K&C - Has Belichick changed his approach this season? Red Sox minute with Mut and Reimer 8-9-18

Mut & Callahan
Thursday, August 9th
Hour 3: Mut and Reimer talk about Bill Belichick's refined approach to the 2018 football season. Mike Lombardi is back to evaluating the evaluator, and a quick Red Sox minute.

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He'd skirt and Callahan. Which occurred amid ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. The season at a Mike and Alex this morning how are you. Like you know what you wanna boss moved house series you thought it got with the quarterback. How much he thought about not playing here. They're working people in your round your organization honestly did not that many thought it was. They didn't know he was like and that actually I'm talking about a year to year basis. Where we may see it here yet what we think we haven't heard we don't know if they don't know then. There are some sort of question I doubt they're so again I can't play like it won't what boy. His wife wanted to retire news breaking about doing it used this post do we need. What a doable in your regards Martin crossed his mind you some deviations are. I was out of chapter would like an Alex. Last hour to your show very good morning Adam this is like in Boston how are you a lot boss trying to act professional speaking to big football gas. On radio show don't screw up don't screw up don't screw up it did sound like that. When we introduced in the question is out of one half like in Alex this morning you. And should Tim Roemer excellent second guessed by. And next time that that's little sound will get really loose sort yellen to star is playing its route to his formal response good morning good now or eight guys how are you how are you how are you sick I thought a good interview for a a pre season football opener tonight patriots and Redskins though things he said. That remains the most newsworthy and it sounds like al-Qaeda Brady's good year to year no big deal. The difference being is that a year ago he's talking about playing till 45 and podcasting and Peter King so to go from that to. And now a year to year in chapters mind that is a major change in projection for the quarter and sell it in the morning bossy good morning. Can I couldn't solid to me it's only a waiting room at the dentist we wrote the music that made that's that's that's guys can write words when talking about the we should see my dream I'm not not hot Mike not so I gets them twice of what he talked to adopt new chapter in my. And I don't cause you might. We wanna get the football. I think they do think it's etc. to it we've known for a while that Odyssey something is tainted Brady between last year. In this past year we sod and converse time but that new wrinkle in all this is the physical pain except there was alluding to I mean I'm. Mean that's something that we haven't heard a lot about so far it pre. Out for none of that is your opponents argued distracted by your no idea who is con cement calling wire on the air yet it's foolish after saying that it's because of the that is tied it the rest of the league right where he said other teams around footballer doing it their backing off even the young players radius 41. That's pretty significant if the time off is. Do to you wanna. Protecting it was one thing. Dealing with an injury already ongoing would be something completely different and I I've no idea is up in one whisper whatsoever other than Greg Bedard story. Yesterday to his credit but Darden mentioned it it is you know blame bella check not a pretty calm. That he noticed that one of the practice and he could remember which practices happened but one of the practices he remembers Brady. You know. It was like shaking out his arm right. After throwing couple ball isn't oak street across this so closely watched debris we notice like all he weighs shaken out his iron one point during practice. What does this mean but we are with quarterbacks or 41 all the Stubbs can become with quarterbacks were 41. That had a weird off season. This is this that every single week they'll be some little Brady not write plays poorly plays well author of interaction did answer this question. You did this show is gonna have Tom Brady on next Monday August 13. Kirk and Callahan will have Tom Brady on his normal Monday spot beyond throughout the course of the year they Alaskan questions and if he treats at the wagered that press conference. It's going to be different Tom Brady this year is this show Assam the best questions of anybody when it comes to Brady and and these interviews here in town. And so those are not being big stories right what did he answer that did Hannity how hard he answered that tidy sound houses at home. Just thank you Steve we will but that did these are all going to be things on a weekly basis as Brady turns will be like the second soap opera for a second straight year really when it comes to the patriots as a team will be covered the patriots and covering somber. I'm sorry the patriots and Brady in particular has played into this because if he wanted to quell. A lot of discussion about ballots tacky way to say plead the fifth and Jim guy asked a question what you know of sent out note Dotson when he was asked. About the state of through legitimate ballots that a couple of weeks ago in this grappled Belichick also could have quelled a lot of this if he had last year. Not been so quick to dismiss Guerrero