K&C Headlines 10-19-17

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, October 19th

A Walpole elementary school cancels Halloween parade, hosts "Orange and Black Spirit Day" instead.


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Time once again for. And lie. Phenom Alex reader keynote adjusters I call it the meeting noted dress. Different in the kitchen there was a great scene going on it after a lot of in our spirit to loosen up at some point we're not seen yes where you actually got pictures right now it'll pop guys with great boost. Not sport down your spine. If you pulled it a little bit below. Time for courage and tell my hands. Lives. Before getting headlines brought to you by doctor Robin Leonard the hair loss doctor my friend Brian Scalabrine 100 day here Bryant's countering 100 there. Weaver addressed the Comcast thing with you. I know that I can mean it was all about Curtis and that was that was just that was screw you apologize for that. That was its grip on my apartment any you know but incredible overreaction on your incredible Hewitt it's me. That's the show I was so I was I was offended as well that was used and madness yeah. He's always will be here you know and say well let's this you make it about you. And amplified you allotted use Stupak. Could you I mean to you hand me and you amusement with a total screw up but do you really think had malicious intent to act. Melvin known as at a time totally self absorbed as to what apple has tiger and and you were just honored to be on there was founder of is that it calendar apps on it that's cute and nice out I can not found a way that terrible terrible answer an embryo like the first thing Paris and I it is possible lake Ziegfeld expert now. Play you know. Spontaneous as I was on things all right do the same it was it wasn't even lower idea why did write a piece for the website now we don't care green I was great care about the website 600 people read that in the show was massive audience which one makes more sense you be doing this you think you were there for the web senator for the show all. No Amish school person we should original idea yet you guys sent which means more you guys need to pricking count and you gradually lost easy enough. I could say screwed on whom you that you would go on TV for late Felger and Antarctic about. The whole thing holds no mention of us I doubt that our destiny as the next day you just gonna rehashing without that was the biggest regret not mentioning as in beyond mark totals were obvious told us. We have that are now I'm here. Felt quickly and in closing just get a Brady's demeanor do you think he was the kind of serious error was the site. Was the end Orton was he selling all was this just a paid appearance for him and you could tell that would. No I think you're definitely into it out there I I really feel like you're holing out the same period heard a million times. You've been high school if he didn't even else. Audience out. It was a little different is the first one and repeated my salary is dancers and it's so awful terrible it's really nervous though he's nervous around Felger. He's out on your vote please intern for dog saloon and there's no turf for McCain it's I would not even going to reform. You are part of apple orchards did you think god in a nutshell I would turn my first thought about that you can go out yet you could you don't go back a few days the female dog popular candidate. Is it not okay let's move on our many of violence. You weren't that bad that these. They've become reality. We learned that. You are you don't yet we got the way and that's not not get that. You know. You are getting into her and her. She's rattled. After the television hands and never thought it was an instant I see that's such hits as you can what he says first that it is a really good athlete he's a great grandfather again I got a profit sharing nice entered for you Chad and use that. You know hammered out Tony was next he added to sit in the very Felger. Yes it is all the people. It took awhile was the only one I was the only known as corner. And what does he do get that later cash you disloyalty congratulations by Osama older than people Jon Jon claims that. Agent that we Jules 68 years old and his wife is gonna happen page views these babies that firms like it held political life. She's under and he has which serves it's a daily and as he's ever time he gets pregnant. May she look maybe can look like her because he is one of the world's ugliness when you didn't matter who it is. Doesn't have a daughter who looks like him yet Alexa ray. I don't know enough that Christie Brinkley doesn't exactly spurs just like village though we're girl hates you go bald too so. A B 69 mention his form from make him. 87. High school graduate yes he said he said turning more selfish that. No no that's totally. Unbelievable how do you must have like grandkids who owns kids we are on that we. It keeps Christopher Griffin the third thing right yes. There's one of them is a model. Yes she does as a Christian Chris Christie mystery she looks like Alec young Christian best smokers are Britain's I don't believe blue angels. Went up what I've seen that you can see her as much too PC that daughter noble yep well I believe otherwise but this one and then Christensen and I've wanted to look at because seniors. No no. Will be the point of over ninety graduates college yes but I don't mean to you go to like school meeting mostly with a all the parents were in their thirtieth. And you're in your seventies. And collegial as to me school meeting is slow and chair Arie Ares five now and I'm like on the old. You after I don't obsolete for having kids people up to thirty. That's 43 ready collegial wondering you know 74. By Sunday before. He began to them pay won't even pay attention that you know accession to the problem. This is obviously the white attitude the way that she wanted to if that regular if anything else you guys are doing here. What do you got writer's sessions epic story how vulnerable we of that one on the canceling Halloween yet hasn't offended I'm in Minnesota and this also ties in the media can bring this up. It was a movement in my it's grammar school. Cuba a soldier to cancel to cancel the Halloween. Parade at every year eaten all you know where their outfits and parade around everybody loves that the kids love apparel outside of four Brothers two sisters. You're gonna stop because it offends some families who don't will be held by all right those increased religious people who think it's like the work needed publisher what it is but they were poor who have I don't know who I was and they were actually beat before it was stopped before Paris got together and stop that they were going to do this. We. There's some kids it's nice whose parents to it's it's wall to wall pulls of the Boyd an element does it change to a orange flashes alteration blackened or Tuesday yes on October 31. Black power spirit day. I can arts appeared designed term comfort signed trump up for another term because. Halloween parade is difficult for many students I would agree I was felt pressure to make Costa where. And I hated that in and that's just like it has lot paint your face and my wife my locker room loves it like when Mike is an electorate where turner hopes nor on the house right literally would sound effects and in a smoke show was much I was totally over the top post on the house's. Militants when you pay my own that would be your kids act and it's nice it is it is scary