I ever told a party in my house my parents were Bermuda. My Brothers I stayed back for prep school I'd apart in my house with strippers there and one is trooper's name was on. Swear to god thoughts were taunting her and her stage name was to get our Internet address troopers come to your house in Winchester. Yes she's so I can verify what's is that it costs to verify that I'm ma I approve a I go the performers along the western OK I was eighteen. We did my buddy that Bryan Bryan and that who's announced San Antonio compare as well got through the yellow pages in by what you guys you're in charge thirty bucks ahead. And we two girls down the pace and stripping force did you thinking that we more than strip as. As memory serves as memory serves I did not partake. But I believe the gentlemen who accompanied the women who was muscular. Say if you're interested in possibly bonus would be hundred dollars and we performs somewhere else. My memory serves a couple of guys took up that offer about a kidding. As memory serves you within a gentleman stood by the door to make sure yes yes and I was not going to be out almost always happen. I have my doubts about the stored because you can say Tonys last name not a lot don't know it don't know or don't write to us all the but I got here I never this or this morning on how is that time. The guy got into giant introduced here is that our guys here she is. Austria wherever hundred pounds of dynamite tied. It obviously is that ushered Tyson would typically two and ninety to July as the Iran through your parents' suburban at this point woods to the bird was there we went and we went our and it kind of went around and tyra we pretend that one gets bachelor party was going to be. Nice guy but next super super prudish he laid out that you gave was called stamp of approval on this for a thirty bucks and pocket titled the store before I just lets you Tommy just bottom. I provided alcohol in public feels pizza for thirty bucks thirty box has a lot of pretty good deal except for that that third out thirty bucks. Four at 831 or costly or more commissioner kit or which has future and it's not for blue as in yeah. Right at the elect as entertaining and get a tip my did not detectives Ron include. About lessen its water stingy captains yet she's. Amber she gave electing its. I told us it just so you know she's flat this summer business. I've said this is all mine as a this is my house leader by myself these cars are reminded that it's just look at it Qaeda go to freedom wherever next a golfing and some bachelor party. Yes this is all mine great night it was a great night party who are right now she's young saudis put a hole which should be now. She's not commercial than me I'd say she's in late forties have part of looks great on the jobs of Sharon felt nobody during the accident and get there. Money in the story that we don't already so real quick before we talk to him Donny she's also. He verdugo and OK we never tweet right here let me read to you. The indyk was shot in the shoot out great and we've we've talked a few times I've on the podcast summit the on him did did you write McKeon wants stronger yet. She tweeted out yeah brought calm quote we. It's a thank you those of us impacted on April 13 do not need. And it falsehoods too was already unimaginable weaker the first person to come publicly speak out about that we acquiesce reservations also. When we do detect colon discussion. Whenever it's a month ago and six weeks ago. So what's it has a feel for people who would care who were affected impacted who lost limbs. You know who lost loved ones right these guys forty. Is injecting himself into their misery not sold on their tragedy so talk to Kim can die you what Dick Dottie about her tweet and more we get.