from the building. Mean that he. He made Guerrero look bad record and talking about after that happened. You know Brady has let it all linger this offseason Amber's time to sell hazardous months ago appreciate it where he's let it linger and as a result. We tease tease tease her scrutinized anyway. Be scrutinized even more so. I guess we'll people would they'd buy into three I you said this earlier in and maybe you're right we wouldn't talk about it as much but based on all the evidence we had from current wicker sham. Although there stuff local course like six or seven months leading up to the offseason. If he came back and everything's fine no big deal. We believe I I'm not sure I wouldn't necessarily believe right away but there wouldn't be any NetApp is no issue there wouldn't be addition all additional anecdotes to reference. Mean since the current and wicker sham reports from last year we got. The converse time yet to Jim Gray interview yeah describe them a couple weeks ago after practice that we now have had new anecdotes to introduce this story. Seed Agha does show that. I mentioned the TB twelve stuff earlier Brady's health. There's also with parade this goes against his in the way he's treated this. It goes against his yo I wanna forgive people and I want to. Move past I wanna be angry. That he's given you a little about human side to right I mean this guy who seem very protected in and very locked into the four agreements. Is now willing to show a little bit of anger and I like towards the coach I had him he pleads I'm with you there there it seems. It seems more real and more excellent examples are real relatable re yes relatable realistic that he would still be pissed off. That is best friend got brother one of his kids was told hey you can't did train our players a certain way. Of course about any human being. Would be matadors don't really quite know what the -- status as he had the Ian Rapoport report a couple of weeks ago nick rarely done until it stadium. On a daily basis and then Yasser after about that last hour in chapter said he doesn't know for sure but if Guerrero was down there every day that would be news to him. We've heard so nothing concrete older where where is growers stand and you had some people saying well I mean. Of course terrorist consulate steam every day was never and from the stadium used to spin from the sidelines during games but then you have people again except you're saying. Well I don't believe he's down there every day in if he was not be in new elements so that the Guerrero status remains in limbo at least two last week we have no idea what his role as with the team how it's changed. We don't know there's been no reporting on that and and the patriots they've not. Did not help the cause is that not really sad what's gone on down there. I think that the best case is that he's allowed to at least train the quarterback. And potentially be able to train the tide and the way he wants to the most remorse but will support players on this team. We know that those guys ball BQ in girl and and grunt recently. Became TB twelve guys and those guys are healthy now at their basking grown cat. His best year a long time last year ready stayed healthy they'll say on the field and he gives that credit to grow to the point where. Mark Daniels the province journal wanted to talk to about it. And he was all willing to gun ought to do it the teen said we don't allow players. To talk about their diet and exercise routines which according to Daniels. At the time you join us either here on Monday night. He came on and said that never happened before they never laid a down. That even. Then suggested. In the early part of the off season. That there was an issue still with Guerrero in the team right they were willing to let him talk about that a total as you mentioning. That that's totally new thing we've never heard before and and also if your if your politics though. I never understood why he wouldn't seat a little bit of ground. Outs Guerrero in pre I mean if you're state Tom Brady wants out squared to be able to work on and in the locker room. While practicing fine. Why force in the go up the luxury suites increase on Amber's time when it gets to that the second most important player a guy who's had a hard time in his career staying healthy he hasn't males stay healthy. It's been one of the biggest knocks on him right that Doug at some point croc is going to get hurt. So he gets hurt he comes back he needs this he decides and current talked about this seat he decided basin in the hospital after getting her two years ago. I gotta change something I have to do something different what does he do he goes to TB twelve and according to reports. You want to train with TB twelve last year due to Guerrero stuff. And the team sort of mocked him for so not only do you not allow the most important player Brady to work with the guy. Then the second most important guy is trying something different. And now all of a sudden you're you're mocking him for that that I. I don't be ground I don't get let him be right ground we brought in last year and Ron described working with Guerrero he was healthier than the year at the end result is not to anyone. He was as good an incredible grounds and an athletic round gave the credit to Guerrero and Gaby did one point ms. Bending over a stretch in front of a Tom Koran to promote coal a different was this year initially thought that guy like it that those