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Thursday, October 12th

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Kirk can Callahan on Twitter and Kirk. We are back on Sports Radio WEEI. Time once again forward. Headlines. Just all this yeah it's the talk until after actually no that's all they've done that jurors really Terry didn't get his. Not women's athletics play ball and I say that I. That is things I could get a hold the so does it. The actual votes actually got called into action and it's actually just fall TV too hard on it hearty wind is one of the night. It's time for Kurt and Kelly hands. Lives. That's the simple question on sterilize your base all right your head down. Leisure and that's when I'm Chopra change change change change shame what this was save on the I've. People texting between me asking if I'm OK because I'm acting okay. Which could point I mean carriage occasionally good mood have you gone back are humans. No not that I'm thrilled that you're good doctors. Well it's not coincidence for your behavior only kisser probably that's what you had got Cynthia are you shouldn't festival reason that did the Olympics. I would say and I don't. Now Iowa a moment there just read this breakfast on certain compared itself let's get move it to us at let's go. And I called honey into our Canada was like are you sleeping here Marty loved it there. Now we heard that I was a little and confrontation with Steve Burton and whose cousin Eric actually job Gerri yes. Our sources chow denied not clearly you hon. That I. A Nazi or sources are never reveal my source and Gary to Hamburg no no. Always carries and no known if we find him they are I apologize and remembers let it fly. Mow my apologize to outside. Well football also but so what happened. He assassin fired a yes to I really it was a sad that I that I he called me hot and I said I know it's because you don't mind when these and he said I'll never forget her name now and then I said and I said let me give hill a protest. Don't call women Hahn who it's not acceptable in the Yugoslav around that went away now so now sorry sweetie. He was very taken aback at that was an appropriate that he is very that is always I have a friend who calls which is this a silent and authorized. It's nice and I guess it was it's it's not learn from this father of the nexus that this and that but he and that's Steve said he said you know always about a name is and you know I caught it he does it is to tentacles men body. A company and Hines he doesn't need it and you're playing like a buddy buddy. While maybe he will now I said that's that's a more appropriate to Steve's day. Is it probably doesn't look good will be worse by the way before you headlines. Another source also told me Bradford tried it sort of altercation that yes I did call not set OC and a problem that not work. Yes because rob said I think he's an advocacy privately if you know rob what's the ideal time the way he's angered training always blows up we can get away with it. So like in Branson about it I say yeah and talked about who can melt too he said. He just EU is a little taken aback that I think and you and he sent by tiger is free Phyllis Dickerson no. Knew it knew or know his right who taught you well you were telling their big why it worked out unbelievable engine that because these that there is yet I'm Mariah bleeping here it's true I kind of get away from it. I get away with our. First learning from you Kirk thank my candidate Tito Jackson arriving indoors from there I know nothing about donate money you should run my check I love those guys about that it. I loved to Jermaine and Mike at what they're recording artists obviously admitted muted Jackson I yes great group great but you guys. Tito when he gets Marty wants us to be first mayoral debate Asian walker our friend moderated debate. Did you see any of of course I would never miss that all things. Yeah it's been my man Marty hung tough to get to mark a you know Marty and it can offer me 109 rounds early model. Or even any notable enough that we Marty Walsh being asked later marker about how to love work with the police and universities so Marty Walsh the mayor of Boston. He's gonna offer a real concrete solutions forget the so correct correct and when I'm I'm I'm damaged the the second change my endorsement two seconds well. That included more and it's. Department specifically. He millions of citizens in real time does he back. We fast on this with the any news to start. These Watson and with the yet you want want to and yeah exactly. That's something that's march. Without slew down Marty's. So his answer is peace walks piece works but I'll say if your game anger and you're like you packing heat issue people use who was apiece for a technical. Lead might go home and go for a walk for the he's walks total. Window dressing just fall pain in crystal like thirty points in the polls right through it doesn't. Mean this I mean mayor of Boston his job portal on the aisle without politely at crime only a sixty years unless you get nailed the FBI sting rising job for a comeback after jail be elected to that point right now 31 points. Sorry to sort of that's the series I think you know you don't enough about me I'm endorsing Tito Jackson why are you addressing what is it Latino leaders have very simple he. Mario and Mike he wants a good guy I'm sorry I like I was if Bob's beat good such a fun thing could happen Kirk that we came on either in the radio on he was very cool we talked whom on the amount to pandering deal. He's not once she's a Democrat. That's we don't. You the old beauty puts on his pants properly in the morning every day most of the time so does the labels in the front of the as the back. I saw was what anymore debates between these two. Now I think this is an accident they'll call the police force lastly a good a good advocates for pregnant women. Police officers. And under under Walsh peoples of the bar it's not what. Police department at moments there is little. In the pool because. I don't leak that. That 90% of the firefighters life. They're both of magnitude. I want more women firefighters I don't care about their strong enough or not I want women. Firefighters and women of color yes but here they could use the job or not want them hired what about you would absolutely nothing and now of course and you can't. Yes I do we'll church sensibly want guests all fires to be wheelchair access all of firefighters and