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Tuesday, November 14th

Roy Moore is done in Alabama.


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Kurt can count my hands headlines hi this must admit that stands on the shoulders of its morning leading. Fox show page aren't special. Mine goes to. One the people people of the day. You see concealing items you've got here a money always making the University of Michigan crowd have you heard JFK. Ask not what you can do for your country. But guess who. That's their right these are trying to think with the fans and try to teach Castro who just you know what the media would say the old saying is never think. So there's your third offense a third on defense at third as well you know I wanna shift dark doesn't. They're the number of play another starter is a third of the gain money they're sixty offensive plays sixty offensively it's not gonna be sixty special teams plays. How are we talking about there is and always insightful I think that over the years it's been a one of those today has been like did. Where he just think that you need live do it'd. Athletes could do more to help you know. And there's a little pressure on athletes to you to do more active XBO ignore active back. Or actors pierced today some money inspired headlines. As there have kept just. Atlanta for a few by doctor Robert letter document Preston. V era Los experts at 1800 gators keep up headlines. Concerning where guys like I think probably. Roy Morse we should stars to story gets bigger bigger Jerry was found so not believing. That new Yorker story. You believe it now. Absolutely and what why they'd tell you than I was skeptical about the New Yorkers for users to some guy from New York that won him yank them some New York Times hanging around it gets to the mall and he has obviously a cop in mall cop and a bunch of people. All off the record Odyssey was onto something we'll have people on the record in that story you have attempted to you know talk to people off the record many times it's not as he sees it that especially. A cop an accomplice gonna trust that new Yorker report I need to put off the record us would you trust those are damned good reporters and you're. Mean growing more I'll tell explain to Alex you trust someone from the Birmingham News the Huntsville times or the mobile press register. If your local call for local mall culprit is the patron of the hail dot com what is a just exploited via a little. You know we made it clear it's the media group the and by sort of lose a three judge so it is is is local as it gets a L dot com is reporting. This a similar story about him hanging around the mall. By the way there having another waitress in the restaurant Victoria from or there's an awkward when the woman did the press coverage of glory Aldridge yesterday right. She. Told in detail but those are Rafer. They have a. I think my question mr. Morris stepped over it began groping me. They've another waitress in that restaurant corroborating the stores anywhere around a creepy creepy every what you want is quite openly his eyes crawled over short term backside too so open about trying handles orders quickly as possible. Mine out of the question is this idiot is perverts that are easy just gonna be easy to borrow out and no way is sending out right there is no way. I don't think that bright art people great artist there right now investigating the Washington Post and all these other outlets that are reporting on Maurice had a feeling well the thing is you know you've seen this is what happens all the time people Jerry Pasqua these people come forties you describe exactly why Eminem they're trying to shame these women right and business. Bright part of more stuff out there right wide boulevard San war is but the mean in what he wrote I think that to reporters to Alabama and this credit could see his biggest story now Conte for that and there's this credit use this sounds so so you think reporters there. Yes it's discredit the EU nations there on the accusers whilst a break hearts and when he worked at second when imports relevant if a code of desirable when you board told the potions fourteen was working Santa's helper said yes at some moral we have another waitress and we have a Sampras more first Astra spoken and I told shook pretty tears later shoot sixty instrument dates. Although her mother would Mark Hurd well. I guess humid all the time to flirt with the girls of the ball to make every Friday or Saturday seemed walking around the mall like the kids did. He's just while he's right what's high school football Williams who. You go girl just a mother's actually encouraged. We don't do. Big friends with. Be friends with no way if you fear him and he's in the view in its entirety which it did again last night. It went after him need to knock that's an absolutely not I don't I don't have a visionary idea I think he did a five K but again turns a follow ups is a wallop that I don't know yes no doubt does not and he's a he's hitting it lips I could really hurt. I don't hurt you says no follow up what we play I don't what sort sock puppet played totally irrelevant cuts yesterday it is remarkable to me. That