guys are both playing at their peak. Any don't make exceptions for those two I understand something Belichick way. But I think we all of that that type of player yet you have to don't. And this is about check way because obviously they have changed how they operated history camp it's been more days off it's been my are not as mr. and Tom Brady so. Belichick is changed his approach. And now every guy now I don't picket some mass conspiracy theory that Belichick is now a spice eating Brady in saying only. Mike getting you knew pat wide receivers and I'm not even a light practice with them. I mean maybe it's Belichick hearing some of the charges offseason some of the criticism. Be it him altering his game plan my point is Belichick tweaks things every year. The great ones debt so I don't buy that argument like Belichick has never. We went grassy ground to a player so he's not gonna do it now while every year Steffi but I don't think he's doing it out of your right I I should I wish I could buy and conspiracy theories that make for much better back and forth went about if I believed that. That he was doing this as a way to prove to the players. Like all you you guys don't want a practice all show you what it's like we got to a bad start when three out of these there. That's just a coincidence that after all this unrest between he and Brady and wrong in this incredibly crazy offseason but the Butler benching and the reaction of players that he's just this is just as progression as a coach the toys treating the capital what you did you think he's eating he's trying to what he wants him to start poorly tuned into to enter a much things try to get to the start poorly but I think it's you can't. It's impossible to relate the tube they're underestimate in the locker room he's treating them with kid gloves during training camp that's a very. There are there was unrest in locker room when eagle harder right if he's trying to prove a point that he's the coach and and sugar is that your latest trying to prove they're questioning a Malcolm Butler. But can can he be looking at and saying we played so much football last two years. That I want to treat things definitely some the first pre season game they got and he sees more plausible than this is tied to. Some sort of unrest with the team seems to be a lot of. Unresolved issues between heat on the quarterback the team is. In a very different position in terms of where there going what the future is operating with their backup quarterback situation is. The whole plan Josh McDaniels are sitting there are some people think he's going to head coach next year but he started an annoyed at the coach in waiting the whole dynamic has changed a lot more on your part. Right and I that lets them get sick at the end game then I mean because I think Belichick maybe did listen to some of the stuff this offseason has tweaked it. There's a conspiracy aegis is change the way coaching Purdue's team right now with Brady at 41 he's decided. Take a foot off the gas pedal CC is certain that that Curtis is pointless so there was so he plays Malcolm Butler. And they still lose in it's it's less on rats. Is he then treating at the same way this is a reaction to his team being mad at him that's that's why I can't my brain. Can't see where he the greatest coach of all time is gonna say I'd be one of my this because my players were sort of mad at me. And there was some under treated differently what Elijah but I think that my life I think that it. But why is it got lies about what that is the case yes what do Belichick this offseason. Got a little bit about how he handles the players heard the criticism really follows the news it's that you know I'm gonna change my personal habit wise up about. It would make any sense why I'm not don't don't great coach because he is their approach your year so how but how could while with the unrest. In how we played Malcolm Butler expects a pre season for an entire season. Maybe you realize that these guys in the locker may have to change up a little my word may be starting to fall on deaf ears in never before we had players. Openly questioning coach like Indian until a dead they'd support the opera now combine Earnest Graham and I don't I don't think Bill Belichick. I know which is saying I don't think Bill Belichick is listening to. And a goal. Were crazy delusional thinking is heard him endorsements accuse the guy who player for a Cassie is marsh. Only cost as much fun anymore Colby happy have fun and Bill Belichick. We all watched the Belichick Parcells and we're neither guy wanted to give an inch essentially on who with a bill that aid to reach out he got their friends and you want to give an inch. That guy is now gonna listen to his players and mr. Graham and social media and talking yet what anybody that's the best thing for the team and respond and be accidentally less aggressive when this team was that testing format 41 year old quarterback they weren't like under the program IID and that decision without hearing Danny Amendola bitch about being happy here or Rob Gronkowski say L. He's happy be free and he listens to its players and all the ex players no I don't think he looks at us and thanks players. And what brought social meat on her he wants to be happy and be appreciated so she or he saw Rob Gronkowski group that terrible motor cross interview and said white had things to note John and I know it's it's not one singular thing that you would admit