we pitchers that's fair to them either like at work the short distance UI four. I'm with Tito Jackson 1000%. If a white man applies for job. In the black I applied for the job black guy which is say is not is qualified and that passion the job every single time yet. You don't and we don't know that these that he minorities are applying these jobs are more Qualls right to die I agree you're assuming that and are you saying well what's he saying. What I liken it wade you obviously he's. Two options for this kind of hips and the ice rink and I can't believe all the fire 90% of new firefighters and I do not have a number isn't prime that does not salary. The black firefighters. I larger generally liked. Why it's stupid and that's just the history job and it's true and you know the black guys are applying for child great job. And it's not well it's a tough job subsidies it's a great chip it's a yes in some cities are tough job. When you say tougher and others I would say that it's a tough job in the city of Boston area east of guys that don't have any margin of error is not that many fires and don't believe on this like 110 the number of lies that were floating lost that I and we must all because we have fire code lost that goes by I fire and not everyone doesn't smoke right. And everything summit would also have to mean firefighters also had to respond at a magnate and another good friend someone this runs of five dollars and you don't have four and usually scifi tomorrow I might unlock my brother marble. And here are my guys great guys and you know really do you respond to. Accidents. That's what I've no doubt it's not buyers about say the difference my father in law who's now you know retired news at the time chief. And he was doing seventies where it was excellent and I mean this is crazy numbers in Boston. Seventies to now. There's a fraction of the fires used to be lots fires that I guess is July this building small Alabama model and let's wish I was surprised that that's for a few years ago those two guys via ever Brady was can attend the right now and I noticed a backtrack yet exports we see stuff like that escalated the Brady's place wrist watch and yes I do everybody called them. So those those two idiots okay they go we're very that was equal treatment in some reporter in seventeen pars in Austin and last year the report. Right one out tenth 400 to four or did you know what they're more fine for a seat on the true. On the idea that there have been a tough enough and post piece I'll just say this. You know Ben Affleck is a pig Harvey Weinstein is bigger page. In an effort to us at Twitter account department wants who's on Twitter hits a part in the count two rows and now it is not right they took dollar towards the bells. Can Wear for attacking. Affleck yes I'd call him out I'd I guarantee when they complain rose where are my new favorite actress and you know what she's in and scream I love her she has got guts she does she's attacking Affleck and Damon and Weinstein and going right -- she's not like. On these shows why isn't she on she trio HR Gentoo directing reenact your own assault. Is we've been speaking out all along that's excellent point her doing it is a pretty obvious you're bringing your head back and fall in Hollywood but you everybody knew our jet set that. Right actors and actors or people go for all the time it's again that that's that's hard you mentioned that you present just to grieve the care. I need all you beautiful people with a check mark to please help amplify Bob Weinstein is EP OS they all knew. Why wouldn't she be on every Sunday morning talk I try Fox News -- she on tonight with would Tucker Carlson as a great twice chew on this morning with meg and Kelly. And a box make toast at such an NBC a guy who I've read as a commercial last managed switch and I wasn't an easy. So I lost eighty pounds running with his dog the guy in your dollar and run Jewish Center comes in Cali yeah except that occurs through. Walking his dog environmentalists who lost weight by walking his dog yes that was a really true. But alcohol was to reduce or set a Wilson. I. Get but it plays a flurry treatment at an event Affleck efforts at fault that you think tortoise and. You've yeah how do you suspend her for that when people say much nastier things you reply yeah and you know that's and Twitter Twitter says sorry. Violating her policy because Sino. Like Twitter did that we have there. Twitter has suspended either powerful forces at work be my voice hash tag rose art that is frightening to me it when you read that. All the Weinstein stuff she settled once you by the way back he says that take away. Is that he was so powerful so many ways and there are so many people involved including the DA in New York City had him on eight. And broom the case because his lawyer donated ten grand to. The forces with the network and and always a movie producer I know he could pick and choose which actress is you want but did you know it that kind of part NBC no I mean did you. I'm kind of power within the New York judicial system is no longer law enforcement any problems with power probably LA as well think of what LA is probably covered up I know. It's amazing the LA and saint guarantee Lemond well. Think at this mourn Michael's is in the tank for Harvey Weinstein this pig this everybody to success fast and and I mean if they don't even mentioned moments and a lot more Michaels has Fulton New York thing. A New York thinks he covering for a rape this amazing you real you do this all the time and don't these people know while they're covering up eventually one day they're gonna get it it's gonna come back in. It's all gonna blow and I think that that take away is the Hollywood New York the culture is so corrupt on so many levels. That that that we don't know what we're watching in the view if you think that Matt Damon and met that fork are great guys for providing water from the Congo. And a look a little deepen an audit failure involved in this up to their and all the way we're going no better articulated its small citizens' academy. Voting than an hour that's cause she's a voting member Polanski is a voting member. And why she's a voting member of Nolan isn't somebody who traded tapes and we watch every years they think Harvey Weinstein the hug him and it costs them. Party lines to. This side that's headlines brought you by. Doctor Robert Leonard V airlock stalker when the buyers at 1800. Get here we are back.