K&C Headlines 10-18-17

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, October 18th

Headlines today include Larry King and Bob Weinstein.


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Hello my friends are many hand headlines brought to my doctor Robin Leonard the Arab lost my account for Colin are you. On Leo at the second site I get god every please please shut. Take the lord's name thing Paul's strong apologist. I headlines much in my group by my great friend doctor government when he Watergate here in the hairless doctor one of the great to. Settle long Brian Scalabrine. At 1800. Games and they're paid out prize. It's gallon higher okay you're okay and more Oca newbies tries too hard to be the character of the you know I think he does his best located ABC's way towards Kevin that's really get from now on from you about that yes. Sounds good to be your guide you say something. That was a in the open the money Jones. When I think of peppered I think about money and others I think are so invested in him. And this is driving them nuts I would like to see capita come back and fail. There's almost better than he just stays like the way in drugs you so many people get so worked up wanting someone to play who doesn't want to play a bit of light and Andrea in Somali so much for him he won't speak for himself right. I mean it's amazing. I'd just like them more than Catholic at this point. I agree I agree copernicus just do whatever is crazy group and tells them do agree with you. And I review and experience agreed. We can all agree. Date I'm shocked to find out Larry king's marriage immediate danger before Larry does not want brought out I'm not kidding around. Arturo ma am hello. He's been married for for twenty at this point. That is hard to believe and this is wrong the story says the seventh. Matters right now sort of what he's ever played he's got more than I think he married a couple of employer wants what's I don't know I think it's a mystery. I don't really I think he's like a number Ted Olsen you have a clippers that is that a penicillin can fit into. Having love us. I didn't I sound like you're. Is seventh wife Shawn King is on the brink of collapse we're told the legendary broadcasters payments at the post. Is encouraged him to pull the plug this miserable union was Shonn over twenty years. Sources the couple have been happier for ten years in spite of their faith club W public image. At the close of splitting numerous times fallen alleged affairs of mistreatment of Cain that's her. Was 83 personal it if Larry King is 8370. And you can certainly at least 87. Larry kings 83 years old no I think he's negating I think he's got that is it to get to kids with her dad that change chances as you can and then is seventy Louisiana. Low area her mission. Mean it is almost ninety and as a seventeen Euro Tony can you blade to if you really fault her though. Sure yeah yeah now I'll know what she married yeah most of boyfriend Gardner is the northerners like it was a baseball instructor over and the rumor wasn't languish while in her sister remember now let's write letters but nobody is interstate in the sexual angle there is beyond Schuettler actually opened up ability. You see him he's here to get pennies off deck and and I ends up on. It Lenny Clarke in the traditional letter came it kills. You have sixteen page six reported here Shia a year long affair. With public speaking guru Richard Green. Larry and Sean callebs reports which is gossip into doesn't head baseball coach Hector or not they told Entertainment Tonight in the fair shot she also denied. The epic but she's affair excuse. Well is that your family married I think it is a jacket he goes oh nice fifty yeah I NG ST ER OGA and I don't think my chances are their random that's that I cancer can normally that's I like baseball's as we tweets welcome. You would you think there really aren't that they take after death your dad's athletic ability but in a baseball coach it's gotten him. You bet he'd been an eight Nelson LA ranked I have actuality I I from what I understand he's here every nearly 930 with just two security guys are his two guys. And he just sit there any breakfast like new I. Marie historical are aching like twenty years ago you still see it salute big start CNET you go to this place DC. News haircut every single every day and anyway right breakfast lunch and replace wait for people who recognize that some right week to take pictures and sign autographs that's what made him happy and then they went to his apartment. And was covered wall to wall hole right things with pictures of himself right other celebrities every single time it's liberty dies in over the age of sixty. Larry King tweets that within thirty minutes they are great friends whoever it is doesn't map doesn't. Why does is now worth. 200 million dollars one point. So she's an act that he's been divorced at the time it's a dollar probably 400 million at the end and of course that's true that he made that actually see him. But a long time duty doesn't do anything what is delayed radio shows talked truck personal my idol Austin news you know nobody knows what it's on it's clear that room revealed that on Moscow arsenal it is about these terrible gas. Are we hope for a particular count accurately detailed record pit. It was as bad as. Record your mailbag I mean he couldn't back. But we're underdogs once you know we at some point streak Saturday but he got on one ski we got off once you know trouble. We'll send throughout this was no sexual harassment that Al faster on the dates against Bobby. Resisted Dayton. I would say that it's not it's not hard once you bleak but it's it's troubling but I would I would agree it's it's not as bad as you well know a lot of pressure delegates against younger workers before after front rejected him. In and was very Coulter afterwards is a producer what a TV shows that missed the mr. John's life would be able witness you know show and missed that nobody wants it that lives. By his attorneys right. We go back well it'll do well to be able we go given what we know. There's a legal action that unit attorneys it's not like he tortured. Now we just verbally and mentally abused there did you use we'll just that is upload Jennifer Lawrence was 1716. On the seventeenth. Yeah and then Molly ring wall was fifty woods when they were told to strip Nee Jennifer Lawrence was what was fifteen pounds and she was advocate Michael why. Back in the line up right he's since she was sixteen I don't know it's. Awful who it's a noble were mister mister Lawrence when this happens it's a good question. I mean you know that you these these stage parents are weird behind the window basically the same like in the UK would you do that maybe should tell them I don't know. But overtakes the teller would be gonna do. But she was a stars and little right. I don't remember that she wasn't that physical I don't know those those parents are we here. Some of whom will you be one of those parents and no that wouldn't some. Well I think that there are some child actors are some young people who have very good careers like Bateman. Ron Howard whoever I mean and it not everybody's okay but most are screwing you think the guys get molested two. Possibly who don't know here Corey Feldman said the court filed Walters. Scolded him. Probably we'll court felt as though he's famous stories he says that he Corey came molested by a big big big time. Celebrity as president he says that's it she says you can't say that you're talking about the whole industry that's been speculated for a long time it's been a lot of people focused on one guy. Who and I'm not saying I want to know this is who you'd you'll definitely notice or I would yes he would a couple of though it is it's at that level Spielberg. That's not the worst guest ever. And it's saying I'm writing you produce the goodies but I am saying that somebody like that that's always been and Charlie Sheen is on these guys are talking to. And unless those I don't know turned out so well you know the and no record our Paterno are actors and actually is he but for everybody Panettiere with a for every prefer every Jodie Foster or Ron Howard there are thirty for Todd Bridges is in in when I mean it ultimately didn't hide but it's definitely risky new look show business but he too you can get August and the film business no. Even though she does have a talent T shirt I disagree sung an answer when you were trying to have this kid. Hook what's the first came Jackie Kennedy which something weird set heartily so yeah. Yardley young ladies are voting on guard Lee Boyd Kane lake and I figured you delay grainy. I gave Indian minister of Canada. I want you do that what mr. answer. And the gospel I do Kosovo penguin fan tray as well you do too at some point. Yes it's true that's just an alert you know like usually. Gary astronauts talk about a sort of good way to Wetzel don't bear out anyway following article is already fate was yet I don't I don't know on the field and I feel good the seat each at the training and have sex you guys know that. You should hear the rumors he was filming off here at the break who about what. But the station. Are tenacious and yes I'll mile and a good outcome and I wrote some he's got some real being. Set to. Little bit of some people voted 92 comfortable really so all of this and throats and us. Wanna do that now. I wouldn't I somebody wouldn't you know and be reopen any releases. I would be seller real estate agent I was some people I don't mind buying green bananas. That's headlines brought you by doctor Robert 201800. Dead haired doctor Robert Leonard at headlines will be right back.