that there was more unrest with patriots players this offseason never before I mean what a cause unrest lead to 888 more were relaxed. For training camp it's ballots this is why help with sic I I really a bad job explaining its once Seles out of 797. Ideas for that it's Belichick saying. I may be on the verge of losing some portions of my locker room so let me just. Or doesn't like her head coach and he knows this filing your charged me over the while we here and it's not worth the fight to have this players to get them to participate in camp and your workers are working. It's but that would affect overseas rights and he he's willing to instead of abuse your words. Fighting is players over practice. Willing to in his mind do it differently because it's his last year than immediate if that were true. Then that's the story that bill bell and I believe it's true that is he's taking his foot off the gas and Curtis is world. Because it last year at. Scored OK but it's also got Diana Friday heading into a long awaited not to backseat rebels and yes I understand that makes that's fact isn't it changed approach back to back seat pebbles there was some unrest there 41 year old quarterback. With taker but upbeat jostled but let's not throw as much let's take some more days I again that your you guys are saying that is tied into the way the players responded with Atlanta and yes he's in that bird was sending in that their social media response. I think I think I didn't notice so eighteen is not it is. Inept as you think Hughes he's aware of all this stuff I mean that holds and MySpace and you have to be on Easter Graham to Dodik rock respondents and all mean image all made those comments to Michael Reese I mean Belichick beats that news but I am a dole is not hearing more. With the ultra Burgess two kids are on the coach and I think there on social media thing and following you couldn't keep tabs on terrorism percent and it dawned on what what was the complaint ever that they they didn't like working hard the quarterback a year ago sent a much like working with this guy. The complaint has been being happy and free and obviously that with with gronkowski. That was tied and Alex Guerrero so he's practicing less and Guerrero still not around why is he in a veteran. I mean other be happy be free was tied to a rare look what what was the what was the issue with rape or because the reporting guys like Tommy current. That he was annoyed at the beginning of last season because he wanted to train a certain way he's being mocked Weisel coaching staff. So was tied to that there's always but there's always been Dietz did there's been some friction between drunk in the patriots and that's not near eagle now decided that money's not an act org note no doubt about that amateur talent he got a ball the way he handled his rehab years ago at the forearm he doubled last year on the contract and he's not getting one issue I can't believe he's even playing on this contract I'm shocked at crawled is sort of you know. Come along for the ride and showed up in and done any of the stuff that is as I never thought he planned ST he's getting paid this he got a one of his best years ever. He's getting paid less money this year. That he got paid a year ago that your answer is helping secure handling negotiations to give up all that's left. All it's where you need to do any shots yeah so probably I ice ratio on the station which are yet. Nice to meet any some more money well I'm Marty here what audio Marty. Has has a good business act you mean he dives in to show up to Cheney can't get up all your leverage if he won and you deal is. Weird and chipped it didn't really have anything new ones he had no answer ground I thought he was gonna have a a much better answer Rob Gronkowski and the contract and is encouraging and we're offseason for rock. So I I I'll I give you wouldn't Curtis at an a for effort on this. You're your doing nothing to convey an explanation as to why he looked at the players are you there let's say that the response chaser Coetzer is a reason why I was doing his approach so we're trying to find out why again we're going to second level. I'd I had I don't think it's just a coincidence but it is laughable obviously not coincidental I just hours a code. No not not coincidental it's tied into the year they had a year they'll last couple years how much football they are played. And knowing that they they wanted to back off his players if you with the 48 yesterday. In 2001. Of these 2004 whatever was they did something similar where built at the foot off the gas less padded practices. They work is physical and data for a year and I got back to what he normally did but. I think is bill looking and his team how much they played. Trading at their this year I don't think it's tied into and then dole what gronkowski. And specifically Brady you want to argue that maybe Brady's hurt. All I completely believe that the Brady's sore throat more than just Alan not denied any more than just one thing. Can be more than just one thing like yes I think that plays a huge factor into a cappella check. Obviously I think Belichick listens to his eyes he wouldn't be able to be dispute this long. He put a wallop it didn't solicit any feedback from his players what's okay snot out speaking of feedback maybe someone else can explain it that were at my dumb brain can understand what you guys are trying to 6617779. 