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Friday, October 13th

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Kurt can count heads headline. Sometimes pulled from the beautiful mind of producer Chris Curtis I minimum dialogue in the city. The man who before he's massive weight loss brought the world's great moments like. School how much rubber brick free go to Richardson from good animal health super important growth will fuel honestly think that I would not happen if I had a Ringo Starr yacht and go perfectly John McCarty on this. He's now clean and need new and improved Curtis whose fault I will brave boy am I move brave move very very. It tests like we'll see eight months and years and that's just basic you know support multi year. I associate mother. Floods function straight to leave his stump functional strength you can Jim a lot of roll program. When we go out and set shipped sale items are wrong once. How many guest 8614 Beaumont very close Curtis 8714. Bloom always important it's uncertain. It's time for Curtis Kurt and tell my hands and hi this. John's loss. I. Not 10 come on my drop and there not excellent show was an example birds trying to be funny that was not one single attempt at humor and they were all. Just layers I'm partial to the lottery thing if you make the cut. On the second edition I'm partial the latest one John's law which we compete Wikipedia says it is today on its loss to. A. Magic Johnson throws names herrings Moscow wins Medimmune says John Lawson then. The headlines brought to you by doctor Robert letter of the hair doctor Lyndon byers that 1800. Get hair out of Harvey Weinstein. Disaster continues in this one a most recent involves his contract is pretty good work this and your next contract out. Try to fight for this Jerry according to TMZ. His contract with TWC. Said to be quote treated somewhat improperly in violation of the company's code of conduct. He would reimburse for settlement or judgment to say if he tweeted someone improperly. Treated someone from bunker. Other contracts that as long as Weinstein would pay out a settlement out his own pocket. It would constitute a constitute a cure for misconduct. And no further action can be taken translation. Why is he could be sued over all over again and as long as he wrote the check he keeps his job held a deal you get. A case off my round nobody I get taken to court or I pay them a big deal. Almost so I I assume this implicates ball is rather. I'd say so yes. And everyone else the company I've got to look at the president on down the present a new contract this is what he did this is this thing harassing ripping. Forcing himself on young women on there. Yeah. Yeah yeah. It got us out I would edit this estimate yeah yeah 21 year old Italian I was I was wired by the NYPD. But the corrupt DA decided not to prosecute because all I don't know he got a 101000 donate 101000 dollar donation from Weinstein. Everybody it's like. The whole system as well this but you know certain justice for all the old system. This corrupt this when it's close to home for a minute hand is not here today but Kate beckons dale said Weinsteins and am. He Beckham's. Reconnect right I assume we can save that for Kirk you just made it hurts more stale. Well yeah save it keep close and now you're right I don't let up right now and it back in Clarence Clearwater. Beckons whatever she's and she victims dale Harvey why don't we all agree on all of she's that beckons. Couldn't remember if he assaulted me or not years after he first met her as a team in his hotel room she was seventeen years old seventeen she met the powerful movie exact at the Savoy Hotel in London she said a lengthy post on is to grips now 44. Shields unbelievable for 44 I makes me and we both thought that he has to look fantastic. Was told by the reception desk to head on up to light these hotel room where he greeted her in there. Bathroom quotes he said that India soon. I was incredibly naive young it could not cross my mind that this older unattractive man. Would expect me to have any sexual interest in him she wrote after declining alcohol announcing that I at school the next morning I left uneasy rule but about on. Security that I school where her now seventeen Euro wanna drink. Smith trying to get her trunk in race gusting manatee as you said in a bathroom. With. Back and say yeah rose McGrath out of here I was glad to hear that he didn't succeed that would have been awful thing and we knew I mean it's bad enough. Here's the problem that's gonna be a seventeen year old has moved six militia fought him off and got out of there for a sort of I held. She's now 44 and looks tremendous. The the late night shows have of course been. Pluses about this for the most part I I was told Seth Meyers who had been awful recently. He did try to you joke about this Ken is a true yeah at least the interest of Kimmel not all trumpeted trim Kimmel didn't mention help. Got to see a pathetic little warm he has this. I'm Tony Kimmel about a recover from this. Who weeping with woods are honest can't look at him saying he's a comedian anymore is just another. You know. He's on his pulse airline lose moon bats are going years. But here's what went so my Energizer estimate by the way to Jimmy Kimmel Live came up real joke around this understand like Seth MacFarlane has joked. Why now beaten. You think of this no problem listen if there's one spot about if you wanna come out and do that teary like Jimmy Kimmel thing. Mean I call occur in many and then they got into an argument Anthony Ireland you. It was a senate why did you and your job you don't believe he Kimmel should it made jokes about Weinstein he's in late night comedians. By the way what's the joke they called everybody thinks he gets in excess CNN or somebody called the conscience of America Jimmy Kimmel off the next day we we see a bit where he's on