is a predator. Would you agree that made no such person whoever does that should ever be in the United States senate. Of course nobody get to. What the issue is a fourteen year old. Asia are infuriating eight sort of thing it doesn't matter if you abuse of fourteen year old should be assembly candidate I agree with that but I did not do that. So leading questioned like come on like anyone does that help align rite oh yes I do exactly so that eating question. From hand exactly what you wanted to answer my mind you know he's honest he's just gonna say on record someone who does what he did that was a good read you senate right now might might help us do that some might think here's what he just did it was a Good Charlotte is a good job would is it might of course that you just had been on record in commodities and has no he wanted Roy Moore they did so anyway more than ninety -- he does now what Eli wants it turns out for more pastors like Hannity doesn't think it's true that's what shortly they always have nothing to do what I am I think I am pleased I think with Hannity is. Is it is an that you did this unbelievable job it was a contentious interview. But it wasn't worthy of this abuse anger against him when they were anger against Kennedy has afterwards Hannity and defended Wright more. Yeah about the last night last night and ran all the tweets from on the left wing media people who gave you credit it's unbelievable won a whole bunch of them. Game credit for going at more you've got to see him take his interview. Well Judy it was a contentious and what all of this well it was important oil went there to newbie friendly territory. Why did what happened was I just said that he's the architect Jack Hanna is a propaganda straight you'll and I'll deals journalist or anything terrible. What would you like a mass that he didn't ask I can to follow up a few but he did some damage and what else. Kennedy defended Roy Moore after a case we're talking about the interview I don't know what happened afterwards I heard the interview again last night the much bigger problem he left nothing about this in my fight at a much bigger issue with the defending I mean defense right left and right on what that's gonna continue. And stuff is done remember that guy and they and that's not and Hillary Clinton killed the DNC guys set the rates that hopes Hannity kept going without all summer that I am in the process stop food Donna's authenticated. Zone more on the against their other people and is deplorable set whatever Alex whenever he did a great job in a very normal to have okay it was a great job into the good job okay much my didn't have a very good. They're much federal issues my point is I would not be decided and that it let them any more often that it is saying is let's if you can Bennett opt out of step eased after that some of the sting now. Know these people seeking to cure again coffee machines and mean what snowflakes honestly. Your side is very easily treated. Well it worked because a cure backed down so essentially apologized and will continue to ask the guys here sort of final Ackerman is something's something's happened precisely occurred in precisely when little Kennedy handled it just the way you should and he said technically be carried CS bowl and the media matters scum bags who would they was a yeah entire communities in these people have jobs and work and spend money stuff but it carried and saying listen we're pulling out some handy wanna be affiliated with this deplorable I do you know the but how Hannity viewers how to deplorable. Bill Riley the set the race O'Reilly bill let's go to our mobile OK you're not protection. Colorado and Joni Mitchell never ammonia might yes. Activity there's often a couple weeks ago I think that's where work is that the rich story that was disgusting would we have the talent that was really bothers you when this would we have one now absolutely asking tough challenge pride but it is settled on board and asked him a tough question don't you know you would agree him he's not us who wrote I don't think so Alexi again. Because it will present to hear that's for its public and it says. But Colorado he's not really handle being banished he's likable guy who has yet he's not gonna kick in the door and and you know unavailable for Philip what we call it is not a date by the people honestly you know housing right on when is he coming back I'm sure people asking all the time when he's coming back. Well I wonder he's coming back it's awful not to Fox News nobody's come back in some form somewhere suddenly that Larry King thing which is owned by is no residence in yeah. I guess that's their right on top again this now where we want our our. Act of war anymore passed at some point more have to give me it was not yes now. There's the base there's still one of the senate will vote him out of office I I forgot how I told to this for the segment and this is random into the end zone multi only eleven senators so far it's all politics is local. As that blow little fraud Tip O'Neill said this is local locals. Have turned a little more even the evangelicals. At some point say man I knew her I know that place I know that mall and