7937. Is the phone number mutton Roemer for Kirk and Gerald teacher thoughts. Or gets on the show after stuff as well off billion for Kirk injure I don't need him to come out and tell me why he did it. Didn't appreciate civilly you read all this stuff there's a whole lot about Georgetown in the old Rex resurrection coach he says this he said. You know evaluate evaluate your soul who's ever doing evaluation got to evaluate him before you can really understand what that's for sure. Yeah as well as evaluation don't make mistakes. Holy smokes. A valuing the value for my own party and you see like Lamar. I sit back to back this year with the guys will sadly. It was delayed on American Airlines flight two days ago about sixty times but he made just. I've got the ultimate hard on his ability to sportswriters stock or sportsmen sort BD got us out ports right you kidding me a case of football talent supports new media member. Complaining about travel suitable chip on socially liberal champion. Think much ultimate hard on Michael board may make me smarter Michael board. Let's hear what they Carrick and party and music is completely off the rails. The best one is when it was Portland with the studio that was just excellent that was that was the last time we heard my Michael party. With the guys and that just immediately. You could tell that was going to be contentious more than more than Maine Portland is sitting at that time between fair and Lombardi if they got into that Jamie Collins or something you the theory I don't we were talk a bit. I think Mike Lombardi was talking to people that were previously on the show. Who were getting three previous hosted the show whose hearing things from him big giving. Ceding the hit it Lombardi sprain about you know car Kirk and the other third my second clip that. That great moment between Kirk and board to your eye like an interview where Edison phone calls because that is where you're supposed to be on every week he stopped like after I think we know why something listen this I think we know. Are they prepared beating your European because they're so valuable what you've been around some great great coaches your career I know Ivan I however I know what Al Davis have Ned you know fettuccine with Al Davis Las Vegas like dead might. Are there no watch Jerry Kramer respect respect and watching it a lot of passionate response so far it's or flush it they'll do editing unit that you George outlets and the man doesn't have passion is not passionately again he's not played giving examples nothing here for failing to give an example which wards they put your mouth. Are his coat you know I didn't know he didn't. On the ice is physical work. I was on Mike and Alex interview right there when they Kirk a Callahan special and Jeff Portnoy sit in studio I think let it shine again. I was so good. And that was it for Michael Bourn and suicidal tonight all of us what the best close of all time Michael by a good morning how are you Harry you. Mike good morning. Mike. Like you there but Michael this is like. The real football time and guys like Mike Lombardi you know Matt Chatham. Grasp upon mr. memory but I think Kirk was trying to pin him down some as a patriot player got cut potentially in Kirk was trying to nail down any kept saying you know have passed yet it was Jamie called yes I thank immediately he was saying the didn't play with passion but it is an example that's why would this is a fair question what does that mean to play with passion and and were off. And I think they'd. Merely said it does put extra stick duke Nolan to Asia. But there is theaters but it is building up to that point they were run ins prior to interview and just all spilled so. I'm not sure to give us great. Audio play forever never beat Michael bodies of spot on with them all bill Belichick's new approach 6177797937. Raid a car direct. Right. Oh. Points. Our night. Up. And well. Rock music do. You ought be our. 00 Brady and light and we. One the other one to knew it. I don't. Action now. The moon. I'm just Belichick is EU and a lot. He's Arctic. Is and you sin. Or call. This phone is just you know array I enjoyed it ain't gonna let the more I think about it I'm going jointly use how happy were you when he signed love easy date the happening is Alex has been all morning I agree with when he said love the show I hope that it thank you very much Arnold Google. Blogs. Go had he wanted except raise you know what I got I'm gonna verbally like ray's phone pocket like every positively think majority of them and I'm like Purdue. Now like that phone call ray. But yes yes it all plays into yes telecheck realized all I'm on the verge of perhaps losing this locker room so it. Ridiculous and I sat there and his mate passed its. In addition to back to backs you bubbles in addition to 41 year old quarterback another factor is well. These guys I may have lost the mom Butler they're expressing for the first time this summer and rest your arm and doing things so let me change my approach. In all factors into it makes no sense that you know a coach who's done a certain way and has never I don't think as far as I can tell. Worried about what its players thought about it we know. Because what we know about. OK on Alaska's certain different way give me another example of Bill Belichick may need a change to his team are making some significant move. Because as players. Asked for Opel unit for a yesterday that every areas at different approach which is an idol again I I think