on house's. I hated that of the drag of I used to hate Halloween that no friends of these staff I hit higher after school you have to work this holiday it was in the be doing in go I don't page legal way that we really we certainly the big celebration we have 41 you don't you don't want that. It's we're still friends with a big celebration of forty. No it was beautiful remember we thought it was stupid because it wasn't an especially early in the Buick was that. It's a group you know women in here tremendous and it's all have fine if they had that they still has the blood cancer zip on the backs she a opt out whatever the answer was and that in turn ecologists are committed haters something's that's ahead as we have the principal of the school boards so -- also calls this is sprayed is not inclusive of all students in our goal each and every day. To ensure alls is almost verbatim what individual differences a respected what was going on Lexington verbatim since his election time. Let me stupid this is actually happen M struck something in a mean if I'm here battered flag their boat off that their team the rebels we have a opera's person now so. Anyway it's all over the all the TV channels. Channel 25 hasn't. That is unbelievable. Who does not include Halloween people on a friend's name known subway well that's a different frame analysis like this is at its most of them must. It. Two good question. Today. Now if if they're americanized and Shuler. You shortened I'm shorten it yes his defense shot and I don't I honestly I don't know what the guys that's better amount of London guy to manage their lives on the night doesn't like it was in Ireland but I really love how willingly. I don't have talent and I got you again there are literally kids love it if the dress up as some fun you dressed up and can he get easier since I heard him do it weird surprise. I liked the fact that are very few kids circuitry. When I was a kid we used to get 130 wouldn't pocket hundreds how would you like eight what's yours that good you're good kids after Katrina one year you put it reasonably and out and hold it against your forever. Ever happen by the way there are necessary to address you have a this is it's urban myth as a kid I was terrified. But when you were Q did he go wild card house all night as kids go well they go to. A party or school thing right of school parade they go home they're tall order on the triage and darn right we started out mob that's one unit whose weird true. Arms but you write it used to be go the next morning I should drive the work we do mischief could be toilet paper routes even honorees and I want to pump on the front steps as a left as well as a kid if you put upon approaching smashed the next day on right now you can put one out there there aren't like vandals and what's consent is not right at this of course individual is not a big view that speaks to bigger issues there even receive the consideration is looking at the damn story trying to figure out who's excluded. Excluded I understand Christmas and my sister said they'll have Halloween party after Halloween. Halloween Halloween Halloween pol. You published notes Halloween. Right party after school hours for the schools is how we itself will be black and our spirit and I mean that the that the causes us and we'll also callers are wrong. That in our callers. So we just a matter you know I think what were red and that they're safe to say that than they read my the rhetoric asked about the callers whatever when he drifted past eight hours to get it from my house. This to the school's decision confuse some parents who acknowledged the safety concerns surrounding the parade. But did not understand why it was isolated is this potential inclusive that he issue. I'm telling you why he's religious people against Colleen as of auditing so we're supposed hello would war how many kids did you know growing up really didn't dress like territory. In your cap. We're just in my in my group or religious objection your religious US special school a private school of public school I viewed it might you just curious just a classic heist and an X and it. But we dress up and high school as a kid did you evidently an eighteen and you knew kids who had a religious objection on Halloween is telling you taught in the yeah did you like it. Never hurt me in church and it didn't dress up as it again first graders now used to talk about high school as the weren't getting normal we dressed of one year and Dino for I was working as custom I went by a nice custom. Kirk shows and LaMont do article being personal so you'll you won't you know I think that's the last. If you buy it is that it Columbine but there's been about for you. Or block and went over them myself. I went to the costume store and bought the Jim Carrey of it from common gentlemen don't matter and you did it was great. And items that you put no fun and we just start. Forty years old was. This new data plan and you didn't participate you know what shows do you play you're listening to it I mean you know and you know adults are adults were really into it we not my wife is Larry really an adult it's weird to pol let's just minutes hey give people weird. Accord go to a key town to meet for Halloween and details Italian adults who aren't are you personally is here of course as that's what I'd be evil queen from snow Al Micah. Can you can read errors and everything is your birthday weekend. It's Tuesday yes it was good it's brick and we want Alex in that day. Expert ouster you know it's totally outfitted all. The two countries you look uncomfortable let's go up this week this you went out to that gay bar in Germany dressed up and was into the Halloween well this past week and it was it got what is the appeal of like dressing up. It's funny it's what you ought to be something else while Jordan was this past weekend Atlantic off for your aside so when when when she went to between illness that. I didn't see you think now maybe a velvet thickness of the picture some other pictures meet the satanic. This just we've just we've got the video view on Halloween. As Tony met that is so funny analyze that this is an article that a bald wig and you just quickly the that beautiful three hours. Three years ago that's Chris it's. So you're Capellan was not cancel your kids Kirk. No just the kids in Walpole it was close Jerry it was close get ready in the kids' Christmas Eastlund son Cedric and he gonna say Merry Christmas again he sent us what you say that it was like September we give us you're usually important as how he doesn't defeat California. I think we're past that and making Kelly said in sand is white kids remember that Simon abortion. And it is on the scene she's gonna there is why he's heterosexual. And he's Christian I love reading her meetings are pilot he's Santa asked black and here's. Gay it seems like she almost got Jefferson's was rather quick. I'd headlines brought you by doctor Robert wondered what 800 get here play get to get back to deal as well. Due to Rima discussion he is back in smokers and I talked about heparin it removes heroes is one of the great men are getting a lot of talent and effort and I guess Jerry wants to hear of these calls were crap about your right. Oh you don't I'm happy that you won the ban on I'm happy to be part of its I will give you this most of moreover 75 but yes. Good they were full of venom and hatred that they've used as walk up and out all the stuff we have that we've put those altogether because of that as well.