guys. And I a simple question who I know he's old he's old and I am but when has anyone ever asked. A mother for permission to date a daughter Wendy when the daughter's like fourteen. That's a month if that's fine if the kid is fourteen or even fifth. When he's 32 and outcomes so it's a crime if it's Republican senators actually take a stand against Roy Moore took off and on and I don't failed an excellent on my doors that Democrat. Well and take a look for his opponents has won the one that's why so they want everywhere mortally what I wanted to republic and undulating it's going to be reminded not gonna drop seek a senators in the C voted for Democrat how to conscience yup you don't I don't I don't do that yes apt resell out of we saw outer perverts Harvey Weinstein Louie CK yeah you sold out hobby wise yeah. 35 years RTY lending rate editors aren't happy heart and our allies I don't hold out 0%. No actually we it was a hot it's let's get right to hold hold hold on hold as a Democrat who condemns the sources said it is for me give you second after this is a Democrat doing this. You think the Democrats senators to be saying bull for the Republicans. Absolutely will not want to present company knows she can't answer he's out here its vendors so where the homicide were discussing will help so she could write in somebody. Short with their why are you not write in Luther strange or Mo Brooks or does not Santa Claus why would you ever vote for the demo while they Republican one Democrat to be because there are so few choices Roy Moore in the Democrat that's on a tunnel and not a pedophile Roy Moore the pedophile correct Republican senator IT don't vote for the title of President Clinton as a Democrat reviewer told me give me any prominent Democrat Chuck Schumer yes would say vote for Republican. You know what you're doing a good Democrat to the press it's clear your mind. That that eagle beginning apartment in the democratic with the I was out of here. This war is a load yet with with whoever with George to madam my Garrett to Matta and you know what. I like the Republican in this case are cured and let them in the Republican Alabama and Alabama Democrat she would say Roy Moore was clean the stop and his record she would staple for Roy Moore. Over the pedophile short ball boy. So let me is that I. I don't eat settlement even before I got out did you make where does Donald I don't own stunts you do that we're just definitely moralist I got off I pictured in the spotlight as importantly juice which I don't little more than religion. I don't remember the names of all his opponents but I against. Number Democrats. Endorse Gary's cubs opponent when he ran for re election. I holing those scary stat Congo's. Before your time each week this last night of attention Gary no doubt that could grateful usually carries on was Chappaquiddick tomorrow and so it's houses it doesn't I don't. Operationally killing a woman which can we thought venture capital don't like about Gary Studds century Gary Studds is it local congressman some people listening now. Voted for some voted against and thank god. He took a young boy a a teenager. A page to. I Europe plied him with vodka and forced himself on it beyond Scott is a pervert Holland to me he's disgusting he got reelected by high wider margins each and every time along because Democrats have no dollar golden along goes the more accusations and so what was running today I just what what's different culture different climate that little more serious and they want -- -- Democrats vote your guys out you know Leo Dick urged those that voted in every turn by higher margins just to this century while no stick to the current climate I a year ago this year ago a year ago. I was watching Bill Clinton go around making the case for his wife. A Bill Clinton's irrelevant it was a running for president Hillary Clinton as earnings irrelevant yes. Bill Clinton would be. You're gonna wind keynote speech that you and I mean only her Bill Clinton simply be grown any of that phrase that was prior to Harvey Weinstein hold there for Aaron you feel different Bill Clinton now of course she's woke up one day and realized he was a pit cycle Clinton was a pig but I never thought that it might have to pay but as you would have voted for. Don't normal no go against George Bush or against a tough choice Jesus. Who who's Warsaw I George hw or die. And I know how. 100% if you were old enough you vote for studs first openly gay congruent to voted enthusiastically. Spot even though he's a predator a pedophile and pig. I and by the weight on apologetic he gets censored by the house he turns back on the house with the globe. Even call it is ensuring that how sometimes and check in 1983 reading right here I go to fort 183. Those bipartisan. Right and he turned his back in like but Democrats and how in my old house centric Gary Studds and NATO moderate I did voters into her Butler cannot quell a districts you'd say all of president go to guys on the politicians Democrat Dem voters in this state love the man even though he was that if you think deploy more and not only jettison pervert did how many Republican senators did vote you get voters out there