this year could be different I don't think it's because. The players are mad about Malcolm Butler that Hammond dole or grant is on social media I think it can be pretty is simple and I don't boring. But it's as simple as we played a lot of games last couple years. A minute take it easy getting increasing in number and so ballots equity for the first time you admit I mean getting him until I know as a player anymore but. You know player adds ripped bill ballots like in until Denon. That's I think there's probably been a player to them forgetting that have taken shots at the the coach of the experience comes to mind immediately following game Malcolm butler's. Won't comments in my greens were asked the code they ought to at least he. Knuckleballer to his credit had it right the after they lost faith and you would admit I know that's it you would put them in terms of dissent there is more this offseason and we've seen ever absolutely right gig at L go out of it unpopular thing I want you referenced thing. We don't dance from Malcolm Barr so they now about a Amendola. That is lingering I agree with that Santa quarterbacks multiple opportunities so without expert that Wright's politics heard that he's heard all diocese acute. You don't think he reacts to it all you don't think he thinks so media socially reactionary rotten practices hard. It's one can point to yes and one of the other opponents and playing back to back to pools 41 year old quarterback. What I got politic does make a big decision about how to handle training camp based on just one factor. There's a multitude of actors hold our own hands that's a good word Anthony Providence I'll check our chief. She'll bill as Alex loves that to say it was gone on Anthony. Well at all I mean it took but Jamar that very agreement all of you. That the people closest to bill that would check in the make this metamorphosis. Change it they. May be correct it's wrinkle in the little crack in the little wind up. And a little bit and now we'll Josh Josh McDaniels he's wearing headphones and I think market rates. I'm gonna start say well those are and whatnot and doing the transition. A way that out Anthony let it please let it be so that they they take the field. And make Daniels makes all the play calls and in bill so like this the supervisor all you will be. After in his arms crossed a blitzes the most irresponsible things that are right as little notes down and got a pencil and has no whereas in the show up to. What when and what appeals of the what are the what if he's up in the tops box X Ernie Adams. On LB good. I'd be at it would it it would show you all the transition is happening find out after the game. Josh has run training camp so far it's been a transitional year they make the announcement tomorrow morning. Is the final year for bill he could see light from the sideline. Attempt at LC like how far the Petri Tonys would go in twist themselves in and a pretzel to get it all it all is well all is well like and how far with things have to go. And to backing him to admit I mean there's something I go online. Hotspur. Yeah I think there's some people that just are gonna your innards different they're gonna defend and it is that there's it's not defense or a not offend some and I just. I find it hard to believe that the coach is. Gonna take the approach for a few upset players or former players and make the change rather make the change because specifically. He's EC something in his team yeah it's absolutely right. So palace is a bitch about him than in the media now now if it comes out you wanna tell me Alex that. He went to the players and and talk to the captains this team. And said to them I know that date date talk didn't then okay again. Understood but reacting to their social media and and media reaction that's the part that I just don't there's not. Notion maybe two maybe they told them told innocent person as well. They could have I don't know owns. And Heidi and at times reported in the last layer idol the last of her life treatment unusual was that even undefeated respond to social media wise that's about it in the news it was a big a story a lot sees because that. It's it it's just not Belichick. Just not nothing the only reason why they changed their approach to street Anthony could be a factor not only to just I discounted like you I I'm discounting it. As I think most patriot fans are 617779. 7937. The phone number right on time the ninth call right now we are here I'm on Mott and Reamer here are not like an Alex we do the interviews. But not Reamer here to give stuff away beating ninth caller right now. And 6179310937. When a pair tickets. See Boston take on Tampa Bay Saturday August 18 and a parking pass the differential senator garage during free ticket Thursday brought you by town fair tire. And AFC urging care each winner also qualifies for a fifty dollar Red Sox teams or gift card beating ninth caller right now to win it 617931. 