camera. Sticking things down his pants and asking women to. Grab his crotch. And try to identify what he had this past which ironically is bloodier than anything he's done on show noted that joke with a potted plant John jones' coach all the channels they'll eventually get around to making jokes because and a Weinstein. We'll be sold to personally don't know dependence. No friends left. But we gonna wait till time's right let's see Seth Meyers at a good job of this camp can't believe I have to say this but used to be able to be alone with a woman and not sexually assault there. We'll be. Is that there are other people in the room that's a problem that's like saying it's an electorate kept Kosher those poor people would never be neat. And use our news maybe I'm just isn't right that he didn't. He's right about this Seth Meyers and Seth Meyers said if you like trump go away yet he does not want to do watch you show some sixty mile an hour Eminem. 63 million Americans. He has no interest in having you in his audience which. Occurs audiences barely registering these days anyway with NBC right. My piece and must skeletons back closet Jane Fonda is the most recent star. To say that she knew but did not say anything this was Jane Fonda explaining why it was not a place to say anything about this creep Paul Harvey Weinstein. I found out about Harvey about a year ago and I am ashamed that I could lie her right then why couldn't you just so bull I. Well because I guess that hadn't happened to me and selected you know it was my place which you know one of the women who have spoken out. Rosanna Arquette told me. And it came as a shock and a great disappointments noticed male and title here this goes on Saturday Night Live mail entitlement. In Hollywood and everywhere in offices and businesses all over the world in bars and restaurants and stores. No it doesn't there's. How does not higher on I everybody has been in many of these people. This is not every at this not everywhere in the country this is one creep hold you guys kept your mouth shut about a and now it's all it happens a lot of voices woman's suffrage. Each. Axel that's our public and get on the bottom up approach here. Beckons dale. It's expected state Madeline for Kurt he's he's gonna like I screwed up who ought to make you happy for songs ever Gerri it's issue go. How about the move which. Is romancing your girls as Kimberly happy you'll for a white just because I love her looks awesome I don't want to coach them on with this creep out creepy music total creep is the move what is it follows you on Twitter I like the bush deserves credit. I. Page six and that process and you and your fellow jumbos proud of them now we as a manager Dave and yet we are handed him off so you are a lot that's. They are. A couple but they don't want to admit there are couple everyone is saying around a smooch that they're just good friends but it is pretty clear that they are together you might these two for a little while while pilots want you know bush was hoping she would they it was a rough immediately he did OK from so we've found. A lovely woman looks kind of like him legal questions let's his heroes. I know she's not yes it's grossly Guilfoyle self date. As thick nasty unbelievable. A belief hand nice Robert Daniel got married down McCain recently released quarters life than me he's crazier. You mineralized yeah we met him Kirk amendment impeccable because I applicable hears them. You know size of VO kind of America I throw out you do your bio broader and everybody is trying to buy them beer why did you I tried he was just it I served zero or poverty. He evens he's also purchase them on the podcast. It be good. And it'd it'd do Sarah Jessica speaking of Hollywood let's do this record us Erin did we are due for two months it was gonna mess that the Arizona athletic and has got to play the governor wasn't on that biggest sex in the city OK we've temporarily gone and apparently aren't Smart camera. For the Sarah Jessica Parker so please pretty good about her no it isn't. Just know what goes and tacos she doesn't eat. On the governor Puerto Rico is weighing in not happy with our president honestly anything. I I think at the end I was current I was told. It was the current thought it was a matter of sand on that a former governor Porter received a lot of government news he is all in on Trump's snake. To mossy after she's showing up that he is just straight to these days is that it's quote great name. Governor that that's that is that's pretty bold assertion there to call the president have not only had written nobody ever does that he's. It deputies. If they've been waiting. You you know I respect they institution. But but but but the way he had done it. Does show us I think what what he's done for. He should be the next manager aren't with whoever is a uncontrolled idea he had Everett does that managerial experience. You restraint. You write in here Johnson racists yet can't argue that the rate what is morning to have Puerto Ricans are hell helpless people who will not. Who just sit around waiting for the government to cut down the trees. Locking their heart Cain rapid city's they blew the budget. Yes but it's still the black vote is threatening to bolt beam out like we can't be there forever at low. Actually can be fearless player in the world owns that dealing with the Katrina. The ocean. Cage is driving trucks there from other states it's right on man he sent to speak it's a flight Nantucket if they are certainly heavy yes thank god for him because if Hillary Clinton were president. Weinstein would be great in some young girl today the house of once he never would have fallen. And I'm convinced that. Headlines brought you by doctor Robert Leonard B haired doctor Lyndon byers of 100 get hair I think the beckons doping probably saves that we have that sound forever so makes an okay. Audition headlines.