were a lot will not man I think I disagree is that okay if it all the balls rolling non non non and they can you're gonna see winds don't talk gonna come against right. He argued the that we endorse Lucas trying interest rates they sit and wait we wait for a while trying to come unless it's a Muslim has a terrorist attack by the way he knew jump right into the we jump to conclusions I want to Barack Obama for what we get Cambridge police that his finger too deep in the world of central and you can Donald Trump is going to be beating his chest that he. Endorsed Luther strange people wondered why. From new senator how (%expletive) up eating IT guy bragged about committing sexual I don't usually so don't trust do something that is disciplined keep quiet about this will not harm him and if they think he was gonna come out yet on the occasion Garber shaky guy and repeating what he or simply range definitely this week on whether to some absolutely. When you read these stories don't you get the sense that lots of people knew sure that meantime we want to know now why Allen whenever he gets to strengthen abroad I think some good question all right. I mean come. Notre retreat so spill. Please tell us that O'Reilly Roger Els and trump himself as a sexual predator and I know I lost in an amount arrested no no one's ever gonna be child has a legitimate question is George H. W. Bush and sexual. Nonessential tendered and the well partner is all personal care for sort of weird weird though his other one comes 45 now. I don't blame. I I'm I don't want to 2003 accusation that the recent ones that blends in the mean should not publicly doesn't effort that's true I don't know does that did you read up on that this story unbelievable students in new Yorker is not access was the CIA headquarters yes I am African first I believe it and all the same stories too. Which means deep and we did every day out pictures just ate it every single day. Because he's what he's an all that he's in he's a power player can win because he's like you mean these are war hero from that you're a neighbor and I know it's true word guys from that -- think they can just closing at this day. They'll 500 feet away from an owner six she's slow enough there. And chat weird. Just put their hands or they want. To wanna look at the results of a Barney Frank's various collections. Again another eighty credit card and a guy and eat red wings right before. It got many unlawful he did not run alone as right as boyfriend lives exact lawyer friend I shouldn't say that he's impact did. And it probably out of his he had an -- apartment now now it's fixed for parking tickets this pervert. And defend the Adam. Among way to member's name. I met this last. Drawing more of this creeps because this guy said. Democrat they do vote people like that yes I'll democratic politicians turn on their own when they're like this yes again Gary studs at Portland very richer claim is that it it on the democratic senator to David's album to vote for total that are published for the hands -- jobs that you might say don't voters they have editors say the guy's a creep they would never see why for the Republican ever because trying to get the dodge Jones bodies have moderates in Shanghai a city agendas that tax gets take president over having had a pilot. As it didn't. Over having eight had a file now especially these things out there yeah. Elizabeth Moore we're going TV it's evil Republican senator of course yes that's never happened to Democrat was a at a mile it is going to be silly decision written in when qualify on voice serious write in candidate. When there it's Mo Brooks whose strange or someone we don't know who will be a serious write in candidate you think Republicans are music. Don't pull for him. We'll see if there isn't worth more doesn't drop atom archers in your writing and that's what the boats in and that was kind of the moderate by the end of this we cloudy drop out. Who says they still loves to me who's in who's tells the drop out it just builds right by us and I got all kinds guys that's my prediction is this story from a L dot com. They conglomeration of all the local newspapers. In Alabama is and the most damaging thing that your side doesn't leave and then I guess unless he does all the Yankee thing on had to go into the oddities we creepy old Alabama religious people don't care now really I don't think it was February Adam's apple correct me. Did okay. As a defender for CNN this thing. Well he's writes so well I was real pain he's saying everybody knows okay if they say cocaine is largest minority area. On top which is worse what. When you add a line of cocaine under assaulting a fourteen I was assaulted a fortune city conversation I've known him he's answered question dating you know like a seventeen year old still has. Also customize. Your opinion or more fellow lawn mower wouldn't have forty war. That's bad. These are elected Republican officials and B singer I'm accidentally rules don't let any democratic officials would defend pat there running that's on sent. Right that's nonsense OK now that's headlines brought you by doctor Robert Leonard doctor Matthew crusty 1800 get there we will be right.