0937. Tickets during free ticket Thursday brought you by town fair tire and antsy urgent care speaking a Boston based hobbled Steve Lyons. Critical about score on the broadcast last night in a Red Sox who went to that and a bunch of other stuff in his final hour of. Perky Katie and see in the morning mornings with Kirk can Callahan watch Sports Radio. EI. I'm Bridget about it. Johnson. Others want. Is this going I. All those. John. Randall Gretchen. I. Joseph a happy opening day you got a joke. Well that was actually Tim on the broadcast last night that was Tim on the called agree Tacoma on three run blast up Brian Johnson essentially. And it is night was a Red Sox clinic and an eight to five at that point they won ten to five going away. They are now while 47 games over 500 they are on pace for a 114 wins there absolutely. Freaking cruising night in night out at about two runs up. I Johnson last night showed you why coupon rates has never gonna start again here again dope for the Boston Red Sox and they can sweep away. The blue jays here tonight with a win with a Rick rule Ricky pretty Ricky is IG or crop the skulls of pretty Ricky ports on them. In that your Red Sox yes well you know months did you pop mainstream I'm glad you admit that it's finally let's he's he's done starting he will now go to the bullpen and thrive on ice now why I finally get a chance to pay off this long fought out. Plant a mine getting Palmer hits the ball I had read selected view listener rich here they ruled out Red Sox review people you guys know pop right to vote there. Wall Lee. It did and Ireland in Florida too late for Blair in Maine. Frederick Maryland my guys aren't such review crew they know I've been pub pub on this thing for awhile. Palmer it's depending and it's definitely gonna happen now with sail back on Sunday and Johnson pitch like that. Alex court cannot. Start Palmer it's again over Brian Johnson or over at water recently engines any strings knocks on the mound but you know wanting to watch the rest away for the Red Sox is of course in the of these. Awful news that your Grammy Betty and with and memories absence now I've had Steve Lyons these couples Steve Lyons who I we said before he took the the stage of the night. The one thing I always liked about Steve is that and this is gotten in trouble and out he's got in trouble on the markets. He can be critical of the team. On the broadcast and teams specific broadcast unit at sea as the media columnist for W I got out of mom's death doesn't happen very often don't think idea and approached me awfully critical. A the patriots and Altima is out of traffic while decreasing in as a call for anyway but. You can get my gist correct and that shot will be very critical and very very quickly is gonna bring up butler's imminent Belichick Brady that's and that's dynamic not. Enough with the cost of staff he is get into the football please it is not what this is the Gunner doing a good job and out of the Gunner and I hear that from Tampa a look at his Twitter feed it's all eighty ballot check. Malcolm Butler bench tot not stop the yeah it's a lot more than I want that I want to fire blitzer I want to I won an all. So lions last night Brian Johnson got that home run there was nobody in couple runners gone ahead of that tegra 23 Ronald Ron. No one even warming at that point eventually they got out of it went to the bullpen the eight inning and that was new Buick. But Steve Lyons took with a critical stance on the manager which is not happen very often has it been so good this year the way handle that situation. You fully expect the Red Sox who want to win this game with an 85 Danny's couple innings left. Relentless attack they have offensively the back half of their bullpen but I am sick about what just happened Brian Johnson. Sick really Steve I mean there is states like he still to trying a little too hard and I don't that's trying hard and sick he's sick over what happened to flush it out of the game anymore of running out of gas he stating give up the three run home run it Getty ERA goes up well Alex Cora nobody read a sickening. I vomit now I don't even save that. We have more from Steve Lyons being critical out score. After about Dave O'Brien Johnson and I I get the word of I thought he played it give me the can't give Dave credit they did a good job. I'm getting back to this point to set up Steve Kline the facilitator. On the broadcast last night. Little one on targeted commercial break you look at surprised that after Russell Martin took the walk with one down. There was no activity in the bullpen. The great wow what a yes so what's it mean my god he did any other silicon averages acts that Don what do. I don't think a plate and he had that amazing day did a good job hunt is that something in any follow up with a question I think gave wolf gave does that often when he hears something interesting from his color guy. He goes back to. While Israel strikes what he sees a good list really makes you sick really. Easily into the wind I mean makes you sick will be at home run it was a it was slow we were we gonna mock air boo for being slow to go to Jonathan holed the last Thursday. We got a mock got mocked we got a critical balance Cora who John Ferrell did that. You know what happened people be gone crazy direct flow not true threats extra 43 games above 54747. Games above 500. I don't think there will be hearing lycra I am sick about what just happened. Sets Allison make in that sense. So sick of that I'm I'm I'm sure so that you don't get that very often but lions on the broadcast they try to fill in now for Jerry Remy. For the next I don't know how long it's going to be ready spoke to a bunch of different outlets will last a day or so talking about his diagnosis and he he is saying essentially. Don't read into the NASA released the suggesting he might have been out for the year and a social media. Competency with that sat read to me the release I unity on he was gone with the earlier military related NASA spokesman said in a brief statement that he's gonna focus on its. And that's out to be like he won't be that this year a Grammy said he is not condemned the thing about the storm problems off the a little bit. So I think it's the globe story today yeah. Read basically admits he got the diagnosis a week ago or got the ward didn't know exactly what it was but knew the cancer returned. Was planning on working not just the road trip. But think about working till the end of the year. And then finding out and addressing it. Once they get into the offseason which I thought was not she worked that day he sees the great three man Booth that O'Brien recklessly ready new. Last weekend he had cancer and in that it came on the and I'm begging you the details which are right that he knew that it were currently able to me because I thought that is like got. I would not be my guest on the I know I wouldn't be I mean how would you give it to Inkster I I actually don't think I'd be on the air I would say okay let's go deal with this finally dead it would be terrible my mind to being a million other places so I don't know Heatley thinks he kept mention the end of the year is being something you want to get to an opiate thought that. I don't know what he thought but I was surprised. He was gonna try to essentially play through right and not. Not. He sounded really good resell the game once said boy ready sound sounds like the best announcing we've heard on us and in a long time that three men beat over the weekend. And they wanted to do more that they will not be Steve lines Jonny Gomes and I don't know wealth in the next a couple of weeks as cited what he did Arnold talk over a huge effect beautiful gray hair complex rocket these days doesn't get at a that's where is positive attributes. Let's let's think David Florida and it's one I Red Sox review guys David god good morning how are you. Good morning my car. I didn't call you I mentioned you as one of the Red Sox review cropscience. You somebody to buddy for being not deserve. The article is not that old that's not Dick in Upton Curtis c'mon. What better to. Meet you look at you up you got the apple already egos is wants to oxides which your socks take that he did we met at the. Am I mean I'm very concerned about. A boat caught up all our nation's and there's a lack of experience are making that hadn't. He makes he's made some significant mistakes. That the. Senior. What did you call you recall leaving Brian Johnson last icing to begin mistake first of three in Toronto. Yes I bet that I mean something about it the 890. Throughout that placed in a little luck but it but every inning walk. That such a me to assume that that. That. Collar. Seat. Give me some examples he dead. Our means. Back in the early in the note that came out of options like was may or June. In my acting black and others of the game very early in the and what are you. He should have instead of Jack and Jack in the struggle. When you lecture. I did tell ya we talked about a review game and I mean that did David brings up some very salient points this team has 81 wins right now we should be killed a manager. Awful job by Allah score. Meanwhile they won all those giving big big effective team bail them out as you save a run on siddiqui on this offense to tell them out and thanks so I heard David call yesterday with concerns about Craig Kimbrel. So that's all I was legit concern there as well that's legit concern. It must not create I think the entire the entire bullpen you've seen one right this office in no big deal. Won't be a big doc for to browse you don't win the entire bullpen including Campbell this point. Is a major and Kimbrel then I don't know why they don't win a world sort of Kimberly the altars in October you blame it on Craig Kimbrel mean there's nobody you know that I can't deadline if you would be a good repossessed in Britain or Craig Kimbrel upper prospects yet you. Can you did at the prospect beat it wanna give them up mean Dombrowski essentially said that as much in his press conference saying. You could have gotten these guys but they did not want it in it's is is said that they got to restock the farm system because he's treated so many of its prospects. He I think he was given an edict at some level. You can't trade any delete guys thome got hurt anyway who would Evian dining chief medical status nuts I think it's browse Michael child I heard no I heard your base are Alex re run Red Sox review call Michael chops at ten Alex does Red Sox review not agreement that's right Alex does it's actually. That's almost sold nondescript except at the canned the Poland's late now again he got even he'd won a Pulitzer. So no one else be bits on an island are you the Red Sox if you Ireland you would admit that if they lose it's because the bullpen. And they know magic as a starting pitching that's at a loss last two October's. And then I'm not in it. Yes you know we go get to a minute between now on 10 o'clock 617779. 7937. The phone number if you miss that are Fred peete shepherd is having a bad day. I we're gonna cheer you up by playing some Pete you started new featured out there in Fort Myers called pictures of Pete and everything you want. A video a thirteen minute video Pete shepherds Condo. And Bonita springs to be but. Also bad news B chipper would get all that between now and 10 o'clock but and Roemer for Kirk. Yankees now down to the Yankees in three years mr.